21 September 2018
Week 3.10 - Issue 14
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May everything we do
Begin with your inspiration
And continue with your help,
So that all our prayers and works
May begin in you
And by you be happily ended.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Photo: Junior Drama Club

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.” (Felix Mendelssohn)

This quote from the great German composer and musician resonates well when we reflect on all that we have enjoyed this term. The variety of experiences shared by our students and staff have brought much joy to many, and is such a beautiful part of our St Norbert College community.


The annual Creative Arts Exhibition was again a dazzling display of bright and vibrant pieces of art and technologies. It is such a wonderful celebration of the creative talents of our students and the dedication of our staff to support our young people to experience the pride and affirmation of exhibiting their work. Congratulations to all of our students and our teachers from the Arts and Technologies learning areas.


The Catholic Performing Arts Festival came to a close last week with the final concert at the Perth Concert Hall. We congratulate all of our students who performed with such distinction over the 52 days of the festival. At the final concert, it was a delight to see Courtney McCrostie being presented with the St John of God Health Care Performing Arts Scholarship, an acknowledgement of Courtney’s dedication to the Arts. Congratulations to Courtney and to all of our students who have represented our College with such distinction in the Festival.


Whilst on the theme of the performing arts, it was announced last weekend, after excellent performances from our Senior and Junior Drama Clubs, that our students had scooped the pool at the Independent Theatre Association’s Youthfest. Well done to Miss Hilton and all members of the respective clubs.


We farewelled our Kimberley Immersion team last Saturday when they departed for a week to serve the community of Kununurra. I can report that to date, students and staff have been working in the community kitchen, the Kununurra Aged Care Centre, at St Joseph’s school and with the Sisters of St Joseph’s and the Save the Children charity group. There have been lots of positive comments from members of the Kununurra community, reflecting the wonderful attitude and way that our students have worked alongside, with and for others. We look forward to their safe return this weekend.


This time of year is a very important time in the Student Leadership structure of the College where the important selection process for 2019 Student Leaders occurs. The calibre of applicants from our Year 11 cohort was again outstanding and I’d like to acknowledge all of the Year 11 students who submitted applications. Those students who have been selected for the various positions will be announced formally at a later date. I think however, that is important to remember that leadership never starts or ends with a badge, a title or a selection process, but is rather seen through action and example, and as such, we are always fortunate to have such quality students. Needless to say, student leadership in our College in 2019 is in a very enviable position with the calibre of students across the spectrum of our community.


Last year, we celebrated in earnest the achievements of our Athletics Team in coming 3rd in the ‘B’ Division of the ACC Athletics Carnival. This year, we went one better and congratulations must be afforded to Mr Price, the coaches and the team on coming 2nd, an achievement of dedication, skill and determination. Many weeks of hard work and effort came to fruition, and clearly audible and noticeable on the day, was the constant call from the announcer about the determination shown by the “students from St Norbert College”.


A reminder to all of our students that Term 4 sees the return of the College summer uniform. I encourage all students to take the small amount of time required to ensure, well before the start of next term, that they have their summer uniform in a fit and appropriate state to be worn from the first day. Holiday hours for the Uniform Shop are included in this newsletter for those needing to purchase new items.


A further reminder of a very important event in Term 4, the College Presentation Night held at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 30 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. I invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 19 October 2018.


I took the opportunity this week to wish our Year 12 students well in their upcoming exams commencing during the holidays. It is an exciting time for our students and we look forward to the very memorable events early in Term 4, where we celebrate and congratulate them on their contributions to our College.


I would like to finish by offering all students and staff a safe, healthy and well-deserved school holiday period and renewed energy to face the final term of the academic year.


“The beauty of the universe consists not only of unity in variety, but also of variety in unity.” (Umberto Eco)

God Bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

Uniform Reminders

Students commence Term 4 in FULL SUMMER UNIFORM on Wednesday 10 October. Parents are reminded that students who have not worn their uniform for some time may have grown since Term 1. Please check your summer uniforms in advance during the school holidays to ensure any items needing to be replaced are done so before school commences. Uniform Shop holiday opening times are published at the end of the newsletter.

