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27 July 2018
Issue Seven
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

I hope you managed to keep warm over the holiday break.  Certainly, we have had some of the coldest days ever.  It was great to welcome our students and staff back to school last week and to see everyone catching up with their friends.  Many of you will have noticed the demolition of a large portion of C Block over the holidays.  While the 7-10 Campus looks a bit worse for wear, it will be all worth it in the end as we wait eagerly for the construction of our new stadium and commercial gym to commence.



M.E.G.A.R stands for Mindfulness, Empathy, Gratitude, Acceptance and Resilience.  These are all essential qualities that we, as educators and parents, want our young people to acquire.  Year 9 students devoted the last week of Term 2 to learning about how they can maintain a positive sense of health and wellbeing and support others in doing so also.  Practising mindfulness allows us all to cope in times when life is stressful.  We need to show empathy by taking on the perspective of others, by being able to see another’s point of view.  By being empathic we can support the wellbeing of others and have positive relationships.  Unfortunately, we live in a culture where people are always striving to have more material assets, but really the source of true happiness and peace is learning to show gratitude for what you have.  I was at a funeral the other day, where the celebrant said that when we celebrate a life we don’t celebrate the material wealth of a person.  We celebrate what they have done for others.  Be grateful for what you have and put your energies into doing your best and being kind to others, then you will lead a fulfilling life.  It is exciting that across our school community there is so much diversity.  We are all different from each other.  I am pleased to say that our students are very good at celebrating differences and accepting every member of our community.  Resilience is the ability to bungee jump through the pitfalls of life.  We all face adversity at times, and using strategies like mindfulness and seeking help from others by talking about your challenges that are great for building resilience.  I hope that our Year 9 students experienced a great M.E.G.A.R week and have acquired strategies to enhance their health and wellbeing.  Many thanks to the team of enthusiastic teachers (Ms Emma Manks, Ms Paige Jessulat, Ms April Ewing and Mr George Jolly) who devoted countless hours in planning and delivering a sensational M.E.G.A.R week.

Please see the M.E.G.A.R Week section in this newsletter for student reflections, photos and video.



Due to the exceptional dedication of our Work Experience personnel, particularly Ms Lorelle Molloy, an incredible 300+ Year 10 students were involved in Work Experience in the last week of Semester 1.  Student experiences varied, with some returning with their passion for a future career ignited whilst others found the experience did not match their expectations.  For the students who have returned having found the experience not for them, hopefully they will have a new-found vigour for the importance of studying to access a future course and career pathway where they will be truly happy.

Feedback from employers was overwhelmingly positive about our students, which is a great indication of how they are developing into fine young men and women we can all be proud of. 



Last week hundreds of parents, Year 10 students and teachers came back to school on a very chilly evening to hear about VCE and VET offerings for 2019.  Such numbers indicate how much students and parents value the importance of education in their lives.  This evening provided a critical preliminary activity to inform parents and students of the myriad of VCE and VET subjects on offer.  We are very excited to be offering a new program to Year 11 students: ‘Structured Workplace Recognition Program’.  This will allow some of our students to be involved in a work placement recognition subject whilst completing a VET, and then spend a day a week in different workplaces throughout the year.  For example, a student could study VET Plumbing and then have work experience with several plumbers for the year.  I am sure such a new offering which still fills requirements to obtain a VCE certificate will give many of our students great pathways into apprenticeships and ultimately prosperous careers.

This week, intensive Course Counselling sessions have been undertaken with parents and Year 10 students to ensure students are well informed in selecting their senior years learning pathway.  Similarly, course counselling is being provided for students from Years 8 to 9 and Years 9 to 10 to help students in choosing the best learning pathways that match their interests and strengths, but also to keep their options open in preparation for choosing tertiary learning pathways.  Many thanks to parents for taking time off work to attend these course counselling sessions to support their children as they make these important life decisions. 



Thanks to the great coaching from very dedicated staff (Mrs Chloe Stevens, Mrs Carly MacDonald, Mr Mal Burt and Mr Steven Bonfadini), our students went on from Regional Competition to obtain some impressive results at the State Cross Country Championships last week.

