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23 August 2019
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Principal's Report
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Our Gospel this week draws from Luke,

Someone said to Jesus: “Sir, will there be only a few saved?” He said to them: “Try your best to enter by the narrow door, because many will try to enter and will not succeed.”   Luke 13, 22-30         “When you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled the lame.”    Luke 14, 13

Jesus challenges us to ensure that we always hold the poor, crippled and lame in our hearts as we move through our lives. At Killester this week I have seen many young women metaphorically invite others to their table, they do this in the way they care for each other and our world. As I write our magnificent Brigidine day is drawing to a close and I thank the huge amount of people involved in the organisation and preparation of this fabulous day of celebration. We will showcase more of our day in our bulletin next week. 


Ms Sally Buick, Principal



St Brigid Psalm

Brigid, you were a woman of peace,
You brought harmony where there was conflict.
You brought light to the darkness.
You brought hope to the downcast.
May the mantle of your peace cover those who are troubled and anxious,
And may peace be firmly rooted in our hearts and in our world.

Latest News and Reminders

The Fortnight Ahead


Monday 26th August

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

SCSA Junior Netball, Waverley Netball Centre, Jells Park 7.45am-3.45pm

Yr 10 Volunteers to St Joseph Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 27th August

Yr 10 Indonesian Melbourne Zoo 8.45am-2.45pm

Yr 10 Italian All'Antico Trattoria Excursion 9.00am-3.00pm

Yr 10 St Thomas to Lawn Bowls 9.00am-10.30am

Yr 9 Maths Workshop Incursion P1-4

SESG Inters Sport 2.45pm-3.30pm

Building Bridges Program Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar 5.00pm-10.00pm

Wednesday 28th August

Rugby State Championships, Power House Jnrs Rugby Club, Loft Reserve, Newport 8.15am-3.30pm

Yr 10 Photography Excursion to Monash Gallery of Art 8.50am-3.00pm

Thursday 29th August

Yr 7 PD Day @ Killester (further details below)

Justice and Democracy Homeless Sleepover in Kennedy Hall, Killester College

Friday 30th August

VCAL Ikea Excursion 10.45am-1.30pm


Monday 2nd September

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Yr 10 Volunteers to St Joseph Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 3rd September

Yr 11/12 "Australian Realness" Drama Excursion 3.45pm-9.30pm

Thursday 5th September

Yr 9 OED Overnight Camp, Torquey departing 7.00am

Friday 6th September

Yr 11/12 Fashion Design and Technology students to Melbourne Fashion Week 4.00pm- 9.00pm

Yr 9 Italian Excursion to Mediterranean Wholesalers, Brunswick 9.00am-3.00pm

Yr 9 Indonesian Incursion - All Day

Yr 9 OED Overnight Camp, Torquey returning 3.15pm

Year 7 PD Day

The Year 7 students will be participating in their first Personal Development Day at Killester College. The main focus of this day is based on the understanding that the human person is essentially in relationship with others.  The program runs at every year level and, in Year 7, it involves a day long program focusing on Personal Safety, Resilience and Friendships. As part of the program a guest speaker will address the students about personal safety in public settings and cyber safety. Students will also participate in friendship awareness activities and building positive relationships with family and friends.  It is important that all students attend this day.  


All students have been asked to bring a white t shirt as part of their homeroom period on Wednesday 28th August as part of their affirmations session. Students need to wear comfortable clothing with runners and bring items for a shared lunch. Students with special dietary requirements will need to bring their own lunch please.  We request that students do not bring food that needs to be reheated. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 9547 5000.


Michel Kennedy, Year 7 Student Development Leader

From the Finance Office

We still have some outstanding VET fees and Term 3 Bus fees. Please forward payment.  If you have outstanding fees and are having any difficulty in making payment, we are always here to help. Please contact the College today to arrange a meeting with the Business Manager to discuss payment options.  A reminder for those that have automatic fee instalment arrangements. If your bank details or Credit Card expiry date changes, please let us know immediately.

Out and About

Emergency Management Plan

Your daughter (s) may have come home with news that we had another Lockdown Drill at the end of last week. These are an important aspect of safety here at the College. The girls were very patient, as we checked buildings, doors and windows, staying quiet under their desks. Thanks to everyone for ensuring this was a successful drill.


