01 June 2019
Issue Eight
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Thursday 30 May

Year 8 Survivor – Art Challenge


Friday 31 May

Year 12 – student trivia night (Hall)


Monday 3 June

Year 11 Study Day


Tuesday 4 June

Year 11 Exams


Wednesday 5 June

Year 11 Exams


Thursday 6 June

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Study Day


Friday 7 June

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Exams


Monday 10 June

Queen’s Birthday – no classes


Tuesday 11 June

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Exams

7:00pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee


Wednesday 12 June

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Exams


Year 9 Study Day


Thursday 13 June

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Clash Day

Year 9 Exams


Friday 14 June

Correction day – no classes

Year 9 Exams


Monday 17 June

Southern Metro Cross Country

Year 9 Exam Clash Day


Tuesday 18 June

Musical Production (Dress Rehearsal)


Wednesday 19 June

Musical Production


Thursday 20 June

Musical Production


Friday 21 June

Musical Production

German Model UN


Saturday 22 June

Musical Production


Monday 24 June

Year 11 Antips departs


Tuesday 25 June

Year 11 Tasmania Trip departs

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council

7:00pm Junior Concert


Thursday 27 June

German Model UN

Year 12 Music Night (Theatre)


End of Term 2

2:30pm Early Finish


Monday 15 July

Start of Term 3


Monday 22 July

French Model UN


Tuesday 23 July

7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 24 July

Senior School Information Night


Friday 26 July



Tuesday 30 July

2:30pm Early Finish

2:45pm Professional Learning Afternoon

7:00pm Vocal Night (Theatre)


Wednesday 31 July

11:00am German Cuckoo Restaurant

7:00pm Brass Night (Theatre)





On Friday, 17 May 2019, 80 McKinnon students joined by 40 students from OLSH, Kilbreda College, Parkdale SC and Keysborough College congregated in the Hall for the 2019 Model UN run by the United Nations Association of Australia.


The delegates spent the day representing various member countries of the United Nations debating the merits and costs of sustainable cities. With two-thirds of the world’s population projected to be living in cities by the year 2050, the students had a lot to discuss.

Student’s began by stating their country’s position in regards to a draft resolution and then followed it up with two hours of debate and alliance building to pass or reject amendments to the resolution. Finally, a vote was held to pass the amended resolution.


Ultimately, students learnt about the operations of the UN and the importance of considering all opinions while interacting with students from other schools to share ideas and outlooks.


Many thanks to Ms Andrea Fowler who organised the day at McKinnon and Mr Jonathan Jhoomun and Mr David Machin who assisted students in their preparations.


On Monday 20 May, 190 Year 8 History students went back in time to the Medieval era. Medieval Day involves Year 8 History students dressing up in costumes and competing in various Medieval activities. It is always a fun day.


The day was an outstanding success and I would like to thank all the students from Year 8 who were involved. Students participated wonderfully in all activities, ranging from the Medieval Skits, Shields, Trivia, News Reports and Table Decorations. There was a wonderful spirit around throughout the day and I have to thank the students for their willingness to get involved.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Jonathan Jhoomun for his organisation of this event and I would also like to mention Mr Matthew Shaw, Mr Stephen Gurry, Mr Chris Pantelios, Ms Jenny Jones and Ms Chelsea Han for assisting on the day.


On Monday 20 May - Tuesday 21 May, 50 students and 6 staff attended a Year 10 Outdoor Education camp to the Cathedral Ranges. This is always a camp that the students love to attend.


I would like to acknowledge Mr Bridges for the organisation of the camp and Miss Brush, Miss Walker, Ryan O'Meara, Liam Adlington and former student Tom Earls for accompanying the students.


On Election Day, the Interact Club continued their fundraising for their chosen charity this year.


Later in the year, Interact Member Ash Nathan from Year 12, will be cycling to Adelaide for Beyond Blue, to raise awareness for Mental Illness in the McKinnon community.


