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01 September 2017
Issue Fourteen
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Principal News

God our Father,

You govern and protect your people

And shepherd them with a father’s love.

You place a father in a family

As a sign of your love, care, and constant protection.
May fathers everywhere be faithful to the examples shown in the Scriptures:

steadfast in love, forgiving

transgressions, sustaining the family,

caring for those in need.

Give your wisdom to fathers

That they may encourage and

Guide their children

Keep them healthy

So they may support a family.

Guide every father

with the Spirit of your love
that they may grow in holiness

and draw their family ever close to you.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends

On Monday this week I helped pack away the Year 12 Visual Art Major Works. I was amazed at the quality of the work and in awe of the talent in our young people. It made me reflect on all of the "project" works of our Year 12 students.


I know that I have mentioned them in previous newsletters but once again,when they are thought about as a complete set, Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology:  Multimedia  and Timber and Furniture Technologies, they include a large number of senior students.

Each one of these students have to "put it out there", to show what is happening for them on the inside and "make" something from nothing. If nothing else it takes enormous courage to dare to do this. Each one of them are laying themselves open to public criticism and judgement. Once it is done, they can't take it back. They can't say, "Can I have another go at this?" I am sure that you would agree that this takes a certain type of bravery to allow it to happen. 

I think that these HSC projects are ideal expressions of how Marian Catholic College is attempting to live out our Vision Statement. In fact, the actions of each of us within our community at Marian Catholic College should be genuine attempts to live our Vision and Mission statement.

If you think about what all our students are doing each day from Year 7 to 12 we might see that every moment is a growth moment. Learning about who they are becoming, what is really important and how they are to respond. They are asked to "risk" living well.

Here at Marian, we ask everyone to be "Courageous, like Our Mother Mary". Pope Francis says that we are called by Christ to, "Be the best version of ourselves". 

So be bold and brave and like our Year 12 students, be prepared to risk, be prepared to fail, be prepared to have others criticise you. Have belief in yourself that no matter what comes of risk, you are living life and living it to the full. It will be worth it. Find within yourself the courage to be the best version of yourself.
Academic and Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead said that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, Shakespeare made it clear that if we desire change (in ourselves), there is no room for doubt:
Our doubts are traitors

And make us lose the good we oft might win

By fearing to attempt.

Finally, Happy Father's day to all our dads!

Peace and Best Wishes


Assistant Principal 


On Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th of September all Year 7 and all Year 9 students will be sitting online NAPLAN tests in readiness for the NAPLAN test moving online.

This means moving NAPLAN from the current paper-based tests to computer-based assessments. The transition to NAPLAN online will commence from 2018.  All schools will be undertaking NAPLAN as paper-based tests in 2017.

In May of every year, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). NAPLAN was first introduced in 2008 and has become a routine part of the school calendar in Australia.

NAPLAN, which is a part of the National Assessment Program (NAP), is how Governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether young Australians are reaching important educational goals.

States and territories determine when their schools commence NAPLAN Online.

Moving NAPLAN online brings many new opportunities for students and teachers that are limited or not possible with paper-based tests.

The benefits of online assessments

Some of the main benefits of students taking part in NAPLAN Online include:

  • Better assessment – and more precise results. NAPLAN Online uses a tailored test or adaptive design, where the test automatically adapts to a student's performance and asks questions that match the student achievement level, allowing the student to demonstrate their knowledge. This provides teachers and schools with more targeted and detailed information on students’ performance on the tests. Tailored testing also provides an opportunity to broaden the scope of the assessments.
  • Faster turnaround of results. Delivery of assessments online significantly reduces the time it takes to provide feedback to schools, students and parents, so teachers can respond more quickly to learning needs.
  • More engaging. ACARA research into online assessment has shown that students have engaged well with electronic tests.

As technology develops, ACARA aims to further refine the delivery of the tests to best use the available technology to provide increasingly sophisticated assessments and valuable feedback to teachers, parents and education authorities.

