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24 August 2017
2017 Issue 12
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Principal's Message

Thank you to all who were involved in the recent College Production. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see our students shine as they performed at the George Jenkins Theatre. I am also mindful that many contribute to the stretching and community building of the students as they prepare for their opportunities. I very much look forward to the 2018 Production.


I would also like to thank all for their attendance at the Year 7 Information Night this week. The transition to Year 7 is a significant milestone in schooling life. To assist families in this transition, we do hold a number of evenings where I hope all get more of an understanding of what Secondary School is about, and how we can work together. In the meantime, I would join with Miss Wright in encouraging our Year 6 students to finish well, to enjoy the next few months of Year 6, and continue to refine their organisation skills as they prepare for the marvellous start of their Secondary schooling.


Last weekend, I attended the first ACHEA conference in Sydney. ACHEA is a group of seven Australian Christian Higher Education institutions that are involved in professional development and research into Christian schools. In order to continue to improve, it is important that schools look to refine their practices, participate in research and be aware of the latest developments. As Christians involved in education, we want to ensure that our practices are authentic. As Christians, we are encouraged to live by the Gospel rather than anything else. To live by the Gospel, we need to understand God’s Word, live by God’s Word and carefully consider the messages that we send as we teach, while also critiquing the messages of the curriculum. Our Christian tertiary providers assist us in this.


Previously, I have written of how our teaching staff are encouraged to do further study to ensure that they grapple with what it means to teach as Christians. In fact, we have a requirement that those in educational leadership positions be able to demonstrate that they think about, and can practically apply, a Christian perspective to their teaching and learning. From my point of view, this is essential if we are to keep the word ‘Christian’ as the key part of our College name.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Thank the Lord for our fantastic Production and the opportunities it afforded our students to demonstrate their amazing God-given gifts. 


Please pray for our Year 12 students as they complete their schooling and consider options for 2018, including making university applications.


Pray for our upcoming Reunion Day, that we would honour God as a community for His faithfulness to us over the last 35 years.


Please pray for our Primary School and all their upcoming activities - swimming lessons, Book Week and Years 5/6 camp.

From the Deputy's Desk

Parent-Teacher & Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held next Wednesday 30 (3:45-8:00pm) and Thursday 31 August (1:45-8:00pm). It is an opportunity to connect with your child's teachers, celebrate progress and discuss goals for future learning. You may also wish to discuss the NAPLAN results if your child sat the test this year. We encourage all parents to attend this valuable opportunity; a key event in our partnership of the Christian education of your child. The PTO booking window is now open and new login details have been sent to you via email. If you have not received your information, please email Hilary Mahoney, the PTO Administrator, or phone the College Office for assistance.


NAPLAN Results

In May, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sat the annual NAPLAN tests. These tests are a snapshot of information on your child's levels of achievement in Literacy and Numeracy. The results have been posted to you this week. Please keep an eye on the post, and contact the College if you do not receive them by early next week.


Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disabilities

All schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disabilities (the national data collection). The national data collection is an annual collection that counts the number of school students with disability and the level of reasonable educational adjustment they are provided with.


The national data collection draws on the ongoing work teachers and education staff do to support students with disability. The data will be developed to inform policy and programs for students with disability. The data collection is a count of numbers of students who are given additional support to access the curriculum. The information we provide is collated by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), and no individual school or student is identified in the collection.


Rubbish-Free Lunch

The Rubbish-Free Lunch held recently saw the reduction of waste in the Primary School from four and a half large wheelie bins, to just one garbage bag of rubbish for the day. This is a wonderful result, and one to celebrate. Results were harder to measure in the Secondary School, but I noted several students had carefully packed lunches that minimised waste. We will have another Rubbish-Free Lunch next term, with the view to becoming better steward's of God's good creation through reducing our environmental impact. In time, we would like rubbish-free lunches to become embedded in the culture of the College.




Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Words from the Chaplain

For children and teen’s alike, one of the major issues that can cause both bliss and pain is in the area of friendships.


Social interaction is a major part of your child’s life. While great friendships can cause a child to feel secure and accepted, a toxic friendship can have the opposite effect. 


Often, as parents, we are at a loss of what we can say to help our children navigate difficult relationships. 


Michael Grose, author of 'Great Ideas for Tired Parents’, has some great advice in regards to the agony and ecstasy of teenage peer groups. Have a look at some of his great tips in helping our children manage their peer relationships. 


