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21 March 2019
Issue 8
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2019 Calendar



Thurs 21 - No help required

Fri 22 - Tiff, Chantelle

Wed 27 - Suzie

Thurs 28 - No help required

Fri 29 - John, Help needed



Wed 3 - Easter Lunch Pack Day - Lauren, Chantelle, Jess & Kelly.  2 more helpers requierd please.

Thurs 4 - No help required



Please contact me if you can help on mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


Thurs 21/03

Water Safety Excursion MU1, MU2 & Yr 2's MU3 (9 - 1pm)

Regional Swimming, Swan Hill

Friday 22/03

National Ride to School Day

MU4 - 'Walk in Woodend' 9-10.40am

Mon 25/03

Regional Tennis, Swan Hill

Wed 27/03

PFA Meeting  - 7.30pm

Thur 28/03

Water Safety Excursion MU4, MU5 & Yr 1's MU3 (9 - 1pm)

Easter Pack Lunches - Qkr ordering cut off at 9.30am


Tue 02/04

Cobaw Cross Country

Wed 03/04

Easter Lunch Packs - Canteen

Fri 05/04

  • Easter Hat Parade - P-Yr3 - 9.10am

2019 School Dates

Term 1  - 30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

Term 2  -  23.04.2019 - 28.06.2019

Term 3  -  15.07.2019 - 20.09.2019

Term 4  -  07.10.2019 - 20.12.2019

2019 Pupil Free Days

  • Thursday 25th April
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Monday 4th November

2019 Camp Dates

Year 2 - 16-17 October

Year 3 - 18-20 September

Year 4 - 4-6  December 

Year 5 - 27-29 November

Year 6 - 30 April - 3 May

2019 School Photo Day

Monday 29th April 

Dental Screening Services to Children

Sunbury Community Health is offering a FREE dental service to junior students (Foundation to Year 2) at Woodend Primary School on Wednesdays 28th August, 4th, 11th and 18th September, 2019.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for any child. Application forms will be distributed prior.

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

Harmony Week

This week is Harmony Week. In light of the tragic event that occurred last week in New Zealand, we will engage students in activities this week and next week that promote greater cultural awareness and understanding along with harmonious and respectful relationships. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families and emergency workers involved and the people and communities that have been impacted.

I have included a photo from an activity that MU6 participated in with New Zealand being the centre of their work.


Last day of term : Friday 5th April 2019

  1. School finishing time : 2.30pm
  2. Easter Activities - Foundation - Year 3 will be creating their Easter Hats with their buddies during the week and having a parade at school Friday 9.10am to show off their creations.  There are no prizes or awards, this is an engagement/participation activity.  All other classes will be involved in various Easter activities throughout the last week.

Visual Arts

Continuing with our focus on Cultural Awareness and Understanding, one of our priorities is to continue to build understanding around the first custodians of our land. Indigenous history flows through all parts of the curriculum as demonstrated in the Art work produced by our students.


Cross Country

This week we had Cross Country trials for our Year 3-6 students. It is with the greatest pride that I congratulate the students on their individual and collective efforts today. I can proudly say that each and every student tried their hardest and modelled our expectations and values around Being a learner and active participant and Being Safe, Responsible and Respectful by following the instructions and encouraging others and celebrating their efforts and successes.

Thank you to the sports leaders for providing the warm ups and the to the staff and student leaders who helped out. Also thank you the many parents who demonstrated and an active interest and came along and encouraged our students along the course. Mostly, a big thank you to Mrs. Connell for all of the organisation.


Running Club

Last week our sports leaders announced our new running club. From 8.40 each morning students can meet and run the course on the oval. The laps will be added up as we track our kilometres and plot our distance around Australia.

Visits to Kyneton Secondary

This week our Year 5/6 students spent a full day at Kyneton Secondary. This is part of the orientation program provided by the school to start preparing students for secondary school. Many of the students shared their enjoyable experiences with me. I would also like to commend our students on the feedback I have received about the exemplary way they modelled our school values.

Maths at WPS

Although we are continuing to embed the work we focussed on in reading in 2019, this year we are also focussing on increasing teacher skills and student outcomes in Maths and writing. Mr. Condon, our Maths Learning Specialist has been doing learning walks in all classrooms to observe teacher practice so that we can provide feedback that will help teachers further refine the delivery of their lessons. Tomorrow Mr. Condon will attend a Professional Learning Day with world renowned Maths Expert – George Booker.

This week I visited JU1 where they were working on showing their understanding of numbers up to 20. Some children were even representing their numbers in groups of 5 with tally marks.

Throughout the school we are also focussing on the most efficient strategies that students can use to work out a problem.

