29 June 2018
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Heavenly Father, creator of all good things,

Help us to always recognise your presence in our lives

And to give thanks for your choicest blessings we have received in our school life.

We ask for your blessing and guidance

As we celebrate the end of Term Two of the school year

And the beginning of Winter holidays.

Keep us safe from harm

And grant us rest and rejuvenation for our bodies, minds and spirits.

We ask this in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus.


St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Photo: Amala Mathew

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

The end of the term provides the opportunity to reflect on our achievements in that time. Term Two provides so many highlights each year with the events that arise during this time, most notably St Norbert Day on June 6. At our final assembly today, we celebrated our College value of Heritage, a value that shares the limelight with our other College values on this uniquely special day. Heritage, however, reminds us to celebrate and honour our past while moving forward into the future with renewed vigour. This concept is also significant when we reflect on the passing of any school term – the holidays are an opportunity to celebrate our achievements of the term and move forward into the next term with renewed energy and vigour.


Each of us is building our College heritage with each passing moment. Since our last newsletter we enjoyed St Norbert Day, while most recently we have relished in the latest achievements and experiences of our students.


Our Year 7 Girls AFL team came home undefeated, winning the Dockers Cup in the ACC competition, our first in the competition history. Speaking of history, I would like to wish our eSports Team, the Canons, all the very best in the Flaktest Grand Final on July 14 at Curtin University, in only the second year of the competition. The team consists of Year 12 students Lucas Tan (Captain), Bernard Masillones, Kade Best, Edwin Ceng, Daniel Tan and Jan Claude Busoy.


We welcomed back our Year 9 students this afternoon, who have been enjoying the wonders of the great south in Margaret River for the annual Year 9 Camp this week. We thank Miss Ronchi who organised this experience, along with all those staff who gave of their own time to assist.


Sadly, at the end of the term we bid farewell and thanks to staff and students who are transitioning in other paths and schools. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our very best to those students and families not returning in Semester Two. We thank them for the support and co-operation forged between the College and home and wish them well in the future.


Our community may recall from previous newsletters that our much-loved Business Manager, Mr Tim McIntyre, enters retirement at the end of this term. Mr McIntyre has been pivotal in the growth and development of St Norbert College in so many respects. We will forever be indebted to Mr McIntyre for the dedication and commitment to our community and wish God’s blessings to him and his family in their new chapter of life ahead. We welcome Mr John O’Sullivan as our new Business Manager and look forward to his long and fruitful association with our College community in the years ahead.


In other staff news, we thank Miss Aleisha Crump for her services over the past semester in the teaching areas of English and Humanities and look forward to her return for a further term later in the year. We will welcome back Mrs Samantha Eloff to our teaching team after six months of parental leave following the birth of her first child. I would also like to acknowledge the number of pre-service teachers from our educational universities for their contributions to the learning journeys of our students this term.


At the start of each week, our staff gather for a short meeting to discuss a range of matters, mostly events of the previous week and those to come in the future. A commonly presented item is acknowledging the wonderful achievements of students and staff during the course of the school days, weeks and months. These meetings always commence with shared prayer.


I’d like to conclude by sharing with you the following prayer, led by Mr Ah Fong. The prayer is an adaptation from one shared at Our Lady of the Cape Primary School in Dunsborough, which so beautifully captures our thoughts and wishes for the end of the school term and the impending holiday break:


We thank you Lord, for this term.

For the challenges, the successes and the mistakes from which we have learnt.

Be with us as we spend our time with our family and friends.

Give us strength and courage to do what is right; to be witnesses of our faith.

Help us to be practical Christians these holidays; to appreciate what others do for us,

To give our time and effort to help others.

To be peacemakers in our family.

Keep us safe in our activities; give us good rest and fun.

Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.

We thank you Lord, for our students, our staff, our parents and our community that cares for us.

May we always be conscious of you in our lives.

St Norbert, pray for us.


I wish all those able, a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday break.


God Bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

Year 10 Information Evening

Thank you to the parents and students who attended the Information Evening on Wednesday 27 June. A reminder that Handbooks and PowerPoints are available on the Subject Selection Portal on SEQTA. Subject Selection Online (SSO) is now open so that students can begin the process of choosing courses for 2019. A reminder that students have been given an appointment with mentor teachers scheduled between 3:30pm and 7:00pm on Tuesday 31 July.

College  Uniform

A reminder for all students and parents that students are to arrive impeccably presented in Winter Uniform for the commencement of Term 3 on Tuesday 17 July. This means polished shoes and clean uniforms, including blazers in excellent condition. Hairstyles should be conservative, neat, tidy, of natural colour and collar length hair should tied up. We ask our young ladies to ensure their winter skirt length is on the knee and young gentleman to ensure they have not outgrown their shirts and can still do their top buttons up under their ties.


