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08 August 2019
Issue Twenty-three
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, I love you
Nine Types of Students: #3- The Achiever
CSEN Cross Country 
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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, I love you

By Kirsty Meese (Team Kinder)

Earlier this year one of my children saw a kitten in a shop window and fell in love - hard! To be honest I'm not really a pet person, so I was hoping that the kitten might be quickly forgotten, like so many things. However, I didn't bargain on my husband also falling in love with the kitten.


I didn't want to add a pet to our family, I felt that we were full, I didn't want the responsibility of a pet, because let's be honest, as much as my oldest child told me that he'd do all things cat related, I strongly doubted that he would after the novelty of getting a kitten wore off. And If I'm being totally honest, I didn't like the prospect of splitting my love, I felt that I had no more love to give.

I felt that I was at full loving capacity, with family, friends, work and church. But as with most things to do with children, love conquers all, and I reluctantly agreed to a kitten joining our family. 


So far the novelty of looking after a pet hasn't worn off for my eldest child, and as an added bonus, each member of my family seems to have softened as they have all fallen in love with the kitten. As for me, well... after an initial love/hate relationship that involved a few incidents of the kitten destroying my favourite earrings, snagging my tights and eating my plants, it would seem that there was room in my heart after all to add to my family.


Because here's the thing about love, it doesn't divide when you get new additions to your family, house, church or life, it expands, doubles, quadruples, it grows exponentially. God's love is without limit, and we are made in God's image, which means that we also love without limits.


Nine Types of Students:
#3- The Achiever

By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence) 

Nine Types of Learners: The Achiever 


Welcome to our series on the nine different types of learners that lies at the heart of Story-Based Learning. Every learner is different and needs tailored conditions if they are to learn and grow to their full potential. Over the course of nine weeks we will be highlighting a different type of student. You will be able to access each part of the series as they are published at The Parent Sphere.   


Meet Anders and Abigail. Competitive, quick-thinking, confident and charming. Life is a series of goals to these students - they assess, assemble and move forward with vision and drive. Because they see quickly what needs to be done, they can position themselves as leaders and are quite influential within the learning space.  


Learning Style


Achievers internalise the message that they are only as good as their last success, which makes them continually driven to succeed. Classic rewards work well to motivate them as well as clear paths towards achievement and a chance to advance. 


Anders and Abigail will struggle to stay motivated if they can’t immediately see how they can use the content they are learning. This can easily be shifted by revealing to them a greater purpose and allowing them to delve into practical applications that could make a difference. 


With bigger projects, Anders and Abigail will need to break down the whole into smaller parts so that they can stay engaged and feel as if they are progressing. 


Failure is devastating to these students, so they attempt to avoid it at all costs. If mistakes do happen, they will either reframe in order to shift blame or attempt to disengage before the loss occurs. 




Achievers are endlessly adaptable as they naturally absorb what function is needed within a group and can shift gears to fulfill that role. 


These students are able to multitask effectively and can employ an impressive sense of focus, however they can become angry if they are interrupted. 


Self-improvement is a valued pursuit and Anders and Abigail appreciate the chance to better themselves if there are clearly defined expectations and opportunities for hands on learning. 




If you have an Anders or an Abigail in your life, you can help them in the following ways:


  1. Reinforce to them that they are loved not for what they do, but who they are. Demonstrate unconditional love, particularly when they fail or make a mistake. 

  2. Encourage interests that are not competitive but allow them to slow down. Reading, spending time in nature, hanging out with friends, going on walks - these are all great ways to bring out the softer side of the Achiever.

  3. Involve them in making decisions for the family and appreciate their quick thinking and insight into situations. 

  4. Help them to notice the details and know that slowing down to take the time to get the little things right is important too. 

  5. Show them that investing into friendships is a worthwhile pursuit even if there is no immediately evident practical value from the connection. 


Achievers can be forces of greatness in the world and their strengths (planning, persuasion, insight, drive and ambition) are crucial for bringing people together around a greater good. When these students can learn to face failure head on and rest in the reality that God is ultimately in control, they become unstoppable. 


This category of learner has been based upon Type 3 of the Enneagram (or ‘The Achiever’). If you wish to delve more deeply into the psychology of the Enneagram, follow the links above. 


As the journey of self discovery is one best enjoyed by each individual, we suggest that you use this as an internal guide for yourself, rather than telling your children which type you think they might be. We do understand that each person is utterly unique and there will be variations within each type, but we have found this typology the most helpful for getting a basic understanding of human behaviour and motivation. 


