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08 August 2018
Issue Eleven
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A Message from
the Principal

Term 3 Week 3

The term has commenced with its usual energy and gusto as our students embrace their academic studies and the great variety of co-curricular activities on offer. We have enjoyed a fabulous celebration of the arts with the staging of the School musical and the exhibition of our Year 12’s Textiles and Visual Arts major works.

I hope many took the opportunity to see the outstanding production of ‘High School Musical’ staged at the Orange Civic Theatre. Congratulations to the wonderful cast who clearly had put in an enormous effort to achieve such a polished, colourful and energetic production. A huge cast of over 70 students plus the back stage team and our musicians. It was fabulous to see so many involved – boys, girls, Year 7’s through to Year 11’s – and students who are also involved in a great breadth of school activities. It is a great credit to the Director, Mrs Catherine Litchfield and all the staff who were involved that such a first class production with a very young cast was achieved. It is very clear that we have many good years ahead on the musical front.

Last Friday evening the annual exhibition of our Year 12 Textile and Visual Arts major works was held. A marvellous occasion showcasing the excellence of our Senior Students whose creativity dedication and skill never cease to amaze. The quality of the projects undertaken by our Year 12’s was outstanding, reflective of their ability but also the dedication, passion and care of our staff who like the students have gone to extraordinary lengths to see that such a high quality of work is achieved. We are most fortunate to have such a committed and selfless staff.

‘To be or not to be’
The enduring appeal of England’s greatest Bard

While on the theme of the Creative and Performing Arts, I thought I might share with you an opportunity I enjoyed over the holiday period where I saw a superb production of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in London. The Globe is a modern reproduction of Shakespeare’s original theatre situated just 200 meters from its original site on the banks of the river Thames. It is a wonderful structure, built of oak and plaster that was fashionable during the Elizabethan era.

The production was truly first class and performed in its traditional context. The work of William Shakespeare has always strongly appealed to me due to his immense ability to summarise the range of human emotions in simple yet profoundly eloquent verse. His works appealed to royalty and the common man and continue to hold broad appeal with contemporary audience.

So what is it about his work that sees his popularity so enduring? Shakespeare explores the universal themes of love, hate, duty, honour and man’s flaws in seeking to assume power based on envy, greed or position. His works are emotional, hilarious and pithy and he was masterful at imbuing his stories and characters with qualities audiences and readers readily identify with. His fellow playwright and friend Ben Jonson described Shakespeare as “not of an age, but for all time”. When we think of romance, we think of Romeo and Juliet. When we consider the dangers of ambition or ruthless politics, Macbeth and Richard III come to mind. If a comical mix up arises we still refer to the Comedy of Errors with its confusion of not just one set of twins, but two.

Samuel Johnson perceptively and accurately stated in his preface to The Plays of Shakespeare (1765) … “His characters … are the genuine progeny of common humanity, such as the world will always supply, and observation will always find”.

Shakespeare’s influence upon the English language is considerable and many of his words and phrases have become embedded in our lexicon. He is credited with the first usage of over 1700 words ranging from luggage, moonbeam and eyeball to worthless grovel and puking. The Oxford English Dictionary full edition contains approximately 33,300 of the Bard’s quotations.

When we hear ‘its Greek to me’, suffering from ‘green-eyed jealousy’, ‘stood on ceremony’, ‘no rhyme or reason’, ‘method in the madness’,  been ‘tongue-tied’, ‘hoodwinked’ or ‘in a pickle’ we are hearing quotations from Shakespeare.

Marchette Chute, accurately captures the rationale for Shakespeare’s enduring appeal and immeasurable fame in the ‘Introduction’ to her highly acclaimed retelling of Shakespeare’s Stories.

“William Shakespeare was the most remarkable storyteller that the world has ever known." Homer told of adventure and men at war, Sophocles and Tolstoy told of tragedies and of people in trouble. Terence and Mark Twain told cosmic stories, Dickens told melodramatic ones, Plutarch told histories and Hand Christian Andersen told fairy tales. But Shakespeare told every kind of story – comedy, tragedy, history, melodrama, adventure, loves stories and fairy tales – and each of them so well that they have become immortal. In all the world of story telling he has become the greatest name. (Marchette Chute – Stories from Shakespeare, Hodder and Staughton, 1989, p 11)

Did you know?

Shakespeare’s plays were amongst the few precious books brought to Australia by Captain James Cook on his ship the Endeavour in 1770 and that Richard III was performed as early as December 1793 on Norfolk Island.

2018 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony Guest Speaker

It is my great pleasure to announce Mr Warwick Holmes as the guest speaker at the 2018 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony.

