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16 August 2019
Issue Eleven
Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report
Deputy Principal Report
Fair News
Terracotta Warrior Excursion
Forces in Motion Incursion 
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Upcoming Dates

Term 3 & 4 Dates

Monday 19th August

Year 5 / 6 Science Incursion


Wednesday 21st August

Book Week Dress up Parade at 9am


Friday 23rd August

Book Swap


Thursday 29th August

Year 5 / 6 Hoop Time at Dandenong


Friday 30th August

Fathers' day breakfast

From 7:30am in the hall


Sunday, 1st September

Fathers' day


Friday, 6th September

School Concert at the Besen Centre


Wednesday, 11th September

District Athletics carnival 9:30 to 12:30

Bill Sewart oval in Burwood


Wednesday 18th September

Year 4 First Communion Retreat day


Friday, 20th September

Last day of Term 3

Footy Dress up day-

Lucky Dip donations requested for the Fair


TERM 4 dates



Monday, 7th October

School Closure day- Pupil free day 

Staff Professional Development day


Tuesday, 8th October

Students resume

Bring a bottle donation for the Fair


Friday, 11th October

Opening Mass for Term 4 at  9:15am


Sunday, 20th October

First Communion at 10am


Saturday, 26th October

School Fair


Wednesday, 30th October

Year 5 / 6 Open Water learning day

run by Life Saving Victoria


Monday, 4th November

School Closure day

Pupil free day


Tuesday, 5th November

Melbourne Cup day holiday


Wednesday, 13th November

at 7pm Foundation 2020

Parent Information night


Thursday, 14th November

Foundation Orientation session 1



Monday, 18th November

Foundation Orientation session 2

9:15am to 10:45am


Friday, 22nd November

St Cecilia's feast day Mass at 9:15am


Wednesday, 27th November

Foundation Orientation session 3

9:15am to 12pm


Monday, 25th November

Twilight Sports at Bill Sewart oval

in Burwood


Friday, 29th November

Mother's Lunch



Thursday, 12th December

Year 6 Mystery Tour


Friday, 13th December

Twilight Christmas Carols


Tuesday, 17th December

Graduation Mass 9:15am 

and dinner

Last day for Year 6 students


Wednesday, 18th December

Last day of school for Foundation to Year 5

Farewell assembly/ Christmas prayer at 9am

























Principal's Report

Feast of the Assumption

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the Assumption. This is an important Marian feast when we celebrate Mary as a woman of faith and trust in God, a woman of humility and strength, a woman of love and compassion. Jesus tells us that happiness is found in hearing the word of God and following it. Mary embodies this teaching. We reflect at this time how we, like Mary, can respond to God with faith and trust.


School Review


The Catholic Education Melbourne school review process occurs in the fourth year of the SIF cycle and is a key component of the School Improvement Framework (SIF). The SIF promotes an evidence-based inquiry approach to planning within the school. Schools incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of school performance and student outcomes to support continuous school improvement and reflect regularly upon questions relating to direction, achievement and growth.

St. Cecilia's will be involved in this process in week 9 of this term.


The core purpose of the school review process is to serve the needs of our school, to affirm achievements of the past four years, explore areas for growth and to plan for future improvement as a Catholic school striving for excellence in student outcomes.

We will keep you updated with this progress.

Literacy News: Book Week

A sense of excitement is building at St Cecilia’s as staff and students begin to prepare for our annual Book Week celebrations.


This week is looked forward to by the school community with great anticipation as a time to share our enjoyment and appreciation of books, and to promote a love for reading.

Our Book Week Parade will be one highlight, and is on Wednesday August 21st.  It will be held for 9am-9.30am in the Hall, and everyone is welcome to attend.  We encourage every student to dress up as a character from a favourite book. Even a small prop such as a jacket or a hat would be a suitable costume.  For those dedicated dress-up enthusiasts, this is your time to shine!

If the costume is comfortable and appropriate, children can remain dressed in their outfit all day, remembering that normal class activities will resume immediately after the parade.

Other Book Week events will include Mystery Reader, activities with the shortlisted books, and will conclude on Friday August 23rd with the Great St Cecilia’s Book Swap.  As explained in the note that was sent home last week, books for donation for the swap can now be brought to school and given to classroom teachers for collection.

We are looking forward to a special week of celebrations!


Child Safety

All students enrolled at St Cecilia’s school have the right to feel safe and be safe. The wellbeing of children in our care will always be our first priority. We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety. 


Our commitment to our students:

We commit to providing a safe and nurturing culture for all children and young people at St Cecilia’s school through:

 1. Upholding the primacy of the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

2. Empowering families, children, young people and staff to have a voice and raise concerns.

3. Implementing rigorous risk management and employment practices.

- We commit to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people enrolled in our school.

