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11 June 2019
Term Two, Week Eight         'st James School Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards.’
Dates to note...
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Dates to note...



Wed 12       Breadmaking Day - Year 3's  SJM

Thurs 13    Mass 10.20am - Prep and Year 2's   SJV

Fri 14          Interschool Sport - Round 6

Sat 15        P & F Major Fundraiser ' Festival of the Fence'   

Mon 17 - Wed 19     Year 5 Camp - Sovereign Hill

Wed 19      Last Marathon Club for the term

Thurs 20    Confirmation Reflection Day   SJV

                      Confirmation Parent Night   7pm   

Fri 21           Prayer Service - Year 1

Sat 22          First Eucharist   6pm  SJM

Sun 23         First Eucharist   9.45am, 11.15am  SJM

Tues 25       Reports sent home

Thurs 27    Year 5  to Emmaus  - 12.30pm - 3.20pm

                      Year 3 Excursion to Scienceworks

Fri 28           Last day of Term

                      Feast of the Sacred Heart   Mass  12noon

                      P & F BBQ    3.20pm



Sat 13         First Eucharist   6pm  SJM

Sun 14        First Eucharist   9.45am,  11.15am

Mon 15       School Closure Day

Tues 16       Term 3 begins

                      P & F Morning Tea   9am

Sat 20         First Eucharist   6pm  SJM

Sun 21        First Eucharist   9.45am,  11.15am

Mon 22      St James Week

Thurs 25    Feast of St James

(Please be aware that dates can change....always check the dates  for confirmation)

Principal's Post

Dear Families,

I hope the Long Weekend brought some rest time for your family.

With Sunday being the feast of Pentecost, we were reminded of the power of the Holy Spirit. There are many references in the gospels to Jesus being "filled with the spirit." It is this spirit that our Year Six students will receive in the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 10 August.

We are often challenged to live out many of the spirit filled qualities such as; patience, right judgement, kindness and love, we have in our daily interactions with others.

National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

Currently, St James is conducting it's annual National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on students with a disability. The collection calculates the number of students we provide additional adjustments/support to who have a disability.  This assists the government in planning for the education of all students. For more information, please find attached the information sheet by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the information sheet in a different language please contact our  Learning Diversity Leader, Jessica Waters.


P & F Major Fundraiser

  • It's all happening this Saturday Evening
  • Start time is 7.30pm
  • Remember it's a BYO event - which includes your glass!
  • Auction Items bidding is heating up!

The brilliant Year One Champions have really been working overtime and have outstanding attention to detail to ensure a great night for all of us. 

End of Semester Student Reports

Teachers have recently been spending their spare time forming and writing your children's reports. I estimate it takes approximately two hours per student to write and coordinate each report. That's about 48 additional hours for a class teacher of 24 students to have dedicated over the past few weeks. 

Reports will come home on Tuesday 25 June. Please take the opportunity to celebrate your child's learning and growth with them and let them know how proud you are of their achievements when you write on the parent reflection sheet due back by the end of term.

A Few Things to Note

  • Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass will be celebrated at 12 noon on Friday 28 June. Donations of food for St Vincent De Paul to distribute to local people less fortunate than us , are now being collected in the classrooms.
  • Next Wednesday, weather permitting is the last Marathon Club for the term. It will resume on Wednesday 24 July, week two of next term. Growing costs mean we need to increase the cost per student for the semester to $15:00 for breakfast. Please send this along on your child's first gathering next term.
  • Online bookings are now open for 'Jellybeans'.  To book a spot for  your child/ren for the next pupil free day on the 15th July go to  

  •  There will be some washing over the holidays of Lost Property. If you can help with this, please contact Carmel

Mark these dates in your diary:

  • The School Concert is planned for Monday and Tuesday 9 & 10th September. Details will follow...

  • Year five students are getting really excited - They are heading off to Sovereign Hill next week to get a taste of life in the 1850s on their first school camp.