Warwick is the Executive Director of Space Engineering School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney. He was born in Sydney where his passion for space started in 1969 as a 7 year old boy watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon. Mr Holmes completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) and then a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. Warwick also has a Masters of Technology Management from UNSW.

The opportunity to take an unpaid ‘summer vacation’ internship with British Aerospace got Warwick one step closer to his dream of working in space. This launched his 30 year career exclusively in the European space industry as an Avionics Systems Engineer. He assisted in building, testing and launching 10 successful European Space Agency spacecraft, culminating in his leadership of the famous comet-landing mission -  ‘Rosetta’ in 2015. Warwick specializes in spacecraft avionics system engineering, and is a renowned world leader in his field.

Warwick has recently returned to Australia where he is now based at Sydney University heading the Space Engineering School. He is charismatic, humble and passionate and possesses a life story that will be valuable for our students to hear.



Julia Stuart – Polocrosse in South Africa

Julia Stuart has been selected to represent the Australian Team in Polocrosse to play in South Africa. She travels overseas this week and we wish Julia good luck in her matches.


Collette Lyons – National Swimming Champion

My hearty congratulations go to Collette Lyons who competed in the SSA National Swimming Championships in Hobart recently. Collette swam in 8 events & received 6 medals, the other 2 events placed 4th. One of her medals was a gold for 200m Butterfly; another gold for 8x50m all age relay. She also received a silver and two bronzes. This was a huge effort as the 13/14 year age group was combined, which meant Collette had to compete against girls at least 1 year older. Congratulations, Collette.


Dr Andrew Parry 

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 3 Week 3

As we aware the drought is taking a devastating toll on farming families across New South Wales and Queensland.  There are many initiatives being implemented to assist the farming community through government aid, mental health programs and charitable organisations.

Students and staff have proposed many ideas and in the Bulletin under Notices you will read of a special charity event next Monday here at school.  Your donations will be greatly received. 

Students from Year 5 have recently completed research on the drought, their presentations were varied in their approach using different forms of media including an interview with Niall Blair, NSW Minister for Primary Industries.  Well done Alice Commins.

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the Australian Mathematics Trust Enrichment Challenge.  This competition obviously assesses mathematics knowledge but also requires teamwork and decision making.  Well done to:

  • Year 6 – Distinction – Thomas McRae and George Wakem
  • Year 5 – Credit – Hannah Jones, Daisy Wakem and Olivia Searle

Sport plays a significant part of the students’ development at KWS.  Sport is compulsory from Year 3 to Year 12 with skill development, teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship being integral to each sport.  While in professional sport, highlighted in the media, match officials are open to harsh and unfair criticism, it is not acceptable in our children’s sport.  Unfortunately, students see and hear this criticism and imitate this behaviour in their games.

I ask all parents and coaches to step in and prevent this behaviour from escalating.  The same goes for teamwork where students need to work together.  Too often it is easy to criticize another team member for an error, rather than work to improve.  Over the winter season these issues have arisen and we need to be mindful that sport should be enjoyable for all.  It is terrific to win and that is the aim but it should not override the elements of developing skills, working as a team, playing fairly and demonstrating sportsmanship to your own team, the opposition and to all match officials.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Courtesy Award:       Week 2 – Jack Carslake  |  Week 3 – Ricky Zhang
  • Citizenship Award:    Week 2 – Spencer Williams  |  Week 3 – Charles Hail
  • Principal’s Award:      Week 2 – Lillian Pearce  |  Week 3 – Alice Commins

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains

A wonderful attribute of many children is their inquisitive nature, their curiosity about the world, the questions that they ask...

As teachers, there is such delight in nurturing this natural wonder and channelling it into learning opportunities for our students.

Like many children, Jesus as a twelve year old boy, was inquisitive. There is an event from his life recorded in the Bible which tells us that he was accidentally left behind in Jerusalem after a family trip from Nazareth.  In those days people often travelled in extended family groups so we can assume his parents thought he was with the group. You can imagine their fright when they realised he wasn’t! And they rushed straight back to Jerusalem to find him.  The Bible tells us, “After three days they found (Jesus) in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.” Luke 2:46

As a boy, Jesus asked questions.

So, in Religious Education lessons I encourage students to ask questions too!  Expressing our doubts, queries and curiosities about God engages higher-order thinking which deepens learning and listening to others’ questions helps us to understand their viewpoint and form our own. As Indira Ghandi once said, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress”. 

