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07 August 2017
Issue Twenty-two
Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

100 Days of Learning for our Preps

On Friday our Preps celebrated 100 days of learning. It has been wonderful watching them grow and learn in the last 100 days. Going from strength to strength as they challenge themselves to learn so much in those first months. It was a great afternoon with many 100 activities such as 100 fruit loop necklaces, 100 snacks and if I were 100 activities. We are very proud of our Prep students and Mrs Wrigglesworth continues to do a fantastic job with their learning. Thank you vary much to those parents and family members who came along to support our students.

Thank you for your support

I continually say that we are fortunate to have such a fantastic community. Last week I certainly felt an even deeper level of gratitude. We were lucky enought to be contacted by St John's Tecoma Cricket Club who wished to sponsor our Free Fruit Friday's for the rest of the year. As a part of the community it is great to have the support from local organisations. A very big thankyou to St John's Tecoma for their generous donation of $450 which will be added to pay for Free Fruit Friday's.

We also received a generous donation from Grand Designs Landscaping - Marshall Coulson who very generously donated the cost of the laying of our Centenary Pavers. I you haven't been to see your pavers yet then come and take a look. This is greatly appreciated by everyone at Upper Gully. 


VOTE FOR US - Leader Local Grant's

While we have received a generous donation it would be great to be able to fund Free Fruit Friday even further into the future. If you haven't already please vote for us in the local leader grants. Share it with your friends and family as well. We need all the support we can get.


Upper Gully Football Team Under 12's

Congratulations to the local boys under 12 football team. They had a sensational game on the weekend going into extra time with our very own Nick kicking a goal in extra time. Winning the game they now have a bye and head into the grand final the following week. I look forward to watching them play.

Parent Opinion Surveys

Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training. The survey is anonymous and we would like all parents to respond.

It is designed to assist our school in gaining an understanding of parents’ perception of school climate, student engagement and relationships with our parent community. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies. We are inviting all parents to complete this survey to get a picture of how we are going and what we can do to improve.

The survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 7th August to Sunday 27th August

Last year our survey data told us that we needed to work on the classroom management and behaviour of our students. This led to the implementation of Schoolwide Positive Behaviour and if you have visited during class time recently learning is our number one priority and our students are focussed and on task. We know we can always do and be better so please take this opportunity to complete the anonymous survey so we can celebrate our successes and make improvements.

Parent opinion survey. Please take the time to give us feedback and help us do better!

Just follow the link to complete the survey.


Have a great week everyone.


Upper Ferntree Gully Awards

Student of the Week

FW - Connor - for your effort to reach your personal goal of completing tasks independently!           Super work!

1P - Lucas - for consistently outing your personal best into your tasks!

2D - Cal - for always being so helpful! Great work Cal!

3N -  Audrey - For helping others when in need of support.

4/5 D -  

5/6 C -  Abbey -  for creating achievable learning goals and working towards them.

Writer of the Week

FW - Amy - for excellent sounding out when writing new words and using your knowledge of sight words! Well Done!

1P - Alex - for consistently putting 100% effort into your writing tasks!

2D -  Maxwell  - for working hard to edit and publish your narrative!

3N-  Georgia - For writing a procedure text using the correct structure.

4/5D -   

5/6C - Brodie - for his exploration with a variety of genres.

Mathematician of the week

FW -   Jaxsyn - for using location language to give directions to your peers! Great work!

1P -   Thomas - for putting 100% effort into your Maths tasks!

2D - Sarah - for doing a fantastic job using location language. Great work!

3N - Nina - For her growing understanding of Location and Transformation skills.

4/5D -  

5/6 C - Jack - for his excellent concentration when enlarging objects.  

Out of School Hours Care

Our Prices

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM


After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM




Please remember that if your child/ren are dropped off BEFORE 8.30am they need to be signed in by  a parent or carer.


Please observe speed limits in the School grounds when dropping off and collecting your child/ren, this is to ensure everyones' safety. 


For staffing reasons please give us as much notice as possible when booking/cancelling sessions.

