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01 August 2019
Issue Six
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Principal's Report

Congratulations to Bron Steele and Mel Tattersall

I am very excited to attend the celebration this evening for HOPE Leaders (Head of Positive Education Leaders) from across the Maroondah Network, who have just completed the Professional Certificate in Positive Education (delivered by Melbourne University).


At Kalinda, we are lucky to have two staff members who have completed this qualification; Bron Steele and Mel Tattersall. The level of work that has gone into their studies, and the qualities of their major projects are of an exceptionally high level. The projects relate directly to work we will be doing at the school to improve the well-being of students and staff. Along with myself, Mel and Bron will be key leaders of this work and I feel so grateful to have two staff members who are highly qualified and passionate about improving well-being.


The Professional Certificate being delivered to so many staff across our network is unique within the State and as such is being recognised by the Minister of Education (and Deputy Premier) James Merlino attending the celebration this evening.

School Counsellor

Hi everyone, please take a moment to read Emily Bieber's School Counsellor page in this newsletter. Emily will be working with students on Mondays and Fridays.


Emily will spend time with students in her office and also in their classrooms. All consistent counselling work will be done in consultation and with the consent of parents. However, Emily will also meet with students as the need arrives, and this will operate on an 'opt-out' basis. If you do not want Emily to work with your child at all, please let the office know.

Parent Opinion Survey

A link to the Parent Opinion Survey has been sent out to a randomly generated list of families in the school. Information from this survey, alongside the 4-6 Student survey and Staff Survey is used to inform our future planning. If you have been selected, we really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey as it gives us great feedback on the parent perspective of how we are going as a school.

We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.

From the Assistant Principal 

From Mrs Hopkins' office....

I am very pleased to announce that our School Council have approved a proposal to introduce a School Dog. Miss Roxie Hopkins (known to her friends as Roxie the Wonderdog) is a 20 week old Cavoodle puppy who will soon start visiting Kalinda and eventually spend most days in and around the school, providing company and general goodwill to students and staff alike. There are many cases of schools and other institutions who report the positive impact that a dog can have on well-being and a feeling of connectedness. In fact Monash University has recently commissioned a study looking at dogs’ impact on learning in an educational setting.


Selected for her temperament, Roxie is a Cavoodle, meaning that she is classified as 'low allergen'. She is undergoing obedience training and will be on a leash and under the supervision of an adult at all times when at school.


Very soon copies of the Council ratified policies will be circulated to families with some clarification around procedures and safety considerations that have been carefully put in place. In preparation for Roxie joining us, this term our F-4 students will be attending a "Responsible Pet Ownership" incursion and all classes will be talking with their teachers about safe behaviours around any dog, including Roxie. 


Information about Roxie will be introduced by some students at assembly soon. For now she will be just visiting on occasion to become familiar with the school. She's looking forward to meeting you soon! 



Parent Teacher Interviews

Thank you to the parents and carers who came along to the Parent Teacher Interviews last week. In response to feedback from the school community these interviews were in the majority, just between the Teacher and Parent. We hope that you saw this opportunity as a great way to 'check in' on the goals that were set out in your child's report. I welcome any feedback that you may have about this Parent/Teacher format.


Lauren Hopkins

We are kind.     

We are resilient.                                                   

We are respectful. 

Save the date

Upcoming events to mark in your calendar: 



Day Date Event
Friday 2nd August VPA designated Principal's Day
Tuesday 6th August Branch Out Special food order forms, final day
Tuesday  13th August Welcoming Assembly, to welcome Lilyvale Visitors
Wednesday 14th August The Tortoise and The Hare incursion
Thursday  15th August

Branch Out Special Food Day AND

Big Night Out (Year 2)

Friday 16th August Year 1/2 Tabloid Sports
Monday 19th August RSPCA incursion for Years 1 and 2
Wednesday 21st August State School Spec. offsite rehearsal #2
Tuesday 27th August Hooptime for Years 3 and 4