Year 12 Graduation Information

As the end of Term 3 draws to a close, Year 12 students begin to realise that their Class of 2018 Graduation is only a few weeks away. For some this will bring feelings of excitement, for others a sense of loss, but for all students it is the start of an exciting journey into the adult world.


Year 12 Graduation takes place on Friday, 19 October (Week 2) commencing with the traditional Year 12 breakfast and ending with the Graduation Mass and Ceremony later that night. In the lead-up to the day, it is important for students to plan for the many different activities that comprise the graduation process. Some important details for students and families to remember are:

  • The Year 12 Farewell Breakfast commences at 8.00am in the Ludolph Court. Students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM to school that day.
  • The College Assembly to farewell the Class of 2018 will proceed after the conclusion of the Breakfast and will commence at 9.00am in the O’Reilly Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend the assembly but need to be seated upstairs by no later than 8.45am.
  • At the conclusion of the College Assembly, Year 12 students will head to St Joseph’s Church for a Rehearsal for the Graduation Mass and Ceremony. Students will be dismissed at the conclusion of the rehearsal and after any associated announcements.
  • Graduation Mass commences at 6.30pm sharp in St Joseph’s Church. Students will be required to assemble in their designated House area by 5.45pm.

Students are required to wear their FULL WINTER UNIFORM to the Graduation Mass  and Ceremony. I highly recommend that uniforms are washed and ironed and blazers are dry-cleaned for this important occasion. Students have also been reminded of the need to have haircuts and styles that conform to the College regulations in order to participate in the Graduation events.

Other important Year 12 Reminders

Year 12 ATAR students will commence their final school exams in the second week of the school holidays. Students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM to these exams but if the weather is cold, they are allowed to wear their jumpers or Leavers Jackets. A reminder that students cannot travel to and from the College in their Leavers Jackets and that they can only be worn while at school.


Year 12 exams finish on Tuesday, 9 October. Year 12 ATAR students are required to attend school from Wednesday 10 October. Some Vocational Pathway students may be required to also return on Wednesday 10 October to complete outstanding Certificate work. All Year 12 students are required to return to school on Friday 12 October for House Assemblies and an Assembly rehearsal. Students will be dismissed at recess.

The Year 12 Revision Seminar/Tutorial sessions will take place between Monday 15 October and Thursday 18 October. These sessions are compulsory for all ATAR students. Students have already been given details about the schedule for the review sessions and students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM. College personal presentation expectations are required.


My best wishes to those Year 12 students sitting examinations during the coming holiday break.


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 8, 10, 12)

Dean of Studies

Motivation and Australian Schools

A recent article in The Australian (Tuesday 11 September, 2018) by Rebecca Urban made reference to the Programme for International Schools Assessment (PISA) tests conducted on behalf of the OECD. St Norbert College was a participating school in the PISA Testing in 2018 and the article highlights some interesting findings regarding school students in Australia. One of the key findings was that: “Girls are more likely than boys to want to be the ‘best’ in class, while migrant students are significantly more motivated to achieve than those born in Australia.”


Further to this, the report from the PISA Assessment measured motivation levels of 15 and 16 year olds across the globe, revealing that Australian students on average ranked 8th out of 35 OECD countries and equal 13th out of 56 countries overall. As demonstrated in the below graph, a range of factors can impact upon the motivation of school students before they even arrive at school. Often the motivation to achieve and overcome disadvantage can build a foundation for success as an adult, and as a Catholic school, St Norbert College continually strives to support students to learn and understand the key elements behind motivation.

For many students, achieving a specific grade, course mark or score can be a motivator, and is often a requirement for course pre-requisites or course enrolment. A more robust motivator is the student’s own internal drive and developing (through practice) the effort to keep working hard to master a task coupled with the desire to complete a task, and to show improvement, has proven to have greater long-term value. As previously mentioned, recent studies by Professor Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania in this area have been labelled under the banner of ‘grit’.


And so, the challenge for our students is to create routines and to practice the (daily) learning habits that develop an understanding of internal motivation, and builds their grit reserves. Much like a savings account, as we build up our gritty experiences and achieve small successes, we begin to persevere with our learning, driven by an inner drive to do and be better, not just for our own success, but to help others overcome the disadvantages they face, be it economic, social or educational.

