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18 June 2018
Issue One
YEAR 11 & 12 VCE
YEAR 11 & 12 VCAL
Cranbourne Secondary College
Stawell Street
Cranbourne, Victoria, 3977


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Department of Education celebration for staff who have contributed their service over 35 years of service. While it was a humbling experience to be honoured in this way, it did force me to reflect on those years of service, and it did make me realise what a rewarding job we have in education. As educators, we often under estimate the significant impact we have in the lives of our students. We are reminded of this when we are visited by former students who freely share how significant school and some of their teachers were in their lives.


Our Newsletter also reminds the reader of the many wonderful opportunities provided to the students at our College. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding work of our staff day in and day out in supporting the needs of our students. They have provided memorable opportunities in a variety of fields including performing arts, sport, camps and excursions. As educators, we are in a privileged position to work with the children of this College and make a positive impact on their development as valued citizens in the broader Cranbourne community.


I hope you enjoy our newsletter.


John Jovic






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On Wednesday 2nd May, 140 students from Year 7 went on the Summit Camp. During the camp students participated in a variety of physical activities designed to build on team work, cooperation and provide them with adventure.


Some of the activities were:

The Cave - climbing through a dark underground man made cave

Rock Climbing - climbing up a 10m wall

The Leap of Faith - climbing up 10 metres then jumping out 1.5 metres to grab a pole

The Monster Course - Each group completed a Commando style course against the clock


Every student demonstrated the capacity to push beyond their own personal limits as the activities are designed to push them out of their comfort zones. At the end of the camp one student from each group was voted as the one who pushed themselves the most. This led to them hopping in an old tank and going for a ride around the tank track.

All students gained a positive experience and found that they can push themselves a little harder than they thought.


Finally, a big thank you goes to all the staff who helped support the three day camp, the students really appreciated having you there with them.








Mr Nigel Adkin

Year 7 Leader



At the end of term 1, 64 Year 8 students were fortunate enough to go on an excursion to the bowling alley. These students were given an opportunity to participate in the excursion due to their school attendance being 100%. The excursion gave the students a break from the classroom and the ability to socialise with peers and teachers in a different setting. On the day students engaged in healthy competition between one another as well as the teachers to see who could bowl the highest score. Well done to Rhys Baker and Brooke Galley

who bowled the highest score for the boys and girls respectively. Overall all students involved in the excursion thoroughly enjoyed themselves which was pleasing . As a year 8 team we will again be running rewards excursions throughout Semester 2 to give more students an opportunity  to be recognized for continually doing the right thing at our College.


Chris Bowen

Year 8 Leader




The Year 9 team have been very busy throughout Term 2. We have begun our City Journey program with day trips to Try a Trade for a Careers perspective, the Shrine of Remembrance as a part of the Humanities curriculum and then to the Police Museum coming up in Week 10. There has been NAPLAN testing, a Red Cross presentation around refugees and Course Counselling also on the horizon. The staff across Year 9 have has a consistent message for the students, for them to be involved and have a go at everything - don't think "what if" .


All of this starts with student attendance. As a coordinating team we have been really pleased with the students commitment to School, but there is always room for improvement, and we have been rewarding extraordinary efforts. There is more of this to come over the next few weeks and months.


There are some exciting and important things on the calendar for Year 9 and we want all students at school to experience these and much more










Rick Taig

Year 9 Leader




Our College sent some of our Year 10 students to Casey Tech in Berwick to work with other schools on some very big problems. Our students had access to cutting edge learning hosted by Chisholm institute at its Berwick Campus. Students will develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The students had to learn about and employ skills in creativity, problem solving, team work, critical thinking, digital literacy, financial, communications, presentation skills, confidence and resilience. These are the skills required in the 21st century.


Our group worked amongst other schools from the Casey area to provide a safety solution for the Casey community. The excursion was also attended by Mr Leopold, Ms Rice and Ms Kashyap who found the work of the students very engaging. This was an innovative education program that will assist our school in planning for similar hands on programs in the future.