NAPLAN Online: key messages

  • NAPLAN helps parents, carers and educators to see if children are meeting important numeracy and literacy standards. It is used to support school improvement processes by enabling teachers to monitor their students’ progress over time and to identify areas of strength and development.
  • NAPLAN provides parents and carers with an individual report, showing their child’s results and a national comparison of their child’s performance against other Australian students in their year level.
  • NAPLAN Online will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information.
  • NAPLAN Online will use ‘tailored testing’, which gives students questions better suited to their ability, resulting in better assessment and more precise results.
  • The precision and improved timing of the results will help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs.
  • An online national assessment platform has been developed by Education Services Australia with funds from the Australian Government.
  • Significant planning, development, research and trialling have been ongoing since 2012 to support the move to NAPLAN Online.
  • State/territory education authorities will determine the timing of their move to NAPLAN Online and lead implementation for their state/territory.

For more information on NAPLAN online, visit the NESA website at:



As part of the overall program of support offered to Year 12 students during their HSC year, the College offers a HSC Support Evening each term for the Year 12 students and their parents and carers. The final HSC Support Evening for the Year 12 Class of 2017 was held on Thursday 31st August, 2017. The evening began at 6.00 pm and it involved presentations from Special Guests, Mrs Betsy Farrugia, Mr Ivan Mason, Mrs Tonetta Iannelli and Mr Heath Neville.

The Guest Speakers spoke on topics and areas such as early entrance into University, course selections, scholarships, addressing the question in HSC responses and finding a healthy social life and study balance. Mrs Morris, the Year 12 Pastoral Leader also touched on details around the upcoming final events for Year 12 and the special final assembly, Mass and Graduation Ceremony.

I would like to thank the Year 12 students and their parents and carers for attending the evening and I would also like to thank Mrs Betsy Farrugia, Mr Ivan Mason, Mr Heath Neville and Mrs Angela Morris for their time and assistance in the organisation of this event.

Mrs Tonetta Iannelli

Assistant Principal (Acting)

Director of Pastoral Care

On Thursday the 31st of August we held the College Captain speeches and voting for 2018. Approximately 16 students presented why they wanted to lead the College and how much it would mean to them to do so. This was an amazing sight to see and an affirmation that once again we are guiding our students to be successful leaders that truly hold pride in our College. “I want to inspire, influence and impact” on the College community, “I will lead with or without a badge”, “honesty is what I uphold and is my best quality”. These were all phrases that were taken from their short 2 minute speeches. Another highlight was one of the students in spoke about good leaders creating more leaders. She put it to her peers that she wanted to represent a group of students who did not simply follow but a group of students who would lead. Wow! These was powerful words that brought the audience to applause in acclamation. One of the final speakers finished with asking the students to picture who they would like to be standing on stage in front of you? This question will not be an easy one to answer in the following days as the election process takes place. Every one of these candidates were impressive and a fine example of the Marian spirit. I congratulate all of those who participated and had the courage to speak their values in front of their peers. I encourage them all to continue to lead “with or without a badge”.

On Wednesday this week at student briefing we handed out 12 Marian All Star awards. Marian All Star Students need to demonstrate a personal best in any area either within or beyond the College. Any member of the College Community can nominate a worthy recipient. The Director of Pastoral Care prepares the All Star Award and presents it at a College Assembly. Students demonstrated excellence at the Leeton Eisteddfod, charitable donations and sporting achievements. One recipient of particular interest was Ioane Saula who is this weeks Marian Way feature below.

This term alone we have had over 100 nominations from staff and students. This is people striving to acknowledge the efforts of others. This is itself is a beautiful and positive aspect of our community.

Such efforts are a beacon for others here in our College and what they should aspire to. Another highlight of the assembly was when Mrs Hone stated that “kindness is a beautiful act that filters through the College” and I ended my address with this. I ask the students to think about how they influence the College community? I asked them to think about what would happen if the 700 staff and students here actively made an effort to positively improve the College every day with a single action. What would Marian be like in the future. They were challenged with this: Marian is your school! Try and make it a better place for everyone by making it better for you. They were then asked to do a small act of gratitude to their teachers after every lesson. This would be a great discussion starter with your kids, what were they asked to do? And how does it make our school better?

Thankyou for all those who attended the HSC information night last night also. These nights feature a particular focus on the pastoral wellbeing of students through their Academic journey and it was uplifting to see over 60 students and family members attend last night in support of each other. I cannot say this enough. What a great school we have!

