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01 August 2019
2019 Issue 11
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Principal's Message

On Monday, I had the pleasure of formally introducing ‘The Bayside Way’ to the students. The Bayside Way is the name we give to our expectations (both long- and short-term) for student conduct at the College. 


It is important to note that we have introduced The Bayside Way because we recognise that we are blessed to have such an amazing, talented and smart bunch of students at the College. We recognise that 95% of Bayside students conduct themselves in an exemplary manner each and every day. We also recognise that our amazing, talented, smart students are also young and, as such, are discovering how to live and learn together as part of a community; a Community in which people from time to time lack the self discipline (for a range of reasons) to act appropriately.


The Bayside Way provides a strength-based framework designed first and foremost to recognise, affirm, honour and encourage students who do an incredible job of maintaining College culture, while at the same time providing clear expectations for students to measure and consider their conduct should they fall short for some reason.


The Bayside Way has two key parts:


The Four Expectations of Respect, Responsibility, Maximise Learning ('School is your Job') and Kindness. The expectations are designed to provide a simple day-to-day language to encourage students as they go about doing life together. The defining aspect of The Four Expectations is that they are things that students can be held accountable to. For example, a student can choose to show respect or choose to be disrespectful. Similarly, a student can choose to be kind, take responsibility for themselves and maximise their learning. Our expectation is that they will over time (through trial and error, in a safe learning environment), deeply embed these expectations into their character.


The RiSe CoDe - Right Choices, Service, Compassion and Dedication. The RiSe CoDe is, in simple terms, the long-term fruit of learning to embody the The Four Expectations. The contention is that students will learn what it is to make right choices, be compassionate, dedicated and serve. The defining aspect of the RiSe CoDe is that these traits are nurtured and grown over a long period of time and cannot be demanded. They are the character traits of people who know deeply what it is to respect, take responsibility, maximise their learning and be kind.


It will take time to fully embed The Bayside Way into the College. The first phase is to become familiar with The Four Expectations. Teachers have begun discussions with their students, and over the coming weeks our hope is that the language of The Four Expectations will slowly become a natural part of our day-to-day learning conversations. My hope is also that the language of The Four Expectations will be something that you as parents and carers will become familiar and comfortable with too. The second phase will be to work with the RiSeCoDe and embed it into the fabric of College life. This will take time, and my hope is to have an official release of the Bayside Way to the College community later in the year. 


As always, in the meantime, should you have any questions or feedback please talk with your children’s teachers or myself. 




Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Pray in thanks for the wonderful opportunities that our mission trip team had in Thailand to bless the community there and to grow in faith.


Please pray for our Years 3/4 students as they excitedly prepare for their camp next week - the first school camp for many of our students.


Continue to pray for the board and College leadership; for wisdom and discernment as plans are made for next year and beyond.


Please pray for our upcoming Principal's Tours; that many enquiring families for 2020 would visit our wonderful College community.

From the Deputy's Desk

Purpose 5 Value

This semester our new focus is Purpose 5: "Showing students that knowing their strengths and limitations is part of achieving a realistic, positive self image." 


This purpose is important because God made each of us with very different gifts and talents, which are often our strengths, but we also have limitations. Not everyone can do everything, and nor should they, because God created us to be who we are and use both strengths and limitations for His glory. 


For example, someone may be a strong mathematician, but weaker at writing. They might make a wonderful engineer, instead of a journalist. It is also possible that they desire to be a journalist, so understanding their limitations with writing means they will work harder to improve those areas so they can realise their goal. 


The apostle Paul also says that the Lord reminded him, ""My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me" (2 Cor 2:9). May we all look to God's grace to use both our strengths and limitations for His glory, as we journey through this semester.


Emergency Drills

Part of our responsibility as a College is to ensure that students are prepared in case of any emergency that may arise. This includes regular drills and practices. Last week we conducted a 'lock-down' drill. It may be an opportunity to chat with your children about their perceptions and understandings. 


