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The Newlands Times

10 August 2018
Issue Thirteen
Important Dates.......
Principal's Report
Family Science Night
Community News
Years F - 2: News & Celebrations from the Junior School
Years 3 & 4: News & Celebrations from the Middle School
Years 5 & 6: News & Celebrations from the Senior School
Student Representative Council - SRC 
Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Visual Arts & Performing Arts: News & Celebrations
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Newlands Parents & Friends
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School Concert 2018
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Important Dates.......

Photo: If ever there was an important date, our School Concert is the one!

Public Holidays

Term 3  No Public holidays during school time

Term 4  Melbourne Cup  Tuesday 6 November

Newlands Pupil Free Days

Term 3   Monday 13th August - "Oh, that's soon..."

Term 4   To be advised

PFA Dates

Next meeting:  August 29

October 10

November 7

December 5

Term 3


Monday 13 Curriculum Day - No School Today!

Thursday 16 Newlands Science Night

Friday 17 Athletics Day

Thursday 23 Ceramics Showcase Spectacular 3.30-4.30 in the Art Room

Friday 24 Pyjama Day 

Saturday 18  - 24 Children's Book Week

Sunday 19  Bunnings BBQ - Come and cook a snag!

Monday 20  Uniform Shop

Tuesday 21  Foundation - 2 Zoo Excursion



Monday 3 Uniform Shop

Tuesday 4  School Council

Tuesday 18  School Concert

Friday 21 The last day of Term 3!

Term 4


Monday 8  Students return to school

Wednesday 10 Gr 3/4 Scienceworks Excursion

Sunday 14 Working Bee

Monday 29th - Wednesday 31st Oct Grade 3/4 Forest Edge Camp  

Wednesday 31st Oct - Friday 2nd NovGrade 5/6 Forest Edge Camp  


Friday 21  Last day term 4

Principal's Report

Wow! The term has flown

Where has the time gone? Here we are almost mid-term and flying toward the end of the term culminating in the final week with our magnificent performance; can't wait. Please make sure you keep checking newsletters, and David's notices in Sentral. We have a very busy remainder of the term; science week. athletics and book week and zoo excursion.

Thanks everyone

Over the last two weeks I have had to take carers leave. I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Luke and all staff for their support during my absence.

Angela's teacher replacement

As we are all aware Angela is coming ever closer to starting her maternity leave in a matter of weeks. We can confirm that the school has made an appointment to replace Angela and the successful applicant has accepted the position. Due to the Department's recruitment regulations we must wait two weeks before announcing who we have appointed as the successful applicant. We will inform the community in two weeks time as to the name of the successful applicant.


This week the national NAPLAN results for 2018 was to be released to the media, however this is still not the case. As has been reported in the media the State Education Ministers are disputing the validity of the results between pen & paper student results, and those students who did NAPLAN online. This has affected the timeline for getting the results to the school and for the school to pass on the individual student reports. At this stage I can not provide a date as to  when the results will be available. 

Mr. Jitters-the coffee van

The school and Mr. Jitter's have agreed to cease his visits to the school on the Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I would like to thank him for his donation to the school and wish him well for the future.

Getting ready to move

The timeline below outlines the actions the school needs follow over the remainder of this term. We are endeavouring to minimise the disruption to learning as much as possible. We do realise that this arrangement and location of classes is not ideal, but we as a school have endeavoured to minimise any disruption for term 4.

If any parents are available to assist in anyway please speak to your child's teacher. 

Week 5 & 6 [13/8- 24/8]

       Start moving the library to the corridor space between the north and south wings of Block A.

·       Prepare the music room as a classroom.

·       Prepare the library as a classroom space.

·       Library should be completely relocated to the corridor.

Week 7 [27/8-31/8]

·       Prepare the sports store and David’s office for OOSHC

Week 8 [3/9-7/9]

·       Move OOSHC admin to the office area off the multi-purpose room.

Week 9 [10/9-14/9]

·       Prepare current OOSHC space as a classroom for the F-2’s

·       Start relocating F-2 grades to the designated rooms:

        - Preps to the current library space

        - Mark’s grade to the current music room

       - Rae/Sonya to the current OOSHC room

      - Viqui to the classroom next to Angela's classroom

Week 10 [17/9-21/9]

·       Last week of term three

·       Complete any requirements or complete actions that were unable to be completed during the decanting process.