You can find more information about Ash's cause and support him here:


I would like to acknowledge Myles Kelemen (SRC President) Ms Ange Masterson, Ms Mullane, Mr Frank Carrere, Ms Melanie Lynch and all the Interact volunteers for assisting throughout the day and for making this a very successful event.


On Thursday, 23 May, both Mr Eddie Mest and I attended an event, hosted by the Department of Education, where we received a certificate in recognition of our 35 years of service.  


How quickly time has flown.  We reflected on our very rewarding careers!



CONGRATULATIONS to Myles Kelemen (Year 12) who was a finalist for the 2019 Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year Award. He was nominated for his leadership of the Run McK Event and his ongoing tireless efforts to support fundraising opportunities for Beyond Blue. Mr Noble and Myles' family attended the ceremony in which Cara Morgan (Year 12 2017) was the keynote speaker. Well done Myles and keep up your genuinely community-minded approach.



Congratulations to the Boys team who played in the Intermediate State Championships and were rewarded with 2nd place! The team consists of Tom Howells, Sam Kay, Will Kay, Ron Shamrak, Finlay Brown, Max Chilco-Burns, Roie Greenberg and Matt Lusted.  The team consisted entirely of Year 9 students playing against Year 10 students.  What a great effort!!


All McKinnon students are required to wear their uniform correctly and with pride. In Term 2 students are required to wear the winter uniform and to wear the College Blazer to and from school. We need all parents support to ensure this school policy is implemented effectively and consistently.




It has been the College’s policy for many years that students who arrive late to Period 1 (which begins at 8:50am), will receive an automatic after school detention next day, unless a note/phone call with an acceptable excuse is provided by a parent. An acceptable excuse is a doctor’s appointment, illness, etc. We ask all parents to support our expectations by ensuring students arrive at school by 8:30am, allowing enough time to get organised and in class before our 8:50am start every day.


If students have to leave school during the day or are arriving late (e.g. due to a medical appointment), they must have a note from their parents explaining the situation. Students must show this note to the Attendance Officer at the General Office when signing in or out of the school. In addition, this information can be entered on Compass. We thank parents for their support on this matter.  


End of Semester 1 exam period is commencing next week for students in Years 9 to 11. Students should be preparing for exams at home, spending time working through revision sheets and revisiting topics covered over the semester. We wish all students undertaking exams a productive period of study. All students undertaking a VCE Unit 3 and 4 study will sit the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 12 June. Information about this test will be sent to students directly. All student undertaking the GAT must report to their student managers by 9 am to be signed in.


End-of-semester reports will be available on Compass at the end of Term 2. Please read these reports carefully and discuss with your child how they can further improve their academic performance in the second half of this year. These reports will include a transcript of all information provided via Learning Tasks throughout Semester 1. Progress reports reflecting on students’ work ethic, behaviour and organisation will also be published at the end of Term 2.


When reflecting on their reports, students should focus upon the attributes and behaviours teachers recommend for further improvement - perseverance, hard-work, asking for help, taking pride in their learning and setting high expectations. Educational research has proven that intelligence is changeable (not predetermined or fixed), and that academic growth can be achieved by all - working hard, being resilient and acting on the advice in end-of-semester reports are the keys to achieving this growth.



30 MAY 2019

National Anthem performed by The Symphonic Wind Band, conducted by Ms Rogerson with vocals by Oliver Wiles, the Symphonic Wind Band also performed Symphonic Overture by Charles Carter .

Ms Mellios speaking on the importance of Reconciliation Week

VET Languages students acknowledged by Ms Dickson

GROK competition winners

House Captains for Flynn, Gemma Strangio and Sam Kristensen present the Sports report on the School Cross Country Carnival and other sports results

Liam Atchison and Jack Mills talk about their experience at the Model UN Assembly

Grace James and Jeff Chum present on the recent German Exchange






Congratulations to John Paul Suntoso (Year 8) who is part of the Orchestra for the State School Spectacular on 14 September 2019.  This is a fantastic opportunity to perform with amazing state school music students from around Victoria.


