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18 December 2019
Issue Fourteen

Our Values

Respect: Trust, Empathy and Tolerance

Initiative: Accepting Challenges, Developing Leadership

Learning: Powerful, Progressive and Purposeful

From the Acting Principal
 School Calendar
Administration Reminders
Commencement Schedule for the 2020 School Year
2020 Student Planner
Mobile Phone Policy
Australian Maths Competition
Year 8 Humanities
Year 7-9 Activities Week/ End of Year Excursions
Awards Evening
Bus Services
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From the Acting Principal


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,


I wish each and every one a safe and happy summer break and a wonderful New Year. If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


On behalf of all Staff at Rosehill Secondary College we thank you for your support and commitment to the College and look forward to working with you again next year, continuing our learning journey and building on the improvements made by our students and staff this year.


The long summer break is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and to recharge for the year ahead. We request however, that all parents/guardians provide support and encouragement in ensuring all students read their novels in preparation for 2020. Just like watching a good movie again and again, reading a novel multiple times has similar benefits and often we notice additional information possibly missed the first time.


Below is the list of the main novels for each year level and could be a great discussion point during a long drive to the beach this summer.


The novels for the different year levels are below:


Year 7

  • Things a Map Won’t Show You
  • Ties That Bind Ties That Break

Year 8

  • Runner

Year 9

  • Deadly Unna
  • Every Day

Year 10

  • Town
  • Insight Shakespeare Plays: Macbeth

Year 11

  • No Sugar
  • Great Gatsby

Year 12

  • Like a House on Fire
  • Dressmaker
  • Crucible: Play in Four Acts


Arthur Soumalias

Acting Principal

 School Calendar

Term 4



Tuesday 17th December 2019

Rosehill Secondary College Awards Night


Thursday 19th December 2019

2.30pm Finish




Term 1, 2020

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Year 12 Students Commence - Year 12 Study Camp

Year 11 Students in attendance for VCE Induction Day

Year 10 Students in attendance for Senior School Induction Day (laptops required)


Thursday 30th January 2020

Year 12 Students - Study Camp

Year 11 Students in attendance - formal classes begin

Year 9 Students in attendance - Induction Day (laptops required)


Friday 31st January 2020

Year 12 Students - Study Camp

Year 11 Students in attendance - formal classes

Year 8 Students in attendance - Induction Day (laptops required)

Year 7 Students in attendance - Induction Day


Monday 3rd February 2020

All Students (Year 7 - 12) in attendance


Administration Reminders

Payment & Consent for Excursions


Just a friendly reminder that all payments for Excursions and Events should be made via Compass. 


A significant amount of planning goes in to our major events and therefore a final payment date is always indicated in the event information.  Any requests for payments to be made after the final payment date will not necessarily be accepted, especially if it is a major event such as the End of Year Activities.  Your prompt payment for such events is greatly appreciated.


Although we prefer payment via Compass, if paying for an excursion at the Administration Office, we will only accept payment and consent at the same time. Payments handed in to the Administration Office will no longer be accepted without a consent form.  You or your child can print the permission note from Compass to bring along with payment.


It is extremely distressing for students and staff when payments for excursions cannot be accepted.  Please assist us in making this process seamless.


If you are experiencing difficulties logging in to Compass,  you can reset the password yourself as long as you have the correct login which is your family code. You must follow the ‘reset your password’ prompts on a laptop/desktop computer. It will not work on a smartphone.  If you are unable to reset your password it is paramount that you contact the office, so that we can get Compass back up and running for you.


If your child has CSEF there are two ways to process consent/payment.


1. Call the Administration Office to use the CSEF and update the event as paid in Compass and you   will then be able to consent online.

2. You or your child can print the permission note, sign and write CSEF on the note, bring it to the   Administration Office .  Compass will be manually updated to reflect payment and consent.


As students will not be receiving notes for excursions, it is important that parents are regularly checking Compass so they don’t miss any due dates to consent and pay for excursions.


Accounts Receivable

Bev McLean and Jacinta Catoggio


Sick Bay

Students must report to the Sick Bay when feeling unwell prior to contacting parents.  Parents will then be contacted by First Aid staff if their child needs to be collected from school.



Maree Kelly

First Aid Officer


Late Arrival to School


A few friendly reminders regarding late arrivals to school:

School commences at 9.00 am.

Please advise the College via Compass if your child will be arriving to school late. If this is not convenient, a phone call or a written note will be accepted.

Please ask your child to sign in at the General Office.

The late arrival will be recorded by the Attendance Officer and your child given an approved Late Pass when signed in at the Office.

Any late arrivals that are not approved before the end of Period 2, that is 11.30 am the same day, may result in a lunch time detention.

All parents/guardians will be notified via Compass by 11.00 am each morning if their child is not present for Period 1 and Period 2 consecutively that same day.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school, should you have any enquiries.

Jayne Kelly
Attendance Officer




















Commencement Schedule for the 2020 School Year

Schedule for starting the 2020 School Year


2020 Student Planner

2020 Student Planner 

Being organised is essential for our students to make the most of their educational and extra-curricular opportunities. To aid our students with their organisation we will be providing a Rosehill Secondary College Planner/Diary for 2020 as we want to enhance their learning and improve student outcomes across all key learning areas and all year levels.