Xanten Assembly (Friday 21 September)

The final College Assembly for Term Three was an opportunity to acknowledge student achievements across a range of activities this term. Congratulations to all the students that were acknowledged in the following categories:


Creative Arts Exhibition Awards

  • Year 7: Darcey Eyre; Anissa Holmes
  • Year 8: Xander Armenti; Holly Giles; Delilah Pang
  • Year 9: Paul Fuentes; Shenae Hartree; Sophie Kala; Connor Le Dain; Dominic Russell
  • Year 10: Olivia Bell; Hayleigh Lucas; Emma Paskett; Joel Van Der Vaart
  • Year 11: Sanjita Ghimire; Lee-Ann Lothian; Oscar McDonald
  • Year 12: Tully Bristow; Emily Dobbie; Daniel Tan

Guest Artist’s Awards

  • 1st Prize: Sanjita Ghimire (Year 11 ATAR Visual Art – Painting)
  • 2nd Prize: Lucas Tan (Year 12 ATAR Design – Graphic)
  • 3rd Prize: Olivia Bell (Year 10 Visual Art – Blue Background)

Principal’s Award

  • Faith Suen –Year 10


  • Champion Team: Lucas Tan; Kade Best; Bernard Masillones; Jan Claude Busoy; Daniel Tan; Edwin Ceng

Catholic Performing Arts Festival Awards

  • Solo/Duet (Excellence)
  • Elicia Yii – Flute
  • Patrick Osias – Acoustic/Classical Guitar
  • Corey Lyons – Acoustic/Classical Guitar
  • Luke Marshall – Acoustic/Classical Guitar
  • Caitlin Spiegl – Acoustic/Classical Guitar
  • Ava Glassborow – Electric Guitar
  • Andrew Cruz – Electric Guitar
  • Marty Cocking – Piano
  • Elijah Edmonds – Acoustic/Classical Guitar and PianoSolo/Duet (Outstanding)
  • Caris O’Hara – Electric Guitar (Excellence)
  • Caris O’Hara – Acoustic/Classical Guitar (Outstanding)
  • Blake Jenkins – Voice
  • Cooper Jenkins – Voice
  • Deji Yin – Saxophone
  • Thomas Rogers – Saxophone
  • Samuel Eaton – Electric Guitar

Ensembles (Merit)

  • Year 12 Contemporary Band, “Electric Dissent”
  • College Chorale and College Senior Vocal Ensemble
  • College Senior Drama Club

Ensembles (Outstanding)

  • Canons Hip Hop Crew
  • Secondary Musical (Outstanding)
  • St John of God Performing Arts Scholarship - Courtney McCrostie

2018 Ensemble Captains (Acknowledgement)

  • Dance: Nicole Vlahov – Junior Dance TeamMadison Heron and Sacha Carver – Senior Dance TeamTrinity Ryan, Jan Busoy and Desiree Lines – Canons Hip Hop Crew
  • Music: Ethan Ricafranca – Liturgical MusicSeymour Gumba – College Chorale and Senior Vocal EnsembleSamuel Eaton – College Concert BandAva Glassborow – College Guitar Ensemble

Youthfest 2018

  • Mara Homez – Adjudicator’s Encouragement Award
  • Mariam Hayek – Senior Encouragement Award
  • Junior Drama Club – The Ann Hill Award for Best Production in Senior Section – 'For Feet’s Sake' directed by Ms Kerri Hilton

Performing Arts Honours (Year 12)

  • Drama: Michael McLevie; Loren Marshall; Samuel Eaton; Michael Ryan
  • Dance: Trinity Ryan; Sacha Carver; Madison Heron; Kate Grady; Desiree Lines; Amy Koelen; Noel Mancuveni; Seymour Gumba; Jan Busoy; Melisse Burgoyne; Siena Kelly; Kelsey De Luis; Destiny Perkins; Casey Eadon
  • Music: Siena Kelly; Seymour Gumba; Samuel Eaton; Janodi Weerasinghe; Ethan Ricafranca; Ava Glassborow; Ira Sanchez; Kalina Rivadenera

