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08 November 2018
Issue 18
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UQ Girls in Computer Science
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Quick Dates

Week 6, Term 4


Wednesday 14 November

Year 12 Evolution Day


Thursday 15 November

Year 12 Graduation Mass and Supper - 5.30pm (San Damiano Centre)


Friday 16 November

Year 12 Final Assembly - 9.30am



From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students, and Friends of Mount Alvernia College,


Thought for the week:

There is an appointed time for everything.  

And there is a time for every event under heaven -
A time to give birth, and a time to die;
A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.
- Ecclesiastes, 3:1-2
As the year moves inexorably to a close, this quotation from Ecclesiastes popped into my head. The recent awards ceremonies – College Awards and Sports Awards - herald the end of another year. Next week we farewell the graduating students of 2018 and, just two weeks later, the academic year comes to an end.

This year, our focus has been on Enabling Excellence in Girls’ Education, and I would believe that we have been very successful in doing this in so many areas. As I highlighted in my Awards Night speech and at College Assembly last week, girls who excel do so not in just one area of college life, but in many. The discipline associated with academic excellence flows beautifully into the sporting arena, and it is no secret that students involved in the arts also excel in the other areas. From a community perspective, students who are involved in giving to others show excellence in the other areas of college life. 

As I look out from my office each day, I have the opportunity to watch La Foresta flourish. Yesterday morning, during Staff Mass I watched two young women wandering through the gardens observing and smelling the roses – literally and figuratively. Such a wonderful opportunity to engage with nature is not to be taken for granted, and I know that parents and visitors alike enjoy wandering through on their way to Reception. I love the shocked look on some faces as this is not what a school usually looks like!

Mount Alvernia College is unashamedly different in so many ways, and I know that the students who will leave us this coming week will take that difference and make their mark on the world that, in our contemporary times, is sorely in need of the Franciscan values of love, simplicity, service, peace, joy, compassion, trust, and respect. 

They will, I am certain, be exemplars of what the founder of the Missionary Sisters, Elizabeth Hayes, had in mind when she began the Order, that is, to give young women a well-rounded, truly Christian education which would develop the whole person.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our Graduation Mass and Final Assembly next week.

Peace and all good things 
Take care


[email protected]



Deputy Principal
Curriculum and Organisation

From the Desk of the Deputy Principal

Awards Night – Celebration of School Life

We held our Awards Night last week and the evening was a great celebration of learning for many students.  Congratulations to all students who received awards in the many areas of college life, to the members of the Musical cast and choirs who performed, and to the members of the Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Music Program who entertained the audience.  I must commend the students who took a lead role in announcing the awardees, especially Abby Thomas, our Curriculum Captain for 2018.  As well, other Captains announced awards in their areas, and we had students from Years 7 to 11 welcoming winners to the stage.  Thanks to Giselle Shaw (Year 7), Sophie Smyth (Year 8), Olivia Snape (Year 9), Matilda Weinert (Year 10), and Beth Falzon (Year 11).  Also, a big thank you to all the staff involved in the preparation for the night, especially Mrs Robyn Ovenden who works tirelessly in preparing booklets, seating, rosters, prize checking, awards for the night, and so many other behind-the-scenes things.


I would like to make special mention and commendations to a number of Year 12 students who received special Principal’s Awards.   

Chloe Peoples who won the Principal’s Leadership Award for 2018.

Kate Feltrin, Odette Jonelynas, Isabella Jones, Sophie Napier, and Chloe Nichols who received Awards for Academic Excellence for achieving Very High Achievement in all of their subjects.

Kate Feltrin who is the Dux of the College for 2018.


Parent Portal (Igloo) – Reporting and Other Information

As we move to the end of the semester, I remind parents that the Parent Portal, Igloo, has important information for you.  Many parents are using Igloo regularly to check on the Continuous Feedback on assessment your daughter completes in class.  We plan to upload Semester 2 Reports in the latter part of the week beginning 3 December.  You can view these reports via Igloo and linking to your daughter’s page.


One other thing you may notice on Igloo is the Absence Approval.  If your daughter has an unexplained absence, you will see a message as shown below.

You can then click on the Details tab and you will be taken to a screen where you are may enter the reason for her absence.  This looks like the screenshot below. It is just a matter of clicking in the yellow section under Reason and entering a reason.  When you save, this is transferred to the College.

Hope you have a great week

Michael McDonald




















Deputy Principal
Student Development

Welcome to the last three weeks of the 2018 school year!