Highlights included: Ayden Dignan (Year 9) winning the 15 Boys (State Champion), Rhemmy Gibbs (Year 10) placing second in the U16 Girls.  Our U13 and U15 Girls became State Champions with U14 Girls third, U15 Boys second.  In total our students returned with an incredible swag of 22 State medals. 



Congratulations to Shae Latimer of Year 9 representing Frankston High School  on 7 July at Elmore Interschool Quailifying Competition

Shae competed in three events within the show horse section; secondary rider, secondary ridden and secondary led.
Shae was awarded first in all three phases and was in turn awarded Champion Secondary Rider and Mount overall.


Rug up, everyone.  I am looking forward to seeing many of our parents, students and friends at this Sunday’s Working Bee.  If you are not hirsute, like myself, I would like to recommend the wearing of a beanie; in school or Demons colours, of course!


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all students and staff.  I hope you had a pleasant, relaxing and productive holiday, and had a chance to ‘recharge the batteries’ ready for what will be a very important Term.



Thank you to Year 12 teachers who provided our students with the opportunity to complete mid-year exams for Unit 3 studies over the last three weeks of Term 2.  I recognise and appreciate the extra work involved by teachers in the setting and marking of these exams, which provides valuable feedback to students on their progress and learning to date. These exam results will be distributed to students in early August.

 I would like to thank Mrs Bev Valentine (our Chief Supervisor) for overseeing the supervision of the exams.  All supervisors were very impressed with our students’ work ethic and behaviour over the exam period.



Thank you to Mr Aaron Elias and Ms Clare Challenger for organising the end of semester Year 11 exams.  The students’ behaviour was exemplary, and examination certificates will be distributed to students in early August.



End of semester reports were available to parents to view via Compass on Monday 16 July.  It is important for parents to read through and discuss the report with their child, to devise and implement strategies together to further improve student learning outcomes.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Years 7-12

Wednesday 12 September



A comprehensive parent information night was held on Wednesday 18 July to assist students and parents in course selections and mapping a future learning pathway.  A mini expo was held, where department heads and teachers showcased their senior school subjects and answered student and parent enquiries.  A summary of VCE and VET studies and the course counselling process was explained.

A comprehensive list of VET studies was available for parents and students to discuss with our VET Coordinator, Mrs Carolyn McIver.  In addition, we were privileged to have Ms Angela Byatt, Structured Workplace Learning Coordinator from the Frankston Mornington Peninsula - Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) explain a new program which is being introduced in Year 11 in 2019 – Structured Workplace Learning Recognition (SWLR).

SWLR provides an opportunity for students to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt in their VCE VET program within an appropriately matched workplace placement.  The learning experiences help students to relate the theoretical information to a real-world work context and develop their employability skills.  On successful completion students will receive a Unit 1 & 2 credit towards their VCE.  

I would like to thank the parents and students who attended our information night.  In addition, I would like to thank the department heads, teachers and the senior school coordination team headed by Mr Simon Cameron for providing invaluable information and assistance on the night.  I would also like to thank Mrs Carolyn Walsh, our Careers Practitioner, for her planning and organising of the night.



Year 10 and Year 11 students have been provided with information concerning 2019 course selections.  This can be a daunting yet exciting process where students begin to make decisions that will help steer their future pathway.


Year 10 students will meet with their parents and a course counsellor to finalise their Year 11 courses.  These interview times will be held over the following days:  24 July, 26 July, 1 August and 7 August.  Bookings must be made online.


Year 11 students will participate in the course counselling process on 7 August, 9 August, 14 August and 16 August.


If students or parents have any enquiries, you are most welcome to contact the Year 11 Coordinators (Mrs Ellen D’Ambra and Ms Clare Challenger), the Year 12 Coordinators (Mr Simon Cameron and Ms Nicole Filippou), or the Careers Practitioner (Mrs Walsh) or myself.