Sports Honours

  • AFL: Noel Mancuveni; Nyika John; Lennon Butler; Jason Lamb
  • Basketball: Fletcher Clemmence; Lennon Butler; Izayah Riley; Cyrus Tadena; Edzel Dangazo; Savahna Nevil; Abbey Chehab; Grace Ratima; Jessica Cameron
  • Soccer: Amelie L’Ecluse; Tapuwanashe Kwerengwe
  • Athletics: Nyika John; Lennon Butler; Samuel Rowlands; Elizabeth Skinner-Drakeford; MJ Jansen van Rensburg

Year 12 Examination Timetable (Semester Two 2018) 


ATAR Examination Preparation Seminars (Please note the adjustments to the timetable of seminars)

The ATAR Preparation Seminars will commence on Monday 15 October for Year 12 ATAR students. Student are required to be in attendance at the College for each of their scheduled course seminars. The seminars will cover the following:

  • Exam review/corrections/remediation
  • Model answers
  • Exam format and the WACE Cover Pages
  • Hints, study skills and memory techniques
  • 2017 Examiners Report (subject-specific) and the 2017 Examination Paper.

Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Fortnite, Boys, and Self-Control​

What can research tell us about the latest video game craze?

If you talk to American teens often, as I do, then you know that the video game Fortnite is sweeping the United States. Fortnite recently had more than 2.4 billion views in a single month on YouTube, surpassing Minecraft for the #1 position among video games. According to Ron Wyatt, YouTube’s director of gaming, Fortnite now holds the record for the most game-related videos uploaded in a single month.


The reaction to the Fortnite epidemic from mainstream pundits has been disappointing. Lisa Damour, a regular contributor to the New York Timesadvised parents to chill: after all, Damour wrote, video games "cultivate the spatial skills needed in advanced math and engineering". Damour and other pundits have shown little awareness of studies showing that playing video games excessively undermines school performanceincreases distractibility, and erodes the parent-child relationship. And, playing video games where the objective is to kill people - games such as Fortnite - over time, desensitizes gamers to violence. The American Academy of Paediatrics has concluded that games “in which killing others is the central theme” – a good summary of Fortnite – “are not appropriate for children”. Incidentally, “children” here means “humans under 18 years of age”. In their latest guidelines, the Academy advised that “video games should not use human or other living targets or award points for killing” and that parents should not allow their kids to play games which violate this guideline.


If you are the parent of a child or teen, and your kid wants to join the lemmings, what should you do?

You must have the courage to say: 'This is not a good thing'. Kids need to learn face-to-face social skills. They need to be physically active, preferably outdoors. They need to get a good night’s sleep. A kid obsessed with Fortnite is less likely to be doing any of these things.


I’m not suggesting that you ban video games. But it’s the parent’s job to set reasonable limits. In updating my book Boys Adrift: the five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men, I reviewed dozens of studies of video games: who’s playing them, what are the effects, and what are sensible limits. I also spoke with some of the investigators doing the research. Here are evidence-based guidelines for your son or daughter playing video games:

  • No more than 40 minutes a night on school nights.
  • No more than an hour a day on weekends.
  • Your minutes do not roll over: if you go three weeks without playing, that does NOT mean that you are allowed to spend seven hours on a Saturday playing video games. That’s binge gaming, and it is harmful.
  • No games where the objective is to kill people. That means no Fortnite, no Call of Duty, no Grand Theft Auto. NBA Live is fine. Wii Bowling is fine. Madden NFL Football is fine. Candy Crush is fine.
  • No games until all the homework is done and all the chores are done.

The real challenge for parents comes in enforcing these guidelines. Some parents won’t even try. Parents say to me, “I just want him to be happy. Playing Fortnite makes him happy. So why shouldn’t I let him play?”


But “I just want him to be happy” is a low bar. You can do better. Your son can do better. No child is born wanting to be a great scientist, or composer, or teacher, or entrepreneur. They have to learn something of the scope of human possibility beyond what they see in a cartoon video game like Fortnite. In other words: it is your job, as the parent, to educate desire: to instil a longing for something better, more lasting, than video games or Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on Instagram.


