06 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
McKinnon Secondary College
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McKinnon Road
McKinnon, Victoria, 3204



Thursday 5 September

Year 9 Duke of Ed (Practice Hike)


Friday 6 September

Year 9 Duke of Ed (Practice Hike)


Monday 9 September

Year 8 Survivor Roganing (3 days)


Tuesday 10 September

Year 8 Survivor Rogaining

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Bushwalk (2 days)


Wednesday 11 September

Year 8 Survivor Rogaining

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Bushwalk


Thursday 12 September

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences


Friday 13 September

Late Start (Students arrive at 9:30am)


Saturday 14 September

New Caledonia French Tour (8 days)

9:00am ELMS Selection Test


Monday 16 September

Asia Week

7:00pm Senior Ensembles Concert


Tuesday 17 September

Asia Week

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 18 September

Asia Week


Thursday 19 September

Asia Week

7:00pm Year 12 Music Night





Friday 20 September

Asia Week

End of Term 3

2:30pm Early Finish


Tuesday 1 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Wednesday 2 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Thursday 3 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Monday 7 October

Start of Term 4


Tuesday 8 October

Year 8 Medieval Day


Thursday 10 October

SMR Athletics

6:00pm VCE Media Night (Theatre)


Monday 14 October

Year 7 & 10 Immunisations

6:30pm Junior Debating (MERC)


Tuesday 15 October


6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 16 October

Year 12 Dress-Up Day


Thursday 17 October

Year 12 – last day of classes


Friday 18 October

Year 12 Assembly


Monday 21 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1 Depart)

6:30pm Junior Debating (Merc)


Tuesday 22 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1)

Year 8 Survivor – Maths Challenge


Wednesday 23 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1) Return

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2 Depart)

Valedictory Dinner


Thursday 24 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2)

Year 7 Zoo (7A-7H)

7:00pm Percussion Night (Music Auditorium)


Friday 25 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2 returns)

Year 7 Zoo (7I – 7O)


Saturday 26 October

6:30pm McKinnon Grand Reunion


Monday 28 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K) Depart


Tuesday 29 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K)

7:00pm Year 11 Music Night (Theatre)

7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 30 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K) Return

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N) Depart

Year 12 English/EAL exam


Thursday 31 October

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N)


Friday 1 November

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N) Return





McKinnon is now a very complex organization. We are therefore increasing the leadership structure of the school.


We have appointed Mr Michael Kan into the position of Campus Principal in light of Virginia Park. He will work with a team to co-ordinate the curriculum design for our Year 9 Campus.  


We also have two new Assistant Principals from the start of next year – Mr Peter Quinn as the Head of Junior School and Ms Kellie Felmingham as the Head of Senior School. Dr Richard Long and Mr Lachlan Noble will continue in their roles as Assistant Principals.


Together this Principal Class team will continue to deliver our best service to the community.


Congratulations to the Head of Music, Ms Megan Papworth and the Instrumental Music Manager, Mr Martin West and the Faculty for their wonderful celebration of music held at the Robert Blackwood Hall last week.


It was indeed a spectacular event that showcased the musical talents of our students. Concerts like these allow students’ talent to be recognised and celebrated! It also allows our exceptional music program to be showcased.

It is about participation and excellence and provides a benchmark for schools and students in Victoria.


Thank you to the music staff for the difference they make and to the team of staff and students who made it all possible. I also thank our guests who were in attendance including parents, grandparents and friends, as always.


The continuation of our internal tournament resulted in a down ball competition on Tuesday 27 August between the Honorable Kevin Rudd (ex-Prime Minister of Australia) and our own Ashley Hunter  (Year 12).


This event was organized by Chad Aizicowitz (Year 12) with the assistance of a team of other students including Michael Pupko (Year 12) and Jack Dunn (Year 12).  A memorable magic moment.


The local Member Mr Nick Staikos was the referee and many staff and students gathered around for the event after school.


The chanting, encouragement and joy and the many selfies and photos will be stored as memories for years to come.


Channel 9 filmed and the school featured in the news. Mr Rudd was interviewed on ‘The Project’ on Channel 10 and he made mention of McKinnon Secondary College. The Age did an interview article which is attached and, of course, the Today Show came to film at the school on the Wednesday.  All in the name of fun.


