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03 May 2019
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are now into our second week back and the first newsletter edition for this term. Welcome back after our holiday and Easter break. Even though it is now two weeks on from the holidays, hopefully families had some quality time together and some happy experiences. Also welcome to our new families joining us this term. Please keep yourself informed of what is happening in the school through our fortnightly newsletter and other communication channels.


We ended last term with lots of colour and fun. It was terrific to see all our students together enjoying the day at the Kingston Reserve next door. The event was a great reminder of how important it is for the children to challenge themselves and be involved in active pursuits. Thanks to the parent group, school councillors, staff and other helpers on the day. It was a novel experience for most of the children and staff and by all accounts enjoyed by all.


Donations and sponsorship has formally closed, however, there are a few families who still need to confirm their pledge and finalise their donations. This event has been a successful fundraising activity as we had hoped, raising over $16,000 in total. The P&F still need to confirm the amount after all expenses come out, which will be closer to around $11,000. As you may be aware all fundraising activities this year are being targeted towards a new front oval and a possible upgrade to the cricket and basketball areas. Thank you so much for your donations and participation in this event.

See Our School Zone Online

The Department has released a new website that helps parents identify their local public school online. launched on 24 April and shows every school zone across the state. The new website highlights the choice of public schools available to the Victorian community.


If your child is preparing to enter Year 7 and want to know more about the public secondary school options in our area, or you know someone who is interested in enrolling at our school, try today. If you have a question about the website, contact the Victorian School building Authority Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email [email protected] au

NAPLAN Preparation Is Underway

This year we are completing NAPLAN through the “pencil and paper” option and next year transitioning to the online platform. Students are being exposed to NAPLAN style questions and have had some practiced timed sessions to support them and how they can best manage their time under “test conditions”.


During Week 4, from Tuesday 14th through Thursday 16th May, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 from around Australia, will sit NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) and I am aware that there are many varied points of view regarding these assessments currently expressed in the media. At MPS, we use the data received from such assessments in the way it was originally intended, as a diagnostic tool that allows schools to track and monitor student progress. We also use this data to inform teaching and learning programs and guide curriculum development. In saying that, we acknowledge that such testing can place additional pressure on some students, whilst others take the challenge in their stride.


In this article ‘Helping your child get ready for the NAPLAN test’, parenting expert Michael Grose provides the following advice for parents to assist their children in preparing for these assessments:

  • Take your cues from your child:  If your child doesn’t worry about the test then neither should you. Be careful not to create a problem that doesn’t exist by incessantly talking about, or worse, worrying about the test.
  • Help the student focus on doing their best and trying hard:  Choose your words carefully when you speak with your kids. As with all their learning activities, place your focus squarely on effort rather than results. The only pressure on kids should be to try hard, rather than to do well.
  • Listen to any concerns they have: If your child confesses to some nerves, then validate their feelings, rather than shutting them down with a ‘get over it’ response. ‘Yes, sometimes tests can be a little scary, but they get easier every time you take them,’ is an appropriate response. Use this as an opportunity to develop some emotional smarts, which starts with recognising how kids feel.
  • Give your student some relaxation ideas:  Anxious or nervous kids will benefit from some simple relaxation strategies. Taking some deep breaths, changing their thinking and exercising the morning of the test are some simple ways to help kids maintain some feeling of control.
  • Help them retain their perspective: One way to help children who become excessively anxious about an event is to ask ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen?’ Okay, they may not do as well as they would like but the sun will still rise tomorrow, even if they don’t do as well as they’d like. Keeping perspective is a life skill that we all need to practice.

Michael Grose adds that ‘a positive, caring attitude is one of the best gifts you can give a child when they are apprehensive or nervous about approaching any different situation, whether it’s going on school camp, joining a new club or sitting a NAPLAN test’.

Around The School

Over the holiday period we were able to sort out a few important jobs in order to maintain our facilities. The ceiling in 3/4T and 3/4M has been repaired. All heaters and air conditioners in the school have been serviced ready for the upcoming colder weather.


