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20 June 2019
Issue Nineteen
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Religious Education Gifts and Talents in 1/2UR
Reconciliation Week Making Connections in 3/4GT
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Upcoming Events

Term 2

26th June      Student Led Conferences from 1:40pm

27th June      Reports sent Home

28th June       Last day of Term. School finishes at 1:30pm


Term 3

15th July - Students Return

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.00am

8th-9th -School Closure Days- Staff  Professional Learning - Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.00am

30th August - Fathers Day Breakfast

19th September - School Concert

20th September - Last day of Term. School ends at 1:30pm

Term 4

7th October - Students Return

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.00am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End of Year Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)



Principal's News


Dear Parents

It's always a pleasure to read reports at the end of semester to get a glimpse of the hard work our students have put in to make the most of their learning, and the positive social growth and friendships they have made. We have worked really hard at Trinity over the past couple of years to develop extremely targeted and personalised teaching, particularly in Literacy and Maths.


Conducting tours over the past couple of weeks I have heard lots comments from future Trinity parents on the targeted small group work, high level of teacher and support staff (we have 9 grades and 8 additional Learning Support staff who work across the grades) and high level of learning engagement of our students. 


Teacher Learning and Improvement: Learning Sprints

It's great to see how well our teachers know their students, but also to know how well our school leaders, particularly our Literacy & Numeracy Leader Annabelle Marinelli and our Deputy Principal & Student Growth Leader, Lindy Smith know each of our students. Lindy and Annabelle work closely with each of our class teachers to support learning growth and social management through our Learning Sprints, Professional Learning Team meetings and Data meetings that each teacher attend on a regular basis. I am also conscious of the encouragement and support our parents give to their children in their learning at home. When you read the reports next week, what you see is the result of a team effort- thanks to each of you, the staff at Trinity but particularly your highly motivated children. 

Learning Expo, Student Led Conferences and Reports

Just a reminder that over the last week of school there are three very important opportunities to be engaged in your child's learning.


Our Learning Expo will be held on Tuesday morning at 9am. Parents are invited to join their children in the grades as they tour the school and see the great learning that has been completed over the term. Please feel free to come along, ask lots of questions and see the progression of learning that happens across a students Primary school life. 


Student-led Conferences will be held next Wednesday. Student Leds are a great opportunity for our students to talk through the goals they have set across the term and the learning they have achieved in the presence of the parents, carers and teacher. Feel free to look around the grades and see the work that has been completed across the semester. If you haven't returned times, please call the office to book in a time to come in. 


Reports will be going home next Thursday. Although in past 2 years we have sent reports home first week back in term three, this year we have brought them forward to enable earlier reporting and allow Semester Two to begin with fresh units of work. As with past years, if you have concerns regarding reports, please contact your class teacher and organise a time in the first week of next term. 

School Musical: Quest

Our 2019 School Musical, Quest, will be coming up next term and is scheduled to take place at the Hawthorn Townhall on Thursday, 19th September. All students will be participating with class practices beginning in week one of next term. Building on feedback from our last musical, we have employed Rock Ed, a performance group that works with schools in supporting the performing arts, to help our students in preparing for the musical.

Expressions of interest went out the week to students in year 4-6 and there has been great excitement from our students who have put themselves forward to be considered. 

Refugee Week: Prayers for Asylum Seekers

Val Flynn, one of our local St James parishioners brought our attention to CAPSA- the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum. As this week is Refugee Week, the community at St James gathered on Sunday for a silent prayer circle to acknowledge and pray for those seeking asylum in this country. Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees is a strong part of Catholic Social Teaching as is evident by a recent statement published by the Australian Bishops Conference.


As a school we have, throughout this week, remembered and prayed for Refugees and Asylum Seekers during our meditation times and dedicated some of our Religious Education learning time to explore the issue. 

