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27 May 2016
Issue Six
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Upcoming Dates

Monday 30 May

Maroondah District Cross Country

8.45 am - 3.145pm

Tuesday 31 May

Production Rehearsal

3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Wednesday 1 June

Symphonic Band - Waterworth Rehearsal

3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Thursday 2 June

Intemediate Concert Band - Waterworth Rehearsal

3.30 pm - 5.30 pm


Year 10 and Year 11 Mid Year Exams Begin - 

Thurs 2 June - Fri 10 June

Tuesday 7 JUne

Year 7 Winter RR

8.45 am - 3.15 pm


Year 11 VCAL Box Hill TAFE tour

11.30 am - 3.00 pm


Production Rehearsal

3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Wed 8 June

Victorian School Music Festival Begins

Hawthorn Arts Centre

8  June - 10 June

Thursday 9 June

Yr 8 Poetry in Action

Tuesday 14 June

Eastern Region Cross Country

7.15 am - 8.15 am


Correction Day - Report Writing Day


Wednesday 15 June

Year 11 Literature NGV Poetry Excursion

Thursday 16 June

Dress Rehearsal Senior Music Concert - Hall

10.30 am - 3.00 pm


Senior Music Concert - Hall

7.30 pm - 10.30 pm

Friday 17 June


11.50 am - 3.15 pm

From the Principal

From Mr Phillips

During this past fortnight, we have celebrated Education Week and there have been many events that have recognized the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals and groups of staff and students, across our range of programs. Congratulations to two of our long serving Education Support staff members, Joyce Roberts and Ann Craigie who were recognized for 20 years of service to Ringwood Secondary College.


The atmosphere was indeed exciting and reflective of the “buzz” that exists in our College community. There are a number of newsletter reports and photos in this edition that capture the essence of these activities. All of these events were a mixture of formal and informal gatherings, performance and indeed celebration.  The NEVR concert held at Hamer Hall, saw our staff and students playing a leading role in both the Strings Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra.


Bookings, for this year’s musical production of Anything Goes, are now open. Early ticket sales are sitting at around 1000, so don’t miss out on what is sure to be another sellout season. Please visit our production website for details –


As we move towards the end of Semester One, many of our senior students will complete exams in the coming weeks. Year 10 and 11 examinations are undertaken to establish levels of student performance over the whole semester’s work including knowledge, skills and understanding. They all serve as a means of facilitating preparation for future statewide examinations in VCE. Students need to be aware of the arrangements for these activities


I am pleased to report to the College community that Newton Manor Constructions have been successful in winning the contract for our Stage 1 building project and following a start up meeting today, we expect to have them commence on site very soon. As we enter the building phase there will be some flexibility needed in how we manage aspects of the College’s operation. However the end result will be well worth the minor disruptions.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

It has been another busy fortnight in the college with great progress being made in many areas.


Assessment and Reporting

This semester there are a number of subjects in each of our Learning Areas that are providing continuous feedback to students via the Learning Tasks on Compass. Parents will be notified of these subjects on their child’s report. Semester reports will be made available through Compass on the last day of term. It is important for students to keep up to date with their work requirements and to seek assistance from their teachers if they are experiencing difficulties meeting work submission deadlines.

Tuesday June 14 is Correction Day/Report Writing Day for staff while Parent/Teacher/ Student interviews are scheduled to take place on Thursday August 18.


Assistant Principal’s network meeting

I attended an Assistant Principal’s network meeting with Kyle Simkin at Croydon Hills Primary School where our Senior Education Improvement Leader, Frank Catalano, spoke about the important role Assistant Principals play in improving student outcomes in schools. Frank highlighted the statistics that governments take note of, such as PISA from the OECD countries, when they plan their educational reform packages. He also noted that the Victorian government’s blue print for driving educational improvements, manifested in the Education State, emphasises the role we all play in improving student outcomes.


Certainly one way parents can support their children to reach their potential is to provide time, space  and interest in their child’s reading. Reading is often a skill we take for granted, but with any skill reading must be practised, ideas must be discussed, the nuances and inferences must be deliberated, new words must be understood and adopted so that students maximise their skill level when it is needed. We understand the importance of reading and it is for this reason that our Reading Ladders program, which is run in the library, gives Year 7, 8 & 9 students the continued experience of selecting their choice of text, a quiet time to read with recommendations from expert staff members who track the students’ reading material throughout the year. Talks on newly released books and classics are an integral part of the program. Immersion in the wonderful stories of fiction and the informative genre of non-fiction is an activity that can be added into any upcoming holiday plans.


Education week

Education week highlights are many and a huge thank you must be extended to the many staff who organised activities and promoted a friendly competitiveness amongst the staff and students. Well done to students on taking the opportunity to be involved.


EAL Trivia

It was delightful to be invited to the EAL Trivia session held on Thursday and be part of a team of students and teachers who were excited to learn together. Thank you to Ms Moore and the Middle School Co-ordination team for organising and running this highly successful session.