Our maintenance man Justin painted and freshened up the sick bay and repaired minor issues around each classroom doors, cupboards, toilet roll holders and installation of a few shelving units in the specialist classrooms.


I engaged with a roof specialist who will undertake work on guttering and repairs of rotten and rusted roof lines around the main buildings of our school.

Can you help?

I would like to thank all the families who were able to spend a few hours across the holiday period and look after our chickens. We have lost one more and are now down to 5! The students would like to engage with a new batch and were wondering if there are any families who would like to re-house the current chickens so we can begin a new cycle. Please come and see Noxia if you would are able help.

MSL Training

I would like to thank our community for their patience as the last remaining teachers at MPS are being trained in our approach to teaching Literacy is about to be finalised. It has been a big commitment but definitely worth it as staff come back with knowledge, skills and a new found enthusiasm to support students in their classes. We also held a session for all our aides on Friday 26th April who had a one day intensive course on MSL.


What is Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) teaching?


MSL stands for Multisensory Structured Language.

Also known as the OG approach- which stands for Orton-Gillingham. They are both based on the same principles of instruction required for effective reading instruction. This approach uses the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses for practice and retention of the core skills that are required with a systematic and synthetic approach for success in attainment of core skills.


The course is intensive and requires staff to be committed and able to then transfer their learning back into the classroom. Below I include just a very small snippet of what our staff have been learning. Literacy is indeed rocket science and the more training that staff have in understanding the alphabetic code and principles of the language they are teaching, the better off our students will be! I look forward to our 7 newly trained staff returning with all this important knowledge.

Simple view of reading

Based on research by Gough and Tunmer 1986

Learning to read consists of developing skills in two critical areas:

(1) Reading each word in texts accurately and fluently and

(2) Comprehending the meaning of texts being read.

This is known as the Simple View of Reading.


This extensive body of research shows that there are five essential skills for reading and that a high quality literacy program should include all five components.

- Phonemic Awareness

- Phonics

- Fluency

- Vocabulary

- Comprehension


These are some of the core learnings that are explicitly taught to the staff in training:


Decoding symbol to sound

The ability to translate a word from print to speech, usually by employing knowledge of sound to symbol correspondences

Encoding sound to symbol

Using individual sounds to spell letters and words, usually by employing knowledge of symbol to sound correspondences

Grapheme -  symbol

A letter or letter combination that represents a single phoneme (ch = /ch/, d = /d/)

Morphology -  The study of word forms, including affixes and root/base words

orthography Written system that represents language

Phoneme sound

A speech sound that combines with others to make words

Phonemic awareness - The ability to break down and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken language

Phonics - A method of teaching reading that emphasizes the sounding out of letters, groups of letters, and familiar patterns of letters in order to read words

Phonology -  The study of the rule system that governs the sequencing of phonemes in a language

Syllabification -  The division of words into syllables

Syllable - Uninterrupted segment of speech consisting of at least one vowel sound


Mother’s day/ special person morning breakfast and mother’s day stall

Just a reminder that the staff and I will be hosting our annual breakfast for the community of mothers, carers, grandmothers, fathers who care and support our students and our school. We understand that families come in all different shapes and sizes and are keen to be inclusive of all. There will also be a stall for children to buy a small token of their appreciation all of this will occur on Friday 10th May. Please read further along in this edition of the newsletter in regards to the breakfast and the stall.

Junior Scientists

A very big thank you to Mrs McKenna who accompanied 4 of our students to the John Monash science school. This is a highly sought after program and we are lucky enough to be included again. Students from a range of both primary and secondary settings attend the science school and are taught by year 10 students to explore and experiment with scientific processes. Here are a few pictures of our students thoroughly enjoying their first day.