May I also take this opportunity to once again remind parents to label all uniform items with their child’s first name and surname. At the end of each term we have a number of articles of clothing, bags, caps, sport bags and shoes in Lost Property not labelled and not claimed.

Year 12 Retreat

The Year 12 Retreat was held at Integrity House, Osborne Park on Tuesday 26 June. The Youth Ministry team were impressed with the maturity of our students and the depth of their discussions.


Here is a snapshot of what the students thought of the day…

The Year 12 Retreat was a good opportunity to bond and bring the year group together especially during our graduating year. The ice-breaker at the beginning of the retreat was a highlight and one I would do again.

Trinity Ryan


I felt the retreat was a inspiring experience. Learning from God's experience in our leaders' lives and how they are impacted by it. I learned from my leader how God can have a powerful influence of love towards many people even ourselves.                                     Jason Partridge


I learnt that I can be more open with my friends rather than just pretending to be something that I'm not.                             Matthew Tomlins


After the experience of the Year 12 Retreat, I learnt a lot about how to accept and feel God. It was good to learn about what we value in life and learn stories about other people’s lives. I experienced different activities that made me think on my feet.                                        Joshua Hussey-Allen


The Year 12 Retreat allowed me to open my eyes and experience the challenges that many people go through in their lives. I learnt that through any challenges we may face, Jesus will always be there to love and support us.                                                                               Melisse Burgoyne


I've learned a lot of things from this retreat. I've learned how to accept other people for who they are, how to accept myself and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. What made this retreat amazing was how everyone had the freedom to express themselves honestly. 

Krystal Nasuli


The Year 12 Retreat gave us the opportunity to discover how letting God into our lives can help us to feel fulfilled, and to realise our true purpose in life.                                                                                                                 Linda Yeoh


The Year 12 Retreat was a really nice, emotional and eye-opening experience for me. Through this retreat I was shown who God really is and what he means to me and I learnt that I need to accept him into my life and to stop pushing him away.                         Rejina Ernest


The Year 12 Retreat was a very eye-opening experience that gave me a better insight into who God really is and what our purpose is. The experience helped me to see a different side to religion, one that talks about the problems faced by youth in Australia and how God can help us to overcome these issues.                                                            Suhina Mungroo 


The Year 12 Retreat was one of the most fun retreats I have been on out of all the ones we have been to over the years. It had a welcoming environment with lots of entertaining activities such as drama and games which were led by really nice team leaders who were engaging as well as very kind and inspirational.                  Mareena Jaison


I learnt on the Year 12 Retreat that God is always there for us and even if we can’t see or hear him sometimes, he's always looking out for us, guiding us, but it takes us as a person to accept and listen to what he has to say to us. We experienced God’s love and learnt more about one another in the Year 12 cohort and what we value in life and how we should show value to God​.                                                                  Grace Ratima


In the Year 12 Retreat I learnt that God is always there for us, even when we don't realise or  show it, he'll always be there to answer and guide us through life and that there are others who experience the same things.                                                                                                                         Savahna Nevill


The Year 12 Retreat allowed me to be more open-minded and really recognise the things that are happening through my life. I learnt to become open to new perspectives and opinions. As well as being thankful and lucky for what I have and not take it for granted. I experienced that it is okay to express your emotions and not be afraid.                                                                                                                                Ryan Tarmizi

It was a great day that allowed you to think about and reflect on life and put all aspects into perspective in terms of friendship, family and God.                                                                                                                                     Nyika John


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 8, 10, 12)

Semester Reports

Semester One reports have been uploaded to SEQTA. The report provides students and parents with an opportunity to reflect upon student progress and to consider what adjustments can be made to improve performance.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday 25 July between 12.00pm and 7.00pm. This is a Home Study Day, so students do not attend school but should accompany their parents for interviews in their full College Winter Uniform. Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews provide parents with an important opportunity to discuss student progress in more detail with subject teachers. In some cases, teachers have requested an interview on the report. In these situations, it is important that every effort is made to meet with the subject teachers so that positive actions can be put in place to improve student progress.


The College will be using Edval Interviews to book Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews. Parents/primary care givers have received an email instructing them how to access Edval Interviews. The email will also provide parents with a unique log-in code as well as a link to the online booking system. Interview length will be eight minutes with two minutes being allocated for parent movement between teachers. Bookings close at 9.00am on Tuesday 24 July.


On the day of the interviews, each teacher will have 36 interview slots available for parents. However, a standard classroom teacher teaches over 100 students across all of their classes – for some teachers that number is closer to 150. It is for this reason that we have restricted interviews to one slot per teacher per student. To help with this, please ensure you only book ONE timeslot with your child’s teacher, even if they teach your child in multiple subjects. If you are unable to secure a timeslot during this round of Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews, you may contact the relevant teacher(s) directly via email to arrange a conversation on another date.


If you have any difficulties accessing Edval Interviews, please contact the College in the second week of the school holidays. Please note that the College Administration is closed during the first week of the holidays.

