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17 May 2018
Term 2 Week 5 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


14th - 18th May

Education Week


15th - 18th May



Thursday, 24th May

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Thursday, 24th May

AFL Clinic Years 4-6 9-1pm


Friday, 25th May

Multicultural Day OC


Tuesday, 29th May

ICAS Science


Wednesday, 30th May

Secondary Annual Music Concert

Year 9 SEISS Futsal


Friday, 1st June

Report Writing Student Free Day


4th - 8th June

VCE Mid Year Exams


Monday, 4th June

Year 8 SEISS Futsal


Monday, 11th June

Queen's Birthday


12th - 15th June

Years 10/11 Exams


Wednesday, 13th June


ASV Primary Cross Country

ICAS Spelling



Thursday, 14th June

Year 7 SEISS Futsal

ICAS Writing

Start Smart Incursion Years 1-6


Friday, 15th June

Multicultural Day NWS


18th - 29th June

Year 10 Work Experience


Wednesday, 20th June

S -v- S Challenge


Friday, 22nd June

Dance Workshop Prep - 3, Period 5


25th - 27th June

Year 5 Camp


Friday, 29th June 

Last Day Term 2

General Information

MPC Build Works Officer

PB4L Value Term 2

Week 5

Prep/1W - Heidi

Prep DH - Cadel

Year 3MC - Linda for Respect

Year 4/5W - Zackery

Year 5RJ - Joaquin for Resilience

Year 6E - Beirut for Respect

Kill em’ with Kindness

This week, I would like to focus this weeks article on the virtues of kindness and compassion. As Christians we are always taught to display kindness, be compassionate towards one another. Many bible verse emphasise the importance of being kind and compassionate, Ephesians 4:32 being a prime example; ‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.’ I’m sure we try to display kindness and compassion in our daily lives. Yet at times we can get so consumed into our own lives, that we can forget to show kindness and compassion to others. We tend believe that just because someone has wronged us, they are undeserving of our kindness. But we can forget the ultimate display of kindness, compassion and love was by our Lord, Jesus Christ. He laid down His life for people who at the time didn’t understand Him, didn’t appreciate Him, didn’t respect Him, out love he had for us, displaying the ultimate act of kindness and compassion. If the Lord can die for us, I think we make and effort to be more kind and compassionate.


So I encourage you all to show to actively pursue kindness and compassion this week. Make it an effort to smile at others, say thank you for the little things, offer hugs, genuinely compliment. Sometimes being present and just listening can be the biggest act of kindness and compassion to someone struggling. Trust me, a little bit of kindness and compassion does go a long way!



Secondary School Captain

Newspapers Wanted

Year 4CJ is in need of some newspaper in the coming future and would like to invite anyone who has spare unwanted newspaper at home to please send it to our classroom.  We use newspaper to line the bases of our bird cages to keep them clean as well as cover our desks when we do painting or craft. 


Although we still have one newspaper left, we know we will need some more soon.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.  Any extra newspaper that we don’t need will go to the Art room to be used for art.  Thank you


Mrs Jo Capon and Year 4CJ

Mother's Day Celebrations

We have had quite a week in the primary school with OCP hosting Mums last Friday and then our NWS Campus bustling with excitement on Monday this week.

Pr Lagi, along with our students and staff presented a special Chapel to honour our Mums and then we shared some time in the classroom together. Children took their Mums back to class and spent some special time in shared reading, craft activities, reminiscing about Mum’s school days, and even going on a treasure hunt. Mums and children engaged in fun, learning activities before our Mums were excused from class and invited in to morning tea.

There were many photos taken and memories made as Mums took the opportunity to share a morning at school and enjoy the experience of worship and fellowship with our Heritage College family.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen
Deputy Principal Primary

Basketball Skills Training


Chaplaincy Space

Last weekend was a great opportunity to honour our Mothers. I know for many, you showed your love and respect for your Mothers by showering them with gifts, cooking them breakfast and just spending quality time with them. I had the privilege of taking my wife to a cafe down the road. She loved the breakfast she ordered as well as a card that our kids had put together and signed themselves. Whatever you received Mothers, it was a just a little way of saying how much we appreciate all that you do for us.


A motherly love reminds us of another love found in scripture.


Paul reminds in the book of Romans the depth and width of God’s love for each of us.


For I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his  love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels won’t, and all the powers of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, or where we are - high above the sky, or in the deepest ocean- nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us. Romans 8:38-39 (TBL)


Ps Lagi Limu


Mother's Day Community Walk

Each year our Heritage College students share their appreciation of Mums in our local community. This year saw a specially designed book mark and packet of seeds delivered to the door of many Mums in the surrounding streets of NWS Campus and through interactions with Mums at the local shopping centre close to OCP.

Children had the opportunity to introduce themselves as students of Heritage College, sharing with Mums that they are truly appreciated. What a joy it was to witness Mums showing their appreciation in return for the respect and service mindedness of our children as they offered their token of our gratitude.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen
Deputy Principal Primary

Advice for Mothers

Mother’s Day is a day many people get to celebrate MOTHERS. Both our primary campuses had the opportunity of honouring their Mothers, last Friday and the Monday after Mother’s Day Sunday. We began both days with a special chapel service that included singing, special tribute videos, skits, and a small encouragement from the Word.