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Foundation enrolment 2019

This week we started emailing parents on our database confirming their child's enrolment in Foundation, 2019. Our process is to firstly accept siblings, then those families where our school is their closest primary school. Once these places have been confirmed we then offer places in to those families who have expressed a wish for their child to be do Spanish. Any unfilled places will be offered to families based on the date we received the 'Expression of Interest to Enrol'. If you are aware of any families who haven't enrolled please let them know we are still taking enrolments.

Family Science Night


Community News

Wurundjeri Week

This week is Wurundjeri Week

The Wurundjeri-willam people of the Kulin Nation are the Traditional Owners of the land that is now known as the City of Yarra. Their relationship with the land extends back tens of thousands of years to when their creator spirit ‘Bunjil’ formed their people, the land and all living things.

The Wurundjeri’s connection to land is underpinned by cultural and spiritual values vastly different to those of the Europeans. The Wurundjeri did not ‘own’ the land in the European sense of the word, but belonged to, or were ‘owned by’ the land. They did not live in permanent settlements but, rather, camped for periods within defined clan boundaries where food was plentiful, and moved on when the land needed to rejuvenate. The land provided all the Wurundjeri needed – food, water, medicine, shelter – and they treated it with the respect due to such a provider.

The moment Europeans arrived in the area, they began changing the land to suit the European way of life. Relationships with the Wurundjeri and other Aboriginal people in the area varied, but for the majority of settlers, the driving force was land ownership. For at least some of these settlers, underlying this drive was an imperial belief in British superiority combined with a desire to ‘civilise’.

The settlement and development of Melbourne impacted heavily on the Wurundjeri. Dispossession of land, dislocation, frontier clashes and introduced diseases led to a dramatic decline in the population. Despite the effects of colonisation, Aboriginal people and culture survived and the strong bonds between families and clans could not be broken.

You can find out more information about the Wurundjeri people at:


Full Boarding Homestay Families Are Sought for International Students at Northcote High School

Northcote High School seeks quality homestays from our local community, to help care for new international student studying in Year 10, 11 and 12 with us. They are mainly from Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand. We also have some international students from European countries.


Hosting International Students can bring a rich cross cultural experience and opportunity for families. Many local families already on board with Northcote High School Homestay Program over the years have enjoyed and benefited from the diverse cultural and language exchange experience, especially when they have school age children at home. The reverse experience for our International Students is very much part of their overseas study journey.


If you have a spare room and are willing to take care of a young international student please contact the International Student Office 9488 2334 (or General Office 9488 2300 or email [email protected]) for more information.


Full boarding homestay fees are $320 per week (tax free), which covers a fully furnished room, 3 healthy meals daily, laundry, household bills (including internet). Students are responsible for their own transport.


Jocelyn Hill                                         Ms Lixia Wang

Assistant Principal                           International Student Program Director

Northcote High School                   Northcote High School



Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Kate Challis

Human Resources and Executive Assistant

Northcote High School



Years F - 2: News & Celebrations from the Junior School

Photo: Do you have the instruction book from Ikea? And an allan key?

Mad about Maths!

This term in mathematics, the students have begun exploring the concept of Addition. They have begun by learning different words used when adding groups together. Students have explored the count all strategy where they have used different objects to help them count two group and add them together. This week we have begun adding using the counting on strategy. The students enjoyed participating in the game “Lady Bug Addition’ where they were able to practise their counting on skills. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to practise counting and also look at adding on a number line. We will then begin to look at subtraction and all the strategies we can use to solve subtraction problems. Throughout the term we will also be developing our skip counting skills and revising skip counting by 10s and 2s and learning to skip count by 5s.