Ray Holdsworth/ Jen Rice

Year 10 Leader/ Science Leader





YEAR 11 & 12 VCE


The imminent end both of Units 1 and 3 Classes is approaching, and with it, many major assessment SAC and SAT tasks are being undertaken by all VCE students. These are critical measures of the acquisition of core skills and knowledge and their application, and hence are strong indicators of the depth of student learning. In the case of Year 12 students, these scores contribute to the all important ATAR. Year 11 students commence a full suite of internal exams for all their Unit 1 subjects on Thursday 7th June. All Year 11 students were given detailed advice about the conduct of these exams, the rules which apply and a copy of the full exam timetable on 30th May.








On Wednesday 13th June, all VCE students taking a Unit 3/4 subject (Year 12 subject) in 2018 are required to sit the important VCAA-set and assessed General Achievement Test (GAT) in V Block. This is a 3 and a quarter hour exam (commencing at 10 and concluding at 1.15pm) which includes 2 writing tasks and 70 challenging multiple-choice questions to be completed. It is part of the way in which the VCAA ensures that all Year 12 student assessments are accurate and fair. A compulsory information lecture session will be provided by Ross Huggard (who has previously assessed the GAT) on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th June in the Theatre (2.30-4.15pm).


Tertiary Information Service: Year 12 VCE: Wednesday 6th June

As all Year 12 VCE students and parents have been previously advised, as part of our commitment to assisting our senior students to make informed pathway decisions, all Year 12 VCE students are going to Federation University in Berwick for a most important session run by representatives of VTAC and various tertiary institutions on the morning of Wednesday 6th June.



We were delighted to recently learn that three of our current Year 12 students had successfully gained places at the prestigious 2018 Spark Engineering Camp at Melbourne University from 2-7 July. This is a full funded residential camp which seeks to support aspirational engineering students.


Ross Huggard/ Jade Vernon

VCE Leader / Year 11 Leader


YEAR 11 & 12 VCAL


Term 2 has been extremely busy yet highly productive one within the Cranbourne Secondary College VCAL program. This term has focused on the "Employability Skills", Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Planning and Organisation.

Our applied learning component of the course has led our senior students to run a unit of work for the intermediate students resulting in them completing the Berwick Heritage Walk and the Melbourne quest. The unit then culminate with the "Cranbourne Secondary College Amazing Race" around the Melbourne CBD.


Senior students have also completed their "My Kitchen Rules" unit in Literacy which required students to plan and develop a restaurant proposal including the creation of the restaurants signature dishes. These were researched through excursions to both the Dandenong and Caribbean Market and then their proposals pitched to both staff and fellow students.


Intermediate students have also been challenged and have developed their personal skills through participation in the "Wilsons Promontory Camp" including a hike up Mt Oberon and visit to Coal Creek to explore industry in years gone by.


In Literacy intermediate students have visited the "Melbourne Holocaust Museum" to investigate and to gain further understanding of immigration and cultural diversity following on from their "Freedom Writers" text unit.


Two of our intermediate classes have also started their preparation for their second semester community projects focused around renewable energy sources and participation in two Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) races one in the City of Casey and the other in Maryborough in November.

Both cohorts have continued to make industry links and further prepare themselves for life after Cranbourne Secondary College through our structured Workplace Learning program (SWL) and through participation in a number of "Try a Trade" and "Career Expos" held throughout the term linked to industry specific skills and career planning.



Torquay Camp

At the start of the year the Senior PDS students went on an overnight camp to Torquay. This was a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in outdoor education and to get to know each other.


Tim Bray

VCAL Leader



It would be difficult not to notice the imposing structure that has been steadily growing in the Junior Courtyard.

It is the new Visual Arts building and is the result of years of preparation and planning. It will become home to our Senior Visual Arts classes including Visual Communication Design, Media, Art, Photography and Studio Art.


The building boasts impressive cathedral ceilings which will allow natural sunlight to bathe our classrooms. A defined exhibition space will also enable us to display the fabulous artwork that our students create each and every day.


