12 October 2018
Issue Sixteen - 12 October 2018
The Principal's Report
Diary Dates
Important Notices
From The Classroom
Grade 5 Camp
Mr Batt's Sports Report
Performing Arts & Music at BPPS
Victorian State School Spectacular 2018
Fantastic French
BPPS Community Notices
Community Notices
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The Principal's Report

Welcome to Term 4

The start of a new term is filled with promise. Term 4 is action packed and will end in a celebration of all we have achieved this year, with lots of sharing via the newsletter and our Connections Expo on December 14th. Be sure to put this date into the family calendar so that you can plan to attend.  

I would like to welcome all new members of our community - we have had 7 new students join us. We hope that you have had a great first week at Boroondara Park PS. 

Mr Symons

Thank you to the students and parents who have dropped presents into the office for Randal. I had dinner with him in the holidays, he was again overwhelmed with your kindness. I told him that we had had great feedback from his item in the newsletter and wondered if he might write another to update us on his recovery before the end of the year. Stay tuned. 

The Fair

The Boroondara Park PS Fair is only weeks away, I hope that you enjoyed the Fair newsletter and have put November 10th into your family calendar. Bring your family, bring your friends, support our school and have a fabulous day. I know that those organizing the Fair have put a great deal of time and effort into planning a great community event. 

Talent on show

When I sit in assembly and listen to the performances that start our assemblies I am always astounded by the talent on display. This week we were able to see more talent at our Multicultural Concert. Watching our students perform solos, duets, trios, in ensembles, orchestra, recorder, vocal, choir and rock band was a fabulous showcase of the Performing Arts program and our significant Instrumental Music program. Congratulations to everyone involved and be sure to read all about it in the Performing Arts page of this newsletter. 

2019 classes - Dear Ms Lowe

As a staff we are starting to plan our classes for 2019. I would like to give parents and carers the opportunity to provide us with information about their child's learning, social and emotional needs. It is important to note that this is not an opportunity for parents to ask for a particular teacher. When putting our classes together we will take into consideration what our teachers know about each child, the information you have provided and your child's list of students they think they will work well with. It will not always be possible to make all allowances that families seek, we will use all information when making our decisions about the development of balanced classes.  Please use this link to provide us with information - it is important to note that the form must be filled in by Friday October 26th - Dear Ms Lowe

Safety around the school

A reminder that school zones mean speeds are restricted to 40kmph. It is really important that we take care as we arrive and leave the school. We understand that the area around the school can be congested but for the safety of everyone please follow speed restrictions, park in the designated areas, use the crossings and please do not use the school drive way to make turns in the middle of drop off and pick up. The following was sent to us from the City of Boroondara as a reminder to us all. 


Sun protection

Now is the time to remember that hats are a vital part of our school uniform. Together we can protect our students when the UV index levels are 3 or above. Your child should come to school with their hat, there are lots of shaded spaces in our yard for our students to play in and we have a policy of our students not being in the yard in extreme temperatures. Sunscreen and long sleeves are also vital ways to protect yourself from the sun.  

Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm asthma can affect those with asthma or hay fever - especially people who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever.   


Even if you don't think you have asthma or hay fever, don't ignore symptoms like wheezing or shortness of breath - check with your GP.


It's important for everyone in the community to know the four steps of asthma first aid so they know what to do if they or someone is having an asthma attack.


For more information on Thunderstorm Asthma this link will take you to the Better Health website.  This information is available in many community languages on the website. 

Thunderstorm Asthma


What can we do to support our students as we move into the season when we may experience more Thunderstorm Asthma? 

  • Check asthma and allergy plans
  • Ensure that  we keep asthma medication readily accessible.
  • Avoid being outside during thunderstorms that occur between October and December, especially the wind gusts that come before the storm.
  • Our first aid staff have completed the relevant asthma first aid training and are aware and confident in administering asthma first aid.
  • Subscribe to the VicEmergency app to receive warnings, and record that you have done this in your Emergency Management Plan.