This term Year 12 students begin the important process of preparing their Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) selections for next year.  Information, guidance and assistance will be available in iSupport sessions over the next few weeks and from Mrs Carolyn Walsh.  A VTAC Parent Information Night will be held on Thursday 23 August at 7.00 pm in the Senior School Presentation Area.



Frankston High School is conducting Year 12 end of year exams during the September holidays.  The exams will commence on Thursday 27 September and will conclude on Friday 5 October.


The advantages of this practice are clear, including: ensuring students utilise their September holidays for revision; opportunities for our students to maximise their success/results; maximising class revision time in Term 4 where teachers can address areas of concern in student performance and exam technique; and it provides opportunities for students to hone exam techniques and practices.


It is our expectation that Year 12 students would devote the third term holiday period to revision and study in preparation for these examinations and the final VCAA examinations.  These examinations will be conducted under VCAA and Frankston High School guidelines.  Final examination timetables will be distributed in the next few weeks.  These exams are compulsory and full school uniform is required.



Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the Senior School Office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.  Students should also be aware that they must not park too close to the pedestrian crossings or driveways, particularly the entrance and exit to the Senior Campus.

Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Semper Squad Timetable
- Term 3

Click HERE for Link to Frankston High School Sports Facebook page.

Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080





12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm


10.00am - 12.00noon



During Term 3 the uniform shop will NOT be open Thursday evenings (7.30pm-8.30pm)


The Uniform Shop is going "bag free",

in line with popular supermarkets



Winter uniform must be worn until

the end of Term 3




JRC & Homework Club

Homework Club Hours 3.30-4.30pm


Click HERE for link to Frankston High School JRC Facebook Group for news and updates.

Breakfast Club


If any parents are available and able to assist (must have current WWCC) or should you know of a local business that would like to donate to our Breakfast Club,  please contact Sam on 9783 7955

Successful application for the NT Learning Adventures school excursion program for 2018/19.


Variety Night
Tuesday 28 August

More information coming soon!

Parent Student Teacher Conferences Years 7-12
Wednesday 12 September

Parent Student Teacher Years 7-12 Conferences are being held on Wednesday 12 September.  


Further information will be in the following newsletter.

LAMONT Books is moving!


Support our school with the Ritchies Benefit Card





M.EG.A.R Week Reflections

During the last week of Term 2, all Year 9 students were involved in M.E.G.A.R Week, which stands for Mindfulness, Empathy, Gratitude, Acceptance and Resilience.  All activities throughout the week were based on these principles.  Thank you to all staff involved in making the week such a great success.  A big thank you to the M.E.G.A.R Week organising team, including Ms Paige Jessulat, Ms Emma Manks, Ms April Ewing and Mr George Jolly.

The community engagement opportunities that nearly half of our Year 9 students were involved in and thoroughly enjoyed, would not have been possible without our brilliant partnership with Impact Volunteering.  We would like to thank Sue Dunn and her team for all their time and effort in helping to coordinate all the experiences.  Our students gained so much from the wonderful opportunities they received during MEGAR Week.


Mrs Sarah Bahramis, Ms Suzanne Caldwell


M.E.G.A.R Week video


Here are some reflections from students' experiences:



"The music performance held was a very exciting and fun experience. Spending quality time with friends is helpful to your mental wellbeing as it releases happy hormones.  This event was enjoyable, as it was cleansing to a happy mental mind set. This very talented band performance kept the audience engaged, therefore students were up dancing before they knew it.  Activities like this music performance certainly bring people together, as spending time with positive people makes a person happy. My personal experience was unforgettable as the environment I was in felt exciting and comfortable - students and teachers were dancing and having fun. To conclude, I’d like to thank all the band members that gave us an outstanding performance that I guarantee every student enjoyed, and the teachers and staff that organised this special occasion for the students."  Dana Kent



"During M.E.G.A.R Week we attended a presentation called the Micheal Weiser presentation.  During this presentation Michael Weiser came into the school and told us about his life.  He has been through some major rough patches, but he has come through.  He is extremely inspiring as he told us all how he pulled through his tough times and he showed us all how to create our own happiness.  The main things we took away from this experience are how to create happiness, how to pull through tough times, and how to create and return to a happy place."  Brianna May and Chantelle Helwig