Finally the school community extends to the Frith family their deepest condolences for the passing of Anna Frith, wife of Stuart, mother of Harry and Laura, President of the PCTA. Anna will be missed and her legacy of kindness and compassion, grit and determination will be remembered.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

Senior School

Leadership and Service

Our Head Prefects, Rebecca and Caleb, along with other neighbouring schools and their prefects, were invited by the President of the Legislative Council, the Hon Bruce Atkinson, to a tour of Parliament House.


Bruce Atkinson’s warm welcome captured the essence of the work our politicians do in serving the community and leading development as communities grow and policies are updated.


Our group was fortunate enough to be shown around by Dee Ryall, Member for Ringwood in the Legislative Assembly. The history of the Parliament was explained to all the young leaders and their knowledge of governance and serving the community was explored and explained further. Both Houses of Parliament were debating at the time, with one session that was expected to finish at 1am in the morning!


It was a terrific night, with many friendships forged as the young school leaders shared their anecdotes about the final year of secondary schooling.

Imagine being grilled by 120 Grade Sixers from all the primary schools in the area about ‘Why you became a leader?’ This was the case for Meagan and Jesse as they were part of a panel of Year 12 prefects, that took part in a Q and A type format – questions included:


What was your first leadership role?


Do you still talk to your friends?


Why did you become a leader?


Are you scared to talk to the principal?


How do you manage your time?


What’s your greatest leadership achievement?


Hard hitting, indeed! Jesse and Meagan had a great time being involved in this workshop and they laughed with fondness as they reminisced about their Grade Six days.



James Barut

Assistant Principal

Middle School

Whilst it has only been two weeks since the last edition of the newsletter was published, a lot of exciting things have been occurring in and out of the middle school classrooms. NAPLAN testing was completed during Week 5 and gave Year 9 students a chance to complete examinations under conditions similar to those they will face in Year 10 and VCE. The feedback from the teachers who supervised the tests, and my own observations of those who completed the tasks in the Hall, were that Year 9 students behaved very well during the testing period and it was obvious most students were attempting to complete the tasks to the best standard possible.


Year 9 students have also been busy commencing their community engagement projects, which aim to make a positive difference to the lives of various groups within the local area. Over the course of 4 weeks, students are working in teams on projects including creating a sustainability garden at Ringwood Secondary, assisting in a local aged care home and at local primary schools, knitting for those in need, working with Maroondah Youth Services and teaching technology skills to members of the community. The feedback from the community members and the students involved in the first session was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to seeing and hearing about the fantastic achievements that will occur during the program.


During the past fortnight Year 10 students have been learning about the differences between a growth and fixed mindset, within their Bounce sessions. In last weeks session they watched a video explaining the key features of a growth mindset, which views learning as a continuous process, which can help to increase individual’s willingness to take on challenges and persevere. They then completed a brief survey to see if they currently displayed a predominantly growth or fixed mindset.


In Year 9 Bounce sessions, students continued a focus on random acts of kindness, associated with developing gratitude and thoughtfulness. During their class they reflected on how they felt performing kind acts to others and how the recipients of the kind acts responded.


As always, please be sure to read Ms. Kim Watson’s Middle School Report, for further details of the many activities the Year 9 and 10 levels have been involved in over the past fortnight.


Year 10 Work experience

Thanks to the hard work of the work experience coordinator Ms. Boutsikakis, the careers team and the parents and students of Year 10, the vast majority of students have secured a work experience placement that they will complete during the final week of this term. Work experience is a great opportunity for students to get a first hand insight into a career they may like to pursue after completing school. Hopefully, many students’ experiences will foster existing passions or ignite new ones, whilst also giving them a glimpse into the realities of a working week. Parents and students will receive final instructions about the week via email from Ms. Boutskikas.


Year 10 exams

Exams for Year 10 students commence on Friday 3rd June and conclude on Friday 10th June. Year 10’s have normal timetabled classes on Thursday 2nd June and will resume normal classes, after the long weekend and school correction day, on Wednesday 15th June.


Students are only required to attend school when they have a scheduled exam, which have all been entered into students’ schedules on Compass. When not attending an exam, students should be using their time to revise and prepare for their remaining assessments.


Year 9 and 10,  2017 Subject Selections

Early next term there will be information sessions conducted for parents and students who are currently in Year 8 or Year 9 regarding the subjects available in 2017 and the process for entering subject preferences. Please check the next newsletter for further details regarding these evenings.


Kyle Simkin

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

The ‘random acts of kindness’ theme commenced for Education Week has been continued this week, with today’s theme being: Help a shy friend.


If you're in a group situation or at an event and you know one of your friends is particularly shy, help them out by talking to them, introducing them to others, including them in the conversation and making them feel comfortable.


Each day an act of kindness will appear on the Compass news feed.



