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07 June 2018
Issue Eight
Important Dates
Principal's Report
Tree  Logs Required
2018 Camps, Sport and Excursion Funding
Year 8 Learn to Row 2018
La sortie à la crêperie
MGC Writers' Festival
Performing Arts News
Environment Day Workshops
Congratulations Lauren​
MGC Weightlifting Team
Dance News
Year 10 Music Performance Evening
Library News
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Important Dates


12th June - String Soiree 

13th June - VCE GAT

14th June - Year 9 STEAM Careers Day

15th June - Student Free Day

19th June - Piano Soiree

26th June - Vocal Showcase

29th June - Last Day of Term 2


Principal's Report

Congratulations to our number 48 tram girls!


On 29 May I received an email which verified, yet again, the spirit of MGC students. In essence the message read,

A few weeks ago my Year 7 daughter who catches the 48 tram shared with me something that had happened on her way to school. One morning, the tram broke down not far past the Kew Depot/Barkers Rd intersection which meant that she, and the many other MGC girls had to figure out their way to school. The girls all started walking but quite naturally it seems, a couple of the older girls took the lead, with some others at the back, and between them organised the girls on the walk to school, ensuring no-one was left behind or lost.  Apparently to the point of organising girls to walk together and calling out encouragement to each other not to fall behind etc.  I had expected that the girls would kind of just 'follow-the-leader' but was really surprised and very impressed that there seemed to be a conscious effort to look after each other and for the older girls to look out for the younger ones. For my daughter who is new to the school and in Year 7 being new to public transport, this was something she remarked on as being really notable and impressive as well. I wanted to share this very simple story with you as in my view, the fact that this was an everyday event and yet seemed to be such a natural part of the older girls' approach speaks volumes to their characters and the values the school is fostering.

No doubt you will not be surprised with this kind of thing but it's becoming increasingly rare across the community and very heartening to see this being fostered at MGC.


Trivia Night 26 May

Thank you to the magnificent Parents’ Association lead by Gailean Hammond, Robynne Smith, Sallie Carman, Annabelle Makin, Grace Donnelly, Paula McIntosh, David Ratnaraja and the team who provided yet another excellent Trivia Night. Sandor Kazi was the talented quiz master and Ritchie Hewitt our witty and entertaining master of ceremonies. Thank you to our very generous parents who helped us to raise the funds which contribute to Parents’ Association grants for students and staff.


Skyline Education Foundation Australia 2018 Chair’s Reception

Many thanks to Claudia Carlton-Allen of Year 10, Sandra Byrne Year 11, Portia Frayne Year 11 and their dedicated teacher Les Gyori who shared their talent as the MGC string quartet at the Skyline Chair’s Reception held in the Buxton Contemporary Art Gallery, Southbank on 29 May. Our Skyline Scholars were welcomed at the reception, Shehela Ousman, Sabella Tuccio, Chrystal Choo and Bonnie Huang.


Dance Showcase

Congratulations to Jordan Evans and students for the inspirational dance showcase presented on 24 and 25 May. We are very fortunate to have an expert teacher building the talents of so many students. Please see this excellent video filmed by James Lauritz , a video paints a thousand words!


Year 9 Comedy Capers

Congratulations to our talented and brave Year 9 students, their proud parents; leaders, Rachel Robertson, Laura Allen and the World of Ideas teaching team. Tuesday 5th June was full of fun and laughter as two hours flew with each student conquering their fear of performing stand-up comedy on topics close to their hearts, families and experiences.


MGC’s Acapella Choir to perform at the Regional Leadership Conference 12-13 June

Many thanks to our choir and singing teachers Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong for agreeing to the North West Victorian Region’s request for the choir to perform at the Leadership Conference, to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The choir will be singing Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” and Irving Berlin’s “What’ll I Do”. We wish you every success girls.


Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2018 15 September

The Department of Education and Training’s Performing Arts Unit auditioned students from across the state for this year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular. A large number of our students were successful and they are commendable ambassadors for Melbourne Girls’ College. The Spectacular will be performed twice on Saturday 15 September at Hisense Arena, followed by a 90-minute broadcast on Channel 7. Congratulations to:

Georgia Clarke - Choir

Chantel Wong - Percussion Section

Tiffany Li - Violin

Jessica Duong Liu – Violin

Vicki Liang - Clarinet

Miranda Moloney - Alto Saxophone

Jamila Jalloh - Principal Vocalist

Sarah Pace Principal Vocalist / Rapper & Beatboxer


Thank you for your support as always.

