26 September 2019
Week 3.10 - Issue 15


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Thanksgiving Prayer


O God,
We thank you for this earth, our home; for the wide sky and the blessed sun, for the ocean and streams, for the towering hills and the whispering wind, for the trees and green grass.
We thank you for our senses by which we hear the songs of birds, and see the splendor of fields of golden wheat, and taste autumn’s fruit, rejoice in the feel of snow,

and smell the breath of spring flowers.
Grant us a heart opened wide to all this beauty; and save us from being so blind that we pass unseeing when even the common thorn bush is aflame with your glory.
For each new dawn is filled with infinite possibilities for new beginnings and new discoveries.

Life is constantly changing and renewing itself.

In this new day of new beginnings with God, all things are possible.

We are restored and renewed in a joyous awakening to the wonder

that our lives are and, yet, can be.


St Norbert, pray for us


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

At the forefront of my mind this week have been our Indonesian Immersion staff and students, who returned earlier this morning. We have been kept abreast of the service that our immersion team have been doing via social media and we are enormously proud of them all. One comment that I have read from the team resonates with me greatly and reads;


“Over the course of the Immersion our guide Leon kept saying to me “I love your kids,

they serve from the heart” and they really did”


The service shared by our team is a true example of faith in action and our College motto “Prepared for all Good Works”. This newsletter contains some of the other messages and photos from the immersion team.

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival came to a glorious close last Monday evening with the Festival Concert. Saint Norbert College was again a wonderful presence in the festival with an estimated student participation of over 150 students. The opportunity to perform for the joy and delight of others is a special gift that so many of our students possess. At the end of such a lengthy program of events, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the work of our Performing Arts students and the staff whose unwavering dedication provides great support – thank you to Mr Chadwick Beins, Miss Kerri Hilton, Miss Laura Alban, Mrs Katherine Friend and Mrs Jenny Palermo, and so many others.


Continuing with the arts theme, our annual College Creative Arts Exhibition was another wonderful display of the artistic and technological talents of our students. It never ceases to amaze how individuals can be so creative in their thinking, design and development of such great pieces. I feel that it is prudent to appreciate the work of our Arts and Technologies staff in drawing out such exquisite talents, by educating, motivating and assisting in this amazing program.


While the pace is somewhat slower as we head into the holidays, the same can’t be said for many of our Year 12 students with the upcoming College examinations. We hope that the hard work and support they have received from staff, family and friends, will reap the rewards that they deserve.


A reminder to all of our students that Term 4 sees the return of the College summer uniform. I encourage all students to take the small amount of time required to ensure, well before the start of next term, that they have their summer uniform in a fit and appropriate state to be worn from the first day. Holiday hours for the Uniform Shop are included in this newsletter for those needing to purchase new items.


I finish with this prayer that I have used before, but which I believe beautifully captures our thoughts and wishes for the end of the school term and the impending holiday break;


          We thank you Lord, for this term. For the challenges, the successes and the mistakes

          from which we have learnt.


           Be with us as we spend our time with our family and friends. Give us strength and courage

           to do what is right; to be witnesses of our faith.


           Help us to be practical Christians these holidays; to appreciate what others do for us, to give our                 time and effort to help others. To be peacemakers in our family. Keep us safe in our activities; give             us good rest and fun. Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.


           We thank you Lord, for our students, our staff, our parents and our community that cares for us.                   May we always be conscious of you in our lives.


           St Norbert: Pray for us.

God bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)


College Presentation Night – Brother Patrick Doolan O Praem Award

The College Presentation Night will be held at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday 28 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. We invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 18 October 2019.

Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarship

A reminder to all of our Year 10 families that applications are open for the Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarship, a needs based scholarship available to Year 10 students enrolled at the College and covers 100% tuition fees for Years 11 and 12. Applications open on Friday 23rd August and close on Friday 18th October 2019. Details are available from Student Reception or by clicking on this link to the College website;

CECWA Policy Development Process – Invitation to Have Your Say


The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) is reviewing the system policies supporting more than 75,000 students and 12,000 staff in 162 schools. We invite all students, parents, CEWA staff and members of school communities to help by telling us:


What makes a good Catholic school?