  • We wish Bridget ( 6N) all the best next Tuesday 18 June, when she competes in the EMR Cross Country Meeting at Yarra Glen. What an amazing achievement  to get to this stage! We're proud of you!

  • We are waiting for the delivery of prizes from the Colour Fun Run and hopeful that they can be distributed before the end of term. We will then survey you to invite your feedback.

A big, 'Shout Out' to the Pastoral Care team who always have their finger on the pulse, ready to lend a hand or cook a meal for our friends in need. Thank you to each and everyone of you, under the guidance of Kylie Brooks - Verberne.

We also say, Thanks' to our ACU Pre service teachers who have been part of our school family over the past few weeks. We thank them for all that they have given to our community and wish them well in their teaching careers.


Congratulations to ......

Thomas (2D) and Liam (2S) who competed in the local swimming carnival run by the Nunawading Swim School. They competed in the 8yr old category in separate heats.


50m Freestyle - 3rd, 50m Backstroke - 2nd


50m Freestyle - 2nd, 50m Backstroke - 2nd


Lucy (6C) for achieving a PB, running 6:19 mins in the 1500m Little Athletics Championship U12 Girls. 


A school tunic, size 4G belonging to Jia (1D) after netball on Friday 17th May.


Our community will say,'Thanks and Farewell' to Jacqui Porritt at the Prayer Service planned for Friday 21 June, starting at 9:00am. You're invited!

Education in Faith


Some say that the Feast of Pentecost is the celebration of the birth of the Church. Jesus gives us his Church, the gift of his Spirit, so that we may be energised to bring the love, peace, joy and forgiveness of Jesus’ Spirit to all people. 

Our Year Six parishioners, who are celebrating Confirmation this year, recently made a commitment to celebrate God’s Spirit in their lives by their action in the community.

We pray that they may find joy and strength in God’s Spirit and in the support we give them.

Feast of the Sacred Heart

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a time for us think about the deep love and compassion that Jesus has for all people, especially the poor and the suffering in our world – and there are plenty!

Our prayer is for us to love like Jesus; to be more generous and kind in our loving…and making it real.

With this feast, we have a special drive to collect non-perishable food items to give St Vincent De Paul in our Parish. These groceries are then distributed to needy people in Vermont and Mitcham.

Can you spare an item?

If so, send it along with your child over the next three weeks and we’ll arrange collection….Be a Mini Vinnie!

Don't forget to check use by dates.

Join us for Mass on June 28th at 12:00 noon. Year 3 are hosting


May we grow to be the genuine hands

of love and compassion

to all –especially those in need…”​​​​​​​

Important Dates....

Wednesday 12th June- Breading Making Day for Yr 3 & First Eucharist 

Thursday 13th June, 10.20am- Parish Mass attended by Prep & Year 2

Thursday 20th June- Confirmation Reflection Day at St James CC

Thursday 20th June, 7pm - Parent Confirmation Info Night at St James Friday 21st June, 9am- Prayer Service hosted by Year  1

Friday 28th June, 12 noon- Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass, Yr 3 hosting

Literacy and Numeracy

ICAS - International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

Dear Parents, 

Students in Years 3-6 at St. James are invited to participate in the ICAS Assessments this year.

ICAS has been developed by UNSW Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of New South Wales.  It has been designed to target student's higher-order thinking and problem solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Digital Technologies.

Each assessment celebrates students' accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition.  Every student will receive a certificate and online result report.  Top performers will be eligible for medals and are invited to attend special award ceremonies.

The assessments are suitable for students wishing to extend themselves academically and to take up the personal challenge of competing in an international assessment.  There is no need for prior study or revision.

ICAS assessments are online.  Students will be supervised by myself or another member of the School Improvement Team.  To learn more about ICAS visit  -


Dates and costs for 2019 are as follows:


Digital Technologies

Tuesday 3rd September



Thursday 5th September



Tuesday 10th September


Spelling Bee

Thursday 12th September



Tuesday 17th September



Thursday 19th September



To enrol your child in ICAS testing, please visit the following link and make a direct payment to UNSW Global.

