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14 February 2019
Issue Three
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 Principal's Report

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.”

African proverb


Last night, I was thrilled to see so many Junior School families attend the Myrniong ‘BBQ&A’ information session.  A confident partnership remains critical to all our children’s success.   I thank our Myrniong teachers for their thoughtful, informative presentations and I enjoyed observing the friendly and open interactions between parents and staff.


At last week’s P&F Annual General Meeting we welcomed Keri Ross and Megan Mould as the new President and Vice President of the P&F Executive Committee.  Meanwhile Di Austin and Jodie Russell have generously agreed to remain Secretary and Treasurer for one last year while new applicants are sought.  Both Stephen Nelson and I presented on College developments and I concluded my presentation by reminding all friends present that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.  Please see the attached PowerPoint for a glimpse of my message.  One excellent follow up question asked ‘where do I see need for improvement?’ My major focus will continue to build and promote the profile and quality of our teaching and learning.  My role is to create a positive culture that enables effective teaching and promotes enthusiastic, independent learners committed to life-long learning.  I fully appreciate that I have a key responsibility for managing the quality of learning for students’ achievement in all aspects of their development.  Simultaneously I am keen to maintain our high standards of behaviour and attendance, encouraging active engagement and strong student voice and maintain an excellent staff team.  We have made a very positive start to 2019 but there is always room for improvement.


Finally, after many years of service our highly respected library assistant, Mrs Sue Smith will not return in 2019.  Sue first began her association with College as a student and later commenced on staff in 1995 as a librarian under Mrs Ann Scott.  Sue made an enormous contribution to our students’ literary experience over almost twenty-three years.   I recognise her loyalty and service.  The entire College community wishes Sue, Rob and her family every good fortune into the future. 

Andrew Hirst

Senior Years and Wellbeing 

As we begin the new school year we also begin what seems like a never-ending stream of 18th birthday parties. Whilst we recognise this is an important milestone to celebrate, our senior students have  been advised against the consumption of excessive alcohol during this time.

Below is an extract from the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation for parents wishing to host a party where alcohol may be provided.

Alcohol and drugs

There are risks involved if you choose to provide alcohol or allow young people to drink at the party. As the legal host, you are responsible for providing a safe environment and could potentially be held liable if anything goes wrong – even after the party, if the guests leave drunk.

Making a decision

When deciding whether to serve alcohol, consider the Australian alcohol guidelines which recommend people under the age of 18 should avoid alcohol.

If you do decide to serve alcohol, perhaps at an 18th birthday party, remember that most states and territories in Australia have secondary supply laws. This means that it’s illegal for you to serve underage guests alcohol without their parent or legal guardian’s permission, even if the party is in your home. It’s also illegal for guests to pass underage guests alcohol without this permission. Hefty fines apply for both adults and minors.

Serving alcohol

If you do provide alcohol at the party it’s a good idea to:

  • Tell parents ahead of time
  • Set up an agreement between yourself and your child about alcohol and adult supervision
  • Make sure no one under 18 years is served or given alcohol unless you have their parent’s explicit approval
  • Only make alcohol available from one area, and have a responsible adult who is not drinking as the bartender
  • Only serve low-alcohol drinks, make sure great non-alcoholic options are on hand
  • Avoid drinks like punch that could be easily spiked
  • Ensure there’s lots of food and that people can see it or that it’s being offered around, but try not to serve very salty snacks as they make people thirsty and could cause people to drink more
  • Plan for guests to sleep over if no one can take them home

Confiscating alcohol and drugs

Even if you decide not to serve alcohol, you might have to deal with guests trying to bring alcohol and drugs into the party. Talk to your child about whether you’ll confiscate alcohol and drugs, including what you’ll do with these substances.

If you chose to return what’s been confiscated after the party is over, you could still be held liable for any accidents that happen after the guests have left. You can consider the option of instead returning the substance to the guest’s parent.

Drunk guests

While you’re setting the rules for the party, talk about what you’ll do if a guest is drunk. Drunk guests can ruin the party for others and create dangerous situations. As the host, you have the right to send the guest home – but you should organise transport to make sure they get home safely.

Kristen Waldron

Myrniong and ELC

Notices Sent Home

  • Halogen Leadership camp – School Captains, House Captains, Year 6 students new to Myrniong
  • Junior School House Swimming Sports – Prep to Year 6 students
  • Thursday classes at MyPEC – Year 6 students

2019 House Captains

This week, we inducted our 2019 House Captains.  They join Miranda Page and Oscar Hausler in the 10-strong leadership team at the Junior School.