Merryn Walker


McKinnon Musical


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Adults $25
Concession $20

Wednesday June 19th @ 7.30pm
Thursday June 20th @ 7.30pm
Friday June 21st @ 7.30pm
Saturday June 22nd @ 1.30pm and 7.30pm



Art for many is a way of conveying popular cultures around the world, mishaps or events that have happened in history, or a way of speaking of the artist’s beliefs that they want to show through things placed in galleries or sold in an auction house. But for me, art is a way to reflect on my wellbeing and life events - to vent, to identify who I am in my pieces of work.


During the year of 2019, Year 9 students were able to delve into the topic of Surrealism, which is the illusion of dreamlike scenery that artists such as Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Vladimir Kush have been known for in their paintings. A famous example of this is the piece The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, which is a scene of (what can be described as) liquified or melting clocks in a desert. Very basically, Surrealism is placing things where they wouldn’t normally be.


During the time in class, students were able to dig deeper into Surrealism, and even make their own pieces themselves! How this played out was students played a game of Exquisite Corpse, where in groups, each person came up with an adjective, next a noun, a verb and then another adjective and finally, another noun. They would play this game three times and were allowed to choose which idea seemed most appealing to them. In the end, they’d turn their ideas on to paper to beautiful Surrealistic art.



The next topic students were asked to do was an art project called the Artist’s Birthday Task. In this project, students were to research a fairly unlucky artist, for example: Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close or Frida Kahlo. Students were to design gift tags, a gift box and create gifts using everyday items and their imaginations. These gifts would be things that the specific artist didn’t have in life: the ability to have children, to get over an addiction, or things that reminded them of their childhood. We learned not only about the life, interests, culture and art style of our artists, but we also learned about empathy, we created new inventions, we practiced thinking creatively, we problem solved and learned how to work better in a group.


The art students of Year 9 also went on an excursion around Melbourne, visiting the National Gallery of Victoria to look at different forms of Surrealism, and other exhibitions and artworks on display. We took photos of the city around us and worked on our skills of taking excellent photos, to capture life in the city as it is in the moment, and to experiment with photographic methods.



Art as an elective has been fun for the Year 9s, and hopefully more students choose to carry on with the subject in the future. Art gives you the chance to have fun and wind down from an exhausting day, and it even opens our eyes even bigger to look at the world around us at a different angle.


Mia Richards

Year 9 Student



In the fortnight in the lead up to the recent federal election, BYTES classes undertook the hugely popular “BYTES Decides” module - a staple of the program.


Each of the 16 BYTES classes were randomly assigned a real political party for which they created an election campaign. Students researched the policies of their own and other political parties to consider what they stood for and who they could form alliances with by arranging preference swap deals as well as who may be their political opponents.

All students filled roles including being part of the leadership team (leader, deputy, whips, ministers), campaign direction, campaign marketing, creating an advertisement, billboards, posters, badges, community connections and speech writing. The MERC became filled with posters, each vying for the vote of the Year 9 cohort.


Two elections were held after the leaders gave speeches and engaged in a lively debate. Local state member Nick Staikos joined the political party in speaking to Year 9s about the importance of engaging in politics and then moderating the debate with some probing questions of the leaders who were required to be all across their parties’ policies.


Students learnt how preferential voting works as well as how the votes are counted - something a majority of Australians are not aware of.


David Machin

Bytes Co-ordinator


On the Monday 27 May, students in Ms Kuriata’s BYTES Graffiti Busters class were lucky enough to go on a tour around the city to observe pieces of graffiti and street art to discover more about the art genres, and to get inspiration for their final graffiti artwork they will design in future classes.


Following a professional studio artist, the class was able to visit Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane, Elizabeth Street, more art around the city and even a piece of street art that was commissioned for our guide Matt to paint!


Graffiti or street art is a form of art used by many to express political views, internet trends, to gain fame and speak in a different language about what is happening in the world around us. Each piece of art harnesses a different meaning as they’re sprayed on walls for all to see. Some well-known street artists are Banksy, Justin Bettman, or Henry Chalfant. These artists are some that have helped convey stories in their art to the public and give the city a grungy, artistic aesthetic.

