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14 September 2018
Term 3 Week 9 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


17th - 21st September

eSmart Week





Monday, 17th September



Tuesday, 18th September

S -v- S Challenge

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Friday, 21st September

Last Day Term 3

Finish 12:50pm


Sunday, 7th October

Daylight Savings Starts


Monday, 8th October

First Day Term 4


Wednesday, 10th October

Mental Health Day (Sec)


Wednesday, 17th October

ASV Primary Soccer Tournament

VCE CCLA Language Exams


Friday, 19th October

School Fees Due


Monday, 22nd October

SEISS Years 9/10 Tennis/Volleyball


Wednesday, 24th October

Last Day Year 12

Prep Orientation Day 3 NWS/OC


Friday, 26th October

Bus Fees Due

World Teacher's Day


Monday, 29th October

SEISS Athletics Carnival


Tuesday, 30th October 

New Student Orientation Day


Wednesday, 31st October

VCE Exams Commence


Thursday, 1st November

ASV Primary Spelling Bee


Monday, 5th November

Student Free Day, Office Closed


Tuesday, 6th November

Melbourne Cup Day


8th - 9th November

Year 9 Solo Camp


Thursday, 8th November

Years 7/8 SEISS Tennis/Volleyball


Friday, 9th November

Remembrance Day NWS/OC


Sunday, 11th November

Remembrance Day


12th - 15th November

Years 10/11 End of Year Exams


Friday, 16th November

Report Editing Student Free Day


Wednesday, 21st November

VCE Exams Conclude

Prep Orientation Day 4 NWS/OC

Year 12 Formal


24th Nov - 6th Dec

Year 12 Nepal Service Trip


Tuesday, 4th December

Year 9 Homecoming Night

Primary Swimming Carnival


Thursday, 6th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Monday, 10th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Primary Picnic

Presentation Night - Secondary

Last Day Term 4


Thursday, 13th December

ELC Closes


Friday, 14th December 

Staff Christmas Breakup


Tuesday, 18th December

Offices Close

General Information

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


From the School Captains

Stressed Out!

At Heritage College, we all, as students and as a community are so fortunate to have values that enrich our lives for the better. One of those values is Resilience. The first thought when it comes to resilience is being unaffected hardships, but true resilience is being able to thrive in the toughest of situations. As both, Adam and I are in VCE, this time of the year can truly test our ability to be resilient. It is the time when the last lot of SACs pile up, revision begins in preparation for our final exams, and just overall stress builds up. This is not limited to studies, there can be many situations where stress and difficulties can pile up in different aspects of one life, such as work, personal or health. As humans, our initial response would become defensive, and believe that we can do this by ourselves. While that may be true in some cases, sometimes the stress and hardships in our lives can be so huge that dealing with it ourselves seems impossible. So what can we do?


Psalms 46:1 mentions that  “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” This reminds us that we do not have to face our hardships alone, we have our refuge, our Lord to lean against, and take strength from him. So this week, Adam and I encourage all you to pray and talk to God, give him all your worries, and allow him to give you strength so you also may be resilient and face hardships head on.


Simridhi and Adam

Secondary School Captains


There will be no canteen in Term 3 Week 10 and Term 4 Week 1.


Thank you.

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Vacation Care


PB4L Value Awards

Year 4/5N - Noah

Prep DH - Hosea S 

Year 1WV - Chali

Year 3MC - Camerid for Resilience

Year 4/5W - Parsa

Year 6E - Milko

Second Hand Uniform Shop Officer


Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 9

How much is too much? Balancing Time Online

“There is no magic guideline for the ‘right’ amount of time for children to spend online. This is a matter for you to decide—but there are guidelines that can help you in addition to factoring in the age of your kids, their maturity level and your family dynamics.”


The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has all the facts you need regarding screen time and what ‘the experts’ have to say.



Managing Online Time


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road

Narre Warren South


Saturday Mornings

9:30-10:30am - Kids Church

10:15-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship Team and Pr Lagi bringing the Word, 'Know God'


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

PB4L Report 
Week 9

“Be resilient, be be resilient!!!” As adults need to hear that chant in our heads as we go around our day trying not to make pebbles into boulders. Where do we get our Christian worldview of resilience?


Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve and requires the resilience of humanity. I often hear people say “It’s not fair that I have to suffer in this world when it wasn’t me that sinned in the beginning.” At Heritage College, we are teaching students to bounce back in tough times. One of my favourite verses for this is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. Another, is Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.