Subject Selections

The selection of subjects for 2020 has now closed. It has been a very smooth process this year. Now begins the discussions regarding 2020 and beyond.


Multicultural Dinner - Saturday 14th September - TICKETS SOLD OUT.

This promises to be a wonderful night. BYO drinks and glasses please. Free entertainment and smorgasbord of food from around the world - in Kennedy Hall from 7.00pm. The tickets have gone very quickly this year. Apologies if you missed out. Those who do have tickets are asked to please present them at the door upon arrival.


Work Experience week is quickly approaching for our Year 10 students, Monday 2nd September to Friday 6th September. Queries can be directed to your daughter's Homeroom teacher or the Year 10 SDL, Trelene Luecke.  

Best wishes for the coming week.

Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development

Upcoming Events


Catholic Education Office

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.


Susan McClean Cybersafety Presentation

Last Tuesday evening, parents and teachers were led through the digital world our teenage daughters claim they are so familiar with but can lead to difficult and sometimes dangerous situations exposing themselves to online predators, bullying and addiction.  Susan McLean with her wealth of experience, latest research and an ability to get the message across opened our eyes and offered guidance. Cybersafety is clearly one of the most important issues facing our teenage girls in the 21st Century.  Over the next few newsletters I will be adding a number of fact sheets  from Susan McLean’s website starting with “What is problematic internet use?”.  If you are concerned about your daughter’s internet use please don’t hesitate to contact your daughter’s Homeroom Teacher or Student Development Leader.

Luana Doko, Student Wellbeing Leader

Parenting Course for Fathers


Parenting Course to Strengthen Families



Brewing Good Stuff in VCAL Term 3

Three new teachers joined the VCAL team this term and were warmly welcomed by the students. It has been a very busy time with the finalising of last term’s projects and the beginning of many more exciting events. The Year 11 students are currently busy researching  ideas and planning for  wellbeing activities to promote Mental Health Awareness, Positive Body Image and Positive Friendships to the Killester community. So, watch this space, as we are confident they will provide many valuable programs.  Designing a VCAL and Careers Expo specifically for the Year 9 and 10 students has been the focus of the Year 12 students. All the VCAL students had the opportunity to attend the Melbourne Career Expo at The Exhibition Centre which provided a great starting point for this complex project. The purpose of the Expo is to  provide information on the different career pathways available from a variety of TAFE providers and to showcase their VCAL projects.  The students viewed the film texts, “Soul Surfer”,  “My name is Khan” and “The Help”. These texts prompted the students  to share their opinions on  a variety of issues: such as taking risks, acceptance and the role of women in society through various literacy activities and this culminated in them designing  projects they are passionate about. 



Over the next couple of months, the Senior VCAL students will be wrapping up all their learning outcomes for VCAL. They have completed many great achievements this year and just recently acquired their Barista qualification through the Coffee School in Melbourne on August 20, 2019. Hopefully, they can brew your favorite espresso before they finish the year! Furthermore, the Year 12 students are looking forward to the transition to further training and study at the end of the year.  We wish them all the best in their transition and are confident that the skills they have acquired will assist them in their future endeavours.  Finally, it’s nearly Spring! With Spring comes the possibility of a burst of outdoor activities for the VCAL students with activities such as gardening and beach clean ups. We look forward to warm days and getting out and contributing to the environment.  If you want to learn more about the VCAL projects, you can email


Anna Cosio-Maramba, VCAL Teacher/Coordinator

HEPE and Sport

Year 10 HEPE

As part of the Year 10 sports curriculum we learn about recreational activities for life-long learning. Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. To further develop our understanding of recreational activities we participated in Zumba. This was an incursion where a Zumba instructor came in and guided us through the benefits of doing Zumba. We learnt that Zumba is not only a form of dance but can also let one express themselves. For most of us it was our first attempt and the Zumba instructor was very energised as she persuaded us to step out of our comfort zones and dance! 


Another recreational sport we attended was indoor beach volleyball where we got into small teams and had a fantastic experience playing volleyball on sand. The next activity as part of the curriculum was rollerskating at Rollerama. Most of us struggled with balancing but eventually got the hang of it. Although I fell a few times, it was a very enjoyable experience. We are learning about recreational activities to broaden our knowledge on types of extracurricular activities that we can join out of school to stay fit and healthy for the future. Overall, we are having a great time in Year 10 HEPE.  We also look forward to our lawn bowls excursion in a few weeks.