Berry House Captains - Sophie Merrin and Tom O’Sullivan

Laidlaw House Captains - Jock Nicholls and Ciaran Nelson

Learmonth House Captains - Jack Jarvis and Sam Tonissen

Young House Captains - Emma Donovan and George Huf


At our Assembly, the House Captains were given three maxims to ponder whilst on their 2019 leadership journey. They were sourced from John Wooden, the highly regarded coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team.  John Wooden won 10 NCCA Championships in 12 years, a record that stood the test of time. He was voted ESPN’s ‘Sports Coach of the Twentieth Century’.


“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” 


“Success is never final, failure is never fatal.  It’s courage that counts.” 


“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

Parent Forum - Reporting

Late last year, the College surveyed our Junior School parent body to ascertain their thoughts and feelings on a number of aspects of the College. Next Friday, February 22nd, an open parent forum will be held to discuss Junior School Reporting.  The forum will be held at 9.15 am in the Junior School meeting room, with tea and coffee provided. The open forum will give parents the opportunity to discuss our Junior School reporting system. This was an area of the survey in which parent responses were mixed.  I look forward to discussing this important core component of our communication.

Junior School Swimming Sports

The Myrniong House Swimming Carnival will be held at the Hamilton Outdoor Pool on Wednesday, 20th February from 9.30am.  Family and friends are welcome to attend.  Mrs Patterson is seeking volunteers to help on the day and also compete in the Parent/Teacher race, so please bring your swimming gear!  Prep to Year 2 students are welcome to leave at the conclusion of morning events.  Parents are requested to provide consent for early dismissal via CareMonkey.  The cafeteria will not be available on this day.


This Saturday, a come and try day is being held at Pedrina Park, starting at 9.30 am. It is aimed at students not currently playing hockey for College. This is open to Year 1 to Year 6 students.

Stephen Nelson

Head of Junior School

Teaching and Learning

On Monday, we celebrated one of the most important events on our calendar, our annual Scholars’ Assembly, where we publicly recognised the academic success of our top students in 2018.


Jessica Fishburn (Old Collegian, 2008) spoke about her time at school, her experiences in becoming a physiotherapist and a founding partner at Gen Health Hamilton, and her life as a new mum to a four-week-old boy, Bobby. Her message of balance in both perseverance through adversity and celebration in times of success (as delivered through the philosophical lens of Dr Seuss) was a powerful one for our students. Implicit in Dr Hirst’s challenge from the start of year (‘Greatness is in the grasp of us all’) is the notion that we are all capable of perseverance and persistence, and this notion was one that Ms Fishburn delivered in a personal and relatable manner.


We recognised our eight College Scholars for 2018, whose names adorn the honour boards on each side of the stage in the Simons’ Auditorium, as inspiration for our students. College Scholars are those students who achieve an ATAR of 95 or above, or a perfect Study Score in a subject. Congratulations to our 2018 College Scholars: Philippa Gan (2018 Dux), Claire Dempsey (2018 Proxime Accessit), Nyah Bester, Timothy Gilling, Kyle Herbertson, Alec Jagger, Niamh Jones and Claudia Roberts.


We also recognised the top five academic achievers in each year level, and subject prize winners in VCE Unit 1&2 and Vocational Education and Training. Special awards were given to Tess Dempsey, in recognition of her entry into the University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program, and Euan Sutherland, who was a National Winner in the Australian History Prize.


Congratulations to our prize winners and we hope that all of our students strive to build on their achievements this year.

Ralph Carolan

From the Business Office

2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection


Chaucer Street Road Resurfacing

The Southern Grampians Shire have advised they will be resurfacing Chaucer Street from Horwitz St to MacPherson St on Tuesday 19th February.  The works are due to commence at approximately 10:00am and should be complete by 2:00pm.  There will be no access or parking in Chaucer during the resurfacing works.

Jason Bourke

Business Manager



Bring your Passions to Boarding


All of our boarders bring with them unique interests, passions and pursuits. One such passion is equestrian, and for me, this has been an eye-opening experience as I have had very little experience with horses other than the Melbourne Cup!

