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19 March 2020
Issue Seven

Our Vision Statement

In seeking what is true, beautiful and good, we strive to build a Catholic School Community where each is given time and support in learning to know, to do, to live together and to be.


For God Alone





Corpus Christi School is a Child Safe School. We promote, the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.

Religious Education and Social Justice
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Religious Education and Social Justice

Project Compassion: 
Third Week of Lent 



During this third week of Lent we learn about the story of Barry.


Father of four, Barry, embodies resilience and strength. Growing up in a tough environment, he had to look inside himself to make the right choices for himself and his family. 


Barry, a Gamilaroi man originally from western NSW, remembers his early years as a time of enormous hardship. He didn’t have a stable home or support network and was mostly brought up by his grandparents.


He became a father in his late teens and was suddenly faced with responsibilities for which he wasn’t ready. He started drinking heavily, behaviour that he’d witnessed previously.


Barry, and others like him, were able to take part in Red Dust Healing – a cultural healing program, which encourages participants to examine their own personal hurt and allows them to heal from within. The program addresses family and personal relationships, and what may have been lifelong patterns of violence, abuse and neglect.

Red Dust Healing Founder, Tom Powell, is humbled that the program has won numerous awards and helped over 16,000 people like Barry across Australia. 

“I had to make some changes – not for me, but for my daughters,” Barry said. “I just thought to myself, why keep doing this? That ripple effect will travel, it will flow on to my girls and my grandchildren.”

Today, thanks to the Red Dust Healing program, Barry is an inspirational father to his four girls and a respected leader in his community. He now facilitates Red Dust Healing workshops and helps others through their healing process. A brighter future for men, women and their families can start today. Let’s Go Further, Together.


Watch Barry's story:



Let’s Go Further, Together! Please support the Project Compassion:


Prayer for Lent

Almighty and Everlasting God,
You have given the human race
Jesus Christ our Savior as a model of humility.
He fulfilled Your Will by becoming Man
And giving His life on the Cross.
Help us to bear witness to You
By following His example of suffering
And make us worthy to share in His Resurrection.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Your Son.


Project Compassion Donations

We continue to encourage children to donate money to Project Compassion through the donation boxes on the  prayer tables.



Confirmation Suspended

We have been notified by Bishop Mark Edwards that due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, Archbishop Peter Comensoli has announced that all Confirmation ceremonies in the Archdiocese of Melbourne have been suspended until further notice.


As you are aware our Confirmation ceremony was due to take place on Sunday 26th April. This ceremony has been cancelled and we will have to wait for further direction from the Archbishop as to when it can be rescheduled.


We understand this might cause some frustration for families but it is part of the Archdiocese’s efforts to cooperate with the whole-of-community efforts in working to contain the spread of COVID-19. 


In his letter to the school communities Bishop Edwards has asked us all to be mindful of the needs of all during this time:

it is important to recognise that while this is a medical and a social event, it is also a spiritual event amidst which we can tend to the spiritual and pastoral needs of our people. One aspect of this is to pray with and for those who are suffering from COVID-19: as a result of being sick, by physical isolation, through anxiety, or in economic consequences. We also pray for those who have died and those who mourn them. As well, let us ask for success for our medical researchers and for wisdom for our governments.


We will keep you informed when we know more about the Sacrament of Confirmation being rescheduled.

Pope Francis Prays for Coronavirus Sufferers

‘The season of Lent helps us to give an evangelical sense also to this moment of trial’ Pope Francis


Pope Francis has offered prayers for the many people around the world who are suffering from the coronavirus.


“I am close with prayers to people who suffer from the current coronavirus epidemic and to all those who are giving care,” the Holy Father said. “I remembered them a lot in these days of my retreat. I join my brother bishops in encouraging the faithful to live this difficult moment with the strength of faith, the certainty of hope and the fervor of charity. The season of Lent helps us to give an evangelical sense also to this moment of trial.”


