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12 September 2019
12 September 2019
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Prayer and Reflection


“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given you; search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” Luke 11:9-10


Saving God, today we pray for all the intentions that we hold in our hearts. We lift these prayer requests to you and ask for your mercy and goodness. Help us to recognise your presence among us and to find comfort and peace in your love and concern for us. Help us to know that no request goes unheard and to trust in your goodness, kindness and compassion. 


Our Lady of the Rosary. Pray for us.

St Dominic. Pray for us.

Blessed Edmund Rice. Pray for us.


St Dominic Celebration Mass

On Wednesday 4 September, we remembered and celebrated our Dominican heritage at a whole College assembly. In the presentation students and staff were reminded of the pivotal role of the the Dominican Sisters who travelled to Tamworth in the late 1800’s to build a Catholic school for the children in the bush. The sisters’ sacrifice and commitment to their Catholic faith, the Church and the founder of the Dominican Order, St Dominic, forms one of the two foundation stones  of McCarthy Catholic College. This year’s assembly presentation continued the story of St Dominic into the 14th Century to explore the life a famous Dominican, St Catherine of Sienna.     


 Year 12 Twilight Retreat

On Monday evening, 9 September,  67 Year 12 students attended their final Twilight Retreat, “Letting Go and Holding On.”  During the evening the students reflected on 13 years of schooling, noting in particular the challenges and obstacles they have met and overcome as well as the joys and successes they have achieved. These memories were transcribed to two scrolls which will form part of the Procession of Gifts at their Thanksgiving Mass next Monday evening at 6:00 pm at St Nicholas Church. An important aspect of the prayerfulness of the retreat was drawn from a focus on the parts of the Thanksgiving Mass, the Gospel reading, hymns and special rituals within the context of their finishing school and moving on in the world.


Mrs Cate Allen -  Leader of Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education


Principal's Report

Walkathon 2019

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to make our annual Walkathon a resounding success last Friday. Despite the awful blustery conditions towards the end of the day, we managed to avoid most serious complications and finished our walk in good time. I publicly commend staff for keeping students safe at road crossings and turns. Similarly, we appreciate the ongoing support of the local police and Tamworth Regional Council who assisted us greatly in coordinating the WHS requirements of such a large event.

We are now in the final stages of collecting donations which we will in turn present a proportion to the local St Vincent De Paul Society, who will coordinate the allocation of the funds and goods to needy Tamworth and New England families affected by the drought. It is our intention to allocate the remaining portion to our own McCarthy families who are ‘doing it tough’ from the effects of the drought. Final tallies will appear in the final newsletter of the term.

And a final, heartfelt thanks to the Year 11 and 12 students from the Environmental Council who successfully coordinated another incredible performance of McCarthy’s Got Talent. As I have noted in previous years, the talent pool at McCarthy never fails to deliver a wonderful showcase. Well done to all involved. Please check out the dedicated report later in this newsletter and some of the great photos on the McCarthy Facebook page.


Student Leadership Council

Congratulations to the following twelve students on their recent election and appointment as the 2020 SLC representatives; Safia Arranz, Michelle Coates, Thomas Croake, Lara Dewhurst, James Highlands, Matilda Lewis, Jose Malaga, Grace Maloney, Ella McRae, Nikala Murray, Jack Paton and John Wong . As Year 12 students finish up and prepare for their HSC examinations, these hard working Year 11 students will step into the student leadership roles and support new and ongoing initiatives that serve our community.

The 2020 Captains and Vice-Captains will be officially announced from amongst these twelve at the conclusion of the Year 12 Final Assembly in Week 10.


Good Luck to Year 12 students

Year 12 students will shortly complete their time at McCarthy Catholic College. We wish them all the best of luck as they progress through their final few weeks of secondary education.  Several events marking this important milestone have been planned by the College. The first of these events is the final Year 12 Twilight Retreat on Monday 9 September from 5:00pm. On Monday 16 September our Farewell and Thanksgiving Mass will be held at St Nicholas’ Church at 6:00pm.  The Mass provides an opportunity to give thanks for blessings received and to thank parents for their support. It is an expectation that all Year 12 students attend this Mass and we encourage parents to share this special event with them. On Wednesday 25 September we will hold a formal whole-College assembly, beginning at 9:00am, which parents are welcome to attend. Year 12 students will leave the College at the conclusion of the assembly.  Finally, the Year 12 Graduation Dinner will be held at the Tamworth Town Hall on Tuesday 14 November. Please keep the Year 12 students and their families in your prayers, especially during the HSC Examination period.


Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform can now be worn. Year 12 students are required to wear full winter uniform, including ties, at the Final Assembly on 25 September.


RU OK? Day

R U OK? Day will be held on Wednesday 18 September at recess next to the COLA. There will be games, music and activities focused on ways to stay okay! Pizza will be available for $1 per slice, and at lunch time there will be a Bake Sale run by Year 11 on the terrace. All profits will be going towards the Walkathon Drought Relief. Show your support by wearing a yellow accessory on the day. Intervention days such as this highlight key strategies that can be employed by a caring community to help those community members who are feeling isolated, stressed or anxious such as asking people around them if they’re okay and demonstrating effective listening skills so that friends could feel valued, supported and connected.


All Contact and Deliveries through the College Office

Please be reminded that all contact and deliveries for students should come through the College Office.  Sometimes students forget things and need to have items such as a lunch box or assignment delivered to College. These must be delivered to the College Office. Parents are not to deliver these items over the fence (particularly takeaway food deliveries!?) or enter the College grounds at any other entry point. Our duty of care demands that we monitor all contact with students during the day.



We welcome the following students to the McCarthy community: Harry (Year 8) and Isabella (Year 9).  As a community, we hope that their transition has been a smooth one and that they are enjoying the McCarthy community.


Mr Geoff McManus - Principal


Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

NAPLAN 2019 results have this week been made available to the College. While we are still in the process of detailed anaylsis of schoolwide data, initial observations would indicate that Year 9 students have demonstrated capacity at or above state average for most domains. The data also indicates some areas for future focus and direction. A more detailed report will be included in future newsletters.


Student NAPLAN reports for distribution to parents will be sent to schools from 16 September.


The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) define the knowledge, practice and professional engagement needed for high quality effective teaching that improves student learning outcomes. Nationally agreed indicators of teacher quality  guide the preparation, support and development of teachers throughout their careers from Graduate to Proficient Teachers, to Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers. The NSW teacher accreditation system, is overseen by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) provides a rigorous assessment of evidence for a teacher’s achievement of the Standards. 

Experienced, proficient teachers can pursue voluntary higher level accreditation when they are consistently meeting the Standard Descriptors at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher level as highly effective, skilled classroom practitioners who routinely work independently and collaboratively to improve their own practice and the practice of colleagues,  taking on roles to guide, advise or lead others. 

Fittingly, we have recently had some staff work with Nadene Kennedy, herself a Lead teacher to begin the process of accreditation at these higher levels. 


Congratulations to Ms Suzanne Day who has been successful in achieving Senior Marker for Textiles.  This appointment acknowledges Ms Day's expertise and experience.


Mrs Sally Sparke - Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care

Where is the Love?

Fifty-two years ago the ‘Summer of Love’ was in full swing and The Beatles’ song, ‘All You Need is Love’ was the soundtrack for a generation demanding that the world live in harmony and peace. 


Half a century later our world needs a renewal of optimism and hope. Currently, India and Pakistan are staring each other down over the Kashmir; Iran and the West are playing dodgeball in the Straits of Hormuz; China and the USA are flexing over trade and the South China Sea; North Korea continues to experiment with long range missiles; Brazil seems to be hastening environmental vandalism on an unprecedented scale and random acts of terrorism find new ways to shock and appal us.


Is it any wonder that young people switch off and become disengaged from our wounded world, disillusioned with the mess adults are saddling them with, a mess exacerbated by accelerating climate change with few, if any leaders, wanting to sort it out in a meaningful way?


As challenging as it may seem, families and schools have to be places that imbue young people with not only hope for the future but also to empower them with ways to realise this hope. This is where our Christian faith is so important and instructive. In the Gospel of John, Jesus said: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” In this command we are provided a very clear way of how we should live our lives. Unfortunately, much of our culture heads us in a different direction. Capitalist-consumer culture demands high levels of self-interest with a voracious need for consumption.


When interviewed by Leigh Sales on the 7:30 Report, Bishop Michael Curry (famous for his sermon at Harry and Meghan’s wedding) made the following reply to the question, “what do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today?”


Let me tell you what I think is behind because there would be a number of issues. I really believe that the essence of our struggle can be found - as a human family - can be found in any form of unbridled selfishness. We have got to find a way to live together and for each other. That is why I believe that the way of love is the way that does that. I mean, this isn't really a sentimental thing that I am talking about. This is really an intentional way of living, of unselfish living and that will have consequences and impact on a whole host of issues, whether it is wars between nations, whether it is tribal conflicts, whether it is conflicts within countries, whether it is the extent of poverty in our global community. Whether it is care for this environment in which we live, whether it is for a means of justice and goodness and kindness in our social lives and compassion and kindness in our interpersonal lives.