While looking at the street art, I found that most of them were of mainstream issues, mottos, quotes and political slogans that have been said and seen quite frequently in the news and social media. Street and graffiti art is a way to make life blossom even further, creating a new and great narrative for the streets of Melbourne and around the world to wear like a coat. It was a great tour and we really enjoyed it.


Mia Richards

Year 9 Student



On Monday 20 May all Year 11 Business Management classes attended a Smart Saver incursion. This was sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank and Ms Catherine Ayd was the presenter. The focus was ‘Smart Spending’. To start we played some ice-breaker games which tested our knowledge of marketing strategies. Catherine is quoted as saying “Choose your purchases before they choose you!” This essentially means think before you buy, ensure you decide if you truly require the product and establish if and how this product will benefit you in a year’s time. We learned about different money strategies which can help us grow our savings. This information is all valuable to our future and our learning of business concepts and we thank Catherine very much for her time.


Madelyn Do  & Anastasia Prystay

Year 10 Students


The Year 12 Business Management students have been learning about the key elements of an operations system. Thus, they participated in a practical activity called 'Funny Faces' where they have to create funny face biscuits in class - which involves the making of icing sugar and the preparation of lollies in the shapes of a nose, mouths etc to form the face. Students learnt how to work as part of a team, and also gained an insight into how to be more productive, manage their materials more effectively and the importance of quality control and waste minimisation. 


Kate Jobson & Marie Lucarelli

Business Management Teachers


The Schools Share Market Game is an online game run by the Australian Stock Exchange twice a year. Students receive a virtual $50,000 they can invest over a 10 week period, in 220 companies listed on the ASX. The prices students buy and sell at are the same prices as they would get in the live market so this is as close to real life share trading as you can get.


The purpose of the game for students to:


·         Develop their knowledge of the sharemarket

·         Learn how to research companies

·         Discover the importance of wise investment decisions

·         Gain a greater knowledge of economic and world events

·         Begin to learn more about investing which is beneficial for their future


Eighty-five students from Year 10 VCAL, Year 11 Business Management and Year 11 Accounting were enrolled in the first game of 2019 making up 29 syndicates (students can select to be in a syndicate of 1-4 students).


Kalia Torcasio and James Liao from the Year 11 Accounting class are to be congratulated on being the highest ranked syndicate from McKinnon Secondary College. Their final portfolio was valued at $58,099.09 and they were ranked 14th in Victoria of 5,938 syndicates and 54th of 18,918 syndicates overall.


Helen James

Accounting Teacher


On a chilly morning, the Year 12 Geography students headed up to Yarra Valley for our only field trip of the year. Our main purpose of the visit (aside from tasting chocolates!) was to investigate the change of land use and its impact on Yarra Glen - a region traditionally dominated by agricultural industry, and slowly transforming to a popular tourist destination.


We first arrived at the Yarra Valley Chocolate and Ice Creamery, which is beautifully surrounded by Dandenong and Yarra Ranges. After enjoying some truly delicious and unique flavours of chocolate, students were given a talk about the history of the business, regarding the steps and challenges of change in land use, and the whole process of transforming farmland to a popular tourist destination. Some of us were amazed by the development and explanation of the business. We also walked around the factory to investigate the work done by the factory to minimise negative environmental impacts.

We then went back to the Yarra Glen township where we interviewed some local people.


Our survey provided some more diverse opinion of changing land in the region. By analysing the data we collected, we could understand the impact of land use change on local people, local environment and local economy. We also visited Christmas Hills of the Yarra Ranges where we had a view of the scenic Yarra Valley, its beautiful landscape and recorded Yarra Valley’s different land uses.


Other highlights include Yarra Glen’s fantastic playground, where we spent such a good time swinging, climbing ropes, leaving many laughs on dizzy spinners.


It is indeed a wonderful journey, and many thanks to our excellent teachers Mr Blackmore and Ms Mauger for organising this trip (and helping me skipping EAL and double Specialist!). Personally, I highly recommend that all students choose Geography as a subject, as you are guaranteed to have more fun than any other subject!