I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Year 12 Spring Bazaar fundraiser…

The Marian Way

This week’s Marian Way feature is a student who received a Marian All Star this week and was nominated by a number of members of staff.

Ioane Saula had a very serious injury on the rugby field a little over 12 months ago to his leg. The injury was extreme with multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. This meant travelling between here and Sydney for operations also. Despite this, upon his return to the College with pins and braces extending from his leg and in a wheel chair for a period. Ioane has continued to face every challenge with a smile. He has stayed involved with his rugby club in the role of Team manager and has taken on new challenges - such as public speaking. Ioane leads by example and shows us that while things may not turn out how we expect sometimes, good things can come from a very bad situation. In the words of his Year Coordinator Ms Star “He shows true Marian spirit”.

He certainly does and congratulations because this week you are the proud example of the Marian Way.

Thank you Ioane and keep up the outstanding work.

Mr Heath Neville

Director of Pastoral Care (Acting)


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College News


CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK was celebrated at Marian Catholic College in several ways.  The week saw many staff and students bring  in old, used and preloved books  for donation to charities such as St Vincent De Paul,  Carevan to name a few. The Community Action team was instrumental in activating this drive.

The Accelerated Reader classes were given  a talk on the Book Council and its chosen books for Younger Readers and Older Readers.  The classes were then shown fun  videos using a parody from a recent song  with the words changed to suit books and libraries.  Students were then asked to spot and name the books in the clips.

To celebrate the end of Book Week, only staff came to school in fancy dress using the theme “Escape to Everywhere”.  Students enjoyed seeing the staff in their costumes.  Staff  gathered in the staff room at lunchtime for a  Team Book Week Photo, followed by indulging in a delicious Party Cake to celebrate Book Week.

During the week English teacher, Miss Nicole Commins initiated a “Literature Club” encouraging students to appreciate and discuss a topical book.  The first meeting was held in the library with over 20  students attending.

Gisella Barber Librarian
Jenny Sartor School Assistant
Betsy Farrugia School Assistant/ Librarian


CHESS COMP: ROUND 5 v Narrandera High School

Marian’s year 9 chess quartet managed last week to place top 3 in the Riverina section of the statewide chess comp and our congratulations go out to Muntaqim Chowdhury, Piriyarathan Karunapalan, Matthew Salvestro, Zachary Scoble and Aditha Jayasuriya. This is Marian’s second best showing ever. They often played year 11 and 12 students and only missed out, at the last step, on a trip to Sydney. However, they did score an entry into the ‘Second Place Competition’ for the 6 highest ranking schools after this year’s regional champs, Kooringal High. This means a knockout, 3-round tournament. We played host to Narrandera High today and the boys were very happy to post a 3-1 win to progress through to the semis.
With Aditha a last minute scratching, Karanbir Sidhu stepped in and marched headlong straight into his opponent's army. The confident approach seemed to unsettle the young Narranderian and table 4 saw the first congratulatory handshake of the day - well done Karanbir. Piri, on table 2, played the slow and steady game and Matthew, on table 3, as always, played the even slower and even steadier game. Muntaqim, on table 1, was determined this time not to be caught short on time and played at triple time compared to his last match. Piri, after leaving his rook dormant for 50 minutes, finally moved it and lost it. The momentary slip was to prove fatal. Muntaqim, after playing most of the match a queen down, was the beneficiary of a self-confessed choke as Narrandera’s number 1 lost his queen with a brainsnap and Munty had checkmate a few moves later - couldn’t believe his luck. Yet his relentless attention, confidence and focus on the checkmate was a key part of the ‘unforced’ error. The star of the day however was Matthew who posted his 5th straight victory - undefeated in 2017!!

Thanks, as always, to the support from the office staff, Mrs Panarello and well done boys!

Mr Munro



Pastoral Care

This week Mr Ken Rebetkze; Founder of Needy Paws Griffith was presented with the proceeds of our “Share what you can” activity. As a whole school community we were able to present Ken with a large quantity of canned and dry food to be distributed to his team of 10 volunteers in the local community. Once again we reminded students and staff about the responsibility of dog ownership; including avoiding unwanted litters of puppies, adopt not shop options and how  people can become more involved with the service. Needy Paws has a facebook site and invite members of the public to follow and support their work now and in the future.

