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Caulfield Junior College Newsletter

21 February 2020
Issue Four

Honesty, Empathy, Respect, Optimism.


From our School Leaders,
Working Bee, THIS SUNDAY.
Digi Tech,
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From our School Leaders,

From our Principal,

The year 5 and 6 school campers have arrived back from their week away in Foster at Camp Rumbug. The weather has been somewhat damp and they have all arrived home very tired and with many exciting stories to share.


School Council election results.

My thanks to our retiring School Council members and big welcome to the new members who are joining the CJC Council. Your contribution and input into the operation of our school will add to the positive work undertaken by those who have preceeded you. Our new School Council members are:  Charlie Porter, Issy Arieli, Melinda Howard and  Akshat Tanksale . 


Parent Committee elections.

My thanks to our outgoing members of the Parent Committee executive who have made many positive contributions across the school. Our volunteers undertake many hours of extra work around the school and the work of the PC is integral to the improvement of the school. A special thanks to our outgoing President Katrina and the committee for their work and support.


Our community welcome barbeque was well and truly washed out last Friday night. We hope the friendlier weather tonight will allow our families to share a picnic, enjoy some time to socialise and celebrate the start of the new school year. See you there.


Our prep students attend school for only four days a week up until the long weekend in March. On Wednesdays they are returning to school by appointment, to complete the early years testing requirements. The data collected allows staff to ensure the instruction and learning is undertaken at the appropriate level.


Staff attended Literacy training at Middle Park PS on Thursday. This work supports the teaching and learning model at the school and ensures staff are delivering improved instruction and well planned learning opportunities.


We ask families not to use the carpark as an entry/exit path. Student safety is a key priority for everyone.


Our Working Bee is this Sunday, from 1pm to 4pm.  We welcome all families to come and lend a hand, and we will be especially pleased to see our Year 4 families. 


The Resilience Project is about developing and understanding gratitude, empathy and mindfulness and being able to talk about emotions. All year levels have begun the program and have student journals to work through the activities that help them to develop these skills.


Chris Chant


From our French Director,

Inscriptions 2021

Si vous êtes parents d’un enfant qui fera sa rentrée dans le programme binational en 2021, vous pouvez d’ores et déjà remplir son dossier d’inscription. Nous vous invitons à renvoyer le formulaire d’inscription accompagné des pièces justificatives avant le 29 mai 2020 au secrétariat de l’école. Même les élèves ayant des frères et sœurs dans le programme doivent avoir un dossier d’inscription rempli à leur nom.

Vous trouverez le formulaire ici : 

Evaluations nationales CP et CE1

Nos élèves de CP et de CE1 passeront leurs évaluations nationales de rentrée la semaine prochaine du 24 au 28 février. Pas de préparation nécessaire, ces évaluations permettent aux enseignants d’adapter leur enseignement aux besoins des élèves.



Aldebert sera à Melbourne le 26 avril prochain. Si vous ne connaissez pas cette star de la chanson française, je vous invite à consulter le lien suivant pour le découvrir :


Caroline Pommier.

Working Bee, THIS SUNDAY.

Year 4 Families, please join us.


Digi Tech,


Caulfield Junior College is now online. Follow us to stay up to date with the latest at our




Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

The payments amount for 2020 is:

  • $125 per year for eligible primary school students

Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. Applications can be received over term one and two. If the claim is not made in time, there is no going back.  Claims must be made before the end of term 2!   Payments are for the application year and cannot be claimed for previous years. 

The CSEF payment cannot be used towards voluntary school charges, books, stationery, school uniforms, before/after school care, music lessons, or formals/graduations.

Year 7 and Prep students in government schools who receive the fund automatically qualify for  support for school uniforms, but you must contact the school if you require the service. For more information regarding this initiative, see State Schools' Relief.


Further information and eligibility criteria can be found at the below link.


The application form can be downloaded from the link below, or collected from our office. 

Return the completed form to our office for processing.


Messages from the Administration Team,

Term Dates.

2020 Victoria School Holidays and Term Dates

Terms Start Finish
Term 1 31st January 2020  27 March 2020
Term 2 14 April 2020  26 June 2020
Term 3 13 July 2020 18 September 2020
Term 4  5 October 2020 18 December 2020


SUNSMART - It's best to wear your hat mid August until the end of April the following year.


