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16 May 2018
Issue Seven
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Message from the Principal

The heart of a School – its people.

Recently, I and several of our staff had the pleasure of visiting our Kinross Wolaroi communities in Dubbo and Bourke. Two excellent gatherings of current, future and past families afforded great occasion to catch up with friends and to hear a little of the many activities and developments that are taking place at the School.

Such occasions powerfully reinforce one of the very strong aspects of Kinross Wolaroi, one that greatly impressed Josephine and I on our arrival – that very rich and tangible sense of community that pervades our School. It is evident when families experience difficulties and at times of hardship, at school events and in the way so many contribute and support our school. The enthusiasm shown by a great number of our local community to support our pioneering and innovative educational program, the Regional Engagement Enterprise, our TREE initiative is a clear demonstration.

The most precious element of any school or community, is its human resources, a component of far greater worth than bricks and mortar – our built environment will ever be. This is not to say our surrounds are not important, because they certainly are, and as Sir Winston Churchill reminded us ‘We shape our buildings there after they shape us’. But a school is so much more than a collection of buildings; it is a shared collection of ideals and ideas; of values and cultural history … but most of all it is a collection of people; a community where students, teachers and parents lie at its heart.

One of the great joys of leading a school is the immense privilege of engaging staff who can inspire and motivate our students to become the very best they can be.


I am delighted to announce the following appointments who will enrich our school community and add greatly to our vibrant co-curricular offering at Kinross Wolaroi.


Ms Sarah Cook
Rowing Coach and Athlete Development Co-ordinator

Ms Sarah Cook will join the staff of KWS at the commencement of Term 3 as Rowing Coach and Athlete Development Co-ordinator. Sarah comes to us with a wealth of national and international experience as an athlete, coach, administrator and as a highly respected sporting identity and leader. Over the past two years the concept of an Athletic Development Unit at KWS has been explored by the Director of Co-Curricular and Head of Sport. This new initiative will oversee the wellbeing of all students engaged in the KWS sports program. The Athlete Development Unit will also strive to foster athletic excellence and will operate in close collaboration with the academic and wellbeing areas of the School to ensure a well-balanced and developmentally appropriate sporting program.

A dual Olympian in rowing, and Australian Sailing representative, Sarah has been highly involved in improving performance in sport in Australia. Through her numerous roles in high performance administration and coaching, Sarah has led the development of winning cultures and improved the development pathway for young athletes. Since her retirement from rowing following the London Olympics, Sarah has already had a significant impact in Australian sport, influencing positive outcomes through lobbying State and Federal Governments and as an advisor to state and national sporting associations.

Sarah is currently Operations Manager for Australian Sailing where her responsibilities include organisation, strategy and management of all operations and logistics for the Australian Sailing Team and their programs. As a Rowing Coach, Sarah has coached the Australian Junior Men’s Coxed Four at the World Championships, and was Head of Rowing and Coach at St Joseph’s College in Sydney. In 2016 under Sarah’s leadership, St Joseph’s experienced their most successful year in their history, achieving podium finishes in 9 of the 11 races contested and claimed the First VIII title at the GPS Head of the River.

Sarah has an outstanding record as an Athlete. From 2004 – 2012 she represented Australia in Rowing competing at two Olympic games and 7 World Championship events, winning 6 World Championship medals. She was Australian National Champion 8 times, rowing in 5 different boat classes.

Sarah is a highly acclaimed International Rowing Commentator regularly broadcasting with World Rowing, BBC, BT Sport and Fox. She is a regular contributor to national and state radio for commentary and insights on professional and Olympic sporting news and debate.

Sarah is President of the Sydney University Boat Club (the first female to hold this position), a Director of NSW Rowing and Athletes Commission Member.

Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Canberra and University of Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of New England, Sarah is qualified to teach Science.

In the coming weeks Sarah will be representing the Australian Olympic Committee as a delegate to the International Olympic Committee Conference in Greece.

Sarah has a strong interest in viticulture and having grown up in Canberra is greatly looking forward to living in the beautiful centre of Orange. She is married to Tobias Wehr-Chandler who will also be joining us to lead our Rowing Program.


Mr Tobias Wehr-Chandler
Master in Charge of Rowing and Rugby

Mr Tobias Wehr-Chandler joins us to lead and coordinate our rowing and rugby programs. Commencing in Term 3, 2018. Tobias will initially oversee Rowing and in 2019 assume the role of MIC Rugby.

Tobias comes to us from St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill where he has been Head of Rowing and has forged a reputation as an outstanding administrator and leader. He is also a gifted coach, achieving excellent results with the St Joseph’s crews.

Tobias has an impressive record as an athlete, representing New Zealand at six World Championships and five World Cup events. At the World Rowing Championship in 2009, Tobias won the Men’s Coxed Four Under 23 World Championship. From 2010 to 2014 he was the World Record Holder for the 1-hour ergometer.

Tobias has also sailed professionally and was a member of America’s Cup Challenge Team Australia in 2014.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Distinction) from the University of Waikato in New Zealand and a Masters of Business Management from the University of Sydney, Tobias has also worked as a Senior Management Consultant. He has advised educators, employers and students to achieve better outcomes from experiential learning collaboration, and in the field of design and implementation of client strategy and communication at the University of Sydney.

Tobias has been engaged as an industry facilitator for the Masters Level Entrepreneurship and Innovation course. Tobias has been an active member of the Sydney University Boat Club and led their Strategy and Operations Committee.

Having grown up in rural New Zealand, Tobias is very much looking forward to making Orange home and along with Sarah, making a significant contribution to the students and community of Kinross Wolaroi School.

I am most grateful to Mr Sinisa Kosorac who stepped in with very little notice to oversee our Rowing Program for the 2017-2018 season. Sinisa’s love of the sport, hard work and highly efficient organisation has been greatly appreciated by our rowing community. We look forward to his continued involvement and contribution to Kinross Wolaroi Rowing Program. I also express sincere appreciation to Mr Richard Freeman for his skilled, dedicated and passionate approach to our Rugby program. We very much look forward to him continuing his outstanding contribution as MIC Rugby for the 2018 season.

I am sure that you will join with me in welcoming both Sarah and Tobias to the KWS Community.


Congratulations to Collette Lyons, Sasha Wilson, Oliver McLaughlin and Mercede Cornelius-Feltus who very successfully competed at the All Schools swimming carnival as members of the CIS team.  Congratulations to Collette Lyons who has been chosen to represent NSW in the Australian School Swimming event which will take place in Hobart in July. What a remarkable achievement for Collette!


Dr Andrew Parry

Message from the Chaplain

Jesus prayed; “I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them...” (Jn17:14-15)

People in the city escape to the country. Country people escape to the coast. People everywhere like to escape from where they are to somewhere that they are not. This isn’t anything new; the travel industry depends upon people’s desire for escape. Interestingly, when I read verses from John’s Gospel, it appears that people of the 1st century CE felt similarly.

I wonder, what on earth did John’s community want to escape from? They had no technology, no traffic, no white noise and no pollution to speak of. But maybe that isn’t the point. Religious faith can intensify a desire to escape. If one has to continually defend one’s faith, justify one’s beliefs, argue for the existence of God and stand in the face of ridicule, the notion of escape can be most appealing. Maybe John’s community wanted to be a solely Christian community; to be safe in sameness.

My notion of escape is shaped by Australia’s multicultural identity. I desire to escape from arguing ‘love of God and love of neighbour’. I yearn for a diverse community that is united by a vision of love and respect irrespective of beliefs. Imagine if people were respectful of divergent opinions and were open to learning from the other; if people treated the other with dignity despite our being different to them and their being different to us. Imagine if there was no ‘them’ and ‘us’, but simply ‘us’.

