29 November 2019
Issue Nine
Dates to Remember
From the Princpal's Desk:
Courier Article 2/11/2019 Premier tours Woodmans Hill Secondary College
LIU Bolin - Foto Biennale Yr 9 Art Academy excursion
Arts Academy Students  2018 & 2019 - Exhibition
Job Camp
Energy Breakthrough
Futsal - interschool tournament
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Dates to Remember

College Calendar:

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3rd Tues       -   Early Bird Orientation


10th Tues      -   Orientation Day 


11th Wed       -  Year 7-11 Awards

                      Session 1 is Years 7 and 8 - Ceremony 6.00-6.50pm

                      Session 2 is Years 9, 10 and 11- Ceremony is 7.00-7.50pm                                

18th Wed       -  Student Reports available online


18th Wed       -  The Big Day Out

                   -  Last day of school for Students - Students dismissed at 3.15pm 








From the Princpal's Desk:

Principal Report


As the 2019 academic year draws to a close, we have a great deal to feel proud of; to feel grateful for and to look forward to.


Our students continue to do us proud in so much that they do. They work hard and have high aspirations for what they can achieve in their time at Woodmans Hill Secondary College. Our work as teachers is so much about developing the whole child, so that they have the confidence and the resilience to pursue their dreams in the face of any adversity. Whilst our core work will always be focused on producing literate and numerate students, we want each child to have compassion and empathy for those around them so that they grow into people that can connect their learning with the experiences that they have along the way. Over the course of this year we have seen time and time again how Woodmans Hill students have stepped up to any challenge and given their best. The public get to see it when they open the pages of the Courier, but we witness the Woodmans Hill attitude on a daily basis. Our kids care for each other and for their school and they believe that we can work together to make it an even better place to learn and to grow up in. Our students stand up against behaviour that they know is unacceptable and more and more are willing to not only do the right thing but to challenge their peers when their behaviour goes against our values. We see leadership with both a lowercase and uppercase L all the time and recognise what a privilege it is to see our students grow into young men and women willing to take action and contribute to their community. As principal of Woodmans Hill Secondary College, I am incredibly proud of how much our students have grown this year; proud of the way that they conduct themselves in public; and incredibly proud to support our hardworking staff in delivering an ever-improving opportunity to learn.


The obvious thing to be grateful for is the fact that our building work will finally be at an end by the end of this term! It is true, the access to specialist classrooms will enhance our provision and provide students with the space to express themselves in facilities that are designed for creativity. Such extensive building and renovation over such a long period of time puts significant demands on a school. Staff and students have taken this in their stride and the quality of the teaching programs has not suffered as a result of these challenges. However, new buildings need innovative teaching in order to engage students and I am indebted to the staff for how far they have pushed themselves throughout this year within their own professional learning. We have asked a lot of our teachers in 2019 and they have given more than I could have ever dreamed of. Even for experts in their field, teachers still have room for growth and the best teachers are still students at heart. Working in PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) throughout the year has provided our teachers with the chance to learn from and with each other. And this willingness to adapt and to grow and to improve can be felt throughout our staff: I rely heavily on our ES staff to ensure that we operate effectively and they have each given 100% to the cause of school improvement. I get so many kind words from visitors to our college with regards to the warmth and genuine care our staff show for them and their child: our strength as a school is our relationships and I am thankful on a daily basis for the good people we have in our team. This also extends to the support we have been given by our wider community: by our parents and partner groups who are willing us to be at the heart of their community.


And for these reasons, and so many more, I am really looking forward to 2020 and the challenges that it will bring. The trust that our parents have in us can be seen in the 125+ students who will be joining us in Year 7. They are joining a school on the rise; a school that believes every child can grow: a school that focuses equally on stretching high achievers and those that struggle and every ability in between. They will be joining a school in which we develop student leaders to be role models who have a real voice and say in the direction that their school is taking. They will have access to the best facilities and be taught by teachers who care enough to keep improving and challenging each other. 2019 has been the most rewarding year of my professional life, but I know it will be beaten into 2nd place by what we will achieve together in 2020. I look forward to keeping you updated, every step of the way.