Mr Rudd and his wife Theresa started a foundation post his Prime Ministership. The National Apology Foundation for Indigenous Australians which will take the spirit and the substance of the National Apology into the future. This apology was given by Mr Rudd on February 13, 2008 at Parliament House in Canberra.  We have a framed copy of the apology at the entrance foyer of our school and Mr Rudd signed the frame.


Thank you Chad – a terrific occasion and you really did create wonderful memories for many!


9 News (Evening)

9 News (Afternoon)
Today Show

The Age


Congratulations to Grace James (Year 10), Yael Greenberg (Year 8), John Paul Suntoso (Year 8) Hadyn Collier (Year 8) and Audrey Zhou (Year 8) who are featured performers in this year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular and will be performing at Melbourne Arena on Saturday 14 September followed by a highlight broadcast of the show on Channel 7 to be aired later in the year. This year’s production will showcase over 3000 Victorian government school students in a performance of music, song, dance and circus arts.


Well done to you all on this marvellous achievement.


Congratulations to Will Kay (Year 9) for being selected in the SSA All Australian 15 years and Under Volleyball Team. The award recognises not just the skill Will exhibited during the Championship, but also an understanding of the game, his coachability and his ability to act as a role model to his peers. This is a wonderful achievement for Will and we wish him all the very best in his future endeavours!


As part of the Australian Girls Choir elite Performing Ensemble, Chloe James (Year 12) was delighted to be selected to perform alongside Hugh Jackman in six shows which took place at Rod Laver Arena this month. Chloe was delighted to again have the opportunity to perform with 'The Greatest Showman' as she had previously performed in his show 'From Broadway to Oz' in 2015. Well done Chloe, this is a marvellous achievement.


I am absolutely astounded at the number of items in Lost Property at the moment. There are hundreds of dollars worth of clothes waiting for their owners. If your child has lost an item of clothing please ask them to go to the Sick Bay and check if any of these items are theirs.


Please write the names of your children on jumpers, jackets, sports gear, skirts, shirts, lunch boxes, pencil cases etc. which makes returning these items to students so much easier.


Next Thursday 12 September I look forward to seeing our community at the Parent Teacher Interviews.

This year Ms Masterson together with the Interact Club have arranged a group of stall holders to sell their products on this day. Please support this inaugural event. It’s our first ever market day and it is a fundraiser for our new gymnasium that we hope to build on the bottom oval.


I hope you will come along, see the teachers and then take the time to support the stall holders who are helping our school.




When discussing with your child their academic achievement at school and the feedback provided on Learning Tasks (as well as Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences), it is critical that parents and students look beyond grades and scores. We encourage all students and their parents to instead reflect on each child’s academic progress and growth; a student’s intelligence is changeable, and focussing on growth has a very positive impact on student learning. Hard work and a willingness to persist when facing academic challenges are the keys to success for all students, and emphasising learning progress rather than grades/scores is a simple - but powerful - way to support student learning.


We look forward to seeing families at the Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences on Thursday 12 September. These discussions provide valuable information and insight into the progress of each child and are seen as a high priority by all staff. Please ensure that parents access Learning Tasks on Compass prior to the interviews; Progress Reports will also be released next week. This feedback will help guide these conversations and ensure students reflect on their performance in Semester 2 thus far, and set effective goals and plans for the remainder of the academic year. Please note that classes on this day will be cancelled and there will be a late start the following day (Friday 13 September), with students arriving to school at 9:30am.


The Valedictory Dinner for the graduating class of 2019 will be conducted at the Palladium at Crown on Wednesday 23 October. Tickets can be purchased now (online via Compass). We look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements at this wonderful event.


A reminder to please talk to your children about safety when travelling to and from school. McKinnon Road is incredibly busy at these times and everyone needs to be vigilant. If you drive your child to school it would be appreciated if you could drop off or pick up your child in the surrounding streets rather than McKinnon Road. Students riding bikes need to be very careful and always wear a helmet when riding.


Please remember that students still need to be wearing full winter uniform throughout Term 3. This includes the blazer which must be worn to and from school. All students require traditional leather lace-up shoes which are polished, and boys needs a plain black belt with their school shorts/pants. Jewellery and make-up must not be excessive, and facial piercings are unacceptable (students wearing a facial piercing are not admitted to class, and will be sent home to remove it). We thank families for their support with our uniform policy. 