The end of semester one is fast approaching and it is an important time for all students to continue to focus and complete all assessment tasks to the highest-level possible. With assessing and ongoing feedback underway, it is vital that any missed or incomplete work is submitted for assessment as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to access Compass Learning Tasks to view the progress of their son or daughter. Mid-year reports will be available in Week 11, as in Term 1, via Compass.


Technology and Cyber Bullying

As the term progresses it is timely to think about the importance of adopting safe practices regarding young people and technology. Most phones and laptops have cameras and video capabilities and parents need to closely monitor the use of technology by their children at all times. It is not uncommon for students to be texting and phoning each other well during the night, thus disturbing their sleep patterns.


Cyber bullying is bullying that is carried out through the Internet or on mobile phones. Cyber bullying is bullying that is done through the use of technology. For example, using the Internet, a mobile phone or a camera to hurt or embarrass someone is considered cyber bullying. It can be shared widely with a lot of people quickly, which is why it is so dangerous and hurtful.


Being safe from bullies online:

  • Do not share your private information like passwords, name and address, phone numbers

with people you don’t know. This can also include sharing of photos of yourself, your friends

and your family

  • Don’t respond to messages when you are angry or hurt; to strangers or to people you know.

This will often encourage them to continue or increase their harassment of you

  • Log out and stop messaging if you feel you are being harassed
  • Remember you have the option to block, delete and report anyone who is harassing you online and on your mobile
  • Find out how to report bullying and harassment on each of the different social networks that you use
  • Keep a record of calls, messages, posts and emails that may be hurtful or harmful to you
  • Remember to set up the privacy options on your social networking sites like Facebook in a way you are comfortable


Career Action Plans

Both Year 7 and 8 students should have completed their Career Action Plan (CAP) focusing on setting goals for this year, reflecting on last year and looking forward with long term planning. All parents and guardians are encouraged to have an open discussion with their son or daughters about their future dreams and aspirations.


Performing Arts in Junior School

Autumn Music Concert

Last Thursday night was a cold autumn evening but our music students warmed out hearts with their wonderful talent. All bands, including the training band, played to a packed hall full of parents, students and staff. A special thank you to the Music Association members who work tirelessly throughout the year to support our budding musicians and also to students and staff who assisted with supervision or leading the bands throughout the evening.


Biggest Morning Tea (BMT)

The BMT morning tea was held last Wednesday and raised a grand total of over $550 to support research into the prevention of cancer. Thank you to staff who kindly donated to the cause with monetary donations, providing food or donating raffle prizes.


Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

 From the Office

What's Gonski?


Last Wednesday a delegate of dedicated staff braved the elements to show their support for the vital GONSKI funding.


Please take the time to understand what this means for RSC and the education system.


All children are educated in schools that have the right resources to meet their needs.


This funding began in 2014, after the independent Gonski Review <> warned too many children were missing out due to a lack of resources.

The review, headed by respected businessman, David Gonski, said Australia was under-investing in education and there were alarming gaps in achievement between students from different backgrounds.


Under the Gonski plan, all schools are funded according to the individual needs of their students and what is required to educate them to a high level.

Schools can use the additional resources to better meet the individual needs of students. Things they can do include:


* Reducing class sizes


* Employing additional specialist teachers in areas such as literacy and numeracy


* Providing greater assistance and support for students with disabilities or behavioural problems


* Building the skills and knowledge of teachers through increased training.


2016 senior Production

Ringwood Secondary College Production has "hot pants" for the return of ANYTHING GOES to our stage in 2016.


ANYTHING GOES is set aboard the ocean liner S. S. American, where nightclub singer/evangelist Reno Sweeney (Maddi Riley/Kirsten Manuel) is en route from New York to England. Her pal Billy Crocker (Sam Clarke/Michael Syme) has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt (Kira Coghlan/Jasmine Arthur), but the problem is Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Harley Pettett/Joel Gosbell). Joining this love triangle on board the luxury liner are Public Enemy #13, Moonface Martin (Caleb Lindner/Matt Nichol) and his sidekick-in-crime Erma (Sarah Monteau/Bella Portillo). With the help of some elaborate disguises, tap-dancing sailors and good old-fashioned blackmail, Reno and Martin join forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope’s heart.


Previously performed at RSC in 2008, this hilarious musical farce doesn't have a dud song in it! Selected highlights of Cole Porter's wonderful score include "I Get a Kick Out of You", "You're the Top", "It's De-Lovely", "Blow, Gabriel Blow", "All Through the Night" and of course, the show-stopping "Anything Goes" itself.


Brought to you by the team whose 2015 season of OLIVER! was judged Youth Production of the Year by the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria, as well as the best choreographed musical in the state, ANYTHING GOES is sure to follow recent trends and sell out in advance. Tickets are now available via the following link:



Friday August 5 @ 7.30pm

Saturday August 6 @ 4.30pm

Sunday August 7 @ 2.30pm

Wednesday August 10 @ 7.30pm

Thursday August 11 @ 7.30pm

Friday August 12 @ 7.30pm

Saturday August 13 @ 7.30pm


Get in quick as it is going to be another sellout year!