 - We commit to providing children and young people with positive and nurturing experiences.

- We commit to listening to children and young people and empowering them by taking their views seriously, and addressing any concerns that they raise with us.

- We commit to taking action to ensure that children and young people are protected from abuse or harm.

- We commit to teaching children and young people the necessary skills and knowledge to understand and maintain their personal safety and wellbeing.

- We commit to seeking input and feedback from students regarding the creation of a safe school environment.


Our commitment to parents and carers:

- We commit to communicating honestly and openly with parents and carers about the wellbeing and safety of their children.

- We commit to engaging with, and listening to, the views of parents and carers about our child-safety practice, policies and procedures.

- We commit to transparency in our decision-making with parents and carers where it will not compromise the safety of children or young people.

 - We commit to acknowledging the cultural diversity of students and families, and being sensitive to how this may impact on student safety issues.

- We commit to continuously reviewing and improving our systems to protect children from abuse. 

Our commitment to our school staff (school employees, volunteers, contractors and clergy):

- We commit to providing all  St Cecilia’s staff with the necessary support to enable them to fulfil their roles. This will include regular and appropriate learning opportunities.

- We commit to providing regular opportunities to clarify and confirm policy and procedures in relation to child safety and young people’s protection and wellbeing. This will include annual training in the principles and intent of the Child Safety Policy and Child Safety Code of Conduct, and staff responsibilities to report concerns. The annual training will be undertaken on the Professional Development day at the commencement of each year.

- We commit to listening to all concerns voiced by St Cecilia’s staff, clergy, volunteers, and contractors about keeping children and young people safe from harm.

- We commit to providing opportunities for St Cecilia’s school employees, volunteers, contractors and clergy to receive formal debriefing and counselling arising from incidents of the abuse of a child or young person.


 St. Cecilia's has a moral, legal and mission-driven responsibility to create a nurturing school environment where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard and they are safe and feel safe (CECV Commitment Statement to Child Safety).


School Concert

School Concert is looming on

Friday 6th September (Week 8).

Venue: Besen Centre  87/89 Station St, Burwood.

Preparations are well under way. Singing, dancing, costumes and props are currently being discussed and finalised. Classroom teachers will communicate shortly with parents regarding any necessary help or assistance that might be needed! 



On Wednesday 7 th August the Grade 3 & 4 students went to the Dandenong
Basketball Stadium for the Junior Hoop Time Tournament. What an amazing day we had. We fielded 9 teams. Five Future Stars teams (students who play domestic basketball) and four Rookies Teams (students who do not play basketball).


A special thank you to Teresa Galgani, our

Hoop Time Coordinator and incredible supporter of our Sporting Programs.           


Please read the following report

for more information.


The Third Teacher...

“ Educational improvement is judged by its impact on learners – whether those impacts are social, cultural or academic.”

Viviane Robinson, 2017


In every classroom you will see posters or goals or hints / clues to support the learning. Sometimes we call these Anchor Charts. Our students are beginning to call these THE THIRD TEACHER.



Anchor charts highlight the most important aspects of a lesson. They help teachers focus on, and allow students to remember, the most important concepts and skills being taught.


Anchor charts improve student comprehension and are designed to scaffold students’ learning. They are designed to spotlight an important concept and are immediately available to reference on the classroom wall. They reinforce concepts at various times throughout the school day as a result of their presence and aid in comprehension.

Posting anchor charts keeps relevant and current learning accessible to students to remind them of prior learning and to enable them to make connections as new learning happens.


Take a chance to view some of these next time you visit the classroom.  Ask your child to explain what they mean and how they help...


St. Cecilia’s Netball Club  


Half Time Entertainment at Melbourne Arena


By Lucy Reed and Thea Styring

On Sunday the 28th of July,  some of the girls from St. Cecilia’s Netball Club played a game of netball at Melbourne Arena. We were the halftime entertainment of the Collingwood Magpies V GWS giants.   

The teams that played were The Asteroids and a group  from STC Net-Set-Go!  


We felt excited and it  was a day we will always remember.  


Miss Lloyd came to watch us and was a great support. The crowd was cheering us on too...they were so loud!  Sadly Collingwood lost!!!! Mia Gossan scored a goal for her team!!! We were lucky to have had two amazing coaches,  Olivia King and Sophie Urquhart, they did a great job coaching us and overall it was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!!


School Choir

All choir members are expected to attend all rehearsals, if at school that day. On occasion, a singer may be absent because of illness or for another suitable reason. We have a number of choir members who have committed themselves to being a part of the choir but then not turning up to rehearsals without a reason. Each choir member is a valuable part of the ensemble and is vital to the success of both choirs that we have good attendance at all rehearsals and performances.