Yonghan Wang

Year 12 Student



The Palace Cinemas are currently offering 31 of latest and valuable German film productions from Tuesday 21 May to Wednesday 12 June.


The Kino for Kids will provide a six-film feast for young audiences. This section particularly invites students and parents to attend the Festival to engage with German culture and learn the language.


For more information please visit


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages


As part of the Year 10 Languages subjects, students undertake a Victorian Education and Training (VET) Certificate II in Applied Languages. This is a nationally accredited Certificate that demonstrates that the students have a measurable level of language competency. In an increasingly globalised world where over 60% of the world's population speak at least two languages, a workplace level language competency is particularly beneficial.


There are two units (Social Language and Workplace Language) where students are assessed on their ability to have a basic conversation and read and write basic texts in both social and workplace settings. Unlike Learning Tasks, students are assessed as either 'Competent' or 'Not Yet Competent'. If deemed 'Not Yet Competent', they can revise and practise and then undertake the assessment again as many times as necessary until they are 'Competent'. There is less of a focus on grammatical accuracy and more focus on the ability to understand and communicate appropriately, using a variety of resources and strategies as support.


Last year's cohort will receive their certificates and recognition at General Assembly on Wednesday 29 May. This year's cohorts have begun the Social Language unit. For the French classes, this is particularly well-timed as we are about to welcome our French Exchange students to McKinnon. What better way to see if students can have a basic social conversation in French than having a basic conversation with a French teenager?


Next year, in addition to the French and German Certificate II courses, there is the possibility of a Year 10 Spanish Certificate II course as well as a Year 11 French and German Certificate III.  


Ms Dickson

Assistant Languages KLA Manager


As hump week is almost behind us, some Year 7 French students are excited to be using their knowledge from this semester in pair power points about their ideal zoo! Students have worked hard learning new verbs and sentence structure to express themselves in proper sentences and become personal with their French studies. They are excited to show that they know how to form their own sentences and opinions from scratch and immerse themselves in their learning instead of being reliant on outside information. I look forward to their presentations next week.


Congratulations to all Year 7s working hard on another language!  


Ms Koehne

Teacher of Year 7 French


Several weeks of diligent preparation for another Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition at McKinnon Secondary College are finally coming to an end. All of us, French students as much as their teachers, were impatiently anticipating the pinnacle of this onerous yet unique task, always enjoyed by many.


This year again, all Year 9 and 10 French students were given an opportunity to display their talent in a more arty fashion and learn a French poem that they selected together with their teachers. A month later they have performed and recited their selected verses in front of an authentic French jury – representative from Alliance Française.  



The learning and reciting of poems takes a reasonable amount of dedication and effort. Students were able to listen to recordings in class and alone at home, learning verses and stanzas gradually. Once those were mastered, we could start working and perfecting expression, tone and emphasis. Some of the poems this year, just like every year, were accompanied by classic song versions, which certainly helped kids to memorise them and at the same time enjoy and appreciate them.


The Year 9s students revelled in reciting either ‘Toi qui a froid’ by Pierre Gammarra  or ‘Tourner les serviettes’ by Patrick Sebastian. Although ‘L’oiseau’ by Dali or even Raymond Queneau’s poem’ Men at work’ were very popular.


The Year 10s most popular poem was a song Une Chanson: ‘C’est la fête’ by Howard Ashman et Alan Menken.


Altogether, there were almost 100 students participating in this unique event and every candidate will receive a certificate for their performance.


This incomparable literary experience was rewarding for the students and it gave them an insight into French literature and its importance in French culture. I would like to congratulate all participants on their great efforts, enthusiasm and commitment. I also thank their French teachers Miss Dickson, Ms Jimenez and Miss Koehne for their assistance in this exceptional undertaking.


Félicitations tout le monde!