Jeans for Genes

This Friday 2 August is ‘Jeans for Genes' day, raising awareness and funds to fight against childhood genetic diseases. All staff and students can wear jeans and bring a gold coin donation to support this cause.


Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher (Primary) and Parent-Student-Teacher (Secondary) Conferences will be held Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 August. The PTO booking portal will be open from the week before. More information and login details will be emailed to parents. If you do not have an email, please contact reception to make arrangements.



From 15-17 July, many of the Bayside staff team had the opportunity to learn alongside 1000 other teachers, school administrators and leaders at the International Transforming Education Conference (ITEC) in Adelaide. The three days were packed with informative presentations on how to improve our practice as Christian educators working in partnership with parents. This was a tremendous opportunity for us to learn and spend time together as a staff team. We hope you begin to see some of the things we learned being applied in your children's classrooms and across the College community.


2020 Annual Planner

Please see the planner below for all of next year's important dates:


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Welcome back to Term 3. The teachers were really blessed to be able to attend ITEC in Adelaide at the end of the holidays. It was an opportunity to listen and be challenged by some excellent speakers. The teachers have been encouraged to discuss and ‘re-imagine’ some aspect(s) of their teaching practice and to learn from the opportunities they have had.


Bikes have been arriving at school for the Years 5/6 Bike Education Program, and the Years 3/4 students are preparing for their camp next week. And there may be some new toys arriving in the sandpit…



This week, students have been given their Tear Read-a-thon Packs. Please encourage your children to read lots of books and seek some sponsorship from family or friends. Donations can be made online and amounts over $2 are tax deductible.


Tear Read-a-thon donation link:


Scholastic Book Club & School Banking

Ashton Scholastic Book Club orders need to be returned to school or placed online by Thursday 1 August. School Banking has resumed for the term and is processed on a Tuesday.


Jeans for Genes Day

Students may wear casual clothes, preferably jeans, on Friday 2 August for a gold coin donation to the ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day cause. Years 5/6 students need to make sure that they are wearing clothes suitable for their Bike Education lesson. 


May God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Materials in Years 1/2

Years 1/2 students have been busy learning about materials. God made so many materials that can change when you apply force or mix them together. There are so many ways to experiment with materials!


Joanne Moore

Years 1/2 Teacher


Prep/1A Measure Up

Prep/1A have been learning about measurements. We worked out how long we were in blocks and who was the longest. Then we used the scales to determine heavier or lighter. 


Donna Martin

Prep/1A Teacher


School Banking


Don't worry if you lose your tokens or if you haven't received one (sometimes we forget). There is a record on our system so we keep track of how many times everyone has banked and when rewards are due. We can't order the rewards until after each person has banked ten times, so please be patient as sometimes it takes a week or two for the rewards that have been ordered to get to us. Please let us know which rewards you would like for the whole year. This way you will receive the reward that you want rather than one we think you might want.



It really helps us if you complete your deposit slip as well as the amount on the receipt part.

Blessing Bag Donations

Students in Years 4/5 and 5/6 are supporting Blessing Bags Melbourne to offer people in need (especially the homeless) with bags full of essentials including dental care, hygiene products and food items. We would greatly appreciate your donations of toiletries that can fit in a small zip lock bag, including unused hotel amenities. We are also collecting larger bottles of shampoo and soap as we then donate these items to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.


Products that can be donated include:

  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush

  • Deodorant 

  • Soap & Shower Gel

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Tissues & Facial Wipes

  • Museli Bars

  • Razors

  • Cotton Buds 

  • Sanitary Items

  • Socks

Thank you for your support! 
Teachers & Students in Years 4/5 and 5/6


Across the College

Tear Read-a-thon

The Tear Read-a-thon has begun. Please support our students' reading efforts by donating online. If people cannot donate online, then money can be brought to the school office in the morning from 8:30-9:00am, where receipts will be issued. The read-a-thon will go until Monday 26 August. Students are only encouraged to approach people they know for donations. 


