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06 February 2019
No 1/2
Hackham East Primary School ​We Care, We Share and Learn
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City of Onkaparinga ​"Australian Road Rules" School Parking
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Hackham East Primary School
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Hackham East Primary School
​We Care, We Share and Learn

We are excited for another exciting year of learning for students and staff. If you are returning welcome back, and to our new families and students a warm welcome to the Hackham East School Community.


We have had a very smooth start to the year with teachers spending the first few weeks settling their new classes into the routines and classroom expectations embedded in our School Values of Good Manners, Friendliness, Courage, Compassion, Persistence and Resilience and Tolerance.

All staff have worked very hard to create engaging and inviting learning spaces, with many spending time in their holidays to set classrooms up in preparation for the start of school.


We welcome the following new staff members to our Hackham East Community –

Ms Martyne Hamilton – Reception teacher

Ms Hannah Lace – Year 1/ 2 teacher and,

Ms Rachelle Bennett – French Specialist


The staff, including our wonderful SSOs at Hackham East Primary School work in collaborative teams with a focus on creating rigorous, challenging and engaging learning opportunities for all of our students.


Castle Team

Reception – Ms Martyne Hamilton and Ms Caitlin Morton/Mrs Gill Dowd

Year 1/ 2 – Ms Hannah Lace, Ms Jessica Nagel, Ms Emma Shillum and Ms Brooke Hilton

Junior Primary Small Class – Mr Daniel Goodman

Stillwell Team

Year 3/ 4 - Ms Tori Hay, Mrs Melissa Thiele/Mrs Fiona Dealtry, Mrs Sue Dunn/ Mrs Natalie Jolley

Primary Small Class – Mr Drew Grieve

Holly Team

Year 5/ 6 – Mr Mark Cronin, Mr Jonathon Kaesler

Year 6/ 7 – Ms April Woods, Ms Kas Hillan/Mrs Gab Martin

Specialist Team

Health and PE – Mrs Gab Martin and Mr Derryn Amoroso

The Arts – Mr Stephen Di Girolamo

French – Ms Rachelle Bennett

Leadership Team

Mr Scott Megson, Deputy Principal and Ms Claire McGarvey, Senior Leader.

Front Office Team

Lee Clements and Tracy Rowley

We are also supported by – Kevin Bellis – Groundsperson, Cherie Love – Pastoral Care Worker, Coralie Goodman – Canteen Manager and Jacky Smith – OSHC Director.


We value your participation in your child’s learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please make a time to speak to the classroom teacher.

The school has a closed Facebook Group open only to parents and caregivers of children at the school. It can be joined at https://www.facebook.com/Hackham_East_Primary_School


All Classes have their own closed Facebook Groups to share information with parents.


Please adhere to the following when posting to these pages.


These Facebook groups are to create another line of communication between the school and  parents/caregivers. We will keep you up to date, provide information and answer questions.
Please feel free to comment and add posts that are relevant to your child's education.
If you have a personal or serious concern, please do not use this Group, rather contact the teacher or school directly using Private Message, email or by phone.

Groups are moderated. We kindly ask you to abide by our school Values by:
•           Always using good manners
•           Commenting in a polite and calm manner

•           Being respectful to all members of the school community                     including all staff members

•           Respecting opinions of others if different from your own


Posts and Comments that do not adhere to the above will be deleted. Administrators have the right to remove repeat offenders from the Group.



Teachers will respond to parents/caregivers messages within 24 - 48 school hours, once seen.

If parents/carers private message staff during school hours, please be aware that the message may not be seen due to teaching duties. If it is urgent please contact the school via the Front Office, phone 83823824.

Sun Smart Policy

A reminder that all students are required to wear a hat in Terms 1, 3 and 4 in line with our school Sun Smart Policy. If children do not have a hat they are expected to sit in a shaded area or play in the Library.


Parents/carers of students with health issues must complete a Health Care Plan that needs to be handed to Lee in the Front Office. These need to be updated each year and all medications must be kept in the front office, not in students school bags.