Benjamin Moody

Director of Performing Arts

Music Association

Chocoloate Drive

Thanks to all families that are currently selling chocolates on behalf of the Music Program, please have your money back to the College by Tuesday 14th June 2015 to go into the Prize Draw.

All money is to be dropped at the General Office


Autumn Raffle

Congratulations to the Winners of the Autumn Raffle and thanks to all families for supporting the Music Program by buying raffle tickets at the concerts.


1st - Stevie Rose Bell

2nd - Hutchins Family

3rd - Maria Allison

4th - Peta Burns


Bernadette Holt

Music Assoc. President

Facilities Report

The major focus over recent weeks has centred around the new Junior School and we all look forward to the project starting in the next few weeks. 

Recent works include:

  • Painting of 417A/417B external
  • Commissioning of 2 new lighting bars for the hall 
  • New blinds ordered for the north side of rooms 416, 417, 418,419,420,421
  • New desks ordered for Chaplaincy/International Office

In addition, we are well advanced in our planning for the installation of change cubicles in the girls’ changerooms and for the re-coating of the floor surface. This area will be much more pleasant for the girls and will be a major focus over the upcoming holidays. We are also about to start the arduous task of replacing the worn out oval tier sleepers.  This will be done in stages over the next few years due to the exorbitant costs of concrete sleepers.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

School Council Report

Council welcomed new members to the meeting; parent Sharon Rogers, teachers James Barut and Jonathon Rogers.  The last meeting we said cheerio to our president Sandra Kitching and Heritage chair Terry Kane.


The Annual report on the school’s performance was tabled and accepted; the report showed that the school was performing well against the average of all Victorian schools.  The college has been audited and we await that report but, thanks to the super efficiency of our Front Office team the four days the auditors usually need was completed in one and a half days.


The council discussed and agreed to two proposals in regard to cooling and solar installations for the new Junior School.  The cooling will ensure the comfort of students and teachers for years to come and make the classrooms very pleasant study areas in the summer months.  This will be funded by the college but also included as part of the initial building infrastructure costs.  The solar installation will be part funded as an up-front contribution by the college and leased over 20 years.  This financial arrangement will mean that we will start saving money immediately upon installation.  A lot of work and consultation went into the financial modelling for this including a request for financial assistance from the Minister for Energy and Resources.  However, no funds are available from the government for solar projects. 


The Tender Report for the Junior School construction has been accepted and just awaiting a signoff by DET.  The builder is ready to start so watch out on Rosewarne Lane for the “Big Boys Toys” arriving.


The Facilities Committee still have to “soldier on” with maintaining the older buildings and ensuring the safety and well-being of personnel around the campus. Over that past few weeks some roofing has been replaced, lighting improvements and pruning of dangerous trees.  The two new portables were painted over a weekend along with some landscaping and the installation of a new drama stage in 413.  There is simply no stopping the heroic efforts of the Facilities Team.


Council discussed the logistics of the Year 12 Deb Ball; the outcome being to move the Ball to the Year 11 cohort instead of the current Year 12 due to the huge workload that they have during that period.  So next year there could be two Deb Balls to compensate them for missing out this year and then continuing with year 11 in the future.


The Music Association have completed the handover of duties to a new committee and are using the TryBooking system for the first time for the Autumn Concert.  This has resulted in a complete sell-out already.

The Production “Anything Goes” is well underway and because of all the disruption with the removal of the old portables the costumes have had to be relocated to another portable.  Huge achievement by the ExtraParts team and co-opted Facilities Heroes.


The College Open Night attracted over 1,000 people attending the two sessions.  RSC is in high demand by the community and deservedly so.  Also, the RTTF had a very successful Graduation Night for the apprentices and the attendance of three politicians demonstrated the importance of the event.  The numbers of apprentices is steadily growing (some leaving their current training to come to Ringwood) especially in the automotive division.  The “Quiet Achievers” (except on the day they have their own “Motor Show”)


Council approved the updates to the Student Driver Policy so please take note all student drivers and parents of drivers, please review the policy especially in regard to excursions. 

Council have confirmed and approved the following camps: Production Camp July 13-15, Asia Tour September 14-24, Queensland Trip December 5-8.  Council discussed the risks and timing of a proposed trip to Indonesia in August that was combined with Ringwood North PS which would expose students to Indonesian culture and language, agreed it was a good idea and had considerable merit.  However it was felt that it was too close for comfort and suggested the LOTE facility investigate the risks involved and the time missed from classroom with further planning for French and Indonesian tours in 2017 for Year 9+ students.


A very exciting year coming up; we can’t wait to see the new Junior School coming up out of the ground.