Ludmila Antal

Teacher of French



This Semester has seen the seen the highest participation rates in the Mathematics competitions. Students have demonstrated McKinnon’s core values of resilience and striving for Excellence in the face of a challenge through their participation in competitions that extend them beyond the classroom. They have also awarded themselves and their House valuable competition points.


Held for the first time – Used to demonstrate students logical thinking and reasoning, as well as the potential for programming capacity.



Year 7 & 8 students participated in a 1:1 and group Sudoku Challenge.


Participants: Alice Papadimitriou, Evan Lin (Second Place), Azam Chelakkadan, Eric Chopra, Evie Gallo (Best Time: Individual Round), Aaron Baker (Fourth Place), Rachel Healy, Aditi Patil, Maggie Zhou (First Place), Ricky Cheng (Third Place), Prarthana Agarwal and Keya Desai.



An amazing turnout for both competitions with this year seeing triple the level of participants compared to the previous year. These Math competitions are designed to broaden student’s capacity for mathematical reasoning, insight and creativity.  

At first, I was nervous for the competition, but it turned out to be better than I expected. I thought it would be serious and I would be judged on how good I was at maths. I soon realised that it was more about challenging myself and seeing where I was at and that I didn’t have to worry about anything.


I discovered that I was better at maths than I thought and was able to answer the questions. The competitions have taught me to focus more on how I worked it out rather than worrying about the answer.


Ava Sullivan

Year 7 Student - ELMS)  


Challenging yet invigorating, demanding but rewarding, the Maths challenges offered by McKinnon Secondary College are designed to test the wit of those students who have an interest in mathematics. It doesn’t matter if you're great or not at math, the challenges mostly assess your ability to think outside the box (No I’m not talking about surface area). You could know calculus to the college level and still get stumped by some of the most basic questions.


Even if you don’t think you fit any of these qualifications our Enhancement Club can support you through the process with detailed knowledge and understanding of all fields in these mathematics competitions.


My experience has been great with these competitions and I hope to do them next year.



Year 10 Student


Every Monday Lunchtime (Room A17), students may review class work, enhancement materials and discuss and prepare for the Mathematics Competitions.


Sudoku Challenge (Term 2, Week 9. Any Year 7 & 8 students);

Australian Math Competition (Term 3, Entries closed);

Math Quest Challenge (Term 3, Open to Year 9 & 10 students interested in Math Modelling. See Mr Georgiadis);

Math Olympiad (Term 3, Selected Team).


George Georgiadis

Maths Teacher



On Thursday 16 May the Year 10 Biology students went on an excursion to the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre.  Nearly 100 students took part in the excursion where they were given presentations by some experts in the field of breast cancer as well as by some early career researchers. One early career researcher, Anthony Xuan (former McKinnon Student class of 2013), spoke to the students of his path to research.

 After the formal presentations, the students were guided around the research laboratories by phD students who explained their research and showed them some interesting components of their research such as tissue culture and zebra fish.


McKinnon will be sending two teams of students from Year 10 led by Mrs Sweeney and Ms Nicholls to the upcoming Monash University WiSE Program. This program is delivered by the faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. Our two teams will be paired with a mentor from the university and compete against other teams whilst learning valuable skills in programming and IT literacy. We wish our girls all the best for the day.


Emily Nicholls

Assistant Science KLA Manager

Year 10 Student Manager



On Wednesday 22 May 123 McKinnon students represented the school at Karkarook Park as part of the Kingston Cross Country event. McKinnon once again dominated the day winning both individual and teams event with many podium finishes.

Teams Events Won

17- 20 Boys and Girls

16 Years Boys and Girls

14 Years Boys

12-13 Years Boys and Girls


Podium Finishes

17-20 Boys - 1st Jason Clayton

17-20 Girls - 1st Genevieve O’Brien, 3rd Emma Hattingh

16 Boys - 2nd Adam Paliatsos, 3rd Matt O’Brien

16 Girls - 1st Jessie Ginsberg, 2nd May Landau

14 Boys - 1st Thivi Salwathura

12- 13 Girls - 2nd Annabelle Sakurai

12- 13 Boys - 2nd Terry Tsakiridis


Fifty-three students have qualified for the Southern Metro Region Cross Country to be held on Monday 17 June at Cruden Farm, Langwarrin.