We look forward to being partners with you in another productive year of learning.


Sally Slattery, Principal


School News

2019 School Fees - Special Earlybird Discount Offer

Hurry! Hurry! If you pay your school fees in FULL before Thursday 28/2 you will receive a 5% discount.  That is a saving of $12.05 per student.  Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or EFT. If you would like to pay online (EFT) our bank account details are: BSB: 105-136 A/c No: 510448140 and please include your family code and/or child's name (eg SMIT00 J Smith schlfees).

2019 School Card Applications

School card applications must be filled out and submitted EVERY year.  Spare applications are available at the Front Office and need to be handed in to our Finance Manager, Tracy Rowley as soon as possible. Alternatively you can apply for School Card online at www.sa.gov.au (Finance Education & Learning/Financial Help/School Card Scheme Applications).

School Banking - Commonwealth Bank

A reminder that school banking day is on a WEDNESDAY.  If you would like to open a new account for your child/children you apply online at www.commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver Account.  Check out the latest news regarding School Banking with incentives for students to save.

IGNITE - A program for Gifted Students

IGNITE is a specialist program for students with high intellectual potential.  Aberfoyle Park High School is the official Department of Eduction school for gifted students in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide.  Year 7 students in 2019 are eligible to sit the test for a place in the IGNITE program for 2020.  The IGNITE test will be held on Saturday 23/2 from 9:00am to 1:00pm at Aberfoyle Park High School.  To register your child visit www.aphs.sa.edu.au or [email protected]. Registrations close on Friday 15/2.

Acquaintance Night Meet and Greet

Our Parent/Caregivers Acquaintance night will be held next Tuesday 12/2, beginning at 4.45pm with a sausage sizzle and concluding at 6.15pm. This will be held in the outdoor space near the Canteen.

Each Teaching Team will hold a short meeting in the Penney Space to introduce themselves and provide time for questions. The times for the presentations will be announced during the BBQ time, where we will ask families to move into the Penney Space for a short 20 minute presentation by the year level Teaching Teams.

Each family are asked to check in with their classroom teacher to receive tickets for the Sausage sizzle.

Leadership and Specialist teachers will be available to informally meet and for questions you may have. We look forward to seeing many families attend our beginning of the year event.


Governing Council Annual General Meeting

Governing Council is a body of elected parents/caregivers that supports decision making around Policies and approves our Site Improvement Plan. They meet twice per term on a Friday afternoon.


The AGM will be held on Friday 22/2 at 1.30pm in the Penney Space, to elect the Council members.

If you are interested in being a member of the Governing Council we look forward to seeing you at this meeting, or please contact Sally Slattery, Principal to express your interest if unable to attend this at this time.

We Need You!

The Canteen provides a very valuable service to our school community and staff with healthy and affordable food available for recess, lunch and after school.  The Canteen also caters for functions held at the school. Help is urgently needed in the Canteen as we have minimal volunteers and if anyone was to be away it would leave only myself to run the Canteen.  If you have any time you can spare or know of anyone who is available to assist please speak with Coralie Goodman or leave your details with staff at the Front Office.  Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program that was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to encourage students to read more books, enjoy reading and improve literacy levels.  The Challenge requires student to read 12 or more books between the beginning of the school year and September 2019.

Students can obtain a Premier's Reading Challenge form from their class teacher to record the books they read.  Completed forms can be returned to the class teacher or staff in the Library.  

Reducing Lost Property

It is recommended that all items of clothing and items brought to school by your child/children are clearly named.  Please check regularly to ensure the name is still visible.  A few minutes spent in labelling items will help to reduce the number of items found that cannot be returned to students.  Lost property boxes are located in each teaching unit.

Yr 6/7 Aquatics

Notes have been sent home to all Yr 6/7 students regarding the Aquatics program held at Port Noarlunga from 11/2 to 14/2.  This program is part of the curriculum and all students are encouraged to attend. Please return all consent notes, medical form and money to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager by Friday 8/2.