30th August

Book Day and Parade

Working Bees

Saturday August 17

Sunday September 15

Sunday November 24

Looking Ahead, Key Dates

Monday  2nd September

Dental Van arrives


10th September Market Day for Years 5 and 6


11th September

Hoop Time for Years 5 and 6

Musical Soiree

Thursday 12th September State School Spec. offsite rehearsal
Friday 13th September State School Spec. offsite rehearsal
Saturday  14th September State School Spectacular


to Friday

11th September to 13th September Responsible Pet Ownership
Wednesday 18th September Canteen Special Pie Lunch 
Thursday 19th September Footy Maths Day
Friday 20th September Final Day of Term 3
Term 4    
  7th October to 14th October Waste Education, all years
  14th October to 7th November Yoganaughts Yoga for Foundation
  16th October to 6th November Yoga for Years 1 and 2
Thursday 17th October Waterways incursion, for Years 4 and 6
Wednesday 30th October Colour Run
Friday 1st November Curriculum Day (Students do not attend)
Tuesday 5th November Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Monday 11th November Remembrance Day
Wednesday 13th November Excursion for Foundations students
Friday 15th November Cricket Gala Day for Years 5 and 6
Monday 18th November House Athletics for Foundation to Year 2
Tuesday 26th November Ice Cream Special Food Day
Thursday 28th November Performance Assembly
Thursday 5th December Carols and Market Night
Friday 6th December Swimming Program commences
Wednesday 18th December Graduation Ceremony, Year 6
Friday 20th December Final Day of the 2019 school year.

Special Dates for Future Foundation Students


2019 Term dates


2020 and beyond



School Counsellor

Hello Kalinda parents and carers!

Thank you to all for the warm welcome I have received at this lovely school.


I am the new school counsellor and am available on Mondays and Fridays to see students, and can also chat with parents and teachers about any concerns there may be around your child’s wellbeing. Issues might include:

  • Stressful changes for children: separation, new baby, bereavement, family illness
  • Anxiety, making friends and socialising
  • Low self-esteem or needing to develop resilience
  • Managing and understanding big emotions

Parents of students who have contacted me will have an opportunity to receive updates from about the work that has been completed with their child. Sometimes, a parent will be invited to participate and I can support families to make external referrals where additional support is needed. As the school counsellor, I will ALWAYS work with families, students and teachers to create a supportive and welcoming learning environment. If you do not wish you child to be referred to the counsellor, please contact the office.


This fortnight I have included information about some parenting courses that are coming up at your local Anglicare office, see below. There are vacancies in all of the courses (at the time of writing) even in those that are starting this month! In each newsletter I will bring you a tool, parenting idea, service or resource to help support your child in the home and increase your child’s well-being.


About me: I am social work trained, and have three children who attend primary school. I also have a greyhound called Tina and love gardening! AND was a Highland dancer!

Drop me a line or give me a call if you would like any support or information.

Emily Bieber: ebieber@kalinda.vic.edu.au or 9876 3289

Hours: Monday 8am-4pm, Friday 10am-2pm



Spotlight on student learning

Colour Poems, by 3/4S

We have been looking at how poetry works and plays on the senses, using different words. Here are some we would like to share with you.



The cold black swirling wind in a storm

Black is the touch of the cold freezing air on a cold night

Black is the smell of the cold air at night

Black is the sound of wind screaming and howling

Black is stormy and bright lightning in the sky.



Pink is the taste of sweet and sugary fairy floss that sticks to my fingers.

Pink is the smell of fresh cupcakes that have just come out of the oven with pink sprinkles and icing. Pink is the sound of bacon crackling on the stove changing colour.

Pink is the touch of the delicate flower petals as they blow in the wind.

Pink is the look of the group of flamingos dancing in the water.



My poem is about Red, the colour.

Smell    Red has the smell of fresh nice roses.

Touch   Red is the touch of The red sizzling hot plate.

Taste     Red is the taste of fresh raspberry jam,and hot dogs at the footy.

Sound  The sound of fire crackling in the fireplace,Red sparks flying.

See        See the fresh red blood pulsing through your body.

By James



Yellow tastes like sweet honey and custard on Ice cream.

Yellow smells like daffodils and sunflowers and popcorn in a microwave.