Subject Selection Online

Subject Selection Online (SSO) is now open to Year 10 and Year 11 students for them to begin making choices about their subjects and pathways for 2019. Students have been sent a link along with instructions on how to access SSO. Students need to be mindful of the Minimum Entry Requirements for those courses that they are interested in studying as students will not be allowed to automatically select subjects for which they have failed to meet the prerequisite requirement. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be given the opportunity through SSO to select their elective subjects early in Term Three.


Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal - Years 7,9,11)

Dean of Studies

Photo: Shaun Nind

Feedback and Goals​

For many of us, the end of the financial year is a busy time whether it be an inventory of stock or equipment, preparing group certificates or simply the thoughts about completing tax returns and other financial reports. For our students at St Norbert College, it culminates with the Semester One Academic Report, that highlights both the achievements so far, and the identified areas for improvement as we move towards Semester Two.


The Academic Report provides an opportunity for student feedback, which is an essential step in the learning journey. In the book, Principles, published in 2017, author Ray Dalio presents an interesting perspective on the purpose of feedback. Ray Dalio is the founder, chair and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, a global leader in institutional portfolio management and the largest hedge fund in the world, and Ray’s purpose is to make meaningful work and meaningful relationships with people. And so why the reference to his organisation? The purpose here is not to turn every St Norbert student into a rich hedge fund manager, but rather to consider a way of thinking that will assist with goal-setting and maximising personal achievement in Semester Two.


In an interview for the Work Life podcast with Adam Grant (Professor of Organisational Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania), Ray discusses his strategy of radical transparency and radical truthfulness that underlies the culture at Bridgewater. By his own admission, Ray had a terrible rote memory and didn’t like following instructions, however, he enjoyed figuring out things for himself. As he progressed with investing, he also admits that he made terrible mistakes and his greatest failure led to friends that worked for him losing their jobs. Over a long period of time, Ray has developed principles for successful working and learning that are continuously refined and debated, and at Bridgewater, what is equally as important as the feedback (seen as a past event) is how the person responds to the feedback (which is also evaluated to a degree).


“When someone gives you feedback, they've already evaluated you. So it helps to remind yourself that the main thing they're judging now is whether you're open or defensive. You don't always realise when you're being defensive. So call on your challenge network. Ask them to give you a second score, too. 'How did I come across when you gave me feedback?' And then really listen to what they say. And respond by saying thank you.”


The challenge for our students at St Norbert College is to be open to the feedback that an academic report provides, and to consider how well they are progressing towards their goal(s). If a student achieves a grade or mark that is lower than anticipated or expected, it is often too late to try to change the grade, so therefore the question should be re-framed to seek advice on how to improve, whether it be the method and type of study, the structure of an essay or how to maintain focus and effort when the content or topic is difficult to understand.

The challenge network as described by Ray Dalio in this case, is the subject teacher providing the honest feedback required to focus on the areas for improvement. Equally as important is the role of a parent – to partner with the College in the conversations around homework and study (i.e. Where does your child study? How does your child study? What are the distractions that limit consistent and persistent academic effort?).


We acknowledge that implementing the strategies for improvement are not ‘quick-fix’ nor are they easy – they require grit and perseverance to create new habits. The research from neuroscience informs us about this, and how the brain can be pre-wired: There's a part of our brain that would like to know our mistakes and like to look at our weaknesses so we could do better, also known as the prefrontal cortex. And then there's a part of our brain which views all of this as an attack, and this is the amygdala. So often this becomes the battle between the ‘emotional you’ and the ‘intellectual you’, often in direct competition with each other. 


Improvement and overcoming negative habits also requires group effort and support from others, and the school and the classroom environment in particular, allows honest feedback to flourish. When we can engage with goals that are specific and timely, the feedback received can focus in on how to achieve these goals, and greater student effort is the outcome.

University of Notre Dame – Early Offer

Are you a high-achieving Year 12 student who wants to study at a leading Australian university? Do you want to get a head start on your future? If so, you may be the ideal candidate for Notre Dame’s Early Offer Program. This exclusive program is open to Year 12 students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or are making a significant contribution to their school or community. Such an offer means that you can sit your Year 12 exams with added confidence and reduced stress – it’s also a great way for schools to acknowledge their outstanding students. Early Offer applications for Semester 1 2019 are due 31 July 2018.

ATAR Revision Seminars – Parent Committee Subsidy

For many Year 12 students, the opportunity to attend ATAR Course Revision Seminars in the school holidays can enhance their examination preparation and course content knowledge. Due to the support provided by the St Norbert College Parent Committee, any Year 12 student who attends a revision seminar is eligible to receive a subsidy ($20) for attending. If you attend a seminar during the break, please pay and then return your receipt to the College and you will receive the subsidy.