Satwant Kaur, Year 10 St Mark



Rugby 7's

On Friday the 9th of August a group of 12 Year 8, 9 and 10 students went to Melbourne Rugby Club Prahan to play in a Rugby 7s tournament against other schools from the southeast area. Everyone was very excited to be on the team, as it was the first Rugby team Killester has ever had. Although it was a very cold day, everyone was ready to play and learn some new skills from the other schools. Overall, the day was very successful and Killester ended up finishing SECOND!  The team was lucky enough to have the opportunity to qualify and play in the upcoming Rugby 7s State Finals, happening on Wednesday the 28th of August. We are very grateful to have this opportunity and we can’t wait to play again!


Sienna Quinn, Year 9 St Francis

SCSA Soccer

On Tuesday the 20th of August, three teams consisting of junior, intermediate and senior girls ventured out to Darebin to compete in the SCSA soccer competition. This year we were placed in Division 1 which proved to be a challenge for the girls as the large talent pool from each school was displayed in every game.



Throughout the day, each team played a minimum of five games and versed schools such as SHGC and St Columba’s. Our intermediate team continued their amazing form, progressing into a competitive grand final match which they had won after a penalty shootout! Congratulations also to Isabella Diaco who was voted MVP of the match! 


A big thank you to our coaches Ms Roberts, Mr Cherrington and Mr Brodie who put all the girls on the field as well as providing support and guidance throughout the day. Well done to our girls as well, it was great to see you all put up a fight.


Jessica Nguyen, Senior Soccer First XI Coach

Maths, Science and STEM

2019 Science Week

Killester joined in the celebration of the National Science Week last week.  2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. It also coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Periodic table created by Dimitri Mendeleev. The UN therefore declared 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. With the school theme for the National Science Week being ‘Destination Moon: more missions, more science’, various activities were organised for our students to inspire them about space science in particular, and how science influences the world around us in general.  



Below are reflections by some students:

I watched a documentary at the SCINEMA film festival in the library about a man named Maurice who had a very bad accident while hunting. It was fascinating to see how Maurice was getting ready for the surgeons to perform a face transplant on him. He had waited 3 years to get a donor for a face, the skin, nose, teeth and gum and finally all these will be transferred over to Maurice's face!

by Coco Huynh, Yr 7 St Rafka


For Science Week, one of the activities that were held was the periodic table jigsaw puzzle. The activity was very enjoyable as it used both sides of the brain. I liked the visual aspect of putting the periodic table together while still challenging myself to try and remember where the elements are placed. I also liked the feeling of accomplishment of placing the last piece, knowing that I have completed the puzzle.

by Missy Yalung, Yr 10 St Michael


Every morning a space-themed Quiz was sent out for all students to answer, and two winners with the correct answer were then picked and received prizes. I was one of the lucky one! Years 7, 8 and 9 also got to watch an interesting Science Show by ‘Professor Bunsen’. The show included many things about space, how much power it takes to get to orbit, how gravity works, and what the air is like in space. This science week was very informative and interesting, but also engaging and entertaining.

by Vivien Owens, Yr 8 St Patrick


‘Prof Bunsen’ started his show with intriguing acts which blew all of us off this world: the ‘speedy beads’ showing the effect of inertia and gravity; a girl hovering on a mat with just a vacuum pump; turning plastic bottles to heat-powered rocket that sped off and hit the wall etc. All his demonstrations were so exciting that made every student's hearts pounding so fast!  Some of us were rewarded with cool little gifts for answering his questions correctly. It was a super science show that every student enjoyed!

by Harleen Kaur, Yr 9 St Emily 


The VCE students of Psychology and Biology attended a talk by two research scientists from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience during Science Week. They talked about the methods of treating a stroke, the consequences that follow, as well as the way to determine whether someone was at risk of or was in the process of suffering a stroke. We learnt that a person our age should have 10-13 hours of sleep a night. We all laughed upon hearing this as the majority of us are usually running on less than seven hours of sleep! The visitation was insightful and inspiring.  Many of us were asking for further elaboration on the topics, wanting to gain further understanding of the intriguing information that was new to many of us. 

