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08 February 2018
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Welcome to 2018 at HEPS
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Welcome to 2018 at HEPS

We welcome all new families and students to our wonderful school. The students have settled quickly into the 2018 school year.


We would like to welcome the following staff to our Hackham East Primary School Community:

Ms Brooke Hilton, teacher of the Year 1/2 class in Castle Unit. Brooke has come to us from Hallett Cove East Primary.

Mr Stephen Di Girolamo, Arts Specialist Teacher, working Tuesday to Thursday.

Mrs Bec Zahra, SSO.













It is sad to farewell Liz Janmaat who has been with us as an SSO for 17 years. Liz has decided that it is time to retire. She has worked in many roles, assisting many children and staff. She has also relieved in the TRT Scheme booking relief teachers. We wish Liz the very best in her retirement and hope that she keeps in touch.


All teachers at our school work collaboratively in teams. Together they plan, assess and moderate students’ learning. This is to provide consistency between classes and each teacher has their own teaching style but the content, teaching strategies and programming is consistent between all year levels.

Castle Team

Reception: Ms McGarvey, Ms Morton

Year 1/2: Ms Shillim, Ms Hilton, Ms Nagel, Mrs Hazelwood/Mrs Jolley

Junior Primary Small Class: Mr Goodman

Stillwell Team

Year 3/4: Ms Hay, Mrs Thiele/Mrs Dealtry, Mrs Dunn

Primary Small Class: Mr Grieve

Holly Team

Year 5/6: Kas Hillan, Mr Kaesler, Ms Woods

Year 7: Mr Cronin

Specialist Team

Mrs Mawson French, Mrs Martin and Mr Amoroso PE/Health, Mr Di Girolamo The Arts

Aboriginal Education Team

Mrs Morunga (Aboriginal Education Teacher) and Jae Gillett (Aboriginal Community Education Officer)


Our teaching teams are supported by many SSOs who are invaluable to the student learning and wellbeing programs.

Lee (Reception) and Tracy (Finance Officer) are there to assist and direct any queries to the correct person.

Deb Scarff manages the Library which is open for borrowing before school. Nick supports in the library and school as IT Support and also works with students in a variety of programs.

Our classroom based SSOs: Lorraine, Jean, Tanya, Jo, Michelle, Ali, Christopher, Julia, Mary, Martyne, Danni, Debbie Stanley, Karyn, Marg, Ann, Deb White, Luke and Bec play a huge role in supporting our students in their learning.

Kevin, our amazing Groundsman always has our school looking superb.

Cherie Love, our invaluable Pastoral Care Worker has moved to Penney Unit sharing the Dress Code Shop. This makes her easier to find for parents.

Coralie Goodman manages our canteen which provides healthy lunches, fruit and snacks and is supported by a small number of volunteers. They would love more help so if you have the time to volunteer, it will be appreciated by all.

OSHC Director, Jacky Smith runs a very stimulating before and after school program and Vacation Care Program.

Acquaintance BBQ

Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend an Acquaintance BBQ on Tuesday 13/2 beginning at 5.30pm with a sausage sizzle. Each Teaching Team will hold a short meeting in the Penney Space to introduce themselves and provide time for questions. The times for these meetings will be announced during the BBQ.

The Specialist Teachers and Leadership Team will be present to meet and speak with you.

We look forward to seeing you there. The evening will conclude at 6:30pm.


We endeavour to provide easy and open communication between home and school. Much of this is now done electronically. Please ensure that the school has your correct email address as our online fortnightly school newsletter is “pushed” directly to you. The digital newsletter has embedded video, photo galleries and live internet links.

If you need to update any information, please send your email address to [email protected]

Printed copies of the newsletter are available for collection from the front office for those who like a hard copy.


The school has a closed Facebook Group open only to parents and caregivers of children at the school. It can be joined at https://www.facebook.com/Hackham_East_Primary_School


Classes have their own closed Facebook Groups to share information with parents.

Please feel free to comment and add to posts. If you have a personal or serious concern, please do not use this Group, rather contact the teacher or school directly using Private Message, email or by phone.


These Groups are moderated. We ask users to abide by our school Values by:

  • Always using good manners
  • Commenting in a polite and calm manner
  • Being respectful to all members of the school community           including all staff members
  • Respecting others’ opinions if different from your own

Posts and Comments that do not adhere to the above will be deleted. Administrators have the right to remove users from the Group who do not abide by our values.


The Skoolbag app provides many options for parents to receive and respond to notes, permission slips and notification of student absence.