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Teenagers and free time

Teenagers need free time to explore their own interests, be with friends or just unwind. If you and your teenage child can find free time activities to enjoy together, it can be a great way to build your relationship.

How teenagers spend free time 

All teenagers are different. But many enjoy spending their free time doing things like shopping, going to parties, being with friends, gaming and using social media, texting, watching movies, reading and going to the beach or park. Teenagers are also spending an increasing amount of their free time in structured extra-curricular activities like arts and sports. And they often feel bored with unstructured spare time.


Free time with parents and family

One of the joys of the teenage years is discovering the things you have in common with your teenage child, or new things your child might open your eyes to. Spending free time together is a great way to stay connected with your teenage child. Finding a balance between showing an interest in your child’s activities and being ‘in his face’ can be tricky. Our articles on supporting your teenager’s independence and privacy, monitoring and trust in the teenage years have practical tips.


Activities with you 

Doing something one-on-one with one or both parents can be a treat for your child, especially in larger families. An occasional movie together, or even a quick meal or a drink in a café after another activity, can feel a bit special. You could go to a concert, cook a meal together, or work on a project like redecorating your child’s room. It just depends on what interests you and your child.


These activities might not happen spontaneously. You might need to discuss ideas with your child and plan to spend some time together. If spending free time with you is a new thing, your child might take a bit of persuading before she’s keen. If this is an issue, you could consider inviting one or two of your child’s friends along as well. If you spend time together often enough, your child will probably build up more enthusiasm, so keep trying. You might need to try a range of activities before you find one you both like.


Shopping! My daughter and I just love shopping. Then we stop for a coffee or juice and just talk. It can feel so strange doing that with my daughter, but I love it. – Sarah, mother of 16-year-old daughter.

Activities for the whole family

If you’ve got teenagers and younger children, a family meeting can get everyone brainstorming activities to enjoy as a family. You could make a couple of lists – activities to do together, and activities that only some of you will do. Some activities the whole family could do might include:


  • Watching a family-friendly DVD – you could check out our movie reviews for ideas
  • Having a picnic
  • Playing a favourite game or activity at a local park, like soccer or frisbee
  • Planning a special meal with everyone suggesting a dish
  • Planning a holiday
  • Going for a bushwalk or a bike ride.

Family meetings: how and why they work

This short video demonstration shows how family meetings can help you and your children spend time together, plan activities and catch up on what’s going on for everyone. Family meetings are also a great way for families to talk about upcoming events and changes to family life.


We go down to the park on a Saturday afternoon just to kick a ball around. I’d actually forgotten how much fun running around a park can be!  Richard, father of 14-year-old son.


Free time with friends

Your child will also want to do things with his friends. Agreeing on some rules about free time can help keep your child safe when he’s out and about. Here are some things to think about when you and your child discuss free time with friends.



How much do you need to know about where your child is going, and who with? What details is it OK for your child to keep to herself? Can she ring you if her plans change? Will she leave her mobile phone on while she’s out? Monitoring your child is OK, as long as you’re doing it with the intention of making sure your child is safe. As your child gets older, you can reduce your supervision and involvement in his activities.



You could think about how available you’ll be for providing transport. Can you drive your child to things if you have enough notice? Are you available in an emergency? Will you offer transport to other friends? Do you expect your child to use public transport unless she gets ‘stuck’? Although being your child’s taxi can be a hassle, it’ll help you to know he’s travelling safely. It also gives you the chance to get to know his friends.


Open house 

Getting to know your child’s friends shows your child you understand how important her friendships are. One way to do this is to encourage your child to have friends over and give them a space in your home. You could think about how open you want your home to be. Will there be a curfew? Will you provide meals, snacks and drinks? Does your child need to take responsibility for having friends over – for example, tidying up the kitchen or family room afterwards?



Your child might find that some of the activities he’s interested in cost money. You might talk to your child about what activities you’re willing to pay for, how often and how much. You could also talk to your child about pocket money. Consider how much seems to be a fair amount in your family. Can extra jobs earn extra money? 


Free time on their own

Sometimes your child will just want to spend time by herself, not doing very much. You might notice this as your child spends more time studying – it’s partly about recharging her mental batteries. Solo free time is fine, if it’s not all the time and is balanced with spending time with friends and family. It’s also OK for your child to feel bored sometimes! Being bored can motivate your child to find something creative or new to fill his time.


Screen time 


Your child might spend some of his solo free time watching TV or DVDs, using a computer or tablet, playing video or hand-held computer games, and using her mobile phone.​ Healthy screen time for teenagers is about choosing quality programs and apps and developing healthy screen habits. It also includes limits on daily screen time. Some negotiation about screen time during the school week, on weekends and in the holidays might help your child develop valuable time management skills.


When your child is out and about

In this short video, parents and teenagers talk about the right age for teenagers to do things by themselves or spend independent leisure time with friends. Activities covered in this video include getting to a friend’s house on public transport, going out with friends, and catching the bus to school. Both parents and kids agree that it’s important for parents to stay in touch with what kids are doing.