What characteristic, measured in childhood, best predicts health, wealth, and happiness in that individual 20 years down the road, when the child is an adult? Is it intelligence? Grades in school? Ability to make friends? No. It is none of these things. Longitudinal cohort studies consistently find that self-control in childhood best predicts health, wealth, and happiness in adulthood, far better than IQ scores, grades in school, friendliness or popularity.


It follows that a top priority for a wise parent must be to teach self-control. Your child will not learn self-control by playing Fortnite for hours at a stretch. So how do you teach self-control? One good first step might be to say, “No dessert until you eat your broccoli. No video games until all the chores are done and all the homework is done”. In the United States today, it has become unfashionable to say these things: and that may be one factor driving the rapid rise in the rates of anxiety and depression among American teens. Adolescents need structure and guidance. When parents become more permissive, rates of anxiety, depression and disengagement among teens are likely to rise, as they have done.


Do your job. Turn off the screen. Take your kid for a hike outdoors, or go sailing, or visit a museum. Don’t worry about your kid’s popularity with other kids: being popular, for young teens, is now a major risk factor for bad outcomes. And if your kid absolutely insists that only simulated combat will satisfy him, then take him out for an afternoon of paintball. Prioritise the real world above the world of video games.

If you don’t, who will?


More information on this article can be found at:


The Pastoral Care Team

Student Ministry

Knitting Club

Knitting Club has resumed on Wednesdays at lunchtime. All students are invited to attend. Needles and wool are supplied. We always appreciate donations of wool, so if you have some at home that you no longer require we can put it to good use. Our Knitting Club knits basic squares that are then joined together to form blankets for Br Ollie’s Wheelchairs For Kids program. We also welcome parents and grandparents who would like to come in and knit with us, or knit at home and send in squares. If you are interested, please call Ms Kyd at the College for more details.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Fr Peter O'Reilly Scholarships

Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarships – Open Now

At the Presentation Night of the Silver Jubilee Year (1990), it was announced that a Scholarship in the name of Fr Peter O’Reilly, O. Praem, would be offered to a Year 10 St Norbert College student who wished to proceed to Years 11 and 12. This Scholarship would be offered annually and would cover tuition fees for the two years of study in Senior School. The current value of the Scholarship is approximately $9,000. The Scholarship is a needs-based assistance scheme to help a student who might not otherwise be able to continue his/her studies in Years 11 and 12. Application forms are available on our website or from reception.


Applications close Friday 12 October 2018.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

Student Achievements

Perth Glory Academy ​Joseph Roscoe (Year 8 - M2)

Good luck to Joseph Roscoe who is representing the Perth Glory Academy in a tournament in Coffs Harbour (NSW). It’s a great opportunity for the boys to be watched by scouts and possibly identified as future stars. The team has been together for a number of years and look strong, however they have an intense schedule of games. Joseph was recently offered a position in next year’s U/15s Perth Glory Academy as well which is fantastic. Congratulations Joseph and all the best for the tournament!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Maths Club - Term 4 2018

Mrs C Miranda (Head of Learning Area - Mathematics)

 Year 8 Italian

Making Tiramisù!

In this last week of Term 3, we were all feeling a little tired!


What better moment for a little 'pick-me-up'? That’s exactly what the word TIRAMISÙ means:   

Tira = pull     Mi = to me     Sù = up.


Tiramisù is a famous northern-Italian dessert, made from 'Savoiardi' (sponge finger biscuits) dipped in espresso coffee and layered with Mascarpone cream. It is served cold.

Students helped with the preparation of this dessert, using the ingredient names in Italian and working through all the steps to produce the Tiramisù. It is best to prepare this dessert the day before, to allow the flavours to absorb into the biscuits.


After the demonstration, students enjoyed some Tiramisù prepared beforehand. It was 'buonissimo'! Unfortunately, there was not enough to have 'il bis' (seconds), but students are encouraged to try this recipe at home over the holidays!


A big thank you to Mrs Palermo for assisting the class in the preparation of the Tiramisù.


Buone vacanze e buon riposo! (Happy holidays and have a good rest!)


Ms D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)


Yr 8/9 SSWA Junior Basketball Finals

On Thursday 6 September the Year 8/9 Specialised Basketball students competed in the SSWA South Junior Basketball finals at Ray Owen in Kalamunda. After progressing through their divisional rounds the Canons knew it was going to be a much tougher competition.