Write about it…

This term in writing the students have explored a range of new texts. We have looked at Dreamtime stories including ‘How the Birds got their Colours’, ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ and ‘Tidlick the Frog’. The students learned where Dreamtimes Stories come from and the importance they have to the Indigenous Community. We have now begun our unit on Fairy Tales which is always super fun! We started by discussing what a Fairy Tale is and some of the Fair Tales we know. We will be looking at a new Fairy Tale each week. Towards the end of the term we will begin to explore Information Reports and the students will be given the opportunity to write their own Information Report. This term we will also be continuing with our weekly recounts where students are doing a great job with sounding out words, adding punctuation, having 2 finger spaces and are now starting to make their writing more interesting by adding WOW words. We are also continuing to practise our handwriting each week. We are becoming wonderful writers!

Reading in Foundation

During Reading this term, the Foundation students will continue participating in daily workshops to develop their reading skills and strategies. During these workshops they will extend their letter blend, sound and word knowledge through a variety of literacy based games and tasks. They will also continue participating in guided reading sessions where they will continue developing various strategies such as sounding out, blending letters and chunking words, searching for and using information in images as well as rereading. They will also explore different reading comprehension strategies such as text-to-self and text-to-text connections as well as asking questions before, during and after reading. Students are also encouraged to keep taking home their daily readers and borrow new books from the library each week. 


Grade 1/2 Learning in Term 3

Our inquiry topic for term 3 2018 is ‘Science’

We will be exploring the following areas of science. We will further explore our learning outside the classroom through an excursion to the ‘Melbourne Zoo’ and inviting all families to attend our schools family science night.

Physical Sciences

We will be exploring the way objects move depends on a variety of factors including their size and shape: a push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape.

We will also explore how light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can how they can be sensed.

Earth and Space Sciences

We will be exploring observable changes which occur in the sky and landscape and how daily and seasonal changes affect everyday life.  Then we will explore how the Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways.

Chemical Sciences

We will be exploring how everyday materials can be physically changed or combined with other materials in a variety of ways for particular purposes 

Biological Sciences

We will be learning that living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter, are met. We will also explore how living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.


Español Grade 1/2

This Term we will be reinforcing the structures we started using earlier in the year in our story-telling approach, which is based on high-frequency words. We will be building a story about a boy called Brandon who wants to have a pet dog, which will give us the opportunity to build on our knowledge of pets and the verb forms es (is), tiene (has), quiere (wants). 

Additionally, we are focusing on identifying the parts of speech in a text, such as nouns and adjectives, and will start working on gender and number awareness very soon.

This Term our focus is on getting to speak Spanish in the class a lot more, so we are introducing a "peg system" to encourage students to give speaking a go, by which students gain pegs as they are heard providing language output during the lesson.


In Spanish, the Foundation students will continue to participate in a variety of interactive learning activities, language games and songs to support their vocabulary development as well as their speaking and listening skills. They will extend their number knowledge and learn vocabulary required to comprehend and complete a number of mathematical tasks based on three-dimensional shapes and measurement including mass. The students will also participate in a unit on emotions where they will explore and learn some vocabulary required to ask and explain how another person is feeling. Throughout these units and daily classroom routines, they will continue to revise and use previously learnt language throughout the day.

We are scientists! 

This term in Inquiry we are learning all about change through science. We started by talking about what a Scientist looks like and needs. We have now started looking at how things change.

Some of the things we will be looking at include

 - Changes to objects

- Changing seasons

 - Life Cycles of plants and animals

- Changes to our community 

- Chemical changes (Solids, liquids, gases)

- Movement (Push and pull)

- Solar system 

We will also further explore our learning outside the classroom through an excursion to the ‘Melbourne Zoo’ and are inviting all families to attend our schools family science night.


Welcome Steph and Brenna!

The Foundation class is lucky enough to have Steph spend the next 4 weeks with us. She is a 4th year student teacher from La Trobe University completing her final placement. Steph will be taking full control for the next 3 weeks with Cass overseeing her. The class has been very welcoming to her. 

Brenna from Victoria University will be working in the grade 1/2 SR classroom until the 7th of September.

Creating Worlds!

The Foundation students are now lucky enough to not only have a 5/6 buddy and participate in fortnightly buddy sessions but also spend a session every other Friday with the grade 3/4 students. Both classes were super excited to be working together especially some of our siblings. The preps and 3/4 students worked together to create their own worlds using chalk. They then had to draw a path to connect their world to another world. 3/4 students then helps the preps to measure the length of their path using a ruler. It was great to see some fantastic creations!