Charles Heathcote

School Council Member


Around the School

Duke of Edinburgh Program

On Tuesday 26th April, 40 students from the Duke Of Edinburgh program left for a four day camping trip to Mt Buffalo.

On this trip we were involved in many fantastic activities, such as abseiling, rock climbing, caving and crevassing, as well as initiatives, trivia and night hikes. Caving and abseiling were the most favoured activities because they were the most exciting, giving the biggest adrenaline rushes.

We also were in charge of cooking our own food, cleaning up and setting up our own tents. On Friday 1st of May, we set off on a 13km hike down the mountain back to civilisation. It was a great camp and we all had a brilliant time. 


Anna Benson


Wool Drive

Year 12 students will soon be making wool headbands and scarves for our friends in Nepal.

It would be most appreciated if you could donate any wool for our colourful and warm creations. The project would work best with thick yarn. All colours welcomed!


Please take any donations to the general office before Friday 27th of May.


Thank you!


Year 7 Humanities

In year 7 we have been studying Ancient Greece.

Students were asked to reaserch a certain God or goddess and to share information about their family,personalities, responsibilities, powers and symbols. In this task we made a presentation to perform to our peers and teachers. Some students went above and beyond by dressing up an speaking as they are their chosen God/goddess.


By Emily Hopper and Willow King 7B

EDUCATION PERFECT- a great way to learn languages!

In May this year, all year 7 students were given the opportunity to use the app, Education Perfect, to compete in the World Language Championships. My classes are really loving this and are working hard to blitz the championships. Here are some of the comments put up by some of my students:


Rosemary Devereux

Year 7 French Teacher

Year 7 Indonesian visits to Ringwood North Primary School

This month has been very exciting for our students!

Two of our Year 7 Indonesian classes have had the opportunity to visit Ringwood North Primary School, one of our local feeder primary schools and the school with whom we share our Indonesian sister school relationship with. It has been wonderful to see our Year 7s acting as not only ambassadors for Ringwood Secondary College but also as ambassadors of the Indonesian language. It has been great for them to develop their communication skills in Indonesian and extend upon their passion for second language learning. 7B students were able to visit as a part of Education Week and so they focused on using technology to enhance our understandings of Indonesian language and culture. Here’s what the students had to say:


On Monday the 9th of May 8 students from 7H (Ethan, Leigh, Sam, Jaiden, Brandon, Olivia, Makala and Summer) went to Ringwood North Primary School with Bu Lundie and Pak Ery to share our knowledge of Indonesian with the grade 3 students. It was a very fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience, with lots of games, worksheets and prizes. It was good to develop relationships with the primary school and to watch younger students laugh and have lots of fun with us.

By Olivia, Sam, Leigh 7H

Booktopia – Friday 17th June 2016
(week 10)

As an extension activity to our popular Reading Ladders Program, the Library is again running Booktopia, a reading event for selected year 7 and 8 students.


This is a two period event which will provide students with the opportunity to experience some dramatic readings, be introduced to different authors and genres, and have an extended time reading in a comfortable environment. They might even be lucky enough to win one of our two life size cardboard cut outs of Hunger Games hero Gayle Hawthorne and a snowboarder or one of several Dymocks’ book vouchers.

As students can elect to be part of this event and places are limited, please encourage your child to express interest by speaking to one of the Library staff. Please note that students who take part in Booktopia will not attend their normal period 3 and 4 timetabled classes. If you have any questions please feel free to phone or email one of the Library Coordinators.


Deb Wilkins & Emily Collins

Library Coordinators

Sleep Out

Last Friday the of 13th May, a group of Year 12 students and teachers slept overnight at the school to raise awareness of homelessness.

The night consisted of activities such as spotlight, trivia and of course dinner, followed by sleeping in the gym during the night.


This activity was designed for students to gain an understanding of what being homeless is like, getting a glimpse of the cold, sleepless nights that thousands of people go through every day for long periods of time. This was a great night for all involved, and very eye opening!


Meagan Crozier

Philanthropy Prefect

Middle School


Year 10 Period 0 classes

Please note that all Year 10 students have a period 0 class on their timetable. This means that they are expected to be in class at 8.15am for a half period. These sessions are compulsory for students to attend and non-attendance will be followed up.


Work Experience

Year 10 students will undertake their Work Experience from Monday 20th of June for one week. This is a terrific opportunity for the students to get a taste of what it is like in the workforce and in an area that is related to a potential career.  Year 10 students who have not arranged a Work Experience placement will be required to attend school for that week.



Over the last few months we have continued to be vigilant about students wearing appropriate school uniform. They have been consistently reminded that socks must be plain black in the winter months and plain white in the summer months. Logos or branding of any sort is not acceptable. Students have also been clearly informed that jumpers with hoods are not allowed under any circumstance. We have been so pleased by the continued support of parents and also students and wish to see this continue in future.