National Anthem performed by School Orchestra with soloist Anthea Dimas


School Orchestra, conducted by Mrs Videon performing 'Here Be Dragons' by Gary Gackstatter


Award winners of The Big Science Competition


Science Week Award winners


Geography Competition winners


Tournament of the Minds awards winners


Recent sporting team success


Hannah St John and Jack Mills report on the French and German Model UN Conferences


Myles Kelemen, Jessica Salisbury and Ash Nathan presenting the Interact Club and upcoming McKinnon Market Day



Tristan Prazeus (Year 12) competed at the Australian Weightlifting Championship over the weekend of 17-18 August in Sydney.


He competed in the 102kg weight class in the junior age group (17-20 years old).

This was Tristan's first national level competition in any sport in which he made 6/6 lifts, Snatching 97, 102, and 105 and then for the Clean and Jerk 125, 130 and 132.


Wow!, this is an amazing achievement Tristan and we congratulate you and wish you continued success with weightlifting.


Congratulations to Jaime Segbedzi (Year 8) who will be representing Victoria at the 2019 Under 13 Australian Hockey Carnival to be held in Hobart in October.


Jaime was selected as one of four goal keepers and will play in the "Victoria Volt" team.


This is a fantastic achievement and we wish you all the best in the upcoming tournament.


Merryn Walker




Guest speaker: Kristen Ayres (Legal Aid Lawyer) 

On a dark and stormy Friday afternoon in the McKinnon Secondary College Hall, there was a shining light for the elite legal studies students. The Year 11s and 12s were lucky enough to have highly esteemed Victoria legal aid lawyer Kristen “Lady Justice” Ayres (Annie’s mum) as a guest speaker. Ms Ayres spoke to the students about how she became a lawyer, how she got into Victoria Legal Aid and what her day to day activities are. She also told some interesting stories from throughout her illustrious career, which left us mind blown and lost for words. Ms Ayres’ visit was a helpful and informative one, discussing many of the issues that students are studying at this very moment.

Ms Ayres’ breathtaking knowledge of the legal system deeply inspired many of us students to follow our dreams and pursue a career in the law. Star students Jeremy “Judicial” Zivin and Liam “Legislative” Taffe stayed back to gain some extra knowledge from our favourite legal aid lawyer. Posing questions to her on the Jury system, eagerly listening in on her point of views on key principles of the Australian justice system.


We would like to thank Kristen “Lady Justice” Ayres for spending her time with the legal eagles and teaching us what life is like as a lawyer as well as providing us with a vast array of confectionery, including Mars Bars, Milkos, Twixs and various other delectable treats. YUMMY! We would also like to thank Mrs D’Ambrosio for facilitating such a meaningful and insightful session.


Respectfully, sincerely and yours truly, 

Liam Taffe and Jeremy Zivin (Year 12 Legal Students)


On Monday 19 August, our Year 11 Legal Studies class went to the Magistrates’ Court where we were privy to how our legal system operates- focusing on court procedures in the courts and the role of court personnel. We observed a range of cases, including people charged with shoplifting, assault/violence and traffic offences such as driving without a license and no car registration. This was an amazing learning experience for myself and other Year 10 students doing VCE Legal Studies.

When we got to the court, we had to go through security and be checked by guards to make sure that we didn’t have anything dangerous in our possession.


After that we went straight into the courtrooms on Level 3. We were allocated to smaller groups where each group observed a different courtroom.


In the courtroom that I visited, we saw about four to five different cases. The first case that we saw was about a single mother of four who shoplifted two items from Kmart. She also had some charges for driving without a license and without registration.


This learning experience gave me an insight into how the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court works. 


Bridget Soteriou

Year 10 Student


From Monday 5 August to Friday 9 August, Ms Lucarelli, Mr Verlin, Mr Blackwood, Mr Evans and all four of the Unit 1/2 Business students went to the Eureka Tower.


The trip was for our classes to explore the marketing and promotional strategies being used at the Eureka Skydeck. We started the experience with a lesson on the ground floor of the tower where we learnt facts about this tall building.

We then enthusiastically completed a brief activity on the marketing of the Eureka Skydeck, after which we proceeded up the elevators to the 88th floor. While we were up there, we completed a task where we observed clientele, recording the different demographics of the people that were there. 