More information on this article can be found at:


The Pastoral Care Team

Student Ministry

Knitting Club

Knitting Club has resumed on Wednesdays at lunchtime. All students are invited to attend. Needles and wool are supplied. We always appreciate donations of wool, so if you have some at home that you no longer require we can put it to good use. Our Knitting Club knits basic squares that are then joined together to form blankets for Br Ollie’s Wheelchairs For Kids program. We also welcome parents and grandparents who would like to come in and knit with us, or knit at home and send in squares. If you are interested, please call Ms Kyd at the College for more details.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Academic Excellence

Australian Brain Bee State Finals

Congratulations to Year 10 students: Olivia Alderton, Shania Cura, Elsa Tan and Jackson White on reaching the Australian Brain Bee State Finals, and for their excellent participation and knowledge in the very challenging finals quizzes. Many of the questions asked were of a second-year university level. They should hold their heads high for their fantastic achievement.

Student Comments:

On Friday 8 June, we got the opportunity to go to the Brain Bee State Finals. We participated in several activities, such as quizzes, and went on an Anatomy Tour, where we got to see donated body parts and how they use them for research. At the end of the day, we watched the top contestants battle for a place in the National Finals. It was an interesting day and students who are interested in biology or neuroscience should participate in it next year to immerse themselves in the experience.

Elsa Tan - T6


The Brain Bee Finals were really fun, it was great mixing with other schools, touring the labs and competing in many challenges with fellow students. I learnt a lot about neuroscience and how increased studies and research can really benefit people in the future. I would definitely encourage students to compete in the Brain Bee Competition next year as it was such a great experience and I'm glad I signed up.

Olivia Alderton - M1


The Australian Brain Bee Challenge Finals was an enjoyable and eye-opening experience that provided an insight not only on how the brain works but also the many ways which it is researched and how it affects everyday life. Throughout the day, we were able to see medical and research samples of brain matter and the cerebral system, interact and partake in experiments, as well as have the privilege of listening to numerous lectures, from postgrad students and neuroscientists. We competed with the top scoring schools in the State, and during the finals quizzes, teamed up with others as well. To students who have a genuine interest in the medical and psychological fields of study, I recommend partaking in the challenge, as the winner is awarded opportunities to research the cerebral and neuroscience fields with leading scientists in not only Australia but the world.

Shania Cura  - T6

Computational and Algorithm Thinking (CAT)

CAT is a one-hour online problem-solving competition that identifies computer programming potential. It encourages students to develop informal algorithms and apply them to the given data. Earlier this year a group of senior students participated in this challenge. Congratulations to Michael Hegney and Samuel Rowlands who received a credit in the competition, and to Aldric Ratnasekera who received a distinction. Well done on a fine achievement.


Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator)


Titration Stakes

On Tuesday 19 June, Bernard Masillones, Reshan Rajan and Ethan Ricafranca represented St Norbert College in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s (RACI) annual Titration Stakes. The ‘stakes’ were high as the competition tested their practical skills and knowledge of acid and base chemistry with the goal of finding the concentrations of three acetic acid solutions. The boys competed against 77 other teams from 50 schools across the wider Perth metropolitan area and placed 33rd in a competition where the results came down to the fourth decimal place.

The students are to be commended for their enthusiasm, maturity, and dedication towards the competition.


Thank you to our lab technician Ms Debbie Nugent for preparing the practice solutions and glassware for the competition.


Miss K MaGee (Chemistry Teacher)

The Arts

Song Writing Incursion

During my time at St Norbert College, I have experienced many opportunities to grow as a musician. One of these experiences was the song writing incursion on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June for the Certificate II and III students. The session was led by the wonderful musician and songwriter, Aminah Hughes. She led us through the many facets of the music industry, from the obvious copyright licenses to how songs come to fruition through the inspirations we can experience in our lives. 


After a very eventful introduction, we were off to the races in doing writing exercises, splitting off into our individual trios. She got us thinking: ‘Imagine yourself in your favourite house or home. Can you hear the birds chirping? Can you smell the food being cooked in the oven in your kitchen?’ These questions were designed to dive into our episodic memory which was helpful during our song writing sessions.


After a short while, the song writing began. Following much deliberation on the topic of our song, we created choruses to demonstrate the key message in our song. Then came the verses which told the stories in our songs. I personally found writing the verses difficult as it’s pretty intimidating having an industry professional closely monitoring your work, but she was a massive help in fleshing out the song.


On day two we had to record the songs in front of the class and after some final practice, it was performance time. After the performances, we interviewed Aminah about her music career.


I want to thank Aminah Hughes for coming all the way to St Norbert College to teach our Certificate II and III students the ways of song writing. It was a truly enjoyable experience and one that I will cherish as I grow older. Also, a massive thank you to Mr Beins for organising this opportunity for us to grow and learn. I learnt plenty of things that that will serve me well in my future music career. 