"Is it smart to be selfish? When posed with that question you have to think twice; on one hand, getting something for yourself for once could be nice, on the other, if you break a trust barrier through selfish acts it can be very difficult to rebuild.  In this High Resolves session participants were subjected to theories regarding the impact of being selfish and how smart it truly was to break that trust barrier.  A video and activity (which included donuts) helped explain to us that, ultimately, if you share rather than be selfish you'll end up with so much more."  Emma Lewis



"SEED workshops took place on Monday 25 June. Separate workshops were undertaken for both males and females which helped us to talk about issues that occur to us.  In the girls group we explored different topics and issues like the pay gap, modern feminism, and some signs of manipulative relationships and how to leave them.  We discovered that we are all going through the same things, and that we can always turn to our peers and talk to them about how we feel. Overall this was definitely a highlight of M.E.G.A.R week and an awesome experience."  Amelie Halfpenny and Zoe Meo



"On Wednesday 27 June, Frankston High School students from Year 9 adventured to Monash University and Chisholm.  First came a talk about our future when we leave school and what opportunities we have at Monash.  Monash gives you a variety of options from Science, Teaching, Tech, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business, Art, Design & Architecture to Humanities and Social Sciences. They also toured us around the campus and showed the buildings for certain subjects.  After a while of looking through the area, we left the campus and went to Chisholm."  Josh Lean


"The excursion to Monash University really gave me an insight to my future, what course or courses I would like to consider and how to go about starting those courses with Monash.  The campus we visited in Clayton showed us the environment we would be studying in if we were to take a course at the campus.  Overall, I believe this excursion was a great activity to put in M.E.G.A.R week."  Cadyn Howden



"During M.E.G.A.R Week, a group of guys and girls from over at Virtus Human Performance came to talk to us about their line of work, then did some exercise with us.  Virtus Performance taught us about the different forms of health trainers, including doctors, physical trainers and the likes. They help people to improve their physical fitness, kind of like a gym that has personal trainers and goals.  They explained the difference between what they do versus what doctors do, which helps you recover from illness or injury. They then explained how they start with clients, by stretching, and helped us through a series of stretches to help start a workout.  I learnt that some people are more flexible than I thought they were, and I'm not as flexible as I thought I was."  Jackson King



"We were privileged enough to have an Aboriginal man who has lived through and personally experienced some of Australia’s biggest cultural changes.  He told us about his life going from home to home and how he and his mother suffered abuse and racism.  He gave us an insight to the harsh reality of the Stolen Generation.  He uses his own experience to help and educate other aboriginal children.  He gave us a look into his culture, telling us about plants that are used for medicine and bush tucker, as well as the special connection that they share with the land.  To add to that, he showed us vibration energy that he says can help with healing and mindfulness; he did this by playing the didgeridoo.  When he did this we felt as though we were connected. Overall, this was an amazing experience that taught us not only about the history of our land but about the spiritual and direct connection aboriginal people have to this country."  Maegan Loader and Bella Bailey



"During M.E.G.A.R week the ECO team had the amazing opportunity to run an environmental session with some of the Year 9 students.  It was a great way for the ECO team to educate the students and get more involved within the school.  The ECO team students took the initiative to fully create the lesson plan, activities and run the session with little help from the teachers. I think it is safe to say that it was a very successful session with students undertaking several activities to fully understand where their rubbish ends up and the issues we are facing with plastic pollution.  It is important that young people understand the impact they are having on our planet and how they can improve their ways to help save it.  Overall, it was a very fun session with students coming away with a new perspective about how they impact on the environment and with new skills on how to save it."  Michaela Goggin



"During M.E.G.A.R Week my group and I were fortunate enough to be able to volunteer to help with the prep classes at Overport Primary School.  At the primary school, my group and I ran small activities involving relay race, obstacle course, skipping ropes and a few more, including a giant game at the end of each session.  We were also lucky to help run and prep classes sport which was heaps of fun.  In the end, I had an amazing day.  It was a bit of a challenge, but that’s what made it fun.  I hope I can do it again another time. Thank you to Mrs Bahramis and Mr Joyce for all their support."  Jaxon Fraser