There are plenty of people in the Bible who had to show resilience in their lives. Jesus is our ultimate example, but I also think of Mary, who had to bounce back after all the rumours of being pregnant before marriage; Elijah, who needed God’s help and reminder to bounce back after running for his life from Queen Jezebel; Joseph, who had to bounce back a few times after being sold by his brothers, living as a slave, being falsely accused and put in prison, he was then forgotten in prison too and finally, being able to forgive his brothers years later.


The Bible is our sword with so many examples to help us know how to bounce back from the different circumstances life throws at us.  See if you can start a conversation around the table with your children and make a list of Bible characters they think showed resilience. Remember to ask them “Why?”.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

PB4L Coach

Cranbourne Spring Holiday Program


Family Fun Day


From Narre Warren South

From the Library

Once again, it's time to announce the Star Readers for Term 3 (Years 3-6 @ NWS Campus).


3MC - Moyata

4/5W - Spencer & Joshua

4CJ - Darara & Heavenly

5RJ - Juni & Amish

6E - Achel & Milko


Remember to see Mrs Tan in the library to pick your prize.  


Please take note that this week will be the last week for borrowing and remember to return ALL your books next week. 


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Penny Tan


Kelly Sports Program


Reptile Encounters

Last week all Year 5 students had an incursion from ‘Reptile Encounters’ for their Adaptation Unit in Integrated Studies. Students were introduced to endangered species in Australia and learning how to be mindful of their changing environments. These were their comments:


"I liked how they showed the animals and when we were able to hold the animals. I held the blue-tongue lizard" Jason


"I really enjoyed touching and feeling the animals, it was a great experience" Amish


"I love the close up educational encounter of the reptiles" Joshua


"It was a fun experience learning about animals we didn't know, and getting to know about them" Vichara


"I loved that we could all get together and learn about the animals that were extinct and to take care of them" Simarjit


"I liked learning how we can save some endangered animals that are native to Australia" Arshveer

Mrs Janet Robertson

Year 5RJ Teacher


“Is that their whole school?” blurted out one student at the presentation of the Basketball Victoria’s Hoop Time Competition. Little did he know that this ‘little school’ just became the champions of all the ‘Future Stars’ for the day. That’s right, the champions, the undefeated champions. It was even our team name! The Heritage College Champs! What a day it was!


Yes indeed, what a day it was! This little school from Narre Warren South gained great experience competing with the likes of larger schools, both public, private and independent. Our round robin performances were solid and left our competition wondering how to score. There were only two teams ahead of us overall, when the semi finals came around.


Our biggest challenge of the day came in our semi final match. We were to face the Oatlands Wallabies. They had a great percentage for the day, even better than ours, so we knew we were in for a challenging game and what a game it turned out to be! Each game during the day was only eight minutes long and by the third minute of this match, we were down six points to nothing! The nerves were starting to show and sweat poured down the faces of those who were amongst the team. It was time for an interchange. This turned out to be what our team needed as we drew level and for the rest of the game the scores kept changing. When the final whistle blew, both of the teams were level at eleven points all. So overtime was called. We had three minutes to change our fate and to our credit, the students of this ‘little school’, earned their name of “Heritage College Champions!” We were into the final!


The noise of the crowd suddenly got louder as the final game tipped off. Players nerves started to show as they could not bare to watch the start. But something wasn’t quite right. The noise did not match that of our game. Instead, there was another game that the students who were participating in the Hoop Time competition were more interested in, that of the All Star final. This was fine by us as we focused on our game and applied ourselves to getting ahead of the competition.


Our final game went well and we downed the team called the ‘Narre Warren Nets’ by eight points to three. Jubilation ran through our team, and at the end of it all there were a few comments about how much easier it was compared to the semi final game. It might have been that the team we faced put as much effort into their semi final match as we did but then again, we do not need to worry about that. We won!


What we do need to remember, is that our talents come from God and that we need to thank Him for the opportunities that He gives us. We also would like to thank those who came and supported our team during the day, Mrs Saluni, Mrs Smithells and Mrs St-Mart (Sienna’s grandmother). What a great source of support they were to us. Perhaps, as we push forward into the next phase of the competition, we will be able to do more great things. I know one thing though, with God and persistence in our training, we will be able to try and retain that name of ‘Heritage College Champions’ once again.