by Ageliki Arkoudis, Yr 12 St Gerald


The Science Week talks were an insightful, inspiring opportunity to catch a glimpse of the lives of researchers driving modern medicine. In our growing population, it's important for research to be done into life-threatening diagnoses such as the instance of a stroke, in which mere minutes are critical for the recovery of the patient. Two scientists from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Professor MacKay from the School of Biomedical Science, University of Melbourne talking to students were not only interesting, but it hints at the magnitude of careers available in the advancing health research field. This made the experience overall worthwhile and extremely engaging!

by Isabelle Gemmell, Yr 12 St Joseph


English and Humanities

Year 9 Shrine of Remembrance

On Thursday the 15th of August the Year 9 students,  as part of the World War 1 unit we are currently studying in Humanities, travelled to the Shrine of Remembrance . 



After we arrived at the Shrine we split off into our Homeroom groups to participate in different activities. In one of these activities, we were taken on a tour, where a guide explained to us the different areas located at the Shrine. An area we were taken to, the Sanctuary, resonated with everyone. The power of the room impacted everyone, allowing us to reflect on all that these soldiers had to endure. 


The other activity was a presentation by Lambis Englezos. Lambis told the story of how in 2009 he and his team discovered the mass grave of 250 Australian soldiers who were killed in the Battle of Fromelles in 1916. It was an inspirational story of perseverance and endurance. I know that his story will stay with me. 


We also listened to a presentation from Kaye De Petro. She told us about her father’s experience in World War 2, and although her story wasn’t about the war we are currently studying, it gave a great understanding of what the soldiers in WW2 would have had to undergo if they were prisoners of war.   After everyone had listened to the presentation and toured the Shrine we went outside to eat lunch and explore the Shrine Gardens ourselves.   Overall, the excursion was a very special and powerful experience especially for those who hadn’t been to the Shrine before.


Lydia McCracken-Matthews, Year 9 St Emile


Performing Arts

Stage Band at the Essentially Ellington Music Festival

Fifteen keen jazz musicians from Killester College performed at the Essentially Ellington Music Festival on Sunday at Xavier College, Kew. This was a great chance to learn off one of the great trombone players in the world, Vincent Gardner who is lead trombone in the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra from New York. 


The girls played beautifully presenting a challenging program of two Duke Ellington pieces, I'm Beginning to See the Light and Isfahan as well as the stage band standard Splanky. The comments from Vincent centred around the lovely sound the band made together, the intelligent, coherent improvising and the enjoyment he got from the performance. In the workshop he concentrated on style, vibrato and breathing.


Joanna Guelas charmed everyone with her alto saxophone feature in Isfahan and there were great solos from Mikayla Lowther, Lauren Trang, Rebecca Abela and  Vivien Nguyen in the other two pieces.  The standard of playing continues to rise and you can hear this band intimately at the VCE Farewell Concert on Wednesday September 18 in the Anne Boyd Theatrette at 7.30pm.

Jazz Night 2019

I am very excited to announce that the second Jazz Night will be held on Saturday 30th November in the Anne Boyd Theatrette at 7.00pm. I have just secured the services of the Julie O'Hara Quartet to be our feature artists for the evening. Julie has had a great career as a vocalist, performng all sorts of styles of music, ranging from traditional standards to gypsy jazz as well as writing and performing her own compositions. She spent some great days with the Cat Empire, a favourite band of the jazz students at Killester. Stay tuned for more details about booking your table. Last year was a sell-out and the table seats went very quickly.

Multi-Cultural Night

Two of our ensembles will be performing at the Multi-Cultural Night on Saturday 14th of September. Our senior Vocal Group and the Heartstrings will be presenting items at was has become a favourite night  on the calendar. It is great to see the different cultures of our school represented in so many different ways. Music is just one of the strings in the bow. 

Monash Youth Music Festival

The reassembled Swing Sisters, now with the inclusion of Year 7 voices, performed on Monday, August 19th at the Monash Youth Music Festival. The students were very lucky to once again sing in Monash University’s Robert Blackwell Hall. They performed two items: ‘The Lion Sings Tonight’ with solos by Safia Coleman (Year 7), Esther Kiir (Year 9) and Giulia Maganga (Year 8) and ‘When the War is Over’ with a solo by Keely Smith (Year 7). The students performed with great enthusiasm and were commended for their geniue sound! The Swing Sisters walked away with an unofficial third place and having gained yet another enriching public  performance experience! 

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