CSEN Cross Country 

By Shaun Doherty (Primary Sports Co-ordinator)

On Thursday August 1st, approximately 80 BHCS students travelled to Bundoora Park to compete in the CSEN Combined Cross Country. Students had to run either a 2km, 3km or 4km race based on their age group and battled up some difficult hill climbs.


BHCS achieved some excellent results, with multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results, however most pleasing was the spirit in which each student competed. Each student went out and gave it their personal best and showed great determination in finishing. There was a lot of encouragement and support being shown and a really positive atmosphere amongst the team.


BHCS came first in the Primary Division overall and third in the Secondary Division! 


The following students achieved a podium finish and received a medal.

Archer D: 3rd / U9 Boys

Ryder C: 2nd / U11 Boys

Hunter W: 3rd / U11 Boys 

Josh W:  2nd / U13 Boys

Jack W:  1st / U14 Boys

Lachlan U: 2nd / Open Boys


Marli D: 1st / U9 Girls

Lucy R: 3rd / U9 Girls

Ahliya W: 1st / U10 Girls

Claire G: 2nd / U10 Girls

Sophia G: 1st / U11 Girls

Jade C: 2nd / U12 Girls

Kailyn V: 2nd / U13 Girls

Hannah F: 2nd / U14 Girls

Kianna V: 2nd / U15 Girls

Bethany D: 1st / Open Girls


I would like to congratulate each runner on not only their attitude and effort, but also their willingness to participate in an event that can be grueling at the best of times. I would also like to thank Mr Davidson, Ms Beach, Ms Douglass, Mr Torcasio and Ms Leak for their help throughout the day.



Upcoming School Events


You are invited by the PFA to a special morning tea in support of the 'It’s in the Bag' campaign. 

Share the Dignity charity exists to make homeless and poverty stricken women feel special.  For more information on the cause you can visit


Come along for a great morning of yummy food and working together to make a difference!  Please bring with you donations of items that can be placed in a handbag e.g. feminine hygiene products, hair brush, lip balm, hand cream, shampoo, hair treatments, toothbrush, something small to wear (e.g. scarf, jewellery).


Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!



Starting on Wednesday, 14th August  the Year 12's are encouraged to bring some donuts to share or enjoy the ones provided (lunch time) down in the Chaplains space.  Donuts, Fifa, Ping Pong and more! We would love to see you!




PARENTING NIGHT: Guest Speaker - Sharon Witt 

We still have one more parenting night scheduled for this year! It has been a privileged to have already hosted some fantastic and knowledgeable speakers. Our next guest Sharon Witt is no exception! We look forward to hosting her as she comes to talk about "building resilience in children and teens" on Monday, 2nd September.


This event is free! Please put the dates in your calendar now, and we'll look forward to seeing you there!  Please book your place here:    


General Information

The Sound of Music Production
Tickets on Sale Now!

The Sound of Music' tickets are now on sale!

Come and support the cast and crew, who have been rehearsing all year to put together a fantastic show for you!

You can get your tickets by clicking here


Lego Masters Competition

BHCS is holding its own Lego Masters Competition this term! The competition is open for students from Prep Year 12,  with single or paired entries available. Entry forms with all the details are available from reception or alternatively please see below.

If you love building Lego this could be your chance to be crowned the BHCS Lego Master as voted by students and teachers! 


2020 BHCS Employment Opportunities

A number of employment positions at BHCS for 2020 are now open for application:-

  • Jnr School Classroom Teacher (Prep-Yr 4) – Full time
  • Middle School Class Teacher (Yrs 7-8) – Part time with the possibility of extending to full time
  • Jnr School & Middle School French Teacher (Yrs 3-7) – Part time (approx. 0.5 FTE)
  • VET Hospitality Teacher/Trainer (Yrs 11-12) – Part time (approx. 0.3 FTE – Wednesdays)
  • Middle School Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator (Yrs 5-8) – Part time (0.5 FTE)

Please see attachments for more information. Only applicants with the appropriate qualifications need apply. Any queries regarding an application must be made via email to [email protected]

Applications close strictly at 12pm on Monday 19th August, 2019.


Senior Pathway Interviews

From Wednesday, 7 August until Wednesday, 14 August, Senior Pathways interviews for Year 10s will be conducted at various times.  Interviews related to VCE will be conducted by Vicky Fraanje, Head of VCE & VCAL and Michelle Farrand, VCE Teacher and Year 12 Team Leader.


Our VCAL Co-ordinator, Andrew Ware, will also be holding Senior Pathways interviews for students looking at undertaking VCAL instead of VCE. Appointments will be available before, during and after school.