Every one of those issues at the root of the cause of the problem is unbridled selfishness, which is what our religious traditions have actually meant by the word "sin". That is actually what we are really talking about, this kind of selfishness where I think, where I am the centre of the universe, and everybody else, including God, is on the periphery. That doesn't work. We have to live together and if we live together, we actually can make a better world. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be doing this.


The American philosopher, Cornel West, adds to these wonderful words of wisdom when he took part on the ABC’s Q&A a while ago:


I think part of the genius of the Christian tradition at its best... And this a prophetic version, which is always a slice. ‘Cause the Christian Church is founded on the bones of Peter, who denied Jesus three times. So, you have low expectations of such an institution. But the same Peter didn’t deny that he had denied him, as Chesterton says. And he is absolutely right. He bounced back. The history of our species is a history of hatred and envy and resentment and domination and oppression. And what Jesus tries to do, coming out of prophetic Judaic tradition, is to break it, to interrupt it, and says something that seems to be so weak in the world, love, is actually the most powerful when looked at through the lens of those who are willing to be crucified in order to bounce back. To learn how to die in order to learn how to live. That’s what it is to be Christian. And, therefore, you always have relatively low expectations, in terms of the overall project, but you have high expectations of the possibilities. That’s what the cross is about. That’s what Martin King was about. That’s what Dorothy Day was about. That’s what the great ones were.

But, now, Christians... I speak as a Christian, of course, so I have my biases. But I don’t think we Christians have any monopoly on this. We’ve got Buddhist examples, we’ve got Jewish examples, we’ve got agnostic and we’ve got atheistic examples. But the important thing is not to run out of gas. Don’t allow the despair to have the last word, don’t allow the hatred to have the last word, even if what seems to be so weak and feeble – namely your commitment to a love of neighbour and love of enemy – to bear witness and then to create some interruption.


As educators of young people it is so important that we don’t allow “despair to have the last word”. To do this we must live a life of love. Both as parents and teachers we need to be exemplars for young people that love can triumph against power and cynicism and self-interest. As West argues, love can cause “interruption” meaning that it can challenge the dominant norms that our power structures in society have created.


St Francis gives us an insight to how we can do this in our lives when he said: “Preach Jesus, and if necessary use words.” That is, live our lives intentionally so that our actions reflect the vision provided to us through Christ’s death and resurrection – ‘love one another’. This begins with the way we treat each other – how we speak to and about others. One of the fathers in the SBS series, The Hunting, used a beautiful Lebanese proverb when talking with his son which in fact is the underpinning metaphor of the series: ‘If your thought is a rose, you are a rose garden. If your thought is a thorn, you are fuel for the fire.’


To be a Christian means that we are to be wounded as Christ was. Again, this is a concept that flies in the face of what our dominant culture indoctrinates us to think – we are constantly urged to be more attractive and successful and watchable and influential and followable – anything but wounded. The American, Cardinal Bernadin from Chicago said: “As Christians, if we are to love as Jesus loved, we must first come to terms with suffering. Like Jesus, we simply cannot be cool and detached from our fellow human beings”. Whilst we may not be in a position to end suffering all over the world, we do need to respond to the suffering about us – the person who feels excluded, the person who struggles to learn, the person who doesn’t quite fit in, the person who is different to us, the person who is suffering emotionally or psychologically or financially and so on. To do this may require us to be ‘wounded’ – to stand against the popular group, to appear to be weak or ‘soft’, to be seen as a ‘goody-two shoes’ or a ‘suck-up’ (notice how the language that criticises people for doing the right thing is intended to wound and often connotes weakness). But it is by acting out of love that we begin to change the world, it is how we create a more just and inclusive community and to do this may require us to be wounded but in doing so, the wounds become springboards for growth and learning.


Just as in the Old Testament where the poets and writers helped people to imagine the world as it should be, so to have our poets, like The Beatles or even more contemporary groups such as the Black Eyed Peas, challenged us to envision how we should be living our lives. In their 2003 song, which has had nearly half a billion views on Youtube, we can see in the extract below how the Black Eyed Peas echo this theme of love calling for “guidance from above”:


People killin' people dyin'
Children hurtin', I hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preachin'?
Would you turn the other cheek again?
Mama, mama, mama, tell us what the hell is goin' on
Can't we all just get along?
Father, father, father help us
Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me
Where's the love?