As an aside, did you know that countries with religious diversity are less likely to experience acts of terror? Countries in which the ‘other’ is respected for who they are rather than observed for who they are not, are even less likely to experience violence. It makes sense.

Having glimpsed a vision of what is holy and good, the human spirit seeks less from the temporary satisfactions of the world and instead seeks that which gives peace and rest to the soul. People no longer seek superiority over another but seek equality of all. John’s Gospel has Jesus acknowledging the temptation to ‘leave the world’; not death, but escaping from one’s reality. Jesus prays; ‘I’m not asking that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them in the world’. He tells us to be ‘in the world but of the world’. The vision of what is holy and good serves purpose to the world.

The challenge before us is to not allow the world to shape our understanding of our self. We are more than our homes, our ethnicity, financial independence or prestige. We all know the impact of the media, especially social media, upon the way we view the world. Jesus tells not to be ‘of the world’. Instead, be engaged in the world with patience, kindness and generosity of spirit. It is important to retreat to places to restore the soul – Jesus did that a lot – but we are to seek God and we are to be Godly, in the here and now.

I think of a colleague who returned from an enviable escape. He looked well rested, restored in energy. He commented; ‘Three days back, and it seems like a dream already.’ He deserved the trip and the memories. We all love those escapes. But they do not last and it would be foolish to rely upon escapes to feel alive. An awareness of God’s presence allows us to live fully every day.

Phil Worrad

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 2 Week 1

I hope all mothers had a relaxing day on Sunday. It was interesting speaking with my Year 8 classes today to discover what they had done to show their mum they care – it would appear there are some splendid cooks amongst them!

On Friday I attended the funeral of a ‘KWS grandpa’ in Forbes. It was clear from that lovely service just how valued the man in question was – his close (and large!) family clearly loved him a great deal and he loved them in return. Not only that, the wider Forbes community felt great affection and respect for him too. Travelling to and from Forbes in the car on my own gave me a good opportunity to reflect on the importance of extended family and community, and the place of all that in our lives. This funeral coincided with Mother’s Day, so I was reminded that we shouldn’t place too much focus on the things that don’t really matter, especially material things and possessions, fancy clothes and gadgets, and professional or personal status. There is a certain nobility in being a ‘good person’; living a relatively simple life with integrity and love for those around us is an honourable achievement in itself.

Friday also brought some welcome rain to the district. Much more is still needed but at least it reminded us that it hasn’t forgotten how to rain!

Year 7 and 9 students are completing NAPLAN tests this week. Fortunately these tests are low-key here and the students take them very much in their stride. It is a large organisational effort, however, so thanks must go to Mr Choi and his team who do the lion’s share of making sure it all runs smoothly.

On Wednesday 16 May there is an extended staff meeting after school. This provides teachers with an opportunity to develop their professional skills here without having the disruption to classes that travelling to Sydney can involve. The Director of Staff Development, Ms Susan Cameron, oversees a very broad program to support and enhance the skills of all teaching staff, both those new to the profession and those of us who are old hands. Teachers learn best from other teachers and that focus is one we promote actively at KWS.

The winter sports season is well under way. I have seen some very exciting netball and football games and look forward to seeing even more over the coming months. Thank you to parents who ensure their children are on time to games, appropriately kitted out and playing with flair and enthusiasm. A special thank-you to boarder parents who come a long way to watch their children play.

I wish you all a great couple of weeks.

Bev West

Head of Senior School

Student Wellbeing


Whether you are a parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, it can be a difficult task keeping up with young people and technology, or even knowing when and how to start the conversation about online safety. The Office of the Safety Commissioner was established in 2015 by the Australian Government with a mandate to co-ordinate and lead the online safety efforts across government, industry and the not-for profit community. The office is committed to empowering all Australians to have a safer, more positive experiences online. The website link is below and has a range of excellent resources for educators, parents and students.

Over the last two years the Office has commissioned a number of national surveys of young people aged 8–17 in Australia examining how young people deal with the challenges they face online. (Kids aged 8 to 13 and teens aged 14 to 17). The statistics are concerning and I have included snapshots of some of the most relevant information for parents.

Social media services used in the 12 months to June 2017:

Social media management by age:

Talking to strangers online by age:

Over the coming weeks the Orange Police Youth Liaison Officer will be visiting the school to meet with Years 7, 8 and 9 to discuss digital citizenship and online safety. Each year group session will then be followed-up by conversations and activities in Tutor. The focus during Semester 2 in for these year groups will involve units of work on Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship that will take place during Tutor time. In the next Family Bulletin I will tackle the online phenomena that is the game Fortnite.

Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Never confuse challenges with obstacles
– Surrender to Serendipity

This year began a new professional journey for me as Head of Teaching and Learning K-12 at Kinross Wolaroi School. Of course, I am excited and buzzing about the personal professional challenges that such a privileged opportunity offers but I am also very aware of my responsibility in preparing our school community to meet head on, the future challenges of navigating an ever-changing educational landscape. Different schools will experience different challenges. A school’s demographic must shape the way in which it responds. Are the literacy and numeracy needs of every student the same across the state and will all students, irrespective of gender and culture, learn in the same way? Surely we should be guided by the needs of individual students and individual schools. As educators, our challenge is to predict future challenges in education and prevent them from becoming obstacles to which we bow; to be proactive and not reactive; to transform them into opportunities to grow. My new job title itself suggests that one who dares to teach must never cease to learn [1].

Perhaps the greatest educational challenge we face in the developed world is that of student engagement. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate meaning that the difference between our own childhood experiences and that of our children is far greater than the difference between our childhood experiences and those of our parents. I regularly have conversations with parents of students about why it is their children do not read as much as they read when they were children. Reading fluency underpins literacy and as an English teacher, I do everything in my power to bring texts alive to students in the classroom – indeed the importance of guided reading; reciprocal reading and whole school reading strategies should never be under estimated, but we cannot ignore that times have changed. At twelve years old, the only thing that really competed for my attention was the TV. There was only one in the house, there were only four channels and dad controlled the evening’s viewing anyway. A good book allowed me to ‘escape,’ when it was too dark to play outside with my friends. Today’s students are surrounded by more technological distractions than we could possibly have ever imagined or predicted: The seemingly infinite opportunities to watch any film, drama or documentary at any time on any device; the ability to socialise, not only with friends from school but friends and family on the other side of the world, from the comfort of your home; gaming. The latter has been an exploding industry; one that has caused much controversy, but the world of education has – albeit very slowly – started to rise to the challenge. We cannot avoid its lure - instead we must harness what makes it so seductive.

In the holidays, my eighteen-year-old daughter was playing Overwatch [2] with friends from New Zealand, Tasmania, America and the UK. I asked her what is it about this game that appeals to her and 30 million [3] other players, so much? Her first response, most obviously, it’s fun! But there is more to it than this.  Educators are now realising that if we are to compete for our students’ attention, we need to offer our students an experience that motivates them to become intrinsic learners because we cannot rely on the extrinsic motivation exploited by our predecessors decades ago. There are no guaranteed jobs or apprenticeships anymore. The future for which we are preparing them is too changeable for us to possibly predict. When my daughter explained why she loved the game so much, I felt a sense of smugness – to harness the qualities of the gaming industry into our teaching is not an insurmountable challenge. She listed everything that we all know makes for great lessons: immediate feedback; challenges that increase in mastery (so scaffolded learning then); Skill Ratings (so progress indicators); social connection (group work, collaboration and class discussion); player control (ergo student ownership of learning) and feeling safe and secure.