If you do not have the Skoolbag app for either iPhone and Android to help us communicate more effectively with our Parent/Student community, just search for our school name "Hackham East Primary School" in either the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

Once installed set up Push Notifications to get notified of newsletters, information and events. You can also notify the school if your child is absent.

We look  forward to a very productive year.

Bob Thiele, Principal


School News

2018 School Fees - Special Earlybird Discount Offer

Hurry… if you pay your school fees in FULL before Wednesday 28th February you will receive a 5% discount!  That is a saving of $11.75 per student.  Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or EFT. If you would like to pay online (EFT) our bank account details are:  BSB: 105-136  A/C No: 510448140 and please include your family code &/or child’s name.  (eg SMIT00 J Smith schlfees).

2018 School Card Applications

School card applications must be filled out and submitted EVERY year.  Spare applications are available at the front office and need to be handed in to our Finance Manager, Tracy Rowley as soon as possible. 

Alternatively you can apply for School Card online at www.sa.gov.au

(Finance Education & Learning / Financial Help / School Card Scheme Applications).

School Banking – Commonwealth Bank

A reminder that school banking day is on WEDNESDAYS.  If you would like to open a new account for your child(ren) you can apply online at www.commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a  Youthsaver account.

Check out the latest news regarding School Banking with incentives for students to save.


Parent Forum

Parents and Caregivers of Junior Primary students are invited to a Parent Forum on Friday 9/2 at 2:30pm in the Penney Space.  Come along for a coffee/tea with  the Leadership Team, members of the Governing Council and Claire McGarvey, Team Leader for Castle Unit  where you will have the opportunity to have any questions answered.

Ignite 2019 A program for Gifted Students

We invite you to apply for a place in our Ignite Program at Aberfoyle Park High School for Year 8 in 2019. Your opportunity to sit the Ignite test for 2019 entry will be Saturday 25 February 2018.

For more information vist "Ignite" on our website www.aphs.sa.edu.au.

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program that was was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to encourage students to read more books, enjoy reading and improve literacy levels. The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and September 2018.

Students can obtain a Premier's Reading Challenge form from their class teacher to record the books they read.  Completed forms can be returned to either the class teacher or staff in the Library.

Reducing Lost Property

It is strongly recommended that all items of clothing or items brought to school by your child/children are clearly named.  Please check regularly to ensure the name is still visible.  A few minutes spent in labelling items will help to reduce the number of items found that cannot be returned to students.  Lost property boxes are located in each teaching unit.  

Head Lice

With the start of the school year comes the unwanted problem of head lice.  Please check your child/children's hair regularly for any signs of head lice.  All eggs need to be removed and the hair treated.  Please inform staff in the Front Office so notes can be issued to the class.

With your assistance and regular checking we can endeavour to reduce the incidence of head lice.

Yr 6/7 Aquatics

Notes have been sent home to all Yr 6/7 students regarding the Aquatics program to be held at Port Noarlunga from 12/2 to 15/2.  This program is part of the curriculum and all students are encouraged to attend.

Please return all consent notes and money to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager by Friday 9/2.

Governing Council AGM

Parents/caregivers are invited to attend the Governing Council AGM on Friday 2/3 at 10:00am in the Conference Room.

If you are interested in being a member of the Governing Council and unable to attend on the above date please leave your name and contact details with staff in the Front Office.

iPad Covers

iPad covers have been ordered and they are due to arrive on Monday 12/2 or shorthly thereafter.  If you are interested in purchasing an iPad cover they will be available from Tracy Rowley, Finance Officer for $15.00 each.  Limited stock will be available. 

OSHC News 

What’s been happening at OSHC

How awesome were your school holidays? Ours were unbelievable! We had some fantastic children, who were so kind, friendly, confident, resilient and brave. Trying so many new things, getting praise from every excursion venue we visited and just making the Vacation Care Program incredible.


We kicked the holidays off with a Talent Show and Karaoke, which the children went all out for, designing props, signs and practicing their acts. Those who didn’t enter the show were a fantastic audience, cheering the acts on.

We went on some amazing excursions, including exploring Adelaide, where in small groups the children directed the day, one group went to the Museum, another to Rundle Mall, then took a tram to Victoria Square to see the Christmas Tree, the third decided to walk to Victoria Square (from the bus drop off in front of the Museum) and all groups ended up at the Botanical Gardens where they had lunch and continued to explore before eventually heading back to OSHC, exhausted but happy.