When the risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma is forecast as high, we will be prepared to act on warnings and advice from the Department by:

  • implementing a communication strategy to inform the school community and parents
  • implementing procedures to avoid exposure, such as staying indoors with windows and doors closed, and turning air conditioners to recirculate
  • implementing emergency response procedures and following individual asthma action plans as needed


Are you leaving BPPS?

As we move into the planning for the 2019 school year it is important that we confirm the enrolments of our school.


If you know that your child will be leaving Boroondara Park PS in 2019 we would appreciate you taking the time to fill in this form - Leaving Boroondara Park PS 

Diary Dates

Term 4

Monday 8 October - First day Term 4

Wednesday 10 October - Division Athletics Carnival

Thursday 11 October - Multicultural Ensembles Concert

Friday 12 October - Story Time  2:50 - 3:20pm

Friday 12 October - Regional Racquetball Competition

Friday 12 October - Ian Huntington Cup Cricket Competition: Grade 5/6

Saturday 13 October - Grade 5/6 Disco

Wednesday 17 October - Division Basketball Competition

Thursday 18 October - Eastern Region Athletics Carnival 

Friday 19 October - Grade 4 District Cricket Competition  

Friday 26 October - State Racquetball Competition

Wed 31 Oct - Fri 2 Nov - Grade 3 Camp

Saturday 10 November - School Fair 

Tuesday 20 November - 2019 Foundation Information Night

Friday 23 November - District Battle-ball Competition

Mon 26 - Fri 30 November - Foundation Swimming Program

Wednesday 28 November - 2019 Foundation Transition session 1

Mon 3 - Fri 7 December - Grade 1 - 6 Swimming Program

Wednesday 5 December - 2019 Foundation Transition Session 2

Tuesday 11 December - Whole School Transition Day

Thursday 13 December - Annual BPPS Christmas Carols Evening

Wednesday 19 December - Grade 6 Graduation Evening

Thursday 20 December - Grade 6 Graduation Picnic

Thursday 20 December - Whole School Final Assembly 2:30 - 3:30pm

Friday 21 December - End of Term 4: finish at 1:30pm

Important Notices

Second Hand Uniform Stall


All unnamed uniform in lost property tubs ( outside library ) must be collected by the 7th of December.

Any uniform uncollected will be reacquired for the Second Hand Uniform Stall.


From The Classroom

Integrated Curriculum

This term, our whole school concept is Connections. We use essential questions to focus the student's attention and guide their inquiry. This term, the questions we will be exploring are:

Team Foundation

- What do animals need to live?

- What are some common features of animals?

- How can we care for places where animals live?

Team 1-2

- How are families different?

- Why are some places important to preserve?

- How has life changed and stayed the same?

- How can we use language to describe time and point of view?

Team 3-4

- Why is heat important for life on Earth?

- What is it like to live in different places on Earth?

- How do we use information technology and maps to learn about the world?

Team 5-6

- What is the difference between needs and wants?

- What are the types of resources that we have, and how do we use them?

- What is the nature and meaning of work?

- How do you put together a business plan?


One of the writing foci in Team 1-2 this term is Writing to Persuade. Here students are using their personal experiences and persuasive devices to convince an audience to visit different places. 

In Team 5-6 this week they have been exploring how authors 'play' with language features to convey a certain mood and atmosphere. They have been using the diamante poem structure to achieve this.


Habits of Mind

The two HoMs that we will be focusing on this term are Managing Impulsivity and Finding Humour.

When students learn how to manage their impulses, they learn to manage their desires instead of acting on them immediately. They are better able to prevent problems both in school and in life. This HoM teaches students to clarify and understand instructions, consider consequences of actions, and develop strategies for solving problems.

The ability to find humour in a situation has many positive physiological benefits. In addition, this HoM can provoke creative and higher-order thinking, allowing a person to make analogies and see powerful visual imagery.


Our Numeracy sessions usually begin with a warm up. The warm up usually has a Number focus. This week, the warm up in Team 1-2 was Place Value Mastermind. The intention of this task is for students to recognise, read, write and order numbers up to 1000 (or beyond) and to use logical reasoning to guess the correct number. 

The warm up in Team 3-4 was Colour in Decimats.  The Decimat  consists of a large rectangle that represents “one” or “one whole”. The rectangle is then partitioned into ten equal parts, creating tenths. One of these tenths is further partitioned into ten equal parts creating hundredths, and one of the hundredths can be partitioned into ten parts creating thousandths.  Students have 2 die: a normal six-sided die and a blank die that has faces labelled 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000 etc.   The first player to reach one (by shading their complete Decimat) or the player closest

to one (by shading more of their Decimat) after an agreed amount of time has elapsed, is the winner. The intention of this task is for students to recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths,  hundredths and thousandths while making connections between fractions and decimal notation.


Curriculum Planners

A reminder that our term planners are available on the school's website


Compiled by

Ms Emma Chiera

Acting Assistant Principal



ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU to the following BPPS parents who volunteered their time again for the Footy Meal Day.  ANNA A , FIONA W, MARGY N, MAGGIE L, MONI S, ELLEN K, ALISON L, IRENE I, FLORA B, MAGDALENA C, SUE, GILLIAN S, SELINA, BEC M.  Apologies if I have missed anyone.  Special mention also to ALESSIA, SHRIYA, EVAN & CHRISTIAN OF 6DJ who helped me make room for all our footy day stock.  We filled over 400 orders on the day.  I can't thank you enough.


16/10 Melissa Moscatelli 9-11

17/10 Fiona Wyber 9-11

19/10 Diane Gabriel 9-11


26/10 Dorothy Frost 9-11

29/10 Allie Smith 9-11

30/10 Marina Georgiadis 9-11


There will be some changes to the Term 4 menu coming soon, taking into account the shortage of helpers available.  Further details out soon.


Icy treats will be on sale at the Canteen every Friday of Term 4 after school.  Sale times are strictly 3.20pm to 3.50 pm (so the lovely volunteers can go home!)  If you'd like to help please contact Di in the Canteen :)


Please remember that if you do order canteen items for your child for recess that it is the children's responsibility to come to the canteen to collect their snack.  Recess orders cannot be delivered to the classroom. Make sure you let your child know to come and see Di at start of recess.

Grade 5 Camp

The Giant Swing

When you're on the giant swing and you pull the rope, it’s like you leave your body at the top and you just fall into space.  It’s AMAZING!

By Maggie 

My favourite activity at camp was the giant swing because I went to the top, even though I was extremely nervous but it was a breath taking view as you see the whole camp.

By Ellie

My favourite activity was the giant swing because it felt like I was flying.

By James

One thing I did was something I was a scared of, the giant swing. I’m scared of heights but now I’m not as scared of trying new things.

By William

 I liked the giant swing because you get out of your comfort zone and it is also very fun.

By Kaydenn


Horse Riding

Horse riding was one of my favourite moments of grade five camp . It was my favourite activity because I had never experienced horse riding without someone holding the horse I am on . It felt really nice being on Ranger.

By Shanshan

My favourite activity on camp was horse riding because I like horses and time flew by.

By Patrick

It was really cool to get to experience canoeing, raft making and horse riding since it was not something most of us have ever done before. Raft making and canoeing were fun because it was competitive. You learnt new techniques about how to canoe and got to create a raft with your teammates. Horse riding was a cool and calm experience because you were able to learn how to control your horse and ride them on the track; riding near lots of bush and nature.
By Hailey


Raft Making

The raft making at Coonawarra was the best activity ever. We were in teams and we made rafts and raced the boys to the teacher’s canoe. We had to tie the raft together really tight so that is would not fall apart. The boys' raft was the same as our raft but when they started to paddle to the teacher's canoe, their raft fell apart and one of the team had to push it back to the shore!

By Rei Yi


Flying Fox

My favourite activity from camp was the flying fox because you could see the whole camp and you could get a good view.

By Harry

The highlight of Coonawarra Camp for me was doing the flying fox. You have to step off a platform on the hill, then you're speeding down to the bottom of the hill. The harnesses are designed to let you  sit in the harness. You can watch the people who are canoeing and making rafts below you.

By Felicity

Once you jump off the platform at the flying fox, it’s like the views just keep coming, you can see most of the camp. It’s so beautiful to see the horses and canoeing"

By Maggie 



It was a great experience canoeing around a freezing cold lake whilst having an amazing view of the healthy, green forest. Falling in the lake was amazing because you could literally feel the freezing water travelling inside your body at a 100 kilometres per hour. Then you can feel the light tug of the life jacket as you gasp for fresh, clean air.

By Jack

At camp my favourite activity was probably canoeing because it challenges you to keep pushing to win challenges and get out of there!

By Jackson

The new thing I tried at camp was canoeing. It also surprised me because of how hard it was to turn.

By Connor


Are these yours?

A few pieces of lost property still need a home. They are in Ms Chiera's office.


Mr Batt's Sports Report

State Hockey Competition

On Thursday 13th September, our Boys and Girls Hockey teams competed at the State Championships at Footscray Hockey Club. Congratulations to both teams for playing extremely well throughout the day. The girls finished in second place in their pool and the boys progressed all the way through to the final, which they narrowly lost, and finished Runners Up. Thanks to Mr King and Mr Grigg for coaching the teams on the day and in the lead-up to the event.


District Basketball

Our Year 6 Boys and Girls Basketball teams competed at District Basketball on Friday 14th September at Boroondara Sports Complex. All schools in the District were allowed to send their best boy and girl team into this competition. We had some terrific results on the day, with our girls finishing 4th overall and our boys being crowned District Champions. Thanks to Darren, Justin, Miss Kelly and all of the wonderful parents who went along and supported our teams. Our boys will now progress to the Division Competition on Wednesday 17th October.

Division Athletics

On Wednesday 10th October, twenty students from Years 3 - 6 competed at the Boroondara Division Athletics Competition at the Bill Sewert Athletics Track in Burwood East. These students qualified in their events after finishing top two at the District Athletics last term.


As always, all students competed extremely well and gave full effort to perform at the best of their ability for each of their event/s. We even had a number of students obtain PBs! Students who finished in the top two at Division will now progress through to the Eastern Regional level. At this stage, it appears that those students will be Will L (6JK) in the 100m and Storm A (5BG) in the hurdles. Congratulations boys!


Thanks to Mary, Linda and Mrs Ballot for assisting transport the students to and from the track, and to all of the parents who came along to support our students.

Year 4 Bike Ed Program

As you may have seen on Monday, we had an influx of bikes around the school. This was due to the start of our yearly Bike Ed program conducted with the Year 4s. As part of this program, students will undergo bike and helmet safety checks, bike skill training and road safety instructional training. We also hope that this will encourage students to ride their bike to school more frequently. A huge thanks to Mr Longmuir, who is teaching the Bike Ed program to our Year 4s, and to Miss Payne, who is taking 4TL each Monday during the program. A reminder to Year 4 parents that Bike is for the first four Mondays of Term 4, with the last session being held on Monday 29th October, and that bikes are to be brought to school between 8.40 - 8.50am and are to be walked straight to the hall where they are stored during the day. 


Coles Sports for Schools Program

Boroondara Park PS would like to thank all of those families who took part in the Coles Sports for Schools program earlier in the year. We recently received all of the equipment that was selected by the school and it looks fantastic! Check a sample of our new sporting equipment below.


Performing Arts & Music at BPPS

Multicultural Concert

Yesterday we hosted our Multicultural Concert at B.P.P.S, inviting families to enjoy a range of musical items from around the world.  We were incredibly proud of all our performers!!  Congratulations to all those students involved.


We would also like the opportunity to thank all our instrumental teachers who work tirelessly to give our students the opportunity to further their skills in a particular instruments, including piano, voice, guitar, drums, flute, saxophone, clarinet and violin.  We would like to thank Sebastian Fowler, Rosemary Walsh, Ruth Tenace, Maryellen Liu, Ben Taylor, Ben Fleming and Sandy Yao for the work they do each week with our BPPS students!


Thank you to all those parents who kindly volunteered their time to assist with our afternoon tea.  It is greatly appreciated!


This fortnight in the Performing Arts Classroom

Foundation - Musical Elements - Identifying High and Low Sounds

Grade 1/2 - Constructing Rhythmic Ostinato

Grade 3/4 - Learning traditional West African Music- Kplango 

Grade 5/6 - Researching a Dance Decade


Senior School Production 2019

Well we are already gearing up for an exciting production year next year!  If you are a parent who is interested in set building, painting, sewing, sourcing props or generally creating and enjoy collaborating with a team, please complete the google form using the link (if the link does not work when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your web browser).  We would love to have you on our 2019 production team!

Important Dates

Oxfam Concert (November Series)  - Thursday 15 November 2018 (Box Hill Town Hall)

Annual Carols Evening - Thursday 13 December 2018 (B.P.P.S

Community Carols in the Park - Saturday  15 December 2018 (Macleay Park)

Llaaneath Poor and Aleksis Payne 

(Performing Arts Teachers)

Victorian State School Spectacular 2018

Victorian State School Spectacular

That’s a wrap - Congratulations to all of the performers for your hard work rehearsing and training! 

It was a very busy few days at Melbourne Arena on the 12th, 13th and 14th of September but we made the most of every minute with our thirty fabulous students who were involved in Mass Dance or Mass Choir at the 2018 Victorian State School Spectacular.


I would like to thank all the students for eight months of hard work, training and commitment. A special mention must go to our brilliant families for supporting your children while they have trained and performed in this fantastic event! 


I have seen our children grow and blossom into not only fantastic dancers and singers, but wonderful, confident and proud young people. It was a pleasure to work with you all and I am so proud of the student’s achievements.


I would like to thank our BPPS school community who have supported me to make this event achievable for our students. In particular to Llaaneath Poor, Linda Pezzano, Mary Georgiou, Miva Chung, Aleksis Payne, Daniela Ciavarella, Fiona Wyber, Lisa Sestito, Joanne Huynh, Michelle Smith, Anastasia Potamianos, Christina Wong, Nathan Grigg and Athanasia Koutsabtonis. Your time, contribution and commitment has made this event possible for me to organise and facilitate for our amazing students. 


A special thank you to the dedicated and enthusiastic thirty students who were involved in the spectacular event.  

Mass Dance:

  • Lani Bell
  • Zara Georgiou
  • Yim Chor kiu (Jackie)
  • Nicholas Pezzano
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • Isabella Ciavarella
  • Lola Koutsantonis
  • Oliver Venceslau-Sault
  • Lula Parrott
  • Nethush  Vithanage
  • Amalia Pandeli
  • Juliet Sayers

Mass Choir:

  • Athena Potamianos
  • Jesse McQueen Thomson
  • Courtney Smith
  • Aliyah R-Shakeel
  • Charlie Tapim
  • Emily Sarov
  • Lily Alexander
  • Robert McLachlan
  • Isabella Macrae
  • Katrina Tan
  • Ryan Huynh
  • Sarah Liu
  • Zaria Chin
  • Ashleigh Frost
  • Sophia Reinthaler
  • Zoe Englezos
  • Chloe Snaden
  • Yee-Chern Chong

A special broadcast of the VSSS event with behind the scenes highlights will air on Saturday night, 8th December on Chanel Seven in Victoria. 


Sarah Quinn



Artist of the week

Our first artist of the week for term 4 is Evie E of FCB with her printed wattle picture. Evie used her fingers and small pieces of cardboard to create her art work. I saw a great deal of wattle in flower in The Grampians during the school holidays, and it looked just like Evie's picture! Well done Evie.



Next week's artist of the week is Ilana FN of FSA with her cityscape at night time.  Ilana used various plastic materials to print patterns and designs. When dry she cut these into the shapes of buildings and collaged them onto a black background. Bright fireworks and stars were added with posca markers. Well done Ilana!


Fantastic French

The Montgolfier invention

In French, Grade 3 and 4 students have been learning about Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, French brothers and their inventions of the hot air balloon in 1782.
It was thanks to these French inventors that the world of aviation started.
Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier changed the world of travel with a daring idea that started from watching laundry drying in front of a fire and floating upwards towards the ceiling.
Magnifique !
Madame Higgins



BPPS Community Notices


Community Notices


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