So, we must control the obstacles and transform them into challenges. The ‘demon’ of gaming technology is actually serendipitous –its popularity simply serves to remind us of the importance of encouraging our students to be intrinsic learners because the world that awaits them will not necessarily offer the extrinsic motivation that it once did. To encourage intrinsic learning – a love of learning – we, of course, also have to model a genuine love of learning ourselves and that means accepting that the role of the educator is not static. We must be brave enough to reflect our changing environment. Research-based Educational Theories have a shelf life and so we must continue to read contemporary research and consider its connection with our own practice. But most importantly, we must learn to read our students; our schools; our communities and be prepared to initiate change if the status quo no longer serves.

Just this week, I came across an article, which further reinforces our need to take on board John Dewey’s [4] mantra that ‘If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.’ Research projects conducted by Google have found the top characteristics of successful employees to be excellent at communicating; listening; empathy and collaboration; problem solving; critical thinking and to demonstrate emotional intelligence [5]. If we are to successfully prepare our students for the unpredictable future of business and technology, we cannot do what we have always done.

Caroline Dweck, in her theory of the ‘Growth Mindset’ claims that all abilities can be developed though dedication and hard work and that brains and talent are simply a starting point. Dweck says ‘This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.’ As teachers, it is our role to remind our students of the importance of making mistakes; learning and growing from ‘failure’.  Dweck continues to state that ‘If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning.’  How could anyone disagree? If we are to nurture this gift in our students, we must all take the time to nurture it in ourselves first – create a domino effect. 2018 will undoubtedly bring with it, both predictable and entirely surprising educational challenges. Intuition and empathy will be our greatest allies in learning to ‘love challenge’ and accept change. Bring it on!


1. Quote by John Cotton Dana – inscription on the Newark State College building - The New York Times Book Review, March 5, 1967, p. 55

2. Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer online first-person video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

3. Overwatch Surpasses 30 million players:

4. John Dewey (1859 – 1952) – American philosopher.


Serena Lewis
Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Co-curricular

Our Co-curricular Program

The Co-curricular program at Kinross has been integral to the school from its inception. The generosity of its staff and the vision of our predecessors has ensured that the programs that we run rank with the best in the country.  Our teaching staff has always formed the backbone of what we offer and given the students another pathway to build positive, ongoing relationships with their teachers. In more recent years, the diversity of our offerings has meant that we have had to seek co-curricular staff from beyond the gates of the school, whether they be parents, KWS graduates, university students or members of the local community. This is certainly a much bigger challenge in a regional area, such as Orange.


The strategic intent for Co-Curricular programs for the immediate future states:

CC involvement is integral to our school. We believe the provision of a well-balanced and developmentally appropriate CC program enhances the holistic learning opportunities for all students. The school expects a full commitment to the CC program and it is our intent to support all participants in fulfilling this expectation.


There are two significant areas that I believe need to be addressed to ensure that we can fulfil our strategic intent, Masters in Charge and The Athlete Development Unit. In giving an overview of these two areas, I am not neglecting Cadets and Performing Arts. I believe they have already established a sustainable model that can be emulated by our sporting endeavours.

Over the last two years, there has been significant work done on establishing a more sustainable model of sports administration. Whilst we have had well qualified, dedicated and experienced staff in charge of all our sports over many years, they have not necessarily had the time to manage the complexity of tasks involved in this modern age of sports administration. The challenges have continued to increase in parallel to the challenges of the classroom. The school has been developing a model where MICs have the time and expertise to support staff and students such to enhance the holistic learning opportunities for all students.

In brief, we are utilising a mixed model of MIC engagement.

The first tier of this model, involves teaching staff appointed to MIC positions being given a time allowance as part of their contract. This is the case for Ms Jade Georgiou who is MIC for Touch Football in summer and Hockey in winter: Ms Sophie Fardell has recently been appointed as MIC of Netball and Basketball (Girls and Boys). In Football, Ms Annaliese Stammer, has undertaken the role of MIC Football (Boys and Girls). We are currently recruiting teaching staff to fill the roles of MIC Cricket and MIC Water Polo and hope to have these in place shortly.

The second tier of this model involves non-teaching staff being appointed to MIC positions as their sole responsibility. Highlighting the efficacy of this model has been the appointment in 2016 of Mr Kim Taylor as MIC of Swimming. This has been a highly successful engagement and Swimming is going from strength to strength.  Recently, the Principal, Dr Parry, has appointed Mr Tobias Wehr-Chandler as MIC of both Rowing and Rugby. Mr Sinisa Kosarac has just completed a very successful season as MIC of Rowing, and his ongoing involvement in the Rowing program will help ensure a smooth transition for Tobias and the ongoing success of this program. Mr Richard Freeman is the current MIC of Rugby and is doing an excellent job, building on the exemplary work done by Mr Huon Barrett in recent years. Richard is an outstanding sports administrator, coach and educator and it is hoped that he will continue to be involved in the KWS Rugby program next year.

The third, traditional tier of teacher MIC has also continued successfully in other sports. In Triathlon, Mr Anthony Le Couteur; in WAS Tennis, Mr Yooie Choi; in Pedal Prix, Mr David de Bruyn. These teachers have done and continue to do excellent jobs in their chosen sports.

To ensure that we fulfil our strategic intent, each tier of the model will need to be monitored and evaluated over time.

Dr Parry also announced that Mrs Sarah Cook has been appointed as Rowing Coach and Athlete Development Coordinator. The Athlete Development Unit was first proposed at the end of 2016 and further developed throughout 2017, with the particular involvement of Mr Joe Priest and Mr Norm Moore. Sarah’s expertise and experience will provide significant impetus to this proposal.

The vision of Athlete Development Unit was to oversee the wellbeing of all students engaged in the school sports program and, ultimately, to broaden this to all co-curricular activities. Specifically, this vision is to enhance the ‘third pillar’ of a KWS education, namely ‘Athlete Development Unit’ to work in collaboration with Student Academic Services and the Wellbeing Team.

All Operational initiatives will be directly linked to the School’s Strategic Intents

  • Close liaison with the SAS and Wellbeing Team
  • Close liaison with the Prep Sports Coordinator
  • Close liaison with the PDHPE program
  • PD for coaches on fundamental movement skills
  • Improve physical literacy – ‘moving to learn’
  • Meaningfully engage in physical activity
  • MICs on sport specific fundamentals
    • Influence all the students
    • Target specific students (elite and ‘bottom end’)
  • Refer to Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery framework (FTem framework).

Mr Charlie Rowe

Director of Co-curricular

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 2 Week 3

A belated Happy Mothers’ Day for all for last Sunday. As I sat in Church with all the boarders on Sunday morning I was reminded of how tough it can be for boarders on those weekends when everyone else is celebrating being together as a family but at the same time I was struck by the sheer number we had in Church and the togetherness of the congregation. Overall, it was a very positive experience and confirmed for me how important it is that we share these moments together. I was also impressed with the effort the boarders had made to dress up in their Sunday best. To top it all off, the contributions made by several of the Tower boys was very well regarded; they stood up and read superbly in front of their peers which takes courage!

It has been a busy few weeks since the start of Term 2; the rugby players have had several away matches and therefore long days to contend with but the results have so far been fantastic with a very successful day in Coonabarabran against TAS and then last weekend in the fixtures against Knox. It is so pleasing to see the boys do well especially given their enthusiasm at training and the long hours they have spent on coaches to and from the games. The hockey players usually have a different rhythm to their weekends with the fixtures spread across Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and again the feedback has been very positive about the start they have made to their seasons.