48 children attended our incredible sleepover camp at Narnu Farm. This was only possible thanks to our staff members volunteering their time overnight and two parent volunteers helping us out. The children were heavily involved in the planning process, such as designing the menu (based on the “Australian Guide to Healthy Eating” put out by the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council, in line with our Policy Statement on Nutrition), booking the bunk house at Narnu Farm and packing for the Sleepover. On the camp the children also set up their sleeping areas, helped prepare meals, set the tables, serve the food, and clean up afterwards. It was great to see them all pitch in together, meaning everyone got to enjoy themselves and have lots of fun. The children were also able to feed, pet and hold the animals, explore the farm, go on a tractor ride to feed carrots to the horses and go on a horse ride around the farm. It was an unbelievable experience and the memories the children have created here will last them a lifetime.


We also found time to try our hands at Tie Dying, Candle making, have some Water Fun, play on a jumping castle, visit Goolwa Animal Farm, spend the day relaxing and being pampered on our Luxury Day, have the SA Police visit us, have a Christmas Party at the Beach, cook lots of yummy food (including home-made ice cream), learn the djembe drums, have our own Super Hero Day, and visit the Pt Noarlunga Wooden Playground.


We finished the holidays with a fun trip to Semaphore Waterslide Park with lots of splashing on the slides, a Ferris wheel ride, jumping castle and mini golf. On the way home, rather than sleeping, the children helped plan the April School Holiday Program. They have some great activities planned including some special activities designed for the older children, so stay tuned as we release this in the next few weeks.


Fast Facts for December/January Vacation Care

Number of children attending: 90 children from 52 families

Number of schools/kindergartens represented: 13

Average number of children per day: 43

Average Age: 7 ½ years old

Average Maximum Temperature: 30.4ºC

Average number of steps walked each day: 13 771

(Thanks to Trish for keeping track)

Number of ideas for the April Vacation Care program already: 174

Did You Know?

That we review our Quality Improvement Plan annually?


Every year we are required under the National Quality Framework to review our Quality Improvement Plan or QIP as it is known by. Our QIP is effectively our business plan. It looks at what we do well and what areas we need to improve in. As it is a large living document, rather than review it all at once, we look at different areas throughout the year, so that by December, we have effectively reviewed the entire document.


We are currently reviewing Quality Area 1 “Educational Program and Practice”. To do this, we have critical reflections as part of our staff meetings, we talk to parents and families, we have appropriately themed “Questions of the Week” for parents and families, we ask for feedback from the wider community via the school newsletter and our Facebook page. I then collate all this feedback along with any recommendations and take it to our OSHC Advisory Committee. If changes are required, or new goals are set, they are taken to the Governing Council meetings for final approval.  


Once a goal is set, we then set out how this will be achieved, by whom and by when. Goals can be short term or long term (some of our goals have a five year time frame on them). The goals are reviewed regularly by the Advisory Committee and myself to ensure that we are continuing to work towards them and they are not ‘forgotten about’.


A list of the main goals we are currently working towards is on display in the OSHC rooms. Anyone is welcome to view our QIP, or give us suggestions for improvement. I would be happy to show you the document or send you an electronic copy on request.


We hope that by using this process, we can gather a wide range of feedback, and can continue to improve our service.


If you would like to book for Before or After School Care, enquire about OSHC, or have a suggestion, please contact us on 0499 228 039 or email [email protected]

Pastoral Care Worker News

It’s always very exciting to start a new year and a new school term!! There always seems to be a ‘buzz’ in the air and endless opportunities!! I have met a few new parents and I am making myself known to our new students, to let them know who I am.


My role is hard to describe and I am sure it looks like I am just wandering around at times, but the one thing I remember from my Chaplaincy studies was to “Intentionally Loiter.”  Which means that I am normally in the right place at the right time. Well, hopefully anyway.


My role is very much one of connection and support. The first 5 weeks of this term I will be reconnecting in classrooms in all areas of the school and connecting with students in the yard as well. In my role, I find that a casual conversation can suddenly turn into something more serious and that is when I will have the opportunity and information to have a one on one conversation with either parents, students or staff.


I am also hosting a Parent Afternoon Tea on Friday afternoons from 2.30pm in the Conference Room (next to the Canteen) Penney Unit which gives parents time to connect with myself and other parents and have a little “quiet time” to themselves before the busy weekend starts. I would love to see you in there, so come and say ‘hi’.



My office has been moved over to the Uniform shop (next to the Conference Room), Penney Unit and I have a new desk and a lovely comfy lounge; come check it out if you like.  I will be able to hold small group meetings in there as well as connecting with people one on one.


I am working on Tuesdays and Fridays and if you wish to meet with me for any reason, you can let Lee Clements, Front Office know and I will get in contact with you. I have a background in Counselling and Community services as well as 10 years experience as a Chaplain. I love working with children and with families and if I can be of any help to you, please contact me through the school office.


Have a great week and stay cool if you can.