At the start of each lesson there is a 5-10 minute warm up where students practise number facts and timetables and engage in games that require problem solving or the use of strategies such as counting on.

In the photos below I have included a sample of the Maths strategies displayed in MU6.

Below I have included a link to a number of Maths games that can be accessed online.

One of the best ways you can help your child to develop maths strategies is through board games or games such as the one included.



Staff Learning

Each Wednesday, the focus of our after school meeting is on Professional Learning.

This week our staff participated in a collaborative activity of assessing students writing through a process of moderation. Each sample of work is assessed against the achievement standards in the curriculum and through a process of discussion and deliberation, staff arrive at an agreed level for each piece of writing. This is a process that staff are involved in a number of times throughout the year, in an endeavour to have consistent assessment practices throughout the school.


Ride to School Day

Tomorrow is Ride to School Day. Again we encourage as many people as possible to ride to school demonstrating our values of:

  • Being Safe by following road rules and riding in a safe manner with a helmet
  • Being Respectful of other road users
  • Being Responsible in the way people used shared spaces

We have been collecting data all week on how students get to school. We will also collect the data tomorrow so that we can compare the differences.


From the Office


SCHOOLPIX will be at Woodend Primary School on 

Monday 29th April 2019



Clean and tidy as per school uniform guidelines


Neat and swept off face

Online Orders

To pre-order online, take your personal Order and ID Numbers found on your order form and go to www.schoolpix.com.au.  Orders can be placed online up to 2 working days after photography.  You do not need to return the order form if you order online. 

Remember: All orders placed online before midnight on photography day will receive a free 20cm x 25cm black and white portrait print.

Manual Orders:

Complete your order form and return with payment to school on photography day.

Sibling Orders:  

For a special photo of your children together order online by 8am on photography day.  Alternatively collect a Sibling Order Form from the office or download it from the SchoolPix website and return it on photography day.  Only siblings that place an order will be photographed.

  • If you have any questions call SchoolPix on 1300 766 055 or email help@schoolpix.com.au


During class time (bell times listed below) teachers are busy teaching. If you need to make contact with a teacher by phone, please do so during other than class time. eg. - before and after school or recess or lunch breaks. Alternatively, your call can be put through to the teacher’s voicemail where you can leave a message.


RECESS   10.40 am – 11.10 am
LUNCH EATEN IN CLASSROOM 12.50 pm – 1.00 pm
LUNCH – PLAY  1.00 pm – 1.50 pm


**  If you can login but can’t see the links for event consent and payment, we suggest the following:

  • Ensure you have the latest update for Compass
  • Open Compass then select the three lines in the top left corner then select ‘Open in Browser’ which should then open a page showing any live links and actions required.

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCESS COMPASS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE – we can reset passwords and provide access assistance. It is imperative all parents have Compass access and we suggest you turn on NOTIFICATIONS for this app to alert you to information & excursion notices sent.

Payment Methods for School Activities


Senior Unit

GRIP Students LEADERSHIP Conference


This week in Snr Unit...

This week in the senior unit the Year 5/6’s attended Kyneton Secondary School for a Pre-orientation day. The students were split into classes, had a feel for how high school is run and were introduced to the subjects that Kyneton has to offer. Some of the subjects the students explored were English, Maths, Astronomy, Art, Drama, Music, Technology and Humanities. Highlights from the students yesterday:


  • “We got to learn a lot of cool things in technology. We got to make lightbulbs, fans, a boat and speakers” Sienna (SU1)
  • “The teachers were really nice and I really enjoyed learning about Pi in the Maths lesson.” Amelia (SU3)
  • “I liked learning about space and astronomy in the middle session. The guitar lesson at the end of the day was also really fun.” Isabelle (SU3)
  • “I really liked the Maths lesson and learning about Pi.” Oliver BW (SU3)
  • “There was a really good basketball court and the teachers were nice.” Ned (SU3)
  • “The year 12’s were really nice.” Jess (SU2)
  • The teachers were just really nice and I enjoyed Tech because the first task we had to do was make a lightbulb.” Harley (SU1)

In Mathematics this week, students have been exploring factors, multiples and prime numbers. They have discovered the prime numbers up to a hundred and completed various activities consolidating and building on their understandings.

Carlsruhe Annexe

New Chickens

This week at Carlsruhe we have 4 new fluffy additions to our chook family (see photos below). We decided to name 2 of the chickens after previous teachers at Carlsruhe – Pam and Joan, in honour of their great work. Yesterday, we asked the students to come up with ideas to name the remaining 2 and held a vote to determine the most popular ones. The winning entries were Afro and Snowy.

