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18 October 2016
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Principal's Report

Marlborough Milestones: a Reflection and Art Show. Sunday, October 23, 11am-3pm

The final countdown is on to Marlborough Primary School's 40th anniversary celebration this Sunday. We hope many families will join the school community in celebrating this milestone.


Of course, the highlight of the day will be the Art Show, which will provide families the opportunity to see the wonderful work our students have been doing in the art room with the school's art teacher Jenelle Seregin. Entry is by gold coin donation. There will also be a silent auction of 10 works, one by each class.


The MPS 40th Anniversary Committee has been busy putting the finishing touches to the memorabilia display. Many former students have provided items and reflections for display, which provides a fascinating journey through the history of our school.


The MPS Parents Association will be selling commemorative bottles of wine. The wine, a Prosecco, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz, will be available to order on the day. The wine will cost $12-$15 and will be ready for delivery in November. Order forms will also be sent out with students this week. The PA will also be selling commemorative tea towels and aprons, for those who have not yet had the chance to buy. This will be a great opportunity to snap up some early Christmas presents.


No celebration would be complete without food. Enjoy a sausage from the sausage sizzle or a Devonshire tea. Cakes and slices will be available to buy and there will be a coffee cart. Each family has been asked to provide a plate of baked goods or scones to be sold on the day. A notice with details was sent home with students last week. If you did not receive one, more are available at the office. Parent helpers are still needed on the day to set up, cook and serve food. If you can help, please add your name to the roster in the office.


We look forward to celebrating our wonderful school and community with you this Sunday.

Milestones at Marlborough: Flyer Drop

In order to help with a final promotion for our 40th Anniversary Celebrations, we would greatly appreciate it if families would volunteer to do a flyer drop in your neighborhood.


At the school's reception we have a desk set up with bundles of 'Milestones at Marlborough' flyers and we have a map of our local community. If you are able to come and collect some flyers and mark off on the map where you will deliver the flyers to, that would be greatly appreciated.


I have also included a digital copy of the flyer here, so that you can share it with any family or friends via email or social media.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to a great day on Sunday.

Class Structure for 2017

Plans are well under-way for the 2017 school year. As the Principal I believe in having a vey open and transparent approach to future planning and sharing information with the school community as early as possible. Whilst we are still working on teacher allocations and student class allocations for next year (which will be announced in coming newsletters), we are able to share our class structure for 2017 with you.


When planning a class structure, several considerations need to be taken into account. One of these is how we are able to deliver the curriculum to the students in the most effective way possible. Another is how can we maximise teacher effectiveness to ensure high quality, low variability teaching that is differentiated to meet the point of need of every student in every lesson.


The Victorian Curriculum, which will be implemented in 2017 across the state, is broken up into 4 levels within Primary Schools for all subjects except literacy and numeracy. These levels are Foundation, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6. Therefor, structuring our classes to match how the Victorian Curriculum is laid out, gives teachers the ability to effectively deliver curriculum content and build skills and understanding.


In order to ensure consistent high quality teaching, it is important that our teachers are able to work together effectively as teams. Having teams of teachers teaching at the same levels makes their planning more efficient and effective and creates a sense of shared responsibility for the academic and well-being progress of all the studetnts in their level. We are also working towards having all of our Specialist teachers here on the same days so that our teachers have blocks of planning time during the day together to look at student assessment, monitor progress and plan together (for example the three 3/4 classes having PE, Art and Indonesian in a rotating block of 3 sessions so the teachers can spend quality time together planning and building their teaching capacity).


With an enrolment of a little over 200 students expected for 2017 we have still been able to keep class sizes very small. The average class size will be approximately 22.


Please note that if we are to get several extra enrolments at a particular level before the end of the year then we may need to review and possibly adjust the structure. If we do have to make any changes we will keep you informed of them through the newsletter.


2017 Class Structure


Approximate number of students




















Pupils of the Week

The following students will be rewarded certificates at the following assembly on

Monday 24th October.


Congratulations to:


Ava D


For your amazing water poster. You did a beautiful job promoting water, growth, life. You have helped the class remember why water is so important. Well done.

Brandon V


For demonstrating excellent initiative in the class. BJ is always one of the first to take the chairs down and sow Safety First. He also looks for ways to keep our room neat and tidy!

Jayden L


For always showing Appreciations to his classmates and helping to celebrate their successes. You’re a champion, Jayden.

Nate H


For the way he always tries his Personal Best to improve his writing. You are a champion, Nate!