I have been taken, not only by the passion our equestrian boarders display, but by their dedication, care and love for their horses. Equestrian studies are led by Ms Amanda te Boekhorst who supports our boarders in maintaining a culture of fine horsemanship at The Hamilton and Alexandra College. It is though without question our equestrian boarders are truly dedicated to their passion. They are regularly up at 6am tending their horses’ needs, riding and training them in the afternoon, overseeing the preparations for competition, and keeping a watchful eye on their wellbeing. Boarding enhances the kinship between our boarders and their horses whilst providing opportunity for them to live out their passion. I commend our equestrian boarders on their dedication and look forward to seeing more of the following horses around the boarding grounds:

Tara Sullivan - “Wally”, Cassie Drummond - “Marcel”, Airlie Treloar - “Oscar”, Annabel Hetherington - “Gypsy”, Ally Gray - “Ray” and “Quiz”, Anna Spaull - “Bella”, Beccy Koch - “Toby”, Airlie Bowes -“Rosie”, Zara Smith - “Flower”, and our School horses “Lorrie” and “Markie”.

If you are interested in sharing this passion please contact Ms te Boekhorst for further information.


Recognising the efforts and achievements of our boarders in the past week was most notable during the Scholars’ Assembly on Monday afternoon. I commend you all on your passion and drive to achieve your best within your academic pursuits; you are a shining example to the boarding community. Namely, Hannah Russell, Eliza Jagger, Hugh Wettenhall, Grace Austin, Alyssa Hocking, Chloe Russell, Campbell Craig, Alexa Balog, Harrison Beal, Jonathan Lee, Jasmine Chan, Lauren Richards, Lachlan Armstrong, James Sutherland, Alannah Sander, Jerry Wu, Maddison Mutch and Euan Sutherland.


It is remiss of me not to mention our Boarder of the Week awardees. Olivia Biggs, who is one of our equestrian boarders, was recognised for her organisation, motivation in studies, and most of all her positivity around Macdonald House. Well done Olivia. We also recognise our Speirs’ Boarder of the week in Jackson Hodgetts. Jackson was recognised for his initiative and perseverance in creating the first College Boarders jumpers, supporting new boarders, and raising the spirit of Speirs House. Congratulations Jackson.


Each Wednesday evening our boarders are blessed with a super supper. Not only do our boarders enjoy the delights of the food, this is also a time where our Head of Speirs, Nick Palmer, and Head of Macdonald, Gabbi Bensch have time to bring their respective Houses together. As boys or as girls they gather to celebrate achievements, build closer relationships with each other and raise new initiatives for their House. I thank Java Palmer who went to great lengths last week to organise sushi making for super supper: there was not a crumb or rice grain left! It is greatly appreciated by all.

Lastly, with sport, music and academic commitments fully underway, can I encourage our day students who may travel some distance to and from College, to consider spending an evening in the Boarding House as a casual boarder or simply try out what boarding life can offer, in particular sharing some the passions of our wonderful boarders. Please contact myself or Susie Holcombe if you are interested.


Best wishes,

Andrew Monk

Director of Boarding





The annual Inter House Swimming Carnival was held today 14th February. A full report will appear next week.

The College’s best swimmers from today’s event will now compete at the Glenelg Division(GD) Swimming Sports next Thursday the 21st February at the Hamilton Outdoor Pool. More information will be given to those students attending by the end of the week.

Please note that there will be NO KIOSK FACILITY open on the day at the pool so students should have their own food and drink with them for the day but we have the ROX Coffee van booked in for the day and they will have some food for sale also. A reminder that every Year 7-12 student is welcome to attend Swimming training on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4-5pm at the Hamilton Outdoor Pool and the occasional Thursday mornings at HILAC from 7-8am.

Leigh Alexander

Head of Sport

Basketball News

It was mentioned in last week’s newsletter that several College students participated in the Portland Basketball Tournament as members of Hamilton Basketball Squad teams. We would also like to congratulate the following students for their selection in 2018/2019 squad teams and for their involvement in the Portland Tournament – Will Bourke, Tom O’Sullivan and Austin Mayfield. It is a great achievement to be selected and we are fortunate to have such talented basketballers at College.


Just a reminder that the first round of matches is close (see below for dates). If you have not done so, you must complete your online registration asap to be eligible to play in Round 1. If players do not complete their registration at least 48 hours before the first game, they will not be able to take the court. If you have any problems with this, please contact Miss Brabham by email or HBA direct at


Game times for Round one are listed on the HBA website, on TeamApp under ‘THAAC Basketball 2019’ and on our ‘THAAC Basketball Club’ Facebook Page. Your coach should have contacted you with regard to training times.