Dress Code Shop

The Dress Code Shop located at the end of Penney Unit (behind the Canteen) is open at the following times:

Monday             8:30 - 9:00am

Wednesday     9:00 - 9:30am 

Friday                2:30 - 3:00pm

SA Dental Service

Dental care is FREE to ALL babies, preschool and most children under 18 years at School Dental Service clinics.  The School Dental Service is a Child Dental Benefits Schedule provider. 

Your local clinic is Noarlunga GP Plus Dental Clinic, Ph 83849244 or visit www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/sadental.


SA Karate

SA Karate is now FREE to Hackham East Primary School students.  No trial periods, completely free Karate training for anyone who attends this school.  Classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 7:00-8:30pm at Hackham East Primary School Gym.  Ph 0433417192 for more details.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club will be continuing in 2019.  Students can come to the Library from 8:15-8:45am each Tuesday and Thursday to share a breakfast before the start of the school day.  Please wait at the front gate to be let in by a staff member.

City of Onkaparinga
​"Australian Road Rules"
School Parking

Schools in the City of Onkaparinga Council have received the following information reminding parents and carers of their expectations when parking outside or near to schools during their hours of operation.


"The ‘Australian Road Rules’ give direction on parking restrictions and that which drivers of vehicles are required to comply with.  The rules that are most prevalent to school parking and those which our Community Safety Officers enforce compliance with are as follows:


  • Vehicles must  not stop in a NO STOPPING ZONE, even for a few seconds to pick up your child.
  • Vehicles may stop in a NO PARKING ZONE for three minutes or less to pick up a child who is waiting nearby. You must not park or leave the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must not double park, or stop in the line of traffic, to pick up or drop off a child.
  • Vehicles must not stop in a bicycle lane.
  • Vehicles must  not stop in a Bus Zone
  • Vehicles must not stop within 20 metres before a crossing or 10 metres after a crossing.  
  • Vehicles must not stop within 10 metres of an intersection or junction without traffic lights.
  • Vehicles must  not  park over driveways
  •  Vehicles must  not  park on the verge


Community Safety Officers recognise that vehicle movement around schools create high risk zones for pedestrian safety and will engage and  educate drivers, along with issue fines for illegal parking if appropriate in the circumstances. 


We wish everyone to have a successful and safe school year and ask parents to be mindful of their own behaviour around schools, whether in relation to where they park or the respect shown to our Officers trying to ensure the safety of others."


Pastoral Care Worker News

A big warm welcome to all new parents. I hope that your children have all settled down now into their new classes and are beginning their learning.   As a School, it is always important to support children in other areas of their lives as well which may include things such as their social networks and emotional well-being.  These last two are the areas that my  role covers and I do this in several ways.

Firstly, I sometimes work in classrooms to support teachers and at the beginning of the year you will always find me in the Reception classes helping out and getting to know the children. I am also available to speak with parents on any concerns they have to do with school or in their personal lives. Please let me know if you would like a chat via Lee at the front desk. My background is in Community services and Counselling as well as Chaplaincy which I have been doing the last 14 years.

Last year I saw around 20 students one on one on a regular basis plus many others just a few times. Their issues ranged from school work, friendships (always tricky!) home life and mental/emotional well-being.  I see many students who are coping with many complex issues which can affect their anxiety levels as well as mood and a few students who grapple with mild depression.

I run lunchtime programs such as Superchicks (a Yr 7 Girls Self-esteem building program which promotes friendship) and Café 7 which is a special lunch I give to the Yr 7 cohort. Last year I began a Kids Bizz program which looked at some of the more traditional views of Christmas and many of these students have told me that they would like to continue with this program so that is something I will look at later this term, maybe leading up to Easter. In the past I have run Knitting Clubs and Crafts as lunchtime programs as well.


I also provide a few programs during class time such as “What’s the Buzz” (a social skills program) plus Operation Boy Code (a self esteem and friendship building program)  and last year I ran a ‘Seasons for Growth’ group which is a Grief and Loss program for students who were dealing with death, separation or divorce in their families. I hope to continue with these programs this year as well.