When we speak about our St. Cecilia school values, we speak of: 



We live faith-filled lives and give thanks daily



We respect and embrace the community



We care and do what is right and just



We strive for and celebrate every success



Have a great weekend with your families,


Warm regards,


Deputy Principal Report

Term 3 Inquiry Units-
Science & Technology / Design focus

Dear parents, we hope that you received the "Term 3  Parent Planners" for your children's grade level. 

As you know, in Term 3, our whole school focus is on Technology, especially designing  items using students' knowledge of Physical Science such as light & sound and force & movement. As always, if you have any expertise in these areas of Science or in Space and particularly the Solar System, please contact your child's teachers and we would welcome you as guest speakers.


The Year 5 / 6 students are having a Science Incursion next Monday, 19th August following on from the successful incursions which the Foundation to Year 4 classes have already enjoyed.


NB The Year 5 / 6 teachers are particularly seeking parents who might like to share a Science activity or experiment with the students.



In case you missed the last newsletter, we have a new Learning Support Officer (LSO) named Voula Theonas. who worked at St Cecilia's last term for a few weeks while a staff member was on leave. She has now come on board the LSO team as a regular member and will work all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays assisting in the Year 5 / 6 classrooms  and other grades as required.

Welcome to Voula!

Concert Preparations

All the classes and their teachers have been excitedly rehearsing their items for our annual school Concert which is on Friday, 6th September at the Besen Centre in Box Hill.  Today a recording  company came to school and recorded each class singing their song medleys. This will add volume  to each act, even if the students have stage fright on the night!

The concert performance will also be videoed and DVDs will be available for purchase if you miss seeing the real thing! 



A letter from the Vice President for the STC South Camberwell Cricket Club in charge of Junior Teams


The 2019/20 Cricket season is nearly here : 

 STC South Camberwell Cricket Club based at Nettleton Park Glen Iris for over 50 years has opened registrations for all junior and senior players . The club has a proud history of fielding Milo in2 cricket and T20 Blast programs , multiple under 10 to under 16 junior teams and also an under 18 team . We also have 5 Senior teams and a 2 Veterans teams having successfully won 4 premierships during the 2018/9 Season.   STC is a friendly encouraging club that welcomes all players and their families .  If you'd like more information please email , visit our club website  or call STC Vice President - Junior Teams

Pete Martin on 0404667871

We are especially looking for Grade 2 , 3 and grade 4 students to help fill our under 10 and under 12 teams .



We hope that you have a lovely weekend and are looking forward to the Concert as much as we all are!

Regards, Karen Whiting


in 2019

First Communion

At school, the children are commencing their preparations for this sacrament by learning about their first sacrament - their Baptism. They will then learn about the celebration of the Mass, what it means to receive Jesus in Holy Communion and how we should live our lives as followers of the Catholic faith. This year, instead of having a Homework booklet, the Year 3 / 4 teachers will send home sacramental preparation activities as part of the usual Homework tasks. We ask that the Year 4 parents complete the tasks with their child and return the work to school so that the students can share their learning. 

Information about the Communion banners has been sent home and we ask that each family makes a felt  banner with the candidates' name and symbols of the Eucharist. Some families are meeting this Sunday, 18th August and again on Sunday, 8th September after the 10am Mass to make theirs together in the Church foyer/ narthex. If you are interested in joining them, please bring your felt materials, some glue and creative ideas. Sylvia Tuz, ( Marina's mother) is co-ordinating this group along with Louise Bolton.


The First Communion ceremony which will be at the end of week 2, in Term 4 -on Sunday, 20th October at 10am.


Feast of the Assumption Mass

On Thursday , the whole school attended the 9:15am Mass to celebrate the feast of the Assumption when we remember that Mary went to Heaven body and soul to be with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The students were particularly well-behaved and reverent and several people commented to me on their demeanour. They also answered all the Mass Responses such as: "Lord hear our prayer" and it was wonderful to hear our Foundation students joining in the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers! (They have been learning these in class and were keen to join in with their Buddies and the rest of the congregation!)


As you know, we have daily Meditation at school after lunch and it is a time of peaceful reflection. One Christian meditation that we have recently used is a Breathing Meditation with a Mantra.

Perhaps you and your families might like to try one at home?


The basic script is as follows:

Sit still and place your hands in your lap.

Breathe in and out slowly and gently.


Repeat the following Mantra slowly to yourself three times:


I give praise and thanks   (Say this in your mind - as you breathe in)

to you my God  ( Say this to yourself in your mind- as you breathe out).

Have 2 minutes of silence.


At the end of the 2 minutes, say to your family:

Become aware of your breathing again,

Breathe in and out , in and out.