This should provide an opportunity for every Year 10 student to have had an interview regarding their Pathway for Year 11.


Details regarding this were handed out at the Information Night on Monday, 5 August and will be emailed home to families.

2020 New Caledonia Trip

Thank you to those who have expressed interest in the 2020 New Caledonia trip on offer to our French students. Please be reminded  that in order to secure your child's place on the trip, a $500 deposit is required by Friday, 30 August 2019. 


If you were unable to make it to the New Calendonia Information Night please contact Daniel Dema either by calling reception or by sending an email via [email protected] to request any further information you may require. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Prep: 100 Days of School

On Monday the 12th of August, we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School here in Prep BHCS.  On this day, we would love the children to come to school dressed as a 100 year-old person. During the day we will have many fun activities around the number 100 planned.

Your child may also:

  •  Bring a collection of 100 things, for example; 100 beads, 100 stickers, make something out of 100 pieces of Lego, or draw a picture with 100 things, etc.

With 100 Thanks!

Cassie Allison and Cathleen Barker

Community Care Update - Term 3

Our cook up date for this term is Friday, 23rd August from 9am. 

All welcome! 

Finally, donations needed for the upcoming cook up are:

Plain flour, self raising flour, vegetable oil, olive oil, brown sugar, caster sugar, cocoa, worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, tinned tomatoes, tikka paste, pasta, passata, garlic powder, white chocolate, dark chocolate, patty pans. 


Also - lunchbox fillers like nuts, dried fruit, muesli bars, etc.

Please drop at Reception, or in the Kinder foyer.

Thanks so much for everyone involved! It's a wonderful program, and we're so grateful for the way so many people have jumped in to support it.

Instrumental Tuition Program

Vacancies exist in our Instrumental Tuition Program for voice, piano, strings, wind instruments (sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone) and drums.


At the moment, there is a waiting list for guitar and we are currently looking for a new drum teacher. Please request an application form for Instrumental Tuition at the office.


Please email Darryl Thompson via [email protected] for more information.  


Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 



Saturday, 3 August 2019 9.00am- 12.00pm    

Saturday, 7 September 2019   9.00am-12.00pm

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of 2019:

Term 3: Wednesday, 17 July - Friday, 20 September

Term 4: Tuesday, 8 October - Tuesday, 10 December

CSEN Sports Results

Year 7/8 CSEN Results 


BHCS Calendar


Friday, 9 August 

- PFA- Morning Tea: Bags of Dignity


Saturday, 10 August

- Sound of Music: Full Rehearsal MPH 


Monday, 12 August  

- Week 1

- Student Christian Leadership Conference

- 100th Day of School- Preps


Tuesday, 13 August 

- Musical Rehearsal- Full Dress

- Middle School Choir 


- Yr 7-8 Girls Basketball Champions Cup (selected students)


Wednesday, 14 August

- Musical Rehearsal- Full Dress



Thursday, 15 August

- 9/10 OES- Climbing Excursion

- "The Sound of Music" Production (Opening night)


Friday, 16 August

- "The Sound of Music" Production 


Saturday, 17 August

- "The Sound of Music" Production - Matinee & Closing Night


Monday, 19 August  

- Week 2

- Science Week

- VCE OES - Baw Baw Snow Trip (until Wed, 21 Aug)

- Kinder Excursion 

- 3/4 Excursion 











Tuesday, 20 August  

BOOM DAY - Snow Day

- Middle School Choir 

- Yr 7 Switch - Yarra Ranges Tech

- Yr 9 ( Selected Students) - Yarra Ranges Tech

- Music Soiree - Restaurant ( 7pm)


Wednesday, 21 August 


- Science Club

- Science Assembly


Thursday, 22 August 

Kinder: Maker Space Surprise

- Yr 12 Studio Art Excursion


Friday, 23 August 

5/6 Sovereign Hill Excursion

- Kinder: DC Visit


Monday, 26 August 

CSEN Secondary Masterminds

- Kinder Incursion - Road Safety


Tuesday, 27 August 

Yr 11 Biology Excursion- La Trobe

- Middle School Choir


Wednesday 28 August 


- CSEN Primary Masterminds

- Fathers Day Stall ( 3yo, Junior/Middle/Senior)

- Prep Information Night


Thursday 29 August 

Fathers Day Stall ( 4yo Kinder)


Friday 30 August 

- Fathers Day Stall ( 4yo Kinder)

- Yr 8 Excursion - Yarra Ranges Tech









Community Announcements





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