Kind regards,


Tree  Logs Required

Request for any parents, guardians or family contacts for:

  • 30 – 60 NEWLY CUT, LARGE LOGS to construct MGC’s first outdoor classroom in the Murrnong Garden.
  • The LOGS must be 45 – 55cm in height and 25 – 45cm in diameter.
  • Healthy LOGS ONLY – no borer bugs (holes) present or logs that have started decomposing.
  • If you can arrange delivery it would be MOST appreciated, BUT if you can’t and you live within 5km of MGC then we can arrange to pick them up.
  • Please email: [email protected] if you can help us “furnish” our new outdoor learning space.

Thank you!

2018 Camps, Sport and Excursion Funding

2018 Camps. Sport and Excursion Funding (CSEF) Application are Open.


Applications Close- June 29th, 2018.

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply.

Each family receives $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school ​students. A special​​al consideration eligibility category also exists.

Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student. 

Please note: If you applied in 2017 your application will carry over to 2018. You do not need to submit a new application unless your circumstances have changed.


Please submit applications to the Front Office or any questions please email [email protected]



Year 8 Learn to Row 2018

Dear Year 8 Families,


Melbourne Girls’ College offers an optional Learn to Row Program for all Year 8 students in Term 3. Over 10 weeks, students will be introduced to the world of rowing. From team building to boat handling, water safety and, of course, lots of rowing!


The Learn to Row program involves one rowing session per week on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. The program begins in Week 1 of Term 3, the week starting Monday 16th July. It will be overseen by the school’s Head Coach of rowing, Steph Burgess and Rowing Leader, Andrew Beck.

The cost of the Learn to Row Program is $220. This fee covers the cost for our coaching staff, organisation and any boat maintenance/repairs. Each session will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Students will be required to wear their regular winter uniform during the day and change into their sports uniform for rowing.


Learn to Row days will fill quickly and we encourage families to return their forms promptly so we can do our best to accommodate your preferences.


Please note that the Learn to Row Program is separate to the MGC Junior Rowing Program which begins in Term 4. Students who wish to join the MGC Rowing Club will need to apply for the Junior Rowing program. More information about the application process will be circulated during Term 3. We will also be holding a Rowing Information Evening for prospective Junior families on Wednesday August 15th, 2018 which will give families the opportunity to hear more about the Junior Rowing Program.


If your family would like to be part of the Year 8 Learn to Row Program in Term 3, please complete the permission form and return it with payment of $220 to Jordyn Taylor in the General Office or via email at [email protected] by Thursday 21st June. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.


As this is an optional school activity payment must be received before students will be permitted to row.


Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Beck Rowing Leader
Steph Burgess Head Coach


La sortie à la crêperie

Year 10 French excursion – la sortie à la crêperie

Last week the Year 10 French students went on excursion to a little crêperie in the city called Roule Galette. They serve traditional Breton (savoury) galettes and sweet crêpes. All waiters and waitresses are native French speakers and they are happy to chat and take orders in French. The crêpes were delicious, the excursion was great fun, all our students were excellent ambassadors for our school – as usual! Bon appétit!


Le jeudi dernier, nous sommes allées à la crêperie ‘Roule Galette’ - une petite crêperie dans Flinders Lane en ville. Le café est très mignon et beau. Nous avons mangé des galettes et des crêpes ensemble, elles étaient délicieuses. Nous avons mangé dans une petite salle privée et tous les serveurs étaient français. Nous avons commandé et nous avons parlé en français avec les serveurs. J’ai commandé une galette qui s’appelle « Tigre Roar ». Il y avait du chocolat, du caramel salé et des amandes. C’était vraiment délicieux et amusant. ​Nous avons pris beaucoup de photos aussi. C'était très agréable. Je me suis régalée à cette sortie. Merci monsieur Hilton.


Le matin du jeudi 31 mai nous sommes allées à un café qui s'appelle Roule Galette. J'ai pris le train à Flinders Lane où j​'ai retrouvé mes amis. Nous nous sommes assises dans une petite salle et j'ai partagé deux crêpes avec Maddie. Nous avons commandé la Forestière et la Gourmande. La Forestière avait du bacon, du fromage, des champignons et une sauce béchamel. La Gourmande avait de la glace, du chocolat, des bananes, des amandes​ et des fraises. Je me suis bien amusée et c'était vraiment délicieux!


