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02 August 2019
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Principal Message

Message from the College Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Welcome back to Term 3

I would like to welcome our College community back for what will be a busy and productive Term 3.   

A big thank you and good luck to Ms. Paris Spencer who will be the foundation principal at a brand new school on the other side of Werribee. Paris has been a leader and active member of our community since the school opened. Ms. Claire Tierney has been appointed as the Acting Curriculum Assistant Principal until the end of the year, Claire has been a part of our leadership team for a number of years we welcome her expertise in the role. 


Compass Pay

As you are aware we have launched Compass Pay for parents, we are excited to offer this program for a dual purpose – the first is making it easier and more efficient for you to stay informed with what is happening at our College, the second is that as a school we are having a push to being more sustainable, printing 2000 flyers at a time is not healthy for our environment. If you have any questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Also whilst I’m talking about sustainable, we are asking that parents look at the amount of packaging being sent to school with student snacks and lunch and where available, if parents can use sustainable packaging that would support our yard and the environment. We will be trialing during eating time in the primary classes that students who haven’t finished eating remove their wrappers from the food before going out to snack.


Foundation Enrolments

Thank you to those parents who have let us know their child will be starting Foundation (Prep) next year. Term 3 is an important time in the planning for next year. We start to really focus on staffing, grade structures and the allocation of resources for next year. I encourage families to contact the Administration Office if they have a child starting school next year, and come in and pick up an enrolment pack. Having a reasonable idea of our Foundation numbers at this stage of the year helps immensely.


Parent Opinion Survey

The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by DET the that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour and student engagement. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.
Approximately 40 per cent of parents have been invited to participate in this year’s survey, so far we have had 28 parent responses. If you have been invited to participate in the survey, we would greatly appreciate it if you could respond.  All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the Parent Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 22 July to Sunday 11 August. The survey is conducted online, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Kind Regards

Mark Zahra

Acting College Principal



Messages from Assistant Principals


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back and can you believe that we are already well into Term 3. We hope that all our families were able to have a safe and relaxing break, with their friends and family.

As we are now well into Semester Two, it is great seeing our students back into school routines, learning and enjoying their school experiences. We have a few events taking place in the Prep – Year 2 area.


Prep 100 Days of School
On Thursday 1 August, our Prep students celebrated their 100th day of Prep. They spent lots of time in the classroom completing fun activities such as making a necklace out of 100 fruit loops and creating a super hero mask. It was great to see all of our students thoroughly enjoying their day with their super hero teachers and College Captains. Well done to our Prep students for making their 100 days and thank you to all our Prep teachers in making this event so enjoyable for all our students.


Prep Werribee Zoo
On Thursday 15 and Friday the 16 August, our Prep students will be attending the Werribee Zoo as a part of their Investigations Unit. They will be looking at lots of different animals in their habitats and see first-hand what these animals need to survive. We wish them a great trip. Again, thank you to our Prep teachers for providing this amazing opportunity to our students.

Please remember to please pay and sign your consent on Compass.


Yr 1 Stay Late

On Thursday 8 August our Year 1 students will be joining in a Stay Late at school as part of the College’s camp program. This will be a great opportunity for students to develop their independence as well as participate in some fun activities and enjoy dinner together. We look forward to seeing the Year 1 students on Thursday evening, ready to have some fun! 


Thank you for your ongoing support of your child, your teacher and our College.


Kind Regards

Matthew Naudi

Assistant Principal Prep - Year 2



Dear Parents and Carers,


It has been a busy and exciting start to Term 3 so far with the Year 3 kicking off with their camp first week back! I am very happy to report that all students who attended had a fantastic time. Although a little chilly the weather held out and students were able to participate in all activities. We did have some sleepy looking eyes when they got back but well worth it!


Kind Regards

Snezana Steyn

Assistant Principal Years 3-4



Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Term 3. We hope that everyone had a safe and happy break. We have had a very settled start back to Semester 2. Students have been busy with their learning and are very excited to be back at school.

