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24 August 2017
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Principal's Report

Dear Families,


A reminder that Galilee will be closed tomorrow as we host three other schools in learning about Student Wellbeing.


In recent newsletters, I have written about a number of wellbeing strategies such as: the importance of being positive, teaching our children independence and resilience and being grateful for the wonderful people in our lives. I was at a coffee shop recently (corner of Park & Ferrars Sts.) when a simple message was placed upon my table: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. I read it several times and shared and discussed it with Mrs Burns and Mrs Gerecke. We discussed the importance of celebrating our achievements at work and focussing on the positives rather than dwelling on the challenges. Each day of our lives, we encounter both positive and negative experiences. Why do people focus mostly upon what is negative? Learning from our mistakes rather than allowing them to inhibit our future actions is a critical part of developing resilience. Mistakes are a great opportunity for learning. Teaching your children strategies to deal with challenges can help them to move on more positively. Encourage the thinking that, you can choose how you react to a situation. Have you ever been upset and realised afterwards that the original action was not as serious as you thought? Read the Student Wellbeing section a Growth Mindset  for more information.


Father's Day 

It's wonderful to see so many fathers/male guardians registering for our inaugural Father's Day Breakfast from 7:30am on September 1st. You will have until this Monday to register with Paul Mapley. It will be an exciting event for you and your child/ren and we hope to see you there. Please be aware the Father's day Liturgy in the school hall will take place at 2.40pm on Friday 1st September.


School Fees

 All school fees are to be finalised by September 8th, unless you have an agreement with Mr. Millar or an ongoing payment plan .  All other amounts not paid in full by this date will incur a $200 late fee.


Trivia Night Profit

The final figures are in from our Annual Fundraiser - The Galilee Trivia Night 2017 and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  A profit of just under $18,700 was raised on the evening.  

An important part of our evening was to highlight the importance of the work Kidney Health Australia does and to raise money for this not for profit organisation in recognition of one of our current school families who have a son who was born with kidney disease and attended Galilee.  On the evening we heard their story and we raised an amazing $557 from the generous families in attendance.  We will be making a final donation to to Kidney Health Australia of $1000.

As with all schools, there are always wonderful ways to spend money.  Many families have asked what the monies raised this year will be going towards.  The money from the Trivia Night and the Bunnings BBQ will be combined and we are very excited to announce that after consultation with staff, the SRC and all the school students we will be installing a three metre high retractable netting around the grassed area that will create two defined play spaces.  This will support the children who enjoy the playing of rigorous ball sports during break times, prevent the cross over of sporting games being played and allow children to play safely in the sandpit area and on the playground with less risk of being knocked by a stray ball.  It will create new spaces for teachers to conduct lessons.  The netting will be installed over the September holiday break.

Due to the success of the evening the rest of the monies raised on the Trivia Night have contributed towards an upgrade of the school security camera system.  This upgraded system will ensure the safety of all our children, staff and families of our school community.

It is with the hard work of the volunteers that make these events possible, of the families who attend and of those who so generously donate their money at these events that we are able to continue to upgrade the facilities of our school to benefit all of our children.


Park Street Closed

Park Street entrance will be closed for Book Week, Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September. Please use Bank Street for these five days. Park Street will re-open on Monday 4th September. 


Mathematics in Year 3R

This week I visited Year 3R and they were learning about decimal fractions. The students were able to compare fractions, decimals and percentages  (VCMNA190) - Level 5. They were also able to calculate fractions of whole numbers (VCMNA213) from Level 6 in the Victorian Curriculum. Congratulations to 3R and Mrs Rochecouste.  Watch the video below to hear their clever responses.




In May, our Year 3 & 5 students participated in NAPLAN and last Friday they received their results. Our students collectively received excellent results achieving well above state and national averages. We also achieved marginally higher than other like schools. Our results are strong in all tests across both year levels. Individual results for each student can at times be inaccurate however, they do provide invaluable information on each cohort of students. In the graphs below, our results are in RED and State averages in YELLOW. 


Year Three Results:




Year Five Results:

Below you can see a five year trend of our results in Numeracy. They show an upward spike in our results in 2017.

Five Year Trend in Numeracy - Year 5

Five Year Trend in Numeracy - Year 3

Importantly, the growth in 2017 for individual students has improved showing that we are catering better for the individual needs of our students.  Although improved, we will continue to focus on increasing the growth of our students.

Pastoral Care Policy

The Galilee Pastoral Care Policy can now be found on our website under Student Wellbeing. The policy and procedures have been explained to the students by their classroom teachers. Staff are encouraged to use restorative strategies but also utilise logical consequences if required.

Prep Transition

This week we held our 2018 Prep Orientation across two days. We have another three sessions for our future Preps to attend. The sessions are designed to: collect data, develop the students' confidence and connect families to Galilee. Congratulations to Miss Fahy & Miss Evans (Prep Teachers & Parent Partnership Leaders) for their preparation and care of the students. The children can't wait to start and we look forward to welcoming them in 2018. At this stage, both classes are full for 2018 and we have a waiting list.

Thank-you to all of the Year 6 Leaders who assisted with the orientation and below is a transcript of Charlotte B's (one of the School Captains) speech to the parents.