Thursday Activities

We are up to week 5 of our Thursday Activities program, with next week being the last in the set of 6 for this rotation.  Activities included; cooking, gardening, woodwork, charcoal drawing, friendship bracelets and calligraphy. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to assist and share these activities.

We need at least 3 parent helpers each week in order to safely run this program, so if you are available to help, please let one of the Carlsruhe teachers know via note or email.

A new set of activities will begin for CU1 and CU3 at the end of May (Dates to follow).


Rotation Dates



Main Campus

31st Jan to 17th May

CU1 – Mrs Ireland

CU2 – Mr Condon

CU3 – Mr Spilsted

20th May to 30th Aug

CU1 – Mrs Ireland

CU3 – Mr Spilsted

CU2 – Mr Condon

2nd Sept to 20th Dec

CU2 – Mr Condon

CU3 – Mr Spilsted

CU1 – Mrs Ireland

Guinea pigs and chickens

Most of our guinea pigs have homes for the Easter holidays, but we still have spaces for the second week. If any families are able to support us, please contact your child’s teacher or ohone the Carlsruhe Campus on 5422 2744.

The duty roster for Term 2 will be sent out soon, so if you have any preferences for guinea pig dates or Carlsruhe chicken duty please let us know as soon as possible.


Ann Ireland – CU1

Mark Condon – CU2

Nathan Spilsted – CU3

Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

This week the middle unit was busy preparing for the Water Safety Excursion. On Tuesday we had Marie from the Water Safety program come and talk to all the classes. Marie talked about how to call for help, using a life jacket and what it looks like to rescue someone using a towel. MU1, MU2 and the Year 2's from MU3 are heading to the Kyneton Swimming Pool this Thursday and MU4, MU5 and the Year 1's from MU3 will be going on Thursday the 28th of March. Don’t forget to bring a towel, swimming cap (compulsory), googles and wear your bathers under your school uniform which means you need to bring your underwear too. For more information have a look on Compass. Check out our poster to help us remember what to bring (poster by Giselle in MU2).


Year 3

This week the Year 3's took part in the Cross Country trials. We were so proud of the students, who not only ran an excellent race, but also for their outstanding sportsmanship. When the runners had completed their laps, they lined the finish line and cheered on every competitor, cheering until the last student had crossed the finish line. Congratulations to the students who will be competing at Hanging Rock and well done to everyone for finishing the race with such enthusiasm.


Each grade is also celebrating Harmony Week this week. After the terrible events that have been covered in the media recently, we focused on the positives of multiculturalism and learning where our families have come from. We celebrated the positive contributions made to our community from all over the world and how much we love learning about other countries. MU6 made a ‘world hot air balloon’ (below) celebrating countries around the world.


Foundation Unit


During Term 1 the students in Foundation classes have been introduced to Show and Tell. We have covered a variety of topics most of which have related to our topic, ‘Me, My Family, My School’. We have loved hearing about family outings, family pets and favourite toys. The children have been encouraged to prepare a short talk about an item or an event. As teachers we are evaluating each student’s ability to talk for a short amount of time on a set topic. We listen to the quality of speech during the presentation, things such as grammar, the correct use of tense, and the vocabulary used. We also evaluate confidence, eye contact, and voice volume and projection. At the end of each presentation the audience is invited to ask questions. We have discussed the difference between making statements and asking a question that gains more information about a presentation. It has been lovely to see how excited the students are about Show and Tell and how keen they are to make their presentations.


Sports Report

Cross Country Trials

Cross- Country Trials

Yesterday we held our Interschool Cross-Country Trials (Years 3-6) for fun and fitness and to select the team to compete at the Cobaw District Schools Cross Country Championships at Hanging Rock on April 2nd. What an outstanding event! It was brilliant to see the effort, enthusiasm and dedication that our students applied to this run. A ‘do your best’ and ‘don’t opt out’ attitude made the 2019 Cross-Country Trials really something special. The support, cheering and encouragement that WPS students gave each other was fabulous to see and a credit to their great sportsmanship. Well done to all who participated!


A big event like this can’t happen without help. Thank you so much to the classroom teachers who spent the time to prepare and train their students in the lead up to this trial. Thank you also to all teachers, our school leaders, support staff, student helpers and Year 6 Sports Leaders who helped out on the day. Also a big thank you to all of the parents who were able to come to this event, your support and cheering of the students was fantastic. Thank you all.


The Cross Country Team to go on to compete at Hanging Rock will be finalised shortly.