There are so many events to attend that it is very difficult for many of our students to keep ahead of their academic studies. Experience has revealed, however, that girls who are involved in many aspects of college life seem to manage the best. The reason they would tell you is – they just love being busy. With this busyness comes superb organisational strategies and time management.

We saw evidence of young women who can manage school and community involvement at the recent Awards Night. For the Year 7 students who were in attendance, it was blatantly clear that award recipients were girls who had many portfolios. 

A good discussion for you and your daughter to have is for her to consider how she may get involved in college or community life that will help her to be forced to manage her time and also give her greater skills and friendship opportunities.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of accompanying ten students from Years 7 to 12 and three teachers  to the Delamore Retirement Village to celebrate an early Christmas. The volunteers wrote Christmas cards and brought afternoon tea for the residents of the village, and had a fantastic time singing Christmas Carols, albeit eight weeks early.  No one seemed to mind, especially the residents who just loved hearing the angelic voices of our young girls and delighted in conversation with each one.

Being involved is such an easy thing to do at Mount Alvernia and it is always encouraged.


Congratulations to the girls of 2018 who signed up to be a part of the sporting, cultural, outreach,

academic, or community extras provided by the College. Congratulations also to the young women who are part of groups beyond the school gates. You are the ones who already know how advantageous it is to do more and be more. I look forward to seeing more girls take the plunge in 2019. 

Annette Butterworth

Deputy Principal
Staff Development

Celebrating excellence in girls' education

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit” - Aristotle


Mount Alvernia strives for and celebrates excellence in girls’ education. This is exemplified in our mantra - ‘Watch her flourish’, and this has never been more apparent than at the various celebratory end of year events that have occurred in the past couple of weeks.
It has been such a joy to see the many young women recognised for their achievements. Not only for academic excellence, but in all forms of excellence – from the classroom, to spiritual, cultural, sporting, and social aspects that characterise learning in our Franciscan community. This affirms my strong belief that educational excellence is significantly broader than a ‘result’ from an assessment item or a ‘result’ at the end of Year 12. While this is, of course, a significant part of the educational journey, we recognise this is but one aspect of many parts. Through relationships, connections, and diverse and broad educative experiences, true learning occurs, and excellence is achieved. Excellence, in its many forms.
What was clear is several of the students who were acknowledged at each of the various awards, music, sport, and cultural evenings are highly involved and committed to a wide variety of areas across our community. These young women have actively sought experiences that strive to develop them in a holistic manner, and no doubt would classify their lives as quite busy. The Benjamin Franklin quote, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”, comes to mind. And undoubtedly these young women would be exactly that. What is interesting is this has not been to the detriment of their academic performance. In fact, quite the exact opposite.
What I do find interesting is the tendency to feel the need to pull back from the ‘other’ educational experiences under the perception a focus on academic performance and excellence alone will garner results. What is evident, through the young women gaining recognition, is these ‘others’ are often the very things that contribute to and complement their academic success. It is about our young women finding their strengths and what excellence means for them in all forms of their development, that we realise the young women of Mount Alvernia College truly flourish.

Daniel Crump

Assistant Principal
Student Learning

From the Desk of the Assistant Principal - Student Learning

Congratulations to all

Next week sees the Year 12s finish their time with us at Mt A.  It is always a very emotional time for students and staff for a variety of reasons.  For the girls, there is a level of excitement, trepidation, sadness, and joy, that their secondary school days are ending and there is something new around the corner. For the teachers, it may be all these feelings as well (for those of us who have been in this business for a long time); we farewell another group and wish them every success as they go out into the world. For those who taught the girls during the past two years, we reflect upon the progress made and trust that the skills and knowledge that have been attained will serve them well.   Whilst, at present, the seniors are sitting their final exams, they will experience a wide range of celebrations next week. Evolution Day will be pivotal in all of these 'rites of passage'.  There will be messages from past students that will reinforce those that we have delivered throughout their journey here.  Something I continue to promote to all of our girls was reiterated at Evolution Day last year, and it is always central to our message.


Be Bold, Brave, Passionate, and Powerful, because you need always to work towards success.  It is much more than simply trying, it is about taking action. Use the skills (and to a degree) the knowledge you have gained, but always be looking to solve new problems. The skills will trump the ‘facts’ you have gleaned.  Such good advice for all.


I encourage all of our young women to reflect on this.