Facilitated sessions will take place at the Leederville office. You can book your preferred session time online and choose from:

  • Early Years LOFT Sessions (for Pre K - Year 4 Students and their Family)
  • Open LOFT Sessions (Years 4 - 12 Students, Families, Staff and Community)

During the school holiday sessions, participants will also help to create a mural alongside local artist Linzi Carter. This is an evolving creation, whose form will develop with each session.

We welcome you to participate in this unique opportunity to have your say on the future of Catholic schools in Western Australia.

For more information and to register for a session, see:

Dean of Studies

“The Tiny, Powerful Idea”


For many local councils, this week is the time when verge rubbish collections occur. As the weather improves, many of the tasks that have been put off or neglected are suddenly prioritised, and the opportunity to recycle or clean out items that are broken or no longer required is utilised. In many instances, one person’s ‘trash’ is another person’s, ‘treasure’. This approach can also be used to reflect upon the level of achievement towards student goals in Term 3, as we conduct a ‘spring clean’ of our habits and routines for personal success and the journey to discover our internal motivations to achieve our goals. The desire to make small and simple changes is a ‘tiny and powerful idea’.


In his book, The Talent Code (2009), Daniel Coyle explains that the key motivator for success comes from our internal drive to improve with practice. When the effort to keep working hard to master a task, is coupled with the desire to complete the task, the evidence suggests that this has the greatest value for achievement of long-term goals. For many adults, we know this and consequently, we can achieve great things when we are motivated to finish what we have started, however, our challenge is to develop this for our students and young people. Perseverance and persistence are like our muscles, you must use them to make them stronger.


I have previously mentioned there is a strong correlation from research, that suggests that giving children chores and jobs around the house correlates with grit and persistence later in life. Equally as important, is to challenge our students to create routines around homework and study, and practice daily learning habits to build grit reserves. Internal motivation does not automatically happen, much like putting away a little bit of money each week in a savings account, we build up gritty experiences by achieving small successes. When we persevere with our learning, we become more driven internally to do better.


In the context of education in a Catholic school, the desire and motivation to do better should not be solely focused on our own success, but rather, a genuine desire to help others overcome their challenges as well. This Catholic worldview is backed up by clear evidence from research that highlights that our efforts to help others has clear benefits for our own wellbeing and long-term success. A tiny yet powerful idea.



NAPLAN 2019 - Results


Students who sat the NAPLAN assessments in 2019 may now view their results for all tests. The OLNA (Round 2) results will be made available on Monday 21st October. All students that are required to sit the OLNA in 2020 will receive a letter informing of this requirement following the release of the results. Please feel free to contact the Dean of Studies if you wish to discuss your child’s result from either the NAPLAN or OLNA.

Examination Timetable (YEAR 12 – Semester Two)

All examinations will be held in the Cappenburg Building.







27 September



EAL/D – Oral

1 October







2 October




Visual Arts

3 October


Religion & Life

Computer Science

4 October



Human Biology

7 October



Accounting & Finance

Modern History

8 October



Mathematics Specialist


Health Studies

9 October


Mathematics Applications

Mathematics Methods




If any student is unable to attend the examination due to medical (illness/injury) then a medical certificate must be obtained and submitted to the Dean of Studies.


Presentation Evening

In Term 4, the College provides the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge student achievement at the annual College Presentation Evening that is to be held at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday 28 October, commencing at 7:00pm. As stated in the Enrolment Agreement, this is a compulsory College event and the expectation is for students to attend (in their full College Winter Uniform) and be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.


The Year 7 students will be required to attend and perform as part of the Massed Choir, and they are not required to purchase a ticket, as a ticket will be issued to them for the evening. Students are expected to be seated with their family, with the exception of students that are receiving an award or performing on the night, and the College encourages all families to purchase their tickets as soon as possible.


Tickets will be available to purchase from Student Services from Wednesday 16 October through to Thursday 24 October. If you wish to be seated with two or more families, we encourage one family to purchase all required tickets to ensure your preferred seat allocation. An order form is attached below and must be completed and returned to Student Services in a sealed envelope with the correct amount for the tickets required. All tickets will be issued and distributed through Homerooms.