Donations of books continued to be collected this week and the response has been phenomenal. We will pack and distribute the books to Carevan and St Vincent DePaul next week and due to the volume of donations we will also be able to present Linking Community Network (Women’s Refuge and Youth Refuge) as well as Barnabas House with a large quantity of quality books.  We cannot thank you enough for you generosity and kindness.

The end of the term is quickly coming upon us however we have no time to rest. During the next two weeks we still have a few activities that we are involved with including the community R U OK DAY breakfast on the balcony at Griffith Central as well as our rostered CAREVAN cooking.  We try to identify where we can provide assistance and support in accordance with three of the elements from our MCC Vision Statement, Care, Service and Sustainability.

This Saturday (2nd Sept) Year 12 are holding A “Spring Bazaar” and carwash on the school grounds between 10am and 3pm. This day is the final activity they will be hosting and all funds raised during the year will be distributed to their nominated charities, Australian Catholic Mission, Diabetes Griffith and also Project Sam.

Members of the Community Action Team have been collecting items to donate to the TRASH N TREASURE stall and once again the MCC and wider community have been extremely supportive. I hope that you will come down and enjoy the many things that will be on offer including carwash, baked goods stall, bar b que, fine coffee, live music, art and craft stalls and of course the mega TRASH N TREASURE stall. There is also a major raffle ($1 per ticket) where you have the opportunity to win 1 of 10 prizes. With a great weather forecast the day promises to be awesome and a great way to welcome the new season. There will be something for everyone so bring your friends and family and enjoy the MCC Spring Bazaar.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe and stay warm.

Regards Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)



Open Girls Soccer

On Monday 28th August, Marian’s Open Girls Soccer team travelled to Valentine Sports Park, Glenwood to compete in the semi finals of the Combined Catholic Colleges knock out competition.

Marian was drawn to play Holy Spirit College, Bellambi in the preliminary final. Holy Spirit started the game strongly creating a lot of pressure for our defensive line. With some strong scrambling defense from Teneeka, Makayla, Samantha and Elizabeth we were able to absorb this pressure and counter their attack with some pressure of our own. Strong attacking raids by Johane, Alana, Zarah and Ella created a platform for a well-placed goal by Sienna in the 29 minute of the game.

Marian continued the attack in the second half, having the majority of the possession in their half until a well-placed through ball onto a flying striker created a one on one scoring opportunity with our keeper. Claire did a great job of getting a hand to the ball, but it still hit the back of the net. With tired legs Holy Spirit repeated this attack with less than 5 minutes to go and created a 2 – 1 lead over Marian.

Despite some spirited attacking raids lead by Jaclyn and Sabine, it was not enough to force a draw. The girls played extremely well and finished the competition 3rd placed overall.

I would like to congratulate the girls and thank Mr Abdala for preparing and coaching the team to this level.



Mr J Seers


Father Christian - Parish Chaplain

There's an old story of a boy who stood on a sidewalk, waiting on a bus. A man walking by spotted the boy, and gave him some gentle instruction. "Son," he said, "if you're waiting on the bus, you need to move to the street corner. That's where the bus stops for passengers." "It's ok," said the boy. "I'll just wait right here, and the bus will stop for me."  The man repeated his argument, but the boy never moved. Just then, the bus appeared. Amazingly, the bus pulled over to where the boy stood, and the child hopped on. The man on the sidewalk stood speechless. The boy turned around in the doorway, with a giggle of a child who have had a triumph and said, "Sir, I knew the bus would stop here, because the bus driver is my dad!"

Friends this weekend is FATHERS DAY! We remember in special way all our dads and the immense gift of life that they have given to us, their daily sacrifices, love and care for us are amazing. Just recently, I saw on a news report how a boy got so emotional whilst speaking with his dad through a cellular phone having missed him for couple of days in the midst of the heavy storm in Houston, Texas, United States.

Just as I paid tribute to all our mums during the Mother’s day celebration, I equally commend all our fathers, together with our mothers; keep up the good work of love, care, nurturing and upbringing that you are doing for us in the family. Your roles are irreplaceable and forever, we will be grateful for having been part of the life of the man and woman through whose love, we all came into this world.

May God bless all our families!

God bless.


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