This relocation will require a massive move of all Arts equipment to the new area. The Arts staff are full of excitement, and a touch of sadness, as we leave P Block, which has been our home for over 40 years. a new era awaits for us.

You will be kept updated as to when the Visual Arts will be open for Business


Cathy Savery

Arts Leader


Performing Arts

It has been the busiest time of year for the Performing Arts department in recent weeks, Kicking off with the first instrumental music night. Students, accompanied by their instrumental teachers took to the stage to display the excellent work they have been putting together so far this year. The event was headlined by our Junior and Senior scholarship group bands, and for many performers it was their first time on stage.


Following that, our school pop-rock-funk senior band took to the stage during Rockfest, the annual regional battle of the bands hosted at our school.

Our group "The Common Boys" won best band in the region and will go on to the national finals in August. Our bass player, John Lazongas also took individual honours for best bass player on the day.





This week we will be showcasing the semesters work of our Year 9 Art, Performing Arts, Media and Technology students with our Create Festival.  


The Create Festival was held on Wednesday evening (07/06) and was a great example of the work completed in our Year 9 elective program during the semester. Many of the students have performed or promoted their work in front of a large audience for the first time. There was some fine musical, dance and drama acts during the evening.

The foyer was also packed with great examples of art and technology work created during the semester.

We appreciate the time the teacher and students have put into organising the event. An enthusiastic audience came out of the auditorium buzzing. Cranbourne Secondary College is a great community to be part of.



Josh Mitchell 

Performing Arts Leader



We recently had our College Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals , all were highly successful days, results as follows



1st     Donnelly 895 Points

2nd   Poole 870 Points

3rd    Brunt 798 Points

4th    Facey 700 Points



12-13 Boys 1500m Jordan Milne  Old Record 5:15.80  New Record  5:13.08

12-13 Boys Discus Eugene Siilata-Segi  Old Record 18.20m New Record 22.15m

18-20 Boys Discus Junior Vee Old Record 15.70m  New Record 26.87m

12-13 Girls Triple Jump Aaliyah Woodworth Old Record 9.09m  New Record 9.14m

17 Girls Discus  Theresa Latu  Old Record 10.12m  New Record 20.68m



1st   Facey 339 Points

2nd  Donnelly 331 Points

3rd   Brunt 314 Points

4th   Poole 297 Points



1st   Poole 182 Points

2nd  Brunt 177 Points

3rd   Donnelly 101 Points

4th   Facey 99 Points


Also, in Term 1 we had 16 teams go out and represent the College in team sports.  Congratulations to the Year 9 and 10 boys and girls volleyball teams on their division wins, with many other 2nd and 3rd place results at division. 









Kelly Fallon

Sports Co-ordinator






The Year 12 VCAL Food  students put on a welcome lunch for some invited guests. Students worked in pairs to design, produce and present a two course lunch menu



Year 7 & 8 Wood students have been working on their Curriculum Assessment Task 2 - Design a Puzzle. Students had to design and produce a Wooden puzzle and box using hand tools. It has taken a lot of pre planning and production work to do this.


Maree Schmidt

Technology Leader



High Achievers Program

The High Achievers program recognises those students from Years 8, 9 and 10 who are performing above standard across their subjects, and who show a strong commitment and enthusiasm for their learning. The students are selected as part of the program through their subject marks, in addition to recommendations from their teachers.


This year sees the continuation of the highly successful Monash Champions project for some of our Year 9 and 10 High Achievers. Students involved in this project work in partnership with Monash University student mentors and have the opportunity to research and deliver a presentation to peers and also to other schools on a topic that they are passionate about. The program also fosters student leadership, team work and organisational skills.


All High Achievers are strongly encouraged to participate in the upcoming Australian Maths Competition and ICAS English Competition for Term 3. These tests, run at the school, are designed by independent organisations and allow students to demonstrate their skills beyond that generally afforded in the regular classroom.


A new Academic Wall has been added to the Library at the school, showcasing student achievement through high Quality work, across many subjects, and importantly, work that the students themselves are proud of.