Yellow sounds like bees buzzing in the fresh air of the garden.

Yellow looks like the beautiful sunset setting in the big sky.

Yellow feels like gold, smooth glittering jewellery that you buy in the shops. 

By Aeon



Kalinda Kids Corner

The Kalinda Kids Corner is a place for Student Voice. A place to showcase student ideas and reports. 

What do our students have to say this week?

The 'Stick area'

A message from Eva and Alyssa about safe play...


We are here to talk about the stick area because people aren’t playing nicely and we don’t feel safe.

There is no fighting allowed with sticks. Even play fighting.

If someone takes your stick instead of fighting just be a bit disappointed.

Do not point your stick sideways, don’t point your stick front ways.

You are not allowed a stick that is longer than your arm.

Please remember these rules so that everyone can feel safe.

Thank you.

Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The children of Kalinda have many wonderful talents, achievements and hobbies. If your child has recently celebrated an achievement of some sort we would love to hear about it! Maybe they have broken a record at Little Athletics, earned a new belt in Karate, been selected for a choir or dance group, or been awarded a special badge in Cubs, Scouts or Guides. Whatever the accomplishment, please send details (and photos if possible) to hopkins.lauren.d@edumail.vic.gov.au or chat to Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal) because we would really like to share their achievements here! 

Superstar Sinead takes the world by storm.

Submitted by Sinead's proud dad Richie.


Sinead (Grade 5) has been having a fantastic year in the area of sport. She was recently awarded the Junior Champion of the Year at the Knox club sport fishing club. During the year she caught Salmon whilst surf fishing. In the boat bream, whiting, flathead and even caught a gummy shark that was released.

Last week in under 12 girls Sinead kicked her first ever goal and then followed it up with another goal for Norwood football club in their win against Boronia.


Great job Sinead!


Around the school

ICAS Assessments

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are delighted to inform you that Kalinda will be participating in the world-renowned ICAS Assessments this year. ICAS is developed by UNSW Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of New South Wales, with over 35 years’ experience in educational assessments.

ICAS is designed to target students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in a range of subjects, and this year we are offering the opportunity for students to sit the Mathematics ICAS Assessment. The date for the Mathematics assessment is Wednesday 18th September (Week 10). The assessments are for students from Grade 2 to Grade 6.

Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition. Every student will receive a certificate and an online result report. Top performers will be eligible for medals and are invited to attend special award ceremonies to have their academic excellence publicly recognised.

We encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS this year. The assessments are suitable for students wishing to extend themselves academically and take up the personal challenge of competing in an international assessment. Your child will be presented with high-quality, expert-developed questions, allowing them to apply their learning without the need for prior study or revision.

ICAS Assessments are now online, a move that reflects a sector-wide transition to computer-based assessment. This allows greater accessibility for students and faster delivery of results.

Learn more about ICAS here: unsw.global/ICAS

Payment and Permission Information :

Online parent payment – no payment available through the school office or Compass.

Visit unsw.global/parentpay and enter Kalinda’s unique code 6e8447cf7e    to make a direct payment to UNSW Global.   Online payment will close on 14th August 2019.

The cost of the Mathematics test is $14.50 (excl GST).

Michelle Anderson

Learning Specialist & Numeracy Co-ordinator.


*Privacy notification from UNSW: UNSW Global stores, uses and modifies the ICAS Assessments data in order to generate reports, conduct research and analysis, and improve its products and services. UNSW Global will not hold or use ICAS Assessments data that constitutes personal information for longer than 15 years. As the parent or guardian of a student who intends to sit ICAS Assessments, you consent to the school collecting the ICAS Assessments data that relates to the student, disclosing it to UNSW Global and to UNSW Global’s use of it in the manner outlined above. You also consent to the school assigning this consent to UNSW Global.

State School Spectacular Choir

Congratulations to the Kalinda PS - State School Spectacular Choir members who rehearsed beautifully at The Melbourne Town Hall last Wednesday with many primary and secondary schools.

The building sounded amazing as it filled with hundreds of singing voices as they sang 17 songs. Fabulous effort!

