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18 August 2019
Issue Ten
Gimmel Sovereign Hill Camp
Student of the Week 
ABCs Dress up Day
Student of the Week 
Athletics Carnival, 2019
Green Dot Treat 
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Monday August 19

Special Assembly at 8:50am 

Athletics Age Champions Announced

Visiting Speakers - Mukti

Tuesday August 20

Book Week Celebrations -  Dress Up Day!

Parents & Friends welcome - 9am parade -  Hot drinks and slices available for purchase.

August 28-30

Hey Camp - Bible Society Masterclass

September 11-13

Bet Adventure Camp


September 19

TTT - Term Three Tea!



It's started and our students are off running! 
This term, our school is joining Christian schools around Australia to support TEAR read-a-thon.


You can donate online at this address:


Please note:  For those who would rather make cash donation, a tax deductible receipt will be available at Reception.  Thank-you!

Students and their classes are being encouraged to raise money to provide access to education for people who would otherwise miss out.  Students have been given a participant pack with reading and sponsorship lists and information on how others can support their efforts.

Who is TEAR Australia?
TEAR is a non-denominational Christian organisation that works in places of great need - helping communities end poverty, challenge injustice and build a sustainable future. Through partnership with locally-based Christian agencies TEAR provides basic health, education, agriculture for food, clean water, humanitarian assistance and income generation.

Why TEAR read-a-thon?
TEAR read-a-thon is a fun and practical way that your child can join with their school to respond to global poverty. It supports TEAR Australia’s education and literacy programs, helping people, households and communities to flourish.

How can I support my child?
You can encourage your child to read – keeping in mind those books at their current reading level and which will contribute to developing their own literacy. Your child will also be looking for sponsors - people to donate either per book read or a general donation for their efforts. We ask that your child doesn’t go door knocking but they ask people they know well - like their relatives, sport/club leader, people at church and so on.

For more information and to donate, find our school's donation page here:



Gimmel Sovereign Hill Camp

Gimmel goes back in time

Our Gimmel class braved the freezing cold of Ballarat this past week and went back in time to the 1850's.  After getting kitted out in dresses and pinafores and knickerbockers and neckerchiefs, the students made their way to the St Alipius Diggings school where they were immersed in 1850's schooling  under the watchful eye of their Ma'am.  Being a living and breathing part of the Sovereign Hill Museum was a great way to learn and a whole lot of fun (mostly).  


Finally, they went even further back to the medieval period with a visit to Kryal Castle.  Here they learned about laying siege to a castle as well as the methods used to defend against a rampaging army.  They used a battering ram to knock down the fortress doors and tried their hand at using a bow and arrow.  They learned about the feudal system and had opportunity to try on some Knight's armour.  The many stories of life (and death) in the medieval times were certainly interesting.  Some of it was very clever, even ingenious. Much of it was shocking and dark, and some of it was downright evil.  It was enough to make us very glad to be living at this time and in this great country.

Student of the Week 

Week 4



                                 Braxton Holloway


                                  Orlando Mullins


Kasanita Faoa


                                      Amelia Murphy


                                      Isaac Schmidt


Evie Tresize

ABCs Dress up Day

Thursday, August 8 - not your average day in ABCs

This was the day our ABC students added lots of colour and fun to their school day, dressing up as different animals to celebrate the completion of our learning to read program. There were some wonderful costumes including Emil Emu, Jimmy Jaguar, Quentin Quail, Tiny Tiger, Try Try Butterfly and Zippy Zebra. Everyone went to a lot of effort and looked terrific! At the start of the day we held an animal parade and there were many wonderful and excited comments about the ideas and creativity of the costumes. The students enjoyed other related activities including singing our alphabet songs, making masks and using their digital photo to decorate themselves as the animal they were dressed as. They also created a ‘who am I riddle’ with the help of their buddies. A highlight of the day was going on safari and using the binoculars we had made to search for different animals that were hiding. Thank you to all the students and families who created the magnificent costumes. We had a great day!

Student of the Week 

Week 5


Noah Arnol


Christian Faoa


Cleoné Grobler


Cooper Lehman

Athletics Carnival, 2019

Aerodrome Ovals, Friday, August 9...