Starting dates for this season are;

Juniors (Under 10 and Under 12) – Friday 15th February

Juniors (Under 14 and Under 16) – Monday 18th February

Senior Women and Division 4 Men – Tuesday 19th February

Senior Men – Wednesday 20th February

Simone Brabham

Head of Basketball


Rowing Competitive Season Kicks Off

This weekend marks the start of the 2019 Competition Season for College Rowing. All of our crews have been working hard both on the water and at home to get into great shape before our major regattas take place.


The boys will head off to Lake Wendouree in Ballarat this weekend to compete in the Head of the Schoolboys Regatta. This is a great, one day regatta that allows our boys crews to compete against some of the best male school rowers in Victoria.


Over the next few weeks our rowers will travel to Geelong, Nagambie and Footscray to compete in a variety of regattas. There will be many kilometres travelled and many volunteer hours logged by parents and coaches who we very much appreciate.


If you are in the Ballarat are this weekend or near any other regatta over the coming months, please feel free to stop by and cheer our rowers across the line. They are always happy to see familiar faces!


For any students who may be interested in joining rowing, please contact Mrs. Nettleton by email or visit her in the library for more information.

Elisha Nettleton

Head of Rowing


A massive thankyou to everyone who made it to the College Cricket Club Junior Presentation on Sunday. It was a great way to cap off our season as we celebrated the year for our U/12 boys’, U/13 girls’ and U/16 girls’ teams. Congratulation to Grace Austin and Eliza Jagger who won the batting average and aggregate for their teams, while Lucy Roberts and Phoebe Russell won both the bowling average and aggregate awards for their teams.


The McGrath Foundation Pink Stumps day was also a massive success. Over $1,000 was raised for breast cancer as the College Oval, and clubrooms were decked out in pink. A massive congratulations to Lauren Richards who instigated the initiative which was well supported by Ben McCure, Fiona and Eliza Jagger, the College Cricket Club and the A Grade women’s team.


Riley Alexander has been selected to represent Melbourne Renegades Country in the U/16 Youth Premier League. Riley will play in 3 fixtures against the Melbourne Stars Country and Metro regions along with the Renegades Metro team. We wish Riley all the best for the upcoming games.

Stephen Mirtschin

Head of Cricket


Work Experience 2019

The time is quickly approaching when we send our Year 10 students off to Work Experience. This year we have shifted the dates to accommodate the Central Australia trip, so placements will occur the first week of June winter holidays.


Work Experience is a wonderful way for students to experience a career that interests them or one that they wish to learn more about. We have had a variety of companies – some of which have been owned/run parents, friends of College, local businesses and service providers - generously offer their time in the past to take on a student for the week.


If you run, or know of someone who does, a business that would be willing to take on a College student for one week from June 24-28, 2019, please get in touch with Mrs. Elisha Nettleton on Once she has your details she can add your business to the list of those that students might approach when looking for a work experience placement.


We look forward to sending our students out into the community to learn and make a positive impact!

Elisha Nettleton

Work Experience Coordinator


Library News

  1. We are off and running on both sites. Whew, what a massive start of the year!  The students and teachers on both campuses are now back in their relevant Library building. It has been such a joy to see their reaction to the renewed spaces, and to have queues lining up to borrow resources. There is nothing better than seeing our collection being borrowed, or, in the case of ebooks, being used.


  1. In relations to staffing our branches there have been a few changes. Firstly, Mrs. Sue Smith concluded almost twenty-three years at College at the end of 2018. In her time with us she has worked in both our library branches, cataloguing all our resources and ensuring that the books have been properly ready for use.  The Library team wish Sue, Rob and her family all the best.


We also welcome Mrs. Elisha Nettleton back to the team. Mrs. Nettleton has three different hats, and two of them,Year 10 Work Experience and a role in running the Library, mean that she is in the Senior School Library for much of her working time. Her third role is in teaching Digital Technologies to Years 7 & 8.


Mr Stephen Nelson is presenting Library lessons to our Junior School students. Now that the Senior School is back in the Library, I will be providing him with some support.


My teaching time at the Junior School is not as regular as last year but there is more flexibility. On Wednesday mornings in week one, I will be in the Handbury Library from about 8.30, and on Wednesday afternoon in week two after school until about 4.15. Any parents who would like to come into the library to borrow books with their children will be very welcome. This option will augment and or replace the family book bag scheme which was trialled last year. I welcome your suggestions and input with this. On Thursdays in week two, I will have the Library open for students at lunchtime.