This week, I asked all the girls in my Homeroom, but particularly, the Year 12s, “What was a standout learning experience for you?” There were some insightful and reflective responses:


They “learnt that it is necessary to persevere”

That “things don’t always turn out the way they thought they would – but that was okay?”

That “it takes effort and commitment to succeed.”

And, “to make the very most of what we have”.


There were more, but these clearly highlight that the values we espouse at Mount Alvernia are lived – we have high expectations for our young women, and these shine through every day.


This week also saw the reunion of the Integrated Studies classes; where all of the Year 12s step back in time to re-unite with their (for them) Years 8 and 9 IS Learning Group.  What a fabulous acknowledgment to the bonds and relationships that are created so early on in their secondary school journey.  I was very pleased to be able to once again ‘be’ with my IS class of 2015; they were then, and they continue to be, an outstanding group of young women.  I trust that our CORE classes will continue this tradition into the future, as it is a testament to the transition processes we have in place at Mt A.


Last week’s Academic Assembly

Last week’s assembly was truly an exceptional celebration of learning for all.  We acknowledged and congratulated (in front of the whole college community) the success of all of our awardees from Years 7 to 12, and showcased a number of exceptional students and their work this year.  Well done! It is, as is stated on our website, wonderful to ‘watch our girls flourish’.


Finally, I thank Abby Thomas, the Curriculum Captain, for the work she has undertaken this year – we have worked closely, and it has been an absolute privilege for me.  I thank all the Captains for the time and energy they put into their roles; they are wonderful role models for all of our girls. 


As all students are working hard and to capacity to complete assessment, I remind everyone that there are still some ‘jobs’ to do.  I encourage all to maintain the efforts and momentum to ensure that the best possible results are attained.  There will be time for celebration once the tasks are completed.


As I reminded everyone on assembly last week – it is important to “end well”.  Our Year 12s have certainly lived up to this, and I am sure that all of our young women will too.  It is important to consider the legacy that we leave. 


Good luck to all for their upcoming exams and assessments, and congratulations to our seniors of 2018.

Debra Evans

Careers News

Another fortnight, another Careers update!


The School Leaver's Guide for Year 12 students can be found on the link below

See attached for information on the following:

Career Exploration
     Beyond School Study Guide
     How to Choose a Course if You're Not Sure what it is You Want to Do
     Disability Services at QUT
     Six Essential Jobs that Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago
     Four Ways to Stay Positive during your Job Search
     How to Lead in a Disrupted World
     Job Jumpstart: Casual Job Opportunities for the Christmas Break
     Jobs Availability Snapshot 2018
     Looking for Work?  Here are Some Tips
Financial Assistance and Scholarships
     Australian Catholic University (ACU) Scholarships
     AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship
     Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 2019 Scholarship
     CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor’s Pathway Scholarships
     Griffith University Adam Scott Foundation Sports Business Scholarship
     James Cook University Access Fund
     Queensland University of Technology Academic & Sporting Scholarships
     QUT Scholarships and Other Opportunities in Business and Technology
     University of Queensland (UQ) 
     Pearl Duncan Teaching Scholarships for Indigenous Students
Interstate and International
     Compare US Colleges and Universities
     World University Rankings 2019
Labour Market Information
     Seven Amazing Engineering Careers
     AFL: Jobs in the Australian Football League
     Interested in Working in the Community Care and Disability Sector? 
     Latest Careers with STEM Magazine Out Now
     National Psychology Week 2018
Open Days, Expos, and Career Markets
     ACAP: Australian College of Applied Psychology Information Session
     AICD: Australian Institute of Creative Design Open Day
     Shillington College: Information Session
Private Provider Updates
     AMC Training and Consulting: Cert III in Individual Support
     Australis College
     Aviation Australia: Flight Attendant Training Enrolments for 2019 now open
     Basair Aviation College
     JMC: 2018 JMC Academy Creative Industries Short Courses
     Jazz Music Institute (JMI) 
          Brisbane Summer Jazz Clinic
          2019 Courses
     Queensland School of Film and Television 2019 High School Program
QTAC and Tertiary Entry
     Avoid Relying on Online ATAR Calculators
     Do you have a Tax File Number (TFN)? 
     Monitor Your Emails and SMS
     Tertiary Application Reminders
     University Information Sessions after You Receive your Year 12 Results
TAFE Queensland Updates
     Adult Tertiary Preparation Course
     CRE8 Festival 2018
     Interlace Fashion Show
     Protégé Graduate Fashion Show
     Take the Next Step – Information Session
     Australian Catholic University (ACU) 
          Don’t Have the Prerequisites for Primary Teaching?  B Education Studies
          Entry Schemes 
          Know Your Options Information Session
          New Courses for 2019
     Christian Heritage College (CHC) 
          Applications for the Christian Heritage College LAUNCH Program Now Open
     CQUniversity (CQU) 
          CQUniversity Online Chat Session
     Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 
          Get Advice Once You Know Your OP
          What Happens Next? 
          Combine Study and Travel 
          CreateX — Performance, Exhibitions, Screenings, and Panel Discussions 
          Programs for High Achievers
          Scholarship plus Internship in Business 
     University of Queensland (UQ) 
          Community Access Program22
          Moreton Bay Research Station Open Day 
          The UQ Toolkit
          UQ Mates
     University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) 
          Medical Science Offered at USC
     University of Southern Queensland (USQ) 
          51st McGregor Summer Arts Retreat and the McGregor Music Summer 2018
          Entry Options into a Bachelor’s Degree
          Grow for Good this National Agricultural Day
     Medview: UMAT vs UCAT Event
     Use QILT to Compare Institutions and Their Courses
Year 12 Questions
     QTAC FAQs