Le jeudi 31 mai, la classe de M. Hilton, nous sommes allées en une petite aventure à la crêperie Roule Galette. C'est une crêperie en ville. Nous avons toutes mangé des crêpes différentes, quelques filles ont mangé des crêpes avec du Nutella, quelques-unes ont mangé des crêpes avec des bananes. C'était délicieux et l’expérience était formidable. Nous sommes arrivées à 8.45 du matin mais j'ai été en retard comme d'habitude. Puis, nous nous sommes assises avec nos copines et avons commandé ensemble. Cette expérience a aidé notre langue pendant que nous avons mangé de la nourriture qui était miam-miam ! Nous avons commandé et payé en français.


Le jeudi dernier, ma classe et moi, nous sommes allées à « La Roule Galette, » une crêperie dans Flinders Lane. C’était vraiment délicieux et nous nous sommes amusées. Nous avons commandé en français. Les serveurs étaient très sympas et nous avons appris beaucoup de choses. J’ai mangé une crêpe avec des pommes, de la glace, de la crème, et du caramel salé. Il y avait aussi ‘La Pim’, une crêpe avec de la purée de framboise et du chocolat, le Lady Petrova, qui avait des fraises et du nutella (presque tout le monde a commandé la même, on adore le Nutella !), la crêpe de sucre-citron, la banane et chocolat etc. C’était délicieux.

Aussi, j’ai commandé un chocolat chaud, et c’était très délicieux.



MGC Writers' Festival

Author Workshops

“I’m allowed to have voices inside my head, it’s my job”- Michael Pryor

On Wednesday and Thursday of Week 5, MGC had two Australian authors come and talk to students about how to write a book and then, how to publish it. These two authors, Michael Pryor and Ellie Marney, are renowned across Australia for their books and successful careers!


On Wednesday the 16th of May, Michael showed MGC the magic to his fantasy-writing job by introducing students to the secrets behind his successful career. Although he is 61, he is still in love with fantasy writing and claims that he has ‘the best job in the world’. He wanted to be a writer from a young age and always knew he was destined to write what he loved to read the most, fantasy.  Michael has published everything from plays to poems, and has also written 56 short stories, 38 novels and 1 book that catches fire when opened, and diminishes when closed.        

That sounds like a LOT of writing to do, doesn’t it? Well what makes it even more impressive is that Michael is self-taught. He said himself, “most writers teach themselves through trial and error.” What Michael learned through that process of “trial and error” was that to avoid writer’s block, you need to create a map of your fantasy world. We learned that, (1) creating new things on the map will sprout ideas in your brain for future writing reference and (2) your map gives you a solid plan of how to describe your characters’ whereabouts. It is such a crucial part of writing a story that Michael said one of his author friends spent 5 YEARS on his map before starting to write his book. This map ended up being 2 metres in length, and 1 metre in width! Another way to produce ideas is to name things first. You can name things after, geographical locations, famous people, important objects or ideas produced from your imagination. Thank you Michael, for visiting Melbourne Girls College. We hope to see you again next year!


“When you utilise your own feelings and memories, it is sometimes the best piece you will ever write”- Ellie Marney

Ellie Marney is the famous Australian crime author of the “Every series”, the 8th most borrowed YA (Young Adult) book in Australia. On Thursday 17th May, MGC was fortunate enough to have her come and talk about her career in the writing business as part of the Writers Festival, Authors Workshops. On the day of her workshop, Ellie explained to the students participating in her workshop, not only how to start a good book, but how to start a career in writing. If you want to start a career in writing, use the following 5 steps to help you:

  1. Before you write a book, you need to have a detailed character biography. Ellie commented that she Googled some questionnaires and scrolled through Pinterest before figuring out what her character biographies needed to contain to be useful
  2. Inspiration for a story. You can use external sources such as articles, music, images, books, eavesdropping or boredom. Ellie highly recommends using boredom. “Boredom is a really great way of getting inspiration”, she exclaimed! Or you can use your internal sources, your imagination, your dreams (night and day) as well as images or something else that only you can see
  3. Write a book about the inspiration you receive and include all the information from your character biography in it
  4. Win a writing competition to get wider recognition and publicity
  5. Bring your book to a publishing company or self publish your book into the world. Self-publishing has become popular and soon may overtake traditional publishing. Therefore, self-publishing is a great way to get your book out there.

Thankyou Michael and Ellie for visiting MGC, we hope that you come back next year to teach us more about your amazing styles of writing!


If you are interested in reading any of Michael or Ellie’s books, they have each written one short story in the #LoveOzYA Anthology available at the MGC Library.


By Jess Edbrooke, Year 7


Writers’ Festival Evening

On Friday, the 11th of May in celebration of the new library’s official opening, parents, students, teachers and member of the Melbourne Girls’ College community came to support the creative talents of MGC.