Alice Carter

Cross Country Coach



On Thursday 23 May our Intermediate Volleyball Boys headed off to SSV State Finals.


This group of eight athletes did our community proud and finished as the second ranked school team in Victoria. 


Thank you to their coaches for all their support and what an amazing achievement boys, congratulations.



On Friday 24 May our Senior Volleyball Girls played a thrilling day of games in the SSV State Finals.


The girls, providing a thrilling game play to watch, fought all the way to the end in a match, which could have gone either way. 


Thank you to their coaches for their support, and a big congratulations to these girls for finishing as the second ranked school team in Victoria. 


What an incredible achievement girls.


Ellie Adler



On Thursday 16 May the Kingston Term 2 Senior Round Robin took place at a variety of venues across Melbourne. Congratulations to the Boys Football, Soccer and Badminton teams who won through to Southern Metro Region Finals in term 3. Thanks to all the players for representing the school on the day and the coaches for giving up their time.


Team                                     Position                      Coach

Boys Football


Mr Hudd/Mr McConnon

Girls Netball

A - 3rd, B - 2nd

Miss Andrieux

Boys Badminton

A - 1st, B - 3rd

Mrs James

Girls Badminton

A - 2nd, B - 4th

Mrs James

Girls Hockey


Miss Same

Boys Soccer


Mr Jhoomun

Girls Soccer


Mr Machin


James Bridges

































Thank you to the String Quartet (Daniel Lee, Nina Lopez, Andrew Seamer and Fanxuan Xia) who performed at the Thistlelonian 50th Afternoon tea on Sunday 5 May 2019. The feedback about your performance was fabulous. Thank you also to Ms Clare Bujega for her organisation of this group.


Congratulations and thank you to the String ensembles who performed at Claremont Terrace on Monday 6 May. It is fantastic that you have represented the school so well in the community. Thank you to Ms Clare Bujega for her organisation of this event and to Mr Stuart Cook and Ms Rose Kavanagh for their assistance with this event.


Congratulations to all the students who performed as part of the first Vocal Night for 2019 on Tuesday 21 May. The standard of performance was very high and reflected the development that is taking place. Thank you to Ms West for her amazing organisation of the event and to Ms Theresa Ford and Ms Tania Kaev for their assistance on the evening.



McKinnon Secondary College hosted the South East Victorian Region Stringfest. It was a fantastic day of music for our string students with Nathan Scerri as Guest Clinician. There were 50 students and staff present from 7 SEVR schools.


Congratulations to all the students who performed at the 2019 Strings Night on Thursday 23 May. All the students performed brilliantly as part of ensembles, small groups or as soloists. Thank you to Ms Clare Bujega for her organisation of the night and to the string teachers (Mr Stuart Cook, Mr Andrew Albanis and Ms Rose Kavanagh) for their attendance on the evening.


Congratulations to all the Unit 1 and Unit 3 students who have presented their mid-year recitals in class. The standard has been quite high. Continue with improving your work as you prepare for the end of year performances.


Congratulations to the Symphonic Wind Band who represented McKinnon at the Cranbourne Lions Concert Band Festival on Sunday 26 May. Thank you to Ms Su Rogerson for her organisation of this event and her development of this band.  Thank you also to Mr Martin West for his attendance at this event.


Congratulations to the Ovenden Band, Orchestra, Chamber Strings, Intermediate Stage Band and the Percussion trio for their fabulous work at the Ensembles Concert on Tuesday 28 May in the Lecture Theatre. The standard of performance was very high. Thank you to Ms Tracy Videon, Ms Clare Bujega, Mr Martin West and Mr Sergei Golovko for their development of these ensembles and creating a fantastic nights’ entertainment.


Thank you to the Symphonic Wind Band for their performance at the General Assembly on Wednesday 29 May. Thank you also to Oliver Wiles for singing the National Anthem. Thank you to both Ms Su Rogerson and Mr Martin West for the ongoing development of the band.