As noted in the previous newsletter, our focus this term in InterGREAT has been encouraging students to recognise those who make a difference in the local community and making a contribution of their own. We have established a range of partnerships with groups and organisations in the Maroondah area, which enable students to visit and volunteer their time and services and thus give back in a positive way through their Community Engagement.


Over a period of one month students will spend up to two hours a week on their Community Engagement. These projects include assisting primary school students at Heathmont East and Great Ryrie Primary Schools, visiting Olivet Aged Care to interact with residents there and provide garden maintenance, working with intellectually disabled students from Your DNA, assisting the Maroondah Council in in variety of projects, knitting for the needy, teaching technology to less confident users and building a vegetable patch at RSC. Here is some of the student feedback that we received following their first Engagement last Tuesday:


Art with REALM

"For my Community Engagement project I will be involved in curating an art and creating pieces for the art exhibition for the Maroondah City Council. Today, accompanied by Richard Holt, my group was led on a trail along Maroondah where we were able to see the public art displays. On the trail we were able to gather some ideas for the own exhibition as well develop a better understanding of the many ways Art was involved in making a difference in the community. I felt today was great, and I found it very interesting and pleasant to see other forms of making a difference in the community, including art. I am most looking forward to planning and creating the actual exhibition as well as enjoying the whole process. I think that the artwork we saw today has made a difference in community in terms of embellishing a space for the public, as well as paying homage to the community's and its residents' heritage. Some of the artwork has made a huge difference in the community by addressing some issues, and bringing light to many situation where the residents of the Maroondah community are also able to make difference in the larger  community. It has also helped the artists, by giving them an opportunity of having their work displayed and make a difference in the community.” - Akanksha S.


"For my Community Engagement program I am involved in creating an art exhibition in the city council of Maroondah. Today, my group and I walked on an art trail led by Richard, to gain some inspiration for what we might create, as well as knowledge of some of the public art displays already existing in Ringwood. We will be contributing to the community by providing people with an artistic and visual view of what it means to be part of the Maroondah municipality.” - Ianthe V.


Olivet Aged Care


"Today, myself and some other students embarked on our journey to Olivet Aged Care Facility. There were many jobs available to do; gardening, high-care patients, Physio and choir. I was involved in the later. However, my role was fairly different to everyone else's, as they were all singing, and I was playing the accompaniment on piano. This was fun, although rather challenging. The choir made a difference to the lives of the elderly by providing a social activity, that is fun and entertaining, as well as teaching them about the beauty of music. Specifically, I made a difference by aiding and assisting the choir in making their music by providing live musical backing. That is how I think I made a difference to the community today.” - Lachie W.


"Today I assisted with helping high care residents. I supervised two dementia patients when taking them out on walks. There were three other people in my allocated group for dementia residents. I found the experience worthwhile since it helped me see sides of the community I would have never otherwise looked at.” - Lara M.


Primary School Buddies


"I helped young children at Heathmont East Primary with their literacy. We also had the pleasure of playing Simon Says with them. It would be better if we got to have three periods allocated to this program, so we could have a more engaging experience.” - Maddy M.


"Today I went down to Great Ryrie Primary and had an awesome time working with the preps. For the first few minutes my job was to keep this little one focused because he was known for zoning out. In the end I was quite happy as the teacher had said that this was about the first time he had ever finished his work. I also played a fishing game with them where they had to fish for words and figure out how to read them. And we also listened to the teacher read to the kids. I am looking forward to seeing them again but also working with another year level to see how that’s like. Today I feel like I showed quite a lot of patience so I think I did make a positive difference as I was able to help and support a kid that wouldn't have gotten as much attention usually because of the number of students in the class.” - Nanda G.


"For my Community Engagement i am going to Great Ryrie Primary School, in 1/2 A. Today I met the lovely group of kids and helped them with their writing about their plants, I listened to a few of them read to me in library time, and I also helped identify animals into the categories like mammals, reptiles etc., in their computer time. I'm really excited for next time because I know a few of them now and I know what to expect. They make a difference to the community by telling their parents about what they had learnt, expanding their knowledge and the parents and maybe sparking future biologists.” - Ebony L.


Knitting for the Needy

"Today for our Community Engagement, I did "knitting for the needy". This activity helps bring warmth to the people in need, such as children in hospitals, homeless people, and asylum seekers. Throughout the two lessons I had, struggled through the hard task of learning how to knit, but towards the end, I could some what manage to complete one row, which i was way too proud of. Overall I really enjoyed this activity, it made me feel accomplished, and I'm looking forward to, actually making something that would provide warmth fro people in need.” - May L.


"I am doing "Knitting for the Needy", which is one of the on campus activities. Today we were just going through the basics of knitting. I sew a small square and learnt how to cast on. Next week I am hoping to bring my knitting from home so I can continue knitting a scarf to give to someone in need. The knitting will go to either refugees or patients in the oncology center. By learning these new skills, I will be able to make more things for more people, furthering my help to the community.” - Lana L.