I work on Tuesday and Friday each week  and my office space is at the back of the Uniform Shop. In my role, I also support our Staff here at Hackham East, either casually in the Staff Room or sometimes a longer one on one chat.  It is very important to support Staff in any way I can and I often place something ‘nice’ in their pigeon holes (like chocolate which is always a hit!) and I organise Staff Morning Teas with the local Churches to thank our staff for all the hard work they do. I hope this all helps you understand my role a little better.

Parent News

We supply a Parent Afternoon Tea every Friday afternoon from 2.30pm in the Conference Room (next to the Canteen) so come and join us in a fun-filled and friendly atmosphere for a coffee and a chat. We would love to see some new parents come along – everyone is most welcome.  It is a great way to unwind at the end of the week before you collect your children.  I hope to see you there.

Every Blessing.

Cherie Love, Pastoral Care Worker


Dates to Remember

February 2019

Fridays - 2:30pm, Coffee and Chat in Conference Room, Penney Space - Everyone welcome

11/2-14/2 - Yr 6/7 students attending Aquatics at Port Noarlunga

Tuesday 12/2 - 4:45-6:15pm, Aquaintance Night Meet and Greet, sausage sizzle

Friday 22/2 - 1:30pm, Governing Council AGM, Penney Space

Thursday 28/2 - Last day of Earlybird Discount for School Fees

March 2019

Monday 11/3 - Public Holiday, Adelaide Cup

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 1

Week 3(11/2-15/2)


Millie Beens

Jason Lee

Rylee Deer


Jacob Pugh

Maddi Connolly

Keira-Lea Moroney-Grey



Week 4 (18/2-22/2)


Emma Barrett

Ella Till

Natasha Mazik


Dominik Kovacevic

Larni Smith

Alex Laan

Community News

Under 14's Junior Girls Football

Pre-season starts for Hackham Hawks U14's Junior Girls each Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Ph Jamie Woodward 0416601174 for details.


Saver Plus

Saver Plus is a free ten-month savings program that provides financial education, budgeting and savings tips, and matches participants' savings up to $500 for education costs.  Visit www.saverplus.org.au or email [email protected]  See the flyer attached for additional information. 


Kids Yoga/Relaxation

Come and join us for a 6 week kid's yoga program for children aged 8-12yrs.  Held at Hackham Community Centre, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm (6/2-13/3).  Free.  Ph 81866944 for more information.


Women's Group

Come and meet other women at a Community driven women's group. We will focus on subjects such as wellbeing, empowerment, arts and craft, gardening, cooking and food plus guest speakers.  Held on a Tuesday during term time at Hackham Community Centre, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Free.  Ph 81866944 to register.


Baby Playgroup

Meet other young mums in the area and share your experiences.  Guest speakers and advice in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Held each Tuesday from 29/1-9/4 (11:00-11:45am) at Hackham Community Centre, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Free. Ph 81866944 for more information.


Sing and Move

Sing and Move is a music and movement program for families with young children.  All children up to school age welcome. Held on a Monday from 10:00-10:45am (4/2-1/4) at Hackham West Children's Centre, 9 Vintners Walk, Hackham West.  Free.  Ph 83825950 for more information.


Saturday Playgroup

A supported playgroup for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their families and caregivers.  A time for families from all cultural backgrounds to learn together through play, stories and song.  Held each Saturday from 10:00-11:30am at Hackham West Children's Centre.  Ph 83826161 to for more information.


Bringing Up Great Kids

A FREE 5 week Parenting Program with morning tea.  Held at Hackham West Children's Centre, 50 Glynville Dr, Hackham West each Thursday starting on 7/2 from 10:00am-12:00noon. Free creche provided. Ph 83826161 to register or for more information.


Cooking Together

Children with their parent/carers support will be involved in cooking a simple meal including chopping, slicing, grating and cooking of course.  A great opportunity to make healthy, family friendly meals and have fun together.  Ph 83841065 for more information.


