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28 June 2019
Issue Ten
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Brunswick North West Primary School
Culloden Street
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upcoming events

term 2, 2019


28.06.2019 - Term 2 concludes (2.30pm finish)

28.06.2019 - End of Term BBQ 


15.07.2019 - Term 3 begins

19.07.2019 - CET Meeting

28.07.2019 - Working Bee

30.07.2019 - Grade 5/6  camp departs

02.08.2019 - Grade 5/6 camp returns

05.08.2019 - OSHC Committee

                           - B&G Committee

06.08.2019 - Education Committee

10.08.2019 - Winter Magic Market (BNW 90th Birthday Celebration)

                              (please note date change from printed school calendar)

12.08.2019 - F-2 Swimming commences (finishing 22.08.2019)

13.08.2019 - Family Information Evening: preparing for school camp

14.08.2019 - Finance Committee

15.08.2019 - School Council

17.08.2019 - Indonesian Independence Day

20.08.2019 - CET Meeting

21.08.2019 - Grade 3/4  camp departs

23.08.2019 - Grade 3/4 camp returns

30.08.2019 - Spring Family Day

                           - Plant & Produce Market (Grade 3 families)

02.09.2019 - OSHC Committee

                           - B&G Committee

03.09.2019 - Education Committee

06.09.2019 - Divisional Athletics

10.09.2019 - Grade 2 Sleepover #1 (half cohort)

11.09.2019 - Finance Committee

12.09.2019 - School Council

14.09.2019 - Garden Group’s Spring-A-Ding-Ding! Fundraiser

17.09.2019 - Grade 2 Sleepover #2 (half cohort)

20.09.2019 - End of Term BBQ

                          - Term 3 concludes


winter magic market date change

Please note that this year's Winter Magic Market will be postponed by one week - now to be held on August 10th. We apologise to any families who might have planned around the WMM and will endeavour to remind families as the printed calendar needs a revision!

volunteering @ BNW

We pride ourselves for our sense of belonging as it is beneficial for everyone. Family involvement in school strengthens our young people's connection to their education, it demonstrates the community connection many families choose our school for and helps us provide the best educational program and environment possible. In an attempt to better communicate with those interested in volunteering, the school is trying to build a volunteer register. We would love all family members to complete this short survey to help us collect this information. All information will be kept private and no one will be asked to commit to any volunteer work in the survey. 

There are so many different ways to become involved in your child's education and we love it when you want to get involved, but we must remind all family members that Working with Children Check cards are required by law.



principal's message

school events

Many families choose BNW for the sense of community we all share. This comes as a result of many different factors, just one of which being the numerous family evenings and events our school invites you all to! Over the past two weeks, we had two ‘firsts’: our first ever Commotion Bush Dance and our first Maths Curriculum night, describing our philosophy and approach to teaching numeracy and how you can support this learning at home.

'Commotion' was a tremendous event, with loads of smiles and laughter! As Jack’s communication explained, there were elements of this event that will be improved upon for next year, but as we had no previous experience to go from, I thought it was a real hit! Being overly successful and filling the hall is a wonderful problem to have that is easily solved.

I would like to take a moment to thank Andrew Lang and Jack Madin for all the work they did in the lead up to this event. I want to also thank CET and the numerous volunteers who helped set up and pack up. I especially want to thank the families who dashed home to get vacuum cleaners and were able to transform the atrium back to its original splendour! I remind all families that during these after-hours events unless it is otherwise stated, family members are responsible for their own children and their behaviour. We love to see teachers, OSHC educators and aides at our social events, but it is important to remember they are not on the clock!

Our Maths is Fun evening was also a huge success - significantly smaller turnout and a quieter event, but attendees gave glowing feedback and can’t wait for the next information evening! Alice and Jessie presented our new whole-school approach to the parents and caregivers in attendance, explaining the approach and the evidence behind why this is an important move for our school and our students. Parents and carers were given an opportunity to play maths games and unpack the learning involved. Many families then took home maths packs, with resources and game instructions for students in either F-2 or 3-6.