During this time of uncertainty let us all make time to pray for those effected by the consequences of COVID-19: 


Pope Francis' Prayer to Our Lady

during the Coronavirus pandemic:


O Mary,
you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and of hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who at the cross took part in Jesus' pain, keeping your faith firm.
You, Salvation of the Roman People,
know what we need,
and we are sure you will provide
so that, as in Cana of Galilee,
we may return to joy and to feasting
after this time of trial.
Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
and carried our sorrows
to lead us, through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection.



Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God. Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.



Jane Wilkinson

Religious Education Leader

From the Principal's Desk

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update No.4

The rapid evolution of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to be a challenge for everyone in education. 


No doubt you all would have read my previous communication issued to families via email on Tuesday evening regarding how we as a school are responding to this unprecedented event and

I am aware that it is causing much concern for parents, staff and students.


Because the health and safety of our school community is our highest priority, the school’s decision to stay open is based on advice from the Australian and Victorian Chief Medical Officers.


Currently (as at the time of writing this newsletter) the advice of Dr Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer, is that ‘pre-emptive school closures are not likely to be proportionate or effective as a public health intervention to prevent community transmission of COVID-19 at this time’.


If and when the advice from the Chief Medical Officers changes, we will communicate those changes to you.


We continue to actively monitor developments and are working closely with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV).


The CECV is partnering with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, and Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to ensure our practices reflect current advice and support the needs of our school community.


I am receiving regular updates from the CECV, in regards to reporting and management practices, and we are well-placed to respond as circumstances change.


As a teaching staff, we are committed to ensuring that learning remains available to students as part of all students’ entitlement to access the Victorian curriculum.


As you are aware, we have plans in place to support students to learn from home but, while we remain open, the emphasis will be on the learning and teaching currently in place in the classroom.


Having said that, parents are welcome to contact me directly to discuss educational continuity options.


For families who may be looking for some sort of guidance and support as to how to address the heightened levels of concern and anxiety within the community regarding the many impacts of the coronavirus pandemic to your children, you may wish to explore some of the resources below.


I found this first video by  Dr Michael Carr-Gregg  courtesy of SchoolTV particularly useful.

Other resources include:


Can I take a moment to thank families for their support, understanding and patience as we continue to adapt to the situation and I  hope the information we are continually providing assists understanding and provides some sort of comfort to families during this time.


Should you have any concerns relating to school operations, or the health and safety of students, please also do not hesitate to contact me.

School Banking

We have been informed by Bendigo Bank Seddon Community Bank that school banking has been put on hold until further notice.

Big Day Out

Our Big Day Out  (Catholic Education Week Celebration) was a huge success  last week and proved a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate our Catholic Identity, especially considering the events of late. 


School Photos Rescheduled

Due to the current situation and the fact that only 13 families have placed an order, our school photo day will be  rescheduled to a later date to be confirmed.


Please hold onto your order forms, for the time being,  which contain your personal log on codes.


Holy Week Celebration and Easter Raffle

On Friday 27th March our Year 5/6 students will lead us in our Holy Week celebration commencing at 11:30am.

Our Year 5/6 students will act out the significant events of Holy Week and each class will visit the scenes. Unfortunately, this experience will only be available to students. 

Casual Clothes Day/Easter Raffle

On Wednesday 25th March, children are invited to wear casual clothes to school in return for an Easter egg donation on the day. These Easter egg donations will then be packaged as prizes for our annual Easter Raffle which is drawn after our Holy Week celebrations on the last day of Term 1. Please drop the Easter Eggs into the hall on your way into school.


 Tickets are $1.00 each. Please return raffle money to the office by Wednesday 25th  March. We are also looking for donations of cane baskets (or the like) to package our Easter egg prizes. These can be donated at any time and handed in at the school office.

Easter Egg Wrapping Morning

We will still be holding an Easter Egg wrapping session(to wrap all our raffle prizes) on Thursday 26th March in the hall from 1:30pm. If you are able to help, please meet in the hall on the day. 