Ada A


For the lovely way she encourages others to do their Personal Best. Ada always shows Mutual Respect to her classmates!

Bailey C


For being an amazing addition to our class. You always do your Personal Best and you are a great friend. We love having you on our team.

Christina B


For writing a personal reflection for the class and allowing us to revise and suggest changes to improve it.  Sounded like a wonderful holiday in Sydney! Christina always contributes to class activities. Excellent!

Zac D


For his wonderful reflection about his holidays. Zac engaged his reader with an interesting start and enjoyed sharing with his peers. Great job, Zac!

Lewis M


For always putting in his Personal Best at school. Lewis produces fantastic projects that are creative and interesting. Well done, Lewis!

Chloe C


For the dedication she puts into her project work. Chloe goes above and beyond to present her work so beautifully – a fantastic role model.

Dates to remember


Sunday 23rd

  • MPS 40th Anniversary and Art Show

Monday 31st



Tuesday 1st


Monday 7th

  • Tasting Fundraiser

Tuesday 8th

  • Gr 5/6 Metro Trains Safety Program
  • Prep Fire Education

Thursday 10th

  • Teachers' Appreciation Lunch

Friday 11th 

  • Life Education Van (until 15th)

Tuesday 15th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm to 9.30pm







School News

Asia Day


Walk to School Day


Jeans for Genes Day

We raised over $200!! 


Divisional Athletics

The following students represented Marlborough PS at the Combined Maroondah and Manningham districts Track and Field Championships on Thursday 6th October.


Adam E: Boys 11 high jump, came 2nd.

Kurtis M: Boys 12-13 shot put, came 1st.

Lewis M: Boys 9-10 shot put.

Nathan R: 800m run, 1500m run.

Teig J: Boys 9-10 ,high jump.

Sam V: Boys 9-10 , 100m sprint.

Grace W: Girls 12-13 shot put, high jump.


All the students competed to the best of their abilities and represented Marlborough with good sportsmanship. Adam E and Kurtis M successfully made it through to the Eastern Regional Athletics carnival which was held On Thursday 13th October.


Division trials within the Maroondah and Manningham Districts of School Sport Victoria (at primary level ) bring together only the very best athletes from 49 schools  across 5 districts. Any involvement at this level is a HUGE deal, and an achievement in which these students deserve to be very proud.


Adam came 14th in Boys high jump - an excellent result. Kurtis came 4th, narrowly missing a chance to go to Vic States.  Kurtis  was disappointed as he threw a metre less than his district throw. However, he should be very proud of his achievements.


Special thank you to all the parents who transported their students to and from these events.


Bonny Chisholm

Marlborough PE teacher

First day of Prep Transition


Chaplain's Note


Kids Matter – Helping children to manage feelings

Children’s feelings are often intense and the intensity of their feelings can often surprise them (and us!) when they are quickly taken over by feelings of excitement, frustration, fear or joy. Learning how to recognise and manage their feelings is a very important part of children’s social and emotional development.  Children need to learn that all sorts of feelings are normal, that they can be named, and that there are appropriate ways to handle feelings. When intense feelings take over a child’s behaviour, they can find it difficult to manage without the support of a caring adult. Understanding that their feelings can affect their behaviour and being able to recognise how this happens are important skills for children to learn.

Before children can learn how to manage their feelings, they first need to recognise them. Giving their feelings labels such as happy, sad, nervous, excited, frustrated, angry, and embarrassed, helps make intense feelings more manageable.

Talking with your child about what it’s like when you’re angry, sad, nervous, or excited helps him or her find ways to express feelings without having to act them out through negative behaviours.

Learning to cope with their feelings will help your child to better manage their behaviour at school and at home. It also helps them to relate to others better and to feel better about themselves.

Talking about difficult feelings is usually best done after the feelings have calmed down a little, and when children, parents and carers are feeling relaxed.

But, remember, learning new skills for managing feelings and behaviour takes time and practice.

Additional resources are available for parents and carers on the Kids Matter website at

Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain



Grade 6 Graduation Fundraiser


MPS 40th Anniversary



MPS's Prize Winning Chook!


Fun & Fitness Track 


Helpers Needed!!



40th Anniversary Historical Committee

A group has been formed to put together historical aspects for the school's 40th Anniversary.  Any members of the school community are welcome to join the group.


If you are interested please contact us via the school's email address:

[email protected]

Parent's Association


Teachers' Appreciation Lunch

Thursday November 10th

Gourmet (or not) chefs required to help cater for the Teachers Appreciation Lunch, Thursday Nov 10th.  Please contact Bev if you can help 0432 245 845. 