The performances for State School Spectacular are held at Hisense Arena on Saturday the 14th of September at 1 pm and 6:30pm. Tickets can be purchased through www.ticketek.com.au/spectacular

Adult:                           $40

Child Under 15:        $20

Concession:               $30

Mrs Jayne Setford

Performing Arts Teacher



House Athletics Carnival
The Grade 3-6 students participated in the House Athletics carnival on Tuesday the 30th of July at Bill Sewart Athletics Track.


On the day, students competed in a range of track and field athletic events while representing their House team.

Track events:
80 metre hurdles (opt-in),
100 metre sprint,
200 metre sprint and
800 metre run.

Field events:
High-jump and

The students demonstrated great effort and skill performance as they strived to achieve their personal best, pushing themselves to achieve new speeds, lengths and heights.

The encouragement the students showed towards one another was fantastic, students were chanting one another’s names as they approached the finish line and running with those who needed just a little extra support. It was really great to see everyone coming together and supporting one another.

All students should be really proud of their efforts and the way they presented themselves on the day. The winning house from the day will be announced at assembly this Friday.

A huge thank-you to the event managers for running the field events on the day, your knowledge and skills in the area of athletics helps the day run smoothly. Thank-you also to the parents who assisted with their child’s group, your help with either marshaling, measuring, recording or carrying students jackets was greatly appreciated by the staff here at Kalinda Primary School.

Kind Regards,
Jess Swingler
Sport Teacher/Coordinator

Netball Victoria School Championships

Well done to the Grade 5/6 Girls (Elise, Chelsea, Eden, Emily, Georgie, Savannah, Ashlee, Heidi and Gemma) who competed in the Netball Victoria School Championships on Monday the 29th of July at the State Hockey and Netball Centre.


On the day they, played four games; the results from these game are as follows.

Game 1- Kalinda 9     vs   Parkdale 4.

Game 2- Kalinda 4     vs   MLC 13.

Game 3- Kalinda 14   vs   Girton Grammar 2.

Game 4- Kalinda 8      vs   Korrowa Girls 7.


Winning 3 out of the 4 games they played is a sensational effort. From all reports they played really well together as a team, demonstrating great skills. They also displayed great sportsmanship. An umpire spoke to the team at the end of their final game to congratulate the girls and say how impressed he was with the way the girls encouraged each other throughout the tournament. What a fantastic way to finish, the girls certainly represented Kalinda Primary School in an admirable way.


Thank-you to Christine who coordinated this event, and thank-you to all the other parents who helped out and showed their support.


Kind Regards,

Jess Swingler


From staff and the Office



The Canteen will be closed on Monday 2nd September


Branch Out Special Lunch

Branch out orders are due by 3pm on tuesday 6th August.  Please note, no late orders can be accepted. If you still need to order, please ensure orders for multiple children are bundled together.



Surprise your child and order them a birthday cupcake for $2.50 with raspberry or lemonade icing on top.     You must order at the Canteen only. Orders are now being taken for August and September.


Pie Day

there will be a special pie day on Wednesday 18th September.  Ivan's Pie Drive can be picked up on Thursday 19th September.


Looking Ahead - End of Term

The last day that Canteen will operate this term will be Monday 16th September. there will be NO CANTEEN on thursday and Friday 19th and 20th September (and no normal Canteen operating on Wednesday 18th September, Pie Day food only)



HELP - We have multiple days where we URGENTLY need help in order to continue to provide this excellent service this term; 

If you can help, please go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF

The roster is available for the whole year, including Special Food Days.


Next Week

Monday     5th August        Helper Needed please

Wednesday  7th August    Helper Needed please

Thursday,  8th August       Helper Needed please

Friday 9th August                9.30am to 1.30pm,    Helper Needed please

                                                    11.30am to 1.30pm, Helper Needed please


Week 5

Monday 12th August ,         Helper Needed please

Wednesday 14th August ,  Helper Needed please

Thursday  15th August,    Branch Out Special Food Day - LOTS of assistance needed please

Friday 16th  August,          9.30am to 1.30pm, Suzanne H

                                                  11.30am to 1.30pm, Helper Needed please






There is currently an astronomical amount of lost property around the school at the moment.

locations are at the Stadium, Oshclub and in the main building near the Canteen.