Dates to remember

Term 3



Tuesday 8th

Toasty Tuesday


Wednesday 9th



Friday 11th

Whole School Scienceworks Excursion


Monday 14th

Fete Meeting 7pm


Wednesday 16th

Fete Meeting 9am


Friday 18th

Kinder visit


Monday 21st - Friday 25th

Book Week


Tuesday 22nd

Toastie Tuesday

Stepping Up Prep Transition Program 9.15am-11.00am


Thursday 24th

Special Friends & Family Day

Gr. 6 Graduation Meeting


Friday 25th

Kinder visit


Monday 28th - Friday 1st September

Swimming Program


Monday 28th

Parent Night - Chris Daicos  6:30pm - 8:30pm


Thursday  31st

Fathers Day Stall







Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th 

Phillip Island 3/4 Camp


Tuesday 5th

PFA Meeting 7pm

Stepping Up Prep Transition 


Wednesday 6th

School Council 7:30pm


Monday 11th

Curriculum Day

No Students at School


Thursday 14th

Produce Day 3N

Victorian State School Spectacular Dress Rehearsal


Friday 15th

Victorian State School Spectacular Dress Rehearsal


Saturday 16th

Victorian State School Spectacular Performance


Wednesday 20th

Footy Pie Day

Parents/Teachers vs Students


Friday 22nd

Last Day of Term 3

2:30pm Finish




Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 22 December

Parents Page

Readings for Parents

Each week we will publish readings for parents to support your child in their learning.

Friendships and the transition to school

Many children start secondary school expecting to make new friends. At the same time, they are concerned that they may lose contact with their current friends, particularly if they’re changing schools. For some children, the desire to stay with their group of friends influences where they would prefer to go to secondary school – and if they move to a different school they wonder how they will keep in touch and sustain their friendships.

Friends help each other make the transition from primary to secondary school easier. Friends are people that your child can talk to, share things with, confide in and sometimes argue with. Remember, conflict is a normal part of growing up. Conflict is not necessarily bullying, even though it may be upsetting and need resolution.

Parents and friends play different roles in the life of children. You influence your child’s long-term decisions to do with values and morals. Your child’s friends are more likely to influence short-term choices, such as the way they dress and their interests. Strong relationships with you and your child’s friends help your child grow into a well-adjusted adult with strong social skills.

Right now, your child’s friendships will tend to be based on sharing similar interests, acceptance and sharing. Same-sex friendships are the norm during the first years of secondary school.


Helping your child keep their current friends

Friendships need time, attention and trust if they are to survive. Ensure your child has the opportunity to spend time with their friends to maintain their connection. 

Talk to your child about their friends – what things they like to do with them and the things they appreciate or like about their friends. Talk about ways your child could show their friends how much they mean to them.

Talking with your child can also give you the chance to start a conversation about how they are going with their friends, and they are more likely to talk to you about any problems that come up. Listen to your child and use open-ended questions. As part of your talks, you could let your child know about your own friendship history. This might help them see other options and help them feel understood.

Through your behaviour and the time and effort you put into your own friendships, your child will learn how to be a friend and have friends. 

Talk to your child about forgiveness. Sometimes friends do things that upset us. This doesn’t mean the friendship has to end. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes is an important lesson to learn.

Helping your child make new friendsAt school

Friendships are usually made between those who have common interests, but it takes time. 

Some children make friends easily, others find it difficult. You know your child best and will know how they will feel about approaching children they don’t know and starting up a conversation. 

If your child has some difficulties, encourage them to:

  • be approachable by saying hello, smiling and not appearing too anxious
  • look for someone else who may also seem shy and talk to them
  • encourage your child to ask questions to start conversations, like ‘what school did you go to last year’, ‘do you like music/maths/running (whatever your child is interested in)’, ‘what’s your favourite subject this year’ and ‘why do you like it’
  • listen to what others are saying and suggest that they look for an opening before saying something, even if they are feeling self-conscious or awkward.

Outside school

Support your child’s interests and get them involved in clubs or groups that have similar interests. 

Encourage your child to have a wide range of friends from places such as sports or social clubs, music or dance classes. This means they can form friendships with children other than those at their school and with whom they share an interest.

The internet also lets young people make friends in new ways. Friendships built through social networking are different from real-life relationships. In the best cases, these friends offer your child a chance to talk about sensitive issues without fear of being judged, and a chance to experiment with identity in a more or less anonymous way. You’ll still need to monitor your child’s online friendships and social media activity to ensure that they are staying safe.

Your child’s friendships can often be very fluid. It is the quality of friends that your child has that is important, not the number. Whether your child has one special friend or many friends isn’t the issue. As long as they are happy and content you can be assured that they’ll do fine.

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