You may also be aware that as of 2020 the government has mandated that mobile phones be banned during the school day. This includes smart watches and ipads which further emphasises the need for the Planner/Diary so that students can hold a copy of their timetable, create a study program and yearly planner, record all school events, necessary contacts, record absences and of course stay up to date with set tasks from the classroom. The Planner/Diary also contains our school policies, study tips and timetables, our School Wide Positive Behaviour matrix and can be the conduit between teacher and

parent.   This is a compulsory item.


To ensure an efficient rollout of the Planners at the beginning of the school year, and so our students can be organised immediately, we are asking that you access and make payment for the upcoming ‘Rosehill SC Planner/Diary’ event on Compass, or contact the general office and pay $10.00 as soon as possible. The Planner is an essential piece of equipment and will contribute significantly to improving the learning outcomes for your child.


If you have recently purchased the Planner, thank you and we look forward to your continued support.


Please contact the school with any queries.


Chris Cogan

Assistant Principal

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy 2020




Dear Parents/Guardians,


Recently all students at Rosehill received a copy of the mobile phone policy for 2020 onwards. If you haven’t read the policy, please take the time to read it via the link.






Chris Cogan

Assistant Principal

Australian Maths Competition

Australian Maths Competition


The Australian Maths Competition was conducted on Thursday 1st August.


A total of 112 students participated across Years 7-12. 


We are extremely proud of all students who participated in 75 minutes of navigating complex mathematical problems. A special mention to Matthew Turner who yet again received the award for Best in School performance. All students were awarded with a certificate and a copy of their overall performance.




Stephanie Barbaro 

Enrichment Learning Specialist

Year 8 Humanities





The Year 8 Humanities classes recently completed their fieldwork research at Torquay Beach.  It was great to see students apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the real world, and to watch those 'oh, I understand it' moments. Congratulations to the students on their behaviour and attitude to learning, which was complemented on by visitors and locals on the day.


Ms Sharon Fellowes



Christmas Card exchange with our Sister School



Five Year 8 and 10 students have sent Christmas cards to Kogakkan High School, our sister school.  It is the seventh year since we started our Christmas Card exchange with Kogakkan.


Some students created their own cards. 


Our sister school students sent us some origami crafts with their cards. We had a little Christmas party to celebrate our friendships with Kogakkan High School. 


The students who participated in writing cards were Yue Chai, Emily Baker, Ojas Bhardwaj, Mitchell Frasca and Ranuka Poparisut.




Takanori Hayakawa



Year 7-9 Activities Week/ End of Year Excursions


Activities week begins with the annual Year Level Excursions on Monday and a further three days of fun activities and events at school. 

Students are permitted to wear sports uniform for this week.

Reminder that Thursday 19th December will be an early 2.30pm finish (the bus company has been informed). 


Junior School Team



Congratulations to Maddison Reynolds (Year 9) who competed and qualified 2nd in Javelin at the State Athletic Competition of School Sport Victoria.


This is such an amazing achievement and we congratulate Maddison on all of her efforts. 



Erin McIntyre

Sports Coordinator

Awards Evening

Awards Evening



The Annual Awards Evening for 2019 was held on Tuesday 17th December at St Bernard’s College Auditorium, Rosehill Road Essendon, commencing at 7:00pm.


As the culture of our College has evolved to reflect our academic focus and commitment to excellence, the Awards Evening provided the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate Student Achievement. Music and dance performances featured throughout the evening and upon conclusion of the presentations, the 2020 College Captains  were officially inducted.


Awards for Academic Excellence were presented for each of the Key Learning Areas in Years 7-11 and for each Year 12 subject studied at the College.  A number of Special Awards were also presented throughout the evening including: Year Level Dux Awards; ‘Optima Semper’, Best Always Awards; ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards; Caltex Best All Rounder Award; Community Award; Excellence in Science Award; Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program Recipients; Sporting Blue Awards and Student Encouragement Awards.


The Rosehill Secondary College Community gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship provided by the following organisations and individuals:  Artelier Art Supplies; Australian Defence Force; Coughlan Motors, Essendon; Caltex; Cavalier Art Supplies; Insight Publications; Melbourne University; Leadowne Pty Ltd; Pennisi Real Estate, Essendon; Sunbury Coaches; and WorldStrides (Trekset), Essendon.



Bus Services

Bus Services

Students, and parents of students, travelling to and from school by bus are reminded that it is a requirement to use either a Myki or Yearly Pass on each trip.
As a school we are working very hard to ensure our students are doing the right thing by tapping on when they board the buses each afternoon and students have been cooperative in this regard.
Unfortunately, students have been less mindful of using their Myki or Yearly Pass when catching morning buses and we ask parents to remind their children to do this, as we would hate for families to be faced with fines for fare evasion.
Students are also reminded of the need to display the RIL behaviours of Respect and Initiative when using the bus service to ensure that all users feel comfortable and safe – this includes not leaving your rubbish behind and ensuring you behave in a kind and supportive manner towards your fellow students when boarding the bus and during the trip.



Road Safety


Just a reminder to parents that Sapphire Street is a 40 km zone at all times.  Please be mindful of this when dropping off and picking students up from the 'drop off' zone as there are many students who are crossing the road at these peak times.




Frances Snow
Assistant Principal

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