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23 October 2018
2018 - Issue 33
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Community News
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Principal's report

Greetings Parents, Carers and Students of Moonee Ponds West PS,

Thank-you to all students, teachers and parents/carers who have given their time and thoughts to the Review process. The new review process is very comprehensive and allows schools to really examine the happenings within the school, and adjust where necessary.  All the discussions from the different forum groups has illuminated the same aspects:  consistency of teaching practice, documented curriculum, induction for new staff and student engagement and agency in their learning starting at Foundation.  We have some great documents that are very comprehensive particularly in English that requires some pairing back to give a one-page overview for consistency across the school.  By chance we have already begun this work with both Paul Ledwidge and Chris Coombes and so are already onto this need.  In relation to student engagement and agency, we have discovered that students at MPWPS have fun and are given lots of choices in the activities that they do, so the next step is to really engage them in the learning by outlining the intention of each lesson and developing with them the criteria that will indicate success. Student voice and agency is really about engaging children in their learning; all focus groups believe our students can do this and more importantly should do this.  There are exciting times ahead I think for teachers, teacher leaders and Principals as instructional leaders. 

Today we have had the final day of the Review where collectively we synthesized all the fieldwork information into goals, associated targets and key improvement strategies. The process from here is to table the Review Report to Education Committee and then to School Council hopefully in November. The new Strategic Plan is then developed and submitted for approval.  Of course, we will share the goals and targets with all families once the Department approves them.


This is a big ‘shout out’ to Chantal Leon who has made the National Figure Skating team.  I spoke about this achievement at Assembly yesterday linking it to the goal setting and the effort that is required to achieve personal goals.  Goal setting and measuring how well you have gone, and what needs to improve is the cycle for learning.   Chantal’s journey has required the achievement of many goals, those small steps in improving her technique and particular skills, have enabled the achievement of the end goal; her selection in the National team. True student agency.  Best of luck Chantal but you are already a winner.  Look what you have learnt thus far about how to be successful!

Year 2 Sleepover

Last Thursday we had a successful Year 2 Sleepover with an expedition to the Pirate Ship by the river, followed by a great lesson in Hip Hop Dance provided by Supreme Excursions.  The children were well behaved, joined in the experience and had a great time.  I am guessing there were many children (and teachers) in bed before the sun went down on Friday night!  My thanks to the teachers who stayed and then battled on the next day.   We have one more activity on the MPWPS Camping program’s calendar and that is the Foundation and Year 1 Activity Night on November 1.

Lost Property

We still have lots and lots of high priced jackets, tops and other items of clothing in the Lost Property area.  My message is names on everything please. That way we have a chance to get the item back to you.  Also important is to encourage your child to care about their clothing and take responsibility to collect it at the end of a PE, Creative Arts, Japanese and or recess/lunch break.  Looking after your own things is an independent skill that needs developing through reinforcement of some sort.  It takes 21 days to change a habit! During that habit changing time, we celebrate when children show the skills we are encouraging, leading to independence of action.  Let us see what we can achieve in the growing of independence.

Circus Performance

Last week I had the chance to meet Phil the Circus Ringmaster!  What a wonderful opportunity Circus is for our students.  I witnessed persistence, skill, teamwork, compassion, empathy and fun as the children practiced for their performance. I look forward to Tuesday October 30 at 6pm when the Circus performs for us all.  Please come along and bring a basket picnic so you can enjoy and eat at the same time.  See you there!

Sensory Garden Funding

Last week I received a call from our local member Danny Pearson (Danny provided a letter of support for this project) to inform me that the school had been fortunate enough to receive this funding.  The application was developed by some teachers and a parent some time ago.  A Sensory Garden will be a wonderful place for student play, and is a calm quiet place for pondering!  Well Done MPWPS.

Building Funding

MPWPS has also been fortunate to receive some additional funding from the State Government to complete the Toilet Block rebuild. This means the use of our own school funds to complete this project will be minimal.   We hoped to have started this during the recent holidays but some contractual holdups prevented this.  We are expecting to start within the coming weeks.  We will keep you posted via COMPASS.  I thank the State Government and their local representative (Danny Pearson) for the support of our project. 

Well that is about it from me.  Until we meet in person. Most mornings I am in Athol St, and most nights in Eglington St.   Stop by for a chat; I am always willing!