Good morning and welcome. My name is Charlotte and I am one of the current school captains of 2017.  I am so lucky to be able to speak to you all today. Galilee may seem small but great things come in small packages. I think that Galilee is an amazing school that has a great sense of community .


One of the amazing things about Galilee is the amount of great opportunities for all the year levels. Every year level participates in five different specialists. These subjects include; sport, art, Italian, ICT and performing arts. These subjects help students with different talents and capabilities to try new things. There is also a school concert that is held every second year where each class performs a song and students may tryout for lead roles in the play.


In our year levels and classes we sometimes get the chance to go and have fun at incursions, excursions and school camps. These help all the students of Galilee to learn about new places and encourage everyone to step out of there comfort zone.


Galilee is a really inclusive school and  has a great sense of community. I have my friends who are always there to help me through my tough times. The playground is always covered in students running around with smiles on their faces. We open some other places for students who would rather different kinds of play. These places include learning street, the hall and the library.


When I started in Prep I had no idea how the school and play yard worked but I had my buddy to help me out. My buddy encouraged me to make friends and helped me learn about new things. Every lunch they would help me line up until I got the right idea. I am now really enjoying being a buddy, it's a great way to get to know new prep students and help them enjoy school.


I have a little brother in prep now and he loves it. Every night he reads and learned like he never had to. He finds school really enjoyable. After the first day of school he came home with about twenty names of students who he had made friends with. That is another one of the great things about Galilee . It is so easy to find friends because you are is such a safe environment.


I hope you have enjoyed my speech thank you very much for all listening and I will hopefully see you next year. Whether it be in the schoolyard, at assembly, mass or one of the fun social events at the school.

By Charlotte B (School Captain)


Security Cameras

The security cameras that I have previously mentioned in the newsletter, are due to be fully installed by August 25. Our current set of security cameras are being replaced with digital cameras and will fully cover the external space in our school yard. The cameras will assist us in continuing to make Galilee a safe place for our students. 


Peace & Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 



 Fri 25  -School Closure Day

Mon 28 - Grandparents/Special Friends Day Mass and Morning tea

Mon 28 - Fri Sep 1 - Book fair/Book Week

Wed 30 - Book Week Parade

Thurs 31 Year 5/6 Hoop Time



Fri 1 -  Father's day Breakfast & Footy Colours Day

Fri 1 - Father's Day Liturgy 2.30 in School Hall

Fri 1 - Book Week Performance

Sun 3 - Father's Day

Tue 5 - SEB Meeting

Wed 6 - 4R Assembly

Thu 7 - Principal's Network Meeting

Thu 7 - Dads Night

Mon 11 - Yr. 6 Parent Morning Tea

Wed 13   Prep Assembly (please note change - all Preps will participate) 

Wed 13   Family Life: Parent Only Information Evening Session


School Closure Dates

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1


Sacrament Dates

Sacrament of Confirmation at St Joseph’s, Port Melbourne & Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Middle Park

  • Thursday 14 September - Combined Confirmation Faith Night and Parent Information Session at Galilee School Hall, 6.30pm – 7.45pm
  • Saturday 16 September - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 14 October -  Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 21 October  - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 28 October - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Wednesday 1 November - Candidates Reflection Day at MacKillop Heritage Centre, East Melbourne. More details about the Reflection Day will be made available at the Faith Night on 14 September 2017.
  • Wednesday 8  November - Rehearsal & meeting with Bishop Elliott - O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms,  Middle Park at 4.30pm
  • Saturday 11 November - Sacrament of Confirmation Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park at 6.00pm 

Sacrament of Confirmation at Ss. Peter and Paul, South Melbourne

  • Sept. 14  - Confirmation Faith Night at Galilee Hall at 6:30 - 7.30pm
  • Oct. 26 - Parent Information Night Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall at 7pm
  • Nov. 1  - Candidates Reflection Day at MacKillop Heritage Centre, East Melbourne. More details about the Reflection Day will be made available at the Faith Night on 14 September 2017.
  • Nov. 4 -  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall followed by Mass
  • Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall followed by Mass
  • Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall  followed by Mass
  • Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall  followed by Mass
  • Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Paul's 10am


Public Holidays

29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday (during school holidays)
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day



Wednesdays 2.40pm

Aug 30  Book Week Parade (2:30pm start)

Sept 6  4R

Sept 13  Prep E & Prep F

Sept 20  6C


Parent Calendar


Second Hand Uniform

Open Fridays 8:40am-8:55am & afternoons are available by appointment (3:30pm-3:40pm) please SMS Kate on 0419 384 471 to arrange.

Located in Prep Building

Clean uniform donations appreciated


Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only

Lunch Order 2017.pdf



Education in Faith

Grandparents Day Mass

On Monday 28th August we will be celebrating Grandparents Day at Galilee. We will begin the day at 9.30am in Ss. Peter and Paul Church to celebrate Mass together. Our Year 2 students and teachers have prepared a beautiful liturgy for us. We hope to see many Grandparents and Special Friends at Mass to mark this special day on our school calendar. 


