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21 March 2019
Week 8 - Term 1
Principal Report
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Grade 5 Report
Grade 6 Report
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Principal Report

Brainstorm Productions Visit Oatlands

In an attempt to skill our children in dealing with bullying we have engaged the services of Brainstorm Productions; an anti-bullying program.


Brainstorm Productions is an innovative, interactive educational theatre that brings about positive social change through a range of bullying programs, cyber safety programs, positive behaviour programs, resilience programs and mental health programs for schools. They tackle bullying in school, cyber bullying, cyber safety, violence, prejudice, family separation, values, ethics and discrimination.


Their aim is to:

  • Empower students with real-life strategies to help enhance their mental health, resilience and wellbeing
  • Reduce the incidence of bullying, cyber bullying and aggressive behaviour in schools
  • Help students understand the importance of developing respectful relationships at school, at home and online
  • Provide teachers with a range of unique student wellbeing resources and pastoral care activities, to enhance existing anti-bullying, wellbeing and cyber safety programs
  • Help students develop a greater understanding of cyber safety and digital citizenship
  • Provide bystanders of bullying and aggressive behaviour with the tools and confidence to support their friends and peers
  • Engage students in live, interactive theatre, using authentic real-world youth experiences, that are designed to help develop student self-awareness and empathy for others
  • Use young professional actors as role models to inspire a new generation to participate in and appreciate the arts


The students in Grades 5 and 6 recently watched and participated in the program. Our school captains Isabella and Jed wrote down their thoughts on the program.


On Tuesday March the 12th, the Grade 5’s and 6’s went to the gymnasium to watch a performance called ‘Being Brave’. It was performed by Brainstorm Productions. It was a very entertaining show that taught our students how to be brave in different situations. They also taught us that it is important to try new things and overcome your fears. The performance had a lot of kids laughing, having fun and singing to their songs.  The song’s main lyrics were ‘be a brave heart’. The performance had a positive effect on our students. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the show and a massive applause ended the presentation. It was a very fun and informative afternoon.

Jed & Isabel


Grades Prep to Four will also have the opportunity to watch and participate in the program on Thursday 28th of March.


John Armao

Assistant Principal

Dates to Remember


Thursday 21st  - Book Club Issue 2 Dueback.

Thursday 28th - Easter Raffle Tickets due back

Thursday 28th - Fete - Free Dress Day

Friday 29th - Cross Country Trials


Monday 1st - Easter Raffle drawn at assembly and a visit from Easter Bunny

Tuesday 2nd - 7:30pm - PFA Meeting in staffroom

Friday 5th - Last Day of Term One - 2.30pm finish

Tuesday 23rd - First Day of Term Two - 9am start

Thursday 25th - Anzac Day Public Holiday



Thursday 9th - Anzac Ceremony 10.30 am start

Friday 17th - Student Free Day



Monday 10th - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 28th - Last Day of Term Two - 2.30pm finish


Monday 15th - First Day of Term Three - 9am start


Friday 20th - Last Day of Term Three 2.30pm finish


Monday 7th - First Day of Term Four 9am start


Monday 4th - Student Free Day

Tuesday 5th - Melbourne Cub Public Holiday

Friday 8th - School Fete 2.30pm start - 8.30pm finish


Thursday 19th - Last Day of Term Four 1.30pm finish

Grade 5 Report

Grade 5

The Grade 5 students and teachers have had a sensational start to our year together! We are incredibly proud of how well our students have settled; routines have been established and we are well under way with homework too!



We welcome Mr Dutlow [5GD] and Mr Huggins [5AS] to the 2019 Grade 5 Team and thank Mrs Rento for the superb job she did settling 5AS into the new school year. Di Swift and Gina Struylaart will provide invaluable assistance to our year level too!



Our Grade 5 camp took place in Week 4; we took 123 students to Camp Rumbug [located in Foster North] for an incredibly active 3 days of walking, hills and fun activities - the Low Ropes provided a lot of entertainment for us all! It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with such a well-behaved and fun-loving group of students! Many thanks to Ms Jones, Mr Cutting and Jason Clarke for coming to camp with us; we loved every minute of you being there! We also had a great Graffiti Ed. incursion in Week 6 too!