  1. Dr Hirst has asked me to let you know that a part-time, non-teaching position will soon be advertised in local media for someone to work the equivalent of a day and a half each week providing technical and research support to the Library team. If you think you might be interested, feel free to contact me. This role will predominantly be located at the Senior School.

In the meantime, keep reading yourselves and encourage your family members to do likewise!

Margaret Simkin

Dates to Remember

Friday 15 February

Hamilton District Primary Tennis

Old Collegians' Association AGM, 5.00pm

Wednesday 20 February

Junior School House Swimming

Thursday 21 February

GD Senior Swimming Carnival

Thursday 28 February

Junior School House Athletics

Casual Clothes Day

Saturday 2 March

State Rowing Championships (2 - 3 March)

Tuesday 5 March

Year 5 Bridgewater Camp (5 - 7 March)

Wednesday 6 March

ICCES Swimming

Friday 8 March

Senior School House Athletics Carnival

Monday 11 March

Labour Day Exeat (No classes)

Wednesday 13 March

Open Morning, 9.00am - 12noon

Thursday 14 March

SE Parent function

Friday 15 March

Lucindale Field Days (15 - 16 March)

Primary Division Swimming

GD Athletics Carnival

Sunday 17 March

Head of School Girls Rowing Regatta

Wednesday 27 March

GD 1st XI Boys' and Girls' Cricket

Friday 29 March

Inter House Showjumping, 4.00pm

Sunday 31 March

Year 9 China trip departs

Monday 1 April

Year 9 China Experience

Tuesday 2 April

Year 9 China Experience

Wednesday 3 April

Year 9 China Experience

Easter Service, 2.00pm

Thursday 4 April

Year 9 China Experience

WDP Primary Division Track and Field

Friday 5 April

Year 9 China Experience

Last day of Term 1 (early dismissal)

Parent/Teacher/Student meetings


School Information 

Tuckshop - Specials for the Week

Monday 18th – Asian Style Chicken Pasta Salad

Tuesday 19th – Spaghetti Bolognaise

Wednesday 20th – Chicken Korma Curry

Thursday 21st – Baked Potato

Friday 22nd – Crispy Chicken Wrap

Tuckshop Roster

Monday 18th -  ?

Tuesday 19th - ?

Wednesday 20th – Jo Frost

Thursday 21st - ?

Friday 22nd - ?

Riana Beardsall

2019 Year 10 Central Australia Experience

Important Information for Parents

We are fast approaching the due date (see below) for the second payment instalment for this amazing experience. Could I please ask that those families still owing the first instalment also attend to that ASAP. We need to be able to finalise our exact numbers for the two groups and hope to advertise what these groups will be by the end of the month so meeting these deadlines is very important as we are beginning to pay deposits for various aspects of the journey. If you have any questions or your child’s circumstances in regard to attending this trip have changed please contact Dr Hirst ASAP at the school.


2019 Year 10 Central Australian Experience Payment Dates

  • Instalment 1 $700 due on Friday 14th December 2018
  • Instalment 2 $700 due on Monday 18th February 2019
  • Instalment 3 $Remaining balance due on Monday 6th May 2019

Leigh Alexander

Head of Outdoor Education



Congratulations to all our riders who were out and about competing on the weekend! We had many riders compete at the Tyrendarra Agricultural Show with their horses representing College at this very popular event.

Congratulations to Olivia Biggs who has a very busy year ahead! Olivia has been selected as the Harness Racing Victoria Hero Junior Ambassador for 2019! In this role Olivia is involved in many aspects of the Harness Racing industry and is looking forward to every opportunity for work experience throughout 2019. Olivia has also been selected as the Junior Rural Show Ambassador for Yulecart in 2019 and will be very busy promoting the show throughout the Western District. She has also been selected as “Miss Teenager” for the Bendigo Agricultural Show which is based upon rural knowledge, general knowledge and show involvement.

Best wishes to Ally Gray and Annabelle Michelmore as they compete together at the Ballarat Polocrosse Tournament this weekend!

Airlie Treloar has been selected for be a part of the Australian Stockhorse Society young judges competition where she will compete in the National Finals on the 14th April 2019 in Sydney! We wish her all the best for this and look forward hearing all about it.

