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25 May 2016
Issue Eight
Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 
School News
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Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 25th   District Cross Country

Friday 27th       Yr 5 Camp Returns



Monday 6th    Yr 6 Camp Departs

Tuesday  7th  Yr 3 Silly Science

           Education Sub Committee Meeting

Friday 10th     Yr 6 Camp Returns

Monday 13th    QUEENS BIRTHDAY PUBLIC                                   HOLIDAY  -  NO SCHOOL

Wednesday 15th  Dental Talk Prep - Yr 2

                                 School Council Meeting

Thursday 16th   Yr 5 History Box Incursion

                                 Yr 4 Zoo Excursion

                  2nd Hand Uniform Sale 3:15-3:45pm

Monday 20th Parent/Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 21st Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 22nd  Level 3 Soiree 6:30pm

Thursday 23rd  Yr 5 History Box Incursion 

Friday 24th     Yr 3 Cultural Infusion Incursion

          LAST DAY OF TERM 2 - 2:30pm FINISH



Monday 11th        TERM 3 BEGINS

Tuesday 12th  Education Sub Committee                                                                Meeting TBC

Friday 15th  CURRICULUM DAY - NO                                                                                 SCHOOL



Saturday 6th   P&F Trivia Night

Tuesday 9th    Education Sub Committee                                                              Meeting

Thursday 11th   Yr 3 Camp Depart

Friday 12th       Yr 3 Camp Return

Tuesday 16th   Level 4 Soiree TBC

Monday 29th CURRICULUM DAY - NO                                                                            SCHOOL


Tuesday 30th          Book Fair TBC

Wednesday 31st    Book Fair TBC



Thursday 1st          Book Fair TBC


Curriculum Days 2016

  • Friday 15th July
  • Monday 29th August
  • Monday 31st October

2016 Term Dates

Term 1

28th January to 24th March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

11th April to 24th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

11th July to 16th September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

3rd October to 20th December-1:30pm finish

Public Holidays 2016

  • Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 14th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 25th March - Good Friday
  • Monday 28th March - Easter Monday
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday
  • Tuesday 1st November - Melbourne Cup
  • Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day

Prep Enrolments 2017 School Tours

  • Friday 17th June
  • Monday 18th July
  • Friday 29th July
  • Monday 8th August
  • Monday 22nd August

All School Tours begin at 9:30am. Please meet at the School Office off Murray Road no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the tour. 

Principal's Report

Camp Update - Year 5

Everyone is having a great time at camp. Many activities have already been undertaken such as archery, abseiling, indoor rock climbing and orienteering. 

The food has been plentiful, cabins are comfortable and students are happy and full of smiles. 


Tomorrow they will be visiting the Port if Echuca, paddlesteamer on the Murray and a Science activity Centre. 

Free Carpet Still Available

The school has replaced some high quality carpet with vinyl in Atrium upstairs in the 2011 Building. We still have three pieces of carpet that would be suitable for a home or holiday house. Each of the pieces is approximately 2.6 metres by 3 metres and all are currently awaiting pickup by the first person to accept them. Please contact Brodie at the front office or on 9578 1327.


Free desks

If anyone would like one of the desks that are sitting underneath the trees to the right of the Wheatley Road entrance, please email Kylie Cockle 

Parent Teacher Interviews - Booked through Compass

End of Semester 1 Parent/Teacher interviews will held on Monday 20th June 3:40 - 7:00pm and Tuesday 21st June 3:40 - 6:00pm. Bookings with your child's teacher for these interviews can only be done through the Compass Parent Portal. Access to the bookings will be made available as of Monday 13th June. 


Reports on Compass

As Semester One reports for 2016 will be completed in the coming weeks it is a timely reminder for all parents to ensure that they take the time to save & print all of their child's reports for their own records once they are made available on Compass. This is strongly recommended, particulary for Year 6 parents as once a student has exited or completed their schooling at Ormond Primary School, parents will no longer have access to Compass to obtain them at a later date.


Cmpass App


School Phone System

Most of our parents will have noticed that we have had a new phone system in place for some time now.