Mr Andrew Waldrip

Years 3/4 Hoop Time Coach

From the Secondary Campus

High School Cancer Competition (HSCC) for Year 10 Students

The HSCC is a 60-minute multiple-choice competition based on the ACHSC Cancer Syllabus. It is the first Australian Science competition that focuses on cancer.


The top performing students will be offered a week-long research internship at the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg.


Location: Officer Campus

Date: Friday, 21st September 2018, 9:00AM to 10:00AM
Cost & quota: $5 per student (HSCC only), no limit per school


For more information, visit our website.


If you are a Year 10 student and want to take part in this competition, please email Miss Lawson at j.lawson@heritagecollege.com.au.

Plastic Bottles Required

Another recycling project is coming your way, this time based on the work of American Artist Dale Chihuly.  Soft drink, fruit juice and milk bottles will all work fine.  Please rinse and leave at the office of either campus.


Thank you.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Secondary Art Teacher

Street Art Excursion

Last Thursday, the Secondary 2D Art class took a walking tour through the alleyways and back streets of inner Melbourne. Under the guide of our Street artist, Dan, we heard first hand the stories behind many of these talented artists. We learnt that many of the works are commissioned and some artists travel the global as part of a strong activist community connected in sharing their views on politics, the environment and social issues. We finished the tour at the Blender Studios, in the Docklands, where around 20 artists plan and research their works as well as exhibit their greatly varied skills.

Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Secondary Art

Landy Soccer

Over the past four weeks, at Officer Secondary we have been running a House vs House soccer tournament at lunchtimes twice a week. With some help from Daniel and Devon in Year 12 the competition got underway and was an instant success with the majority of students from their houses getting involved.


Monday this week saw the bronze medal match between Elliot and Jackson which Elliot won taking home the bronze medal. Tuesday saw the grand final between Landy and Court which was fought valiantly by both teams. However the eventual winners were those in house Landy with a convincing win of 5 goals to 1.


Because of the success, we hope to continue on with inter-house sport rivalry at lunchtimes in the future. With the new addition of the MPC in 2019 we will be able to include Volleyball, Futsal and Basketball to the competition.

Mr Reuben Sleight

Sport Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Events and Special Days in Term 3

Information letters will be sent home closer to dates when required

  • Gymnastics Lessons

    • Each Friday at NWS campus

    • Prep/1 Lesson: 10:40am

    • Year 2/3 Lesson: 11:30am

    • Year 4/5 Lesson: 12:20pm

  • Enrichment Program

    • Year 2, 3, 4 & 5 Students - Fridays from 1:30-2:15pm

    • Choice of:

      • OCP Choir

      • STEM Projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

  • 2019 Prep Orientation Days

    • Day 3 - 24th October 

    • Note: If you know of future Prep students who intend to enroll in the OCP 2019 Prep class, please contact the school to register for the Orientation Days. We thank you in advance for sharing these dates with your friends and family who may have young kids getting ready for their 2019 schooling.

  • Finish time for final day of the term: 2:15pm on Friday, 21st September

  • Term 4 Start Date: Monday, 8th October

Reptile Encounters

Students from Year 4/5N were amazed at the 8 animals they met during the Reptile Encounters Incursion on Thursday 6th September. Students have been learning about how animals are having to adapt to the changing environment around them and some species are not thriving - they need our help.


The first animal we met was a critically endangered Brushtail Beelong whose environment has been turned to farmland and so the species is struggling to survive. The next animal students encountered was a pair of Growling Grass Frogs. These frogs are endangered due to an illness that is spreading amongst frogs. The third animal was a Mary River Short Necked Turtle which is the second most endangered species of turtle. This species is struggling due to foxes eating the eggs in the nest before the turtles even hatch! Next we met a Western Blue Tongue Lizard who is classified as a threatened species.


Students eyes nearly popped out when they met the next animal - a Yellow Spotted Monitor! We then met a Victorian Carpet Python whose species is endangered due to something called “persecution”. This basically means that because people are scared of snakes they are killing them without realising that the pythons are completely non-threatening to humans. To reiterate this, we met a huge Olive Python which took 8 people to hold! Again, this species is being killed by humans who mistake it for a Brown Snake. Finally, we met a Saltwater Crocodile who is 14 years old. The saltwater crocodile used to be an endangered species until laws were brought in to protect them from being hunted. We had an excellent morning learning about some of the animals in our country and what life is like for them.

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

From the ELC


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