School Board

At Tuesdays school board meeting we were visited by Killian Cheah, our school accountant who gave an update on our school finances. We discussed a variety of issues, including our intention to develop a Masterplan for Trinity which will cover future building development and growth for the school over the next 10 years. Community consultation will take place in Term 3 with the hope that we will complete a Masterplan by the beginning of Term 4.  More information to come in future newsletters next term. 


Thanks everyone- have a great week ahead. 




Religious Education
Gifts and Talents in 1/2UR



In R.E the students in 1/2 have been learning about special qualities that make them unique and learning to be good stewards of the environment. They participated in a paraliturgy , listened to the Parable of the Talents as well as the story of Noah. The students learned that God wants us to use the gifts he has given us by listening to The Parable of the Talents.


They used popcorn kernels to represent the God-given potential within us. They then proceeded to pour each kernel into a popcorn machine which represented the church, the word of God and the Holy Spirit. Students learned that through attending mass, listening to the word of God and using their talents for the good they would grow to become wonderful members of God’s community. Like the corn kernels, they would pop up and become even better than before.


The student also listened to Noah’s Ark and discussed the importance of listening and trusting in God. They discussed how Noah was called to be a steward for all the animals on his ark. The student’s connected this story to the endangered species reports they did and how they can help care for our environment. They designed a special Noah’s Ark display that included two of the animals they picked for their report.


Ethan: “We learnt that God will care for all creatures and we also need to help”

Tiffany: “Noah was a kind and caring man who listening to God’s word.”

Dimitri: “Praying at church helps us to grow like the popcorn did.”

Yagmur: “We need to use our gifts and talents that God has given to us.”

Reconciliation Week
Making Connections in 3/4GT


In Religious Education/Inquiry this week 3/4GT have been learning about the meaning of Reconciliation. Students recognized Reconciliation in the Catholic faith, as the process of admitting to yourself and God that you have done something wrong, ask for forgiveness, then repenting for the sin. Students applied this knowledge to the history of the Indigenous people of Australia, and the crimes and atrocities committed against them. They made the connection that although the sins were not committed by themselves, it is important to recognize what happened.


Students created a foot, to show they are taking a step forward in the movement for reconciliation with Indigenous people. Students used brown paper to represent the earth of Australia, and paint markers to decorate using Aboriginal symbols and dot painting. Students had to write something they will do to ‘Walk Together with Courage’ for reconciliation. Some of the children’s ideas included: greeting people using the Indigenous language of the area, exploring Indigenous cultures, spreading positive experiences and stories surrounding Indigenous people and culture,  and calling out negative behaviour towards Indigenous people.

Physical Education


In our lessons we have been continuing to work on the concept of developing Fundamental Movement Strategies while applying these to game situations. With Report time upon us I thought it would be useful to explain in more detail what we are assessing in terms of the Australian Curriculum and what that means for the students;


For the Preps/Yr 1/ Yr 2’s they are able to;

Perform fundamental movement skills in a variety of movement sequences and situations;

This translates to the students practicing the skills of; run, jump, hop, skip, throw, catch and kick using lots of different types of balls and with lots of different game activities. In the last few lessons, we have been practicing kicking soccer and AFL balls of all sizes.

Identify rules and fair play when participating in physical activities;

Here we have been learning the importance of rules within our games. We have been learning where the boundaries of the playing area are and how to “play fair” so that everyone is able to join in with the games.


For the Yr 3/4;

Apply innovative and creative thinking in solving movement challenges

Apply basic rules and scoring systems, and demonstrate fair play when participating in physical activities

In lessons to develop the above we are adopting a Game sense approach to our learning which;

  • engages children in minor and modified game strategies and concepts where there are opportunities to develop both skills and an understanding of the tactics of the game.

  • modifies game rules, the playing area or the equipment for the purpose of highlighting aspects of the game such as attackers moving into space to receive a pass.

  • promotes the development of thinking players and decision making skills.

For the Yr 5/6;

Participate positively in groups and teams by encouraging others and negotiating roles and responsibilities

Demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with rules when participating in a range of physical activities

Here we are trying to give the senior students as many opportunities to lead and organise their lessons and teams. This could be within PE lessons, Trinity Sports Day or for the Inter-school sports teams. We are also learning to be “Good Sports” by demonstrating behaviours which encourage our team mates, respect the opposition and build resilience and maturity.