Kerri Simpson

Principal (Acting)

School Council

School Council Membership 2018

Parent members:

  • Louise Evans 
  • Ben Atchison 
  • Lisa Shaw 
  • Simone Beever
  • Lee Cath
  • Nigel Keegan
  • Jarrod Smith
  • Nigel Toussaint

 DET members:

  • Kerri Simpson - Executive Officer
  • Michelle Bovè
  • Helen Lockart
  • Vicki McCormack
  • Alyena Mohummadally
  • Sandra Monaghan (School Council Secretary)

Term 4 meetings


  • Monday 26th November 19:00
  • Monday 17th December 18:30

Education News 

Environment Committee Expression of Interest

Expressions of interest for new members of the MPWPS Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee.

The Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee is a vibrant, innovative and progressive committee and are looking for more interested members of the school community to join the membership of this group.

The role of the Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee is to provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure that MPW supports and encourages best practice in regards to Environmental/Sustainability issues. The Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee has an overarching aim to promote an environmentally friendly and sustainable school, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of our school community. It will focus on reductions in resource usage, waste and cost, but also has the potential to improve educational services and thereby facilitate the delivery of effective and sustainable education into the future.


Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee members will be responsible for helping to:

  • Provide a forum for sharing ideas
  • Foster collaboration across the school community 
  • Design a coordinated approach to address deficiencies apparent from surveys, or educational experiences
  • Consider and develop strategies to minimise resource usage and waste across services, including helping to seek grant funding opportunities for these strategies
  • Facilitate implementation of these strategies.


The Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee meets every second month at 6:00pm on a Wednesday night (next meeting 21st November). If you are interested in joining the Sub-Committee and helping to contribute to this important group, please contact Sandra Monaghan at the school office. 



Sport News

Odd Socks Circus – Performance Tuesday 30th October

Grade 5/6 students from MPW will be performing the ‘Odd Socks Circus’ in Term 4 on Tuesday 30th October.  This is an event for the whole community.  The students have been practicing various skills throughout Term 3 and have participated in incursion days under the guidance of Phil Melgaard.


Circus is a great way for students to challenge themselves in skills that we normally wouldn’t learn or practice.  It is often a test of persistence and perseverance.  This is the 6th time the school has performed the circus as a biannual event that is a combination of the Physical Education, Performing Arts and Creative Arts programs at MPW. 

Join thousands of Victorian families for Walk to School 2018!

Get ready, get set for Walk to School 2018!

MPW has joined the hundreds of primary schools across Victoria for a fun month of walking, riding and scooting to and from school. By participating, we have a chance to win some great prizes! So every time our local families walks, rides or scoots to and from school during October, you increase our school’s chance of winning!


Decorate your shoes, bikes or scooter

If your school participates in the decorate your shoes, bikes and scooter activity – add this also

In 2018, we’re encouraging our kids to put their best foot forward by decorating their shoes, bikes or scooters to make Walk to School even more fun. Get involved with us for Walk to School and help your family build healthy habits for life: This activity will be run by Vic Health.


About Walk to School

Every October, Vic Health’s Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids and their families to walk, ride or scoot to and from school every day. It’s a great way for the whole family to increase their physical activity levels. Plus, it is a chance to enjoy more time with your kids and meet other local families along the way.

Along with the health benefits, it also reduces traffic congestion, saves on parking, helps us connect with family and friends and saves the environment!

Part way is okay! If you can’t walk the whole way, why not try parking the car a few blocks from your school and walk, ride or scoot the rest.

Last year, more than 144,000 kids and their families took part in the program walking the equivalent of two return trips to the moon and with your families help, we can make 2018 our biggest year yet!

There are so many great reasons to participate in Walk to School this October and we’re excited to be part of the fun because getting active is even more fun when we do it together!




Fundraising Events

MPW “A Touch of Bond” Social Event


Last Friday night we held our Annual Social event for Parents and Carers at the Union Hotel with our theme of “A Touch of Bond”.  Thank you to those who were able to come along to support and enjoy what was a truly fun filled fabulous night! The Bond theme was enthusiastically embraced with lots of glitz, glam and creative outfits filling the room. The dancefloor was never empty with our fantastic DJ David keeping the tunes flowing while there were many fun pictures taken in our wonderful photobooth hosted by Sam. Our live auction for a weekend away was hotly contested with an amazing result and many “Bond” characters took to the cat walk for a chance to win the best dressed prizes.


The fundraising team would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the event and for making it such a memorable night that will no doubt be talked about for months to come! It wouldn’t have been such a successful event without some help along the way. Thank you to Sandra Monaghan who always contributes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure our events are a great success and to Andrea Dolence, Nicole Collins and Nicole Marshall for helping with setup on the day and Paul Dolence for running the live auction. And lastly to the businesses who generously donated prizes and contributed to the night’s success.