Stephan Fields


2020 Student Enrolment Applications:


Courier Article 2/11/2019 Premier tours Woodmans Hill Secondary College

Premier tours Woodmans Hill Secondary College

Article published in the Ballarat Courier 2nd November 2019


Three year nine science students at Woodmans Hill Secondary College got a surprise on Friday, pitching their road safety idea to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.


Mr Andrews was touring the school's new facilities, which include new science rooms and a performing arts centre, when he walked into the classroom as they were beginning their class presentation.


Interestingly, the three budding engineers were pitching a drone that councils could use to scan rural roads for potholes, an ongoing issue across the district.

Moorabool Shire Council, for example, has upped its spending on road maintenance significantly to keep up with deterioration across its vast network, while Golden Plains Shire has increased its resealing budget from $850,000 to $1.15 million.



While Mr Andrews was not prepared to make any road funding announcements on Friday, the students could have passed on some thought-provoking ideas for futuristic road management.


The new buildings at the school also include a food technology space, VCE study centre - many of the students seemed nervous enough about this week's exams, let alone shaking hands with the premier - and a canteen, the first part of a $6 million upgrade.


The final stages of the upgrades are expected to be finished in the next few months.

The performing arts centre in particular has helped students in a range of subjects - year 11 student Charlie Stone said she's been able to explore different things since it's opened that she would have had access to otherwise.


Woodmans Hill performing arts centre creates new opportunities for students:

"We get to do vocal ensembles there, we have graduation there - it's just more exciting to have events at your school," she said.


Principal Stephen Fields agreed - he said there's already arrangements with other community groups to use the new rooms.


"We've got kindergartens and primary schools coming into the school to use our facilities for graduation, that means that high school's not a big scary place anymore, it's a natural progression," he said.


"We've got the east Ballarat Neighbourhood Group starting to use our facilities for adult education classes in 2020.


"East Ballarat, for a long time, has looked for a heartbeat, and I think Woodmans Hill Secondary College can be that."


LIU Bolin - Foto Biennale Yr 9 Art Academy excursion

LIU Bolin Foto Biennale                            Year 9 Art Academy excursion

Our Year 9 Art Academy Class had the opportunity to visit the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery to view the LIU Bolin Exhibition as part the the Foto Biennale. A thought provoking experience which was enjoyed by our students.



Liu Bolin is an artist born in China's Shandong province. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Shandong College of Arts in 1995 and his Master of Fine Arts from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2001. His work has been exhibited in museums around the world. Also known as, Liu Bolin's most popular works are from his "Hiding in the City" series; photographic works that began as performance art in 2005.


Arts Academy Students  2018 & 2019 - Exhibition


The following students have been a part of the Arts Academy during 2018 and 2019.


Charlie Farrell, Jessica Selgrig, Taya Gust, Kloe Weekley, Amelia Yeoman,            Tilly Burke, Jasper Meridith, Shania Axford, April Hillyer, Cassandra Kent,              Cindy Thomson, Mollyrose Crawford, Phoebe Colligan, Alex Wilson,                    Jack Fiddaman,  Rafferty Ricketts and Jude Bradley.              


Their Exhibition was displayed at RadMac in Armstrong Street South. 



Job Camp

Job Camp

Thanks to Short Courses Australia for running a successful two-day training camp at Woodmans Hill. Twenty-one students received RSA and Food Safety certificates, and completed a full day of training in making Espresso coffee. Belinda Eden from TROOP Employment ran a session on job application and resume writing. Students are already putting their training to good use and applying for positions.

The training was a great success and we will be offering it again next year!



Energy Breakthrough

Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough 

On the 23rd and the 25th, 17 students ranging from years 7 to 12 went to Maryborough, to compete in the energy breakthrough race.