ATAR Examination Preparation Seminars

The ATAR Preparation Seminars will commence on Monday 21 October for Year 12 ATAR students and conclude by Thursday 24 October. Students are required to attend the College for each of their scheduled ATAR course seminars. The seminars will cover the following:

  • Exam review/corrections/remediation
  • Model answers
  • Exam format and the WACE Cover Pages
  • Hints, study skills and memory techniques
  • 2017 – 18 Examiners Report (subject-specific) and the 2017 – 18 Examination Papers.


Students are expected to wear their College (Summer) Uniform when they attend the seminars.

UWA Principal’s Citizenship Award


This award is open to a Year 12 WACE student who is considered most likely to succeed at university due to his or her resilience, exemplary scholarly attributes and/or contributions to the school and broader community. The UWA Principal’s Citizenship Award, valued at $1500, replaces the UWA Excellence Award. Eligibility requirements of this award have been expended to encompass a diverse range of student attributes worthy of recognition. If you are a current Year 12 student, please see Mr Dowling (Dean of Studies) prior to Wednesday 27th November if you wish for the College to nominate your application.


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

Uniform Reminders


Year 7-11 and all Year 12 ATAR students commence Term 4 in FULL SUMMER UNIFORM on Tuesday 15 October. Year 12 Vocational Pathway students return on Friday 18 October at 8:45am. Parents are reminded that students who have not worn their uniform for some time may have grown since Term 1.


Please check summer uniforms in advance, during the school holidays to ensure any items needing to be replaced are done so before school commences. Uniform Shop holiday opening times are published at the end of the newsletter.


The Term 4 Family Calendar will be uploaded onto SEQTA at the end of Term 3.


Ms Sharon Rainford (Deputy Principal-8, 10, 12)




Humanities, Social Sciences

Premier’s Student ANZAC TOUR 2020


With great excitement for our community, Year 8  Isabella Hulm has reached the State finals of the 2020 Premiers Anzac Tour. Isabella now has the chance to represent Western Australia and St Norbert College on the national tour to Darwin and Singapore in April 2020.


Isabella wrote a fantastic essay on the impact of the Anzac tradition on modern Australia by writing about the experience of the Maxton brothers, close family friends that served together in the Royal Army Air Force during World War Two. Isabella’s writing captured the true significance of the Anzac spirit of courage, mateship and a fair go of Australians at war, key-elements in Australia’s national identity. The following is a quote from her essay:


“[…] Murray’s war experiences had a profound impact on him and he said “every day you remember what’s happened” acknowledging he felt deep guilt for the poor blighters in the cities they bombed and decimated. Murray was a true Anzac in spirit, and was quick to employ a German man seeking work on his farm in the 1950’s, despite the man being a former SS soldier and a member of Hitler’s bodyguard. This fact didn’t seem to bother Murray and the two worked together for many years. This act of acceptance demonstrated forgiveness and courage, epitomising the Australian Anzac tradition of a ‘fair go’ and a tolerance for all.”


The Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area and I wish Isabella all the best in her quest, and supports wholeheartedly her candidacy as a representative of Western Australia in the 2020 Premiers Anzac Tour


Mr A  McGoorty (Humanities Teacher)



Indonesian Immersion

Special report from Indonesia

As students and staff settled back home after their  journey of ''Good Works'' in Indonesia, enjoy an insight into their experiences through the following letters written this week to the College by Mr Ah Fong, and to participating students' parents by Ms Kyd . . .   

Selamat Siang (hello)!

We are now over half way through our Indonesia Immersion tour and I  am sure many of you have kept up to date of the tour on Facebook (St Norbert College Indonesian Immersion 2019).  However, I wish to share with you some of our experiences.


We were all so pleased to land in Bali without any difficulties and carrying with us about 210 kg of donations.  It was hot and sweaty but we were welcomed by our drivers, both named Ketut.  It brings back great memories  of that popular advertisement  in Australia "Eyes on the road Rhonda".