Now slowly open your eyes.


If you try this, I am sure you will find it is very calming to the soul!




Have a lovely weekend!

Regards, Karen Whiting.

Fair News

St. Cecilia's Fair

Dear St Cecilia’s Families

This year marks the 73rd Anniversary of the St Cecilia’s Fair . 


Work is now underway for the 2019 Fair and you are probably thinking what can I do to help… but don’t worry, because there is always heaps to do!


The Fair will be held on Saturday 26 October 2019, so please save the date as we need all hands on deck.


To all the wonderful people who have already volunteered to coordinate or work in a role, thank you., thank you, thank you!

To everyone else, if you think any of the positions below could be for you please let us know as we would love your help.  Don’t worry, there is 
always lots of help and no experience needed.

Entertainment & Rides Coordinator

Organise main stage entertainment, book rides, organise wristbands and liaise with electrician, entertainers and Smart Amusement employees for setup and pack down of rides.  Please note the 2019 rides are already booked.


This role is to contact previous sponsors to see if they are back on board again and also to try and source new sponsors to support our Fair by way of cash, services or donations mainly for our Raffle, Live and Silent Auctions.

Promotion & Social Media

Help us get the word out about the Fair to the wider community. Create posts for our School Facebook page and respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner.

2020 Fair Coordinator

We're always planning ahead.  If being the Fair Coordinator sounds like you, why not come on board now and get a great handover to see how things are done for next year.

To volunteer for one of these positions please go to asap.  

For an  interesting read please visit  - So stay happy and healthy and join the Fair Committee!


We will be going to print very soon, but there is still time if you would like to promote your business by donating a prize to the 2019 Raffle.  Please contact us at and let us know if you can help.  It is a great way to get your business name out to the 1000s of people in our local community.


Do you have an idea for a stall?  We would love to hear them...anything you think could work, please let us know 


If you require any more information, have some feed back from previous years fairs or have any questions/suggestions please contact us on  Now is the time to let us know so we can make the 2019 Fair the best fair ever!

Thank you everyone for all your support already, the Fair is a lot of work and there is still heaps to do, but it is always so much fun!

Jane Martin
2019 Fair Coordinator



Terracotta Warrior Excursion

Terracotta Warrior Excursion

Terracotta Warrior Excursion


The NGV got a visit on the 29th of July from the Year 5/6 s  who were incredibly lucky to see the wonders of the Terracotta Warriors and Cai Gou-Qiang.

The terracotta warriors were some amazing afterlife guards for the first emperor of a united China, Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang was desperate to be immortal but in case he didn’t, he wanted to have a luxurious and powerful afterlife. At this excursion we saw 8 of the 8,000 warriors and two of the horses. 

Cai Gou-Qiang is a contemporary artist who makes masterpieces out of gunpowder, silk, silicone and porcelain which are all originally made in China. His masterpieces literally made us say ‘Wow!’  The birds suspended from the roof really looked like they might have flown away. 


A big thank you to Mr Hung and Mrs Goodear, our Chinese and Art teachers, for making that wonderful day possible.



By Alice Hanna and Victoria Katsos


Forces in Motion Incursion 

Forces in Motion Incursion 

Year 3 /4 Science Incursion - Tuesday 30th July



What a fabulous way to learn about  ‘Forces in Motion’. We attended a powerful, fast-paced session to help gain an understanding of forces and how they interact. We learnt the role of gravity, friction and magnetism in making objects move faster than the speed of sound, through engaging hands on activities.

“I learnt why a piece of paper falls slower to the ground than a book.”


“I learnt that tension repels gravity.”


“I learnt that if you throw a paper aeroplane - gravity will force it downwards.”






The Great St Cecilia’s Book Swap in the Art Room.

  • Each child who has donated a book to the Swap can take one book home.  

  • If there are left over books, they can be purchased at lunchtime for a gold coin donation.

  • The SRC will run the Swap with Miss Lloyd.







9.00 - 9.30AM


Georgia Davies, Zoe Knott, Luca Pittito, Mietta D, Alannah D. Oliver Alexopoulos.


9.30 - 10.00AM


Joey Dee, Thea Styring, Fletcher Bye


10.00 - 10.30AM


Rose, Mietta, Edward C, Henry O.


10.30 - 11.30AM

YEAR 5 / 6’S

Nino Swerts, Victoria Gillen, Bernie Bond, Rosie Hall, Zoe Jonsen


11.45 - 12.15PM

3 / 4’s

Jenna, Thomas D, Jack B, Stephan Merigoux, Joey Dee, Zoe Jonsen.


12.15 - 12.30PM


Kayla, Edward C, Henry O, Essie,

Georgia D.


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