Kathy Scott



Primary News

AFL Gala Day

Our Bayside Years 5/6 girls were given the rare privilege of participating in the inaugural Bayside District Girls AFL Gala Day at Woodleigh. Amidst the rigour of production week they took time to show their collective talents for the game of footy. Mrs Doherty, myself and the parents that attended were astounded at the tenacity of their attack on the ball or its possessor. They could have taught many other teams the real meaning of sharing the ball, as they continually attempted to use teammates around them.  Although they voted on a list of best players, the truth was, everyone was focused and gave it everything.  


St Kilda Football Club representatives gave each girl a footy, while Zenith, Hannah, Anya, Lily, Caitlyn, Zali and Samantha were given an extra gift from their peers. A special mention to Alvoli, (also one of our toughest players) who showed Bayside spirit in giving up her gift for someone else. Isabel also thrilled us all by scoring our first goal.

Here are a few of the the girls' comments -

Julia: I like how we all worked together as a team :)

Jasmine (Team Manager): I loved how they all were trying their hardest and how they held their head up high after every loss.

Chloe: Being able to have a go at AFL.

Anya: Being able to play with my friends.

Emma: How we all put in our best work even though we weren't able to beat them.

Thanks also goes out to Mr Klan for setting the day up for us.


Russell Svigos

Years 5/6 Teacher

Years 3/4 Camp Manyung

This week our Years 3/4 students have been away on camp to Camp Manyung.

Despite the cold weather they had an amazing time. Here is a sneak peek at what they got up to - full story next edition.


Well done, Annabelle!

Year 3 student Annabelle won her cheer-leading comp last weekend. Annabelle is in a local cheer-leading club in the aged 14 and under group.


She has the state competition in September and the nationals in November. Last year she was in two teams and both teams were national champions.


Cheer-leading has just been approved and recognised as an Olympic sport. It involves lots of tumbling, acrobatics and dance, not just waving pompoms in the air, so it's very exciting and Annabelle hopes to be an Olympian in the future!

Our Place in Space

In Years 5/6 we are learning about Our Place in Space. We investigated who created the universe and attempted to comprehend how big our galaxy is. We studied the solar system, and Years 5/6D presented interesting facts about it at a recent Primary assembly. 

We are just about to write our own science fiction narratives. Each class has brainstormed the elements of the genre, drawn a key feature of a sci-fi adventure and created a science fiction word bank to use when writing our narratives. 


Years 5/6 Team

Across the College

Calamity Jane

Just over a week ago, we saw the culmination of more than six month's work in rehearsals, planning and organising for our 2017 College production of "Calamity Jane". Students from

Prep through to Year 11 were involved in performing this timeless and well-loved story. It was a wonderfully successful project that saw so many highlights from our mature and talented students. Claire Lomulder shone in her leading role and Matthew Dumicich demonstrated just how versatile he is as a performer - Captain Hook last year to Wild Bill Hickock, the gun toting, tough (but soft on the inside) crooner and love interest for 'Calam'. Rebeccah DeChalain joined Bayside just two days before auditions in February, and she has indeed been a delightful addition to our school, bringing her vast performing experience and maturity to the role of Katie Brown. Lachlan Vass has also added to his impressive performance experience, performing admirably in the role of Lieutenant Daniel Gilmartin, and of course the very amusing Callum Osterberg in his role as Miss Frances Fryer.  The rest of our student cast worked incredibly well together to bring this story to life and were indeed a delight to work with. 


I was so proud of everyone involved in this standout production. My team of Coral Vass, Rachel Lomulder, Josh Coates, Elle McDonagh, Nickie Turner, Naomi Armstrong, Maree Coates, Tim Mann, Angie Mathews and Dave Mallen were incredibly creative and brought their combined years of passion and experience to the task of bringing this story to life. We are so blessed to have the resources and support to produce a College musical every year and to have the opportunity to bring together a group of students, staff, parents and friends from our community to make this happen. 


Thank you to all involved and to all the parents and friends of the College who came along to watch the show. We have all appreciated all of your kind and generous positive feedback and encouragement. 


Next year's production will take place earlier in the year with our timeline aiming for a mid Term 2 performance week. Stay tuned for more details and make sure you come along and support our 2018 production of "The Secret Garden - Spring Version". Our directors will be Coral Vass and Nickie Turner. Auditions will take place next term and rehearsals will begin shortly after that. 