Teaching Technology

"For my community engagement project I was helping people with technology. Our group was in room 105 where all of the computers are. The person I worked with wanted to be able to put all of his finances onto a spreadsheet and how to sort everything into folders for easy access. Along the way we had some interesting conversations about various holidays and getting to know him made me feel more comfortable about working with him. Next week I'm looking forward to meeting a new person and being able to help them with whatever they are struggling with. I feel as if I directly made a difference to that person in the community by helping them, and indirectly helping everyone else in the room by being one of the many people in the room to create a good environment for learning.” - Lorenzo L.


"I helped old people who didn't know how to do things like email, word, excel and other things like that. The person I helped, Jenny was actually pretty smart with word but not that good at the internet so I helped her with that.” - Ben M.


“In our group we taught the elderly about IT and how to use it. It was very engaging and fun, it took a long time. We had to be very patient for the older people.” - Callum E-A.


Your DNA – Creative Arts School for Special Needs

"We travelled to your DNA and we talked to James, who is the performing arts director. He helps people aged 18-21 with disabilities We talked about what to expect and how we would be helping people with disabilities.” - Georgi C.


"Today we learnt how important our involvement in the community is and how hard it is for other disabled people.” - Sam P.



"Today the sustainability team were given a place near the food tech rooms to design a veggie patch. We took measurements and are currently gathering supplies for compost bins and a school veggie patch. We are also brainstorming new ways for the school to be sustainable.” - Max H.


“We planned a vegetable patch that we will be planting in the future sustainability classes.” - Hannah T.



"Today we looked at the environment at Bedford park and Ringwood Lake, we found that the banks of the lake were piled with litter but the rest of the park was in pretty good condition. Next week we will be cleaning the area.” - Kaylen R.


“Today we visited two parks, Bedford Park and Ringwood Lake. We went and observed the parks about their cleanliness, facilities and conditions. We wrote an analysis on the parks and how it could be kept clean.” - Jordan L and Mony.


Maroondah Youth

"My team of about 6 members were reviewing the Maroondah Youth Services website. We also reported back some ideas to a member of MYS on how they can improve the website to make it more engaging for teenagers.” - Emma A.


"In MYS today we had a guest speaker who had told us about the three projects we could do and gave us some background information then we had to choose which one to do. Then I decided to do L's to P's project. In this project we had to come up with ideas to help drivers become fully licensed.” - Jack S.


Year 10 exams

Exams for Year 10 students commence on Friday 3rd June and conclude on Friday 10th June. For more information please see Mr Simkins report as Assistant Principal.



Kim Watson

Middle School Coordinator

Sports Report

Sports News



RSC were well represented by a small group of talented young swimmers at the State Swimming Finals, which were held Tuesday 19th April.


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements.


Sophie Caldwell (year 11) claiming 4 GOLD medals


Tiffany Hayes (year 7), claiming 5th place in the 50m breastroke.


The following relay team consisting of

Tarni Cavanagh (yr 8),

Charlotte Tolliday (yr 8),

Caitlin Dellow (yr 8)

Tahlah Montignie (yr 8): claiming the BRONZE medal


To add to Sophie Caldwell’s achievements, she also competed at the National Age championships in Adelaide last month. Throughout the Championships, Sophie won gold as a member of 16yo 4x100 freestyle team. She won individual silver in the 400m individual medley, bronze in the 200m individual medley, fourth in the 800m freestyle and fifth in the 400m freestyle. Congratulations Sophie on all of your recent success in swimming.  An amazing achievement!


Intermediate Round Robin

Over the past two weeks students from year 8, 9 and 10 have competed in the first winter round robin for 2016. Students have represented the College in soccer, badminton, netball and football. RSC have been very fortunate to have the support and commitment of our staff who have given up their lunchtimes to coach a team and support them at a round robin event.

Congratulations to the following teams who finished first in the ‘Maroondah Division’ and have progressed through to ‘Regionals’:


Intermediate: Boys Badminton, Boys and Girls Soccer

Year 8: Boys Badminton and Girls Soccer

Last Friday, May 13th RSC were overwhelmed with the high levels of participation from our boys netball teams across all age groups. The competition consisted of an all day round robin, which was held at Kilsyth Netball Complex. Teamwork, dedication and knowledge of the game were highlighted amongst the RSC teams as our ‘A’ grade teams successfully won across all age groups. Congratulations also to our junior ’B’ side who were undefeated against the opposition schools


Junior Girls Football

Last Friday, May 13th, Ms. B and Mr. Crawford joined forces to coach our Junior Girls Football Team. The girls were ready from the start, as they took on the opposition sides, ready for every contest, determined to take home the ‘Maroondah Division’ flag and that’s exactly what they did. Congratulations girls, your teachers are certainly proud of the enthusiasm, commitment and behaviour that each of you exhibited throughout the competition.