Coffee and Chat

A group session to chat informally with our Family Services Co-Ordinator Bronwen and our Occupational Therapist Huong, about the success and challenges of parenting.  Children welcome and supported.  Held each Monday from 9:15am-11:00am during the term at Hackham West Children's Centre.  Ph 8382661 for more information.


Family Drug/Alcohol Support

Is someone in your family using drugs and/or alcohol? Are you looking for practical down to earth information and support? Stepping Forward are educational and interactive sessions for families, friends and workers.  Held on Saturday 9/2 at Woodcroft Heights Children's Centre, 25 Investigator Dr, Woodcroft from 9:30am-4:00pm.  Free.  Ph Brendan 0457030805 to book.


The Shark Cage Group

An 8 week supportive group for women who have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse.  The group is free to attend and will be held in Christies Beach on Tuesdays between 12:00-2:30pm in Term 1.  Ph Nicky at AnglicareSA 81868900 for more information.


Twilight Market

The Noarlunga Uniting Church, 23 William Rd, Christies Beach will hold a Twilight Market on Saturday 23/2 from 4:00-8:00pm. There is no fee for a stall but a donation would be appreciated.  To register for a stall or for more information Ph Velvy Holden 0415728457 or Don Hopgood 81861782.


Who's In Charge?

An 8 session course, for those struggling with adolescents that use violence and abuse towards them and other family members. Held at Hackham Community Centre, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham each Monday (11/2-1/4) from 10:00am-12:00pm. Morning Tea provided. Ph 83923000 to register. No fee.


Cheerio Netball Club

2019 Winter Trials being held at Priceline Stadium, Mile End on 10/2, 13/2 and 17/2.  See the flyer below for more information.


Mental Health & The NDIS

Free Mental Health Community of Practice Information Session. Held on Friday 15/2 from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Cove Civic Centre, 1 Ragamuffin Dr, Hallett Cove.  


Community GP

Community GP is a newly established health charity servicing the needs of Southern Adelaide with better access to specialised GP services, with a focus on indigenous adolescents in the community.

Southern Adelaide GP Outreach (SAGPO) invites you to attend the offical opening of Community GP on Saturday 16/2 from 10:00am at 2/230 Main South Rd, Morphett Vale followed by Nunga lunch.  Contact Keryn Hinchcliffe by 8/2 for catering purposes


Digital SLR Photography

Learn how cameras work, and why different settings produce different images.  Held on Friday 1/3 from 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Suitable for adults.  Bookings essential. Ph 83840050.


Smart Homes

Have a play with Alexa and Google Home and other apps that control your home.  Learn about targeted advertising and how it affects you.  Held on Friday 8/3 from 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Suitable for adults.  Bookings essential.  Ph 83840050 to register.


Onkaparinga Online

Onkaparinga Online is a program designed to help you keep up with the online world with ease and confidence.  Held at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Woodcroft.  See flyer below for more information.


Virtual Reality

Come and Try PlayStation VR.  Held on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00pm (20 mins per person) for agres 13yrs + with parental permission.  Held at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Woodcroft.  


Code Club

Join Code Club for fun, creativity and learning by exploring a variety of projects and programming languages.  Held each Wednesday during school term from 4:00-5:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Woodcroft.  For ages 7+ (parental participation essential for children U8).


Kids & Dads

Free weekly activity for children (age 0-12yrs) and the significant man in their life - fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles or mentors to enjoy fun activities together, share food, learn new skills and build relationships.  Held each Wednesday from 3:30-5:00pm at Hackham Community Centre, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham commencing 6/2.  Ph Malcolm 0437232124 for more information.


Women Are Strong, Women Do Survive

A group for Women in the Southern Suburbs.  Join us in an 8 week support group for women.  Held each Thursday from 10:00am-12:30pm in the O'Sullivan Beach area starting on 7/2.  Ph 82156310 for more information.


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