Karen Hooper

Production Co-ordinator


Cooking the Figures

Recently, our Year 8 Maths students learned all about ratios in the Food Tech room.

What better way of learning than to put it all into practice.


Year 9 Netball Rally Day

On Tuesday 15 August, some of the Bayside girls had the privilege of being able to travel to Dandenong Stadium to participate in the Year 9 netball team for 2017. Overall the day was a success.

We won all five games to win the grand final 4-12 and become the premiers for this year. The whole day was great fun and was such an amazing opportunity to get together with other schools. On behalf of our team we would like to thank Miss Baker for giving up her lunch times to come and coach us and for her endless support in developing our skills and abilities in netball.


Charlotte Richardson (Captain) - Year 9A

Year 10 Netball Rally Day

This past Tuesday (15th), a selected nine girls (Ellen, Lydia, Tilly, Sophie, Jenny, Holly, Melinda, Marina, Rita and unfortunately a sick Anabelle ) from Year 10 participated in our annual inter-school Netball Rally Day. We all played magnificently and put in our very best which led to us being undefeated for the day winning 5 out of 5 of our games.

The end of the day led to sore legs and a team of tired girls but an overall smile was hanging in the atmosphere as we were proud of our efforts. A big thank you to the four other schools who participated, Mr Pleiter and other teachers for organising the day, Miss Baker and Paul Sharp for their support, encouragement and training, and the umpires who made the games happen. A large thank you for all those who were able to make the day as successful and enjoyable as it was.


Melinda Johnstone (Captain) - Year 10A

Years 9/10 AFL Rally Day

Our Years 9/10 AFL Rally Day was one of our favourite things we did this year. All the boys played well and it was a really fun day for all of us. Thankfully we got to reach the Grand Final and were able to come out with the flag.

The day started off cold and rainy but the clouds pushed away as the first game commenced. We went undefeated and everyone put in a solid effort. Our teamwork was great but we still had outstanding individuals. Well done boys!


Tim & Oscar Wells - Year 10


Year 7 Information Evening

We have just had a most successful Year 7 Information Evening, which was very well attended. A very big thank you needs to go to our Years 7&8 Co-ordinator, Joel Williamson, who with our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams, planned a very interesting and varied evening. The evening included an ‘Introduction to Year 7 video’, which was very professionally created and put together by Joel Kong. Prior to the event, Joel Williamson provided an opportunity for the parents to post any questions that they may have had and these were addressed by a panel of staff on the evening. Recognition also needs to go to our Year 7 teachers who worked very hard on creatively displaying their subjects. Parents loved walking around and getting a glimpse into the exciting initiatives that our teachers have put together in making their subjects interesting and engaging. Thank you to all of the staff who worked on the logistics of the evening to make it as successful as it was.


Should you have missed the Year 7 Information Evening could you please let Joel know as he can then include you in the email which he will be sending out. This email will include the PowerPoint and this link to the video which was shown on the night.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Science Week - August 14 to 18

This year our Science Week celebrations coincided with 'Year 7 Week'. Student leaders collaborated with Science teachers to plan activities and get involved. The science labs were ablaze with carbon dioxide experiments, slime making, kidney dissection, solar jewellery and periscope making. As the activities proceeded, our Year 7 photographers took their shots of the enthusiastic participants. We now look forward to seeing the Science Week video which they are putting together.

Thank you to all who came along to offer their support. Thanks to the student leaders, senior science students and the Bayside science teachers who made this year’s Science Week fun for all who participated. A special thank you to Mrs Graham who helped both behind the scenes in the prep room, with jewellery making and taking photos during Science Week.


Sharyn Hadlow

Science Teacher

HHD in the ELC

Year 10 students visited the ELC to learn more about child development. They really enjoyed interacting with the children and seeing how they learn and play together.


Years 11-12 Happenings

It was fabulous to be a part of the audience at the school production ‘Calamity Jane’ a couple of weeks ago. Seeing all of these amazing students coming together to use their gifts (both on and off stage) was wonderful.


In assembly this week, our Prefects and Captains reminded everyone of the need to always give of their best in all that they do. Striving for excellence is a part of everyday life, and involves honouring God in all that we do with all He has given us. Students are encouraged to continue persevering through challenges so that they can truly be faithful in the way they use their talents and abilities.