Years 1-6 Learning Conferences

Learning Conferences for Year 1 to 6  students will still be offered on Wednesday 25th March, 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm for those families who wish to book an appointment.


If you have already made an appointment and don't intend to come please be courteous and cancel your appointment  so that teachers can make the best use of their time.


Please note that all children in Prep to Year 6 will be dismissed at 1:00 pm that day.


Families are to use School Interviews Online to manage bookings. Please go to and enter the event code of:   h62xd to book interviews for the times that suit your family.


NOTE: The booking portal will close at 3:15pm the day prior to the interviews

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

A reminder that families who hold a valid Health Care Card for the 2020 year are able to receive a government rebate through the Camp, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) which is currently set at $125 per primary aged child. 


Applications for the CSEF can be collected from the school office. We encourage families to submit these to the school office by the end of March. 

Student Wellbeing News

Spotlight: Prep Community

Program: CASEA

Focus : Being brave


In Year Prep, we have been learning all about being BRAVE!

First we tried all sorts of different activities to see what we liked best, then we chose one talent that we thought we were really good at. Some Preps are singing, playing instruments, playing soccer, reading, drawing, showing their martial arts skills and even some trampoline tricks!


We have been practising our special talents and we can't wait to perform them to each other. We might be a little bit nervous but we are going to give it a go!


We are stars and we are ready to shine!



Topic: Harmony Day!

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. It is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community. 


We will be celebrating Harmony Day on Wednesday 25th March. Our student leaders have been working hard to help plan our celebration! The day will begin with assembly run by student leaders. Afterwards students will undertake different rotational activities that celebrate cultural diversity.


Students may wear casual dress and everyone is encouraged to wear as much orange as possible on the day! Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Haylea Anderson

Student Wellbeing Leader

Learning and Teaching 

Year 5 and 6 Learning Community Snapshot

This semester, the Year 5 and 6 students have been thoroughly engaged in their Inquiry Unit, ‘A Recipe For Change.’ When planning this unit, Ms Poropat and Mr Marks were very conscious of how relevant this would be for the students particularly as it was straight after the bushfire crisis. After exploring the current state of our world, students dove into understanding the real issues facing our world. A trip to CERES aimed to explore different ways to be more energy efficient, reuse materials and rely on the environment in a more sustainable way. 


This excursion also tied well into our literacy sessions, where the persuasive prompt ‘is it okay to use endless amounts of the Earth’s resources?’ helped students to further research and form their own opinion about the future health of our world. 


"We are relying too much on our world, we are using what we want and not just focusing on what we need" - Lara Verga 


"Isn’t it obvious? If you selfishly use the environment’s resources you will be digging yourself an early grave" - Levi Perera 


"Earth is slowly becoming uninhabitable. Our planet will expire sooner than you think" - Michelle Vuong 


"Surely no one wants to be responsible for the damage of the Earth. Taking too many resources won’t only affect us humans but all the other living organisms" - Lucy O’Brien



Once back at school, a mind map of the CERES excursion was created. A compare and contrast chart helped students determine what to expect to see in our current city as well as what changes would be needed in order to create a more sustainable city. The four domains used to organize a sustainable place were -  Housing, Food, Transport and Energy. 


A hypothetical situation was then posed to the students, describing a new planet called Sustainia being discovered allowing for sustainable people, places and a way of living to exist. In groups of three, students began creating their own Eco Friendly Design House to be built on Sustainia which aimed to encompass all students' knowledge throughout the term. A facade, floor plan and garden view were designed along with appropriately considered eco-friendly features.



Cultural Diversity Week

In 2020, Cultural Diversity Week will be held from 21–29 March with the theme ‘Curiosity. Conversation. Community.’ This week is presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission with support from the Victorian Government.  The week invites Victorians to embrace and celebrate our cultural diversity. At Corpus Christi School, our Harmony Day celebration will recognise Cultural Diversity Week. You can read more information about Harmony Day in the Student Wellbeing News section of this newsletter. 