The problem for me is that sometimes there are simply too many questions to squeeze into one timetabled lesson! So a new Chaplaincy initiative has begun in the Prep School. Students in Years 3-6 now have the opportunity to come to ‘Question Box’ during Thursday first-half of lunch. As they eat their lunch, we chat about the questions they have about God. They can ask them directly or anonymously via the question box or just come to listen to others’ questions. Each week we will take a slightly different theme, which will be announced at Morning Assembly, so they can pick and choose what is relevant for them.

It is a joy and privilege to work with inquisitive children and I look forward to seeing where ‘Question Box’ will lead!


Kate Bracks
Prep Chaplain


Mental health basics: Suggestions for families

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a three day workshop and conference in Sydney- “Student Bullying and Mental Wellbeing”. The purpose of the conference was to examine research focusing on reducing the incidence of bullying and related mental health risks, as well as hearing about successful evidence-based programs currently running in schools across the country. During Semester two, the Wellbeing Teams in both the Senior and Preparatory Schools, are meeting to look forward to 2019; what do we currently do that works well? What do we need to review? What policies need to be updated?  What will be best practice for the students in our school? These three days will be invaluable in helping start to guide this process.

One of the key messages for me was practical ways that families can support children’s resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. It is usually not possible to eliminate all the risk factors that affect your children, but there are things families can do to reduce the impact of stress and help children build strengths for effective coping. All the research and programs presented at the conference had at their basis simple, general and practical suggestions for families. Suggestions included:

  • Spend time with your children and do things together as a family.
  • Try to maintain routines as much as possible. Routines and consistency help children feel secure.
  • Build and maintain supportive relationships with your children’s teachers. Talk with staff about how they can best support you and your child during hard times. Tell staff about any concerning behaviours you are noticing at home. In the Preparatory School most matters of student care and welfare are dealt with through the classroom teacher. In the Secondary School the Tutor houses form the basis for student welfare and behaviour management within the school, and issues that may arise should be discussed with a student’s Tutor as the first point of contact.
  • Try to help children to understand and manage their feelings; this can help them develop coping skills.
  • Help them also to understand that loss and stress are a normal part of life; this is a particularly important point.
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings and try to understand and respect them, especially when they are going through a difficult time. Take time to listen to their concerns.

Sometimes in our busy day-to-day existence it is easy to overlook the simple, basic things that make a real difference in our families lives.

Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 2: Jessica McGreal, Harper Purvis. 

KB: Week 3: Disha Prasad, Lachie Healey.

KK: Week 2:  Audrey Gaudin, Benjamin Howe, Milla O’Toole, Archie Bylsma, Sebastian Marquez. 

KK: Week 3:  Harriett Johnston, Andie Zinga, Mya McLachlan.

1C: Week2: Jack Kenny, Chrysalide Frecklington, Samuel Marvasti, Vivian Meates, Alby Kimmins, Louise Blyth, Zaro Jalal, Harry Oldroyd, James Jones, Harry Price. 

1C: Week 3: Harry Oldroyd, Zaro Jalal, James Hulme, Mia Martin.

1W: Week 2: Charlie Haydon, Aston Lett, Darcie Marshall, Cassandra Philippe, Grace Segger. 

1W: Week 3: Nicholas Balcomb, Aston Lett, Darcie Marshall, Cassandra Philippe, Ingrid West.

2E: Week 3: Jazmin Marquez, Hannah Cunningham, Annabelle Maslin, Max Kenny, Samuel Commins, Vivaan Desai, Daisy Dwyer.

2H: Week 3: William Stratton, Anoushka de Brito, Harrison Fielding, Grace Schaapveld.

3R: Week 2: Lily Moe. 

3R: Week 3: Ava Sutherland, Kaydn McLachlan, Lily Moe, Billy Roberts.

3S: Week 2: Trevelyan Andrew, Joe Dunworth, Charles Hail, Maxwell Horne, Angelina McRae, Percy Meates, Hugo O’Brien x 2, Emma Ward-Finn. 

3S: Week 3: Trevelyan Andrew, Hannah Birmili, Annabelle Clinton, Joe Dunworth x 2, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, Matthew Lowther, Angelina McRae, Lenny Shannon, Isabella Vangestel, Emma Ward-Finn, Oscar Zielinski.

4F: Week 3: Luca Popa, Austin Schaapveld x 2.

4P: Week 2: Grace Bylsma, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Caitlin Reid, Lucy Reidy, Lexi Wilkin. 

4P: Week 3: Grace Bylsma.

5M: Week 2: Lucinda Clinton, Hannah Jones, William Ward, Isabelle Johnston. 

5M: Week3: William Ward.

5P: Week 2: Lachlan De Vries, Charlie Jones, Isobella Montagliani, Finn O’Toole, Dominic Segger. 