We started our service on Thursday at the Smile Foundation, Cancer House and the Paud Samaritania Rescue Home.  The Smile Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings health care to people with craniofacial disabilities.  They have children from the different islands around Bali and we met a family from Timor island whose child was receiving treatment.  Our students and staff were brilliant in interacting with the children and bring some joys to them and make them feel appreciated.  Leon, our guide, told all of us to ensure that we do not cry when we meet the patients at the Cancer House and to try to bring some joy to them.  We told our students that they can speak to us if the situation is too much for them and we would speak to them outside.  However, there was no need for it.  Our students made us proud.  They interacted with the patients, overcame the language barrier and showed compassion to the patients.   Our students put hand cream on the patient's hands, did some drawings, had conversations with the patients, danced with them and got to get to know them.  The Paud Samaritania Rescue Home welcomes children whose family cannot financially look after them.  We were all shocked by the difficult living situation of the children there.  There were no running water and the children lives in only one room with some mattresses to share.  Their room was hot and with only one fan.  Colette, Fran and Juliana were amazing in cooking for 167 children and adults.  They did in it in kitchen with no running water and with only bare minimum. Our students were again amazing in playing with the children and were very creative in their communication to engage the children.  Laura was our Dancing Queen and got all the children to join in different dances.  The children and adults were very appreciative.  We were able to give some much-needed donations to all three institutions.


The next part of our Immersion was to visit the families and children living at the Sanur Tip.  We went to the top of the tip where we were shocked to see the working conditions of these families.  We saw adults going through the rubbish, some collecting food and some collecting recycling materials.  They would then bring these materials to their home to clean and sort them again.  They earn $0.15 per kg of materials which is then sent to Java. The families were very grateful to us when we distributed Nasi (rice) and small donations of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste and soap) to them. Our students taught the children living at the tip and again brought lots of joy to them.  We found it a humbling experience when the children said thank you to us; they would shake out hand and then place our hand on their forehead.  Many of our students had their 'besties' at the school.


 We also visited the Sidhi Asti Teka Orphanage.  We were able to give donations to them and we found it a humbling to see the children there going through the donations and choosing some clothes that they could wear.  We bought Australia to those children in the afternoon with a special Australian children's birthday party.  We met the Sisters and we organised lunch and dinner for them.  Sister Clementia ( We call her Sr Tim Tam, as  she likes Tim Tams) is 80 years old and has provided service to others for over 60 years.  A highlight was the disco on the Saturday evening. We would fluro bands and the children loved them. Our students interacted with the children and attended mass. It was very emotional for the Children at the orphans when we had to leave with many of them crying, including our own students.


There are many stories that I am sure our student and staff will share with the College Community.  We are so proud of our students with their conduct and how they have embraced the spirit of this Immersion.  Bali is known as a tourist destination and yet very few would know the poverty of so many Balinese people.  We are privileged to have the opportunity to serve those in need in Bali and to live our College Moto.  Terima Kasih (thank you) to staff, students and parents for their donations as it is making a difference and bringing smiles to people.


Selamat tinggal (Good bye)

                                                                                                                                       Mr Patrick Ah Fong, Head of House

'So proud and impressed by your children'

"The immersion staff have been so impressed with every student from Day 1. The photos of the students at the Cancer House told a thousand words about the love, respect and empathy your children showed for people suffering from cancer. 


At the  tip school, the students were wonderful with their prepared activities and had a great time with the children teaching them English and lots of new games and songs.

The aged-care facility was an eye-opening and challenging experience for us all. There were lots of tears to start, then love and laughter at the end. This is a special place.


The rescue home was also a challenging place to visit. It’s hard to believe that so many children live there without running water, a convenience many of us take for granted. We were so happy to treat them to a special meal cooked by Mrs Colette Miranda and a meal at a local restaurant. We proudly know that our efforts in fundraising paid for these special things. 

Handing out donations at the Sanur school was a humbling experience. One student said: 'It was like handing out brand new iPhones as the people were so grateful' to receive a bag filled with laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste etc. 