As we pass the ‘halfway’ mark for the term, there are many events starting to take shape. Our VCE students are now beginning to apply for their courses through VTAC, and should ensure that they see Mrs Dawson for assistance. SEAS applications are also now taking place - see Mrs Cooper for assistance with these.


VCAL students are working towards the next Community Market on the 19 September, as well as preparing a Father's Day evening on the 7 September.


Here are some reminders of other key events coming up:


Year 11

Celebration Ball - October 9

VCAL Showcase Night - October 19


Year 12

VCAL Showcase Night - October 19

Presentation Night (with a difference!) - October 23

Final day activities - October 24

Exams start - November 1

Valedictory Dinner - November 27


Our annual Arts/Design/Technology Expo will be held on 2 November from 3:20-6pm, and will showcase some incredible pieces or art, constructions, music, entertainment and food from ELC - Year 12. Please save this date!


Don’t forget to spread the word for our ‘Back to Bayside Reunion Day’ on Saturday 2 September, 10am-2pm, as we join together to celebrate 35 years of Bayside Christian College. Come along to connect with friends past and present!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Co-ordinator

Literary Evening

Our Year 11 VCE Units 1&2 Literature class are hosting a Literary Evening. For more information please contact Sam Waldron or Janienne Woodbridge.


Year 12 VCAL Workplace Simulation

For the next two weeks, the Year 12  VCAL students will be participating in a work

simulation environment. The students have set up their room to replicate an office space and set each other roles in their work environment. Some roles include the CEO, Immediate Supervisor, Advertisement and Social Media Supervisor, Head of Communication, Health and Safety Officer, Kitchen Supervisor and Human Resources. We are planning a few events such as a Father’s Day Evening, the Community Market and a few smaller projects that are run during class. Last week we created policies and procedures, workplace rules, pay rates and also a dress code. This is a great opportunity for us to see what an office job environment would be like, how to communicate effectively and to also build our teamwork skills.


Kayla McLachlan - Year 12

Home Group 11/12 D

The students in Home Group 11/12D have continued to share in weekly devotions and Bible study, and our Year 12 leaders have done a fantastic job in guiding and nurturing the students in their small groups. Another highlight has been our ongoing preparations for the Battle of the Bands, with Mr Waldron assisting the students as they finalise promotion and planning for the event.



Home group this year continues to be a blessing and the students are proud of this welcoming and encouraging environment where they get to kick off each day!

Sam Waldron & Jonathan Lake

Years 11/12D Home Group Teachers

Year 11 VCAL

Students have been working towards practically building a healthier community. Projects have included food banks, fitness and nutrition workshops, research projects and awareness campaigns. The projects consider not only efforts to maximise opportunities to foster healthy communities, but also minimising harm through careful resource distribution, planning and waste management. We had some interesting and passionate presentations concerning mitigation and adaptation strategies.


This week, students prepared for their visit to the Hastings Market, focusing on customer service. It has been brilliant to witness businesses challenging their own identities and products. 


Sam Waldron

Year 11 VCAL Teacher

Year 11 English

Students are learning the skill of analysing texts side by side. We’re exploring how completely different texts - even a film and an autobiography - can have similar messages and ideas and even the same language use. We’ve enjoyed the humour in both our texts as well as the powerful messages of the importance of family, resilience and navigating life through personal values and faith. Year 11 students are practising their writing skills in order to be best prepared for their Year 12 studies.


Rachelle Cooper

Year 11 English Teacher

A word from our captains

The Years 11 and 12 students have recently been planning some amazing ideas to connect with the Bayside community. There has been a breakfast and other home groups are now planning on blessing other year levels and providing events where individuals are able to use their gifts. So stay tuned Bayside for some really exciting events to come!


One of these exciting events coming up is Bayside’s 35th anniversary and it will be great to unite with past and present students, teachers and families of the school to celebrate this milestone.


Last week, youth groups from around the peninsula combined for a ‘Youth Alive’ event. There were many youth groups who joined in with this massive event to celebrate the work of Christ and to bring a message of hope and encouragement.


We want to draw attention to all the hard work of the Year 11 and 12 students. This week the Year 12 VCAL students have had the exciting chance to experience life in an office work space.


We also want to recognise the incredible talent showcased in the fantastic Calamity Jane production. It was fun and engaging to watch, and really gave our students the chance to let their talent shine.


Also, we’ve got a quick reminder for everyone that we’ve got P-S-T Confereences next week so don’t forget to ask your parents to sign up.


Love your work, Bayside!