5P: Week 3: Kajan Kandeepan, Harriet Stratton, Tessa Wong, Charles Jones, Jamie Adams, Alice Hansen, Joshua de Bruyn x 2, Isaac de Bruyn.

5W: Week 2: Charlotte Buckley, Bonnie McPhee, Seamus Dwyer, Lillian Pearce, Charlie Hall, Zac Shannon, Krishan Kandeepan, Pranav Srikanth, Isabella Lloyd-George, Lachlan Watts. 

5W: Week 3:  Aiden Button, Rhys Jones, Alice Commins, Roger Kircher, Matilda Fabar, Olivia Martin, Grace Hansen, Bridget Horne.

6C: Week 2: Molly Slack-Smith, Sophie Smith. 

6C: Week 3: Honor Tyrell, William Steventon, Ruby Coulton, Lolli-Rose Pasquali, Harry Madigan.

6H: Week 2: Angus Croft, Camilla Crossing, Mitchell Fuller x 2, Charles Gill, Hannah Goodsir x 2, Charlotte Jones, Scarlett Mackenzie, Thomas McRae, Oliver Roach, Madeline Sinclair, Helen Suthers.  6H: Week 3: Emma Aldersey, Charles Gill, Charli Greatbatch x 2, Neve Jansen, Simon Livermore, Scarlett McKenzie, Angus McPhie, Oliver Mendham, Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones, Helen Suthers, Lucia Varian.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 2:  Georgiana Saran KK, Janette Proudford-Nalder 1C, Darcie Marshall 1W, Olivia McBeath 2E, Xavier Zinga 2E, Charlotte Williams 2H, Lucas Choi 2H, Lachlan Thomas 3R, Madison Jones 3R, Isabella Vangestel 3S, George Proudford-Nalder 3S, Caitlin Reid 4P, Olive Quigley 4F, Jessica Thompson 5P, Mitchell Fuller 6H. 

Lovely Manners: Week 3:  Milla O’Toole KK, James Hulme 1C, Luca Kotasthane 1W, Aurora Everett 2E, Daniel Rourke 2E, Eliza Lord 2H, Maya McFarlane 2H, Finn Price 4F, Lucy Reidy 4P, Emma Aldersey 6H.

Lovely Greetings: Week 2: Louise Blyth 1C, Harrison Fielding 2H, Olive Glover 4P, Luca Popa 4F, Alice Commins 5W. 

Lovely Greetings: Week 3: Samuel Marvasti 1C, Grace Schaapveld 2H, Toby Gee 4F, Finn Dwyer 4P, Harriet Stratton 5P, Lillian Pearce 5W, Charlie Hall 5W, Neve Jansen 6H.

Thinking of Others: Week 2: Harper Purvis KB, Maddison Lawry 4F, Tessa Wong 5P. 

Thinking of Others: Week 3: Disha Prasad KB, Audrey Blyth 3S, Emma Ward-Finn 3S.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 2: Sebastian Marquez KK, Nicholas Balcomb 1W, Olivia Martin 5W, Oliver Chandler-Sullivan 6C, Lara Wheelhouse 6C, Helen Suthers 6H. 

Excellent Behaviour: Week 3: Jack Caro KK, Grace Segger 1W, Eva Smedley 3R, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan 3R, Maxwell Horne 3S, Kaitlin Smith 4F, Koby Bryan 5P.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 2: Ella Kerdic 2H, Angus Sawtell 2H, Abbygail Hunt 6H. 

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 3: Louise Blyth 1C, Louis Blyth 1C, Camilla Crossing 6H.

Sportsmanship: Week 2: Kookaburras Hockey Team – Kaydn McLachlan, Percy Meates, Olivia Wilson, Willa Paix, Varnikaa Kannan, Maddison Lawry, Audrey Blyth. 

Sportsmanship: Week 3: Kookaburras Hockey Team – Kaydn McLachlan, Percy Meates, Bianca Wong, Olivia Wilson, Willa Paix, Varnikaa Kannan, Maddison Lawry, Audrey Blyth. 

Helpfulness: Week 2: Mya McLachlan KK, James Hulme 1C, Trevelyan Andrew 3S, Oscar Zielinski 3S, Hannah Cunningham 2E, Lily Dwyer 2E, Annabelle Maslin 2E, Daisy Dwyer 2E, Daniel Rourke 2E, Jack Carslake 4P, Spencer Williams 4P, Robert Harrison 5W, Seamus Dwyer 5W. 