I want to thank Alice and Jessie for running this evening, which garnered attention from the Department of Education, who provided us with some additional resources! I want to also thank the parents and carers who got involved in the night. And I want to also extend a big thank you to the student leaders who were able to come along and help facilitate the games portion of the night - you were very impressive and extremely helpful!

We intend to have many more information evenings next term, covering academic and social-emotional learning as well as preparation for camp and more! Make sure you keep an eye out in the newsletter for dates and registration links.

tax time reminder

Time is running out to make a contribution to the building fund for our school this financial year! Donations to the building fund are used to make improvements to our incredible school grounds, to foster an environment that is warm and welcoming as well as inspiring and engaging. Your donation will help support a number of the projects we are currently working on, such as:

  • Upgrading the lighting within classrooms to be brighter and more environmentally sustainable

  • Painting our classrooms and corridors

  • Making improvements to our woodlands and yard that support children’s play whilst protecting our trees

  • Adding soundproofing between the Art Studio and Music Room

  • Reinstating the new Gaga Pit

  • Upgrading Sprout and the outdoor space

Contributions to the building fund can be made by EFT, credit card and cash. EFT details:

Brunswick North West Primary School

BSB- 063-150

Account no: 10047335

Please put the family name and reason for payment in the payment reference box. eg. “Building Fund - Reid”. 

The minimum deductible amount is $2.00 and a tax deductible receipt will be issued to contributors.

parking near school

We understand that parking is at a premium during school drop-off and pick-up hours and school council are working with Moreland City Council to remedy the various issues we face. In the meantime, I ask that all families and community members follow Victorian road and parking regulations; currently, the school is receiving complaints of cars being parked across driveways and laneways, blocking residents in for significant periods of time. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

safe holidays

I hope you all have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday break! With class parties happening across many classrooms, we have been celebrating a term of hard work, learning, and great improvements! I hope you and your families all get the opportunity to celebrate your own wins over the past three months, reflect on how you have grown and get the time to create new goals for the next term.

I thank you for all your support this semester and look forward to a spectacular second semester!

school life

capital works update

I thank all the students, families and staff who were able to complete our survey in regards to the school facilities. I have been so pleased to see how much interest the VSBA has taken in our particular school setting, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of each school’s community, culture and setting.

I understand some families did not engage with the survey, feeling that this process is not necessary when we have a developed master plan. Whilst I do understand the sentiment of not fixing something that isn’t broken, the latest consultation process is slightly different and meets the various needs of the VSBA. The first phase of the planning process, which we are currently in the middle of, is about our school vision and needs. Phase 2 then starts to take into consideration the Department’s priorities, the (potentially) hidden issues with this beautiful old building (for example, electrical wiring) and the space requirements for a school with 430 students.

I feel it is important to take a moment to state that we will not get our entire masterplan built with $6.23 million. The Strategic Infrastructure Committee (SIC) put an estimated cost of all improvements to be between $15-20 million, so under the best circumstances our $6.23 will cover just one-third of this. It is also important to state that the masterplan SIC developed was predominantly a strategic document, outlining the plausibility of entitled spaces and also a communication/campaign exercise; despite the political funding announcement being for our STELA building, the actual outcome of the Capital Works may differ, as determined by this process.

With this being said, I want to extend another big thank you to all the families engaged in the campaign and in the development of our Strategic Infrastructure Needs statement - this has been an invaluable resource in the early stages of planning.

art news

It has been a great time in the art studio this term. Everyone has learned heaps, the vibe has been productive and calm, and many interesting projects and ideas are percolating as we head into term three.

Cheers Jack

First let me say a huge thank you to Jack and all the other helpers, including students and carers, for putting on a truly memorable evening in The Commotion. It was a collaborative effort with the entire Arts Department getting involved, but the lion’s share of gratitude needs to go to Jack. His enthusiasm and vision will hopefully make this an annual event that will continue to grow and improve over time.