Overall, the Eureka Skydeck Excursion was an amazing experience for all and we highly recommend future Year 10 and 11 students to consider studying Business Management in VCE.


Aleksandra Petrovska and April Brake

Year 11 Students


On Wednesday 5 June, twenty-two students across Years 7-10 participated in the Australian History Competition. The competition is run to heighten awareness of the great subject of History and for students to consolidate their skills. McKinnon students did very well across all areas of the competition and I applaud their efforts. Certificates have been sent out to the school and will be given out at year level assemblies. 


At Year 7:

Rayyaan Khaleel, Suen Kee and Verlyn Teo all received a Credit level with their results being above the National Mean.


At Year 8:

There were seven students who entered with the group once again being the National Mean.


Ryan Ferry received a High Distinction and Cameron Lai a Distinction. Katelyn Tea and Zoe Taffe received Credits. Luka Magee and Aditya Sharma received Merits with Jessica Wielunski a Participation. 


At Year 9:

There were five students who entered with the school mean being above the National Mean.


Matthew Lusted received a High Distinction for his efforts. Alyssa Nikolakopoulos, Liana Kelemen and Anastasia Livanos all received Credits with Isabelle Sheldrake-Brown a Participation.


At Year 10:

There were four students who entered with the school mean once again being above the National Mean. Aaron Coelho-Irani, Sarah Hatigan and Michelle Gu all received a Credit. Oscar Lanigan received a Participation.


Jonathan Jhoomun

Supervising Teacher



Twenty-seven students across Years 7 to 10 have just completed the annual NCSS Challenge. For many, this would have been their first year participating so it is wonderful to see them doing so well. The challenge runs for five weeks and teaches the students how to program in Python at various levels. The challenge really tests the students’ determination and resilience to get through the entire program.

Of the fifteen students taking part at the Beginner level, eleven of these gained a Perfect score and four others gained a High Distinction. At Intermediate level, we had twelve students taking part of which seven gained Perfection and three a High Distinction. I congratulate all the participants for their perseverance and effort.


With the continued concern about the lack of girls studying and taking up employment in ICT and its associated fields, it is great to see that we have a high percentage of girls taking part in these challenges. Over 40% of the students were girls and over 80% of them gained Perfection or High Distinction. All these students will be presented with their certificates at the next General Assembly.


Shirley Munro

ICT Teacher



For VCE students of languages, the oral exams can be daunting and raise many questions and doubts, such as “Will I be confident enough?, What do I do if I don't understand the question? or Have I practised enough?


The McKinnon Students of VCE French in Years 11 and 12 have had the opportunity to test the waters in preparation for the oral component of the final VCE French exam. Given our large numbers of French language learners at McKinnon, three external examiners came to our school at the start of Term 3 for a conversation and discussion under exam conditions with each of our 47 students.


The Berthe Mouchette Competition (an initiative of Alliance Française to promote the French language and culture in Victoria) is a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice the French language by participating in a competition with great prizes to be won. It is also a great way of finding out what it is like to have a personal conversation with a perfect stranger in a foreign language.


Whilst all of our students have put in a great effort and rose to the challenge of preparing for yet another performance during these busy times leading up to the VCE exams, some did so with excellent results, thus enabling seven of our students to compete in the next and final round. “Bon courage et bonne chance à tous les finalistes!! “


Annette Reid

French Teacher


On Sunday morning (25 August) the McKinnon students of Year 12 French assembled at the Melbourne Convention Centre where they met with other keen language learners from all over Melbourne to obtain some vital information and strategies for their final examinations. In the early morning ambient one could easily guess their thoughts, i.e. “…Yet another early start to a Sunday morning. No time for a ‘grasse matinée’ and to recover from the pressures of a busy week at school…


In addition to receiving reminders of the do’s and don’ts for both oral and written exams, our students had the opportunity to practice some listening and reading passages. The most beneficial part of the event, however, according to our students, was the opportunity to witness the performance of a (mock) oral exam with a courageous Year 12 student in front of the large audience. This gave students an additional insight into what it means to be participating in a conversation/discussion in the oral exams and how a combination of preparation and practice is key to a confident approach. 


In conclusion, all students agreed that it was worthwhile to forego the much deserved sleep-in. The summary of exam information and strategy has reassured students that they possess the right tools to maximise their performance in what is going to be the first of a series of final exams.