Helpfulness: Week 3: Saxon Haynes 1C, Mia Martin 1C, Samuel Marvasti 1C, Cassandra Philippe 1W, Benjamin Knight 1W, Vivaan Desai 2E, Elliot Terrey 2E, Nicolette Saran 2E, Sophie Caro 2H, Harrison Chapman, 2H, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan 3R, William Payne 3R, Hugo O’Brien 3S, Zoe Harmer 4P, Jack Steventon 4P, Seamus Dwyer 5W, Aiden Button 5W, Lara Wheelhouse 6C.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 2:  Zaro Jalal 1C, Harry Oldroyd 1C.  Week 3: Alexandra Whitehead 2E, Samuel Commins 2E.

Role Model: Week 2: Charlie Haydon 1W, Ingrid West 1W, Charlie Kimmins 3R, Lily Moe 3R, William Garard 4F, Olivia Wilson 4F, Mia Essex 5P, Jamie Adams 5P. 

Role Model: Week 3: Archie Bylsma KK, Lachlan Thomas 3R, Austin Schaapveld 4F, Harry Madigan 6C.

Being Kind: Week 2: Andie Zinga KK, Angus Croft 6H. 

Being Kind: Week 3: Ricky Zhang 3R, Charles Hail 3S, Hugo O’Brien 3S, Joe Dunworth 3S, Daisy Wilson.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 2: Thomas Rourke KB, Maya Bracks 5P, Kajan Kandeepan 5P. 

Excellent Behaviour: Week 3:  Daniel Kerdic KB, Jessica Thompson 5P, Ava Buesnel 5P.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

It has been a busy 2-weeks in TREE as we hit the ground running in Term 3.

As always, for more information follow us on Instagram (tree_kws) and visit our blog (


During Week 2 our Year 11 Chemistry students visited Billimari Olive processing plant and MSM Milling Canola oil processing plant at Manildra as part of their ChemisTREE depth study. The students compared the boutique La Barre olive oil processing plant with the large-scale canola oil and meal processing plant at MSM. Students were comparing the chemical and physical separation techniques, as well as the testing, monitoring and management of chemical processes, such as gas chromatography, titration and gravimetric analysis. They are using the excursion as a basis for a depth study, where they choose one aspect from the excursion and produce a learning product (for example, a report, movie or presentation) for assessment to show their understanding of Chemistry in an industrial context.


Additionally, our Year 11 Biology students visited the school’s new farm (Windermere) to conduct an ecological depth study. The students began the day with in-depth lectures from local soil scientist and KWS parent David McKenzie and a botany lecture from Landcare representative Sue Wakefield.

Following this the students captured data on abiotic and biotic factors along 3 different 400m transects. The students tested water, collected rock samples, investigated the soil quality and measured the biodiversity using quadrats. The students will use this data to complete a depth study report for which they have 10 options focussed on ecology, geology, farm management and diversified options for the farm (viticulture, cherries and olives).


Year 1’s dung beetle house was officially opened by Landcare representative and KWS parent, Sally Kirby. Sally kindly kept 100 dung beetles alive for us over the break and they were released into their new house for the students to see. Over the next 6 months Year 1 will feed the dung beetles weekly and submit photos of their progress. The hope is that the colony will grow sufficiently for us to move them out to the school farms.

Our inaugural Wether team prepared for their upcoming visit to Dubbo with a visit to Roseville Park Merino Stud. Current parents Matthew and Cherie Coddington kindly delivered lessons on judging, low stress stock movement, wool judging, prep and handling for the show. The students even got an impromptu lesson on fleece judging from Elders representative Kevin.


Our Cattle Team attended ARC’s Junior Judging Workshop in Eugowra last week in preparation for upcoming shows in Parkes, Manildra and Scone. Taylah, Hamish, Lachie and Hugo were involved in workshops on judging cattle, dairy cattle, wool, meat, sheep, grain and produce. Taylah and Lachie made the top 10 in grain and Hamish in wool!


Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for the Diary

Week 6 – Koristers involved in Madame Butterfly with Opera Australia

Week 9/10 – K-2, 3-4 Drama & 5-6 Show Weeks


AMEB Music exams:

6/7 Aug – Brass

7 Aug – Piano

14/15 Aug – Strings

18 - Woodwind


Orange Eisteddfod:

Dance – Fri Aug 17

School Choral Days - Thurs 30 & Fri 31 Aug

Band Day - Wed 5 Sept

Strings - Thurs 6 & Fri 7 Sept

Year 3 Instrumental Program


If your child is part of the band program, please remind them to look after their instruments very carefully whilst hiring them from the school. Please remember that if anything goes wrong with your instruments, do not try to fix it, please bring it into Mrs McRae or Mrs Sinclair as soon as possible.

Sydney Dance Workshop

Well done to all the girls that took part in the workshop last Friday. This was a wonderful opportunity to work with dance professionals to explore ways of using their bodies to create different shapes and movement. We hope that you take this knowledge and skills into the show weeks. There are photos uploaded on the Performing Arts page on Frog for parents to see.