Andrew Cruz (Year 11 Certificate II Music Student)

Commencing and Ceasing Tuition

The cut-off date for withdrawal from instrumental/vocal lessons for Term 3 has now passed. If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from lessons, they will be charged the full amount for the term.


To commence lessons parents must fill in the Application for Instrumental/Vocal Tuition Form and return it to Performing Arts Administration. Once a student is enrolled for lessons he/she is then automatically enrolled for his selected lessons from term to term, year to year.

Blessed Ricvera Music Scholarship

St Norbert College invites applications for the Blessed Ricvera Music Scholarship for students commencing in Year 7, 2019. To obtain an application form please visit the College website at or phone Katherine Freind on 9350 5433 to receive an application form.  Applications close on Friday 20 July 2018.


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)


Photo: "Angst" by Lucas Tan

Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists

The City of Subiaco recently opened the 16th annual 2018 Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists. This Visual Art award is open to Western Australian school students and encourages imagination, innovation and creativity. This year saw over 1500 students from all over WA participate. Congratulations to the following St Norbert College Visual Art and Design student entrants:


Year 7 - Kelly McKie

Year 8 - Audrey Lee, Holly Giles and Kathleen Porter

Year 10 - Licia Benedict

Year 11 - Jessica Ramos and Kritsana Palakawong Na Ayudhya

Year 12 - Lucas Tan and Jason Partridge


Year 12 Design student Lucas Tan was shortlisted with his digital artwork ‘Angst’. Winners will be announced soon. Good luck Lucas!


Mr C Mecham and Ms A Marsh (Design Teachers)

Children, Family and Community

Children, Family and Community

The Year 11 class were treated to some very special guests this week… young Frankie Robinson, aged 7 months, and Lily-Jane Eloff, aged 4 ½ months, along with their respective mothers, Mrs Melanie Robinson and Mrs Samantha Eloff, both current staff members of the College who are on maternity leave.

The students are about to engage with the Baby Think It Over program, whereby they will be looking after their own computerised babies for a 48-hour period, so it was really nice for them to see the real deal in action! Mrs Eloff and Mrs Robinson were very open and honest about their respective parenting journeys so far, and we look forward to having them and their daughters back in again to see how the little ones have changed. With our current focus on language development in young children, it will be interesting to see the babies again towards the end of the year, if we can.


Mrs S Mark (Head of Learning Area - Technologies)

Italian Exchange

Benvenuta Greta!

Welcome Greta to our community!


Fifty-two Italian exchange students arrived in Perth on Monday afternoon to begin their two-month cultural exchange in Australia.


St Norbert College is happy to host Greta Filippeschi, a 15-year-old student from Pisa. Greta is being looked after by host sister Lauren Strange (Year 9 student) and her family. Many thanks for your generous assistance.


Greta attends a high school in Pisa specialising in the Humanities subjects and has just completed Year 10. She is giving up her summer holidays in Italy to participate in this exchange with the aim of improving her English language skills and also to experience the Australian way of life.


We wish Greta a wonderful experience at St Norbert College and hope her time in Australia will be memorable.


Ms D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)


Year 7 Dockers Cup AFL Carnival

On Tuesday 19 June, 40 Year 7 boys and girls participated in the South Metro Freo Dockers Cup Carnival at Ferndale Reserve. The day was organised so that each team played each other once in short 30-minute game of AFL football with the overall winning team going onto a Grand Final the following week. Along with St Norbert College, there were teams representing Seton College, Mazenod College, Emmanuel College, Serpentine-Jarrahdale Grammar, Irene McCormack College, Tranby College and Corpus Christi College.


The boys were enthusiastic and had some hard-fought games against much more skilful opposition. At all times the boys tried their hardest and came away from the day with their heads held high. It was great to meet some parents who came down to support the students who were all fantastic ambassadors for the College. Special mentions to Ben Retallack, Tanaka Machiri and Cooper Notley who were excellent all day and demonstrated excellent football and leadership skills.


The Year 7 girls team had a tremendous day, winning all six of their games convincingly. All 20 girls who represented the College played exceptionally well and with great enthusiasm. The day provided many standout players, special mention to Paige Craven-Bower, Bianca Halton, Summer Pollard and Kyra Daltyn.


With the girls coming away as the champions of the South Metro Freo Dockers Cup regional carnival, they played a Grand Final carnival on Tuesday 26 June at Inglewood Oval against La Salle and Bunbury Catholic College. With Miss Isard on camp, Mr Price was excited to take the group of talented girls to the grand final and their performance did not disappoint! Our first game was against La Salle where the girls took the first half to warm up and at half time there was only a few points in it. The girls hit their straps in the second half and won the game by 28 points. We had an hour break to watch Bunbury defeat La Salle in another close game, which meant the final game against Bunbury Catholic College was the decider. The game was close with St Norbert leading by a few goals at half time. We knew Bunbury wouldn’t lay down and they came out ready to play in the second half clawing their way back. With only seconds remaining and St Norbert leading by 5 points, Bunbury had a late shot on goal which (fortunately for us) missed and the siren blew moments later. For the first time in the 23-year history of the Freo Dockers Cup, St Norbert College had won! The team played sensationally well all day and everyone contributed which was fantastic to see. Everyone played a part and it was a genuine team effort!