This system has an automated answering feature which announces several options for the caller.  Please listen to the entire message to ensure you are making the right slection for your needs. 


Parents are encourage to choose the School Information option for updated information regarding weekly sport venues, camps arrival/depature ETA's,  and important times or information regarding excursions and events.


We ask that all phone enquiries are made during the office operating hours of 8:15am and 4:15pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, the phone is on a 'night switch' mode and therefore calls cannot be answered.


Healthy Children

Now we are heading into the cooler months of the year, illness's will inevitably be on the increase. I would like to take this opportunity to ask parents to promote healthy hygiene practices at home and at school to minimize the spread of infections. If your child has any illness or complains of symptoms of being unwell, please keep them at home and inform the office of their absence, or enter the absence directly into the Compass Parent Portal.


Students are also encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather conditions each day.  It is recommended that all students bring a school jumper with them to allow for changing weather conditions. 



Now that the cooler weather is starting to set in it is an appropriate time to remind parents of the correct school uniform. Our uniform supplier, Primary School Wear, has been instructed to supply only uniform items that are on the list attached below.

The following items are not School Council approved school uniform items, therefore are not to be worn.

  • Netball skirts
  • Skorts
  • Leggings other than bottle green
  • Nail polish
  • Jewellery – other than simple stud or sleeper earrings
  • Sticker transfers/stick on tattoos
  • Coloured hair accessories other than school colours or neutral black/brown

Parents are asked to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named, particularly if purchased from the Second Hand Uniform Stall to ensure they are returned to the correct child should they be misplaced. Please encourage your child to look neat and tidy and to look after his/her belongings.


The Second Hand Uniform Stall for Term 2 will be held on Thursday 16th June at 3:15 to 3:45pm. 


Glenn Butler


School News

Upcoming Excursions & Events

Whole School

Basic 1st Aid Training - 30th May to 2nd June (timetable can be downloaded from the event resource tab on Compass)

Year 3

Silly Science Incursion - 7th June

Cultural Infusion -24th June

Year 5

Year 5 Camp Curumbene - 24th to 27th May

History Box Incursion - 16th June

Year 6

Year 6 Camp Coonawarra - 6th to 10th June

Payments to the Office

A reminder to those families opting to pay for the Year 6 Camp or Essential Education Contributions by instalments that your final payment is due by Friday 27th May. This is also a courtesy reminder for families of the payments that are required for upcoming events. If you have recently spoken to Jan or have made payment please disregard this reminder. 


Essential Education Contributions Term 2

Term 2 Instalment $50.00 - due now


Year 6 Camp Payment Schedule

3rd and final Instalment $150.00 -  27th May


Payments can be made by cash or cheque and sent via your child's classroom cash bag in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's Name, Class and name of payment. If paying in cash please send correct amount as limited change is available.


Alternatively, payments of cash, cheque or EFTPOS can be made in person at the office between the hours of 8:15am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Phone payments or manual credit card payments will not be accepted. Limited change is available if making cash payments.


If you have any questions, please contact Jan or Brodie in the office on 9578 1327.

Click Against Hate

On Monday 16th  of May we were visited by Dr Dvir Abramovich the chairman of the ADC (Anti-Defamation Commission). He presented us with a certificate and cheque for our library after the Year 6 students participated in the ‘Click Against Hate’ program earlier this year. This program teachers children about cyberbullying, racism and stereotypes. The library will be purchasing books that focus on the rights of children. We were very lucky to be able to participate in such a wonderful program and to have such a marvellous man visit our school. 

By Georgia & Jonah


5c  Change for Change

It all adds up.

Thank you to everyone for donating all those 5 cent pieces.

We have managed to raise $344.00 so far from just loose change.

This money will go towards youth education and leadership projects in Malawi, Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Australia.  

The final day for collection will be Friday 27th May and the winning class will be announced at assembly on the following Monday.


Many thanks,

Junior School Council

Adam Wallace Visit

Students in Year 1- 6 all enjoyed Adam Wallace visiting the Library last Wednesday. Adam demonstrated how to draw many of his cartoon characters from his new books. Everyone had a wonderful time and had the opportunity to purchase Adams books. All orders placed by Tuesday of this week will be delivered next week. Happy drawing everyone when your books arrive and there will be copies available in the Library.