We have a very busy but exciting Term 3 coming up. Over the next few weeks, some of our Year 5 and 6 students will be participating in the 2019 R.E.A.L (Robotics Enhanced Applied Learning) Robotics Project. This project is designed to enhance student engagement through STEM based ‘hands on’ learning. Students learn about coding, designing, building and programming Lego robots. Best of luck to the following students who take part in the project next week. Sosakmak 5RM, Sahil 5RM, Zainab 5JH, Chris 5JH, Riley 5AN, Jye 5AN, Ruby 5AN, Tahlia 6RP, Oliver 6RP and Sharzil 6BT. 


Kind Regards,

Barry Devlin

Assistant Principal Years 5-6



Dear Parents and Carers,


Our Year 7-9 students have transitioned fluently in to Semester 2.  Year 7 students have started the term with excursions to Deakin University to explore further educational opportunities and potential careers after their completion of their schooling. They have also taken part in inter-school basketball, where the girls have progressed to the next stage having won the district tournament.

Our Year 8 students have started their swimming program and have already made great progress with their skills and knowledge of water safety. They have also taken part in a range of inter-school sports including basketball and rugby and represented our College proudly in both events.

Our Year 9 students have finalised their subject selection for Year 10 and have started their 1:1 career counseling, which has assisted in their subject choices and future career pathways as they further prepare for the senior secondary part of their education.


We look forward to a semester full of exciting learning both in the classroom and out.


Kind Regards,

John Eskander

Assistant Principal Years 7-9

College Administration  

Compass Tutorial Overview

Please click on the link here

Compass App Tutorial

Please click on the link here

Parent Classroom Helper Workshop

The College would like to invite Prep – Year 6 parents, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas etc to a Classroom Helper Information Session.

The information session will be held at 9.00am, Monday 5 August in the PD Centre.

We are looking for parents, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas to assist our classroom teachers with student learning.

Classroom Helpers will be provided with information on how they can assist in our Prep – Year 6 classrooms and the requirements and expectations of our Classroom Helpers.


Some families may have children attending various camps (Years 7 & 8) and events throughout the year.

If you wish to set up a payment plan to make regular payments for these activities, please contact our Accounts Department on 03 9749 0506.

Please note that from Term 3 we will be accepting payments and permission through Compass.

Further information will be sent home to families.

Term 3 Community Calendar


Around the College

A message from our Student Leaders

At our last SRC meeting our Year 9 students who attended the Alpine school last term shared their Community Learning Project with our SRC. These 5 students have taken on the topic of homelessness in the Wyndham area. These students have researched the statistics of homelessness (there are 800 people across Wyndham are homeless every night, and 40% of these people are aged between 12-24) and decided on an action. Our Year 9 leaders are working with some local community leaders to organise a donation drive.

We are asking students, staff and families to donate the following items:

  • any long life food (two minute noodles, muesli bars, crackers etc.)
  • bags
  • water bottles
  • hand sanitiser
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • hygiene products for women
  • nappies (all sizes)
  • new socks and underwear (male and female, all sizes)
  • blankets

We will be collecting these items in our classrooms until Monday 5 August. 

Our leaders will be attending a dinner on Wednesday 7 August with our Student Leadership Team (Ms Keating, Mr Page and Ms Harris) where they will be packing dignity bags.  A big thanks to Ruth and Misty from Wyndham Council for supporting us in this project. 

Prep 100 Days of School


Year 5 Camp—Alexandra Adventure Resort

What an adventure! The 3 days at Alexandra Adventure Resort was a great experience. When we arrived all we saw was grass and a heap of activities.  All the activities were exciting and really fun! The activities were challenging and encouraging because we had to face our fear (heights!). The activities were high ropes, leap of faith, flying fox, canoeing, a giant swing,  archery, rock climbing and orienteering.

The cabins were warm and it made me feel like we were at home. The food was scrumptious! It was just like our mum’s cooking.

When we left, we didn’t want to leave!

By Sarayu and Alisha


Year 5 camp for me was great, I faced my fears and made a lot of people proud of themselves as they faced theirs. There was a huge range of activities to do such as canoeing and archery which were new this year for us. There was the flying fox, giant swing, leap of faith, which really challenged people and a lot more activities. Not only did the camp have great activities, the food was awesome too! Overall the camp this year was fun. The people that worked there were really nice too!