The focus shifts this week to an active weekend for the boarders starting on Friday night with 110 boarders attending Legally Blonde – The Musical at the Orange Civic Theatre and then on Sunday 102 boarders travelling to Mudgee to watch the NRL match between the Dragons and the Raiders. With so much going on I will have to remind boarders to get all their homework done before Sunday evening as there will not be an appetite for work at that time of night!

Over the past few months. I have had the pleasure of getting to meet a lot of you at various school events including the latest ‘Meet the Principal’ functions in Wagga, Cootamundra, Mudgee, Dubbo and Bourke. I have been grateful for the opportunity to meet and chat about your sons and daughters as well as the challenges of sending children away to board. I look forward to carrying on those conversations when our paths cross again.

Matt Curran

Director of Boarding

P&F News

P&F Meeting this Wednesday evening, 16th May, 7pm

Our next P&F meeting will be held this Wednesday 16th May, commencing at 7pm in the boardroom of Wolaroi Mansion.  

One of the discussion topics will focus on generating ideas for a social get-together later in the year; please come along if you have any ideas you would like to share, or if you would like to be involved.  Ideas can also be emailed to [email protected]

For those unable to attend in person, you are able to dial in via our teleconferencing service; dial 1800 857 029 and use guest code 19137159#.  

As always, all are welcome.

Donna McIntyre

P&F Secretary

[email protected]

Performing Arts Updates

Composition Workshop

Last Friday, we took our elective Music students to Orange High School to participate in a composition masterclass which was run by prominent Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin. Elena ran the masterclass from the piano and wowed the students with her incredible performance skills. She demonstrated how she develops compositional ideas and utilises mood and stories to create her work. Our students are so lucky to have had this opportunity and I am sure they gained a great deal from the experience.

Term 2 Key Dates for your diary

Wednesday 23rd May Cadet Farewell Parade (Marching Band)

Friday 1st June Camerata Concert 6.30pm DPA Chapel

Friday 8th June ZEAL Theatre Performance for Elective Drama Students

Thursday 21st June Performing Arts Festival 6.30pm OCT

Friday 22nd June Cadet Dinner (Stage Band and Chamber Strings)

Wednesday 27th June Elective Music and Drama Night

Heidi Anthony
Head of Performing Arts

Sports Updates

NSW All Schools Swimming Carnival

On Friday 11th May Collette Lyons, Sasha Wilson, Oliver McLaughlin and Mercede Cornelius-Feltus travelled to Sydney to compete at the All Schools swimming carnival as members of the CIS team. All Schools involves the top swimmers from the Catholic, Public and Independent schools. The top swimmers from All Schools are chosen to represent NSW at the Australian School Swimming event which in 2018 takes place in July in Hobart.
Our swimmers competed strongly bringing back a number of medals. Congratulations to Collette Lyons who has been chosen to represent NSW. 

  • Collette Lyons  - 1st 50 free, 3rd 200 breast, 2nd 50 breast, 1st 200 fly, 2nd 200 IM, 1st 400 IM
  • Oliver McLaughlin - 7th 50 free, 5th 100 back, 3rd 50 back
  • Mercede Cornelius-Feltus - 5th 400 IM
  • Sasha Wilson - 8th 100 free, 2nd 4x50 free relay

Jo Keown
​KWS Swimming Co-ordinator

Polocrosse News

Recently, students Jock and Julia Stuart travelled to Albury to participate in the Australian Junior Polocrosse Championships. This started with 3 days of coaching followed by a 3 day tournament.  

Julia was selected in the NSW No. 1 Junior Classic Team to play against other states including Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tri-state and Northern Territory.    

After 3 days of matches, Julia's team won the Final of the Australian Junior Classic - defeating Victoria, QLD and NSW 2 and NSW 4 - over the 3 days.

Julia was awarded Best Female No. 1. In addition to this, Julia was selected by the South African World Cup Coach to form part of a Barbarian's Junior Polocrosse team to travel to South Africa in August of this year to play in an International tournament in Durban. The team consists of 2 NSW juniors, 2 Victorian juniors, 1 New Zealand junior and 2 Zambian juniors.     

At the same tournament, Jock Stuart was selected to play for the Northern Territory team. Although Jock's team didn't win, it was an amazing opportunity, he had a great time and met lots of new players. This was a great achievement for Jock, as he is only 13 years in an Under 16 year age competition. 

Congratulations to both Jock and Julia.


Equestrian News

Recently Yr. 7 student Gem McGufficke represented KWS at the largest NSW Interschool’s Equestrian Comp held in Jindabyne. The Snowy Mountain Interschool’s Equestrian Competition (SMIEC) is held over four days with Show Jumping, Dressage, Stock-horse Challenge, One Day Event, Combined Training, Sporting and Hacking.

Gem is the first student to attend this event and participated extremely well; placing in Dressage, Sporting and ODE. Gem represented the school with pride and determination with her pony “Bailey” playing an integral part of the competition.

Photography Credit: 5Willows

Netball Reports

KWS 15As Vs Hawks 15 Years Blue Won 33-16

What a terrific start to the netball season with a cracking game played by the 15As. Mia Marjoram had the world’s best shooting streak barely missing a shot, proving her flexibility with the splits in the first quarter. Chelsea Edwards and Abbey Tyrwhitt had some fabulous shots both working extremely hard in the shooting circle. Lizzie Kwa, Brooke Martin and Molly McLean absolutely dominating the mid court action with impressive intercepts, those girls are amazing. Now the defence was tight and the pressure was on with Alannah Tompkins, Sophie Bird and Lara O’Brien on their players always and never giving up getting the ball. Over all the girls played so well and our efforts payed off!

Kimberley Jones


KWS Thunderbirds Vs Orange City Lost 24-38

Chelsea, Rosie and Alanah played well in the goal circle and they had to work hard to get their goals, as the defenders were strong. Bonnie, Kate and Chloe got a good workout in the centre court, setting up some good attacking plays. Emily and Bella were strong in defence and put a lot of pressure on the shooters. Once the initial nerves settled we enjoyed our first game and we are looking forward to training to practise some plays from centre pass.

Kathryn Northam


KWS Cross Vs OHS Chargers Lost 5-21

The score (5/21) does not reflect how hard the KWS Cross worked to get the ball to the shooting end.  The game was very much even scoring for the first 3 quarters with many deflections in defence, however the KWS Cross shooters were well marked and goal scoring was low.  Unfortunately, for the Crosses, OHS Chargers accuracy for goal shooting improved markedly in the last quarter to allow them to gain a significant lead.  Great team work by Crosses who were also very supportive of each other.  Erin Bracks (GK) marked her player solidly  with many intercepts.  Siobhan Finn (GD) was incredibly apt as keeping her player out of the goal ring to keep opposition goal scoring low.  Adelaide Gavin (WD) with increasing confidence, defended her player well, gave strong leads to bring the ball back to centre court.  Caitlin Edmonson, running a mile, played a solid game as Centre, with strong leads giving her team many opportunity for passes.  Ebony Fisher (WA) very quick off the line for centre passes, to then strongly pass to into the shooting ring with accuracy.   Ella Yardley Flat also very quick of the line as WA and played a strong GA generating leads working her way around defence.    Sophie Brunner (GS) warming to the game worked very hard to get free from defence to make some great leads. Emma Wright (WA) tirelessly weaved her way around the opposition and timed her leads accurately for very strong attack player, and as GA, very quick in goal circle to shoot the lion share of the goals.  Thanks to Caitlin and Siobhan who were there to umpire the game before hand and to Olivia Small who helped them.