Overall it was a very enjoyable carnival series for all involved and some special thanks is also extended to Year 9 students Alex DeSilva and Oscar Butler who helped on the day with set up, training and goal umpiring and also to Mr Price for his organisation and giving Year 7s the opportunity to participate in the carnival.




Ms K Isard and Mr  A McGoorty (Year 7 AFL Coaches)

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Year 8/9 Eagles Cup

This year’s Eagles Cup campaign was enthusiastically supported by the Year 8/9 boys and it produced some excellent results and entertaining football. The final results of the season don’t do justice to the consistent and courageous efforts of the team, missing out on the finals by half a game on the ladder.


The team was suitably led by a bunch of experienced midfielders including Francesco Tilli, Ethan Glassborow, Oscar Butler and Ace Tinlin who took care of the midfield week after week. This group was supported by Theo Steed, Taj Hewitt and Connor Chehab who had limited seasons due to injury. In our backline and at times under immense pressure, Blaine Bingham, Dillon Bingham, Oliver Kang, Joshua Ferguson, Benjamin Park, Jaxon Mikaere, Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn and Joshua Bransby made sure that their opponents earned every kick and rebounded the ball efficiently. The forwards had some dominant displays and were especially fond of kicking goals at our Queens Park home ground. The forwards included Flynn Beckwith, Samuel Berhane, Alex DeSilva, Ethan George, Liam Isles, Trent McKay, Mathieu Meetoo, Suglo Morna, Ayden Ratnasekera, Jacob Roberts and Alex Valentino.


Thank you to all the players for ensuring games were played with great sportsmanship and energy. Thanks also goes to Lennon Butler who stepped in numerous times to assist with umpiring, Mr Price for managing the team and the supportive parents who offered their help with scoring and equipment.


Mr S Hodgen (Head Learning Area - Health and Physical Education)


Photo: Year 8/9 SASj Soccer

Year 10 SASj Netball

The Year 10 SASj Girls Netball team had a tough Term Two competition, coming up against some strong teams.


The highlight of the competition was winning their first game against Kennedy College. Due to injury, we recruited Rylee Curtis and Ella Reilly to fill in for the team. Both these girls showed tremendous courage stepping up to an older age group. Grace White, the smiling defender, took multiple intercepts making it very difficult for Kennedy to score. Erin Roch and Kayla Hartree played well together in attack, taking shots from all around the shooting circle. In the centre court, the defensive pressure from Caitlin Bransby, Shakira Pezzali and Jade Greenwell provided many turnovers for our team. Olivia Bell unfortunately did not play in the game, however played well in the centre court for other games.


Thank you to Year 12 student Kelsey De Luis for taking on the coaching and umpiring for home games. Thank you to practicum teacher Sinead Terpsis for scoring all the games. A special thank you to all the family and friends that came and supported the girls.


Miss A Fogliani  (Coach)

Year 7 SASj Netball

It was a tough season for the Year 7 SASj Girls Netball team. After starting off with a convincing win, we suddenly found ourselves struggling against the stronger sides. Each loss however, was an opportunity to learn and after working on our limitations we found ourselves putting the pressure back on. Anissa Holmes, Kira Willis, Phoenix Wu and Jessica Espenlaub worked hard in the centre court while Mia Hendricks, Makayla Castel and Arania Didiwik took countless intercepts. Strong defence in the goal circle was shown by Darcy Eyre, our goal keeper, while our shooters Chloe Fitzgerald and Dalila Nikaghanri consistently made brilliant shots. This led to a final nail-biting win against Carey College.

I would like to congratulate the girls on their sportsmanship, behaviour and resilience demonstrated throughout the Term. I would also like to thank Nicola Crombie, Brooke Bennett and the practicum teacher Dearne Meier who assisted with the umpiring of home games, and finally, to the parents and family members that supported the girls at either home or away games.


Mrs B Kremer (Coach)

Year 8/9 SASj Soccer

Well done to all Year 8/9 SASj Soccer girls who participated in Term Two including four home games and three away games. Many thanks go to the practicum teacher Jack Osborne who did a fantastic job coaching the team and Declan Sinclair and Alex Sone who helped umpire our games. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers who assisted. Also a big thank you to the parents and family members that came down and supported the girls.