Visit -

Enter our school's unique code - 1022fc6884

Online payment will close on 31st July, 2019.


Please note this important privacy notification:

UNSW Global stores, uses and modifies the ICAS Assessment data in order to generate reports, conduct research and analysis, and improve its products and services.  UNSW will not hold or use ICAS Assessments data that constitutes personal data for longer than 15 years.  As the parent or guardian of a student who intends to sit ICAS Assessments, you consent to the school collecting the ICAS Assessments data that relates to the student, disclosing it to UNSW and to UNSW Global's use of it in the manner outlined above.  You also consent to the school assigning this consent to UNSW Global.


We look forward to some fantastic results later in the year.


Cathy Dimitrakopoulos

Literacy/Learning and Teaching Leader

Family Mathematics Challenge

Keep sending your Maths Challenge responses in. It is great to see families taking the time to talk about mathematics. 


Please send your answers to the office marked Family Maths Challenge or email Josh Crowe -


Good luck and have fun.


Spotlight on Learning


Congratulations to the following students who received a Student of the Week award recently.

Chloe, Jeremiah, Jenna, Will, Dulcie, Owen, Dylan, Grace, Indie, Akain, Asher, Alby, Alfie, Ivana, Bridget and Marc.

Tom, Ryland, Georgina and Henry.


The Prep students have been learning about teen numbers. There has been a particular focus on teen numbers as being ten and some more/extra ‘ones’ (e.g. 15 is ten and five more). The Preps have been using tens frames to help show different teen numbers. They have also been showing teen numbers using the MAB blocks. While looking at the place value of teen numbers, the Prep students have also been working on addition, where the sum equals a teen number. To add numbers, students focussed on the ‘count on’ strategy, as well as using number lines to assist them in solving these equations.


“I know that when you add together two numbers, you start with the biggest number and count up from there” (Tessa)


“15 is just 10 and five more” (Andrew)


“Teen numbers always have a 1 at the start because that shows the ten” (Emerson).


“10 and 5 add up to 15. It is the same if you swap the two numbers – 5 and 10 - it still gives you the same answer” (Andrea)


Digital Technologies




Lately, we've had quite a number of students needing/requesting password changes.  Unfortunately, this was due to students sharing their passwords with classmates or siblings.

Please do not encourage your younger children to give their passwords to siblings for 'footy tipping' competitions or any other websites.  If children are being signed up to sites, they should be using private passwords and  personal Google accounts that are monitored by parents.



There are a growing number of students using their school G Mail accounts for personal use.  Whilst we encourage students to use their school G Mail account to  to share news and experiences, it has come to our attention that there are some students who are regularly annoying others with emails full of 'nonsense' and negative comments.  Students who continue to do this will lose Technology privileges as it is against our SJV User Agreements.



Winter holidays are a great time to curl up on the couch with the ipad or laptop to play games, search the internet, chill out etc, but.... but it is also prime time for students to get themselves into trouble.  Monitor students technology use and make sure babysitters, grandparents or carers are aware of suitable sites.  And as soon as the sun is shining, get those kids outside away from screens!!!



Anxiety in Children

Anxiety can strike all children, some more than others. Our understanding of it and the associated range of behaviours can greatly assist our strategies for support. Below are three links to a podcast and articles that may be of interest.  


Anxiety and Fears in Children 0-8yrs


Radio National, 'Life Matters' podcast, Helping Anxious Children, with Michael Grose and Dr Jodi Richardson.


‘My Child Is Anxious What Do I Do?’ by Michael Grose

Which provides some general information around what anxiety its, some indicators of an anxious child and some helpful strategies.


If you haven't already I recommend you subscribe to the Parenting Ideas website as there are always great articles.

Parent Resources

Parentline 13 22 89

Parentline is available 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. It is a confidential and anonymous phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria.


Click here for access to CatholicCare

It is a social service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, they offer a range of programs and services that aim to build and strengthen relationships.