Pastor Lagi shared instructions from Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi to encourage and to affirm all the Mothers of their worth and calling. They were challenged to be Mothers who stand firm on God, rejoice in the Lord, settle conflicts with gentleness, make prayer a priority. The worship program allowed Mothers to have a taste of our worships - the energy, the joy, and the love expressed from students for God.


We concluded the morning with a special Mother’s Day morning tea for all the Mums, grans and aunts who attended.


Thank you Mothers. We appreciate all you do for us. God bless you all.

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


SEQTA Parent Portal


Women's Ministry Inspirational Day


Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 5

Games, Apps and Social Networking

Parent info page


“Games, apps and social networking sites are popular among children and adults alike.
Learn about the latest apps, how to protect your information and where to get more safety guidance.
All information provided is factual and it is up to each individual to decide whether an app, game or social networking site is appropriate for themselves and their family.
Any app or game that allows users to interact with others, including people they may not know, presents a potential risk of unwanted contact.” (Office of the eSafety Commissioner)


Talking with your child

“What do I say? Talking to your child about anything remotely personal or serious might seem like your idea of a nightmare…. This article gives some practical tips for undertaking these difficult discussions.”




Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator

Movie Night Fundraiser


Renew Women and Young Girl's Conference


From Narre Warren South

Maths Work

Year 3MC have been revising times tables and remembering that multiplication is repeated addition. Mrs Millien challenged the whole class to see if they could use household items to show groups of. A few students took on the challenged and show resilience as they admitted it was a hard task to get it all completed. Well done to Sahara, Anjali, Nandani and Elliotte, keep up the great work of Standing Tall.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 3MC Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Secondary Chapel Program has Motherly Focus

This last week the Secondary Chapel program saw the entire program take a very motherly focus.


The program commenced with the viewing of a very emotive short clip about the value of mothers which you can view using this link.


Following this, the Year 11 students, who were taking the preliminary activities, encouraged all staff and students to participate through taking a few minutes to select a card (for free) and write on it to their mother.  We hope and pray that some of you will have received these cards this past weekend.


Afterwards, our Chaplain Pr Lagi, and Year 11 student Alana, sung a special item about the love of mothers while being accompanied vocally and musically (on the piano) by Pr Lagi's wife, Helen.


Finally, the program concluded with a powerful talk taken by Pr Lagi who encouraged us to appreciate which we have, in particular our Mothers.


From our College family to yours, we desire that you and your family had an enjoyable Mother's Day.

Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary

Secondary Music Concert


Casey Tech Visit

Years 9 and 10 students from Heritage College attended the Casey Tech School pilot program. The Tech school curriculum is focused around solving real world problems.


Research tells us that employers increasingly need people capable of solving problems by working in teams, using diverse thinking approaches, and using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and Enterprise skills. In the future, more than ever, the success or failure of a company will depend on successful problem-solving and project work that combines people’s different skills and interests.  


Heritage Students were teamed up with students from neighbouring schools to work on problems that have arisen in the city of Casey. “That was great”, “I learnt so much”, “I want to come back” were just a few of the comments made by our students at the conclusion of the event.  


We look forward to partnering with the Casey Tech School in the future and extending the opportunity for all our Year 9 students to attend the school when it opens in late August this year.

 Mr Scott Camps


Survivor Camp

Recently Year 9 students went on “Survivor” camp.  The camp was held near Echuca and was real “bush camping.” Students willingness to step out of their comfort zone and problem solve was tested non-stop for a 36 hour period.


For students to access everyday needs they had to complete various problem solving activities.  Students were divided up into teams to complete the various challenges.  Students were surprised when Mr Martin appeared on camp and we want to thank him for taking the time to come out and visit us.  


We also want to thank the staff who helped make the camp happen; Miss Taylor, Mr Nuske and Kelly Beveridge. Well done to all those students who survived the jungle and helped save the Rhino!     

Mr Scott Camps

Camp Coordinator

From the Officer Primary Campus

Mother’s Day Community Service Trip

As the rain came down, Year 4/5N bravely ventured out to travel to the local Arena Woolworths complex. Students kindly gave Mother’s Day gifts to the ladies of the community and wished them a “Happy Mother’s Day”.


Jayden (Yr 5) - “It was great. I met people and gave them gifts. It felt like giving them a part of my heart (kindness).”


Hudson (Yr 5) - “I found it fun giving out gifts to Mother’s. It was nice to be able to care for others.”


Lauren (Yr 4) - “It was funny to see people’s reactions as we gave them gifts. The Mums were really happy when they got the gifts. One lady was so touched as she reacted with tears in her eyes.”


Brooke (Yr 5) - “My highlight was that it was so interesting to see how people enjoyed it. People didn’t know what we were doing, but then they liked the gift we gave and were happy.”

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

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