We are requesting a person to be willing to volunteer their time once a week to help sort it and distribute named items back to their owners. Please contact the School Office if you can spare us some time each week to do this.



There are masses of clothes that are named amongst the lost property items, whilst we will make every attempt to return things, it does rely on someone sparing the time for us.  This being the case, please ask your child to check items in the three locations mentioned if you are missing items.  And of course, you are welcome to come and have a look yourselves if your child is too young or too forgetful.




If you are a family with a Foundation child this year and you are eligible for CSEF,  you may also be eligible for the special Winter Warmer package offered by State School Relief.  This usually entails a warm jacket, shoes and trousers/dress etc. there is only a short timeline to appy for these.

Please contact Adele Woolard or the school office for further information.





 The Department conducts a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour and student engagement. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents have now been invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the Parent Opinion Survey is being conducted from Monday 22nd July to Sunday 11th August.


The survey will be conducted online, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and, can be accessed at any convenient time within the period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September.  
Please speak to Sarah Attwood at the Office if you would like more information.



We also sent home paper forms via every eldest child for completion, with regard to family occupations.  The reason why this is important to us, is that it can affect our funding. The Government uses this as one of several markers to calculate the amount of funding each school receives.  It collects the data from our half yearly Census, which will be submitted tomorrow via the School Office.  Please try to be accurate when completing this information.


Even though the Census will take place tomorrow, if you still have your form at home, please send it to the Office anyway, as it important that our data is correct anyway.


Many thanks

Sarah Attwood



We also sent out Health Data forms.  Thank you to those families who have already returned them.  Even if your child has no health needs, please also respond.  

If these forms can be returned promptly as well, it would be a great help.


We, of course, have many activities throughout the school, most permissions and payments can be granted via Compass. 

Recent Additions are:

Welcoming Assembly, for Lilyvale Students/Staff

Tuesday August 13                                                            - Highland dancers

The Tortoise and the Hare incursion,                          

Wednesday, August 14                                                      - Years 3 and 4   

Big Night Out                                                                         

Thursday August 15                                                            - Year 2 students     

Tabloid Sports                                           

Friday August 16th                                                              - Years 1 and 2 

RSPCA Pet Incursion

Monday August 19                                                               - Years 1 and 2                   

State School Spectacular rehearsal #2         

Wednesday August 21                                                        - participating students

CERES Excursion                                                                   

Thursday October 10                                                        - Years 3 and 4

CERES Excursion, Foundation                                     

Wednesday November 13                                               -  Foundation students



We have organised a school dentist to visit the school soon. Please watch this space for further information.


Fundraising and Parents and Friends

Christmas Raffle

P&F Fundraising Team

Christmas Raffle

We would like to welcome members of our school community, families and friends to support Kalinda Primary School in their fundraising efforts for our Christmas Raffle and Silent Auction, to be held in conjunction with our Christmas Market and Carols Night on Thursday December 5th, 2019. 

If you, your family or your business can donate, we are seeking any of the following

 - Gift vouchers

 -  Services that could be used at our Silent Auction e.g. Gardening business, cleaning services etc.

-  Prize donations for the Raffle and Silent Auction (new items).

Donations can be dropped off at the office until the 13th September or at your child’s classroom for collection.  Raffle tickets and auction information will be sent out early in Term 4 and for any further queries please email Andrea or Tarsha at kalindafundraising@gmail.com.


Thank you for your ongoing support,

Parents & Friends Fundraising Team




We would also like to share with you the exciting events planned for the second half of the year, some of these are annual events for Kalinda and some new to add to the mix and with all money we raise going back into our school to provide a number of resources, graduation pennants for our Grade 6 students and Stickybeak bags for our Foundation students just to name a few.