Thank you,

Danielle, Rachel & Sophie


Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser 28th October

On Sunday the 28th of October we will be running the BBQ at Bunnings Highpoint. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for MPW. We are looking for volunteers to assist with staffing the BBQ for the day. If you are able to assist on the day please leave your details at the Office.


When: Sunday 28th October 2018

Where: Bunnings Maribyrnong (corner Rosamond Rd & Williamson Rd)

Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm


We urgently require parents/carers to volunteer for 2 hour shifts starting from 8:30 am.  We require 4 people per shift, if you are able to assist on the day please leave your details at the Office.

Fundraising contacts

Rachel, Danielle & Sophie - please enquire at the office and your details will be forwarded on to Rachel, Danielle and Sophie.     

School Information

General Office

Office:                                         8:15a.m - 4:45p.m

Telephone:                       9370 6875 / 9375 1197

FAX:                                                              9370 1909

Sandra Monaghan          Business Manager

Cristina Zelaya                 Administration Officer

Sharyn Reinke                  Administration Officer

Leadership Team

Principal - Acting

Kerri Simpson

Assistant Principal - Acting

Barbara Springfield 

Business Operations Manager 

Sandra Monaghan

Leading Teacher

Michelle Bové

Jarrod Sutton

Student Absences

If your child is absent from school (including illness and appointment), it is necessary to inform the  school.  This can be in the form of a telephone call, email, entering the absence through the COMPASS parent portal , in writing or by advising the office or classroom teacher directly.

If your child is sick it is advisable to not send your child to school.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1:

Monday 29th January to Thursday 29th March

Term 2:

Monday 16th April to Friday 29th June

Term 3:

Monday 16th July to Friday 21st September

Term 4:

Monday 8th October to Friday 21st December


End of term dismissal is at 2.30pm for Terms 1, 2 & 3 and End of Year dismissal is at 1.30pm.

Curriculum Days

Term 1:

Monday 29th January and Friday 9th March

Term 2:

Thursday 26th April

Term 3:

Wednesday 25th July

Before and After School Care

At MPW before and after school care is provided by Camp Australia. The service operates 7.15  - 8.45 am in the morning and  3.30 to 6.15 pm afternoons.  Camp Australia can be contacted on 1300 105 343.

To enrol your child please go to

Lost Property

In 2017 - a significant amount of unnamed clothing and unnamed plastic containers were donated to charity each month.


Our lost property is managed by parent volunteers and we need your help to reduce this  workload and loss of property.


You can help by:

  • ensuring that all belongings are clearly marked with students' names and room numbers
  • regularly check (and encourage your child/ren to check) for their lost property
  • remember that it is the responsibility of students and families to regularly check lost property and reclaim items

When is unnamed lost property cleared and donated to charity?

  • Last Friday of every month

Where is lost property?

In the Gym on the right hand side, as you walk in.

Community Calendar


Wednesday 24th October

2/3 Immigration Museum Excursion Group 1

Thursday 25th October

Class placement letter sent home

Friday 26th October

Year 4 PE Carnival Day

Sunday 28th October 2018

Bunnings Highpoint BBQ Fundraiser

Tuesday 30th October 

Circus Performance Grades 5/6 18:00

Wednesday 31st October 

Class placement forms returned

2/3 Immigration Museum Excursion Group 2


Thursday 1st November

F/1 Activity Night

Tuesday 6th November

Melbourne Cup Day - No school

Wednesday 7th November

Education Committee 18:30

Thursday 8th November

Foundation Orientation Session 1

5/6 Parliamentary Process Incursion


Monday 12th November

5/6 Parliamentary Process Incursion

Tuesday 13th November

5/6 Cricket Carnival

Soundgarage Concert

Resources Committee 19:00

Wednesday 14th November

Writers Festival

Soundgarage Concert

Thursday 15th November

Foundation Orientation Session 2

MVIMP Combined Concert

Monday 19th November

5/6 Parliamentary Experts Incursion

Tuesday 20th November

5/6 Parliamentary Experts Incursion

Wednesday 21st November

Environment Committee meeting 18:00

Thursday 22nd November

Foundation Orientation Session 3

Monday 26th November

School Council meeting 19:00

Thursday 29th November

Foundation Orientation Session 4


Wednesday 5th December

Senior Choir Concert - Alice@Wonderland 19:00

Thursday 6th December

Senior Choir Concert (School Performance) - Alice@Wonderland 9:00

Tuesday 11th December

Whole School Transition Day

Resources Committee 19:00

Wednesday 12th December

Environment Committee 18:00

Friday 14th December

Student Reports home

Monday 17th December

School Council 18:00

Wednesday 19th December

Year 6 Graduation

Friday 21st December

End of year Assembly 9:00

End of Term 4 13:30

Community News



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