For most of our students the highlight was the orphanage , where close bonds were formed and friendships were made.  Our guide Leon kept saying, “I love your kids, they serve from the heart” and they really did. We were so proud of them every single day and tonight they all told us that they had the 'greatest experience ever'. 
                                                                                                    Ms Margaret Kyd,  Student Ministry Co-ordinator 


Performing Arts

Drama  Club wins at Youthfest 

On Sunday 22 September, the Junior and Senior Drama clubs competed in the independent theatre association’s one act youth festival in Darlington. Held at the beautiful Marloo Theatre, the clubs competed against 14 other plays . Both clubs performed very well and the adjudicator was impressed with both of them.  In the end , it was a very difficult decision, but the Senior Drama club was awarded the  “Most Innovative production” for the senior section , which is a wonderful accolade for them. Mara Homez was also awarded an adjudicators certificate for an outstanding performance in the same play. 

My sincere  congratulations to the members of both clubs for their commitment and dedication. You all did yourselves proud and I am very proud of all of you. 

Well done!


Ms K Hilton (Drama Teacher)

Dance Night 2019


On Wednesday 11 September, the Xanten Performing Arts Centre and Theatre came to life with 100 performers from Years 7-12 getting prepared for Dance Night. All students were buzzing with excitement. The evening consisted of performances that were created by guest choreographers, students and Miss Alban. The night also offered a variety of styles and genres.


The Tap Troupe opened the evening with a colourful ‘Hairspray’ dance work choreographed by Year 11 students; Danielle Vandenberg and Nicole Dobkowski. All students in Years 8-10 who performed class works, mostly for assessment put in 100% and performed with gusto and enthusiasm. The second half commenced with the Junior Dance Team wowing audiences with their energy and acrobatics and the amazing Canon’s Hip Hop Crew concluded the evening’s show. All students successfully put on a thoroughly entertaining evening that really did showcase their many gifts and talents. A big congratulations must also go to the Hip Hop Crew and Year 12 Captains: Lilika Mikaere and Gracie Farrar for being awarded a certificate of Excellence for their recent performance in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival Dance section.

Performances like this do not happen without the contribution of the whole school community and I would like to thank all the teachers, parents and students who contributed to the evening. Thank you to all that supported the evening by attending as an audience member, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as the students did performing. Your support is appreciated by all the students involved. A special thank you to the parents of our students, without your support the show would not be possible!


Miss L Alban (Dance and Physical Education Teacher)





Year 12 Mathematics Applications and Methods

 Alan Sadler is a well-known presenter at Mathematics conferences and workshops and is the author of our ATAR Mathematics textbooks. We were fortunate to host two visits by Mr Sadler this month to conduct after-school exam boost workshop for our Year 12 Mathematics Applications and Methods students.

On Friday 6 September the renowned author of our textbooks, A.J. Sadler, came to explain some exam techniques and revision strategies to mathematics applications and mathematics methods. Not only were we gifted by the chance to meet the face of our beloved maths textbooks (and of course swarm to him to receive his autograph on our textbooks), but we were also shared his wisdom and knowledge on completing and studying for the mathematics methods exam. With the aid of his unforgettable, bright personality and humour, Sadler gave us motivation and a sense of direction for our exams. He reinforced our passion for mathematics and I’m sure his visit will aid us in our upcoming exams. 

Dylan Wemyss - Mathematics Methods


Mr Sadler's talk was great from start to finish. He had a great sense of humour that went well with his presentation and was very open and thorough when answering our questions. He signed our textbooks so that we may one-day make money from textbook rather then loose it.

Bryce Ritchie - Mathematics Applications


The maths workshop with Sadler was an enriching experience for all the maths classes. Sadler provided a great breakdown of the course and some inside information into the processes or documents involved in WACE exam creation to demonstrate how we can effectively structure our study. It was also interesting to put a face to the books we had been studying for the past year and a half ... and get them signed by him.

Tallulah Armenti - Mathematics Methods

Sports report

ACC Athletics B Division Carnival


On Thursday 19 September St Norbert College entered 140 athletes in the ACC Athletics B Division Carnival at the WA Athletics Centre. After preparing for 10 weeks, the group arrived at the stadium ready to go.