High Achiever excursions for 2018 include the Melbourne Writers Festival, where students can participate in a range of workshops, and Scienceworks, which offers authentic hands on learning experiences not normally available in the regular classroom.



Greta Burns

High Achiever Co-Ordinator


Careers News

Visit to the Head Office of Optus

On the 24th May, Mrs Carren Brennan and Mrs Sharon Bourne took a group of 23 Year 10 students to visit the head office of telecommunications provider Optus in order to investigate the wide variety of roles offered in their workplace. This was made possible through our partnership with Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) and the efforts of Mrs Carren Brennan, who organised this excursion for our students. ABCN is a not for profit organisation that connects business with education through mentoring and partnership programs.

The aim of our participation in this program is to provide students with the skills and work experience they require to make sound personal, educational and vocational choices. this is achieved through structured programs that involve corporate volunteers, such as Optus, mentoring students in the workplace and business partnering with us.

Our students were able to sit in on Optus business calls and learn about the opportunities available to those employed by Optus. Students were able to chat to the head of Human Resources, Personnel involved in business analytics and their Social Media manager and leaders. It was a great day which ended with a workshop on how to answer questions in an interview before students participated in their own mock interview.

The whole experience provided our students with real world exposure to Optus and the world of work at Optus. It was a great day and our students were keen and enthusiastic participants who upheld the values of Cranbourne Secondary College through their excellent behaviour on the day.


2018 Monash Champions

Congratulations to our Monash Champions who represented our College with great pride and maturity at the Monash Champions Induction Day on 9th February

Our Monash Champions are:

Holly Allen, Eirrah Bautista, Emily Bridgeman, Tyler Bushell, Kasey Davis, Renae Hartney, Chelsea Kimber, Meredith Leviston, Thomas Macauley, Jaymi Muzzicato, Taylah Rasmusen, Caitlin Zealley

Our Champions participated in a range of different workshops on leadership, communication and research with students from 15 different schools. They contributed in an intelligent manner and impressed all present. They are currently working on their Monash Champion Projects alongside their Monash Student Ambassadors. The program is off to a great start and will no doubt see our students shine even more as they progress throughout the year.


VCE and Careers Expo

The Senior VCAL students attended the South East Careers Expo at the Cranbourne Racing Centre which was held in April, this event is eagerly attended by students from schools all over the South Eastern Region. Senior VCAL students attended in order to conduct some research for their skills for Further study assignment, and got to do some hands on activities along the way. Our VCAL students are very familiar with the courses offered by Chisholm, since many of them already complete their VET studies with this institution, but the Career Expo was an opportunity to find out about other courses and organisations. Students spoke to representatives from Holmesglen and Kangan TAFE's, The City of Casey Council, VFA Learning, The Melbourne Coffee School, Victoria Police - just to name a few. In doing so they were able to broaden their understanding of what options might be available to them post school.

Unfortunately due to TAFE restrictions, not all of the Senior VCALS could attend on the day. Luckily the "Spot Jobs Careers Expo" will be held in July, with over 200 exhibitors, Workshops, displays and hands on activities.

On the 4th May, we took all of our Year 11 VCE students to the VCE and Careers Expo. Students were supported and encouraged to find answers to their questions about tertiary study from the 100's of providers present on the day.

Mr Ross Huggard, Ms Jade Vernon, Mr Keith Merry and Mrs Sharon Bourne accompanied the students to the venue, the Caulfield Race Course, and were all impressed by the Willingness of our year 11 students to ask questions and complete their own research into the many options available to them after they finish school. Thanks must be extended to these teachers who willingly gave up their time to accompany the students . As part of the program, we then took our students over to the Caulfield Campus of Monash University where Mrs Sharon Bourne delivered a career education lecture. The students asked pertinent and thought provoking questions at the end of this lecture about the costs of tertiary education and the options open to them after they complete their schooling. Students also completed their Career Action Plans on the day.

It was a huge success as our students learnt more about the options available to them in the tertiary education sector.