Annette Reid

French Teacher


On Friday 16 August our Year 9 Spanish students participated in an introduction to Flamenco dancing by a very experienced Flamenco dancer called Maria Manosalvas. During her career Maria got the privilege to dance with a very famous dancer named Joaquin Cortes.

Maria first explained the history and the theory behind “El arte del Flamenco” and the different types of Flamenco dancing. A couple of students also got the opportunity to try on traditional Flamenco dancing dresses and then Maria performed for us an “Alegria”. Finally, it was time for our students to perform and Maria taught the proper moves to a “Sevillanas”. Students had a good time and by the end of the workshop they mastered it. 


Maria-Carmen Jimenez Victoria

Spanish/French teacher
















Our Year 7 students have been very busy completing a Probability project. Many pairs of students created colorful and well-engineered objects to spin or roll.


Below are some photos together with a few of their reports and reflections of the project.


Mrs Kerryn Gill

Year 7 Maths 



In the probability project, we were given the chance to create a dice or spinner with a partner to investigate the meaning of probability, and its importance in math and everyday life. We calculated the theoretical probability of the outcomes and had two experiments (one with 10 trials the other with 100 trials) to calculate the experimental probability. We then graphed the information and compared each of them to see which data was closest to the theoretical probability. Overall, the project was a great success and was very helpful in understanding what probability is and how we can use it. 

Kirra Irving

Year 7 Student


During the last few weeks the whole of Year 7 have participated in a probability learning task. Throughout this task the Year 7s have had to design and create a dice or spinner, then get data from 10 spins and 100 spins. The objective of the task was to compare the theoretical probability, to the experimental outcomes. Most people thought that the experimental outcomes would be very close to the Theoretical probabilities. But you would be surprised. For my class, there was rarely a time that the theoretical and experimental probabilities were the same, but for some they were close. Did we create unfair spinners/dice? This was something we were asked to consider and reflect on.

Kieran Wall

Year 7 Student


My class spinner/dice project was a very interesting one. It was still a math project but it gave us the opportunity to use our creativity and imagination. For example, my partner and I chose to make a flower spinner, which challenged my drawing skills but was still a lot of fun. I also saw many different students’ work with themes ranging from a money spinner to a meme dice.

Rotem Naaman

Year 7 Student


The Maths project we did was about probability and chance. The goal was to make a spinner and record how many times you spin each outcome. For me the best and most fun part was collecting the data and making the spinner. One of the harder objectives was to create a graph with your data and that was fun as well.

Kane Vaughan

Year 7 Student


Recently in our Maths class we made a spinner because we were learning about chance and probability. We had to choose a topic with at least six outcomes and make a spinner or dice out of paper. We had to fill out a worksheet with the results of a 10 spin trial and a 100 spin trial. After we did that we made two graphs using those statistics. The best part was hanging out with a friend and finishing earlier than everyone else. :)

Rowen Hull and Tali Rudzki

Year 7 Students


Who says Maths can’t be fun?


Most classes of Year 7 have just completed the probability topic for Maths. As part of this topic we were asked to put our books away and get creative. We had to choose partners and make a spinner or a dice. My partner and I made a spinner. We made it from paper plates, paper clips and tape. The spinner had uneven sections of colour that made it very tricky to find out the percentages for the theoretical probability. After completing our construction we had to spin the spinner for the next part of the experiment to find out the experimental probability. I enjoyed the challenge of this project.


Anthony Kostelac

Year 7 Student



On Wednesday 21 August the Kingston Term 3 Inter Round Robin took place at a variety of venues across South East Melbourne. Congratulations to the Girls Basketball team who won through to the Southern Metropolitan Finals during Term 4. Unfortunately the Girls Futsal team have no future pathway but did win the Kingston Title.

Thanks to all the players for representing the school on the day and the coaches for giving up their time.


Team                         Position               Coach

Boys Futsal

A- 3rd  B- 1st 

Mr Shaw

Girls Futsal

A- 1st  B- 7th  

Mr Pantelios

Girls Hockey


Mr Hooper

Boys Hockey


Mr Farthing

Ultimate Frisbee

A- 4th B- 3rd

Mr Grantham-Smith

Boys Basketball

A- 2nd  B- 2nd   

Mr Bridges

Girls Basketball

A- 1st B- 1st   

Miss Greenwood


James Bridges

Head of Inter/Senior Sport


On Wednesday 21 August, the Year 7 Badminton teams headed to the Southern Metro Regional Finals at Springers Leisure Center after their triumph at district level. The girls and boys teams practiced every Monday after school at the badminton club, until the day of the competition.