Father's Day Liturgy

On Friday 1st September we will gather together to celebrate Father's Day with a Father's Day Liturgy. The Year Three students and teachers have been planning and preparing for the liturgy and would like to invite all within our community to attend. We will gather together for the liturgy at 2.30pm in the school hall. 


Sacrament of Confirmation

Later this term many of our Year 6 students will begin the formal preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please see the dates for the Sacraments below and the attached enrolment form for St Joseph's Port Melbourne and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park. 


Sacrament of Confirmation at St Joseph’s, Port Melbourne & Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Middle Park

  • Thursday 14 September - Combined Confirmation Faith Night and Parent Information Session at Galilee School Hall, 6.30pm – 7.45pm
  • Saturday 16 September - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 14 October -  Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 21 October  - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Saturday 28 October - Preparation Session in O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 4.45pm, followed by Mass at 6pm
  • Wednesday 1 November - Candidates Reflection Day at MacKillop Heritage Centre, East Melbourne. More details about the Reflection Day will be made available at the Faith Night on 14 September 2017.
  • Wednesday 8  November - Rehearsal & meeting with Bishop Elliott - O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms,  Middle Park at 4.30pm
  • Saturday 11 November - Sacrament of Confirmation Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park at 6.00pm 

The Confirmation enrolment form for the Sacrament of Conformation at St Joseph’s, Port Melbourne & Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Middle Park has been attached below.


Sacrament of Confirmation at Ss. Peter and Paul, South Melbourne

  • Sept. 14  - Confirmation Faith Night at Galilee Hall at 6:30 - 7.30pm
  • Oct. 26 - Parent Information Night Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall at 7pm
  • Nov. 1  - Candidates Reflection Day at MacKillop Heritage Centre, East Melbourne. More details about the Reflection Day will be made available at the Faith Night on 14 September 2017.
  • Nov. 4 -  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall followed by Mass
  • Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall followed by Mass
  • Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall  followed by Mass
  • Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall  followed by Mass
  • Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Paul's 10am

The enrollment form for the Sacrament of Confirmation at Ss. Peter and Paul has been attached below.



Leave your coats at home and join us at dusk for what promises to be the most anticipated event of the year! The bar will be flowing, food will be aplenty and of course, quality tunes will be pumping from the incredible live band. You don’t want to miss this!

 The Spring Ball is a fundraising event for CAPUCHIN FRIARS OUTREACH whose mission it is to assist those in need. All money raised will go directly to support Capuchin Friars to continue their outreach work and deliver assistance to those in need.

 Saturday 23 September, doors open at 7pm
 Sts. Peter and Paul’s, South Melbourne

 • $60 early bird (closes midnight 31 August)
 • $70 full price
 • Includes two drinks, a delicious assortment of canapes and live music

Dress: Cocktail

This is an 18+ event

For bookings
For more information:


Leadership and Management

Student Voice and the SRC

Enhancing Student Voice within our school has been one of our priorities this year and one initiative we have introduced is a Student Representative Council. Student Representatives from each class have attended regular meetings with Miss Casey this term and are beginning to set things in motion to improve our school.


Student voice acknowledges that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education.  Student voice is students actively participating in their schools, communities and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas. Student voice allows students to engage, participate, lead and learn. 

-Department of Education and Training Victoria


Galilee's Student Representative Council have been very active this term. Discussions have been had around available sports equipment during recess and lunch, the hall rules and ideas for Friendship Groups.  Each SRC Member has been holding class meetings to ensure that every students voice within the school is heard. Student Representatives are asked to report to the SRC, the discussions they have had during class meetings and then to report back to their class, the discussions that they have had during SRC Meetings.


We thank the SRC and Miss Casey for the work they are doing to enhance student voice and improve our school.

2018 Prep Transistion

We have begun the first stage of our 2018 Prep Transition Program at Galilee this week. We invited our 2018 Prep class to attend an hour session in the Prep classrooms. While the new students were busy working the parents gathered in our new parents room for morning team. Mr Millar spoke to the parents about Galilee and the transition process for our new Prep students. Charlotte and Ethan, our School Captains, told us about their experience at Galilee and shared a video that they had produced featuring our current Preps. It was a wonderful morning and we are very excited about the new cohort of students who will be with us next year. 

2018 Prep Transition will include three more sessions where the students will be engaged in different curriculum intiatives.

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

Well done to all the students taking part in the challenge.  There are three weeks to go for students to complete the challenge.  A reminder that the challenge closes on Friday 8th September.  19 students out of the registered 120 students have completed the challenge, with 960 books read.  Keep reading Galilee students!

Learning and Teaching

Book Club Orders

Book Club Issue 6 is out now. Orders due in by the 5th September. All orders must be placed through the Loop App, no cash orders will be accepted.

Carlo Martello

CBCA Children's Book Week

Each year across Australia, The CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children's literature.  Galilee will be celebrating Book Week next week (August 28 - September 1), with the Scholastic Book Fair, character dress-up day and a theatrical performance.

In 1946 the CBCA established annual book awards to promote children's books of high literary and artistic quality. These awards are now the most influential and highly respected in Australia. Generally,  the CBCA Book of the Year winner's announcement is the third Friday in August, and CBCA Children's Book Week commences the following day.  