  • Tuesday 18 June - Tri-school Senior Bands Concert;
  • Tuesday 25 June - June Ensembles Concert (Junior/Intermediate groups);
  • Thursday 27 June - Year 12 Night.

Megan Papworth

Head of Music















The Inky Awards are Australia’s only teen choice book awards. The Inky Awards give young adults across Australia the opportunity to vote for their favourite YA release of the year. There are two categories: the Gold Inky for Australian fiction and the Silver Inky for international fiction.  


Voting for the 2019 Inky Awards will open in July for 12-19 year olds with the award winners announced in September.


View the 2019 Inky Award Long List


Read the Inky Award Blog


Past winners include:

Paper Cranes Don’t Fly by Peter Vu (Gold Inky 2018)

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley (Gold Inky 2017)

The Hate u Give (Silver Inky 2018)

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (Silver Inky 2017)


If you would like to stay up to date with new titles in the library you can do so from the library webpage under NEW BOOKS.


Please return your books by the due date or speak with library staff about renewing your items.


No school bags or mobile phones in the library.


Janene Watson

Resource Manager



Knitting Club is so much more than just knitting.


Currently, we have students trying their hands at Knitting, Loom Knitting, Crocheting, Cross-stitch and even one student showing us how felting is done! Our numbers have been growing since the start of term, and as we head into Winter, we are expecting a few more to head to this indoor past-time.

What is even more encouraging to watch is the relationships being made and developed. Just like the sewing and quilting bees of old, students are busy socialising while working on their chosen projects.


Meanwhile, Mrs Gill and Mrs Nayyar are leading the charge, knitting purple beanies for the "Beanies not Meanies" Anti-Bullying Awareness Project being run by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in partnership with Lincraft. The completed beanies will go inside the Alannah & Madeline Foundation's Buddy Bags which are filled with basic, essential items for the thousands of children in emergency accommodation - a gift to children going though one of the worst times of their lives.


Ms D Hatch




Boys Knitting




Cross-Stitch & Knitting


GIL & NAY Beanies not Meanies


Loom Knitting


As part of World Environment Day (Wednesday 5 June) the Environment Club and Senior School Council have launched a “War on Waste”, encouraging the McKinnon community to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste.


This is how much plastic waste Australian households combined produce every single minute of the year.


Over time, this adds up.


Because plastic is a miracle material used in everything, we don’t think about it a lot, it just appears and then we throw it away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just disappear. It’s built to last taking 500-1000 years to break down. Even so, 40% of plastics are used for single use packaging.


80% of plastic isn’t recycled in Australia and it ends up saturating our natural environment. It is estimated by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than animals.


In 2015, 90% of seabirds had plastic in their stomachs and marine life starving to death after consuming plastic becomes more and more common, such as the whale that washed up on the Philippines coast on 19 March which had eaten 40kg worth of plastic bags.


This is especially an issue in Australia, where we have some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world in the Great Barrier Reef and Great Australian Bite.


You can support our initiative by:

  1. Cutting down on plastic wrap, aluminum foil and sandwich bags which are made from energy intensive resources and then go to waste and instead using tupperware/reusable containers.
  2. Purchasing a reusable water bottle, as bottled water has to be pumped out of the ground, packaged, transported and chilled before it gets to us, then the bottle takes 450 years to decompose and only 7% of them are recycled in Australia. All the while, you can get it from a tap, for free, with a reusable water bottle.

For students interested in sustainability, Environment Club is on Fridays in room L01 (Adjacent to the library) (Except this week, we will be meeting in B1/B2).


Myles Kelemen

Senior School Council President




Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officers Alison Pollock/Joanne Robinson ([email protected]) or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email [email protected] or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Joanne on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151



For years 10 - 12 only there are a limited number of old style track pants and old style kea jackets being sold at reduced prices.

Track pants $21.00

Jackets          $42.00

Only available for purchase from the shop.



Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



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