Cross Country

Best wishes to our cross-country runners, as they will be representing RSC at HE Parker this Monday.



Rachel Edwards

Sports Coordinator


RMIT Experience Days

We are once again holding Experience Days for Year 10, 11 and 12 students.


Experience Days are a great way for students to discover more about their study interests, explore RMIT campuses and to get a taste of uni life.


Students will engage in practical workshops and interact with academics and current students. They will find out what to expect in their discipline and will be able to ask plenty of questions all throughout the day.

From creating 3D printed designs, to finding out how entrepreneurs get startups off the ground, to investigating the spread of deadly viruses, to unlocking creative potential in our state-of-the-art design facilities – students will get a first-hand and interactive glimpse into what RMIT is all about.


The series of free events are run during the Victorian School Holidays between Term 2 and 3.

Spots fill up fast so make sure your students register for an Experience Day before it’s too late.

Please note that registrations are limited to two events per student per year.

Careers News

Please read up on all the Careers news



Mindfulness Lunch Time Program

Each Monday lunch time in the well being centre, I have the privilege of running a mindfulness program for an amazing bunch of  gorgeous Year 8 girls.


Each term we have a different focus. Term 1 we looked at gratefulness and the things in our lives we are grateful for and that give us joy. Term 2 we are looking at our strengths. Each week, someone volunteers to be in our ‘strength circle’ and all the other students share a strength they see in that person or anything they like about the person.  This is written on a sheet for them to take with them. Our goal is by the end of the term that each person in the group will be able to confidently say 10 things that they like about themselves.


Some of the girls love nothing more that to colour in and love to do that each week and chat. Others like to participate in the different activities we have each week.  Over the year, we have made vision boards, played board games, made stars for domestic violence , talked about the emotions that come up for us in different situations while we made glitter jars and done meditations.  Throughout it all we have fantastic discussions and I am impressed with the girl’s sensitivity to others, openness, and willingness to embrace new ideas and to grow in themselves.


Here is what some of the girls say about the program:


“I like this group because it makes me me feel good and happy about myself and I won’t be judged”

Nidhi and Holly


 “On Monday afternoon, a rough estimate of 10-15 girl gather eagerly in the meeting room of the wellbeing Centre. It is a place of safety, security and peace. Where everyone is in harmonious, happiness and appreciation.  Of all the places we could be on Monday afternoons; rain, hail or shine, we flock like seagulls to feel equal and accepted as well as calm and mindful. “



This group makes me feel happy. I feel like I can be myself in this group. It is a nice group of girls”



Gail Ackroyd

Student Chaplain


Information and advice on issues such as bullying, sex and communication was launched today by leading online youth mental health organisation ReachOut Australia.


The service is being made available after research undertaken by ReachOut revealed that the issues of most concern to parents with teenagers are communication, peer pressure, and school and study stress. is a free online service providing evidence-based practical support and tips that encourage effective communication and relationships between parents and young people aged 12–18 years, as well as easy-to-read information on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues. A key feature of ReachOut Parents is a peer-to-peer forum where parents can connect with each other to share experiences in an anonymous, supportive space.


‘Parenting teenagers is more complex than ever,’ ReachOut CEO Jono Nicholas said. ‘This is the first generation of parents who’ve had to deal with issues like their kids’ social media use, cyberbullying and when their kids should get their first mobile phone.


‘Today’s parents are also very time-poor, and are increasingly turning online for information and advice. While there’s lots of online help out there for parents of babies and toddlers, we have found that there isn’t much support for parents of teenagers, which is when parenting can become much more complicated.


Maroondah Youth Services is supporting a free Martial Arts short course during Term 2 for young people aged 18 - 25. Classes will largely focus on a set of physical self-defence activities and will involve physical contact and holding, so please ensure potential participants are comfortable with this. All self-defence breakaway techniques will be conducted in a safe and controlled manner under the direct supervision of a registered trainer. As this is a short program, we ask that participants are able to attend all 4 sessions to ensure that they are adequately learning the techniques and are not missing vital training information.

Classes will be run on Wednesdays (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of June) from 6 - 7:15pm at EV's Youth Centre, 212 Mt. Dandenong Rd, Croydon.

Registration is essential and places are secured by completing all attached documents and emailing to [email protected]

Please refer to the attached program flyer for more information

Annette Picone
Youth Programs Worker


Community News 

Ringwood Art Society 

Art Challenge - Young @ Art


Bridge Builders

Phil Stenhouse OAM has been working with young people for over 30 years, and is currently running seminars for parents called ‘Understanding Yours Kids’


Eastland Farmers Market

The Eastland Farmers' Market in Ringwood is run in partnership between the Melbourne Farmers’ Markets association and Eastland.


Diamond Valley Singers Production 2016:
Once Upon a Mattress

Enjoy a night out 


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