Cathy Small


KWS 15As Vs OHS Junior A Lost 24-16

The 15As came up against a well drilled OHS outfit on Saturday but should be proud of their efforts. Abbey Tyrwhitt was the dominant shooter creating space for her fellow shooters and moving around the circle well. Molly McLean led from the front through the mid-court feeding her shooters competently and putting pressure on her opposition in defence. Credit must be given to our backline of Alannah, Lara and Sophie who worked exceptionally hard all game to limit the OHS attacking opportunities. Whilst we did not come away with the win, the girls showed that we will never give up. It is only early in the season so with plenty to improve on we are looking forward to playing this team again in the second half of the season.

Kimberley Jones


KWS Thunderbirds Vs Orange United Vigour Lost 37-43

This was an enjoyable game and a close one. Emily got plenty of intercepts in defence and our goal shooters, Emer, Alanah and Rosie worked well in the goal circle. It was a fast paced game with the girls on centre court Bella, Bonnie and Chloe working hard in attack and defence to keep possession. We really showed improvement in this game. A big thank you to Emer and Rosie for umpiring.
Kathryn Northam


KWS Cross Vs OHS Cavaliers Lost 31-41

Although the KWS Cross lost this game, it was outstanding play and a vast improvement on last week’s goal scoring. Fantastic shooting by Erin Bracks (GS) who shot the lion’s share of goals, and also to Emma (GA)and Ella (GA)who contributed to the scored goals with great shooting accuracy.  All players read the game well, with the shooters using the space wisely to gain close positions to the post and effective signalling to the attack players for passes. Well played by the supports of WA and C, with Emma Wright (WA) reading the play, feeding in to circle with strong passes, Ebony Fisher (WA) , quick out for centre passes and then moving to the circle edge ready for the quick passes in and Ella Yardley (GA), moving to space within the goal circle, making great leads and came out strong for centre passes.  Adelaide Gavin, (WD) who was consistently reliable to come out to take the centre pass when opposition defence was tight, and timed her leads well for the back line pass making it easy for Sophie Brunner (GK) to pass forward; Sophie also played a solid game keeping close to her player and grabbing at the rebounds. Caitlin Edmonstone (C), covering a lot of ground as centre, was able to swiftly bring the ball from defence to attack, timing her leads and was quick to goal to circle for the for the quick pass in. Siobhan Finn (GD), always good at keeping her shooter out of the goal ring and running out wide giving options to bring the ball back to attacking players.  A very much improved game with everybody giving a true solid effort. Great game girls with a good positive attitude.

Cathy Small


KWS 13As Vs Life Studio Mikis Won 20-6

This round we all played extremely well and won with the score of 20-6. We had the whole team there which made it a lot easier for everyone. The defenders defended very well, getting lots of rebounds to bring down to the shooters. The shooters during this game worked very well together getting 20 goals! They kept their defenders away and shot very well. Everybody else worked extremely well together bring the ball from either centre court or intercepting it from the other side and getting it to the attacking players. Very well done, let’s keep up the hard work for round 3.

Report by Ayla Ryan (Game captain)

Players’ player went to Jade McLean

Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:

3 points to the intercept queen Sophie Martin,

2 points to Jade McLean
1 point equally to Evie Hall and Ayla Ryan for working well in the goal circle.
Rebecca Whiteley

Rugby Reports

KWS 1st XV Vs TKS Lost 55-12

In our first game of the season the KWS 1st XV took on the might of The Kings School 1st XV on the White Oval at Parramatta. The game started well for both teams in what was going to be a fast and physical encounter. TKS capitalised on an early mistake and ran 50 meters to score the first try of the game.

As the game progressed it was evident that the TKS December Tour to the UK had laid a strong foundation. The KWS boys never gave up and whilst their attacking style of play was admirable we learnt that there are times when field position is crucial.

Strong performances from Aidan Kelso, Fletcher Rose and Jock Medway meant that we were able to at times match it with the big TKS pack and some courageous counter attack from Preston Simpson showed encouraging signs for the future.

Tries: Aidan Kelso, Rhys Draper

Conversion: Rhys Draper

3 points: Aidan Kelso

2 points: Preston Simpson

1 point: Fletcher Rose, Jock Medway

Huon Barrett


KWS 1st XV Vs TAS Won 41-10

The Coonabarabran Cup played against TAS has become a highlight each season, and this year was no different. It was evident that the KWS 1st XV wanted to stamp their superiority early in the fixture. Hard running, crisp passing and fast line speed in defence put TAS under the pump. Thomas Jackson opened the scoring by ripping the ball from TAS’ possession, running 40 metres and dotting down under the uprights, Rhys Draper added the extras and the game continued in a similar vein for the rest of the first half.

The second half was a little more disjointed and frustrations started to appear as we tried hard to manage the breakdown. Donny Freeman was welcomed back into 1st grade and he went about his business causing havoc at the tackle contest. Aidan Kelso again affirmed his ball running skills and the backline were slick, to say the least. Sam Ridley had a stellar game at inside centre and the backs relished some early ball and wide open spaces. Counter attack and some well worked starter moves keep the coaches happy and the scoreboard ticking over.

We look forward to continuing this form as we prepare for the game against Knox at Wahroonga.

Tries: Thomas Jackson 2, Charlie Wilson, Rhys Draper, Sam Ridley, Donny Freeman, Ellis Hawker

Conversions: Rhys Draper 3

3 points: Donny Freeman

2 points: Sam Ridley

1 point: Aidan Kelso, Preston Simpson, Ellis Hawker

Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV Vs TAS 2nd XV Won 61-0

The KWS 2nd XV displayed the benefits of attending the 4 day holiday rugby camp through a dominating display against TAS. KWS were far too skilled for the opposition scoring at will in an entertaining display of running rugby. Outstanding support play allowed KWS to continually break through the TAS defensive line with offloads and pop passes from the ground helping to avoid the breakdown. Harry Jeffrey, James Commins and Lachlan Herbert each scored 2 tries. Other tries went to Jack O’Brien, Tim Mutton, Mitch Strike, Brett Johnson and Nick Hay-McKenzie. Mitch Strike added 3 conversions. All players performed well but the best on field was Lachlan Herbert (3 points) who was outstanding at fullback, regularly injecting himself at speed into the backline creating breaks. Fraser Robinson (2 points) created a number of tries and line breaks by drawing defenders before offloading to players hitting gaps. Brett Johnson (1 point) started the season well with great hands providing width in attack from 10.

Paul McRae


KWS 2nd XV Vs Knox 4th XV Won 41-0

The KWS 2nd XV started slowly against Knox with the wet conditions and poor passing leading to numerous handling errors and a frustrating lack of continuity for the first 15 minutes. With rain the stopping and more sympathetic passing KWS began to turn physical dominance into points late in the first half. Huge hits from Nik Booth and then Hamish Kidd sparked KWS into action which resulted in Hamish McDougall scoring in the corner. Lachlan Herbert chimed into the backline and then re-gathered his own kick before linking with Will Smith who scored under the posts. This was followed up with an amazing scorpion kick by Jack O’Brien who then made a break 2 phases later before finding a flying Will Smith who scored his second try within 4 minutes. This had KWS leading 17-0 at half time. The second half saw the entertaining play continue with Nick Hay-McKenzie skirting the sideline, fending off 3 defenders before scoring in the corner. Hamish Kidd then ran directly through the middle of the Knox defence to score under the posts. Brett Johnson scored after a Harry Jeffrey break through the forward pack before Henry Carter put the icing on the cake with a 75m solo try. Lachlan Herbert kicked 2 conversions and Mitch Strike 1 to have the final score 41-0. Best players were Jack O’Brien (3 points), Tim Mutton (2 points) and Will Smith (1 point).