"On the Friday of M.E.G.A.R Week, about 15 students were lucky enough to participate in a community service called Beach Patrol 3199 (a group of dedicated volunteers of all ages).  We watched a few videos to help us understand the current state of our environment and how rubbish can affect the future of our oceans.  After the videos we had a small group discussion with the founder; Mr. Christie, about the effects of different things in the ocean; I learnt that one of the deadliest types of plastic are actually straws that we get when we buy drinks! After a productive and interesting discussion, we headed off to the beach to pick up rubbish.  The beach wasn’t that cold, surprisingly;  it was so nice to just walk along the shore of the beach whilst helping the environment by picking up rubbish.  It was such a rewarding experience and all the rubbish we picked up filled a huge bag; not to mention that we picked up a lot of horrible cigarettes and plastic beads!  Thank you to the Frankston Beach Patrol 3199 members and Mr. Christie for giving up their time to make this an unforgettable experience!"  Nissi Cai



"For my M.E.G.A.R Week excursion, I chose to volunteer in The Briars Homestead. It was an extremely cold and windy morning, and we were all in our warmest clothes.  We were asked to re-mulch the paths for the veggie garden, so we started filling up wheelbarrows with mulch and then pushing them up a hill.  It was extremely hard work, but the satisfaction we gained from volunteering was immense.  The Homestead itself was beautiful and so was the surrounding landscape.  As a reward for our hard work, we were allowed to go for a walk through the almost 40-hectare park.  We saw many interesting things, including an emu that crossed paths with us.  Overall it was an enjoyable and educational day. Thank you to Mrs Angela Joosse for coming to the Briars with us."  Yoaquim Freeman



"On Wednesday 27 June we went to the Moonlit Sanctuary to help out around the park.  When we got there, the park ranger, Blake, took us to the Tasmanian Devil enclosure to show us how to make the enclosure fresh for the devil.  After all the old mulch was removed, we had to shovel new mulch (which was donated to the park) into the enclosure.  The sleeping boxes were cleaned out and new straw was replaced. We mulched for most of the day, had lunch, then watched a wombat training session. Finally we weeded out some gardens, and had around an hour free time to feed the kangaroos, wallabies and ducks.  Thank you to Mr Tom Whipp for coming to the Moonlit Sanctuary with us."  Josh Talbot and Jacob Godkin


Mornington Railway Station

"During my time at the Mornington Railway Station, I was able to volunteer in helping maintain and service the railway station.  If you like getting down in the dirt, then this is for you.  Most of the day was physical labor, such as sorting track parts, cleaning and painting signal posts; along with getting to use the whistle on their 104 tonne steam train and learning how to use a signal box.  It is a great way to give back to your local community.  I decided to dedicate myself to sorting the track parts all day.  Eventually, I managed to convince a few of my friends to join me and, by the end of the day, we managed to do what would have taken them nearly a year. If you want a nice day of work filled with friendship and fun, then this is for you."  Matthew Tang

"During M.E.G.A.R Week I was lucky to participate in volunteer work at Mornington Railway.  As soon as we got there, you could see all the trains all over the tracks, and they are very different from the trains we have nowadays.  They’re all steam engines, some dating back to over 70 years ago.  There were two activities: either sort the train track parts that they had delivered or help with the painting of the signal posts.  I decided to help with the painting of the signal posts, with a few other people.  We started off by taking paint scrapers and cleaning off all the paint on the post. There wasn’t too much, and as there were many of us, we were able to clean it all off in good time. After that, we painted the pole a bright white.  We ended up doing this to two poles, and the people there were very appreciative. Thanks to Mrs Sue Robinson for coming and making it a fun day.  It was a great opportunity to help Mornington Railway with their tasks, and I recommend it to any train fanatics!"  Georgia Davey