Love is the key
Where's the love?
Love is the answer
Where's the love?
Love is the solution
Where's the love?
Where's the love?
They don't want us to love
Where's the love?
Love is powerful
Where's the love?
Where's the love?


As your young men and women struggle their way through life I urge you to keep encouraging them to respond with love because it is the one solution that has stood the test of time.

Mr Mick Larkin - Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care


Leader of Teaching & Learning 

Term 3 is certainly an action packed term.  Excursions, assessment tasks, examinations. Learning is ongoing, students are busy, teachers are busy and our teaching and learning team continue to pursue those initiatives that are proven to make a difference with enthusiasm.


Year 12 students have been exceptional in their completion of the Practical Examinations and submission of Major Works that have been held these past weeks at the College. Congratulations to the staff and students involved.


In these final weeks, I will meet with students and give them an overview of what to expect during their HSC examinations. These exams are supervised by an expert external team and students will be prepped further about the requirements around attendance, illness and misadventure procedures, approved equipment and generally what to expect in the HSC examinations. Please ensure you are clear about NESA rules, procedures and protocols and email me with any questions to clarify. 


Many of our staff have, once again, availed themselves to Year 12 students during the school holidays for revision sessions. This is a very generous offer and students have been reminded to turn up if they have agreed to commit themselves to this extra curricular offer.


During Term 1 this year, Year 12 and I discussed the decisions and actions that move us towards the goals we want compared to those decisions and actions that move us away from the goals we want. With 50% of the total HSC mark still up for grabs Year 12, I encourage you to make the choices that will move you towards your goals; work hard, go for gold ...another choice point is before you!


Year 11 will complete their examinations in Week 9 and 10 and they have received their published timetable. Please be sure to contact the College if for any reason your child is unable to attend. The blue forms used to apply for special consideration must be completed upon return with acceptable documentation (eg a doctor’s certificate) attached. 


Over these final weeks of the term, Year 8 students will consider their elective choices for next year and we will begin this process with a Year meeting. This year, we have expanded our offerings to include new elective choices such as Dance, Design & Technology, Work Education and more. The Teaching and Learning team made the decision to move towards 100 hour electives. This means that students can potentially choose up to four electives in Stage 5 over the course of two years. More choice and greater variety, Stage 5 is shaping up to be very engaging, indeed.


Congratulations to Year 10 and Year 9 students who made application for TVET courses. These applications are now closed for the 2020 intake. With the increase in student applications we have had to prioritise students. Year 10 students are readily making applications and gaining success securing School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. For further details on these programs please contact Mrs Kellahan our VET Coordinator.



If you are struggling to get motivated to do your schoolwork, sadly there is no magic solution. However, here are a few strategies you can try from the DEVELOPING MOTIVATION and OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION units if motivation or procrastination is an issue for you:


  • REWARDS: Set yourself small specific tasks to do with a specific reward at the end of the task. For some people little rewards are enough to get them going. 
  • CHUNK IT DOWN: If the work seems overwhelming or boring or unappealing, break it down into small bearable chunks and just do it one piece at a time. 
  • FRIENDS: Work with a friend or else tell your friend what work you want to get done and then check in on each other at the end of the night. Help each other stay on track.
  • RULE OF 3: If you can’t get started, write down the 3 most important things you must get done before you go to bed, then don’t even look at any other tasks until these 3 are completed.
  • MOTIVATING IMAGES: Find slogans, or images that motivate you and put them near your workspace.  Some people are motivated by pain (thinking of the consequences if you don’t study) while others are motivated by pleasure (thinking of all the good outcomes that will happen if you do study).


Learn more at

Our school’s subscription details are -

Username: mccarthycc

Password: 77success

Mrs Raelene Maxworthy - Leader of Teaching & Learning  


Important Dates


16 September: Year 12 Thanksgiving Mass - 6:00pm St Nicholas' Church

17 September: School Advisory Council Meeting

17 September: MCC Parents & Friends Association Meeting

18 September: R U OK? Day

19 September: Year 11 Exams Commence (Conclude 27 September)

23 September: Year 12 Community Service Day 

24 September: Year 12 Paint Ball 

25 September: Year 12 Final Assembly - 9:00am

27 September: Year 11 Exams Conclude 

27 September: Term 3 Concludes


Advanced Notice

14 October: Term 4 Commences

14 November: Year 7 Vaccinations (catch-up for Year 10 who were missed)

14 November: Year 12 Graduation - Tamworth Town Hall




Gomeroi Cultural Workshops. 