The College finished in an overall 7th position, meaning we will continue to be in B Division for Athletics in 2020.


While 7th was not our desired outcome, we still had some fantastic individual results we need to celebrate.



Team Results

  • The Senior Boys won the champion shield after a dominant an inspiring display – 3 years in a row
  • Overall boys = 2nd place, 3 points behind winner John XXIII


Individual Champions

Open Boys

  • Jaco Jansen van Rensburg - 4th Place
  • Lubin Benedict – 3rd Place




 U/13 Boys

  • Kane Irvine – Runner Up Champion

 U/14 Girls

  • Paige Craven Bower – Runner Up Champion

 U/15 Boys

  • Caleb Yende Emoko – Champion

 U/16 Boys

  • Jordan Blaze Lightbourn – Runner Up Champion

 U/16 Girls

  • Zeta Stevens – Runner Up Champion


  • Open Boys 4x100m Relay – 43.62s
  • Thomas Rogers – Shot Put F34 Seated – 5.64m
  • Thomas Rogers – T34 100m – 26.46s


If you would like to see some team photos, races and behind the scenes action head to the @Canons_Sport Instagram


Mr L Ford (Head of Sport)


Canteen countdown!

'Cheesy' numbers reach new heights

Do you regularly queue up on a Wednesday or a Friday to buy a piping-hot cheesy at Cafe 135? These yummy SNC staples are so highly soughtafter they attract hundreds of customers hungry for one or more of the six varieties on offer.

So it is with much excitement that the College anticipates breaking something of a 'cheesy record' early next term.  Cafe 135 (which cooks 480 cheesies a week) estimates it will be selling its 200,000th cheesy early next term! Will you be the lucky recipient of a prize for buying the golden 200,000th cheesy? Stay tuned for more details about this big event early next term.

                                                                                                                       Mrs L Quartermain, Community Relations

SNC Youth Opera Night

Worldwide Italian Language Week

To celebrate Worldwide Italian Language Week from 20-27 October, the Consulate of Italy in Perth and the WA Opera are hosting an Opera Youth Night performance of Macbeth at His Majesty’s Theatre, Thursday 24 October from 6.30pm.


The evening has been organised to engage young people in a vibrant learning environment outside of the traditional classroom. The special event is limited to only 10 schools in Perth, and St Norbert College is privileged to be among those chosen.


Macbeth is one of Giuseppe Verdi's most renowned scores, which is a wonderful fusion of traditional English literature and the Italian language.


Macbeth is the story of the loyal General, Lord Macbeth, who had sworn allegiance to the King of Scotland.  A group of witches reveal a prophecy that he will one day be King.  Enter Lady Macbeth who “by fair means or foul” is determined to see her husband on the throne.  Shakespeare’s gripping masterpiece comes to life in this brand-new production featuring one of Verdi’s most dramatic scores. This is a tale of the supernatural, of greed, of guilt, of lies, of murder, of betrayal. 


This unique Macbeth performance will give two St Norbert students the opportunity to go to His Majesty’s Theatre, be escorted upstairs for pre-performance refreshments and then meet some of the cast prior to being seated. The performance will commence at 7.30pm and will be sung in Italian with English surtitles (subtitles) available on screens located either side of the stage.


I am calling for expressions of interest from two Italian (Literature, English or Music) students (one male and one female) to accompany me and represent St. Norbert College at the Opera Youth Night.


Please email me at the College as soon as possible after having discussing this opportunity with your family. RSVP is by Friday 19 October. Grazie!


Ms  D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)


From the Business Manager

Monthly Fee Statement


This week the College has initiated a Monthly Statement of Fees that will be emailed to families.

If you have paid your account in full, thank you and no further action is required.

This is a timely reminder to check your payment has been received and that your payment plan will clear your account by year end.

If you have another arrangement in place with the College please continue with this arrangement.

Important notice about withdrawing students

Please be advised that in accordance with our enrolment agreement and College School Fees Collection Policy, if you wish to withdraw your child from St Norbert College, you must provide the College with at least one school term’s notice.