The day dawned cool and windy - actually, very cold with a bitter wind and a light smattering of rain ... but by lunchtime the sun was out and most of us had warmed up!  Students participated with gusto and enthusiasm, quickly getting used to the timing gates which were supplied and operated by members of the Mildura and District Little Athletics Club, bringing our timing accuracy to new levels of precision. Many thanks to the parents who braved the weather, rugged up and joined us to cheer the students on and to help with the many jobs to be done on the day.  The day culminated with the staff entering their own team in the open relay, and despite running several races throughout the day, Pawu, running the anchor leg for Blue team, held off a fast finishing Mr Herman to claim the win and a new record.

Below are some awesome captures of the day by Mr Herman. 

Age Champions will be announced Monday morning at Assembly - everyone welcome.



Green Dot Treat 

Monday, August 19

Kolo & Linklater

Monday, August 26

Windahl & Jackson

Each week our students have opportunity to earn “Green Dot Treat.” When a student completes his/her goals (individualised classwork) he/she receives a green dot on their goal chart. Three green dots in the one week earns you green dot treat. This treat is handed out at lunchtime on the first day of the next school week.  


We ask that parents take it in turns to provide the treat. This could be some great home-cooking such as honey crackles, jelly slice, or some other family specialty. We understand when parents need to purchase something ready made but please be careful not to provide something laden with artificial colours and flavours -  no burger rings, twisties, cheezles etc. A plain chocolate frog or something similar is fine as it is after-all, a treat. Heavily processed foods though, with added colours and flavours, can have a very detrimental impact on many students. Feel free to call the school if you are unsure about what to provide.


Two families are rostered to supply the treats each week.  Parents will be notified by email and/or sms via EdSmart  indicating how many treats are needed (usually around 20 - 25).  We'll put a reminder on this page in each newsletter.  A complete roster can be downloaded below.  Please ensure the treats are delivered to Reception by 12 pm on the day you are rostered.


Parenting Tip

Are You Uncomfortable?

What it is: In a recent survey, Protect Young Minds (PYM) found that one of the top reasons parents don’t talk to their kids about p*rnography is because they’re worried it will make them uncomfortable.


Why it’s eye-opening: PYM asked teenagers for their reactions, and it was clear: We need to get over it. One 15-year-old girl wisely said, “Wouldn't you rather your child be uncomfortable than making mistakes that will hurt them?” And if we’re honest, we often avoid things because it makes us uncomfortable. But as PYM points out, emotional resilience—i.e. the ability to deal with uncomfortable and challenging situations—is a skill we teach our kids not by avoiding them, but by showing them how to handle them when they arise. So what are you avoiding having conversations about because of fear of discomfort or awkwardness? When that happens, remind yourself that your child’s long-term spiritual health is far more important than a few moments of unease.


This article taken from The Culture Translator   Vol. 5, Issue 32. 



Volunteers Needed

There is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in Operation Christmas Child by becoming a volunteer in the Mallee  team.  If you are interested, please contact Rachel Broad on 0448 373 131 to find out more.  If you know anyone in the Ouyen or Robinvale region who would be able to help promote OCC and/or be a Drop Off Point for shoeboxes, please also let Rachel know.


Mildura Christian College will be a Drop Off Point for  Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes from the community this year, and as such we will have a donations box available at Reception.   Although we will not be running the fundraiser as a school, families are more than welcome to participate in the project and use the donations box  as required.   Pre-printed shoeboxes are available for 50c each but you are also able to use your own shoebox as long as it is no larger than an A4 sheet of paper.  Brochures detailing How to Pack a Shoebox will also be available at Reception and these include labels to attach to your box.  




Community Notices

Pilgrim's Progress Movie Fundraiser


Sunday, September 8th - 2pm,
Mildura Wallis Cinema 




RYPEN has proven to be a great opportunity for young people to develop valuable leadership skills all whilst having fun and making friends.


The camp this year will be held from the 25th to the 27th of October this year at Camp Kedron in Barmera. Applications are currently open to attend this year’s program and we encourage those interested to apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

More information and the application form can be found at the link below:


If you wish to speak to the camp coordinator Liz Gardner she can be contacted via email [email protected] or phone 0417 676 700


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