Open to all Year 7 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students  -

Tuesday 10 September 2019 - 9:00am to 1:00pm in the Performing Arts Centre


Open to all Year 8 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students -

Friday 25 October 2019 - 9:00am to 1:00pm in the Performing Arts Centre


For further information please do not hesitate to call Jolene Faint Aboriginal Education Officer at the College on 02 6761 0800.

McCarthy Yarning Circles - Building Respectful Relationships

A yarning circle is a harmonious, creative and collaborative way of communicating to:

  • encourage responsible, respectful and honest interactions between participants, building trusting relationships

  • foster accountability and provide a safe place to be heard and to respond

  • promote student–student interactions and student–school–community connectedness

  • enrich learning experiences for students

Over the past couple of weeks students have been immersed in the Indigenous culture through the use of a Yarning Circle. 

Our Year 7 and 8 Indigenous students sat with Madeleine, our new Junior Aboriginal Education Assistant. Alongside the College Totem Poles, the students got to know a little bit more about Maddi whilst she taught them some of our deeply rich Gamilaraay language.

In another session Miss Hannan and her Year 7 English class learnt about connection to Country. In both cases all students were absolutely respectful, engaged and a pleasure to teach.

We look forward to making our beautiful Yarning Circle a more permanent part of the McCarthy College culture.


Mrs Jolene Faint - Aboriginal Liason Assistant

Library News

Australian Reading Hour and Read an ebook Day Combined at McCarthy.

On Wednesday 18 September  2019, all McCarthy 7-10 students will stop what they’re doing for one hour and pick up a book during Period 3 in APC. We want everyone to either rediscover or introduce themselves to the benefits of reading by taking the time to learn, escape and relax.

In young people, reading has been shown to help with identity formation, setting them up for success in the future. In adults, reading has been shown to reduce stress by 68% more than listening to music, going for a walk, or having a cup of tea.

All students will be encouraged to either:

- bring a book from home or borrow one from the library before Period 3 on Wednesday and take it to class


- download the SORA app to their Chromebook or mobile device and then read an ebook in class and continue at home or in the bus wherever it suits them.  English teachers will be reminding students how to do this.

Students will be invited to share some #ebookLove and win on Read an Ebook Day!


Read it and Weep!  

For students who love to be moved to tears by a book, we have a special display just for you in the library. Borrow one of the books on display and take a tissue or two in case you need it!


Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser

Careers News

New McCarthy Careers Web Page

This page has been added to the McCarthy College website and this will be a site for both students and parents to access.  It is designed to cover a wide range of topics and provide information, advice, hints and tips on careers related matters to assist members of the McCarthy Catholic College community.  I hope you find it useful. If there is any topic you would like information on added to the page, please send an email to:

To find the page, you can either:

  1. Click on on the College website

  2. Go the  and click on CAREERS

  3. Click on Careers @ McCarthy

Guest Speakers

Last week, Aurora from UNE came to speak to interested Year 11 and 12 students and I am in the process of organising for employers to come to McCarthy to speak to students about gap year employment opportunities.


Lots of Deadlines Approaching for Year 12 Students

With many deadlines for applications to university, EAS, SRS and scholarships approaching as well as 2020 jobs and apprenticeships being advertised there is a need for Year 12 students to read emails, morning notices etc

Parents can now use the Careers @ McCarthy website and the McCarthy Careers Facebook page  to keep updated too.


Educational Access Scheme

This aims to help students, whose education has been negatively affected during Year 11 and/or Year 12 for more than six months, receive an offer to university. This is organised by UAC and there are many categories and criteria.

Parents are advised to click on the link above to see if your son or daughter may be eligible and please allow time to collect and collate the necessary supporting documentation depending on  category of disadvantage which applies.  Application guide (click here) to apply: 

STEP 1 - Submit your undergraduate application through UAC.

STEP 2 - Select ‘Apply for EAS’ at the bottom of the undergraduate application confirmation page or log in to your completed undergraduate application and select ‘EAS’.

Both Mrs Sharon Stuart and Mr Damian Kenniff are available to assist students with EAS applications.


Work Experience

This term there have been a number of students doing work experience for workplace trials, career exploration and SBATs. Several more students have completed the application process with the required paperwork to do work experience during the next school holidays.

Information on the process and the College’s guidelines can be found on the Careers page by clicking on this link:


Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser



We are fast approaching the end of Term 3 and for our Year 12 music students that means their HSC practical exams are fast approaching. The Year 12 students will be presenting a variety of performances and musicology viva voces to external examiners over 3 days, covering Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension. We wish our students the best of luck over these days. At the same time our Year 11 students are preparing for their end of year assessments before progressing into Year 12.