Paul McRae


KWS 13As Vs Knox Grammar Bs Won 28-5

An energetic 13As side travelled to Bathurst bursting with anticipation after a strong showing against TAS last weekend in Coonabarabran. The opening exchanges saw both sides have chances to score with KWS making the most of their opportunities. Will Pearce and Carter dived over for a try each, coming on the back of some solid defence. The 12-0 lead was handy for KWS, with the Sydney siders coming out hard in the 2nd half. There was an improvement in ball control at the ruck, which helped for continuity. Timely clean outs at the ruck will continue to be an area for improvement.

The 2nd stanza saw Knox lift and there was great tackling from both sides. Will Deshon and Carter Kirby scored, with Knox crossing over as well. The final score of 28-5 reflected the dominance of the country boys, who continue to show steady improvement. Icing on the cake was the 4 conversions from Will Fuller, Luke Dominello and Carter Kirby. Well done boys.

Jason Smith


KWS 13As Vs Stannies Won 41-0

After the first long rugby trip of the season, the young 2-blues looked pumped and ready to take on a team they have been training in anticipation for over 6 weeks.

Solid games against Orange City and Orange Emus had prepped the boys for a good test of their capabilities.

It was far from the perfect start and the KWS team put pressure on themselves with lazy efforts at the ruck and some sloppy ball control, which saw a lot of turnovers. Some determined running and better ball control saw some pick and go make space for the backs towards the middle of the half, Lochie, Ned and Harry all got stuck in. The speedy guys in the backs, spun the ball wide when they could to show some skilful glimpses of their abilities. Tries to Will Deshon and Luke Dominello, were just rewards for KWS dominance in the 1st stanza. Bailey did well in organising his pack, while Mack, Harry and Will Fuller all did great jobs out wide.

KWS came out blazing in the 2nd half with some great pick and drive again and excellent support play. Jock, Will Pearce and Charlie all doing well.

Hugh, Carter and Dudley leading the way with some solid defence-all players in fact, making great tackles at various stages.

In the forwards, all the boys got better at working hard at the breakdown, to lay a solid platform for the backs to attack

KWS looked good with the ball in hand and will be looking forward to the tough game this weekend of meeting Knox Grammar

Tries: 2 each to Luke Dominello and Carter Kirby. 1 each to Dudley Shepherd, Will Deshon and Hugh Aldersey.

2 conversions to Bailey Barrett, 1 to Carter Kirby.

Jason Smith


KWS 14As Vs KGS Won 43-5

Due to other commitments and loss of players to boys moving up and helping the 15B’s out, there was a lot change to the team this week, making for a really good contest and resulting in a convincing performance from everyone involved. Firstly, the attitude from the players was incredible throughout the day, thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm and ability to respond to the game, capitalizing whenever we gained possession of the ball. Jono Rasmussen (MOTM) took charge of the game at half back, transitioning from defense to attack and putting us on the front foot at every opportunity. Individual breaks from Archie Haling, Nick Lynn and Josh Sutherland throughout the game allowed us to consistently exploit gaps in their backline and support from the rest of the team meant the scoreboard kept ticking over. Factors brought into training on both Tuesday and Thursday were demonstrated effectively within the game, really encouraging for us as coaching staff to see the boys taking on board the sessions. Looking forward to this week’s training and the next test on Saturday against Riverview.

Rob Fenner


KWS 16As Vs TAS Won 60-0

The first 12 minutes was a real grind then the boys found their rhythm and put on an attacking tirade. Lachie Donnelly scored the first 2 tries through a great interchange of passing and support play. The efforts and organisation of Hugh Aldersley, Will Luelf and Alex Brien helped the lads pile on another 4 tries in the first half.

The second stanza saw another 4 tries scored and all but one come from great team support play, the other one came from an amazing individual effort from Liam Choi. The tries were scored because all players completed their roles in the middle – Digby Cooper, Ed Taylor and Lachie Smith and then on the edges players like Codie Kelso and Lew Connick did the roles.

KWS 60: (Lachie Donnelly (2), Liam Choi (2), Cody Kelso (2), Ed Taylor, Digby Cooper, Alex Brien, Nic Rasmussen. Goals: Cody Kelso 1, Lachie Donnelly 4)

3 points: Lachie Donnelly

2 points: Hugh Aldersley, Alex Brien 

1 point: Liam Choi, Codie Kelso, Lachie Smith

Andrew Hillan


KWS 16As Vs Knox Won 31-5

The first half we defended for at least 90% of the time, this was mainly due to our own silly errors. Our defence was outstanding and kept them to zero, there was some massive hits from out front three Lachie Smith, Harry May and Digby Cooper. Ed Taylor and Tom Richardson led the line speed from the middle. We had to opportunities to score in the first half from broken play and took them both with Alex Brien scoring from running a good line and Will Waddel sneaking over from the back of the ruck after all the hard work had been done.

When the second half came around we showed good patients before Cody Kelso went over for a 5 pointer. There was great clean out skills showed by Lew Connick which saved us a few times from the opposition stealing our ball. The last 2 tries were scored by “the finisher” after great lead up work in tight by the team, they found Liam Choi in space and he put his own touch on them to score.

KWS 31: (Liam Choi (2), Alex Brien, Cody Kelso, Will Waddell tries. Alex Brien (2), Lachie Donnelly goals)

3points: Lachie Smith

2points: Harry May, Digby Cooper

1point: Will Luelf, Lachie Donnelly, Lew Connick, Ed Taylor
Andrew Hillan


KWS 16Cs Vs Knox Lost 71-0

KWS kicked off the game in overcast conditions, the kick off was claimed by Knox just outside their 22 and they managed to break through the attempted tackles only to be halted by a great covering tackle from second row Luke Limbers who was a standout player for the C’s. Despite the attempt to reorganise the defensive line Knox found an overlap and went over in the corner, 5-0 with the conversion missed. Knox scored a try around the breakdown to make it 17-0. The score at halftime 34-0. The second half was much of the same from Knox although KWS put up a good fight with the forwards lineout working well. The defence improved dramatically in the second half although the final score read 71-0. The score did not reflect the boy’s effort in a tough game!

Gary Hardy

Football Reports

KWS U13 Glory Vs Blayney Tigers Lost 3-5

We did not reach the standard of play we offered in game 1. Too often we were a little tentative in closing the space to put pressure on an opponent or strive to reach the ball first in a contested situation. Furthermore, enterprising passages of play were undermined by weak or ill directed passes in the last phase. The loss of the ball meant we were too often chasing Blayney to regain possession, making us tire more easily. William and Dan provided stubborn resistance in the backline and shut down numerous attacking raids. Angel and Charlize did well despite their relative lack of experience, Charlize using the sideline to great effect and Angel almost scoring late in the game. Ollie was our chief scorer and he provided much momentum going forward. Airlie again impressed knowledgeable heads amongst the spectators with her dogged, terrier-like play against often sizeable opponents, leading to some lovely crosses to other forwards.