Junior and Senior Horsemanship 2019

Junior and Senior Horsemanship is underway 2019! The Equestrian Centre is buzzing with activity and is currently at capacity with many horses taking up residence this term. There are still a couple of places in the Junior and Senior Horsemanship coaching program; however, these spots are limited and then riders will need to be placed on a waiting list for future vacancies. Please let me know asap if you plan to join any of these programs! Please email if you have any further questions or if you have forgotten to send in your form to secure your place for 2019 in our Senior or Junior Horsemanship program.  Please complete either the Junior and Senior Horsemanship forms attached to this newsletter and send them into the above email address as soon as possible.

Please make sure you join our College Equestrian Facebook page for regular updates and photos of all our Equestrian endeavours. Updates and entry forms for competitions are also posted on this page so make sure you keep up to date!


Please find attached to this email an entry form for our upcoming dressage clinics. Early entries will be appreciated as places are filling fast!




Our Interhouse Showjumping night will be held on the 29th March 2019 at 4pm. Entry forms are attached to this newsletter. Please send your entries in as soon as possible for this fantastic event and support your house with your horse!


For updates, news, Calendar, entry forms, results and more GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series:

Equestrian Vic Interschool State Championships 10th – 14th April 2019

The Victorian Interschool State Championships is a five-day event run in April each year at Werribee Park Equestrian Centre. It features dressage, show jumping, combined training, show horse, novelty and handy mount classes for primary and secondary students, and also provides a pathway to the national championships. Please keep an eye on the websites below for entry details as we would like to encourage College riders to represent The College at this event. I will publish details of this and other events on the Hamilton College Equestrian facebook page also. If you have any questions please see me or Jorjia Farrugia, our 2019 Equestrian Captain.

Please organise your entries and stabling needs via the link below as soon as possible in order to secure your place in this state level competition! Junior and Senior riders who qualify for this event are able to enter and we would love to have as much representation from College as we can this year!

Equestrian Victoria:

Please note any horses who are regularly coming to and from the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre must be up to date with vaccinations for Tetanus and Strangles and records of these will be maintained to ensure the biosecurity of the centre. You must also notify the Director of Horsemanship immediately if your horse has been in or originated from Queensland or Northern New South Wales. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.


Cox Street Vets are offering our riders a vaccination and health package for all our horses. Should you require further information in relation to this please contact myself at or contact Cox Street Vets directly on ph. 55711202.

Amanda te Boekhorst

Middle Years 

Steady start to the year

The start to 2019 has been incredibly smooth and positive. I was impressed with the way all students conducted themselves in the first two weeks, and teachers commented on the calm tone in myPEC. Our new Year 7 students have shown that they are a capable group and took things in their stride. Year 8 have started well, and are settling into their new classes. I have said to many students that they need to “listen more and talk less”, as it is vital to get the learning culture right at the start of the year. The class room is for focused learning, rather than talking -  I encourage socialising in the yard at recess and lunchtime.


Year 9 City Experience

Last week I was in Melbourne for the Year Nine City Experience. Students were fully engaged and immersed in city life. I would like to pass on my congratulations to our Year 9 students who quickly adapted to the challenges and worked collaboratively as a group. Friendships are strengthened and made during this week. We were pleased to welcome Sarah Michelmore, Micaela Meyer, Riley Edwards, Logan Walker, Oliver Wortley, and Hettie Byrne into Year Nine group. Thank you to Mr MacLean, Ms Tseng, Miss Waldron, Mr Dempsey and our Gap students – James and Fred - for accompanying the group to Melbourne.


Year 7 Adventure Day

Students received information this week on their Adventure Day on Monday 18th February. Students will complete a series of water based challenges on Lake Hamilton. Students will need an old clothes, hats and footwear. Families need to make sure their son or daughter is signed into Care Monkey to allow us access to medical information and consent for this activity (all families should have received an email).

Julia Winter Cooke

Parents and Friends

The Hamilton & Alexandra College Parents and Friends AGM was held last Tuesday.  We regretfully farewelled our longstanding President, Jane Evans and Vice President,  Erica James. Their organisation and involvement in the fundraising efforts of the P&F over the last three years, has been an invaluable contribution to our success. Though they will continue to be involved, we wish them all the best and thank them for their service to the Parents and Friends executive.  The role of President will now be filled by Keri Ross and Vice President's position by Megan Mould. Di Austin and Jodie Russell will continue in their positions of Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We look forward to an exciting year ahead and welcome any new comers to join the P&F community.

Keri Ross - P&F President

The Hamilton and Alexandra College Newsletter
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