Junior School

The students have really been putting in the hard yards this term. The Junior School has been focussing on colour. What happens when you add white or black? What happens when we mix two colours together? Can we make our own colours? Can we make our own paint? Well, of course we can. The students did just that too and gave them wonderful names like Old Vomit Green, Ferret Brown, Florist Purple and Bum Pink. We also studied many aboriginal artists including Minnie Pwerle, Sally Gabori and Wentja Napaltjarri. Next term we will be focussed on printmaking which always provides many amazing learning opportunities.

Middle School

We are very lucky to have a set of iPads that the students can access at all times when working with specialists. The Middle School embarked on a photography unit this term that was not only fun, but incredibly enlightening. Even though iPads do a lot of the work for us we still need to take into consideration basic photography fundamentals such as focus, composition and lighting. We had a great time with this unit. We dressed up like Cindy Sherman and Gillian Wearing and took intimate still life pictures like Josef Sudek. Next term we will be examining graffiti and street art as we play with stencils and silk screens. It’s going to be wild.

Senior School

Visual and Performing Arts joined forces this term as the students worked towards creating original performance pieces around the theme “Unremarkable Rituals”. Students worked in small groups that were fragmented again into smaller, skill groups titled designers (props), composers (musicians) and performers. The kids developed their own pieces celebrating mundane activities such as getting a glass of water, waking up, and eating takeaway food. The students performed to their peers and then took the show to the entire community at The Commotion. I must commend the students who attended the night by picking up the slack left by students who did not attend. It demonstrated grit and determination as well as teamwork; the driving force behind the project. Next term the students will work on their own personal art projects with the theme Monsters guiding them. Good times ahead.


I have established Seesaw accounts for all of the students that I work with and use it regularly. If you haven’t registered or logged into your kid’s account yet, I recommend getting on to it. It’s the best way of keeping in touch with the art program. I have found it a great tool for sharing and saving artworks as well as setting tasks within the art sessions. It essentially creates digital portfolios. If you can’t find your code, drop me a line and I’ll get another one to you. It’s confidential and it’s free!


Term four sees the return of the Arts Festival, renamed Art Attak! It will run in the last week of the school year. The theme will be Monsters and the Arts Department will be focussing our efforts towards the production of interesting, interactive pieces for you to experience. As we know, it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to put on a successful arts experience. If you are interested in helping out in any way imaginable (you don’t need an arts background) please contact Jack or myself. It’s gonna be MONSTROUS!

Arts information evening

Jack and I plan on hosting an arts information evening early on in term three. The purpose of the event is to inform families of what is happening in this part of the school. We will endeavour to answer any questions or queries and will also be drumming up support for the many projects we are proposing. More information regarding dates will be coming your way soon.

Winter Magic Market Art Auction

Winter is upon us and it’s a time for celebration. The annual Art Auction will be running once again and I am looking for a few donations. I’m looking for small pieces of timber. 10x10cm pieces or smaller would be great. I’d also like to add to my already growing pile of tiny toys. I’m looking for small pieces – no bigger than a standard Lego block – to be used in some student works for sale on the day. Screws, washers and bolts would also come in handy as well.

Thanks and have a great holiday,

Andrew in the Art Studio



THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the parents who attended our maths information night and our family maths afternoon. It was such a great turn out and it was so great to see so many faces eager to learn about what is happening in the classroom. We also really appreciated the feedback we got from parents. Staying back after school is well worth it when we get such positive feedback from families.

Lots of parents have said that one of the biggest take away was the struggle! This is fantastic to hear, especially because that can be tough for parents to understand. When we see people we care about struggling our first instinct is to help them but hopefully Jessie and I explained that letting them struggle can help them become more independent learners and feel the success of getting out of the learning pit.

Lots of parents said that they are going to play some games after the session as well as giving kids real life maths opportunities. This is so exciting to hear! One of the parents spoke about how over the holidays they were going to ask their child to help them build something in the backyard which will use maths in real life.

From our feedback, we are hoping to run another info night that shows what happens in the classroom and how we are using enabling and extending prompts.

Another exciting maths event that happened last week was our maths afternoon. I got the chance to visit classrooms and it was fantastic to see so many families playing games with their special BNW people. Lots of teachers have said how much they enjoyed having parents come in and see some games we’ve been playing and to ask questions about our maths program.