Click here for Raising Children Network

Reliable, and up-to-date information to help your family grow and thrive together. 


Click here for access to the Student Well-being Hub Website

It includes sections for parents, teachers and students with practical strategies and resources to support your child's well-being.


Click here for access to Parenting Ideas Blog

It includes articles, testimonials and practical tips on a wide variety of topics.


Click here for Iparent - Office of eSafety Commissioner 

To learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences.

Photo: Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

Photo: Extra Curricular

Earn & Learn...

Once again, we are collecting Earn and Learn stickers between 1 May and 25 June . If you shop at Woolworths, we'd appreciate you popping them on a sticker sheet and sending them along to school. We'll let you know what we earn !!Thanks!

'The Long Walk'

On the 28th of May, Aquinas College invited 16 schools to participate in the  Long Walk hosted by Michael Long. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it so Nova Peris, an indigenous Australian athlete, former politician and friend of Michael Long’s led the way.


15 years ago, Michael Long embarked on a 650 km walk to Canberra. He walked from his home in Melbourne to Parliament House in Canberra, to talk about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ rights. Many people joined the long walk, some for an hour and some for the entire journey.


When we got to Aquinas College, we had half an hour to settle in and have some morning tea. Then we went outside and some Aquinas students sang a meaningful song. After a few speeches we started the walk. We started at Aquinas, walked past 'Aquanation' and ended up back at Aquinas.


We had a wonderful time participating in the Long Walk, taking time to think about Reconciliation and how we all need to have the same rights, and hope that everyone will continue with this learning experience.


Jessica, Millah, Jonny, James



Children are loving the opportunity to gather on Fridays for the Choir class, ably lead by Lisa Sully and Maureen Johnson. We are so lucky to have them!

Round about...

Our 'Living City - Melbourne'mural is having the final touches, under the expertise of our resident artists - Jann Daly and Anne Gleeson. Stay tuned for the 'Opening Ceremony' early next term.
Lego Club, Dance Club and Skipping Club have all,'hit the spot' with enthusiastic attendees!

Issue 4/2019 book orders are due back at school by this:


Thank you to all those using the LOOP system to order and pay. Orders can also be placed by sending your order with payment to the office via the office/class tubs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Janine Piper (Aaron 6N & Jacinta 4BH)

Mobile: 0407 336 598


Eggs for sale!

$5.00 per dozen.

Fresher than Coles or Woolworths!

Just put money in an envelope with your child's name and grade, and as soon as the 'girls' lay enough, they will be sent home. 

Give them a try;  the Silkie eggs are  flavour-packed!!!


Farm Duty:

Many thanks to the huge number of families who answered the call for holiday volunteers.  We had so many responses, that we had to move people to Term 3 weekends. 



JUNE 15 & 16th - MARDESIC (1M)

JUNE 22 & 23rd - DE SILVA (PREP K)




Useful Forms



P & F Newsletter

Sat June 15th         Major Fundraiser

Fri June 21st          Food Day

Fri June 28th          End of Term BBQ

Tue July 16th         Welcome Back Morning Tea

Fri July 26th            School Disco

Fri August 2nd        Dad’s Night Out


#FestivalForTheFence  - three sleeps to go!

See the included flyer for more information.

Log onto and check out our amazing donations!  A huge thank you to all of our generous community, families and friends that have contributed to over $19,000 worth of donations.  If you can't be at the major fundraiser on June 15th be sure to put in your highest bid by Friday 14th June 9am.  After this time all bid sheets will be printed for a transition to live auction.  To bid use your account details from last year OR register to bid. Any questions? Email:   Happy Bidding!!!!


Volunteer Signup

Many hands make light work!  Help us reset the hall at the end of the night.  The Grade One champions have put in a lot of work to get ready for Saturday night.  This is our only call for help, so please sign up if you can help at:


Woohoo!  It’s a Pasta Food Day!