The winners this year are:

Home in the Rain, by Bob Graham (Picture Book of the Year)

Go Home, Cheeky Animals, by Johanna Bell (Early Childhood Book of the Year)

Rockhopping, by Trace Balla (Younger Readers Book of the Year)

One Would Think the Deep, Claire Zorn (Older Readers Book of the Year)

Amazing Animals of Australia's National Parks, GIna M. Newton (Eve Pownall Award for Information Books)

The Patchwork Bike, Van T. Rudd (Crichton Award)

Number Intervention    

Jane Ferris

[email protected]


Congratulations to our Mathemagicians of the Week for Week 5, Eleni, Violet and Lachlan all from 3R, who have all demonstrated wonderful improvements in their knowledge of Number.  Keep up the great work!

In an earlier newsletter, I spoke about the links between addition and subtraction.  As children learn about addition and begin to memorise addition facts, it’s important that they see the part-part-whole relationships between the numbers.  If they fully grasp this relationship, then subtraction will be a simple process for them.


Having a good working knowledge of Maths facts and concepts is essential for children’s success in the 21st Century. Maths facts fluency refers to the ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations accurately, quickly and effortlessly. When students achieve automaticity with these facts, they have attained a level of mastery that enables them to retrieve them from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Brain imaging studies have shown how the progression from effortful processes, such as finger counting, to automatized retrieval is associated with actual changes in the regions of the brain involved in mathematical computation (Rivera, Reiss, Eckert and Menon, 2005).


So why focus on Maths facts? Maths facts fluency leads to higher order Mathematics. Through automaticity students free up their working memory and can devote it to problem solving and learning new concepts and skills (Geary, 1994). Quite simply, a lack of fluency in basic Maths fact recall significantly hinders a child’s subsequent progress with problem-solving, algebra and higher-order math concepts. Fluent maths facts mean less confusion. Maths facts are important because they form the building blocks for higher-level Maths concepts. When a child masters his/her Maths facts, these concepts will be significantly easier and the student will be better equipped to solve them faster. If the child spends a lot of time doing the basic facts, he/she is more likely to be confused with the processes and get lost in their problem-solving calculations.


Maths facts automaticity affects performance – not only in Maths. In later primary, students have longer and more complicated computations to complete and problems to solve to check their understanding of various concepts. At this stage, if a student does not have his/her Maths facts committed to memory, he/she will spend a disproportionate amount of time figuring out the smaller calculations and risk not completing the task. This not only affects their performance in maths class, but also in other subjects, such as science and geography.


Less Maths anxiety: Maths can be compared to languages in some ways. Just like you have to learn to combine letters into words and words into sentences – and we have strategies like phonics and sight words to help kids to learn to read – Maths facts are the foundation blocks for learning the next level of Maths. There is rote learning involved in both language and Maths mastery. Maths anxiety starts when children fall behind and can’t keep up. To avoid these anxieties, students’ early primary years should focus on learning the basic maths skills needed for later years – Maths facts are among those important Maths skills.


Basic Facts: Children should be able to make sense of addition and multiplication before they try to memorise their tables. When they do understand, it is important that they learn these basic facts and recall them instantly. Basic facts are linked to different stages. These will include the traditional basic facts as well as others such as addition and subtraction facts to ten, facts to twenty, doubles and ‘teen’ numbers. Ask your child’s teacher when or how they feel it is appropriate for you to support your child in learning these facts.


Helping your child at home

To practise you and your child can:  

  • Play games (card and board)  
  • Make use of Mathletics at home  
  • Draw the fact  
  • Record the results in their own way
  • Record the fact as an equation
  • Write it out 5 times
  • Image it: create pictures in their minds or on paper  
  • Talk to someone else about their imaging  
  • Show the fact with materials e.g. milk bottle tops or counters  
  • Use the Hundreds Board to find what comes just before and just after it when they skip count
  • Discuss the related family of facts and record using tens frames to help them
  • Write a number story about it
  • Practise the fact in their mind at a spare moment
  • Take every opportunity to talk about and use Maths facts.

Let me know if I can help in any way!

Student Wellbeing

Growth Mindset

We often hear professionals speaking about having a growth mindset.

Here are some tips into developing a growth Mindset in children from the Beachborough Parents’ guide to MINDSET.


A growth mindset thinking can result in:

  • A love for learning and self-improvement
  • A desire to be challenged
  • A willingness to work for positive results
  • A belief that you can control the outcomes in your life with effort and practise
  • The ability to learn from mistakes and failures
  • Emotional resilience
  • Being self-motivated

How can we help our children develop a growth mindset?

  • Praise carefully – not for intelligence but for effort
  • Encourage deliberate practice and targeted effort
  • Encourage high challenge tasks to grow those brain cells
  • Discuss errors and mistakes and help your children to see them as opportunities to learn and improve
  • Encourage family discussions about mindset and which mindset they (and you?) are choosing to use
  • Teach children to talk back to their ‘fixed mindset’ internal voice with a ‘growth mindset’ internal voice
  • Start now by redefining the meaning of a few ordinary words…

Effort is …

the secret to getting smarter.

The more targeted effort you put in, the more you’ll get out. You can help your children to focus their effort and attention, encourage practice. Regularly recognise this effort praise.