Jessie and I have had an amazing first semester in our new role. We are very lucky to work at such a supportive school, with great leadership, amazing students and enthusiastic parents.

Speaking of amazing parents and students! Attached if a maths bingo for you to play over the holidays. There are 10 different activities to have a go at while you are enjoying your break. At the front office there will be instructions for scrumble (a very cool new game that has become a hit at BNW!) as well as some great parent resources with some websites with tips, tricks and activities to try.

Have an amazing 20,160 minute break!


Follow us on twitter  @BnwpsM  to see the amazing maths things we are doing at BNW


Expressions of interest are now open for students to join the BNWPS ensemble who play any instrument except keyboard (1 or 2 by audition or recommendation). Instruments can be triangle, recorder, glockenspiel or all other tuned instruments, ie. violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet. The time of rehearsals will be confirmed as numbers and room availability are confirmed. 


The cost will be between $7 and $12 per session depending on numbers. 


Please contact Marianne at or 0417 550 924 for further information. 


oshc & sprout


Wominjeka everyone,

Winter Solstice Celebration:

First of all, we would like to thank all the families and friends who came along to our Winter Solstice Celebration last Thursday. In particular, a big thank you to our Jack for spending some time with the students, playing his guitar and singing along. That was simply a magic moment! Thank you Jack!  


Jewelry Making Extravaganza with Jackie:

Was great to see students like Flynn using their finger knitting skills to create a unique bracelet design. All the children were really supportive of each other when it came time to sorting through looking for letters to spell their names. It was also great to see them sharing solutions for ways to keep the beads from slipping off.

There was a lot of quiet persistence while mastering fiddly small beads and knots, great fine motor skills work. Everyone finished their pieces and seemed to create some beautiful colourful patterns. Mia used texture instead of colour and made gorgeous wooden earrings. She then helped Isotta make her earrings, very patiently and kindly.

Coloured Dust and Paint Making:

Spontaneously activities initiated by children are one of the best things that can happen in the OSHC program, supported by the educators children collaboratively made “fine dust” then paint sharing techniques.

Important notes:

  1. Payments due by the end of Term 2: all payments should be now made.

Please note: if there are outstanding fees no bookings will be confirmed in term 3.


2. Direct Debit: A reminder that you are going to switch our payment method do either Direct Debit or Credit Card from term 3. Forms are emailed out. You can write digitally on the PDF and email back or simply complete a hard copy form. Spare blank forms are also available at the program and school office.

All families must complete a Direct Debit form no matter how casually children attend the program. If you have any questions please let Bernadetta know.


OSHC Team.

school council


Start typing your article in here...


grant writing workshop

On Wednesday 17th July, Maribyrnong City Council is holding an Effective Grant Writing workshop, that may interest our community members. This free workshop is aimed to build people’s understanding of what is required to apply for grants and covers everything from where to find the money, to wording your idea as a fundable and inspiring initiative. Whether you are interested in writing grants for our school projects (which we would love!) or for your own interests, this is a wonderful opportunity for our community.

More information can be found here.

winter magic market – August 10th, 2-8pm

Seven weeks to go! Sincere apologies to the broader community regarding the change of date to the 10th of August but Winter Magic Market doesn’t happen without a strong team of awesome people and some of those awesome people were not going to be in the State on the 3rd, so it had to become the 10th of August.

We also wanted the Grade five and six kids and their wonderful teachers to be able to be part of the preparations and excitement, it’s a rite of passage to help set up the market on the Friday. They would have been away on school camp for the week before if we hadn’t moved the date back.


Meet the team: The Magic at the Winter Market won’t happen without the help of everyone in the school community but particularly important is the contribution of this amazing team of parents.