In writing this semester we will be focusing on explanation, response and recount texts, looking at their features and structures.  Students will explore the purpose of each text, research, then create their own. In our differentiated reading groups students will have the opportunity to respond creatively to a variety of texts. They will explore the meaning of texts, look for the main ideas, learn about reading rate, fluency and phrasing as well as give their opinions through roleplay, discussion, art and craft as well as written activities. All students are encouraged to read daily using our home reading library which is targeted to specific reading levels.

Students will be given opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills by contributing ideas to discussions and delivering short oral presentations to their peers or sharing their work with the class by mirroring on the i-pads and discussing what they did. They are encouraged to ask questions in response to information given by others, take turns during group discussions and discuss connections between a text and their own experiences.

Years 3 & 4: News & Celebrations from the Middle School

Photo: Waiting for the bus to arrive.

Mathematics for Term 4

This term in mathematics we will be multiplication and division. Through this unit we will be looking at doubling to work on strategies for two times tables. For our Measurement and Geometry lessons we are looking at length where students learned to use iterations of informal units of measurements such as hands or body lengths to measure length. This tied in with multiplication when we had to find the length of double the lengths of body parts and double-doubles to investigate multiplication by two and four. Students will continue to investigate length with comparing, ordering, using informal and formal units of measurement. Students will then move into division and will investigate its relationship with multiplication. We will also look into measuring area, mass, capacity and volume and to investigate this we will be using a house design app to design houses and a perfect classroom. Later in the term we will be looking at fractions. Through all of our work we will be interspersing money and algebra.


What’s happening in Literacy?


This Term the 3/4 students have been immersed in multiple ways we can explain a range of processes in Science. We have looked at Wallace and Grommets incredible animated inventions, used emojis to visually explain life cycles, utilised drama/mime skills to explain a process through actions and verbally explained things to others. All students in grade 3/4 have been working towards developing an explanation text based on an invention of their choice. As we had been learning about scientists through our Inquiry unit, students used their prior knowledge and personal interests around science to generate ideas for how it might work. They researched and brainstormed what their invention may look like and what features and purpose it would have. We explored language features such as chronological and cause and effect terminology to help explain each process of their design. Students created labelled diagrams to assist in the explanation of their invention, coming up with some incredible ideas. They used an assessment rubric to peer assess, self-assess and receive teacher feedback on the structure of their explanation piece as well as the creativity of their design. Overall we saw some truly creative ideas and great knowledge and understanding of science through the process. Later this term we will be entering our Inquiry process which will allow students to focus upon an area of interest in science. They will be carrying out an investigation of their choice, presenting their research as a scientific report.


All booked out


This term we have commenced our focus on searching for and using information to help understand the text. We first began by looking at questioning before, during and after reading to help clarify misunderstandings and/or to expand their knowledge beyond the text. We looked at strategies we can use when answering questions that require us to go beyond the text and practiced generating questions searching for and finding answers. Students were introduced to ‘Question Answer Relationships’ and can now identify questions where the answer is found directly in the text (Right There and Think and Search) and answers that require the reader to think and search beyond the text (Author and Me and On My Own). Students next looked at using readers tools such as illustrations, maps, charts, captions, table of contents, index glossary, headings in non-fiction books. They recognised the power visuals have on our understanding texts and explored ways in which visuals assist us in learning. Students discussed differences in individual interpretations while looking at a range of visuals in a text and the role prior knowledge plays in their understanding. Later this term students will be introduced to reciprocal reading in which they will be required to be accountable for their own learning as they will follow the process and present each week to their reading group. We look forward to developing and fostering student’s independence in this reading process.



We are excited to be rolling out this new and wonderful program that will be replacing Random Acts of Kindness this term. Our first RR session looked at the way a range of emotions are felt in response to events or situations experienced in and outside the classroom environment. Students identified the ways in which emotions are shown in body language, enhanced their ability to recognise emotions in others and recognised types of events and situations that are associated with positive and negative or comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.