Melissa Loveday

A Very Choral Christmas


Mount Alvernia Traffic Management Plan

Over the past few months, the College has been working with Brisbane City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop a Traffic Management Plan for the College.  This is to ensure everyone, including students, parents, carers, and staff, understand the transport options that are available and the rules that need to be followed to ensure they can travel to and from school in a safe and efficient manner.  


The Traffic Management Plan is available on the College website.  Please access this plan and view the information it provides -


Recent changes approved by Brisbane City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads include a designated Bus Zone on Cremorne Road (immediately after the loading zone).  This bus zone area is not available for unallocated parking between the hours of 7:00–9:00am and 2:00–6:00pm on school days.


The College has also had approval to turn the pedestrian crossing on Cremorne Road into a supervised crossing.  This crossing will be supervised by College staff at the commencement and end of each school day from 15 November 2018.


Appropriate signs have been installed in both the Bus Zone and the Supervised Crossing area.  The College’s passenger loading zones are also located on Cremorne and Somerset Roads.  Please note where these areas are and listen to any instructions given by zone supervisors or crossing supervisors.  

This will ensure the safety of all who travel to and from the College.

UQ Girls in Computer Science

Find out what girls can do with a career in technology!

The University of Queensland invites girls in Years 8 to 12 and their parents to a night of inspiration and empowerment.


What's involved:

  1. Inspiring Presentations
    Student sessions: Hear from current female students and alumni speakers about their experiences of studying technology and working in the computer science industry.
    Parent sessions: Hear from industry leaders as they share their experiences and provide advice for you as a parent of the next tech generation.
  2. Fun Hands-on Activities
    Create your own binary bracelet, view UQ student displays, experience virtual reality and more.
  3. Information Booths
    Talk to representatives from Virgin, Women in Engineering, ilab and the UQ Idea Hub.




Holiday Work Available

Athlete's Foot Job Opportunity - Chermside

Athlete's Foot, Chermside is looking for Year 11 or 12 students who may be interested in employment from Boxing Day through to the first week February (full availability required).


Please contact the Manager in store on 3350 4610

La Cucina


Friday 9 November

Jen Davissen

Melanie Horswill

Caterina Gugliucciello


Monday 12 November

Sarina Puglisi


Tuesday 13 November

Amalia Drakos

Margaret Hutchins

Jen Davissen


Wednesday 14 November

Jo Galvin

Erica Patterson


Thursday 15 November

Jo Holmes

Kathy Leddy


Friday 16 November

Kristin Purvis


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Cathy at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices

Grange Thistle Football Club Development Coaching


Charity Cent Auction - Saturday 10 November


Delamore Retirement Community

115 Turner Rd, Kedron, QLD 4031 


You will love this boutique retirement community, offering residents a peaceful and beautiful environment

Three 2-bedroom units are now available for sale ranging from $355,000 - $399,000.

Call 07 3357 7028 to arrange a tour of our facilities

Santa Paws - Pet Photos with Santa


Kedron Veterinary Clinic, Sunday 25 November 8am-3pm

77 Leckie Road, Kedron

Bookings are essential - call today 3857 1785

Free Back to School Health Checks for Kids


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