Our boys team played very well on the day only losing 3 games to finish the tournament in 6th position. The girls progressed through to the Grand Final against Willetton SHS after some hard fought victories. Unfortunately, Willetton was too strong and the Canons went down by 9 points finishing runners up on the day. Congratulations to all students involved and thank you to the senior students who were able to assist on the day.

ACC All-Stars Basketball

Congratulations to Fletcher Clemmence, Savahna Nevill and Shenae Hartree who have been named in the ACC All-Stars Basketball team to take on the SSWA team on Sunday 14 October at Bendat Basketball Stadium.


Mr L Ford (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)

State and National Representatives

If you have been selected in a State or National sporting team in 2018, can you please send information to Mr Price ([email protected]) by the end of Week 1 in Term 4. 


If you have already sent this information throughout the year, or previously appeared in the College newsletter then you do not need to do so again. Thank you! 

Little Athletics

As our school athletics season wraps up with a sensational 2nd in ACC ‘B' Division, the Little Athletics season is only just starting so it's a great opportunity to get involved in athletics or continue working hard in your events.


Queens Park Little Athletics is our local club and train at Ern Clark reserve every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Training starts at 4:30pm and everyone is welcome to come down and try out - no obligation to sign up on the spot.


There are other clubs at Willetton, Canning Vale, Ranford, South Perth and Riverton if any of those are closer to home! I encourage you to get involved!


Come and see me if you need any further information or visit


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

ACC Athletics Carnival

ACC 'B' Division Athletics Carnival

What a performance! After what feels like a very long term of athletics, it is nice to see our Canons Athletics Team get reward for effort at the ACC 'B' Division Athletics Carnival last Thursday.


Of course, the goal we set ourselves was to win B Division, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the performance the athletes put in on the day was sensational and was an improvement on our 3rd place last year!


To put the performance into context, Newman College (the winner) has 1,000 MORE students than SNC and has always been on the cusp of A Division. The carnival was extremely close with 50 or so points being the difference between 1st and 6th for the majority of the day, as the schools regularly swapped positions on the leaderboard.


The Canons went into the relays (our specialty) in 4th position, about 95 points behind Newman in 1st. I was delighted to see four of our 10 relay teams win their races with strong performances by the others. Nagle was the only other school to win more than one relay. Fortunately, it was enough to see us scrape into 2nd position above All Saints but it wasn't enough to catch Newman!


Final Results:

Team                                 Male Score                                 Female Score                            Total

Newman                                 845                                                    838                                          1683

St Norbert                            915                                                   700                                         1615

All Saints                                765                                                     845                                          1610

Nagle                                       834                                                     766                                          1600

St Mark's                                765                                                      818                                         1583

Prendiville                            783                                                      775                                          1558

Mater Dei                               744                                                      787                                         1531

La Salle                                   707                                                      726                                         1433

Congratulations to the boys who took out the Overall Boys shield with the Junior Boys coming 3rd and the Senior Boys winning their shield.


Special mentions to the the following:

  • Vlad Lavi - 4th in U/13 boys
  • Caleb Yende-Emoko - Champion in U/14 boys
  • Holly Giles - Runner-Up Champion in U/14 girls
  • Jordan Blaze-Lightbourn  - Runner-Up Champion in U/15 boys
  • Zeta Stevens - Champion in U/15 girls
  • Lennon Butler, Lubin Benedict, Noel Mancuveni and Cooper Jenkins who set a new record time (44.34) for the Open Boys 4x100m relay. The previous record had stood since 1986!

Results are available here:


A big thank you to Lisa Hopkins, Acushla Fearn and Ben Catley who coached our ACC Athletics team in the lead-up to the carnival and to all the parents who came down to support on the day. The hard work and dedication of Miss Isard, Mr Ford, Mr Godfrey, Mr Hodgen, Mr Houwen, Mr D'Almeida and Mr Gherardi must also be acknowledged.


Unfortunately for our Year 12s it will be their last ACC Carnival but I thank them for their service and leadership and hope they leave feeling satisfied that they have left the team in a very strong position for the future. To the Year 7s - 11s, I hope you are excited for what 2019 offers!