Matthew Healey


KWS U13 Glory VS CYMS Green Lost 3-7

The score line does not give an accurate depiction of the state of play which existed in this game. Both teams made enterprising forays into their opponent’s half and near misses were frequent, keeping both defensive units busy. I was impressed with the manner in which our team tried to develop phases of fluent passing and when dispossessed, worked hard to tackle back and try and retake the ball. For a first match I was impressed with their teamwork and desire to support each other. Three soft goals blew out the differential. With time, some tactical and positional choices will improve, which will allow us to be more able to deny our opponents relatively easy attacking options. I was particularly impressed with the work rate and thoughtful moves made by Airlie, Ollie and Jessie, who provided considerable sting in any counterattack.

Annaliese Stammer


KWS U13 Victory

The under 13 Victory football team started their first match very well keeping their opponents on the back foot for most of the first half. 3 quick goals from the opponents shook Victory back into action scoring our first goal in the dying minutes of the first half. The second half of the match saw the opposition put together some great football with a few more goals with Victory unable to close the gap. A great first match effort for a new team and many first time football players.

Annaliese Stammer


KWS U13 Victory VS Ex-Services Panthers Won 4-2

KWS Victory met their match with the Ex-Services Panthers dominating the first 10 minutes of play with the Panthers putting their mark on the match early. Down 1-0, Victory settled into controlled play, clawing back soon after with a great goal set up by the backs through the midfield. A penalty with 5 minutes to go put Victory in front at half time.

Continued form by Victory saw an early goal in the second half, boosting their confidence to take them to their first win of the season, taking down the Panthers 4-2.

Nick Mastrangeli


KWS U14 Strikers Vs Bathurst Won 3-1

The Under 14s had a cracking game of football at Proctor Park against Bathurst 75. The team was once again down a player and had to dig deep to find the reserves of energy to hold on to a hard fought victory as the 75s began to lift their game in the final stages of the match. The Strikers kept strong forward momentum throughout the game, winning 3 - 1, with lots of hard fought gains. Excellent defensive skills and teamwork ensured the team had all angles covered. Goals were scored by Ben Jones, Harrison Sharpe and Charlie Willis. However, it must be said that the whole team played a cohesive and sophisticated game, a sign of great things to come.

Bill Tink


KWS U14 Strikers VS CYMS Green Lost 3-5

The KWS Strikers swept out the cobwebs for the first game of the season with a tough 3-5 loss to CYMS Green. After a tight start KWS were quickly down to 10 players after an injury, and with no substitutes the whole team needed to step up. A hat trick of goals by Ben Jones kept the pressure on CYMS but the numerical advantage eventually wore down KWS. Too many opportunities off corners were given to the opposition so with tighter defence in this area and a greater willingness to press forward as a unit, the Strikers will see big gains in the next fixture.

Annaliese Stammer


KWS U15 Jets Vs Macquarie United Lost 0-5

KWS Jets played Macquarie United with a final score of 0-5 to the opposition. KWS Jets’ defence was outstanding against a Bathurst representative side. Fraser Molloy, Caden Wilkins, Bryce Elsegood and Fergus Baldwin worked hard to try to keep the opposition from scoring. Our midfielders, Joshua Karbowiak, Marnie Adams, Sarah Lyons, William Gudgeon, George Cumming, Charles Southwell, Robert Adam and Griffin Robinson were extremely strong in cross marking players throughout the game. Our strikers, Nelson Shepherd and Tom Gill, had a hard time trying to beat the back line to score. Tom Kiss and William Noble had their hands full in the goal. Extremely proud of Kinross Jets who showed team spirit and never gave up on each other.

Gavin Bell


KWS U17s Vs Waratah Wanderers Lost 3-1

The KWS U17’s played the Waratah Wanderers at Waratah Park in a great contest. KWS started very positively with a brilliant early goal from William Cornally. The Wanderers however proved to be very determined and organised in their play and managed to put together three goals. The final score was 3-1 to the home side. The standouts from KWS were Noah Baldwin, who displayed great positioning and support in the centre of the field, and Euan Oliver, who was very solid in defense and provided continual counterattacking options. A promising game from a talented group of young adults.

Walter Prowse


KWS U17s Vs Waratah Mariners Lost 7-0

The KWS U17 team played the Waratah Mariners in a very tough battle at the KWS soccer fields. The Mariners proved to be tough competitors who in the end were too good for KWS. The final score was 7-0 to the away team, which does not reflect the boys' performance. Both teams showed great spirit and competitiveness which made the game very enjoyable for all. Duncan Suthers proved to be the MVP on the day, displaying quality defensive skills throughout the game. 

Annaliese Stammer


KWS Women’s First XI Vs Macquarie United

This match report is for the game on the 13th of May against Macquarie United:

Last weekend, the KWS Women’s First’s team played at Jack Brabham Park against Macquarie United. In the first half, Charlotte Simmons, playing in the team’s forward position, scored two amazing goals. Kate Alderman held the team together with her powerful boot in the midfield, keeping the ball in the opposition’s half for most of the game. Charlotte Greet led the backs with experience and skill along with Rhianna Simpson, Mikalee McGrath and Jackie Dring. With some amazing team work from Ineka Hart and Ella Andrews, Charlotte Simmons managed to secure another two goals in the second half. Georgia Noble, the team’s fill-in goalie, kept a clean sheet throughout the whole game. The Macquarie United team played with great sportsmanship and skill right until the last whistle, with the end score of 4-nil.     

Jetta Kennett


KWS Women’s First XI Vs Collegians SC Bathurst

On the 6th of May, KWS First Women’s travelled to Bathurst for a one o’clock game against Collegians. 

With a slow start, KWS was strong in defence but Shania passed a through ball to Charlotte who chased it down the line where she scored a goal within the first half which lifted the girls’ spirits as we came out stronger. 

The second half consisted of great communication and passing down the line thanks to our centre back Charlotte and Mikalee, Reece, Niamh, Jackie had a great first game with a few nerves at the start but they eased into it and had a good game. Emma stopped some excellent goals and with a minute to spare, Charlotte was going in for another goal which would’ve been clean and effortless as she left the opposition eating her dust. However, the whistle blew for full time with the final score being 1-1. 

Rhianna Simpson


KWS Men’s 1st XI Football Vs Saints Turbulence Lost 2-1

In what turned out to be a very high standard game, the KWS team demonstrated some excellent passing and combinations, but ended up being outgunned by a slightly more committed team on the day. We were perhaps a little unlucky to have a very well-worked goal disallowed, and this proved to be the difference in the sides. The bounce of the ball went the way of the opponent for large parts of the play when things were tight, making it difficult for us to maintain continuity. An excellent long range curling shot from Will Cheney was goal of the day, but the intensity shown by the younger and newer members of the team was perhaps the most positive aspect to come from the game. The team has clearly shown they belong in Division 1 of the competition, and will look to shorten the ‘down’ periods of play, which will lessen the opportunities available for the opposition team.

Paul Tierney (Manager)


KWS Men’s 1st XI Football Vs CYMS Draw 2-2

This match could have been a ‘TV game’ as play moved from end-to-end in a highly entertaining spectacle. With over 20 shots on goal between the teams, both sides could lay claim to being unlucky not to squeak away with the points, but perhaps the KWS team were a little unlucky not to hold on for a win against the fast finishing and never-say-die CYMS outfit. A great goal to Xavier saw us on top for much of the second stanza. A special mention must go to two of the Year 12 players, Ed and Rex, who must have broken some records for yards covered, determination and desperation.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and the entire squad will learn some lessons about closing out a game and putting an opposition to bed when things are on the line. Each week the talk is getting better, the passing more slick, the contests more physical and the positivity more obvious. Things are looking good for the weeks ahead. Thanks to Mr Rowe for his support at the game.