Difficulty …

Difficult and challenging tasks give the opportunity for growth. Create excitement with your children as they take on a new challenge and push outside of their comfort zone. Recognise each achievement and point out to them how much they are learning.


Mistakes …

Mistakes are a great opportunity to get feedback, to learn and to grow. Help your children to see that mistakes are feedback (not failure).  They provide a great opportunity and motivation for growth. Recognise that when working outside of their comfort zone, they are likely to make mistakes that they can learn from.


Yet …

A small and empowering word …YET… shifts thinking from a fixed to a growth state instantly, use it in conversation with your children. When you hear …

“I can’t do it” … rephrase and add ‘YET’. “you can’t do it yet, is there anything I can do to help you?” or “I’m rubbish at this” … rephrase and add ‘YET’. “You haven’t found the best way to learn it yet. What could you do next?


Grandparents/Special Friend Day

I hope by now all Grandparents/Special Friends have been invited to this special day on Galilee’s

calendar and the date has been locked into their diaries.

We all look forward to welcoming these special people to 9.30am mass in St. Peter & Paul’s Church and then up to the classrooms after mass.

Grandparents/Special Friends will then be invited to have Morning Tea together in the hall. As it is ‘Book Week’, they will also have the opportunity to buy books at the Book Fair.

Friendship Benches

We have been fortunate to receive a donation of $1000.00 from the Port Phillip Lions.

We are most grateful for their most generous donation and our Yr. 6 Student Wellbeing leaders are currently researching Friendship Benches –      

  • What are the best types of benches to purchase?
  • What would they look like?
  • Where would they be positioned?
  • What would they be used for?
  • Who would use them?

They will be working with the SRC Leaders to seek their ideas and suggestions.

Watch this space for more information.


Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928

email: [email protected]

eLearning Day 2017

eLearning Day

On Friday 28th July, all students at Galilee participated in the first ever eLearning Day. The purpose of eLearning Day was to incorporate ICT and technology use into our everyday curriculum, while having a bit of fun at the same time.


For 2017, our eLearning Day focused on our STEAM unit of the Arts. Year Sixes led our Friendship Groups to create a music video to a song with a positive / powerful theme. The Year Sixes did a fantastic job teaching the students in their groups, who were very quick learners!


Our day concluded with an assembly where we were able to show our music videos to the rest of the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at Galilee for their flexibility and assistance on the day, as well as the students for doing a fantastic job to make our first Galilee eLearning Day a huge success.


Bring on eLearning Day 2018!!


Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader

Team Burns

On eLearning day, Miss Burns' Friendship Group did a music video to the song 'Can't Stop the
Feeling'.  Firstly, we learnt our dance then started filming. We chose this song because it was a
happy song and it was good for all year levels and is a fun song to dance to. We had eLearning
Day because it had to do with our STEAM subject, the Arts and with I.C.T. because we did the

filming and editing of the video.

Chrisoula (6H) and Tadhg (6C)

Team Carnovale

The whole of Galilee had a day called eLearning Day. eLearning is a day to learn about the Arts, STEAM and all creative things. On eLearning day I choose 'Roar’, because I feel like the song is telling you that everyone has a voice, and we need to use that voice because we can all sparkle, and with our voice we can change the world.

Claudia (6H)

Team Casey

We chose the song ‘Daft Punk’ by Pentatonix, because it sounds interesting to little kids and it is POSITIVE. We chose a positive song because if we chose a negative song, then the kids will be dancing to a negative song and that would be bad for their future. It could be bad for their future because they could grow up with a negative attitude that they learnt from the song that we chose.

Arnika (6C) and Vincent (6H)

Team Evans / Walker

We chose our song because it was fun and easy for the little kids to dance to and to make different moves. In the morning we went into our Friendship Groups classes and learnt what our song and dance was going to be.‍ The class had fun learning the dance and learning new moves. After snack we practised the video one more time before we went onto the basketball court. When it was time we filmed the video and it took us a couple of times but after awhile we finally got it right. After we got it we took photos to put in the video. To edit it everyone helped to make to video successful. All up it was a fun day.

Lila (6H) and Patrick (6H)

Team Fahy

We chose 'Happy' because it is an inspirational song and it shows a positive message. It is a happy, fun and an exciting song and it also shows that there are other ways to make yourself happy. Overall the day went amazing. It was hard to film  but it all went to plan. We all enjoyed the day and everyone was really pleased about the ending video!

Ethan (6H) and Ella (6H)

Team Ferris

On Friday the 4th of August, the whole school had our very first eLearning day. We were in charge of our whole group, and we had Mrs Ferris accompany us because she was our group teacher as we needed adult supervision. We took all the kids in our friendship group into the Hall. Once we had settled down, we sat on the floor. We then put the music on for our friendship group to know the words to the song. After we listened to the song a couple of times we then showed our group the actions we had made for the song with some help from Noah. We were so proud of the whole group to have learnt all of the moves to the whole song in only a couple of minutes. We were so early we started to film the first few bits of the music video. Then after a few minutes of filming, we ate our food and went out to recess.  After recess we went out to the grass area to film some more. After 15 minutes of filming in the grass area we went to Learning Street to film for another fifteen minutes. It turned out that we had finished early, therefore we had some extra free time in the Hall. Only, until a few moments later we went to Miss Carnovale’s room to watch “Camp Rock”. While we were in Miss Carnovale’s room we then started to edit our music video for the final product.