Ms C Wang (Coach)

Year 10 Specialised Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball Incursion

Recently the Year 10 Specialised Basketball students along with two Year 7 students participated in a Wheelchair Basketball Incursion conducted by Rebound WA and run by guest coach Kim Robins.


Mr Robins is a professional player in Germany and is currently training to compete for Australia at the World Championships in a few months’ time. Mr Robins introduced the students to the wheelchair and how to use it. He taught them specific offensive skills like picking the ball up and passing to teammates on the move. Mr Robins demonstrated how to play defence and manoeuvre the chair to advantage.

It was a remarkable experience for the students as they were able to experience Wheelchair Basketball from an Australian professional. The students were fantastic throughout the day, asking plenty of questions and improving immensely by the end of the incursion. Thomas Rogers (Year 7) was a stand-out with his skills in a wheelchair followed by Ivy Harding and Reilly Montgomery displaying their all-round basketball skills on the court.


Mr R Godfrey (Health and Physical Education Teacher)


Flaktest 2018 Regional League DOTA 2 Grand Finals

CONGRATULATIONS to St Norbert College Team for making it to the Flaktest 2018 Regional League DOTA 2 Grand Finals! The team members are Year 12 students Lucas Tan (Captain), Bernard Masillones, Kade Best, Edwin Ceng, Daniel Tan and Jan Claude Busoy.


The efforts of the team, club and teacher representative is a testament to the ongoing success St Norbert College has had in high school eSports since its conception in 2016.


The Grand Final event will take place at RFLAN 61 on Saturday July 14, the largest community LAN gaming event in Australia. St Norbert College will be playing against their opponents in a live grand final event in front of more than 700 spectators. This event is an historic occasion, as it is the largest high school eSports event in Australia.


We wish to invite the St Norbert College Flaktest High School Esport Club, College staff and parents/guardians to RFLAN 61 to help support their team on this special occasion. The event will begin at 9am and conclude at 3pm. The day will be full of activities that entertain and inform attendees on the eSports and video game industry, including:

  • Live LAN matches
  • Arcade machines and consoles
  • Great giveaways
  • Competitions for parents and teachers

Match details are below:


9:00am  –  Doors Open

9:30am  –  Rocket League Grand Finals

10:30am  – DOTA 2 Grand Finals – St Norbert College DOTA 2 match

11:45am  –  CS:GO Grand Finals

1:00pm – Overwatch Grand Finals


To register as a spectator for the event, please go to our Eventbrite page via the link below with the password: FG2018


Mrs S Mark (Head of Learning Area - Technologies)

Student Achievements

Chloe Reilly (Year 9 - T3)

The College recently received word that Chloe Reilly was selected to represent WA in the 2018 AFL 15’s Girls Team. Chloe will be competing at the School Sport Australia National Championships in Adelaide from  21 to 29 July. Chloe has also been an important member of her East Fremantle development team this year and we look forward to seeing her out on the park for St Norbert in next term’s Year 8/9 Girls AFL competition! Good luck Chloe!


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Uniform Shop



Mondays        8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

'In the Middle of Everything'

Copies of this outstanding publication, which chronicles the first 50 years of St Norbert College, are available for purchase for just $20. The 152-page, full colour book tells the story of people, young and old, who have been fully committed to the aspiration of being 'prepared for all good works' from the school's origins until the present day. 

To purchase a copy of the book, please contact Mrs Angela Hughes at the College on (08) 9350 5433.

2018 Entertainment Book

Buy your Entertainment Book or Digital Membership through St Norbert College and support St Joseph’s P&F.


St Norbert College is again selling the Entertainment Books with proceeds going towards St Joseph’s Primary School. They are $70 each and you can purchase either a hard copy  at College Reception or the digital version by clicking on the link below.

Order page:

Virtual Book Link:

Class of 1988 and 1998 reunions

Class of 1988 – Saturday October 27, 2018

Class of 1998 – Saturday October 13, 2018

Both reunions will be held at The Merrywell, Burswood Casino, from 7pm onwards. No tickets or bookings required. Please spread the word! Enquiries to [email protected]

Term 3 Mathematics Workshop


InFocus Careers July 2018




Junior Touch Football Program


Yoga Classes for Staff and Students

When: Every Tuesday morning from 7:20am to 8:20am

Where: Dance Studio, Xanten Performing Arts Centre

Cost: $80 per person per 8 weeks

First class: Tuesday 31 July

Last class: Monday 17 September

Student signing – please write down your name at Students Services and pay $80 to Ms Harvey by 12 July.

Staff signing – please write down your name on the sheet in the staff room and pay $80 to Ms Harvey by 12 July.


Mrs D Carvalho (Psychology Services)


Monday 16 July - Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 17 July - Term 3 Commences (Winter Uniform)

Friday 20 July - Closing date for 2019 Blessed Ricvera Music Scholarship

Wednesday 25 July - Home Study Day -Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews, 12.00pm-7.00pm

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In Focus Careers July 2018.pdf
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