Since the start of the year we have had a number of students attending Junior Band on a Tuesday morning. These students have been dedicated to learning their instruments and are producing a nice, combined sound together. From the beginning of Term 4, junior band members will be invited by the music teachers to begin attending concert band. The Jazz Band continues to rehearse and develop also. This is a smaller group for more experienced players, and students are invited to join by the music teachers. It is wonderful to see so many students actively involved in music at McCarthy.


Ms Donna Swan - Music Teacher


North West Regional Girls Rugby Championships

On Wednesday 28 August three teams from MCC travelled to the University of New England in Armidale for the North-West Regional 7’s Rugby Union Championships. The teams included the girls Under 13’s, 15’s and 17’s. After finishing the Friday night Rugby the previous week the teams were ready fit and ready to go. The under 13’s team started the competition strongly with a draw with Calrossy and wins over O’Connor Catholic College of Armidale and Warialda High School. They entered the finals undefeated which was a great effort with only one reserve. The girls showed plenty of speed, skill and determination throughout their games. Unfortunately, they were narrowly defeated in the finals.

In the Under 15’s division the girls worked hard and were very competitive in every single game. Some narrow losses did not reflect the improvement and progression of the team. The girls should be proud of their efforts throughout the entire season. 


The Under 17’s team started slowly falling behind against a strong New England Girls School. They improved considerably in the second game with a hard fought two tries to nil win against McIntyre High School of Inverell. A defeat against a well drilled Calrossy team was followed by a 17-11 win against O’Connor Catholic College of Armidale to finish the day on a high. The girls may have been a little sore and tired at the end of the day yet should be satisfied with their efforts. Thank you to Isabella for refereeing and a big thank you to Mr Shaun Nichols and Mr Jonathan Dean for coaching the teams both on the day and Friday night throughout the season.



Diocesan Athletics Carnival Success

On Friday 30 August thirty one students travelled up to O’Connor Catholic College for the Diocesan Athletics Carnival. All students put in an outstanding effort in every single event and conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. There were several highlights on where students broke their own personal best records. Several students qualified for the NSW CCC Athletics Championships which will be held in Sydney on Friday 20 September.  A big thank you to Mr Tim Kennedy from St Mary's Gunnedah for organising the carnival and for O’Connor Catholic College for hosting the event. Also thank you to Mr Rob Meppem and Mrs Briony Martin for running the discus and javelin events on the day. Good luck to all students who qualified for the NSW CCC Athletics Championships in Sydney. 


Under 14 Boys Rugby Success 

On Friday 30 August the Under 14 Boys Rugby Union team played their grand final against Quirindi High School at Magpies. The boys enjoyed a tremendous season under the guidance of Mr Bernie Williams and Mr Wade Leu. The majority of the team had played in last years grand final where they comprehensively defeated Farrer and they were keen to make it two in a row. Quirindi proved worthy opponents and certainly came to play. But to our boys credit they played a great game where they showed some outstanding attacking and defensive efforts. The boys got to an early lead and maintained their dominance throughout the match. The team's skills of rucking and well timed attacking waves saw us dominate possession and field position. As a result we scored some great tries both in the middle and out wide. All players played well especially Sebastian, James, Bradyn and Bailey who gave some great service out of acting half. Cameron has been an inspirational leader all season and again played a strong game. The teams were privileged to have local product Alex Newsome now playing for the NSW Waratahs on hand to watch the game and be involved in the presentation. A big thank you to all the parents, supporters, Mr Bernie Williams, Mr Michael Larkin and Mr Wade Leu for coaching and training the boys throughout the season. A great effort once again and we look forward to all students playing again next year.


Diocesean Basketball

On Wednesday 4 September four teams and 39 students participated in the Armidale Diocese basketball trials at the Sportsdome in Tamworth. The teams consisted of a Year 7 and 8 boys team, Year 7 and 8 girls team; Year 9 and 10 boys team and a Year 9 and 10 girls team. Most of the teams had been training and trialling for several weeks as well as playing in the Wednesday night competition in preparation for the day. The other participating schools of the Diocese included St Marys of Gunnedah, O’Connor Catholic College  Armidale and Holy Trinity Inverell. There was some great games throughout the day with the girls teams winning most games comfortably, though in the Year 9 and 10 division O’Connor Catholic College Armidale provided the girls with a good competitive hitout. The play was of a high standard with the shooting skills accurate, rebound and defensive formations tight. Crisp passing and positioning allowed the girls to find plenty of baskets and rotate their players where all students were given plenty of game time. 