Show Rehearsals

Please can all students in Year 5 and 6 be aware that instrumental lessons and co-curricular rehearsals should NOT be missed even if they have Show rehearsals. Mr Hordynsky is aware that students also have other commitments but students are asked to let Mr H know if they can’t attend a rehearsal so that he can make other arrangements. It is a busy time of year and we are encouraging students to regularly check rehearsal schedules and make sure they are aware if there are any clashes with lessons or ensembles.

Mrs Moxey’s Practice Competition

Each year Mrs Moxey runs her practice competition during the lead up to AMEB exams to encourage students to engage in consistent practice during the week. Mrs Moxey has again been very impressed with the effort that students have been putting in to establishing a regular practice routine. The winners practiced every day for 6 weeks which was an outstanding effort given such a busy Term 2. There were also two runners-up who only missed one or two days in the recorded weeks.

This year’s runners up are: Ava Buesnel and William Knight

This year’s winners are: Ruby Coulton, Isaac de Bruyn, Kajan Kandeepan & Helen Suthers.

Congratulations to all.

String Concert

Thursday September 6 (Week 7) DPA 5.30pm

As a celebration of all the achievements of our strings players from K-12 this year so far and to farewell our Year 12 string players, Mrs Moxey will be hosting a string concert evening on Thursday September 6 in the DPA Chapel from 5.30-6.30pm. This will involve ALL string ensembles from Junior Strings through to Chamber Strings and finish with a light supper. This is always a lovely evening packed full of fabulous music and talent. We look forward to seeing you all there.

AMEB Music Exams

We would like to wish all students taking their instrumental exams over the next week all the very best of luck. Remember that if you have put in the practice and effort you will be rewarded. Don’t forget to think before you play, take a deep breath, take your time and enjoy showing the examiner what you can do. Good luck!


Mrs Katie Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Information and Communications Technology

Frog Tip for the Week

How to turn on Frog Notifications

1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the screen, then select My Preferences.

2. If you haven't already done so, nominate an email address for notifications. NB. If you wish to make this your password recovery email, this email address must be unique (not a shared email address).


There are 3 types of Notifications: Frog, Push and Email.

You will see Push Notifications as an option if you have downloaded, installed and logged onto the MyFrog App (from the App Store and Play Store). Our KWS URL is

Darryn Marjoram
Director of Information Services

Prep Sports News

WAS Athletics Carnival, Dubbo

The KWS Athletics team travelled to Barden Park Athletics field, Dubbo to compete against All Saints, Scots, Blue Mountains Grammar, Orange Anglican and Macquarie Anglican at the WAS Athletics Carnival.

This was a practice carnival for the students in their preparation leading up to the HICES Athletics Carnival on 28 August.

Our students competed well with the introduction back to athletics again after some time off from Term 1. Some personal bests achievements were also performed! The students were a credit to the school and were well behaved.

Thank you to Mrs Caro, Connor and Katie (our gap staff) who helped with the team on the day.

Sporting Program for K-2 Students

Starting next Wednesday 15 August, K-2 students (who are not involved in KWS sport) will have the opportunity to participate in either the Hookin2 Hockey program or the Get into Rugby program. This runs after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm. We have specialised coaches from NSW Hockey and NSW Rugby coming in to deliver these programs. Both these programs are designed to introduce and develop student’s fundamental gross motor skills (catching, throwing, passing, striking skills, moving into space etc). Both are non-contact programs.

An email has been sent to all parents in K-2 in regards to these programs. If you are keen for your child to attend, please email or contact the Prep Office: [email protected]

Sporting Teams of the Week

Over the fortnight, the following teams have been nominated by their coaches for Sporting Team of the Week. Nominations are in recognition of the teams’ hard work, team play, attitude, sportsmanship and determination:

Netball: U10 Bluebirds, U12 Falcons

Hockey: Emus, Brumbies, Kookaburras, Scorpions, Foxes

Football: U9 Thunder, U12 Mariners

Rugby: U11 Rugby

Sport Dates for the Diary

8 August: Prep Sport photo day

28 August: HICES Athletics, Sydney

28 August: NSWPSSA Rugby Championships

13 September: CIS Athletics, Sydney


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


12’s V Scots College Sydney – After a terrific night of learning about life in the country the Scots team took on the mighty KWS 12’s.  An early try by the two blues had the crowd very excited.  Play ebbed and flowed with tries from both teams seeing Scots up 12-10 at the break.  The second half saw Scots score a number of tries as we tried valiantly in defence as we continually turned over possession.  The final try was scored by KWS demonstrating the boys’ determination to play to the final whistle.  As always these games are played in tremendous spirt.   A huge thank you to the families who looked after the boys from Scots.  They were most appreciative.