During our Literacy sessions we are continuing to develop our students’ comprehension skills through our study of the novel Restart by Gordon Korman. We are also working through the Notice and Note Signpost Strategies in order to encourage comprehension at a deeper level. Our Grade 5 Writing Model in our Writing Block allows for the analysis, planning, writing and reflection of written text. SMART Spelling is the basis of our spelling program, where the analysis of each week’s words provide opportunity to build word knowledge and understanding.



Our Maths sessions have focused on Place Value, the Four Processes and Financial Planning/Budgets. Problem Solving is always an integral component of our Maths program, along with the provision of open-ended tasks that both support and challenge our students’ understanding of Maths concepts.


Our Integrated Studies unit of Community, focusing on Democracy, has been of high interest to our students. Learning about the key features of the election process was supported by the election campaign held at the Grade Level, then whole Year Level. The formation of campaign teams to support each grade’s candidates, followed by the presentation of advertising material at our Meet the Candidate Session, provided an insight into how the election process is run. Silent ballot voting took place to elect our Junior School Council representatives for 2019; all candidates ran a fantastic campaign and are to be congratulated on their team’s efforts!   



Our students have immersed themselves fully in their weekly Specialist classes while they learn skills that enhance their development and learning; as a team we are very grateful for the opportunities our Specialist teachers offer our students. The incorporation of Food Technology as a part of the Technologies Specialist class has been very well received and enjoyed by all Grade 5 students.



As a team, we thank-you so much for your support throughout Term 1 and look forward to the exciting challenges that a very busy Term 2 will bring!



Grade 6 Report

Grade 6 

Hello parents, teachers and students! The Grade 6 kids at Oatlands Primary School have  had such a wonderful start to Term 1!


One of the highlights that many of us Grade 6 students from 6JR, 6TN and 6EB have had would definitely be Wilsons Prom camp! It was a once in a lifetime experience for the students. Lots of fun activities including chilling out at Tidal River, wrestling each other at Little Oberon Bay, testing our skills at the Amazing Race, challenging ourselves on the 560 metre hike on Mt Oberon and surfing on the waves at Norman Bay (for some!). After a week enjoying mother nature, students came back to O.P.S. Unfortunately, due to bush fires, 6DS and 6JS’ trip to Wilsons Prom was postponed to the last week of the term. We are very excited for them to experience it soon!


This year, many of our students have received leadership positions. Our school captains Jedd and Isabel, and vice captains Harrison, Summer, Chaneth and Chloe have been doing an excellent job and improving our school! Our house captains and children in an assortment of other leadership roles have also been fantastic!


In Grade 6, students get to start playing Inter-school Sports. We had the option to play soccer, football, netball, t-ball and kickball. For the past few weeks, students trained very hard as they are to compete against other schools in Term 2.


For our Integrated Studies topic this term, students having been learning about the government and how it works. We learnt about the process of bill to law, the 3 levels of government (local, state, federal), how a law is made and many other interesting things!


Also, students have been working hard on maths and open-ended questions. They have been working out multiple answers and solving problems people would be experiencing in real life. Many students at the start of Term 1 doubt themselves, now many students have improved a lot!


Another subject students have been working on is their ability to write. Students worked on  narratives and persuasive writing. As well as writing, students worked on their grammar and punctuation. This is another subject that most students are getting much better at!


Once again, students have had a wonderful and fantastic term with their Grade 6 teachers at their final year in primary school!


Written by Nayeel and Tahlia  from 6JR.



Oatlands Swimming 

On Tuesday 5th of February we had 180 students participate in the Oatlands swimming Trials at the Noble Park Swimming Pool. We had a fantastic day with each and every student giving 100% and displaying great sportsmanship by encouraging and congratulating fellow students. As a result of these trials we had 26 of our students qualify to compete in the Narre Warren District Swimming Carnival. This was held on Monday the 25th of February at Noble Park Swimming Pool. I am very pleased to report that out of the 8 schools that competed within our district Oatlands Primary School finished 1st overall which was extremely gratifying and a testament to the students hard work.  All of our students that competed have trained extremely hard over the past couple of weeks and their dedication and commitment made me and I know their parents very proud. Well done to all of these students!


Congratulations to all of our  19 students represented Oatlands and the Edwin Flack District in the Casey North Swimming Trials last Wednesday.  Once again our students performed exceptionally well and we are very proud of not    only their efforts but the manner in which they behaved and represent Oatlands. As a result of these trials we now have 9 students who will represent Oatlands at the Southern Metropolitan Region Swimming trials next Thursday at Melbourne sports and Aquatic Centre. We wish Ben, Isabelle, Cooper Beau, Josh, Jordan, Harrison, Andy and  Anuk   all the best of luck and look forward to seeing them compete. 