The Year 7 and 8 boys, are a skilful and athletic team and they combined well to win their first two games comfortably. In the third game they came up against a physically bigger and more aggressive team from O’Connor. Whilst they started the game well and matched their opponents for much of the game a couple of stand out players and sustained pressure saw the boys go down 21-30. They regrouped to win their final game in a solid display. The Year 9 and 10 boys are a team of quality basketballers and whilst their game against O’Connor was a good contest they proved to be too strong for their opponents. Great all round play and effort from the boys enabled them to showcase their skills. 


A big thank you to all the parents, coaches, and supporters who volunteered to run the table, score and help out on the day. McCarthy is very fortunate to have the support of Matt and Paul Hobson who coached the boys teams and well as Troy Jefferies and Emma Higgins who coached the girls teams. Thank you to Carol Rickard, Tania Young, and Kellie Anne Hansen for all their work on the day. This year we had a great response from students helping out and refereeing games a big thank you to Tom, Jim, Cameron, Tom, Ethan, Noah, Rowan, Isla and Ellie.


To Mr Ryan Saban and Miss Natahlia Bryant a big thanks for assisting on the day and supporting our students. We now look forward to preparing for the NSW CCC Junior Basketball trials in Sydney played in late October. 


Bingara League Tag success

On Wednesday September 4 the under 14’s and 16’s girls league tag teams travelled to Bingara for the North-West Secondary Schools Finals. 

The under 14 girls were missing a few key players who were at Basketball yet came out firing with a comprehensive 10 nil victory against Narrabri High School. This impressive display was followed up with a 3-1 victory over Guyra High School. The girls showed excellent skills, teamwork and fitness which brought them into the final against Oxley High School. In a game of high quality the girls showed incredible endurance and determination in holding on for a well earned victory with just one reserve on the bench. The girls were excited to bring home the trophy as well as some footballs and NRL hats. A big thank you to Luke Taylor and the NRL for running such a great tournament. 


The Under 16 girls are a talented team who got off to a slow start and never really recovered going down to Inverell High School Guyra. Whilst there was some good footy played the girls enjoyed the day and played the game in the right spirit. A big thank you to Mr Bernie Williams for driving the bus and coaching the 14 girls as well as Mrs Tanya Laird who once again gave up her time in supporting the girls.


Northern NSW at the National Youth Championships- Bradyn Boonstra

Bradyn from Year 8 is one of 34 players who will represent  Northern NSW at the National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour from 30 September to 4 October. Each state federation will be represented by it’s top players. Three Hyundia A-League Academy teams will compete at the championships; Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory and Brisbane Roar. The Championships will feature 36 teams around Australia. Bradyn is a member of the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS).

Bradyn has aspirations of making a career out of the sport and has been praised for his strong work ethic. Bradyn plays for Maitland FC in the Northern NSW Premier League. We wish Braydn all the best for the upcoming Championships.


Phoebe and Miah Prepare for Country Rugby Challenge

Phoebe McLoughlin and Miah O'Sullivan from Year 12 have been named in the Women’s Country squad for the upcoming Chikarovski Cup to be held over the October long weekend. Here they will play against two Sydney representative teams. 

It is shaping as a very busy time for the pair with both to feature in the AON University 7’s series which kicks off 14 September. Phoebe will line up for the Lions and Miah for Bond University.

We wish the girls the best of luck in these upcoming games.


Mr Brad Mitchell - Sport Coordinator


Creative Arts - Works in Progress Evening

Creative Arts Stage 6 Works in Progress Evening

HSC students from Art, Music and Drama were able to share, with parents, guardians and friends, their Works in Progress performances and artworks on the evening of August 28. 

The evening was attended by a large group of people there to support the students as they move towards their final HSC submissions and practical examinations. The students and teachers thank each of you who came for your support.

By the time this newsletter goes live, Art students would have already submitted their artworks and HSC Drama students would have already completed their HSC Drama Practical Examination (60%) of their final examination. These weeks are filled with final preparations, stresses and joys. Please keep our students in your thoughts and prayers - Your teachers, HSC Art, Music and Drama, believe in you.

HSC teachers Mrs Deb Fulwood, Ms Donna Swan and Ms Felicity Sawtell

College Counsellors

Struggling with Anxiety?

Is your child struggling with anxiety? Do you feel like you don't know how to help? Click on the link below for a free Anxiety Solutions Workshop for parents, aimed to help kids manage their anxiety.