WMM Coordinator: Tanya Pittard,


Advertising artwork: Beci Orpin

WMM design and decorations: Erica Fisers, Magda Bors

Advertising signage and permits: Olli Nichols


Tea/hot chocolate/chai: Sally Quinn

American BBQ: Bruce Brown

Art Auction: Jane Eckett, Sam Everton, Andrew Lang

Art Bar: Paul Broadhurs

Baked Potatoes (replaces arvo tea stall in OHSC kitchen): Dee Coutts and Emma Bishop

Book Stall: Nirvana Adey, Katherine Lucy

Cake stall and treat stall: Sophie Bruce, Liz O'Neil, Linda Reiling, Naomi Wake

Circus equipment, glow sticks and toy stall: Tara Sanders and Grade 6

Coffee Cart: Jenna Wood and Tom Beaumont

Curries: Kris Bidenko and Tash Colengelo

Disco: Imogen Jubb, Beth Wilson and Raina Graham

Disco decorator: Raina Graham

Disco DJ's: Beth Wilson, Jarrod Roberts

Face Painting: Debbie Wood

Fire pits: Libby Harper

Hair Feathers: Kirsty McRobb

Indonesian food stall: Esti

Main Bar: Tamsin and Jason Downes, Lou Collodetti, Frank Hopkins

Mulled Wine: Tracey Hopkins and Rachel McKewen

Music: Jack Madin and Denis Phelan

Pancakes: Nina and Rod Dewar

Pizza: Theo Hartman, Jeff Newton, Mirko

Sausage sizzle: Coordinator needed please (All we need is someone to be there on the day to get the BBQ started and set the stall up and help the first shift of volunteers get going, then to be able to pop by during the market to answer questions and keep things running smoothly.)

Sourcing of random items: Jo Keeble

Tacos: Raph Raschid

Treat stall decorations: Coordinator needed please

Waste reduction: Diane Carpenter, Bec and Phil Hendy, Kristy Lee Tyrrell

If you would like to run the sausage sizzle or be in charge of decorating and setting up the treat stall or have an idea for a stall please contact Tanya asap as we need to finalise stalls and layout before term three commences.


To help make our vision a reality, we would greatly appreciate donations of the following items from our wonderful community:

- Wool/yarn, in vibrant, solid colours

- Hoola hoops, or smaller hoops of any kind

- Old bike wheels/rims

- Old lampshades or lampshade frames


A box for these items will be placed in the hallway behind the office, next to lost property - look out for the sign!


We will also be preparing 'origami balloon' packs for families to take home over the holidays, for those that would like to help make our massive rainbow of balloons! These packs will be available in the front office waiting area from mid next week.


Art Auction items (Jane Eckett, Sam Everton)

Whether painting, drawing, sewing, photography or sculpture is your thing we welcome any and all art contributions to the Art Auction. Please drop it off at the school office or contact Jane Eckett to let her know what you are thinking about creating/donating.

Art and craft stalls within the hall - coordinated by Fiona Heathcote, the stalls are to showcase handmade artisan items with preference given to people who make and sell items they make. All people who are interested are encouraged to get in touch with Fiona ( who will send you an application form. There are limited spots available in the multi-purpose room so early indications of interest are encouraged.


This year again we will have some fun inflatable activities on the oval.

  • A giant inflatable drop slide
  • A new crazy obstacle course
  • Wipe out our perennial favourite bouncy obstacle course
  • Everyone’s favourite chair-o-plane
  • Meltdown – stay on the platforms and avoid the rotating boom.


Wrist bands will again be available at a discount to school families in the two weeks prior to the market. On the day single ride tickets and wrist bands will be available.


Postcards, posters and advertising

Postcards, posters and pdf files that will be able to be used to promote the event will be available in term three.


Musicians bring magic to the winter market

Live music is one of the highlights of the Winter Magic Market. There will be plenty of opportunities for the kids to perform as well.


Bands, Bands, Bands!

We are looking for bands to rock the stage at this year's Winter Magic Market. if you are in a band or you know someone that is, we would love to get you up. Your music will not only entertain the school community but it will add so much to the market's magical atmosphere, helping to spread the festive vibe that makes the market such a great event.

No act is too large or too small. Slots are available between 2pm and 8pm. Please contact Denis 04144 14256 or



BNWPS winter swap thank you! 


the Nor'Wester