12’s Rugby – 7’s Tournament – We returned to Killara for the IPSHA 7’s tournament having won 3 from 3 on our last visit.  Playing 3 of the stronger sides this time we played a mixture of outstanding running rugby coupled with rather ordinary play.  We put it down to travel and the dusty oval!!  Despite this we came away with a 5-6 loss to Newington, 4-6 to Coogee and a thrilling 6-6 with St Andrews after being down 5-1.  The boys scored some memorable tries and certainly enjoy the 7’s concept.

Next games:

  • Wednesday 8 August against Emus, Sally Kennett Oval at 4.15 pm
  • Saturday 18 August against Tudor House, Moss Vale at 9 am

Rob McLean


U7 Pumas – Week 2:  On Saturday the Pumas played CYMS Yellow at PLC. The Pumas displayed great motivation throughout the game and are showing improvement on their soccer skills. Well done to Zaro who was player of the week.
Charlie Haydon


U11 Firebirds – Week 2:  First game after the holidays we were defeated 8-2 by team Milthorpe.  Matilda and Emily scored the two goals of the game.  Mia and Alice’s ball handling skills have improved.  Firebirds put 100% into the game.  Ava, Charlotte and Aimee had height on their side and were able to get the ball away from Milthorpe.  Lilly played the ball well and made tricky passes.  Luckily with only a few drops of rain our centres Lilly and Bridget managed to continue a fast pace game.  Milthorpe found that Firebirds like the high ball throwing and caught us out a few times but a fun game was had by all.  As the Captain of the day I would like to thank my team mates for the 100% effort they brought to the game.  Brig on next Saturday!! Also, thanks for the parents, without you we wouldn’t be playing netball.

Aimee Anders


In the first quarter we were down 1 nil. Then at the start of the second quarter the other team scored another goal. Fighting back hard we changed the play. With our shooters getting great feeds from the mid field combined with the strong defence, we came out on top 6 to 2. Walking away with our third win of the season.

Charlotte Buckley


U12 Falcons – Week 2: We started off with a strong lead with Emma Northam and Neve Jansen scoring 4 goals in the first quarter. Our defenders kept the opposition team from getting any goals this quarter. We stayed strong in the 2nd quarter with our shooters scoring 3 more goals giving us a total of 7 goals. We kept our lead in the 3rd quarter despite the opposition beginning to catch up. In the 4 quarter our shooters scored 5 more goals leaving us with our overall score of 18 with the opposition on 7. The whole team played very well together and this was our best performance of the season so far.

Elsie Sutherland


Kookaburras –  Week3: This week was one of our best games even though the Molong team were too strong and we lost.  All the team tried really hard and played both defence and attack with all their effort.  Finally, all the encouragement from Mrs Key is paying off!

Kaydn McLachlan


Scorpions –Week 3: This week we had a great game against Moloney we managed to run the ball and pass with some great runs down the side by Lucy and with Phoebe and Angelina stopping the ball and sending it our direction so that Hugo could score twice and myself once. Thanks Stella for a great job in goal. Score 3/1 our way. 
Will Payne


Foxes - Foxes had a great game against the KWS Heats who were a really tough team this week. The whole team played well with everyone passing the ball, defending and attacking well. Final score was 4/1

Isabella Pearce


SRC Fundraiser – ‘Fiver for a Farmer’

On Monday 13 August the SRC will be holding a cupcake and jelly cup fundraiser in conjunction with a mufti day as a fundraiser for ‘Fiver for a Farmer’.

All children are able to come to school dressed as a farmer to support drought stricken farmers. The donation to dress as a farmer for the day is $5.00. This money, along with the sales from the cupcakes and jelly cups, will be donated to ‘Fiver for a Farmer’.

Year 5 children will be making these delicious treats for us to buy on Monday at morning tea. These will be sold for the bargain price of $1.00 each.

Make the most of this special day to support our farming communities. Remember your $5.00 for our mufti day and a couple of dollars for some cakes.

Thank you for supporting the initiatives of the Prep School SRC. The link below will give you more information about the ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ fundraiser.

Rebecca Essex
SRC Co-ordinator

Library News

Premiers Reading Challenge

The NSW Premiers Reading Challenge ends on 31st August. For students wanting to enter, all books that have been read will need to be entered online in the student’s reading log by 31st August 2018. The link to record a student’s reading can be found at . Please see Mrs Caro or Mrs Deans if you have lost your username or password, or if you need assistance to record your reading log.