Noxia Angelides


TERRIFIC Kids and Awards

Week 9 Value was Capable (Term 1)

Prep A          Leon B                                           

Prep S          Otis G              

1/2 A             Liam T                                                                         

1/2 B             Iggy A                                                                       

1/2 D             Ojas G   

1/2 L              Gabby R                                                         

3/4 L              Aeson F                                                                                                             3/4 T              Amae W                                         

5/6 C              Bettina C                                             

5/6 M             Lucas K                                             

5/6 T             Sebastian D


Week 10 Value was Thoughtful (Term 1)

Prep A          Orson S                                           

Prep S          Arda I              

1/2 A             Chase J                                                                         

1/2 B             Jasmine G                                                                       

1/2 D             Aidan W   

1/2 L              Harley R                                                         

3/4 L              Harry J                                                               

3/4 M             Emilio S & Sophia Z                                                                

3/4 T              Jamie G                                                                                                 

5/6 M             Oscar M                                             

5/6 T              Luke M


Happy Birthday


Around the School

Earth Hour - Term 1

Moorabbin Primary School took part in Earth Hour by switching off....and taking our learning outside! Here are our Year 5/6's..

Our Preps..




Moorabbin Primary students are beginning Cross Country running in their PE classes. They have been huffing and puffing there way around the school. Each grade will jog different distances depending on their year level.


All students who are 9 or 10 years old this year (Grade 3 – 6) can participate in the District Cross Country on Thursday 16th May, 12.30pm – 2.30pm, if they are interested. This is a long distance competition against 7 neighbouring primary schools.


There was a meeting this week to join the team and begin training for the big day.

You can do it!!!


Mrs Kelly

News and Notices

Trivia Night and Silent Auction

Thanks again to our next round of fabulous sponsors. Please continue to show them some support.

Moorabbin Primary School Trivia Night & Silent Auction - August 10th 2019.

Junior Rockers


Colour Run


2019 Premiers’ Reading Challenge Update

Well done to all students who have enthusiastically commenced their Premiers’ Reading Challenge journey.  We have had an amazing start with our Year 3 students leading the way with 127 books completed!


We will be presenting students with encouragement and achievement awards in the coming weeks, so don’t forget to jump online to register your reading records. If you are unsure of your child’s username and/or password, your classroom teacher will be able to provide these to you.


To complete the challenge, students from Prep to Year 2 need to read (or experience) 30 books, with 20 or more being from the challenge book list. Year 3 to Year 6 students need to read 15 books, with 10 or more being from the challenge book list.


If you are looking for inspiration about what to read next, take a look at some of these useful websites:

Official Premiers' Reading Challenge Book List

Inky Awards (YA Fiction)

City of Kingston Libraries (Suggested Reads for Kids)

Young Australians Best Book Awards



Mary Tsekouras

Grade 3/4 Teacher and 2019 PRC Coordinator

Special Breakfast 


School Levies 2019

Levies for 2019 were due to be finalised by Friday 26th April. If you have not paid your levies for this year, please pay as soon as possible. Payments can be made on QKR or by contacting the school office.


Thank you.

Community Notices



The MAT Program

If you are interested in this free program, further information and application forms are available in the carousel outside the school office.

Upcoming Events


Monday 6th May

Prep Incursion

Fire Safety - 11.30am


Wednesday 8th May

Taste of Preps 2.30-3.15pm


Thursday 9th May

Prep Incursion

Fire Safety - 9.00am


Tuesday 14th - Thursday 16th May

NAPLAN - Years 3 and Year 5


Wednesday 15th May

JMSS (Little Scientists)

12.45pm - 3.30pm - 4 students


Thursday 16th May

MPSSA Cross Country 12.00pm - 3.30pm


Thursday 23rd May

Sushi Day (please order via Qkr by Tuesday 21st May)


Monday 27th - Friday 31st May

Year 5/6 Camp Canberra


Tuesday 28th May

 Science Incursion  - ‘The Scientific Bubble Show’

Preps to Year 4 in hall -  9.30am - 10.30am


Wednesday 29th May

JMSS (Little Scientists)

12.45pm - 3.30pm - 4 students

Moorabbin Primary School