Deakin University

On Tuesday 29th May, 50 aspiring University students travelled to Deakin University to find out about life on Campus and get some insight into some of the courses offered. The students were chosen to attend based on recommendations from teachers, their results and their Career Action Plans, and there was strong competition for places on the excursion. Students met with a number of student ambassadors from a range of University courses and enjoyed a campus tour before getting down to activities in a number of workshops. Students interested in the Psychology course learnt about how to tell if a person was lying before enjoying a robust game of "two truths and a lie" whilst Digital Media students gave the low down on memes, and others learnt how to improve their digital photography skills with the curator of the Deakin Art Gallery. In the afternoon, a large group of students vigorously debated some legal cases in the Law workshop, with determined speakers for both defence and prosecution. Those with more of a Science flair investigated environmental concerns, and finally a group of would be Education students argued over how they would spend the money if they were setting up a school.

Cranbourne Secondary College has had a long relationship with the Deakin Burwood Campus and we consistently receive positive feedback about this activity. Students enjoyed the opportunity to ask real questions about the university life from people who are currently studying. Fun fact: some of the ambassadors are undertaking a full time university course with fewer than 10 hours contact a week ! The Year 10's were impressed by this, bot not as impressed as they were by the fact that in some faculties, all the lectures are online and those students don't even have to get out their pyjamas in order to study !

Another fun fact: All of the ambassadors who hosted the day are actually paid university employees who combine their studies with the role of hosting secondary students and promoting university life at Deakin.




Carren Brennan / Sharon Bourne






We are about to enter an intensive period of course counselling with our students as we ask families to consider and complete the course selection process for our 2019 Year 10, 11 and 12 programs.

As in the past, families will be required to attend a course counselling appointment and submit their course selection forms for 2019 during this process.


19th June - Information Evening for 2019 Year 10 Students

This event will be held in the School theatre. This is also where information about Year 10 will be distributed to every student. The evening will commence at 6.30pm and conclude by 7.30pm


21st June - Information evening for 2019 Year 11 students

This event will start in the School theatre and families will then be encouraged to attend a series of mini workshops where our skilled staff will explain the requirements of VCAL, VCE and VET. We will also have a representative from TAFE, University and an independent Tertiary college available for you to talk to on the night.  Information about our Year 11 options will be distributed to every student during this event. The event will commence at 6.30pm and conclude by 8.00pm.

More information will be sent to families about these events soon.


19th July - Course Counselling for Current Year 9 students entering Year 10 in 2019 (no Year 9 classes will run on this day)


25th July - Course Counselling for current Year 11 students entering Year 12 in 2020 (no Year 11 classes will run on this day)


26th July - Course Counselling for current Year 10 students entering Year 11 in 2019 (no Year 10 classes will run on this day)


You will soon receive a letter which will ask you to make your course counselling appointment via Compass. Please help us by selecting the appropriate time for you by making your appointment a soon as the system opens.


For those families who do not make their own appointment, they will be allocated an appointment time by the School and notified of this time prior to course counselling. We cannot change appointment times once they are made.


For your information the 2019 Fee sheets will be published on the College Website


Parents Association

We launched the Parents Association in February in the Theatre Foyer and over 30 parents and guardians turned up for the initial meeting. From this an interim committee met twice before the elections. Thanks to all the parents who attended any of the events and meetings.


Over 10 people braved the downpour to attend the elections of the Parents Association Council. The Group all brought their $1 to become financial members and were therefore eligible for voting.

Elected were the following:

President   :   Liz Bettink

Secretary   :   Paula Sharp  

Vice Secretary  :  Lorna Arancibia

Treasurer  :  Leoni Woodworth

Vice Treasurer  :  Kristy Ogden


It was a great night of conversations with some laughs and the school looks forward to working with this great group of people. Thanks to all the parents that have attended meetings and shown interest, it marks a positive step for parental and guardian inclusion at school. Any parent or guardian is welcome at any time to join the group.