We chose the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. We chose this song because it is a happy, good, positive song that ties to our religion topic of being a Steward of Creation. So while learning ICT we are also learning a bit of Religion. All in all, we had a wonderful and amazing, fun day that we’re sure that everyone enjoyed. We hope you enjoy our music video!

By Jake (6C) and Jeslyn (6C)

Team Ford


On eLearning day we split up into our friendship groups. eLearning day linked into our subjects the Arts because we were learning performing arts and ICT because we were turning it into a video. Our teacher was Mrs Ford. Firstly, we listened to our song which was a mashup of 'Scream and Shout' and 'Can't Hold Us'. We chose this song because we thought it was a happy and upbeat song that would motivate our friendship group to practice and go full out while learning the dance. We had around two hours to learn our dance as a group. Some parts were learnt separately because every year level had their own part to the music video. In the time we had between snack and lunch we filmed using our iPads. Filming linked into our ICT subject because we than had to use the footage that we had and add it to iMovie to create a music video. At the end of the day we showed all the music videos in the hall at a mini assembly. Overall the day was a hit and everyone had a blast. Thanks Mr Coaley.

Charlotte (6C) and Christian (6H)

Team Gerecke

We chose the song 'Happy' for our group because it is a happy song and it is a groovy song to dance to. Our group did really well with the moves and the dance came out really well everyone's favourite part was the freestyle circle because everyone got to do whatever they liked and they got to show off their moves. Over all the day was awesome and everyone had the best time ever, everyone enjoyed the the choreography and the they enjoyed getting taught the choreography. All the kids in our group loved the song we chose. It was good to see that everyone was giving it a go and encouraging others. Everyone was helping each other with the moves which is great teamwork. I am very proud of my group that participated in eLearning day. At the end of the day everyone went home with a smile on their face which was great to see. GO MRS GERECKE!!!

Madison (6C) and Michael (6C)

Team Giles

We chose this song because it's about being an optimist, grey clouds going over and if you close your eyes you can think of good things and forget about the bad things, as if nothing happened.


The day went well with our friendship group.  We had fun learning the steps to our song 'Pompeii'. Then we went into filming after recess it was a success.  Finally after lunch, we headed into the hall to watch all the other Friendship Group’s dances.

Ethan (6C) and Gwyn (6C)

Team Hart / Reilly

We chose ‘Can't Stop the Feeling’ because it is a positive song, yet still not boring. We filmed in the classroom and in the corridor. We got our dance off the internet and practised it a lot before filming. Hope you enjoy!

Ben (6C) and Roxy (6H)

Team Hill / Cox

On eLearning Day, two year six students had to take their friendship group up to their classroom
and show each student from their friendship group the dance moves to their song. Ours was
'Happy'. We showed our friendship group how to do the dance moves and then we got them to
do the dance back to, us they learnt it quite well. After recess we went to different areas and
filmed our dance. By lunch time we had all our footage and edited it while we were eating. After
lunch we showed our video to the whole school and everyone enjoyed it. We chose Happy
because it was a happy song and everyone enjoys it.

Luke (6C) and Sophie (6H)

Team Otte

We chose to do our dance to the song 'Shout', you may have noticed it on the Kmart ads. We chose this song because it is cheerful and upbeat song that made everyone happy while learning choreography and gives everyone a lot of energy. This day was heaps of fun and I bet that our friendship group had a lot of fun dancing and playing while making an amazing music video.

Isabella (6C), Luc (6C) and Jo (6H)

Team Price


We have chosen the song “That Power” from Justin Bieber because it is a good song from our own opinion. Another reason why we chose our song is because the song is entertaining and upbeat which makes it fun to dance to.

Johanne (6C), Lily (6C) and John (6H)

Team Reid

We decided to choose this song because it's a very upbeat and happy song and most people enjoy it! We found it by scrolling through YouTube and we just found the perfect dance along with the perfect song. We think the eLearning went really well because the kids were in charge and we had full control.

Jack (6C) and Rachel (6C)

Team Rochecouste

Overall the day went very well and everyone had fun. Every person in our group participated and contributed in the rehearsals and making of our music video. We also worked really hard while everyone was learning the dance and we put lots of effort into the whole day.

We chose this song because it sends a positive message and we're sure everyone would like it to be the best day of their lives. We'd like to thank Mrs Rochecouste for keeping our group listening and we'd like to thank the Friendship Group for participating and making a great music video.     

Sam (6H) and Saskia (6C) 

Team Romios

On eLearning Day 2017 for our music videos we were doing, the song I picked was ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons. I picked this song because a line in the song was about bullying and how to get over it. The day started when all of the Year Sixes went up stairs at once to get their IPads, then we went to our class rooms and started to teach our friendship group the dance moves, before snack we were already 2 hours ahead of schedule. In the end I thought it was an amazing day and all of the videos were great!