For more information see the attachment:

Bayside has a fundraising target of $2500. Donations are starting to roll in and we have already surpassed 10% of our goal! Funds raised go towards the relief work of Tear Australia.

Staff v Students Basketball

During lunch on the second last day of Term 2, the staff were bold enough to challenge some skilful Year 12 students in a staff versus students basketball match.

The event returned after a two-year break from the tradition. and spectators were not disappointed. Many Secondary and Primary students rallied into U block gym to enthusiastically watch and cheer on participants in the thrilling and exciting match. The game was a highly entertaining one, filled with many amazing 3 pointers and talented moves impressing the audience, as well as some controversial referee calls to spice up the match!


The final score was immensely in favour of the Year 12s, who won by almost 20 points. We would like to thank everyone who helped in bringing the community event back to life, and all participants - staff, Year 12s and anyone who attended the event - who made this match a memorable success. We hope this legacy will continue throughout the years at Bayside.


Good luck teachers for the next staff versus students event. 


Lachlan Vass

Year 12 student (winning team!)

Thailand Mission Trip

On 24 June, I had the honour to take 15 amazing Bayside students, accompanied by Toni Steinbergs, Dave Lomulder and Mat Grant, to Thailand for the 2019 mission trip. 

During our time in Thailand, we were blessed to be able to teach English to students in a rural Thai village, as well as in the city of Chiang Mai.  Our students did such a wonderful job working all day teaching in very hot conditions. 


As well as spending a few days teaching, we also were able to see a few of the sites in Thailand, including visiting an elephant conservation sanctuary and various markets. 


We arrived back at the College a week into school holidays, exhausted, but excited by the privilege to serve in Thailand with the River Team. 




Bless You, 


Kathy Scott


Trades Breakfast

Yesterday, we had the privilege of hosting ~30 parents (and many of their children!) at our very first 'Trades Breakfast' in our Trades Skills Centre. This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our TSC and the many options available to our students as they progress through school in preparation for the world of work. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of our parents who are tradespeople or small business owners.

We would like to say a big 'thank you' to all who attended or contributed to making the morning a great success, in particular our hospitality students and Mr Megee, who prepared a delicious meal for our guests.

Years 11/12 Happenings

Term 3 in Years 11-12

Welcome back to all our Years 11-12 students and their families. I trust that you have enjoyed a restful break.


The beginning of Term 3 is a particularly important time for all our Year 12 students. This is the final full term for Year 12, and a lot is happening! For VCAL students, now is the time to be finalising resumes and applications, and to be putting in place plans for next year in terms of study or work. For VCE students, it is crucial that study be a priority at this time. A reminder to all that an average of three hours homework and study should be taking place each day. A trial exam schedule will be sent home shortly, with trial exams taking place over the first week of the Term 3 break.


This term, as a College, we have introduced ‘The Four Expectations’. Years 11-12 students have engaged incredibly well with this and are already reminding each other of these. The Four Expectations are a simple way to remind each other of the way things are done at Bayside. These include: Respect, Responsibility, Maximising Learning and Kindness. These are important values that we can all encourage each other in as we go about our days in community together.


Community groups start again on Monday, allowing our Senior students to demonstrate leadership in their areas of strength. Auditions have now also opened for Annie. Please consider prayerfully if this is an area that you can be involved in - it is always a wonderful opportunity to connect across the College community.


Our amphitheatre seating is now complete, promising the opportunity for some great lunchtime performances!


As always, whether students or parents, please stay in communication with teachers so that we are best able to work together to achieve positive outcomes in all areas.


Looking forward to a wonderful term together.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator

Subject in Focus

Year 12 English

This term, our Year 12 English students have been preparing for their Oral Presentations on a current media issue. Students have chosen a range of issues that reflect their hope for a better future, their heart for the disadvantaged, their love of the natural world and a keen sense of justice. I have been encouraged by the students’ willingness to think deeply and wrestle with truth. Students are reflecting upon their issue through a biblical lens, deepening their understanding of the issue and their faith. As a fruit of many years of English study, I am eagerly awaiting these presentations as a highlight to the year. 