Energy breakthrough is 24 hour race in which schools from all over Australia come to compete in. We compete in the HPV (human powered vehicles), so the two carts which we made and designed were completely powered by us. Our two carts were back to the future themed with one being called ‘Great Scott’ and the other ‘The Sizzler’ in honour of one of the teachers who started the program Mr Sirrals.


The weekend in total was so much fun, it was rare to not see a smile on everyone’s face, and so many of the participants are already preparing themselves for the 2020 team tryouts. 24 hours was a long time to race, so not a whole lot of sleep was had but regardless of that on the Sunday everyone was able to still work well together, although everyone was looking forward to getting home and having a long nap.


Throughout the weekend we were able to engage in an array of team building activities, from working together to help out in the pits, to helping build, design and fix our carts. Everyone was able to learn so much from the event and make so many new friendships in every year level.

Evie Crawford



Over the weekend of the 23rd-24th of November, two teams of Woodmans Hill Secondary College students rode human powered vehicles for 24 hours straight at the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough event. The students built and designed the carts and worked in teams to successfully complete the endurance trial.


The Sizzler’ team completed 321 laps and ‘Great Scott’ team completed 391 laps beating their score of 344 from last year. 2:37min was fastest lap of the 1.58km track, which was also the very last lap of the race!  


We would like to thank Kwik Kopy and Mulcahy and Co. for their generous support of our teams. We hope to continue to have their sponsorship in 2020 and achieve an even better result


Tegan Crosbie


Careers information from Carolyn Gregg


Futsal - interschool tournament

FUTSAL - Interschool Tournament


Jacklyn Ashley, Esdras Assimadi, Alex Bennetts, Takunda Butete, Emanuel Butler, 
Montana Chapman, Noah Gault, Tia Gunston, Thomas Heley, Holley Howard, Taleah Irving, Tom Leech, Chantelle Lucas, Tasha Marriott, Ava Nicolle, Vincent Nube, Jacob Parker, Talia Peart, Zac Russell, Phaedra Theodropoulos.



On Wednesday the 20th of November year 7 & 8 boys went to compete in a futsal tournament at Ballarat High School against other schools, we played 3 game against Ballarat High, Mount Clear & Phoenix. We lost all three games but we play extremely well especially seeing as we had limited time to train.  The list of players for 7 & 8 boys were Tom Leech, Emanuel Butler, Esdras Assimadi, Jacob Parker, Alex Bennetts, Noah Gault and Vincent Nube.


Zachary Russel- Boys Team Coach.




On Wednesday the 20th of November, selected students from year 7 and 8 participated in futsal matches at Ballarat High. We competed against other schools from around the Ballarat area. In our first game against the year 8 girls from Mount Clear we lost 2-0 the girls from Woodman’s Hill did extremely well. Tia Gunston performed very well in goals, Phaedra Theodoropoulos did very well defending the ball in all of our games. Takunda Butete did really well getting the ball away from her opponents.


Our year 7 girls played the Mount Clear girls, which we lost 3-0. Ava Nicolle did well getting the ball away from her opponents. Tasha Marriott did extremely well even though she did take a tumble. Montana did extremely well also, defending the ball. Chantelle Lucas did really well with taking on the other team.


Jacklyn Ashley- Girls Team Coach



The two teams performed really well throughout the day, with little preparation not having played together at all before the day, the teams came in nervous but excited for the tournament.  After tough starts both teams started to gel and towards the end of the day, they were playing with confidence and flair. Unfortunately, neither team were able to get a win, however both teams showed great sportsmanship and respect to not only each other but the other teams and demonstrated some amazing passages of play throughout their games.


Both teams represented the school exceptionally well and all team members and coaches should be proud of how they performed throughout the day.

Mr. Cottier



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Gymnastics - 11 Mentay Way, Mitchell Park


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The points accumulate and our school can redeem points for new equipment etc. Please consider purchasing from Rebel Sport to help our School.

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