By Alysha


During Week 9, 166 Year 5 Students went to Alexandra Adventure Resort.

While we were at camp, we had plenty of activities to do. Some of the activities included, canoeing, leap of faith, giant swing, archery, flying fox, high ropes, low ropes, bocce, orienteering, rock climbing and many more! We were all well fed during camp. We ate food like pasta and salad, baked potatoes, pancakes, chicken and vegetables, cakes and slices and plenty of fruit.  We all loved the camp and wish we were going again.

By Una and Logan 




Student Wellbeing 

Hope Tour

An inspiring group called Hope Tour came to Tarneit P-9 College and did plenty of performances such as rapping, singing and magic tricks.  But we would like to give a special thanks to Blake Young for the motivational and influential speeches which made us realise how important dreaming is and to keeping a positive mindset. We also appreciate the fact that he was able to share a personal experience with all of us.

Anonymous- Year 8 student


The Hope Tour held at Tarneit P-9 College was a fun and enjoyable experience for many of the students at our school. It taught us to stay positive, be who we are and follow our dreams. Blake Young shared his past experience and inspired us to never give up. He did this by singing relatable songs and rapping. Not only did this help us to enjoy the performance, but also understand what he was trying to say. Our favourite part was when the Hope Tour people included the audience and did a freestyle rap, as well as when he mentioned his inspirational life story.  We recommend other schools to enjoy this outstanding tour and hope Blake comes back to our school in the future.

Written by Viktoria , Syna  & Navpreet in 6BS


Digital Technology

Compass Tutorial Overview

Please click here to view.



Sporting News 


In PE this term the Prep-Year 2 students have been learning about gymnastics and various movement skills such as the vault, balance beam and mini trampoline. In Year 3-6, students have been learning about target games. They have been given the opportunity to experience different games and sports that are target games. In Year 7, students have been participating in a bike education program using the schools recently purchased bikes. Year 8 students have been developing their swimming skills and Year 9’s have been developing their own fitness plan in their fit for life unit.

Library News 

Wuggles and Ellie

Wuggles, Ellie and Peter have been at it again, reading after school finishes each day, plus they had extra time during the holidays to read heaps of books! Here are their recommendations.


Parents Library Brochure


Library News

LIBRARY HOURS - Reminder:-

  • Junior and Senior Libraries will be open Monday to Friday before school from 8.30am to 8.50am.
  • Junior and Senior Libraries will be open at recess for borrowing, returning, quiet reading and studying  
  • Senior Library ONLY will be open after school from 3.15 to 4pm for borrowing, returning, quiet reading and studying  
  • The Junior and Senior Libraries are NOT OPEN at Lunchtime


Book Club – Issue 5 

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 5 orders should be delivered by now, if you have not received your order, please contact the Junior Library.

Issue 6 will be released toward the end of August.

Thank you to all families in supporting our school libraries. These orders help us to put new and exciting books on the shelves for your children to borrow and read. The books that were recommended above are all new books in the Junior Library. The Senior Library also benefits from these purchases as well.

First Aid

Important Information from Sickbay 


We fully understand the frustration and cost of your child losing items of school clothing and therefore request that you clearly label your child’s clothing with both their first and last name so it can be returned to their classroom should it be placed in lost property.  Please note - we endeavour to do this on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, with the large number of items not labelled we are not able to leave them in lost property for any length of time.  These items are then washed and placed with our spare clothing.   Also hard items such as lunch boxes, drink bottles etc are thrown away every two weeks due to hygiene reasons.  Please ensure that these are also clearly labelled for return.

Borrowed Uniforms from Sickbay

Students who have borrowed uniform items from sickbay – can you please have items cleaned and returned as soon as possible.

Medical Plans/Medication

Parents/Carers who have received a letter of request for any medical plans and/or medication in relation to their child’s medical condition - please send to the College Administration Office as soon as possible.  If a student no longer has a medical condition – can you please  provide this information to College in writing to allow us to update or alter your child/s records.

Community Connections

2020 Year 10 Information Night


Free Creative Workshops


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