Paul Tierney (Manager)


First XI Men’s Football Report May 5th-6th

KWS Firsts Vs Barnstoneworth FC Draw 1-1

KWS Firsts Vs Saints Turbulence Won 1-0

The KWS Firsts Men’s football opened their account for the year with the first of three consecutive Saturday/Sunday double-headers, and what a weekend it turned out to be! The team is back in First Grade this year (All age ‘A’ division) and will play against the best players and teams that the region offers. The playing group is bolstered by some ‘age and treachery’ with Mr Nelson, Mr Glastonbury, Mr McIntyre and Dr Bloomfield joining the extended roster to compliment the ‘youth and enthusiasm’ of a great mix of skilful players from years 10, 11 and 12.

Our game on Saturday was a torrid end-to-end affair. A draw was probably the best outcome all round, although both teams were possibly unlucky not to pull off a win. Combinations, communication and determination were evident even at this early stage, with some very pleasing passages of play coming in the second half. A beautifully directed free kick from Will Cheney found the head of Mr Nelson who calmly slotted the goal to see us take a 1-0 lead. Coach Mr Smedley was buoyed by the performance, complimenting each and every player on their efforts. A special thank you to the group of supporters from the Ladies First XI who gave vocal and positive support.

Sunday’s game against Turbulence would prove to be a challenging one, as they had a bye on Saturday and we were backing up less than 24 hours later. Again, the ball travelled from goalmouth to goalmouth with both sides hitting the woodwork and unlucky not to have a goal or two under their belt during the first half. A corner tally of 10 to 2 should have seen us with more than the one goal in the ledger, and conversion rates will be worked on at training in the coming weeks. It was great to see the newer players in the team taking positive steps as the game became more physical. Technically the goal scored was an ‘own goal’ after the opposition bowed to the relentless pressure of corners, but Mr Smedley would like to ‘claim’ the goal as his own. The final score of 1-0 was a great reward for the efforts and determination of the team, and sets a fine platform upon which to build for the gruelling double-header weeks ahead. Congratulations to all players.

Paul Tierney (First XI Men’s Football Manager)


Senior School Reports to be emailed

From this year, Kinross Wolaroi School will be emailing all Senior School Reports to the email addresses currently listed in our school database. This decision has been made to deliver the School Report in a more timely manner, especially to our families who live in the outer regional areas of NSW or interstate. It will also reduce the cost of printing and postage to the School.

Please remember if you change your email address you need to advise the school, so your records can remain up to date.

This notice was also emailed to Year 12 parents on Friday 11 May.

Paul Mirrington

Director of Studies

FROG Update

FROG is the School’s Learning Management System. We are currently working on a significant ‘revamp’ of FROG in the areas of classroom teaching and learning; supporting student independent study, and Home School Communication. Once the new version of FROG is launched, you will be able to easily access all of the information you require about your child’s learning and co-curricular activities from the Community Dashboard. The new version of FROG will be launched in Term 3 of Semester 2. We thank you for your patience and assure you that the new version of FROG will facilitate teaching and Learning and improve home school communication, which research has shown is also an important factor in ensuring that students achieve their potential and enjoy their learning experience.

Serena Lewis

Head of Teaching and Learning

Career News

KWS Careers Evening

Thursday 28th June 2018 in the DPA

Compulsory for Year 10 and 12, strongly recommended for Year 11.

More details to follow.

Macquarie University

In 2019 they are excited to offer two Co-op programs:

Actuarial students will receive a scholarship of $18,200 p.a. and accounting students will be paid by their partners while they are on each placement. 

These highly competitive courses will see students alternate between classroom studies and placements throughout their four years of study. Students will undertake three placements, totalling 15 months.

Partners supporting the Actuarial Studies Co-op in 2018 are EY, Finity, PwC Australia, NDIA, TAL and Zurich. Partners supporting the 2019 cohort will be advised later in 2018.

Applications are now open for both programs. They encourage students to commence their applications as soon as possible.

Global Leadership Entry Program

Applications are now open.

Applications close Monday 27 August 2018. 

Macquarie's students are global citizens, deeply engaged with the world and the big issues shaping the future of society. Their Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) supports and inspires global leaders of tomorrow.

If you’ve already made a head start – kicking goals at school and making a positive change in your community through leadership and service – then apply for GLEP to be eligible for an early offer for your dream course.

They look for students who have made an active and significant contribution to society at large, who show initiative and commitment.

More info:


Did you know that there are more than 500 occupations across Australia that offer apprenticeships in a variety of certificate levels? The My Future Apprenticeship feature page contains lots of information and links to useful organisations for students who are considering undertaking an apprenticeship.

More info:

University of Wollongong Information Evening

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Dubbo RSL 6-8pm

Students and parents can register via the link below:

This is a great opportunity for students and parents to hear a broad range of info about UOW including:

  • Early Admission
  • Scholarships
  • Accommodation
  • Study Abroad

They will have some student reps on hand to answer questions and discuss their experiences.


ICMS has added two Bachelor degrees and a new Masters degree to its educational offering for future leaders of industry.

ICMS now offers students the chance to study towards either a Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting) or a Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management). Postgraduate students also have the opportunity to study a Master of Event Management.
“Introducing two new degrees and a postgraduate degree to their already varied bouquet of degrees and courses is another step forward as ICMS takes its place at the top of the private college providers in Australia,” ICMS CEO and President Professor Dominic Szambowski said.


Law Admission Test

Registrations for the LAT (Law Admission Test) are now open via the ACER website. Registrations close at 5:00pm AEST on Friday, 10 August 2018.

Find out more

Medicine Applications

Applications for the 2019 Undergraduate Medicine Program will open Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Make sure you register for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT). Registrations close Friday, 1 June 2018.

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Are you sitting the UMAT in July? Students applying for selected medicine, dentistry and health science degrees will need to undertake the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test (UMAT). Students have until the 1st of June to register for the test and must sit the test on the 25th of July at a testing centre.

The following are tips on how to prepare for the UMAT:

Whilst some students find these programs to be helpful, it’s important to note that the universities who use the UMAT do not endorse them.


Admissions 2018-19

UAC is gearing up for the opening of the 2018–19 admissions period in August.

Applications for undergraduate study will open on Wednesday 1 August AND early bird applications close at midnight on Friday 28 September.

The key dates for admissions this year are below. Mark these in your diary. More info will be provided to students later this term and in Term 3 (closer to the date).


  • Wednesday 1 August - Applications open
  • Friday 28 September - Early bird applications close

Year 12 results and ATARs released:    

  • Thursday 13 December - HSC results released by NESA
  • Friday 14 December - ATARs released by UAC

Main offer rounds for Year 12 students:

  • Tuesday 18 December - December Round 2
  • Wednesday 23 January 2019 - January Round 2

Commercial Pilot Cadetship Program

The following are examples of Commercial Pilot Cadetship programs with airlines:

For information on how to become a commercial pilot, go to

Upcoming Events

Prep School Information Evening

An Information Evening for prospective Prep parents will be held on Monday 21 May at 6pm. If you know of a family considering enrolment at Kinross Wolaroi School, please pass on this information.


Careers Evening

Save the date - Thursday 28 June 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm - more details to come.


Camerata Concert

The Camerata Concert is an annual concert which showcases premier solo performances from students in years 7-12. The concert features the students who entered the Concerto Competition earlier in the year, as well as including some of our senior performers in Years 11 and 12 . 

The Camerata Concert will be held on Friday June 1st  in the KWS Chapel commencing at 6:30pm. A small supper will be provided at intermission. All welcome!


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