Deborah Courtney

Director of Teaching and Learning

e-Learning News

Google Guide - Every student has access to these apps and more! 

Over this term, students have been using their Google accounts as a tool to improve their learning. Every student has been given a school account, and their details have been sent home. This account includes: 


Google Drive - a storage system where students are able to save work, write or create posters and surveys. 

Gmail - An email system allowing for quick and reliable communication

Google Classroom - an online learning portal, where tasks can be allocated to students and explained. This provides learning resources in an online classroom. 


Over the coming weeks, these accounts may have increased significance in each students learning, so we encourage families to jump onto their accounts and make themselves familiar with the range of apps. 


E Learning Coordinator

Zachary Lane

Tech Club Update 

Due to the ever changing situations, Tech Club has been suspended until further notice. 


If you are looking for your own projects to do at home, there are a number of links included below that might be useful for the up and coming computer wizz!


Scratch - allowing for block coding, scratch is a work book that allows you to create your own content. 

Code Club Aus - A website that is useful as a guide. The projects section has fantastic instructions about how to create your own games, activities or apps. 

CoSpaces - A virtual Reality creator. CoSpaces lets you create your own environment. 

Merge Cube - A tool used to bring Virtual Reality into Augmented Reality. 


The best part about these programs, they are free and require only a little bit of set up!


Good luck to all the programmers out there!


Extra Curricula News

Ride2School Day

Thank you to all families  who joined in on the “Freaky Friday National Ride2School Day.”

We had many students and  parents who met at Hansen Reserve, and rode, scootered or walked to school together.  It was a nice little way to end the week and we Miss Brittney and our Sports Leaders for for putting it all together.

Kanga Cricket 

Last Friday our Year 5/6 students competed in the Footscray District Kanga Cricket Gala Day.


All children performed well and represented our school beautifully.


Congratulations to our Boys' Team and our Girls' Team who were both runners up in their division and will progress to the Regional Finals should they be held, later in the year. 



Thanks again to Miss Brittney for co-ordinating the event.


Parent Partnerships

Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic


If you’re like me, the news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has your head spinning and your heart pumping. That’s only natural as life as we know has taken a seismic shift in recent days.


International travel bans, cancellation of sporting and cultural events, shopping frenzies and talk of school closures continue to dominate the airwaves. Terms such as social distancing, self-isolation and social lockdowns have entered our vocabularies and may soon become part of our daily lives.


Coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on our daily lives, and will probably do so for some time. While keeping ourselves and children healthy and safe is our main concern, it’s also essential to address the anxieties of children and young people during these changing times. Here are some ideas to help inform, reassure and keep children and young people safe.


Build on what your children know

Children and young people have already been exposed to a great deal of information about coronavirus through media, digital means and direct social contact. Their understanding will vary depending on their age and also the quality of their information sources so you probably will need to help kids process what they already know.

Casual conversations with teenagers and older children can be useful ways to glean their understanding. You could ask questions like “What are you hearing about Coronavirus? Is there anything you’re not sure about?” Younger primary age children may need a more direct approach with parents addressing their specific concerns without giving too much information that can overwhelm them.


Check your own thoughts and feelings

Check your own frame of mind and emotions about COVID-19 before talking to kids. Most children are astute mood detectives and they’ll gauge their safety by the way you communicate with them. If you tell a child, “You’ve got to wash your hands or you’ll get infected,” you are communicating your own anxieties, making it difficult for them to maintain a healthy state of mind. Have a think about how you can frame your instructions and their importance in a way that doesn’t heighten your child’s anxieties.


Stay informed

It’s difficult to work out fact from fiction, correct from incorrect, information from exaggeration when the news is changing so fast. However you need to educate yourself about the virus itself, including how it’s transmitted and how to stay safe. Get information from trustworthy sources such as The Australian Government Health Department website and the current federal government corona virus information media campaign.