Adam Wallace came to Ormond Primary again on the 18th of May 2016. He started by talking to the grade 3’s about joining sport teams that don’t usually go together like bowling-tennis, bowling-soccer and NFL-netball.


Adam Wallace then asked us what animal we would like to draw all together. There were 19 votes for the puppy, 20 for the turtle, 23 for the moose and 24 for the pelican. We ended up drawing the pelican, it was so much fun learning how to draw it and everyone really enjoyed themselves.


"I liked drawing the pelican because it was a fun animal to draw." Olivia 3A

Sacha 3A " I liked the drawing we did and wants all of the books." 

Lucia 3B liked drawing the pelican and talking about the sports because it was exciting.

"i liked drawing the pelican because of the head and legs." Hugh 3B

"I liked drawing the pelican because you were allowed to draw it with different emotions." Eva 3C

Mitchell H from 3C liked listening to the stories because they were funny.


Thomas and Asha from 3C interviewed the above students for their feedback.

Great job guys!

Prep News

On Wednesday the 4th and 11th May, Preps were fortunate enough to have the Firemen visit. In the first session, the firemen taught students about good and bad fires and the procedure if there is a fire at home (crawl down low and go, go, go). They were asked to speak with their families to work out a safe meeting place if there ever is a fire at home. Additionally, preps learnt what to do if their clothes catch on fire (stop, drop, cover, roll).


In the second session, Preps got to experience what it was like to be a fireman, being able to squirt water out of the hose and walk through the fire truck.

"I liked playing with the hose".  Hunter PA.

"I liked that we got to squirt the hose"  Noah PB

"It was fun going inside the fire truck". Olive PB

"I liked going into the fire truck". Summer PA

Year 1 News

This fortnight in maths students are beginning to learn about multiplication and division. As entry level skills students are learning that multiplication is ‘groups of’ , for example 4 groups of 2  and division is sharing into a stated amount of groups. We explore problems such as if you share 12 lollies between 2 friends how many would they have each? After this understanding of 'groups of' and sharing is demonstrated then the times symbol ( x ) is introduced. That's when times tables facts become more relevant as the children have the understanding behind the number sentence.


We have bed hugely impressed by student progress in year one of reading and writing. As you will see in students work books we have seen a massive improvement so far this year!  We are currently writing narratives and are learning about the main elements of a story. 


Last week the year one students had an incursion with Hands on Science. The focus on this learning was on light and sound. The incursion allowed experimentation with various hands on materials where they learnt about vibration, transparent and opaque objects, sources of light and how sound travels.  Some student learning is shown below.

"Today I learnt that light travels through air and light bounces off your eyes so that you can see." Georgia 1A

"We had the incursion because we were learning about light and sound. We used a card that had bent plastic and it made a rainbow." Phoebe 1A

"We had to get a torch and shine it through a material and say if it was transparent or opaque." Clea 1A

"At our science incursion I learnt that sound goes through waves." Morgan 1B

"I learnt how to be a scientist." Cade 1B

"I learnt that when you make an image it comes out upside down." Oscar 1B


Yr 3 News

On Monday 23rd of May, Year 3 were fortunate enough to be visited by a scientist from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) who also happens to be an Ormond parent, Christina Xinos. As the Year 3 students have been learning about solids, liquids and gases in chemical science, Christina explained how these three states of matter are used in medicines and the process of developing new medicines for the future. We learned that a new medicine has to be tested 10,000 times before it can be put on the market to help people and that process can take between 10-15 years. So anything developed now, will not be on our shelves till these students are in their 20's!

A huge thank you to Christina for giving up her time and sharing her expertise. We all learnt so much and she made science relevant, real and exciting for us.


Hands On Science Incursion

The Hands-On Science incursion was a great opportunity for the year threes to experiment with SOLIDS and LIQUIDS. The students are taking a closer look at solids and liquids during this term's Chemical Science Inquiry topic.