On the day, both the teams smashed through their rounds, winning every single set and hence qualifying for the Finals. Coincidently, both teams were up against the same school, Narre Warren South Secondary College in the final round.

The girls team after a tough battle drew to an overall score of 3-3, but unfortunately lost due to lack of points. Hence, the team consisting of Anika Karra, Kripa Shrestha, Treya Venkatesh, Cheshta Phulara and Bernice Koh secured second position in the SMR Finals.


As for the boys, they effortlessly scored 4-2 overall and were deemed winners of the finals and were crowned with the blue flag. The boys team consisting of Kevin Dai, Arvin Jiao, Raghav Sunthil Kumar, Michal Foroncewicz and Jason Ye will be proceeding to the State Finals very soon. 


Also, hearty thanks to Mr Hislop for coaching the teams and giving up his time. 


Khushi Negi

Year 10 Student


After coming first in the Kingston Division Netball Championships the Year 7 Girls A and B teams competed at the Southern Metropolitan Netball Finals on Friday 16 August.

The A team had a tough start facing Berwick who later went on to win the region title. After a close and well fought game the team unfortunately conceded their only loss for the day. They went on to beat Beaumaris and Dandenong, coming second in their group. All the girls played exceptionally well and did the school proud.


Well done to Chloe O’Connor, Isabella Di Lecce, Michaela Di Lecce, Jana Lange, Hannah Foran, Bo Fox, Leilani Buttie, Eva Gray, Lani Hammam and Maggie Huntley.


The B team won both of their preliminary matches against Berwick and Mentone Girls in two very close games. They finished on top of their group making the Finals against Frankston High School. The girls played really well but conceded to Frankston after an impressive 3rd quarter.


They finished the day as overall B team Runners-Up for the SMR pennant.


Well done to our team: Indi Harrison, Chloe Apps, Zara Salisbury, Charlee Grushka, Prathi Kampli, Indy Baker-Hill, Chelsea Szmerling, Ava Ciccolallo, Sophi Papadopoulos and Rose Penhall.


Ms Pemberton and Mrs Gill




What an amazing fortnight it has been in the Music Department. Congratulations to all students who have performed in the last fourteen days.


What an amazing event this was on Wednesday 28 August at Monash University. The standard of musicianship was extraordinary as all groups and soloists lifted to ensure that this showcase night was of a high calibre.

Thank you to all the ensemble directors for groups both on the main stage and in other areas, for ensuring that your groups were highly successful. Thank you to all the students for your growing capabilities, and working as an amazing team to lift the standard year upon year. Thank you to all those who attended on the night. It was a sell-out, and we are incredibly thankful that the students had a full house to perform to.


On Friday 23 August it was fantastic to see and hear Maskit Matityahu (Year 11) and friends performing on the open stage in the Oasis area. The standard of performance was fantastic. Well done!

Congratulations and thank you to Mr Kurowski and his team who have organised another amazing performance.


Congratulations to the school Orchestra who performed at Royal South Street, this year held at Founders Theatre, Ballarat Campus Federation University. The students had a long day of rehearsal and performing followed by a long ride home due to road works on the West Gate Freeway. The orchestra achieved a Highly Commended in their section which is fantastic. Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon for her ongoing development of this group, and to Ms Clare Bugeja for accompanying the group to and from Ballarat.


Congratulations to the Orchestra who performed Here Be Dragons at the General Assembly on Monday 2 September. The standard of performance was outstanding!

Well done. Thank you also to Anthea Dimas (Year 12) who sang the national anthem at the opening of the assembly.


The Big Band Bash will be held on Friday 13 September at 7:00pm in our School Hall.

Bookings at:

Parents and friends are invited to McKinnon Music Department’s celebration of contemporary ensembles, featuring Stage Bands and special guests.