Many Blessings,


Cherie Love


Dates to Remember

February 2018

Friday 9/2 - Parent Forum for parents of junior primary students 2:30pm, Penney Unit

Monday 12/2-Thursday 15/2 - Yr 6/7 students attending Aquatics at Port Noarlunga

Tuesday 13/2 - Acquaintance BBQ from 5:30-6:30pm

March 2018

Friday 2/3 - Governing Council AGM, 10:00am, Conference Room

Monday 12/3 - Public Holiday, Adelaide Cup

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 1

Week 3 (12/2 - 16/2)


Rose Ralston

Larni Smith

Kaylee Beens


Natasha Mazik

Chiara-Lee Brodie

Abigail Keays


Week 4 (19/2 - 23/2)


Adison Harris

Ambrose Latham

Cooper Rannanaho


Isaih Waller-McDougall

Cohen Farnden

Coen Bentley-Davidson

Community News

Free Saturday Place Space

Held on Saturday 17/2 from 9:30-11:30am at O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre, 51a Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach.  Ph 83822850 for more information.


Circle of Security

A group for parents who would like to explore and further develop their relationship with their child. Held at O'Sullivan Beach Children's Centre, 51a Galloway Rd, O'Sullivan Beach each Tuesday from 6/2-27/3.  Ph Lee or Jo 83822850.

Chill Study Club

Join our after school Study Club - a quiet place to learn.  Held each Wednesday during school term at 72 Collins Pde, Hackham from 3:30-5:00pm.  Free.  Ph 81866944.


Being With Big Feelings

A series of 8 workshops focusing on supporting parents to better understand the emotional world of their children.  Held each Monday from 12:30-2:30pm, commencing on 12/2 at Taikurrendi Children & Family Centre, 8 Price St, Christies Beach.  Ph 81861102 for more information.


Women Are Strong, Women Do Survive

This group for women in the southern suburbs will provide a confidential and safe space to explore various topics of safety and wellbeing.  Starts of 15/2 from 10:00am-12:30pm.  Ph 82156310 for more information.

Women's  & Men's Yarnin Circle

A group for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families.  Arts, crafts, healing and yarns over a cuppa and lunch.  Ph 83221120 for more information.


Talking Emotions, Coping & Communication

A group for women (18+) that aims to help you enhance your everyday life skills.  Held at Office Suite 500a, Westfield Shopping Centre, 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park on 12/2, 26/2, 5/3 & 19/3 from 1:00-2:30pm.  Ph Brenda or Biji 83775400 for more information.


Living Beyond The Shadow of Abuse

A facilitated support group for those that have experienced childhood trauma or abuse.  Held each Monday from 12/2 at Hackham West Community Centre (6:00-8:00pm).  Free.  Contact Stephanie from the HUMANE Clinic for more information.

Free Yourself from Debt

Learn how to get out of debt and the pathways you can take to owning your own home.  Held on Wednesday 21/2 from 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale. Ph 83840050 for more information.  Free.

Emotional Wellbeing

For people experiencing anxiety/depression.  The focus is about thriving, not just surviving.  Held at Community Connections, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham each Wednesday 7/2-14/3 from 9:30-11:30am.  Ph 81866944 for more information.


Kids & Dads

Free weekly activity for children (0-12yrs) and the significant man in their life to enjoy fun activities together, share food, learn new skills and build relationships.  Held each Tuesday at Morphett Vale Primary School, Lawrence St, Morphett Vale from 3:20-5:00pm.  Ph Malcolm 0437232124 for more information or to register.

Living Through Losses

Improve how you handle big changes in your life. You can grow through divorce, death, abuse and other losses.  Held on 21/2 & 28/2 from 12:30-2:30pm at Community Connections, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Ph 81866944 for more information.


Igniting Your Writing

Are you a young writer and want to improve your skills?  Come along to Noarlunga Library fortnightly on a Tuesday (commencing 6/2) from 4:00-5:00pm.  Ph 83840655 for more information.


Glad To Be Me

Discover your qualities and strengths, practice gratitude and learn how to feel good about you. Held at Community Connections 72 Collins Pde, Hackham on 7/3, 13/3, 21/3, 28/3, 4/4 & 11/4 from 12:30-2:30pm.  Ph 81866944 for more information.


Canteen News

Our thoughts are with our Canteen Manager, Coralie Goodman and her son, Mr Daniel Goodman, teacher at our school.  Sadly their sister and aunty passed away yesterday in rural Victoria.


Coralie won't be back at work until Tuesday 13/2. Thank you to the volunteers who have rallied to keep the canteen running smoothly in Coralie’s absence.


More volunteers are needed and welcome.

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