Friday 21st June – order forms to be returned by this Friday 14th June.  Helpers needed from 9am-11am and 10:40-11am.  If you can help please sign up at:


Friday Treats

Don't forget to send along 50c for Friday treats.  Thanks to everyone that has signed up.  Please contact the organisers via volunteer signup if you are unable to make your shift.


Supporting local businesses that support our school!


Did you know??

Every time you shop at Rebel Sport St James Vermont will be rewarded? St James is involved in the "Rebel Support Program."  Under this program, our school earns 5% of your purchases simply by shopping at Rebel Sport!

All you need to do is link your Rebel VIP Member Card to St James Primary School Vermont.  Each time you shop at any Rebel store advise you are a VIP member, if your card is linked to St James Vermont, we receive 5% of your sale.  Each month we receive a statement with credits which we can use to buy raffle prizes and vouchers.



We are also linked to the Bunraiser Bakers Delight program @ Brentford Square. Simply advise our school name St James Vermont at Brentford square and we receive 5% of the sale.



Mention St James PS when you next purchase your meat at Vermont South Gourmet Meats and we will accumulate a rebate towards FREE sausages!  Support local businesses who support our community!










Jellis Craig

Jellis Craig Blackburn specialises in Sales and Property Management of homes across the City of Whitehorse and surrounding areas. The expert team, led by Directors Stephen Le Get and Daniel Bullen, is renowned for their dedication, exceptional customer service and track record of successful results. Jellis Craig Blackburn delivers a localised, boutique style service powered by the strength and extended reach of the Jellis Craig network.  One of our core strengths is our ability to identify and engage relevant buyers for your property. As a multi-office real estate agency, we offer unrivalled access to a database of more than 30,000 home buyers and investors across the Jellis Craig network. By attracting many more well-credentialed buyers from a large local pool as well as from further afield, we create greater competition. This can only lead to one outcome - a sensational result!  Servicing the City of Whitehorse encompassing suburbs Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South, Forest Hill, Nunawading, Vermont, Mitcham, Box Hill, Box Hill North, Box Hill South and surrounds, our team has the expertise to innovatively market and manage your property.  Jellis Craig Blackburn is committed to forging strong bonds with our local community. We provide support via sponsorship and fundraising assistance to local schools, sporting groups and associated community groups.  Our team live and breathe Melbourne's eastern property market and lifestyle. Specialising throughout the eastern suburbs growth corridors, our ability to innovatively position your property is only matched by our ability to market the benefits of this culturally diverse and lifestyle rich district of eastern Melbourne.


Endless Spas

Endless Spas & Pools is an award-winning Australian spa and pool company with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Endless is an industry leader, offering cutting edge technology and the highest quality products. If you are considering installing a pool, swim spa or portable spa at your home please contact Rachel on 0405 505 270 (mother of Zara Grade 2D & Ella Prep K).


Melbourne Furniture Design

Melbourne Furniture Design is a locally run business specialising in the manufacture and supply of furniture and accessories for Outdoor, Indoor and the Hospitality Industry. Their range includes Table settings, Dry bars, Stools, Planter boxes, Wine racks, Partition screens and Banquettes.  They specialise in a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Timber, Compact laminate and Melamine.  Their range has recently expanded to include custom made backdrops and party props which are available for both purchase and hire.  Check out their range on their Facebook page at Melbourne Furniture Design or their Instagram feed @melbourne_furniture_design  


Yum Catering

Yum Catering has become a leader for delivering a fresh vision that continues to surpass the competition. Owner and Executive Chef Paul Le Noury is the man at the helm and has built a solid reputation with his innovative menu ideas that have tantalised taste buds all over Melbourne.  You will be impressed by his vast experience, impeccable service, uncompromised quality and tireless dedication. He has the backing of a creative team that share his vision in providing the best service in the business.

The creative team at Yum Catering excel in:

  • • Corporate Functions
  • • Boardroom Dining
  • • Cocktail Parties
  • • Wedding Catering
  • • Beverage Packages
  • • All staffing requirements

We also have an exclusive function space available for 30 – 120 people

Community Information


After School Care


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