In Year 11 English, students have been comparing the classic Australian movie ‘The Castle’ with Anh Do’s ‘The Happiest Refugee’. Being fortunate to see Anh Do perform last year, the class has also been enjoying the dry humour of the David and Goliath story that is ‘The Castle’, which places the ‘home’ and family at the core of Australian values. They have then been comparing it to the irrepressible humour, optimism and fearlessness of Anh Do, whose inspiring story of overcoming and success, ultimately places family and gratitude at the centre of all.


Rupert Balint-Smith

VCE English Teacher



Victoria market excursion

On Tuesday 30 July, our Year 11 VCE and VCAL Business students visited the Victoria Market as part of their preparation and planning for their own market stalls at the Community Market. Students engaged with the stallholders, interviewing them about how their businesses have succeeded, as well as some of the challenges. Students also analysed the marketing of selected shops examining their brand identity, customer profiles and conducting a SWOT analysis. We look forward to seeing their improved businesses and fantastic marketing, as a result, at our next market! 


Lara Curtis-Morris - VCE Business Teacher &
Sam Waldron - VCAL Business teacher

A Word from our Captains

Welcome back to Term 3 everybody! We hope you had an amazing holiday and are excited to come back to school to see your friends.


As this is the busiest time of the year in terms of assignments and workload for most students, we would encourage students to maximise their learning and make sure they are up to date early in the term to alleviate some of the stress that may accumulate towards the end. However, we know all you peeps are going to smash it and have an amazing term!


Mr Manning kicked off this semester by implementing a new simple way to recognise "The Bayside Way" using four fingers, and the best part is that all of the students already know these 'rules'. It is just a much more simple way to communicate between one another. These four categories are responsibility, respect, maximise your learning, and kindness. Students have taken on this new system incredibly quickly and with great enthusiasm.


Last Thursday a group of Years 11 and 12 students headed off to Mt Evelyn to compete in the Futsal Rally Day. Despite neither team making the finals we had a great day (which is usually what people who don't win say!), and celebrated what was sadly the last rally day for our Year 12s.


The Outdoor Ed students have started off the term by heading to the snow at Mount Buller, and they will be snowboarding, skiing, and camping in the snow surrounded by God’s amazing creation. We hope that this would be a really incredible experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to hearing their stories when they get back.


We are looking forward to what God has planned for us this term and pray that we would be able to use our God-given gifts and abilities to glorify the Lord in everything we do. We also pray that this will be a term of great growth for everyone, not only academically but in unity and maturity through Christ. Amen.


Ellen Bond & Matthew Dumicich

College Captains

Years 11/12 Futsal Rally Day


Futsal Rally Day this year was the last for most of our teammates, but we definitely made the most of it. We had it a bit tougher this year with a few players down but made the most of our games and finished with winning 3 from 5 games. We left sore and with no energy; the opposing teams came ready to play and did so. It was a great way to end school sports for the year.


The Years 11 & 12 girls had their last Rally Day for the year and enjoyed the company and competition. We started the day undefeated and had a poor semifinal game stopping us from going to the Grand Final. We still enjoyed the time we had together, especially as it was the last rally day for the Year 12s.


VTAC applications for 2020 course entry

Year 12 students wishing to apply for univeristy / TAFE entry via VTAC are reminded that applications open next Monday 5 August at 9am. This list of websites might be helpful as you explore your options. Don’t forget about Open Days during August!


VTAC website (for Applications and Course Search)

QILT (Quality Indicators for Teaching & Learning)

Open Day calendar 2020


Monash University Information Evening - Peninsula Campus

“We know that choosing a university is a big decision. Get all your questions answered at our information evening conveniently on one of our campuses. Hear everything you need to know about life at Monash. We’ll tell you all about our undergraduate courses, accommodation, scholarships and student life. Hear from a current student or graduate about where their Monash degree has led them.”