A very big thank you to all of our parents and the teaching staff at Oatlands who helped out at our swimming trials and the District carnival.

Active April

Recently, the Premier of Victoria wrote to every school encouraging students and their families to take the challenge and do 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days in the month of April. This is a fun way to get more active, more often.


Oatlands Primary School has registered for this challenge and we will be offering the opportunity for students to participate in 30min of activities from Monday 18th March – Friday 5th of April and will start again at the beginning of term 3. Tuesday 23rd of April until Friday 30th of April.  These activities will run from 8.30am-9.00am on the track outside the school gate. Students can walk or run with their classmates and we strongly encourage parents, siblings, grandparents and the wider community to join us in this challenge.



The Oatlands Primary School Cross Country trials/fun run will be held on Friday 29th of March on the running track beside the school grounds.  This fun run will be used to promote our house system, physical activity and fitness. The Edwin Flack District Cross Country team will also be selected from this event.


This event will run in age groups over the following times.


ALL GRADE 3 students will complete the 1km course at 9.00am. Grade 3 students will run this event together regardless of age.


9/10 yr old girls and boys will complete the 2km course at approx 9.30am.

11 yr old girls and boys will complete the 3km course at approx 11.15am.

12/13yr old girls and boys will complete the 3km course at approx 12.00pm.


The children are to wear their house colours on the day.

Please ensure that they wear appropriate clothing and footwear.





Congratulations to the following students on an outstanding performance at the Edwin Flack District Tennis Trials. In extremely hot conditions and a very early start, our students were terrific. They displayed outstanding sportsmanship  throughout the day and we would like to congratulate them. Well done boys.  Tyler, Brodie, Naveen and Ryan.

PFA News

Easter Raffle

Raffle tickets are due back by Thursday 28th of March.


Tickets are $1 each.  Prizes are


1st prize:   $100 worth of Cadbury Easter Chocolates

2st prize      $50 worth of Cadbury Easter Chocolates

                                                      3rd prize:     $30 worth of Cadbury Easter Chocolates


Please remember to send the money along with the raffle tickets and write your name, phone number and your child’s class on the left side of each raffle ticket.


The Raffle will be drawn on Monday 1st of April at Assembly. 


If you want another raffle book you can collect it at the school office or send an email to the PFA.


We will also get a very special visit from the Easter Bunny and Grade Prep to 2 will get a classroom visit.


Funds raised from the raffle will go towards the tables and seats for under the shade sail near the grade 2, 4 & 5 area. 


If you have questions please email [email protected]

Book Club

Issue 2 is due back on Thursday 21st of March or you can submit your order online until then.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every Friday 8.10am to 8.45am

School Banking

School Banking is every Tuesday.

Fete - Free Dress Day


School Related Information

Kibra - Oatlands Sponsor Child

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to share a letter that we recently received from our school’s Sponsor Child, Kibra. It really highlights the impact we can have on those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I also want to say a very big thank you to all families who have helped raise money for Kibra over recent years. We are very lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive community at Oatlands, and it is amazing to see what we can achieve when we all work together to make a difference.


Jodie Koudmani


Dear Children and Teachers of Oatlands Primary School,


It’s a wonderful time for me to receive a letter from you. I am also very happy that every one of you is thinking of me. Thank you very much. I would like to tell you that every one of you is in the heart of me. I love you so much too.


It’s also fun that you had a colourful event with African singers and your own choir singing Heal the World. I like the song and let’s heal the world together!


Thank you again for the Colour Run you are planning to perform for the sake of me and my community. I am very grateful to you for all the things you are doing for us. The photos are very nice. I like them.


Love from Kibra


Uniform Policy



Parking in an illegal and/or unsafe manner around our school places our students, families and local residents in danger.


Parking illegally in this way does not show respect to our local neighborhood residents.  Please do not park in an illegal or unsafe manner.  Examples of illegal or unsafe parking  would be: parking across or in driveways, "No standing Zones", double parking and parking on the nature strip).


Local Laws officers from the  City of Casey   patrol the area on a regular basis, and will fine motorists  who do not abide by parking rules as established by VicRoads. 



Wes Holloway



Camp Australia


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