Answer questions truthfully

It’s important that parents and teachers answer children’s questions honestly in age-appropriate ways and within context of what is happening at the given time. If their sport or hobby has been temporarily cancelled empathise with their concerns, while helping them maintain a sense of perspective.


Initiate positive action

One way to reduce anxiety and allay children’s fears is to involve them in planning and preparation for their personal and group safety. Positive activities such as maintenance of personal hygiene, greeting people with an elbow tap and getting plenty of sleep can help restore a sense of control, that is so important for their wellbeing.


Find refuge in rituals

Regular rituals such as mealtimes, bedtime stories and regular one-on-one time provide both an anchor to normality and a sense of connection for kids at times of change. Consider reconstituting favoured family rituals at this time if they have lapsed due to lack of time, or lifestyle frenzy.


Look outwards

In difficult times there is a tendency to look inwards, which is a natural protective strategy. The alternative is to establish a sense of connection and community spirit by focusing on generosity and togetherness. Help children see past their own needs and look for ways to assist others whether it’s shopping for an elderly neighbour, helping a younger sibling occupy themselves, or planning an indoor movie night for the whole family.


The Coronavirus presents many practical challenges to parents and other important adults in the lives of kids. Staying calm, keeping informed and adjusting our own habits are just some of the challenges we face. However a significant challenge is one of personal leadership. That is, during these difficult times we need to be civil to each other, look out for each other and be mindful of the common good in everything we do. In this, we can all take a significant lead.



Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!


4th - Holliday Ta

7th-  Jameson Ogilvie

12th- Luke Waterworth

13th- Lexi D'Arguma

14th- Felix Bilog

15th- Moss Francis-McGuire

16th- Gabriel Ling

17th- Thien-Luong Khong

18th- Deeksha Jekkula

         - Raphael Shearer

         - Kenneth Tanielu

19th -Giang Khong

20th- Lucrezia Hamilton

21st- Beau Trevethan

        - Ivy Waterworth 



Students of the Week

Year Prep L

Year Prep NV

Year 1/2Z

Year 1/2 C

Year 1/2 B

Year 3/4 S

Year 3/4 H

Year 5/6 S

Year 5/6 W


Nathan Gebremedhin

Ai Cunningham & Alessandra Garro

Max Green & Jake Ball

Evie Doyle

Thomas Stolica

Jade Mai

Anna Inmang

Ryan Lopez

Zarah Cataldo




Diary Dates


25th- Harmony Day Celebration 

           - Casual Clothes Day (Easter Egg Donation)

Years 1-6 Learning Conferences 2:00-8:00pm. Students finish at 1:00pm

26th- Easter Egg Wrapping 1:30pm ( Community Hall)

27th-  Holy Week Celebrations  11:30am (Student only event)

             End of Term 1: Students finish at 1:00pm





14th- Term 2 Commences

16th-  School Photo Day 

22nd- School Closure Day: Staff Professional Development

26th- Confirmation - postponed until further notice

27th- Years P-6 Incursion: Young Mary-The Life of Mary MacKillop (ON HOLD)











8th- Mothers' Day Breakfast 7:30-8:45am (ON HOLD)

       - Mothers' Day Stall 9:00-11:00am (ON HOLD)

11th-  School Athletic's Carnival @ Aberfeldie Athletic's track (ON HOLD)

15th- Year 5/6 Winter Inter-School Sports Vs Footscray North PS (ON HOLD)

18th- Back Up day for School Athletic's Carnival  (ON HOLD)

22nd- Year 5/6 Winter Inter-School Sports Vs Footscray PS (ON HOLD)

26th- Year 5/6 excursion Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre   (ON HOLD)

26th-  Year 3 Family Eucharist meeting @ 7:00pm  (ON HOLD)



Sacrament Dates 2020

  • Confirmation (Yr 6): Sunday 26th April at 11:00am (Postponed)
  • First Eucharist (Yr 3): Sunday 14th  June at 11:00am 
  • First Reconciliation (Yr 2): Tuesday 27th October at 7:00pm 



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