If you child is leaving at the end of Term 4 - 2019, written notice is required by Friday 18 October 2019.  Where this notice is not received by the College by 18 October 2019, one term tuition fees will be charged in lieu.


As you can appreciate this information is required for future enrolments and planning for the 2020 academic year.


Written notice should be addressed to the Principal of the College, Mr Simon Harvey and emailed to, or delivered to the College Reception.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the College on 9350 5433.


Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)

Pastoral Care

Holidays can be challenging. Without routine, it's still important to stay healthy and look after yourself.



For some young people, this time of year can be challenging. It can feel as though you've been taken away from your usual routine of school or work and you may not get to see your friends, teachers or workmates as often as you would like to. This can leave you feeling bored, unsupported, upset and sometimes anxious. It’s important to stay healthy and look after yourself. There are a number of ways to help you do this, and we've suggested a few tips below.


Ways could include...

Eating Well

It’s important to have a good balanced diet with less of the bad things (like junk food and lots of sugar) and more of the good things (such as veggies, fruit, whole grains and water). This can help with sleep, energy levels and general health and wellbeing.

Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep helps you feel energised, focused and motivated. Developing a sleeping routine can help you sleep much better. To do this, try to wake up around the same time each day, get out of bed when you wake up and go to bed around the same time each night.

Be socially active and get involved

Social relationships are really important to your general wellbeing. Spending time with friends is also really important for keeping and building on existing friendships. Getting involved with volunteer work, hobbies, clubs or committees, or sports can help you feel connected to your wider community while also meeting new people.


Play is important for staying mentally healthy. Devoting time to just having fun can recharge your battery, revitalise your social networks and reduce stress and anxiety.


Activities to try over holidays


Find a casual job
Earn extra pocket money, gain skills and meet new people. Check these tips on how to write a resume and prepare for an interview


Organise and explore
List places you want to visit and things you want to do. Take up a photography course, or find another course that interests you.


Creative projects
Get your creative juices flowing! Revamp your bedroom or create an art piece. Invite a friend over or ask a parent to help.


Get active
Get out on the oval and kick a footy with mates, check out the local skate park or go for walks.


Give back to the community and gain some great experience.

Remember to also look out for your friends and loved ones and check in to see how they are doing. If you are worried about them, let them know that you are there to help.


You can read more tips for a healthy headspace here


For more information on this topic go to:



The Pastoral Care Team

Things to remeber

Uniform Shop

Summer uniforms

Families are reminded that during the October school holidays, the Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday, 10 October from 1pm-6pm, and again on Monday 14 October, from 8am – 12pm.

Summer uniforms will be required from the start of Term 4, on Tuesday 15 October.


Mondays 8.00am – 12.00pm
Thursdays 1.00pm – 5.00pm


NEW: St Norbert College Towel Ponchos

$40 available from the Uniform Shop 

Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Lost Property

There are a large number of items currently in the lost property boxes located upstairs in the ORC. Items include tracksuit jackets, running shoes, school shoes, towels, goggles, school shirt, jumpers, canons basketball uniform, socks and hats. Please feel free to come up and have a look through the items if you are missing something.


Mr M Price (Head of Health & Physical Education)

Class of 1986 Reunion

Former students who graduated 33 years ago are now turning 50 - with a reunion planned to celebrate. Find the organisers on Facebook at “St Norbert College (unofficial) 1986 Graduation Year” and RSVP to the event on that page.

Firetech Workshop

Coding, Gaming, Robotics, Media, Drones, Animation and more:


Heard any alumni news lately?


Norbertus, the St Norbert College alumni magazine, would love to hear any news about former students: engagements, weddings, births, graduations, promotions, sporting achievements, travels, reunions, catch-ups… Photographs and details gratefully accepted.

Please email


  • Thursday 26 September -  Term 3 concludes
  • Tuesday 15 October - Term 4 commences (Summer Uniform)
  • Friday 25 October - Year 12 Breakfast, Farewell Assembly and College Captain handover. 
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