In Spanish this term we are continuing to use the popular TPRS story method to introduce new high frequency verbs and nouns and also to reinforce structures previously taught. Students this term will begin to move away from the third person singular into the ‘yo’ (I) form and will also look at the Spanish possessive using ‘de’. While this is new grammar, it will still be presented in a way which optimises students comprehension and acquisition of the language while being fun and engaging.


In Inquiry, we have begun to explore the idea that we are all scientists and began by looking at some common stereotypes around scientists and where they work and who they are. We revisited some of the chemical sciences and looked at what occurs when objects in various states of matter are heated. We made predictions, conducted experiments and recorded our observations and results. This week students are delving into space and are exploring the relationship between the sun, earth and moon and we have begun by creating a model of the three and how they interact with each other as well as their relative size. From here, students will move onto Physical Sciences and student will discover and describe how heat can be produced, for example, through friction or by burning. Explosive fun in the ¾ classroom this term!

Years 5 & 6: News & Celebrations from the Senior School

Photo: hmmm, someone clearly does not like having their photo taken...

What Are We Learning About In Term 3?




In Writing this term, we will be writing biographies. Our theme for our lessons this term are based around Scientific Discoveries. The students have chosen a scientist of their choice to research and write a biography on.  We will be focusing on researching skills, the structure of the text, writing paragraphs and grammar. The students will continue to work through the writing process; Planning, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing. 

Students will give peer feedback using a rubric and checklist and also develop their ability to self reflect on their work. The students will develop writing goals and practise those during their writing sessions and anytime they would like to work on them. The writing goals will give students a clear focus and direction on what they need to improve on and how they will practise their goal. They will also be able to track their assessment on their writing continuum in OneNote. 




In Spanish this term, the students are continuing to develop their own stories. We have now established meaning with the Super 7 Verbs (Esta, Es, Tiene, Va, Hay, Le Gusta, Quiere). This has now enabled us to move forward and focus on more vocabulary added to our stories each time! We started differentiating tasks related to our stories which include a task suited for each 'just right' level. Students are able to choose the level they wish to work on. Students will also develop stories in first person and third person, connectives, masculine and feminie nouns, plurals, pronouns and prepositions. 


In Science this term, the students are learning about plants! Science is being delivered with the CLIL approach. The students will be learning all about plants and the scientific inquiry skills through Spanish. We will be growing our own plants and measuring their growth! The students will also learn how to write a scientific report and learn Spanish grammar through these sessions. We will also be looking into photosynthesis, plants adapting according to their conditions, parts of the plants and their functions, native plants and MORE!! 

Welcome to Alex and Jasmine!

We would to welcome Alex back, our Pre-Service teacher to the Grade 5/6 classroom as he will be completing his last placement this term. We would also like to welcome Jasmine, another Pre-Service teacher who will also be completing her last placement at Newlands in the Grade 5/6 classroom. Jasmine and Alex will be teaching a range of different lessons, whole class, small groups and different subject areas. We wish them all the best!  

Student Representative Council - SRC 

VicSRC Student Voice Workshop

On Tuesday the 7th of August, the School Captains (Arran, Willow, Irene and Javier) and Cristina attended a Student Voice Workshop run by VicSRC.

The workshop involved the students becoming aware of their student voice and that their opinions matter in a school. They identified their skills as a leader out of the following: Speaker, Creator, Organiser, Reflector, Encourager and Researcher.  

The Captains were then given a set of issues cards where they needed to identify what were the current issues in our school and which were not. We identified 2 issues out of the pile, Facilities and School Clusters. 


Do you have the rights buildings (halls, gyms, etc.) toilets, etc and/or other facilities? 

School Clusters 

Do students in your school get to meet/work with students in other schools? Are there opportunities to share ideas with other students in the region/state? 

The students have made these 2 issues an agenda item for our next SRC meeting, where the issues will be discussed and the students will work out what we can do to resolve them. 

The day was enjoyed by all! 



Who is the SRC and what do they do?

In our SRC meetings, we currently meet once a week on Tuesday to discuss issues in the school that we can resolve, plan fundraising events and free dress days. 

We currently have 15 SRC members and 1 teacher supervisor. 