Thank you and congratulations to the Canons Athletics Team for their performances at the Carnival and their dedication for the entirety of Term 3.


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

The Arts

Drama Club wins Youthfest - AGAIN!

On Sunday 16 September 2018, the Junior and Senior Drama Clubs travelled to Stirling to compete in the annual Independent Theatre Association's One-Act Drama Festival, Youthfest. Both our clubs had to enter the senior section and all the students in that section are aged between 13 and 18.


Two of our students in the Junior Section were ill on the morning and that meant that Chloe Hewitt and Isioma Onyemgba had to work out how to cover those missing students in the Junior Section. They did that on the bus ride over and to their credit, no one knew that anyone was missing during the performance.


Both clubs performed very well and the adjudicator was very impressed with both. At the end of the weekend, the winners of the competition were announced and I am delighted to announce that  St Norbert College won the following:

  • An adjudicators certificate for Commitment to Character was awarded to Mara Homez from the Senior Drama Club.
  • The adjudicators Encouragement Award for the Senior section was awarded to Mariam Hayek from the Junior Drama Club.

And the winner of the overall competition, the Best Production of the Festival, was awarded to 'For Feet’s Sake' performed by the Junior Drama Club.


I am extremely proud of both clubs and thank them for their dedication and commitment to the scripts and to their hard work and perseverance.  Congratulations to everyone!


Miss K Hilton (Drama Teacher)

Dance Night

On Thursday 13 September, the Xanten Performing Arts Centre and Theatre came to life with 100 performers from Years 7-12 getting prepared for Dance Night. All students were buzzing with excitement. The evening consisted of performances that were created by guest choreographers, students and Miss Alban. The night also offered a variety of styles and genres.

The Tap Troupe opened the evening with an inspiring, colourful dance work choreographed by Senior Dance Captains Sacha Carver and Madison Heron. Years 10 and 11 students performed a range of self-devised assessment tasks that were both innovative and moving. All students in Years 8-10 who performed class works put in 100 per cent and performed with gusto. To conclude the evening the Junior Dance Team and the Canons Hip Hop Crew wowed audiences with their outstanding performances. All students successfully put on a thoroughly entertaining evening that really did showcase their many gifts and talents.


Performances like this do not happen without the contribution of the whole school community and I would like to thank all the teachers, parents and students who contributed to the evening. Thank you to all that supported the evening by attending as an audience member, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as the students did performing. Your support is appreciated by all the students involved. A special thank you to the parents of our students, without your support the show would not be possible!


Miss L Alban (Dance Teacher)


Uniform Shop



Mondays        8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm


October school holiday opening:

Thursday 4 October 1.00pm – 6.00pm


The Uniform Shop is looking for volunteers to help out in the busy times during school terms and the school holidays. If you think this is you, please call the Uniform Shop on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon.

Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

'In the Middle of Everything'

Copies of this outstanding publication, which chronicles the first 50 years of St Norbert College, are available for purchase for just $20. The 152-page, full colour book tells the story of people, young and old, who have been fully committed to the aspiration of being 'prepared for all good works' from the school's origins until the present day. 

To purchase a copy of the book, please contact Mrs Angela Hughes at the College on (08) 9350 5433.

City of Canning - YouthFest - Friday 21 September 2018


Mathematics Tutoring


Class of 1988 and 1998 reunions

Class of 1988 – Saturday October 27, 2018

Class of 1998 – Saturday October 13, 2018

Both reunions will be held at The Merrywell, Burswood Casino, from 7pm onwards. No tickets or bookings required. Please spread the word! Enquiries to [email protected]

Canons Fun Run Club


Tennis Coaching - Term 4 2018


In Focus Careers - October



  • Wednesday 10 October - Term 4 Commences  (Summer Uniform)
  • Friday 12 October - Closing date for Fr Peter O'Reilly Scholarships
  • Thursday 18 October - Year 6 (Year 7 2019) Maths Boot Camp, 3.30pm-4.30pm
  • Thursday 25 October - Year 10 River Cruise, 6.30pm-9.00pm
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In Focus Careers - October.pdf