Date: Thursday 15 August 

Time: 6:30-8pm

Venue: Room 101, Building F, Monash Peninsula, Moorooduc Hwy, Frankston


More information and registration here.

Team Player

Congratulations to Lucas Holland who recently received an award for being Team Player of the Month! Lucas is undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship at Mornington Mitsubishi. 


Audition Dates

Cast: Monday 2 - Thursday 5 September 2019

Compulsory Dance: Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 3:30pm


Book you Audition times here:

Cast Audition 

Dance Audition


This Friday 2 August, join many other Australians on Jeans for Genes Day. Wear your favourite jeans, and bring a gold coin donation to support genetic research.

New Instrumental Flute/Clarinet Teacher

Bayside Christian College is proud to welcome Ms Emma Rogers into our teaching fold as our

new instrumental flute/clarinet teacher. Emma is an experienced and passionate teacher and composer, and is able to provide tuition in a range of styles and genres of music. You can find more about her compositions and instructional videos on her Youtube Channel, 'The Techie Flutist'.


If you are interested in your child learning to play the flute or clarinet, please refer to the 'Instrumental Music' webpage, or email Dave Mallen.

Beauty and the Beast JR - USBs

If you absolutely loved this year's production of Beauty and the Beast JR, you can get a copy of all three shows on USB, available while stocks last at the College office for $10.

University Open Days

Students and parents are reminded that August is Open Day month for most of our larger

universities and colleges. There is no age limit on attendance, so why not plan a family day out one weekend and be inspired about the range of amazing courses and opportunities that are out there? 


University Open Days are usually jam-packed with interesting things to see and do, as well as some freebies! You can find Open Day information and other relevant careers events listed on the calendar on our Careers website

Bayside Raiders

We are in the process of organising our Raiders Basketball teams for the summer season. please contact me, if you have a child, who hasn't previously played or a new sibling who would like to play. We are offering basketball teams from Prep all the way to Seniors (Year 12). 


If you have any queries, please contact me on phone: 0400 172 188 or email: [email protected]


God bless


Ulli Austermann

Bayside Raiders Association Secretary


Aussie Aths

Turning the corner on Term 2 and looking ahead... Term 3 enrolments are now open, with classes commencing 29 July for all Active/ Accelerate classes.


Aussie Aths will help you get ready for your school athletics carnivals and develop movement skills for any sport you play.

Our program is based on improving Running Technique and Endurance and working on your Jumping and Throwing as well. And of course it is a lot of fun!


You will also receive a sweet new #AussieAths water bottle that will be waiting for you at your first session in Term 3!


The program is aimed at kids aged 5-13, with three different classes:

Active – Prep-Year 2

Accelerate – Years 2-5

Academy – Years 6-8.


Your family, your health

From 5-16 August, local women can get free breast screens in the BreastScreen Victoria van.


For women aged 50 to 74, a breast screen every two years could be life-saving.


Breast screens are the best way to find cancer early—before there are symptoms and when treatment is most successful.


They are always with a female radiographer—no GP referral or Medicare card needed, and only take 10 minutes.


Women over 40 can still have a free breast screen, but as age is the biggest breast cancer risk factor, BreastScreen Victoria sends reminders to women from age 50.


The hot pink BreastScreen Victoria van travels the state giving free breast screens—with the same digital imaging technology as all clinics, and friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions or concerns.


Find the van at:

81 Young St, Frankston

(car park next to Young St Medical & Dental Centre)


5-16 August 2019




Walk in, or book in advance at or 13 20 50


And tell the women in your life to have their screen too!


Wool Wanted!

Do you have leftover wool from knitting / crochet projects at home?


Please hand donations into the box provided in G block, to be made into a project to be donated to Bayside for fundraising.


If you're able to bring along the packet sleeve showing the ply / type of wool with your donation that would be helpful.

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