Shopping Tour

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form (see below) to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers! 

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers!



School Council

The MPS School Council met most recently on 11 October. The following provides a summary of the key matters discussed and decided at the meeting.


2017 Parent Payments

Marlborough Primary School makes every effort to keep the cost and number of items that need to be purchased to a minimum. We also try to ensure that the costs are affordable for all parents.


The School Council approved the school's parent payment charges for 2017 in accordance with the school parent payment policy that aims to provide high quality learning opportunities for all students by supplementing capped government funds with approved financial contributions and payments from parents.


More details regarding the parent payments will be sent to all 2017 parents and guardians shortly.


Child safe policy and action plan

MPS is committed to child safety and ensuring that all our children are safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We have zero tolerance of child abuse and are committed to identifying risks early and removing and reducing these risks.


The School Council approved the Marlborough Primary School child safe policy that aims to promote diversity and tolerance in our organisation, and to make people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds welcome. 


The policy promotes the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds. It will ensure that children with a disability are safe and can participate equally.


The policy guides our staff and volunteers on how to behave with children in our organisation by requiring agreement to and compliance with our code of conduct and the standards required when working with children. 


In addition to the policy, Shaun and myself as responsible officers have signed the MPS Child Safe Standards Compliance Self-Assessment and Declaration that sets out the actions that MPS has undertaken and will complete by the end of 2016 to ensure that we are compliant with the Government child safety policy and legislation. With the Child Safety Policy now approved, we are on track to meet everything set out in the plan.


Thanks to Shaun McClare and Jo Bryant for progressing the action plan and the development of the policy. The School Council welcomes parent / guardian feedback on all our policies. Please contact the Principal's office if you would like a copy of the child safety policy or action plan. More broadly we hope to have all school policies published on the school website in the future to facilitate open access and feedback.


If you have any reason to believe that an incident has occurred that has placed or is likely to place a child at risk, then you must report it. Please contact Child Protection (Department of Human Services) on 1300 360 391 (or 13 12 78 after hours) in such circumstances.


Funding to protect the Powerful Owl 

Marlborough Primary School is excited to announce it has been awarded through the school council a State Government grant of $21,745 to help protect the threatened Powerful Owl.


The grant - from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - is part of an initiative to support community volunteers taking steps to help conserve the diversity of native species, habitats and ecosystems. This builds on a similar grant that we received a few years back to build the frog bog at the school.

For the current project, our school will be supporting current work being undertaken within the community by providing habitat for and research about the Powerful Owl, a unique but perhaps poorly known top-level predator which, largely due to habitat loss, is found to be vulnerable to extinction in Victoria. Fortunately, Powerful Owls still occur in the Heathmont area, so it is not too late to act to help with their conservation.

The grant will be used for habitat restoration, revegetation and protection of indigenous plant species, purpose-built nesting boxes and monitoring, as well as education for our students.


Work will begin during the Christmas break with the planned clearing of designated areas around the oval to be ready for planting by students next year.

Education sessions, as conducted in the middle unit last term with Nick Bradsworth, of the Melbourne Powerful Owl Project, will continue to provide an enjoyable and interactive look at the Powerful Owl within our local region and the importance of this beautiful species in our ecosystem.


At Marlborough Primary School we are committed to giving our students the opportunity to connect with their local natural environment and empower them to create a sustainable school, local community and world. Through action-research learning, students are engaged to find out more about endangered species, and help create an environment that supports their ability to survive and thrive.


For more information on the Powerful Owl Project, go to

Thanks to Mel Beanland, Dave Callow and Brooke Eastwood for all their hard work in preparing the the successful grant application.



If you would like to provide any feedback on the matters above or MPS School Council matters more broadly then please contact me on [email protected] or 0407 325 102.



James Todd


MPS School Council

Out of School Hours Care







Class Blogs

Community News


Hot Shots at Heathmont Tennis Club


Hot Shots has now commenced in 4th term and will continue right through until Sunday 11th December (except for Sunday 30th October - the Melbourne Cup weekend).


Just a reminder of the location:  Heathmont Tennis Club courts are in Heathmont Park, the entrance being in Waterloo Street near the Cuthbert Street roundabout.


 It is free and participants don’t need to bring anything with them.


The commencement time has now reverted to 11.30am (till 12.30pm).


Robert Peterson would love to see you for a fun time and introduce you to the wonderful game of tennis.


Robert can be contacted on 0412 722 348 should you want any information.









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