Author Visit

Well known author, Ursula Dubosarsky will be visiting KWS Prep School on Thursday 16th August at 11.15am. All students from Years 3 to 6 will attend.

Ursula has written many titles, some of the titles include: The Blue Cat, Brindabella, Bruno and the crumhorn, The Deep End, The Even Stranger Adventures of Isador Brown, Fairy Bread, First Book of Samuel, The Red Shoe, The Word Spy and The Return of the Word Spy, Rex, The Terrible Plop, Too Many Elephants in this House, The Word Snoop.

Her new book 'Leaf, Stone, Beetle' will be released that week and there will be signed copies available for $15 (RRP $16.95) on the day. Please send in money in an envelope labelled with your child’s name on the day (or prior and hand to your teacher) if you would like a copy.


Book Week

Book Week is fast approaching and will be held in Week 5. The theme of this year is “Find Your Treasure”, encouraging students to read literature that they “treasure”. On Tuesday 21st August 2018, KWS Prep School will hold a character dress up day. Students are invited to come dressed as a character from any book of their choice. A parade and celebration will be held during normal assembly time (12.05pm) in the DPA. 5P will assist in running the assembly on that day. Parents are encouraged to come along and share the celebration!

Nicole Deans & Nicole Caro

Father's Day Stall

Coming up….. in Week 6 the Prep School will be having their annual Father’s Day Stall.

Thursday 30th August

Gifts range from $2-$5

Available to students from K-6
Emma Charlton

Head Lice

Winter is here and while it may seem like head lice are hiding away from the cooler weather, there is (unfortunately) no off-season for head lice. 
Please ensure that you check your child/ren and treat them appropriately before your child/ren return to school.

Mrs Ruth Edwards

P&F News

P&F Meeting - tonight, Wednesday, 8th August, 7pm in the boardroom of Wolaroi Mansion

The P&F meet to discuss opportunities to strengthen the school community; we appreciate all ideas and support where possible.

Topics being discussed tonight include: farmers and the farming community, the KWS Cookbook and the end of year social event.

Please come along if you would like to be involved; for those unable to attend in person, you are welcome to dial in via our teleconferencing service; dial 1800 857 029 and use guest code 19137159#.  

Donna McIntyre

P&F Secretary

[email protected]

Chronicle Magazine

Sneak peek! 

Issue 5 of the Chronicle has hit the printers and will be ready to send out to KWS families and friends over the coming weeks!

This edition of the Chronicle focuses on everyday life at our School - the ordinary that is really quite extraordinary. 

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed pulling it all together! 

All current KWS families will receive a hard copy of The Chronicle in the post. Alumni will be sent a digital copy and may request a hard copy to be posted if they would like.

Canteen News

Barista Style Coffee available in the canteen

9am till 12:30pm and 1pm till 2pm

  • $3.50 bring your own cup
  • $4.00 if no cup
  • $5.00 if double shot large

Buy 5 coffees get the 6th one FREE (Canteen has coffee cards to keep track).

Also Due to supplier increases some canteen items will be increasing.

Stephanie Horan
Canteen Manager

Webinar: Parties, gatherings and sleepovers - How can parents keep their teens safe?

Wednesday 3 October, 2018 from 6-7pm

Presented by Mr Paul Dillon

This webinar is for parents and guardians of teenagers who are looking for strategies to help keep their child safe at parties. Teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. As they get older alcohol is more likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong. This presentation will examine what we know about school-based young people and alcohol use and its use at parties. It will also provide practical strategies and simple tips for parents considering allowing their teen to attend such events to help ensure they are as safe as possible.

This webinar will provide:

  • information about teenage parties and the involvement of alcohol
  • practical strategies and advice for parents to make sure their child is a safe as possible when attending a party

To register for the Webinar please follow the link:


Parent Lecture Series

Paul Dillon will be presenting in person at KWS as part of our Parent Lecture Series on Monday 22 October from 6pm. More information about this event will be provided later in the term.

KWS Community Cookbook

We need you!

  • Would you like to be involved in creating a cookbook? One that captures our Kinross Wolaroi community from Pre-Prep through to Year 12 and reflects the region in which our school is based?
  • Do you have any experience in publishing (editing, graphic design, art direction etc), copywriting, photography or food styling? If so please get in touch.
  • Would you like to be involved in creating a cookbook but don’t have any specific prior experience? Please get in touch too - we need people with an interest in food who can give their time to help make a book happen.

Our cookbook will be published in time for Christmas 2019 and all proceeds will go into resources for the school.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alison Karbowiak

[email protected]

0423 053 325

Upcoming Events

HSC Drama Showcase


HSC Music Recital Evening


Indigenous Rugby Round


KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin