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28 May 2019
Issue Eight
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
Wellbeing & Engagement
Student-Led Conferences
Student of the Week
L5&6 2019 Production
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Physical Education - P.E
Happy Birthday to You!
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Dates to Remember


Wednesday 29th

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10pm Gallery (Selected Students)


May 30th

Foundation Peter Puppy PJ Party

Division Cross Country - Selected Students Only


Monday 3rd

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L6 Camp "The Summit" Departs  (3rd-7th June)

Student-Led Conference Bookings Open 9 am Sentral Parent Portal


Tuesday 4th 

L5 Taskworks Excursion


Wednesday 5th 

L5 STEM Incursion

Parents & Friends Meeting 7:30 pm - All Welcome


Thursday 6th

L5 Coach Approach Incursion & BBQ Lunch


Friday 7th 

L6 Camp "The Summit" Returns


Monday 10th 

Queens Birthday Public Holiday - Students do not attend school

Student-Led Conference Bookings (FT & FC) Close 4 pm Sentral Parent Portal


Tuesday 11th 

Student Free Day - Students not to attend school

Student-Led Conferences (FT & FC only) 9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Wednesday 12th

L3 & 4 Skylab Incursion

Foundation Fire Incursion


Thursday 13th 

P&F Pizza Food Day

L3 & 4 Astronomy For The People Session 7:30 pm 


Friday 14th

L1&2 STEM Celebration

Winter Interschool Sports


Saturday 15th

Term 2 Working Bee & BBQ 1 pm - 4 pm 


Monday 17th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L1 & 2 Swimming Program Commences  (17th -27th)

Student-Led Conference Bookings (3B ) Close 9am Sentral Parent Portal

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-5:00 pm


Wednesday 19th

Foundation Fire Incursion

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10 pm Library (Selected Students)

School Council Meeting 7:00 pm

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-8:30 pm


Thursday 20th 

Student-Led Conference  (3B only) 3:45-5:30 pm


Friday 21st

Winter Interschool Sports

Reports available on Sentral Parent Portal from 3:30 pm


Monday 24th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Student-Led Conference Bookings (ALL Levels except 3B, FC & FT) Close 4 pm Sentral Parent Portal


Tuesday 25th 

Student-Led Conferences 3:45-5:30 pm  - ALL Levels (except 3B, FC & FT)

P&F Cup Cake Day


Thursday 27th

All Levels Early Dismissal at 2.30 pm 

Student-Led Conferences 2:00-8:00 pm  - ALL Levels (except 3B, FC & FT)


Friday 28th June

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 1 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Principal's Report

Reporting to Parents Process

Tuesday 11th June is a pupil free day for assessment analysis and report writing time for teaching staff. Staff value this time to reflect on their students’ learning progress. This is the last pupil free day for 2019.

Classroom teachers have been moderating on their students’ writing samples across all levels to ensure a consistency in writing assessment for all students. Some of this student work is on display in the library titled ‘An Unexpected Adventure’.


Portfolios and 3 Way (Student-Led) Conferences

All students are working on learning portfolios that will have assessment tasks and self-reflection in all areas of the curriculum and specialist areas. These portfolios will be shared at the end of term Student-Led conference and are to be looked at with the student reports accessed through the Sentral portal. Last year we introduced learning portfolios, and the next step is the introduction of 3 Way Conferences at the end of this semester -this change in reporting reflects our focus on students having a greater ownership of their learning, what we refer to as Student Agency. Students will be attending the interviews to share their learning and goals set for the term 3.


There will be a slighter longer interview time allowing the student to speak and share their learning. Parents will have the option of speaking to the teacher without their child present for a period of the interview. School Council approved the earlier finish at 2.30pm on Thursday 27 June, the second last day of term 2 to accommodate the interviews.


The last day of term 2 on Friday 28 June will finish as per normal at 2.30pm following the whole school assembly.


Education Week - Open Day and Night

What a wonderful response to our Open Evening and Open Morning last week. We had new families and existing families seeing us in action. ‘An Unexpected Adventure’ author readings in the library were a hit and added to the special atmosphere. Classrooms were visited showcasing the great learning happening across the school.


Open Night finished with the brilliant performances by the junior and senior choirs, string ensemble, our rock band and the school band. It was pleasing to see many families and students enjoying the opportunity to see the school at night.


The library hosted the state -wide reading of ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ a delightful picture story book with our foundation students. This was organised by our fabulous library team led by Lynette Ellis and our library captain, Paige and other senior student helpers and parents. Special mention to Tracy Beckter for your help.


Summit Camp

The countdown is on for the level 6 camp due to begin on next Monday, 3rd June. Staff attending the camp will be: Ryan Evans, Meg Hubbard, Michael Sacchetta, April Warfield, James Roche, Megan Campbell, Liz Barr and Marika Ferguson.


For more information about The Summit, please visit their website: We wish our campers well and may the weather be kind (yes, it is June).


Foundation Information Evening Success

Standing room only! Another successful information evening with families looking at excellent schools in the Mitcham area. The current teaching team in foundation, leadership and students spoke. The evening finished with a short ‘students in action’ film and supper. I remind families that have students starting in 2020 to hand in their enrolment forms ASAP. Planning for 2020 is well underway.


Sorry Day- National Reconciliation Week

Students and Marika Ferguson represented Rangeview PS at the recent powerful Sorry Day ceremony at Whitehorse City Council. Please look out for Marika Ferguson’s report in our newsletter.


National Walk or Ride to School Day

Our goal is to increase the number of students and families riding or walking safely to and from school in 2019 to ensure that we maintain our current number of crossing supervisors and improve the health of all students. 297 students walked and 44 rode to school on Friday 17 May, an increase from 265 walked and 53 rode in March data. Well done everyone. Our JSC reps from grade 3 to 6 have been collecting the data and spreading the good news. Congratulations to 5/6H for having the highest number of walkers/riders on the day.




Wellbeing & Engagement

National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day Sunday 26th May, gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities. The first National Sorry Day was held on May 26, 1998, which was one year after the tabling of a report about the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families. The report, known as Bringing Them Home, acknowledged that Indigenous children were forcibly separated from their families and communities since the early days of European occupation in Australia.


This year I had the privilege of attending the official Flag Raising at the Whitehorse Civic Centre for National Sorry Day with two of our students – Jade and Leeroy Baker. We heard the Wurundjeri Elder Uncle Dave deliver a Welcome to Country and then the students participated in a smoking ceremony. We learned that only eucalyptus leaves are used in a smoking ceremony fire and different varieties are used by different ‘mobs’. We learnt that walking through the smoke is like arriving at customs and getting your passport stamped. You are asking for admittance into that part of the country and are agreeing to abide by its laws. We also learnt about the nutritional and environmental benefits of traditional foods.



Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships

Hi. I’m Amelie Watson and I am the RRRR Student Leader 2019. I will be reporting in the newsletter on wellbeing matters each fortnight.


Working Bee

We will be having out Term 2 Working Bee on Saturday June 15th from 1pm – 4pm. We welcome all families that are able to come and help out with jobs around our school. We are trying tom move the Working Bees between Saturdays and Sundays and mornings and afternoons so as to provide opportunities for families to attend without disrupting weekend commitments. We really appreciate your help.



Student-Led Conferences

This year we are introducing Student-Led Conferences, replacing the former Parent-Teacher Interview process.  Each conference will run for 15 minutes and will include the student, parent or carer and classroom teacher/s.  The first 8-10 minutes is for the conference and the remaining 5 minutes is offered if a discussion is required between the parent and teacher only.


Your child will lead a discussion about their learning and may refer to work samples in their Student Learning Portfolio, work books and their iPad. Students will prepare for the conference during class time and for this reason the Student Learning Portfolio will not be sent home until after the conference. As the portfolio is a cumulative folder, we would ask that it be returned to the classroom teacher on the first day of Term 3. It will be sent home for you to keep at the end of the school year.


Most conferences will be offered in the final week of Term 2, on Tuesday 25th June from 3.45pm until 5.00pm and on Thursday 27th June from 2.00pm until 8.00pm. Students will be dismissed earlier from school on Thursday 27th June at 2.30pm. This is to allow conferences to start earlier to accommodate the longer 15 minute allowance.


The Student-Led Conferences can be booked via the Sentral Parent Portal from 9:00 am on Monday 3rd June. 


The Student-Led Conference is a powerful way for students to share their learning and I encourage parents and carers to take part in this opportunity. Parents are always welcome to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss their child’s progress at any other time during the year.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Student of the Week



L5&6 2019 Production

Dear Parent/Guardian of Level 5 &6 students,


The production “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits” is well underway with weekly drama, singing and choreography rehearsals.  The students are excited and looking forward to their performances on the below dates at Aquinas College, Ringwood.

  • Tuesday 27th August – Cast 1 (5/6H, 5/6O and 5/6WM)
  • Wednesday 28th August – Cast 2 (5/6E and 5/6N)


With a production as large as this, we require many helpers to assist us and therefore we are planning a number of working bees.  The first of these will be Monday 20th May from 8.30 am.  This will be an “under the school” exploration to see what we have from previous years.  Please meet at the bike shed.  Further Working Bee dates will be advised ASAP.


The majority of the working bees will take place in the art room.  No experience is required – just an art smock if painting.  We do not expect everyone to attend all of the Working Bees, but if you could help even at just one we would be very grateful.  Alternatively, you could take a project home to work on.

We require assistance for the following projects:

  • Sewing
    • Sewers (costumes e.g. harem pants, tops, waistcoats, cloak etc)
    • Accessory making (sewing/crafting sequins, head dresses etc)
    • 2 – part camel costume (head for one student and body for another)
    • Monkey costume
  • Props
    • Art/craft making of props
    • Sourcing of particular items
    • Set making (Cave of Wonders)
  • Rehearsals
    • Tuesdays for dialogue run throughs (you don’t have to sign up for every week)
    • Thursdays for dance/choreography run throughs (you don’t have to sign up for every week)


This year we are utilising Volunteer Sign-Up.  Please follow the link below to sign up.

As we get closer to the production performances, please keep an eye out for emails requesting other help.


With thanks,


Production Committee


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Rangeview Primary will again be involved in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Between 1 May and 25 June 2019 Rangeview families are asked to place any stickers they collect from shopping at Woolworths into the Earn and Learn boxes located at Brentford Square and Forest Hill Chase Woolworths, OSHC office or outside the school office.

The Earn and Learn program has seen over 15,000 schools and early learning centres across Australia receive over 300,000 pieces of equipment for science and technology, maths, arts and more. 

 Let’s stick together and make this one the biggest yet.



Parents & Friends


This month we have had two events that required volunteers. The Mothers Day Stall and the Election Day BBQ. Thank you to those parents that volunteered (there are too many to name).  Without your support these days can’t happen and certainly can’t be a success. 


The Mothers Day Stall is always a lovely day to help, as you get the opportunity to watch the students carefully select a special gift for their mum. 


And the Election Day Bbq - what fantastic weather we had for this, the Bbq and cake stall had a constant stream of hungry customers, so thanks to those that helped on this day. And to those that baked goods for the cake stall, thank you, they were well received by those customers wanting a treat for the day. After expenses we made around $2500.00 for the School. We also donated $150 to Story Dogs from the sale of lolly/novelty bags.


Parents and Friends meeting  - All Welcome
Wednesday 5th June, 7.30 pm in the School Staff Room 


Order forms going out this week, orders and money are due back to School by 9.15 am Friday 7th June.

Pizza Bun Options are BBQ, Hawaiian or Margarita at $4.50 each

Scroll options are Cheese and Bacon or Cheesymite at $3.00 each

To help out with packing and taking the orders to classes please volunteer at


All students will have the opportunity to buy a cake from the cup cake stall held in the gallery. We do cater for a variety of food allergies, including gluten, egg and dairy free options. We do ask that no nut products are used in any cakes. Allergy friendly options can include things like jelly, popcorn, etc as well as cupcakes.


We need volunteers to bake cup cakes for this day. If you can bake cakes or help on the stall please sign up at


Cakes can be delivered to the Gallery before 9.00 am on Tuesday 25th June. Please label your containers clearly (lid and base) with your child’s name and class. Containers can be picked up from he gallery at the end of the day.


Thanks in advance for your help with upcoming events.



What is Disco Bingo you ask????? 

Everyone knows traditional bingo where numbered balls are drawn out of a cage, and players mark off the number on their ticket. With Disco Bingo, 30 second grabs from well-known tunes are played instead, which is plenty of time to jump up and have a bit of a dance.

Tickets can be purchased through Try Booking at -

Vision Portraits Fundraiser



Thank you to the parents who attended the Cyber Safety Project parent session. It was a highly valuable session which included a range of themes:

- Social networking platforms

- How to build a positive and healthy family with positive digital usage

- Ways to keep your children safe online use apps privacy settings

- Building positive digital habits


For those that couldn’t attend, please check out the parent portal to access great resources to use at home with your family.  Click here to get your free copy of the ‘Family digital use guidelines’ template. Hard copies also available on the eSmart noticeboard.







Science Club

Science Club – The Horror Edition

Euh!  Eeww!  Eek! The parent helpers tried to creep out of Science Club and run for their lives. But they found themselves stuck in a terrible nightmare. It was horrible. It was gory. There was spit and blood everywhere!


In the Breakfast Breakdown session, some of our Science Club kids were spitting into their breakfast cereal while others mixed up Weet-Bix until it looked like . . . vomit. In the following week of Science Club they told the helpers, with a hungry look in their eyes, that they liked to eat blood. A shudder ran down the spines of the helpers. It was lunchtime.


It turns out that, in the Breakfast Breakdown session, the Science Club kids were actually finding out about an enzyme called amylase which is found in your saliva.  It breaks down starch in our food.  What a relief for the parent helpers – we are not made of starch.  Whilst the others were busy spitting, some of the kids were using very strong magnets to find iron in their Weet-Bix! 



A week later, the hungry blood suckers appeared to be discovering plasma, erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes in blood. Ask a Science Club kid why blood looks red and they’re sure to tell you about the iron from their Weet-Bix, haemoglobin and the biconcave shape of their Red Blood Cells.  But don’t be surprised if our parent helpers have mysteriously disappeared.  Those Science Club kids were seen eating blood afterwards.  Aaaaaaaaagh!!



The parent helpers did notice the polite and cooperative way that the students behaved, and their enthusiasm to ‘have a go’ and to learn new things.  They were very accommodating when we had to change our plans around (Science Club is run by parent volunteers, and sometimes plans have to be adjusted according to our circumstances).  Special thanks to Alex for helping to keep everyone listening and to Arlo for helping with clean up.  Anyone with information that could help find the whereabouts of our missing parent helpers is encouraged to contact the Rangeview Office.


Julie, Kyla, Melanie, Jasna, Emma, Sally and Heather (Parent Helpers – now Missing Persons)

Physical Education - P.E



Division Cross Country 

Congratulations to the students who have progressed to Division Cross Country.  This event is taking place on Thursday 30th, May at Raffey Park Lake.  Please refer below for event running times.


Happy Birthday to You!



The Foundation students have been working very hard during their Reading Rotations which normally occur most mornings. They are becoming accustomed to working at different stations, rotating each day to ensure they have engaged with all learning stations. A big thank you to the parents who give up their time to assist with Reading Rotations, and of course with reading to our Foundation students and changing their books. Your time is invaluable!


Community News: The Foundation students are very excited about having their first play on our new grass felt soccer playing area this Wednesday. This new playing area is dedicated to our junior students (F-2) to encourage more ball games and team orientated games. We are sure they will have lots of fun.


A reminder that we are celebrating the letter ‘p’ on Thursday 30th May by having our Peter Puppy Pyjama Party. Please refer to the notices sent home recently. We look forward to seeing many parents on Thursday during the parade. Of course there will also be a shared lunch on the day for the children.


All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.

Level 1/2

Level 1 and 2 have been very busy, getting straight back into the school routine and starting our S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) unit on forces. We have been learning about gravity, friction, and push and pull forces. Level 1 has been experimenting and testing with a variety of things, including floating and sinking, ramps, flying and making of LEGO spinners.


If you have any small cardboard boxes, plastic containers, drink bottles, wool, bottle caps or anything else students can use to construct their vehicles, please send them in.


We all enjoyed a presentation from the Cyber Safety Project. It was pitched at the student’s level and included tips on how to stay safe online. It was very informative and encouraged students to really stop and think about how they feel in regards to being safe online and how to step away and play offline if they start to feel uncomfortable.


All the students presented wonderful “How to…” show and tells. They were very well prepared and organised and shared lots of interesting information. It was great to learn how to do lots of new things!


Thank-you for helping students to continue to develop their independence by picking them up and dropping them off at their line up spots.


Level 1/2 Team



Level 3/4 

Level 3

Last week Level 3 students, staff and parents enjoyed a visit from the Cyber Safety Project. We explored the difference between See, We and Me spaces and learnt different ways to stay safe online. Thank you Miss Bell for organising the visit.
Well done to all students who took part in NAPLAN testing. You should be extremely proud of your efforts.
STEM projects are now in full swing. We are excited to be designing a garden for the Rangeview community and are looking forward to our designs being made into models.
Continue to log books into the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. It would be great to have as many students finish the challenge as possible.
Level 3 and 4 are planning a visit from Astronomy for the People. On June 13
th you will be able to view the night sky through telescopes on the school oval. In order to plan the night and ensure we have a sufficient amount of telescopes, please return the form sent home on Friday 24th and $5 CASH per person attending by Friday 31st May. Parents/guardians and siblings are invited to join the night.

Level 4

In level 4 we have started building our Sphero mazes for our term 2 STEM unit. It’s fantastic to see how excited and engaged the students are in the project, they are all working very hard and we are very excited to see the final finished designs.

Thank you to all the parents that came to open night and open morning this week, it was a great opportunity for the students to show off the fantastic work they have been doing so far this year.

Finally a big congratulations to all the level 4 students who competed in the district cross country on May the 8th, it was a great day for the school with Rangeview finishing 2nd overall. All the students who competed should be very proud of their efforts, with a special mention to Evan R from 4M for making it through to the next round of competition. Thank you to Mr Sacchetta for his great organisation around the whole event!

Level 4 team
Mitchell Clark, Karen Hastie, Anju Mehta



Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


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