To enable our school to compete at Hanging Rock, we need to provide at least three parent helpers with WWC checks to help on the day.  Without this assistance we cannot take part in this event.  Parents, if you can help out at this event, please contact me by email connell.sharon.m@edumail.vic.gov.au. I hope we can get  lots  of offers of help: the more offers of help we can get, the more we can share the load. Thank you in advance.



Best of luck to our talented WPS tennis competitor Jonty (SU2).  Jonty will be competing at the Region Tennis Championships in Swan Hill on March 25. This is a great achievement.  Jonty’s talent has seen him qualify and progress from school level, to District level, to Division level and now to Region Level in this Sport. Well done Jonty. We wish him all the best at the Region Tennis Championships next week.


Sharon Connell

P.E. Teacher

Student Awards
& Achievements

Students of the Week

JU1 - Melodie

For always using lovely manners.

JU2 - Lucian

Always trying his best even with a broken hand!

MU1 - Alice

For being so organised and enthusiastic about her show and tell.  Awesome effort!

MU2 - Alita

For sharing her show and tell with expression and interesting detail.

MU3 - Isabelle

For contributing good ideas to class discussions. What a great effort Isabelle!

MU3 - Cohen

For showing great sportsmanship!

MU4 - Holly

For working really hard and making great progress with her reading- well done Holly!

MU5 - Rufus

For demonstrating a positive mindset towards writing.

MU6 - Mia

For helping her classmates with their computer skills and her kindness towards others.

MU7 - Ellie

For showing fantastic persistence and using efficient strategies to solve multiplication - keep up the awesome work!

MU8 - Hayden

For being a marvelous multiplication master in Maths this week! Keep it up!

CU1 - Laine

For showing great determination and having a real go with all of his classroom work.

CU2 - Daisy

For displaying great problem solving skills when converting units of time in Maths.

CU3 - Ossie

For fitting straight into CU3 by showing exemplary manners and a positive attitude to learning.

SU1 - Tom

For being a respectful class member who works enthusiastically on all tasks! Well done!

SU2 - Will

For always having a positive attitude and consistently living our school values. Go Will!

SU3 - Ned

For demonstrating what it means to “be a learner”. You’re a role model to the class. You Rock!

Classes of the Week

French - JU2

A great effort when learning the names of parts of the face.

French - CU2 (08.03.19)

Excellent behaviour and enthusiasm for learning in french.

Artists of the Week

Year 4 - For their amazing Australian Indigenous paintings.

Our Start Artists are: 

Joshua, Amelia, Patrick, Natalia, Alex, Rhys, Kurt, Leila, Ty, Evie, Kitty, Harper, Samara, Zara.

Gardening Group


It’s been the Foundation students time in the garden this week. Ten preps helped fill our new raised garden beds with soil during lunchtime Garden Club. Then in the afternoon JU1 and JU2 had classes learning about what carrot flowers and seeds look like, what seeds need to grow, and we planted some carrot and parsnip seeds in the new garden beds. 


Cat and Alex, two of our Senior Unit Environmental Leaders, helped by demonstrating techniques and organizing the littlies.


IF ANYONE HAS A SMALL LOADER (Bobcat, front end loader, etc) that they’re able to bring to School and move some gravel, your help would be extremely appreciated. Our Junior Landcare Grant only covers supplies, not labour. This job could be done whenever is convenient to you: Mon-Fri or a weekend. Please contact Nicole 0418 233 366.

Gardening Group Sessions

  • Where:   Woodend Community Children’s Garden
  • When:   12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required to run lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club
  •                    2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parent’s gardening session
  • BYO:   Bring your enthusiasm and desire to join in (No gardening know-how required).  Please wear sturdy shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Pre-school age children are welcome too
  • Sign in:   Please sign in at the Office before gardening

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nicole Middleton

Gardening Group Facilitator - 0418 233 366



  • Urgent help needed for Friday 29th March.
  • EASTER LUNCH - Wednesday 3rd April.
  1. Orders via Qkr only
  2. Cut off date: Thursday 28th March at 9.30am.  No late orders will be taken after this time.
  3. No other lunch orders will be available on this day
  4. Helpers needed for Easter Lunch Pack day - April 3rd.  
  • Please contact me if you can help on mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.   No money to count, only lunch bags to fill.


Lunch orders are still going astray.  - Please update details on Qkr and lunch bags.

  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

PFA News


HOP TO IT!     

  • $2 each - payment options include cash to the front office or via QKR.
  • Please return all sold tickets, with names and contact details, to the front office no later than Friday 22 March - don’t forget there are additional tickets available from the front office if you would like more.
  • Join us at the School Assembly on Friday 29 March from 3pm for the raffle draw. 
  • Thank you for supporting the Woodend Primary School PFA - stay tuned for profiles of the businesses who have kindly donated to this year’s raffle both on our Facebook page and in the school newsletter in the coming weeks!