"I enjoyed experimenting with how ‘malleable’ or bendy some solids were".  Georgia 3B

"The best thing was figuring out what was in the balloons. One was solid, one was liquid and one was gas". Farah 3B

"It was fun to sort the different solids and liquids that were in tubes". Amy 3B

"I really enjoyed melting the chocolate and the wax". Thomas H 3C

"My favourite part was when we melted the honey in hot water. " Zara Z 3C  

"I liked doing small experiments with candles. It was amazing when my group and I put sticky liquids in hot water because when it heated up it became slimy liquid not stiff liquid like before". Paras 3A

"I enjoyed having the science incursion because you could make toffee. I had a lot of fun at the science incursion." Georgia 3A


Level 3 Soiree News

This year, Year's 3 & 4 are putting together an exciting soiree, centred around the upcoming Rio Olympics. Each grade will represent a different country with an accompanying song. The students have begun learning the moves to their class song as well as the BIG opening song which should go off with a “BANG!” The students have shown excellent enthusiasm and energy during the first few practices. Stay tuned as the torch approaches Ormond Primary School.

The level 3 Soiree will be held on Wednesday 22nd June at 6:30pm in the Hall. 


Visual Arts News

Our whole school art installation is coming along nicely, with the appearance of some interesting characters!  This week the crazy caterpillar made by the grade 3s, has appeared playing some mysterious music. The March Hare has grabbed a flamingo, as he swings himself across the wall.  Flowers made by the prep students are starting to grow and insect tiles by grade 4 are also popping up.  Keep your eyes peeled as our visiting artist, Debbie Qadri, adds more of the wonderful clay items that our students made.


If you would like to see more of the work involved in the mural please check out Debbie Qadri's blog



Helen Kupfer

Visual Arts Specialist


Sport & PE News

Year 5/6 Winter Interschool Sport

Round 4 – Friday 27th May will still go ahead despite year 5s being on camp.  Hockey, basketball and netball will all be played at Hughesdale P.S. with soccer at the local reserve.


District Cross Country 

Good running to all the competitors at the annual District Cross Country Carnival on Wednesday 25th May. The cross coutry will be held at Karkarook Park. 


Michael Pannam

Sports Coordinator

Out of School Hours Care

School Holiday Program

The Winter School Holiday Program Schedule will be available from school web site or the program from Monday 6th June.


Jumper Rule

During the colder weather in term two and three, we require children to wear a jumper outside if they are not participating in sport or physical activity. Parents can exclude their children from this requirement by providing a note stating their child is not required to wear a jumper.


After School Care Activities

Thursday 26th       Embossed Photo Frames

Friday 27th             Cooking

Monday 30th         Dioramas

Tuesday 31st         Dahlia Flowers

Wednesday 1st     Cooking

Thursday 2nd        Buggles

Friday 3rd                Dragons Head Puppets

Monday 6th              Slime

Tuesday 7th            Totem Poles

Wednesday 8th      Knitted Head Bands


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Parents & Friends Update

Trivia Night

The Parents and Friends Trivia Night is locked in for 6th August.  Each year there is an overall theme, with each table of 10 parents interpreting the theme in their own way.   The theme this year is “Big Book Bash” (more details to come).   Bookings for tables can be made on 20th June via a booking sheet at the school.  There will be room for 16 tables of 10 people so start organising your table lists now!  This is a great event that always sells out so start your planning now!  We hope to see you there! 


Twilight Market

Planning will shortly commence for the 2016 Ormond Primary School Twilight Market.  This event is the main fundraiser for the year and is a great way to support your local school community.  Please watch the newsletter for more details.


Entertainment Books

School Holidays are fast approaching! Grab an Entertainment Book today and be prepared - lots of kids entertainment vouchers on offer such as Ten Pin Bowling, Movies, Timezone, Aquarium, Luna Park Pufffing Billy and mauch more! 

Books are $65 with 20% from every book sold going towards Ormond Primary School’s fundraising efforts.  Digital membership are available now and the traditional books will be available for collection from the front office from Tuesday 12th April.  To order your copy of the book click here


Adverts & Community News


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