John and Benny

College Captains

Subject in Focus - Literature

Students have been working on developing their ability to critically analyse responses to texts. They have considered the context of their responses to texts as well as the ideas explored in 'Heart of Darkness', the style of the language and points of view.  The literary perspectives that we have been looking at in this text are those of post-colonialism and feminism.


In post-colonial theory they have compared and analysed two pieces of literary criticism (Achebe and Said) reflecting different perspectives, assumptions and ideas about the views and values in this text.


The students have enquired into the ways readers may arrive at differing interpretations about a text and the grounds on which they are developed. Through close attention to these two pieces of literary criticism on Heart of Darkness, students have been encouraged to develop their own response to this text.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary, Literature Teacher

Subject in Focus - Physics

Year 12 Physics class has been investigating the behaviour of light this semester. We've done a variety of fun activities to learn about this topic including playing with lasers and polarisation filters. We have learned about some key aspects of our world including answering key questions such as: Why is the sky blue? What is polarisation? And how do fibre optic cables work?


Xanthe Allen - Year 12

Unit 2 Psychology

Unit 2 Psychology students have been studying how sensation and perception operate in our amazing nervous system. As part of their learning, students dissected a cow's eye to examine the fascinating structure of the eye.


Catherine Cloherty

Psychology Teacher


Careers VTAC Applications & Open Days

There are more University Open Days coming up this weekend including Deakin's Burwood campus and Federation Uni this Sunday:  


Mrs Dawson will be available for Careers/Pathways meetings during P-S-T Conferences next week. Parents of Years 10 and 12 students are encouraged to make an appointment using the PTO booking system. Parents of students in Years 9 and 11 are encouraged to book an appointment directly by emailing [email protected].


A reminder to Year 12 VCE students that timely VTAC applications close on 28 September (during the school holidays). Please get your application started and also gather any information that may be required for SEAS and scholarship applications. 


Year 12 VCE students who are making VTAC applications are reminded that Mrs Dawson will be available for change of preference appointments on Friday 15 December. An appointment booking sheet will be made available next week. Please take the time to book a time, even if you don't expect to need assistance on the day.



Parent Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that the PTO system is open for

bookings.  Login codes and passwords have been sent via email. If you require any assistance in booking please contact either Patricia Longhurst or Hilary Mahoney.

Phone: 5971 6700

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

See you at Reunion Day!

Did you know our Reunion Day isn't just for former friends of Bayside, but is open to our current families as well? With displays, food and entertainment, it's bound to be a fantastic day for our whole community!


It all takes place next Saturday 2 September from 10am-2pm. Please note that there are many food options available, so make sure you bring some cash along so you can enjoy all that's on offer.

2018 Bayside Production

Bayside Christian College presents - THE SECRET GARDEN - SPRING VERSION 


The Secret Garden - Spring Edition is the long-awaited new 70-minute version of the beloved musical. Orphaned in India, 11 year-old Mary Lennox returns to Yorkshire to live with her embittered, reclusive uncle Archibald and his invalid son Colin. The estate's many wonders include a magic garden which beckons the children with melodies and memories from Mary's past, which sees a dramatic transformation in each of the characters and a subsequent regeneration of the entire family.


The Secret Garden is a story about forgiveness, redemption and renewal.


Show Dates are 9 -11 May 2018 at The George Jenkins Theatre.

  • Auditions will be held on Monday 16 - Thursday 19 October between 3:30 - 5:30pm in the Music Room (G7). 
  • Dance auditions (for specialist dancers) will be held on Wednesday, 18 October from 3:30-4:15pm.
  • Callbacks will be held on Tuesday 24 October, 3:30-5:30pm.

Audition application forms, character breakdowns and audition requirements will be available shortly from the office. Stay tuned!

From the Bayside Raiders desk

Just a reminder that the summer season is fast approaching. Our official registration afternoon will be on  7 September in the G block foyer from 2:30-4:00pm. Please remember the $25 registration fee per child. We have forms printed off for you and sample uniforms to try on for size.


See you all there!


Ulli Austermann - Club secretary

0400 172 188

Working Bee this Saturday

The second last working bee for the year is taking place this Saturday 26 August from 8am-1pm. Come and help out around the grounds to keep our beautiful College neat and well-maintained.


A reminder to families that they must contribute eight (8) hours at working bees throughout the year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150. Our last working bee for the year will be on Saturday 28 October

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