Assemblies are held each Monday at 9:00am in the BER. (Senior Building)


Please refer to COMPASS for your complete calendar.

  • Open in browser
  • Select the calendar icon at the top of the screen (next to home)

The calendar will then be displayed.

Cluck Cluck

Our chickens need some more helpers for weekends as well.  Please contact Mme. Cat Wilson via Compass if you can help.


Sunsmart at CJC.



The newsletter is available via COMPASS each Friday and is also on our website.

  • Previous issues can be viewed by clicking on 'Menu' (left hand side of screen, while viewing the current newsletter.)  Select 'View Archive' and previous issues will be displayed.
  • Our newsletter can also be read in a large selection of languages. If you look at the bottom of the page, you are able to select which language you would like to read it in.
  • If you want to receive an email instead or as well as a message on COMPASS, you can subscribe to the newsletter.  On the first page of the newsletter, just under our logo, there is a subscribe button.

Food Orders.

Lunch food items are now available to order via the Qkr App for delivery the week beginning February 10.  The cutoff is 8am Monday for all orders that week! The days that food items are available, to preorder for in advance, are:


Tuesdays - Fried Rice and Noodles - All items are $7.00 each

Thursdays - White Rice Sushi & Rice Paper Rolls $2.80 each, Brown Rice Sushi $3.30 each, Wasabi & Soy Sauce available for 20c each

Fridays -  Challah (Jewish Plaited Bread Loaf) - Sweet Challah, Wholemeal Challah & Challah without Sesame Seeds - All priced at $4.00 each

Friday Pie Day - Meat Pie $4.50 each, Vegetable Pastie $4.50 each, & Sausage Roll $4.00 each.


Just a reminder that you will be required to update your child/ren’s Year and Class when signing into Qkr for the first time this year. It is important to indicate the correct Year and Class details (which can be found on Compass). This will avoid any food delivery issues.

From our Parents' Committee,

A word from the PC.


On Tuesday night we held the Parents’ Committee AGM. It was great to see many new Registered Members there to vote on the new Leadership Team. The meeting started with an overview of the 2019 School Year and the success of our fundraising efforts.

Last year we raised:

  • $12,500 from Lunch Food Items Orders
  • $3,700 from the Second-hand Uniform Shop Openings
  • $2,000 from Cake Stalls
  • $3,200 from Challah & Icy Poles sales
  • $8,200 raised from Social Events & Celebrations

This was a grand total of $29,600 and this was a fantastic effort from our school community. The projected fundraising for 2020 was also presented at the meeting. The PC focus of our efforts this year is in raising the much needed funds to improve the facilities for our school and for our children. Plus we wish to continue to build our community connections and to engage, as parents, in our children’s education and build better connections within our school, with teachers and our leaders. These are the honoured guests in our children’s education and deserve the best we can offer.  Our new PC Leadership Team are the ones to lead the way forward. Your PC President is Lori Silver, your PC Vice President is Valeria Minz, your PC Secretary is Amy Pate and your PC Treasurer is  Liana Freeman.  Welcome to each and every one of you, I am happy to pass over to you and wish you much success for our entire school community’s benefit.


Katrina Goodrich

Outgoing PC President             


Your new PC Leadership Team


PC President - My name is Lori Silver and I have two children at CJC - Charlotte and Finn, in grades 2 and 5 respectively. I was a member of the PC at a previous school as a member of their fundraising committee. Professionally I’ve worked on early stage start ups and enjoy facilitating rapid growth. I am thrilled to join the PC Leadership Team and continue the membership and fundraising growth already commenced and will be a steward for the PC continuing to be a force for good in our school community, because I want my children to see good citizenship modelled by their mommy.

PC Vice President - My name is Valeria Minz and my son Jayden is in Grade 2 with my older two children having already left CJC. I have been involved with the PC and the school in various roles from class convenor, cake stalls and the second-hand uniform shop coordinator just to name a few over the past ten years, but this will be my first time as Vice President.