If you have any issues, ideas or suggestions please come to one of the SRC members and they will then discuss it at the SRC meeting.

These are your members for 2018.

Teacher Supervisor: Cristina 

Grade 1: Fin and Eva 

Grade 2: Soli and Bayanne 

Grade 3: Edie and Sebastian 

Grade 4: Cillian and Frieda 

Grade 5: Arlo and Rose

Grade 6: Zachary 

School Captains: Arran, Willow, Javier and Irene 

What is the SRC currently up to?

Currently the SRC are planning to have a Pyjama Day to raise money to buy a new community notice board. Recently Willow and Irene had to present our plan at School Council. The Pjyama Day was approved by School Council and it will be on Friday the 24th of August (Week 6)

We have also been discussing the state of the boys toilets. At the moment some people have been vandalising them by graffitiing, throwing toilet paper and throwing rubbish in the out of order toilets. We are currently coming up with a plan to fix this issue as it affects us all the school. Remember, if you see someone vandalising the toilets, notify a teacher straight away. Don't be a bystander! 

We would also like to extend our thanks to the PFA for purchasing a new fridge for the SRC. We will arrange to sell icy poles when the weather gets warmer, in term 4! 

Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Australian Early Development Census

During August this year, our school will be taking part in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC), which is a nationwide census of early childhood development and helps our school and community understand how children are developing before they start school, what is being done well, and what can be improved. The AEDC is an Australian Government initiative run by the Department of Education and Training.

This year’s AEDC is a great opportunity for everyone including parents, local communities, schools and other agencies to work together to bring long-lasting benefits to children and their families. If you would like more information about the AEDC, please refer to frequently asked questions section on the AEDC website at, or phone 1800 092 548.

The AEDC is voluntary and is not a school test, so should you wish for your child/children’s information to be excluded from the census, please contact me by Wednesday 15th of August.

Sonya O’Brien

Student Wellbeing and Engagement


School Values Forum

A huge thank you to all who participated in the School Value Forums held over the past two weeks.

We are currently preparing a short list of values. A survey will be prepared and sent to all families by the end of term.

Respectful Relationships

During the next four weeks  students will be participating in activities which will assist them to:

• Identify and describe personal strengths

• Explain how these strengths help them to contribute to family and school life

• Identify ways to care for others, including ways of making and keeping friends.

Research in the field of positive psychology emphasises the importance of identifying and using individual strengths. The use of strength-based approaches promote student wellbeing, positive behaviour and academic achievement.





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Visual Arts & Performing Arts: News & Celebrations

Photo: Mics, action, cameras! The relentless quest for excellence in the School Concert. Believe us, it's going to be a good one!

This Fortnight in the Art Room!

We've had a fantastic start to Term 3! All grades have had some time to paint their clay from last term. The students would like to have a mini-exhibition to showcase their 3D work and this will be scheduled for Thursday the 23rd August after school (3.30 - 4.30) and Friday 24th August (8.15 am - 9.30 am).  This PDF contains all the details!



Here are some pictures of the students painting their work! 


Still Life Drawing - Grade 5/6

The 5/6 class really enjoyed experimenting with still life drawing last week. They tried drawing with a range of materials (oil pastel, charcoal and graphite pencils) and experimented with a range of techniques including realistic drawing, expressionism and blind contour. The students chose to draw kitchen utensils, tools or shells. We were inspired by the tool drawings created by American Artist, Jim Dine.  


Scratch Art Insects - Grade 1/2 

The grade 1 / 2 students really enjoyed working with line this week as they drew insects on black scratch art paper. The paper is designed to be used with a toothpick and the image is created by drawing with the toothpick as it scratches off the top layer revealing colours underneath! The students were very proud of their work and it was a wonderful lesson to revise what we know about the Art Element Line!


Grade 3 / 4 - Romero Britto inspired Artworks

Just like the Grade 5/6 classes, Grade 3 / 4s will also be exploring Still Life drawing and experimenting with a range of media and techniques. Last week they finished off their work inspired by American Artist, Romero Britto. Britto's work is very colourful and uses lots of line, shape and pattern! A great way to practice using the Art Elements and Principles! Here are some photos from this project! 