Father’s Day Stall – Wednesday 28th August

Colour Run followed by a BBQ after school - Wednesday 30th October

Mega Christmas Raffle – tickets to go home in November to be drawn at Carols night

Christmas Market & Carols Night - Thursday 5th December

We love having the opportunity to provide these events and opportunities for our Kalinda students and families, but we can’t do it all on our own and need some support to share the load and just like the disco we encourage you to get involved where you can either by volunteering at an event or behind the scenes in the planning.  Rosters will be sent prior to each event and we are seeking support and encourage families to volunteer where you can and if you would like to get involved behind the scenes in any of our events or just come along to our planning meetings please touch base with one of the team.

Thank you from all of us,

Parents & Friends & Fundraising Teams

Athlete's Foot Offer




Health and First Aid

Keep an eye on this spot, we will post valuable information here regarding your child's health and regularly provide reports with what is happening in First Aid.


Anna Diacos EEN

First Aid Officer

Kalinda Primary School



Articles and Information from OshClub

Ongoing Information

Phone: OshClub on 0439 992 434   Email: kalinda@oshclub.com.au

Head Office: 1300 395 735   


Coordinator: Jane Evans

Assistant Coordinator: Jamie Quinn

Program Assistant: Sarah Taroza

OshClub Casual Staff: Wendy Reid, Lauren Hilston, Kaitlyn Robertson, Wiki Tut and Loressa Mancuso


This week's news:

Our current theme at OSHClub is Crafting and Creativity. This past week, children have created paper dolls and cardboard tube animals. They are loving the template-based nature of these activities as a springboard into creativity as they extend their thinking to use the same materials in different ways.


Another popular activity we are engaged in this week is borax crystal making. There have been plenty of questions and discussion about the process, results and science behind what is happening, or not happening in some cases. The results are always so varied and amazing! 


This fortnight at OSHClub: Craft and Creativity

Cardboard Tube Animals

Borax Crystals

Paper Doll Craft

STEM Challenge with Icypole sticks, Bulldog clips and Pegs

Playdough Modelling

Bob Down Tiggy

Table Tennis

Grandma’s Undies

Poison Letter

Fruit Salad


Vacation Care

Our recent Vacation Care program involved a whole range of activities, theme days, excursions and incursions. We enjoyed a fantastic day animal-watching at the Melbourne Zoo. We journeyed to Melbourne Museum on another big day out, where children had the opportunity to explore their favourite parts of the museum. We also had a fantastic drama incursion with Drama Co, travelling on a magic carpet to exciting global destinations. There was plenty of role play and dressing up involved!


Below are photos from our excursions and from some of our favourite activities during Vacation Care: Making fluffy slime; painting pet rocks; and dressing up during our drama incursion!  


Over the next few weeks Kalinda OSHClub is running a school fundraiser in conjunction with Mondo, a sustainability charity who collect unwanted clothing and textiles to be reused, recycled or turned into biofuel.

Mondo will donate 10c for every kilogram of textiles donated. This is a great opportunity to have a clear out and recycle those textiles that cannot be reused, all while raising money for Kalinda Primary.

Items such as, clothing, towels, sheets, shoes or soft toys are all welcome. 

Collection day is Wednesday 7th August between 8:30-9:00 am. Please bring any donations to school on this day when the Mondo collection truck will be onsite.

For further information, please see the attached flyer.




IMPORTANT - Please message the program phone ASAP if your child/ren are booked in for an after school care session, but will not be attending. We need to account for every child who is booked into our care. Your cooperation in letting us know in advance if a booking is no longer required is hugely appreciated. 

Please note: online bookings for each session close 24 hours in advance. If online bookings have closed and you would like to make or cancel a booking, please SMS the program phone on 0439 992 434. Any other queries, please feel free to call, SMS or email us at kalinda@oshclub.com.au. 



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Handy Links

Instructions for accessing student sites: 

1. Click on the link above

2. Ensure (by checking in the top right hand corner of your screen) that you are not logged into any other google account other than your child's Google account. If you are currently logged into a personal or work Google account, you will not be able to access the student site

3. Select the Year level of your child. 

4. Enter the username and password that was issued via your child's diary. 

5. Please contact your class teacher or the school office if you are having issues. 

Public Announcements


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Kalinda Primary School Newsletter
Kalinda PS Child Safe Policy.pdf
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