Callum (6H)

Team Smith

We choose the theme song of ‘Ghostbusters’ because as we wanted to choose a unique song for eLearning day and do a different song then the other groups. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the day!

Dante (6C), Sabrina (6H) and Rosie (6H)

Team Tobin / Coaley


Our group chose MC Hammer’s ‘Can't Touch This’ We chose it because we were hoping that it would teach the kids to stay positive when you get hurtful comments. Our group worked really well together.

Phoebe (6H) and Ollie (6H)

Big Kids of Galilee


School Community


As many would know, our DADS group (The DOGS) is once again having a fantastic year of bonding and networking, which enables valuable contributions to be made to  the school community in a myriad of ways. 

Last year one of our Dads, Paul Giorgilli (Prep/Grade 4), came to us with an offer to partner with Wilson Storage to provide the school with valuable off site storage. This is an an amazing, very generous gesture and deserves a mention, and one that provides a great outlet for us in our space strapped environment as we all know how much storage can cost. Thanks very much Paul. 


To date there have been many social functions and nights out, which are predominately focused on getting to know one another over a meal. Our feedback from the DADs has been overwhelming and we are very well supported by the group and it continues to grow.  Our most recent event was the Bunnings Barbecue, where 21 Dads and a mum (just to keep the ship on an even  keel), stepped up to the hotplate and it was a true measure of the comradery and unity we have at the school. Many Dads actually thanked each other for the day as the 2 hours commitment to raise some money and sell a few snags was a fantastic idea. Let’s just say there was a lot of love around the barbie as the crew strove towards raising  a sniff under $2,000 for vital resources at the school.  There were many valuable contributions and too many to mention, but the key to a successful day is , ONIONS, ONIONS, ONIONS!!! Ponder that if you will.


Well, it never stops as we know ( The MUMS will attest to this), and the DADS group is no different. Next is the “Fathers Day Breakfast” 7:30am September 1st. To date we have had a great response to the morning and would urge those who haven’t RSVP’d as yet to do so,  so as we can get organised, otherwise, it may be a “DOGS Breakfast”! The morning will commence at 7:30am and we would love to see as many kids and their DADS/SOMs( Significant other Males), as possible. As the day coincides with “Footy Colours Day”, there should be lots of colour and movement, raffles, a bit of “Jack in the Pack”, some Handball, and a few hoops- just hanging with DAD (bright and early).


This Saturday, the DADS through the AFL, have organised FREE TICKETS to the Tigers vs SAINTS at the MCG. One that should be a cracking game as it is “SIR NICK REIWOLDT’S” last game in the Red, Black and White and will no doubt be memorable with the Tigers possibly making their onslaught to the finals! If your child has never been to the MCG or just loves their footy, here is your chance.

I have received many emails back to say that they would rather watch grass grow than see the Tigers, but may I say this has been mostly from Carlton supporters.

The game starts at 3:20pm, so if you are interested, please contact [email protected] ASAP, limited tickets 3-4 per family.


On Thursday September 8th, we will have another gathering at 7pm for dinner. We will announce the venue in the coming week. 

Thanks for all your support and communications and we look forward to seeing many of you soon. 



Student Reports

Prep 2018 Transition Day 1

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the new Preps came in for their first transition day with Miss Evans and Miss Fahy. We read Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina​. The children then decorated their own cap to bring home and share with their families. We enjoyed meeting the new cohort this week and we look forward to working with the children again next term. 

Miss Evans and Miss Fahy 


Year Fours are Out of this World

Thank you to everyone who took some time to come stare into our galaxy. We thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon, in Term Two.

Term 3

Year Fours Writing Frenzy

“Will we be doing Writing today?”… A question asked almost every day, by our Year 4 students as we head to our classrooms. A “Not today!” reply leaves the students with a look of disappointment; a “Maybe!” leads them in hope; and a “Yep!” receives a restrained gesture of excitement (as they clench their fists and push their elbows down)… … “YESssssss!”

Year 4G and 4GR have been working diligently over the past weeks to publish their version of the 2017 Short Listed Picture Story Book: GO HOME, CHEEKY ANIMALS! By Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley.

As authors, we firstly planned our characters, and setting before using the actual text to make the necessary changes to our story. As illustrators, we had to perfect our drawings so we searched for images of our characters using chrome books

and copied them by hand. We are in the process of putting together our own picture story books. We can’t wait to read them to the Preps and share them with our peers and families.

We also read the story: Good Knight Sleep Tight, by David Melling. We studied the setting, characters, plot, problem and solution to map out the story.

Here are some of the story maps we designed to help ourselves

and our audience visualise the storyline.


Dendy Athletics

On the 11th of August, we left school at 8:40 for Dendy Athletics. We walked down to Lakeside Stadium and my heart was pounding. The schools that were competing were Galilee, St Joan of Arc, St Mary's Hampton, Sacred Heart, St Finbars, St Patrick’s, De La Salle, Sholem Aleichem, St Joseph’s and St Mary’s East Malvern. When we arrived at the stadium we found our seats and at 9:00 on the dot they started calling out races. I had nerves as big as the world! 