Parents And Friends - Fundraising Activities for 2019

Term 1

Easter Raffle

Bunnings BBQ

Term 2

Mothers Day - Ladies Night Out Dinner - Fri 10th May

Term 3

Trivia Night - 27th July

Father's Day Breakfast - Fri 6th September

Term 4

Carlsruhe Country Fair - Sun 24th November

Christmas Raffle

Danni Findlay


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

K'ian, Liam

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Teagan, Catherine

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

Start typing your article in here...

Welcome to School Banking

  • Jessica

Term 1 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 1 - Snowy Origami set and Scented Stackable Highlighter


School Banking

  • Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom
  • Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

1. Online

Visit commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

2. In branch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.


If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

Uniform Shop

Lost Property

Lost property is located outside the uniform shop door.  Named items will be returned to the classroom.  Unnamed items will be placed here until end of term, then they are donated to charity.  Please stop by from time to check and see whether any items belong to you.


Name Stamp for clothing

I have a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        


Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Uniform Shop opening times are:

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop


Local Community


Macedon Ranges Shire Council


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

Responding constructively to the Christchurch shooting

Last Friday’s shooting of innocent people in two Christchurch mosques is an event that has shaken people to the core worldwide.


While we’d like to protect our children from such events, in reality it’s impossible, as the news coverage is so widespread and the event itself has impacted so many people. The personal nature of this particular tragedy makes it even harder to stomach than some recent natural disasters that have made the news, as awful as they have been.


So how do you approach this with your children? There is no easy answer, but be assured that your child will benefit from talking to you. These ideas may help:


Be available

Let your child or young person know that it is okay to talk about the events in Christchurch. Listen to what they think and feel. By listening, you can find out if they have misunderstandings, and you can learn more about the support that they need. You do not need to explain more than they are ready to hear, but be willing to answer their questions.


Filter the news

While we don’t advocate censorship, we do suggest that you take particular care about your child’s exposure to news events. The consistency of images can be frightening for young children who don’t understand the notion of distance and have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fiction. Older children and teenagers will probably be interested in the news events, but they probably need an adult available to answer their questions and reassure them.


Engage in the news with older children

Many issues are now arising from this event that may be of significant interest to older primary-aged children and teenagers. Be prepared to engage in discussions about political leadership, gun laws, the coverage of the event itself by the media and other issues that will emerge. Increasingly, young people are demonstrating that they want to have a voice in shaping the world they live in. Give them a chance to air their concerns and formulate their ideas in the safe confines of home.


Manage emotions raised

The Christchurch tragedy may raise many emotions for children and young people including sadness over the loss of life, confusion over how such an event could happen, and outrage over injustice. Take your cues from your children and follow the threads that emerge. Demonstrate that you understand how that they may be upset and clarify their emotions if possible: “It’s understandable to be angry when you hear news like this.”


Moderate your language

Currently, we live in very divisive times. The fact that this shooting was carried out on one particular group demonstrates just the extent of the divisiveness of our community. Encourage kids to be inclusive, steering clear of valued-laden, extreme language such as ‘terrorists’, ‘evil’ and ‘horrors’ when describing the events and the alleged perpetrators. Not only does this type of language encourage children and young people to take a position rather than focus on the problems, it risks desensitising them to the reality of the impact of this event. The use of more sedate, yet descriptive language such as ‘gunman’, ‘awful’ and ‘tragedy’ can take remove the emotional sting, while demonstrating the enormity of the event’s impact.


Keep to a normal routine

Your child may feel powerless. You may feel the same way as that’s what events like the Christchurch shooting does to us. Maintaining the same sleeping, eating and daily routines can help to restore a sense of control over our daily lives.


Show them how to change the world

Arguably, these are the worst of times in terms of social divisiveness. Our children in many ways are letting us know that they don’t want to continue living this way. So how can they have an impact? Recently a timely clue came my way in the form of a notification from Facebook. Over the weekend, a parent shared an existing message to her Muslim friends as a message of hope. The quote reads:


“Don’t become too pre-occupied with your child’s academic ability, but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone. Teach them to be kind. Teach them to offer help. Teach them to be a friend to the lonely. Teach them to encourage others. Teach them to think about other people. Teach them to share. Teach them to look for the good. This is how they will change the world.”


We get that power back when we start to impact the people around us in small ways, making positive changes for the better.


‘Kindness’, ‘helping others’, ‘encouraging’, ‘sharing’ and similar concepts don’t make great political slogans but they form the basis of every strong community- which is precisely what kids need.

School Information

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Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

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