"The Frankston Toy Library was a very eye-opening experience, where we were helping the community by sorting through and returning new and donated toys that children can borrow or play with at any time they desire.  By completing this experience, we learnt to be grateful for what we have, because some people aren’t as fortunate.  Once back to the school, we were left with an experience that we will never forget."  Tiffany Ellis and Jordana Pirotta



"Benetas St Paul’s Terrace an old age home, just down the road from Frankston High School, was a spot that was volunteered for by many students, including myself, to spend time talking, playing interactive games and bingo with people that are not only older, but wiser than us.  This experience for my friends and I was particularly fun.  We got to meet new people who had interesting stories and different teenage lives to what we live now.  I found it comforting knowing how well they were cared for at Benetas and how close a community they are.  A few of the students had sung songs and, to our delight, they said they loved it. Engaging in this volunteering activity and community, has been such a positive and comforting learning experience.  We are eager to repeat the enjoyable time we had there again. Thank you to Ms Shepherd and Mr Russell for coming with us."  Mia Dutoit

Around Our School

Years 7 and 8 French Incursion

On Tuesday 14 August 2018 all Year 7 and 8 French classes will be participating in a French Incursion called Les Bâtons Français.  We will get a taste of all things French as we follow Jacques and Pierre’s journey across France, as they try to fulfill their wish of finding true love!

Well versed in physical theatre and comedy, the show is designed to be fun and zany while also touching on many French icons and literature, including stories such as Cyrano De Bergerac and the Three Musketeers, as well as the farcical style of Molière and much more.

The program aims to develop our students’

  • intercultural knowledge and language awareness;
  • understanding of some of the differences in how French people eat, dress, gesture and say things;
  • interest in and respect for other culture;
  • understanding of French cultural icons, geographic features, famous buildings and cultural practices.

We are really looking forward to this little taste of France!

Ms Kate Taylor

French Teacher

International Program

On Monday 16 July our International Program welcomed 17 new students from Japan, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil & Austria.  We also have a lovely exchange student from Japan who joined us too, organized through our sister school.

It is lovely to continue to grow our program to include so many different cultures into our school and I know they will gain a lot of experiences to help with their study, life skills, as well as adding to our local students education.

Many families took the opportunity to travel with them to settle their child into school and their homestay.  We welcomed them to see our school on the first day back in Term 3.  The families all appreciated our warm welcome and feel very happy to leave their child at our school for their education.

If you see a new International student in your class, please have a chat and make them feel welcome.

Mrs Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Out and About

Billy Cart Race

In the final week of Term 2 the Hands On Learning (HOL) team at Frankston High School travelled to the hills of Officer to compete in the annual HOL Billy Cart race. With beautiful weather bearing down on us, it was a delight to be in the company of many other hard-working schools who were also competing for the glory and fame.

Frankston High Schools' team of students raced on the Tuesday and Wednesday, and were successful in the design and engineering of their vehicles.  Although we were not the fastest on the day, we left with our heads held high obtaining the ‘Best Design’ award for our carts.

All students worked hard throughout the term to design and build the carts from the ground up.  We learnt many new skills and problem-solved several issues we had with the vehicles.  It was a great achievement from all students who maintained focus during times of difficulty.  The HOL staff would like to thank all students involved for their enthusiasm and inventiveness on this project.  Well done!


Andy Blackall, Shannon Lee

Hands On Learning

Year 7s visit McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

On 27 June Year 7D and 7F visited McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, an outdoor sculpture gallery dedicated to demonstrating the connection between art and nature.  Mr Brendan McKinnon’s Year 7 English classes visited the gallery for inspiration for their upcoming topic of creative writing.  They were asked to fill out a sheet to stimulate their imagination and get them thinking ‘outside the box’.

Students were also asked to take pictures of their favourite sculptures, so they could refer back to them whilst working on their stories.  One of the more favoured sculptures of both teachers and students was Plantation; a piece of art with two parts - tall, black figures in a triangle formation and white bubbles plied on top of each other.  The McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery is an amazing and insightful place, and was a wonderful way to find inspiration - it has been a great help for the two Year 7 classes that had the privilege of visiting.