By Siena


9-10 Girls Shot Put

At 11:15, Abby and I headed to shot put. When we got there my mum was there, Abby had to go first because at the same time she had to go to long jump. After a couple of schools it was finally GALILEE'S turn, so I was up. I was a little nervous but then I threw the shot put. I didn’t throw it very far- about 4.88 metres. Then it was my last go and they still didn’t measure it but I think I did good and I’m not giving up yet! It was a great day I hope I make it in next year.

Keira 4R



As they called 9-10 girls for the 200m race, my heart raced just thinking about the pressure as I walked over to the starting line. I stretched with Matilda in front of me ready to start her race. As the gun went I was even more nervous, with a groan in my stomach. I stepped up, my heart was racing at a million miles an hour, I was ready. On your marks, get set, go and I was off, racing my heart out on Lakeside Stadium. I was very proud of my efforts, in the end I came 5th out of 10 people.

Sofia 4R


800 Metres

Once they called up the 9/10 girls 800 metres, Bridget and Olivia’s hearts were racing. On your marks, get set, GO! As soon as they got down to the track they were off. On the first lap Bridget fell over, but she got back up and kept running. Galilee was cheering so loud, Bridget and Olivia told us they could hear from the other side of the stadium. Even if they didn’t win we are still very proud of them.

By Amelia


9-10 Boys 1500m race

At 12:45 I went down to the other side of Lakeside Stadium with all the other Galilee kids from the different age groups that were competing in the 1500m. My race was the first one for 1500. I headed to the starting line with the kids from other schools that were in the 1500m. 3! 2! 1! And the starting pistol fired. WE WERE OFF!! I got off to a good start as the kids from St. Mary’s lead the pack for the first lap. I ran past the line to start my second lap as I heard the other Galilee kids cheering. With all that extra confidence I boosted up into 3rd place but  soon I got overtaken. As we ran onto our 3rd and final lap the St. Mary’s kids were almost finished. They were speedy! As they took out 1st and 3rd place. Finally I finished and a cheer went up from Galilee. I crossed the line and took out 10th place. I was puffed out as I went into the stands. I was very proud of my efforts.

By Angus


High Jump

On Friday 11th August, all the Dendy  schools went to athletics.  I was very nervous as I sat  down in my seat.

At 12: 30, all the high jump people went down to warm up, my heart started to pound. We were all warmed up so we went to high jump. We got  ready to go, suddenly I heard my name.

So I ran up to the mat, I made it over and I was happy. All my friends gave me a high five. I wanted my friend Peter to make it over and he did as well.  They moved it up 5 centimetres every jump it got harder and harder.

The next student was Lily. Peter and I unfortunately  got out  but we still cheered all the others.           By Chase


Congratulations to all Galilee students for your efforts on the day, you make me proud. I would like to thank these parents again for volunteering their time to help on the day- Claire Daffey, Lisa Hill, Rachael Wilson, Georgia McNamara and Jackie Biddick. Thank you also to the parents who came along to cheer on children during their events or races and of course to the staff who attended, Mrs Reilly, Miss Otte, Miss Romios and Tegan.

Shaun Tobin


Year 3-6 Parents needed. Click on image below:


Captains Reports

Hi it's Charlotte and Ethan here! Can you believe that we are already at Week Six of Term Three. It's over halfway through the term already. We have had some highlights in the last two weeks such as Elearning day, the Athletic carnival and Italian day. It has been a great term so far and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

By Charlotte and Ethan


Hey it's your House Captains here and we're just giving you a quick update about how we're going. First we would like to remind you about the rules that we read at assembly saying to use the correct balls and equipment at playtime. We would also like to remind everyone that next Friday there is Hoop Time for the Year Five and Sixes. That's all for this week!


We have been working on the radio show for Galilee where Luke, Luc and Ben say what is happening at Galilee in 60 seconds. It is played on Soundcloud. We speak about the highlights at Galilee such as the athletics carnival and information about important days at Galilee. Be sure to listen!

By Ben


Art Write Up

As you know, the Art Show is coming up, and the Year Fives and Sixes are sketching and painting our Orrchibalds. We had to write a short story about who we chose and we had to convince Mrs Orr that that person is inspirational. Then we had to choose a photo of our choice to work from. Once we sketched our person we had to transfer our sketch onto a blank piece of A3 paper. We used watercolour paints to paint our person and there will be a vote at the art show for the best Orrchibald. There is a Teacher’s Choice and a People's Choice for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


The Year Three’s and Four’s created First Fleet Ships, which is a Drawing and Collage. They had to design a ship from brown paper and that ship was to be stuck on top of a collaged background made from a variety of colourful paper.

( Max M 3R, Summer 4R, Alex C 4G, Jacob 3C)


The Year One’s and Two’s created Lions, which is also a Drawing and a Collage. They had to start by drawing a lion’s face and colour it in with oil pastels. Then they had to create the lion’s mane using strips of paper cut from magazines.

(Millie 2R, Orlando 2R)


Lastly, the Preps created Vases of Flowers, it was a stamping activity with corks. They used red paints for the petals and black paper for the center of the flowers.

(Mia PF, Aston PE)


Local Connections




Galilee Newsletter
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Confirmation enrolment form and notes 2017 (1).docx
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