Foundation - Paper Cup Portraits!

These cute cup heads were made by the prep classes! We reviewed what was a portrait was from Term 1 and used our cutting and pasting skills to make these collage portraits! We painted with scissors just like Artist Henri Matisse who was famous for his paper cutouts! 


Music Mentoring

Some of you may have noticed that David has been popping out once per week, sometimes Monday, sometimes Wednesday, in fact any day! I have actually been working with all classroom teachers at Preston South PS to help them incorporate music activities into their regular teaching. This is due to my involvement in the National Music Teachers Mentoring Program, an initiative spearheaded by the legendary Richard Gill and taking place in all states across Australia. This is supported by the Department of Education and Training and has yielded some amazing results. Stay tuned for more information about this great initiative.

P.E: News and Celebrations

Photo: On your marks...

                               The Newlands Olympic Games

Our Athletics Carnival is next week! Come along to the event which promises to be lots and lots of FUN!!! We are inviting all members of the community along to join in on the action. This is an opportunity to line up against your child and compete in the triple jump, the 100m sprint and the high jump.  8 events of laughing, hi-fiving and eating sausages (provided by Jetts Fitness) will ensure that the day will be one of the best Newlands Primary School community event for 2018. Bring your shoes and your grit to the Coburg Athletics Track next Friday on the 17th of August. We would love to see you there!!!!


In case you thought you had these events in the bag, our students have been putting in the hard work during our PE sessions, mastering all the track and field events. The students have also started the tryouts for our upcoming Interschool Athletics Day which is on the 29th of August. It has been incredible seeing all of the student try out and giving their best to make the team. The Newlands Primary School Athletics team will be selected by the end of Week 5.


Next week, we will begin our Football series of lessons. Year 11 & 12 students from the SEDA Sports Academy will be running these sessions. We can’t wait for them to be a part of our school community over the next 4 weeks to further improve the distance of our drop punts!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Newlands Parents & Friends

Working Bee

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our recent working bee. It was a beautiful day and as it is with working bees @ NPS, generously attended. There a core group of dedicated volunteers that turn up to every working bee ready to work hard. In between bouts of working hard there is a lot of chatting with friends and making new ones, the kids always play beautifully together.  We prepared the site for our next new garden, at the dog leg of Murphy St. We are still feeling so impressed with our most recent garden (along Elizabeth St) that we want to keep planting. The school community will have an opportunity to plant the new garden and we'll be sure to let you know when the next stage is happening. 

PFA News

The PFA is a group of parents that meet about ways we can strengthen the school community. At our most recent meeting we had a very productive conversation about the school fundraising policy and we will review the policy again at our next meeting on Wednesday, August 29. We purchased a freezer for the school to house icy poles and leftover fundraising supplies, we organised the Bunnings BBQ and put forward a number of POPEs for exciting future fundraising events and something new for the garden. Please consider coming along to a meeting, it is an excellent way to meet new people and hear and/or participate in what is happening around the school.

Newlands Parents for Climate Action 

Did you know?

At the Paris Agreement in 2015, Australia agreed to try and keep global temperature rise well below 2.0 degrees, and to aim for 1.5 degrees.

Why all the fuss about the National Energy Guarantee in Australia at the moment?

Partly because the energy sector is currently the easiest place for Australia to reduce its’ carbon emissions – if it doesn’t get reduced here, it has to come down somewhere else, such as agriculture or transport…and everywhere else looks trickier! Due to the decades of research and development in the renewable energy industry and the rapidly decreasing costs of production, the energy sector is the clearest pathway to a low emissions future.

Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland have all decided that they need to do more to reduce emissions – so they have developed their own targets - carbon neutral by 2050 (the ACT decided it could even get there by 2040). Data released a few weeks ago shows that Victoria is likely to reach its goal of 40% renewable 5 years ahead of scheduleJ

Who are we?

We are a group of parents in the neighbourhood who have started to meet and discuss what we can do to raise the social and political profile of climate change. Like so many parents, we worry about the effects of damaged climate both right now and into the future within the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Climate change is scary stuff with impacts well beyond rising sea levels and the bleaching of coral reefs. With determination and hope we are standing up for more action to combat climate change so as to avoid the worst impacts, for our kids sake!