Eventbrite Link


Would you like to have a real say in the things that matter to young people in regional NSW?

The NSW Government is recruiting for the Regional Youth Taskforce, for young people aged 12-24. The NSW Government is looking for young people who understand and want to tackle the big issues facing young people in regional NSW. These issues include the impact of drought, youth unemployment, mental health and drugs, lack of things to do, and difficulty accessing services. Taskforce members will be young people who want to make a difference, bringing their best and brightest ideas to solve local issues. Follow the link for more information.


Staying Connected When Emotions Run High

This initiative is delivered by Dr Annemaree Bickerton (Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist) and Toni Garretty (Team/Clinical Coordinator) for the Family and Carer Mental Health Program within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High is a set of five key strategies empowering others to be a resource to a person in distress, such as an adolescent. 

The aim of the workshop is to empower families with skills, knowledge and hope and invites families to identify their role in the relationship process. This is a free workshop for all parents and carers; details are on the attached flyer. 

Mrs Aimee Cook - College Counsellor


R U OK? 

R U OK? Day will be held on Wednesday 18 September at recess next to the COLA. There will be games, music and activities focused on ways to stay okay! Pizza will be available for $1 per slice, and at lunch time there will be a Bake Sale run by Year 11 on the terrace.


All profits will be going towards the Walkathon Drought Relief. Show your support by wearing a yellow accessory on the day. See you there!


Mrs Aimee Cook - College Counsellor

MCC Canteen

Canteen Operating Hours

Open from 8:20am until 3:10pm Monday to Thursday and 8:20am to 2:00pm on Friday.  Students can purchase items before or after College and during scheduled breaks. Students are not permitted to purchase items (including water) during class time.

Scheduled breaks

1st break 11:00am to 11:30am

2nd break 1:30pm to 2:00pm


Lunch Orders

Manual orders can be taken over the counter before College starts and during first break.

Students are asked where possible to order their lunches before mentor group.  Lunch bags, pens and menus are available on the table near canteen. Students need remember to write their name, year level and which break you would like your order, on their lunch bag.  

Electronic orders through QKR App are also available.  Please note the electronic order cut off time is 9:30am daily.



A great way to meet other parents/ carers or your children’s teachers and friends is by experiencing a “day at McCarthy through the canteen”.  Our volunteers are in the canteen from 10:00am to 2:00pm (or anywhere in between these hours), monthly or once a term. With only 8 volunteers able to assist at the moment, we will work with you to utilise the hours of service you can provide.  If you are interesting in assisting us, please contact Jenny Ayres at or 67610856.

The School Advisory Council 

School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council meets once per term and consists of the following members:

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus
Parish Priest: Father Christopher Onuekwusi
Chairperson: Mr Bernie Munro
Secretary: Mr Fletcher Davies
Teaching Staff Representative: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy and Mrs Briony Martin
Parents Association Representative: Mrs Carol Reed
Elected Members: Ms Hiliary Thornberry, Mr Geoff Shanley, Mr Richard O’Halloran


The next meeting is scheduled for 17 September 2019.

McCarthy Parents and Friends Association

McCarthy Parent and Friends Association Meeting

Next meeting of the McCarthy Parents and Friends Association will be on 17 September 2019.  All are most welcome to attend.


McCarthy Catholic College Website

Please note parental access to the McCarthy website is as below:


Username: parent

Password: Parent2340!

General Information

Clothing Pool

The Clothing Pool can be accessed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00am and 8:30am via the bottom carpark. It can be found at the top of the stairs, to the left (facing Tribe Street).

Hours of Supervision

The playground will be supervised from 8:30am. School hours are 8:45am – 3:00pm. After school, students will be supervised in the bus bay area until the last bus leaves.

Leadership Team 

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus

Assistant Principals: Mrs Sally Sparke and Mr Mick Larkin

Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Cate Allen

Leader of Teaching and Learning: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Briony Martin

Leader of Student Wellbeing: Mrs Sharon Stuart

The 2019 Pastoral Care team is:

Year 7 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Melissa Bearup   

Year 8 Leader of Student Care - Mr Bernie Williams

Year 9 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Andrew Davy             

Year 10 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Michelle Gale   

Year 11 Leader of Student Care -  Mrs Fiona O'Neill     



Year 12 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Damian Kenniff     


College Counsellors

Mrs Tamara Shoemark 

Mrs Aimee Cook

Change of Details

It is imperative that the College Office be advised about any change of details from last year, such as change in family situation, address, workplace, email addresses, phone numbers – mobile and landline for home and work.

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