Annette Evans


SRC 2018

In 2018, the Student Representative Council (SRC) have started the year off very strong and made their presence felt across the School. Year level leaders have participated in various opportunities such as the GRIP Leadership Conference, Leadership Challenge with Class Captains, Teach the Teacher which is an initiative giving students the opportunity to learn and reflect on their experiences as a student and work towards building better relationships with their teachers,

SRC students offered additional activities during Athletics and Cross Country making the events fun for all students and some teachers too !



A group of very enthusiastic students visited the World Vision conference on the student free day. Ms Coutts ensured the group was organised and ready to have a great learning experience. The students gave up their time to find out about how people work towards eliminating poverty and its causes. They discovered that World Vision work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve transformation. They do this through relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, education about poverty and emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values. Australian students assist to bring maximum impact to children in need.

From the keynote speakers we learnt the misconceptions about and the aim of the 40 hour backpack challenge. It is about giving refugees a chance as every single one of us has a life that has a meaning. We became aware of the lack of opportunities people in war torn countries experience. Our student leaders are committed to supporting the 40 hour Backpack challenge and encourage the School community to get behind this great initiative.








The SRC have successfully organised two free dress days this year. In Term 1, students voiced concerns around the issue of littering at School. As a result of this conversation, students raised money for Clean up Australia Day and asked their peers to wear green to represent a cleaner environment. In Term 2, students reflected on a missed Free Dress Day opportunity during Harmony Week. SRC worked tirelessly to ensure that this missed opportunity could create a whole new initiative within the school. SRC based the theme in Term 2 on 'Multicultural Day'. Students planned and participated in a lunchtime performance which show cased various cultures that represent our school through song and dance. Year 12 leaders also presented certificates to a group of senior students who advocated on behalf of all our students in order to change the date of the formal, allowing all students from various backgrounds to attend. Year 7's who did not attend Camp were shown a powerful movie from India based on a young boy with special learning needs. The feedback on the day was extremely positive from both students who participated throughout the day and teachers who supervised.

The SRC team are currently supporting our lunchtime Toastie Club and hope to make it a student led and student run initiative by involving class captains and presenting to them the importance of Toastie Club. There are many more things coming up ahead for our leaders, as we continue to make student voice an important part of our school.









Varda Mala / George Massouris

SRC Co-Ordinator 2018 / Assistant Principal



We have had a busy start to the year. First term was Polyhood and all the Pasifika students came together to showcase cultural dance and music. This is the 14th year of Polyhood so we can say it is now one of the longest running performance traditions in the School. Students worked hard for weeks before the show and the seniors taught and supported the junior students. One of the great things is that students from all years come together and work on all aspects of the show including lighting and sound. Former students also volunteer and it was great to have recent graduate Mahonri Akaiti back on board. It was a great night for everyone that performed, helped out or attended. The video is in our school public drive.


MultiPride held our first 'Let's Talk About It' in the Junior School in Term 1. Some Year 7 students spoke about not feeling comfortable. MultiPride are working to introduce a mentoring program into the school and supported the students who now say that they feel more comfortable at school. Students know that if they see a MultiPride student, who will be wearing a Maroon Jumper and/or MultiPride badge, in the grounds of the school that they can go talk to them about any issue.


Students are now preparing for the EID festival on Tuesday 26th June. This is the third year of the EID festival and again students love coming together and celebrating their culture. There will be more on this event in the next newsletter.








Annette Evans

Multipride/Harmony Leader


JUNE 2018


Thursday 14th

Year 12 VCE Trial Exam


Monday 18th June

Semester 2 Commences


Tuesday 19th

Year 9 Senior School Information Night


Thursday 21st

Year 10 Senior School Information Night


Tuesday 26th 

EID Festival


Wednesday 27th

Shape your Destiny Periods 1-47 Yr 10


Friday 29th

Reports Published

Last day Term 2 (Early Finish)



JULY 2018

Thursday 19th

Year 9 Careers Counselling


Wednesday 25th

Year 11-12 Careers Counselling


Thursday 26th

Years 10-11 Careers Counselling








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