Out Of School Hours Care - OOSHC


Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just a few reminders for this fortnight.

REBATES: As you know, the childcare rebate system has changed from the "CCB" and "CCR" to the "CCSS" this has been a very lengthy process for parents, the OOSHC and the government. Some Student enrollments are still being processed by the government. If you are not yet receiving your childcare rebate this could be because you have not updated all the necessary details on MyGov, or the government is still processing it. Please ensure you check your MyGov account first to rule this out.

PICK UP TIME: Parents, please ensure you collect your children by 5:45PM SHARP. Pick up time is not 6pm. Staff need to be locking the doors and the school gate by 6:00PM and Helen cleans the After Care room at 5:45PM and so for safety reasons, all children should be collected by this time. Staff home time is 6:00PM sharp and we would really like if everyone could try and ensure that staff can start leaving on time.


For all bookings please use (BOOKING CODE:BJ8S6) For last minute casual bookings, please call the office and speak with Caitlyn or Martin. 

If your child is going to be absent, you must remove their booking on the bookings site. You can do this until 8:00AM of the same day. If you miss this cut off you will need to call After Care and leave staff a message. Many Parents are emailing which is just not as effective as leaving a voicemail as we often don't see the emails in the afternoon.



FRIDAY , 10th August

Snacks: Pasta w/ Sauce & cheese

Activity: Football

MONDAY , 13th August

Snacks: Sandwiches w/ Vegemite & butter

Activity: Sewing

TUESDAY, 14th August

Snacks: Sakata's w/ dip & sultanas

Activity: Sewing

WEDNESDAY, 15th August

Snacks: Pasta w/ sauce & cheese

Activity: Beading

THURSDAY, 16th August

snacks: Savoys w/cheese

Activity: Beading 

FRIDAY, 17th August

Snacks: Rice Crackers w/ cheese or Vegemite

Activity: Sewing


MONDAY, 20th August

Snacks: Pasta w/ sauce & cheese

Activity: Group Drawing

TUESDAY, 21st August

Snacks: Cruskits w/ butter & Vegemite

Activity: sewing

WEDNESDAY, 22nd August

snacks: Savoys w/ cheese 

Activity: Mushroom Tiggy

THURSDAY, 23rd August

Snacks: Sandwiches w/ Vegemite & Butter

Activity: Plasticine Play

FRIDAY, 24th August

Snacks: Sakata's w/ dip & hommus carrot sticks

Activity: Paper Birds

Special Mentions

BRONTE HIGGINS Big shout out for you for your continuous random acts of kindness and always being an encouraging, supportive and kind member of our community. 

HUGO MORLEY-PILVEN Big shout out to you for your persistence and commitment in all complex craft activities you undertake. You are a fantastic role model to others for what can be achieved with patience practice and dedication. Sewing takes patience and commitment to persevere and achieve your goal and you have certainly achieved this!

ISOBEL HARPER Big shout out to you for you epic fine motor skills, patience and creativity. You have Created some beautiful things over the last fortnight, I was particularity in love with your tiny plastecine

horse, your attention to detail is just beautfiul. 



OOSHC Contact Details

Hours of operation

Before Care: 7:30-8:50am

After Care: 3:30-5:45pm

Phone: 9354 2928 – extension 2

Email: [email protected]

Co-ordinator: Rhonda

Assistant Educator: Bronia

Assistant Educator: Jody


Payment Options:

Cash, Eftpos, Electronic Banking

We encouraage families to use electronic banking.

Electronic Banking Details: Commonwealth Bank – Preston BSB: 063 183 Account Number: 1002


School Concert 2018

Costume Day

Thank you for those families who have organised costume items for your child/ren. Costume Day on Friday 10th August was to see "how we're doing" in terms of costume and where we might need to help. Examples of great costumes photographed on the day will be published and placed around the school to help with "inspiration"!

Band, Costume, Props

We now have some teams (including student teams) to create props and costumes, as well as a parent band to support our songs. Please email me at the school if you are interested in joining!

The Newlands Times
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