This Friday; 21st June, all Yr 5/6 students will be participating in the Winter Gala at Kevin Bartlett Reserve and Richmond West Primary School Netball courts. As with all our sporting events we encourage parents to come along and help. Without parent helpers we cannot attend these events so please lend your assistance whenever you can.


Division Cross Country

On Thursday 5 June, 7 students went to compete at the Divisional Event in Bundoora;

12/13 yrs Boys - Will Stone, Tomasz Tamowick, Oscar Phan.

12/13 yrs Girls - Adeng Kolong, Philiana Wong.

11 yrs Girls - Claire Mclynsky.

9/10 yrs Boys - Deng Akol.

Adeng Kolong; 10th and Will Stone; 5th both qualified for the Regional event which takes place this week at Bundoora again.

We wish them both good luck for this tough event.



A special mention goes to OSCAR PHAN, who while running his race saw another runner fall and injure themselves. Oscar and another runner showed great sportsmanship and compassion by helping the injured runner back to the finish line. Well done Oscar.

Fit Club

Although the weather is getting cold and the mornings are dark FIT club is still on.

Trinity Fit Club is a Free Before School program open to all TCS students every Thursday from 7.40am on the Oval or in the MPR if the weather is bad.


This week is that last FIT club this term, there will be NO FIT CLUB on THURSDAY 27th JULY


Rachel McLeary

PE Teacher

Maths Competition


The students in Year 3 to 6 at Trinity are invited to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition run by the Australian Mathematics Trust. This is a national mathematics competition which the students will be invited to complete here at Trinity.


The test contains 30 problem-solving questions which start off quite easy and become more complex and challenging as students work their way through the test. Students will have 60 minutes to complete the test. As the test is quite challenging, it is not compulsory for all students to participate, however we highly recommend and encourage all students who enjoy a mathematical challenge to participate.


Last year we had 20 Year 5/6 students compete in this competition, and as a school, we were extremely successful in our results. The Australian Mathematics Trust provides the school and parents with feedback on each question in the test and outlines how the students have performed nationally. There are prizes associated with the students’ success in the competition, however this is not the primary focus for us here at Trinity, rather that students experience the enjoyment and challenge of participating in the competition.


If you have any questions about this please come and see me or refer to the information attached or log onto the Mathematics Trust website for further information


Annabelle Marinelli

Numeracy Leader

Social Justice
St Vinnies Winter Apeal


At Trinity Catholic School, we believe in social justice and try to live out the Gospel values through our actions.  One example of this, is through our current drive to support the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal.


The Winter Vinnies Appeal provides emergency relief to people at risk and experiencing homelessness.  We are asking for donations of any spare warm clothes or blankets.  A collection basket is located at the front of the school office.


Here is a reflection from two of our Mini Vinnie students: 


"We from the Mini-Vinnies are collecting warm clothes and blankets for the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal.  Please support us by donating any spare items that you can’t use anymore.  We encourage you to think about all those cold homeless people on the streets and feel empathetic towards them.

Come on everybody, go make a difference because every little thing that we do matters.  Together we can transform lives!"    (An and Olivia, Mini Vinnie members).




Student Leadership 

SEL Awards 

These awards are awarded when students have demonstrated great social-emotional learning, a highly valued part of our school learning community.





Ignatian Award


The Ignatian Award is a special award granted to students who demonstrate a living example to our community in the footsteps of St Ignatius. The value for this half of Term 2 is Excellence. This week the award goes to Yagmur in Prp/1. Congratulations Yagmur and thanks for being a great example to our community! 

Richmond Community Announcements

Play AFL in Richmond


Genezzano Enrolments Open


Simonds College Enrolments Open


Richmond Community Learning Center 


Richmond Scout Group


Streets Alive Advocacy Group


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