Lucy Duck

Year 7D


Well, another year of work experience has ended.  I was able to get the opportunity to visit a few students whilst they were on their placements and they were all very excited.  It was fantastic to see all the smiles and enthusiasm.

We have also been receiving some amazingly positive feedback from employers, and I would like to congratulate all the Year 10 students on the mature attitudes they displayed whilst on placement.  You have represented, not only Frankston High School and your Parents/Guardians, but yourselves in the best possible light.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  We hope that this experience helped you decide whether you want to pursue this career pathway.


We will be handing out any evaluations received back from employers later in the term, so you can include them in your resume.  Well done, Year 10 Students!

To see a small video of our students on their placements, CLICK HERE (link to FHS Facebook page).

Ms Lorelle Molloy

Work Experience Coordinator

Voices Of Frankston Concert

Last term, on a cold Friday evening, the Frankston High School Vocal Ensemble (directed by Mrs Sally Bredin and Mrs Peta Laughlin) and the Frankston High School Flute Choir (directed by Mrs Pauline Coates) performed at the Voices of Frankston Concert, held at the Uniting Church.

This was the first public performance for both ensembles and an enriching experience for our students.  The performances were greatly appreciated by a warm and receptive audience. The Voices of Frankston choir followed our school ensembles’ performances.  This choir encourages some of the most vulnerable people in the community to come together for social inclusion and fun.  The joint concert is a fund raising event and it is the third one in which Frankston High School ensembles have been involved.  We would like to thank family and friends for coming along to support these ensembles, and also to acknowledge the Uniting Church Committee for its donation to our Chaplaincy.


Mrs Sally Bredin

Music Teacher

Music Notes

Coming Up

Term 3 will be very busy for the Music Department with several important performances.



Our Winter Concert will be held in the Senior Presentation Space on the Ssenior Campus on Wednesday 22 August.  All our concert bands will be performing with the highlight being the debut of our 2018 Training Concert Band.  Doors open at 6.30pm and the concert starts at 7.00pm.

Entry is free.



We have two bands appearing at the Hawthorn Town Hall in the first stages of the festival.

The Intermediate Concert Band will be performing on Thursday 16 August at approximately 2.00pm.

The Senior Concert Band will be performing on Tuesday 28 August at approximately 8.00pm.



Our guitar ensemble will be appearing as special guest artists at the Frankston Special Education School’s concert on Tuesday 21 August. This will be a daytime concert. Times are yet to be confirmed.



The Music Department’s famous Cabaret Night will be held at the Frankston Football Club function rooms on Thursday 6 September, commencing at 7.30pm.

More details soon.



Our percussion ensemble will be heading off to Ballarat to compete in the Royal South Street Eisteddfod on Saturday 8 September.



On Tuesday 18 September our VCE 3 and 4 music performance students will be presenting selected works from their VCE repertoire as they make their final preparations for their performance exams in Term 4.  Prospective VCE music performance students are encouraged to come along to gain some insight into what is involved in completing this subject.  The concert will be held in the Music Centre and commences at 6.00pm.



Our clarinet choir will be heading to Japan in the first week of the holidays to perform at the Frankston Susono Friendship Association’s Australian fair which will be held in the city of Susono on Sunday 30 September.

The Resilience Project


Hailey Bartholomew found the secret to happiness.  After struggling to enjoy and appreciate all of the great things in her life she set our on a year long photography project to find gratitude everyday.  In this funny and moving talk see what lessons we can all learn from her experience. Hailey can lay claim to the titles of photographer, author, director, social commentator and artist.  The owner and creative director of her own business, she has clients than span the globe as a photographer and as a director.  She has published two books so far in her career, and directed television commercials and visual presentations for major national brands and charities.  But within this eclectic, and brilliant appetite for creative realization, Hailey’s favored passion is documentary film making.  Hailey has a beautiful visual style and sensitivity with her subjects, perfect for allowing a story to evolve and flourish on film and in photographs.  



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