Please join in festivities, fun dress-ups and a night of excellent music.
Special prizes will be awarded for best costumes for students and parents!!
B.Y.O. Food and drinks
Tickets: Single adult: $15,  Concession: $10
Students: $5, Full Table (10 tickets): $120
Half table (5 tickets): $70

Bookings at:
Contact Details:  Dmitry Serebrianik
(03) 8520 9000


Market day Gigs on the Green – Thursday 12 September
Big Band Bash – Friday 13 September
Spring Soiree – Monday 16 September
Year 12 Music Performance Celebration Night – Thursday 19 September

In preparation for the many performances that will be taking place over the semester, all music students are reminded that they need to keep their attendance up at the core ensemble rehearsals. Being a part of these ensembles helps develop group skills, aural work, sight-reading, widens their experience and musical style and often involves performing for community groups, other schools and functions within the school community.


Rehearsals are held as follows:

Symphonic Wind – Monday afterschool 3:30 – 5pm
Keenan Strings – Thursday before school 7:45am
Orchestra – Thursday afterschool 3:30 – 5pm
McKinnon Choir – Thursday lunch time 
Ovenden Band – Friday before school 7:45am

We look forward to seeing all students at their respective ensemble rehearsal.


Megan Papworth

Head of Music



During Book Week, our Year 7 students had a visit from James Phelan, a best-selling Australian author. James Phelan is the author of thrillers, young adult and children’s books including the Jed Walker series, the Last Thirteen series, Lachlan Fox series and the Alone series.

James is a regular at writer’s festivals and delivered a highly entertaining and engaging session with the students. 


For more information


Emilie Zoey Baker is an award-winning Australian poet, educator, slam nerd and spoken-word performer. Emilie a.k.a “EZB” held sessions with our Year 8 students during Book Week. EZB introduced students to the world of slam poetry and conducted a highly interactive session with the students.


For more information



Indigenous Literacy Day (Wednesday 4 September) is a national celebration of Indigenous culture, stories and literacy. The library will be displaying books which have Indigenous authors and themes as a way to promote awareness and understanding of culture, language and stories.




Just a reminder that the library has a range of magazines available for loan.



Please return you library books by the due date or speak with library staff about extending your loans. The books you are holding on to may be reserved by another student who is waiting for them to return.



PHYSICS, as a fundamental science, is an essential part of most technological developments in our world. From boomerangs and didgeridoos to remote-controlled drones and mp3 players, physics principles are the cornerstones that allow us to analyze and design complicated devices that are useful to society. This year, as the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, we acknowledge the significant contributions physics has made to space exploration. While the science behind rockets, radars and “zero gravity” seem totally beyond our classrooms, it may come as a surprise to some that the physical laws that brought man to the moon are no different from those we have become so accustomed to in our everyday experiences. 


For example, if you blow up a balloon and then let go, the balloon will fly off as the air inside is released. This seemingly mundane phenomenon is actually the basis of how rocket propulsion technology works. It is remarkable that such a common observation of a balloon has in it the scientific principles that can take humans to the moon and beyond. Indeed, insights into many natural and technical processes are often gained via direct observation of phenomena around us and hands-on exploration of simple ideas.

Recently as part of the National Science Week celebration, some VCE Year 11 Physics students combined their knowledge in mechanics with their engineering design skills to take on the challenge of constructing a workable balloon-powered cart. While students were provided with raw materials such as cardboards, straws, skewer sticks, and (of course) a balloon, no specific instructions are given for this class activity. To succeed, each group must apply their understanding on the conservation of momentum and energy, as well as friction (all of which are core elements of VCE Physics). 


At first glance, building a balloon-powered cart appears to be trivial. However, as some groups have discovered, putting theory into practice requires a lot of finesse, perseverance, and at times, lateral thinking. Issues such as how to make the wheel spin smoothly, how to secure the balloon to the cart while being able to effectively pump it up, and how to ensure the cart will go straight (if it does move) are much harder to solve than one may anticipate. Moreover, to meet the time constraint of two periods, good teamwork and troubleshooting skills are also very desirable. 


Overall, it was a fantastic learning experience for all involved. Congratulations to the teams whose cart did run, and all groups for their tremendous effort. But the top honor went to Thomas Burnell and Jaden Cleminson of 11B. Their balloon cart not only worked on multiple times, it broke the elusive barrier of 5 m in travel distance.


Dr Sandy LAW

VCE Physics Teacher



There is a large amount of lost property in the sickbay, the majority of it is unnamed. Please ensure all of your child's belongings are labelled so they can be returned to the rightful owner.


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If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Courtney on 8520 9050.


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