PC Secretary - My name is Amy Pate and I am the parent of a Grade 2 daughter, Elodie who is the Binome Program as well as a future 2022 Prep student. I am an in-house lawyer and have previous experience as a company secretary and I wanted to join the PC more formally to help make CJC the best place possible for all our children.

PC Treasurer - My name is Liana Freeman and my two girls, Yasmin and Zara are in Grade 6 and this is our last year at CJC after seven fabulous years. I work part time and over the years have been involved in the school helping out with various fundraising events, library and class convenor roles. For our final year at CJC, I am getting involved by volunteering to be the PC Treasurer, a role that doesn't take up much of my time but will help contribute to the growth and improvements that our school would like to make.


A message from your new Team


"Parent clubs (and associations) promote the welfare of, and provide support to, the school and its community. Parents are key partners in their child’s learning. By interacting with the school and other parents, parent club members can use their skills and experience to work collaboratively with others in supporting the school and its students, and build a sense of community within the school. " DET VIC Website.


We would like every parent to join the Parent's Club at CJC. 


There is no time commitment involved in becoming a member or, you may find you’d like to spend as little as five minutes a week or ten minutes a day, or do something from home in the evenings to help. Our children love to see us using our talents and time, staying involved in their school and it models community values they’ll hold for life. Don’t be shy. Please approach us anytime or email us at as we are hoping to see many new faces and hear fresh voices this year. Together we can have a year that is fun, inclusive and purposeful. One that we are all proud of.


Become a 2020 Registered PC Member

Make sure you become a Registered Member of the Parents' Committee for 2020. This year our hope is to get every parent, carer or guardian of all our students at CJC to join the PC. It is super easy to do - just complete the Members Registration Form, found at the end of this section and email it to so we can welcome you onto our team. You aren’t committing to anything yet, although you certainly can if you want to. Join today so you will always be one of the first to hear of PC plans and events... You get to become involved and have fun.


You’re invited to join us.

There are many ways you can help out the Parents’ Committee as we are always needing motivated and enthusiastic parents willing to work together and support each other positively, so have you considered joining one of the teams that run things throughout the year? There is something for everyone and we want YOU to join us. Please send a quick note to to let us know you are interested in helping out one, or more, of the following areas (as little or as much as much as you can spare even if that is just one hour a term) so your name can be passed onto one of out wonderful coordinators. The teams we need your assistance with with are:


  • Fundraising - Sponsorship & Donations
  • Lunch Food Items
  • Second-hand Uniform Shop
  • Cake Stalls
  • PC Events


Don’t forget to also let us know if you are interested in becoming a Coordinator for any of the above teams. These are shared roles so you will always have back up, aside from the PC President and School Leadership.

Class Convenors

We have almost filled all the Class Convenors roles but need to fill the last few so we can get started communicating between your teachers and class parents. The convenor is also responsible for coordinating social get togethers for the class, students and parents alike to further build our community.  It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know other families and is vital to help communicate information between your class teacher and the other parents as well as shout outs for help from the Parents’ Committee like icy pole selling days. The role is very simple and only takes around 5 -10 minutes per week and you are given a guide to assist you so, please email now if you can fill the spot for your class. For the Junior Classes we only need a convenor for Grade 1E and for the Senior classes we are needing them for 3D, 4G, 5/6B, 5/6C, 5D, and 5E.


Parents needed to sell Icy Poles.

We need 4 parent volunteers from the Class 3/4B to sell the icy poles after school next Friday, February 28th from 3.30pm to 3.45pm. Super easy and quick to do and your kids will love to see you make all their classmates happy so if you can help out please let your class convenor Julia Goldman (Gigi’s Mum) know ASAP.



The Parents of CJC FaceBook Group is a quick and easy way to be kept updated on upcoming events or last minute requests for volunteers and a great place for the sale of outgrown uniform items. Please join and don’t forget to become a Registered Member of the PC as we always look forward to welcoming new members who are interested in building community connections and shaping our school.


CJC PC Constitution 2020.


Community Notices,


Public notices or advertisements on our website and in the newsletter are  accepted in good faith but the school does not  necessarily endorse the content. A charge is made for commercial advertisement.


Team Kids Before and After School Care at Caulfield Junior College

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