The evening started with the amazing musical talents of Layla Tse, Imogen Meskauska, Ava Morison, Madeline Coronica and Jaeda McPherson who performed songs and played instruments to entertain us. We were also treated to a delicious range of finger foods prepared and served by Year 10 Food Technology students.  


Once everyone was seated, our school captains, Claudia Junge and Ky Luong, and Principal, Karen Money, gave a welcoming speech and a short introduction to the night. 

Throughout the previous year, MGC students submitted some writing pieces, poems, art, and designs, which were put into Melbourne Girls’ College Creative Anthology. Three students read their writing to the audience. Lucy Xu, a Year 12 student read her poem “Home”, Claudia van Vliet, a Year 9 student read her poem “The Rain” and Claudia Mountjouris, also in Year 9, read her short story, “What a Shame”. Following the reading, the Melbourne Girl’s College skilled debate team performed a debate on “The Death of Journalism”.


Then our special guest speaker, Jessica Watson, shared her story. Jessica Watson sailed the world at only 16 years of age. She was named Young Australian of the year in 2011 and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia. Jessica Watson told us about how she got into sailing, how she prepared for her voyage, her journey around the world and what life was like when she returned. Jessica Watson also spoke about her new book, “Indigo Blue”, which was published earlier in the year. The evening concluded with in an informative and inspiring Q&A with Jessica Watson. 



Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to the Writers Festival. Thank you to the music students who performed, the school captains, the debate club, the students who shared their Anthology pieces, and of course the Writers’ Festival Student Ambassadors Laura Wilcox, Imogen Leigh, Claudia van Vliet and Jo Vosos. Thank you especially to Lisa Rosos, Shaunagh O’Connell, Sylvan Dorney, Paul Carter, Emma McCowan and Louise Excell for their tireless, hard work to make the evening possible. Thank you to Ashley O’Brien, Lenore Twist and the marvellous year 10 Food Technology students, Anne Corry and her fantastic performers, the one and only Jessica Watson for talking to us, and the various other authors who came and ran Masterclasses during the week. Also, a special thank you to Ms. Karen Money and the Parents Association for providing the funds to make this all possible! 



Claudia van Vliet, Imogen Leigh and Laura Wilcox

Writers’ Festival Ambassadors

Performing Arts News

Year 11 Performance Evening

On Tuesday, 22nd May, our Year 11 Music and Drama students celebrated the culmination of their Unit 1 with their performance evening. The music students performed both a solo and in a group. 

Hungry Like the Wolves” was arranged and performed by Ruby Ricci (bass and vocals) Franny Fleet (Piano) Claudia Carlton -Allen (vocals) Emily Tonili (drums) and Lucca Randazzo.


 “Somewhere Only We Know” was arranged and performed by Susan Nguyen, Rachel Wat, Maya Ostrawski, (vocals) Angie Tran (drums), Genna Welsh (piano) and Mina Chen (guitar)


 The drama students’ stimuli was social media


“Rule Number 5”

Daisy Batten, Polly Decker, Eliza Hughes, Sonia Li and Bella McNamara

In a society where social media has transcended the norms of communication, we turn into mindless robots controlled by the urge to conform. We use the colour red to illuminate our subjugation under the power of social media and explore how we fall victim to our fear.


“Mind Control”

Lilli Baxter, Ali Casey, Dilara Cokacar , Jamila Jalloh, Mae James and Riley Stoffel

This ensemble piece makes use of both non-naturalistic and naturalistic performance techniques to comment on the effects of stereotyping and unrealistic expectations within the various platforms of social media. The story follows a teenage girl protagonist facing the pressure to conform to societal expectations and seeks to show the negative aspects of a life lived on-line.​

 “Smile for the Camera”

Corinna Bentley, Roisin Casinader, Meg Funston, Candice Musker, Gauri Nari and Deanna Vibovic

Our performance ’smile for the camera’ explores the changes that we go through as we enter the online landscape; shifts in reputation, realisations of self and reconstructions of our bodies. It is clear to us that, while we’re online, we are immediately diminished to art, or to an opportunity, we lose our humanity instantaneously. Online, it is not who we are or what we are that determines self, it is the contextless image we can fit inside a square.

Thank you to our student teachers, Chiara Stebbing (Music) and Dylan Licastro (Drama)

Anne Corry and Lindy Mumme

Bring it On 

“It’s all Happening” with our 2018 Musical Production of “Bring It On”! Students are into the groove of their rehearsal times and are looking and sounding fantastic!


A huge thank you to our student choreographers who are doing an amazing job:

Hannah Jukes Frere and Ava Den Elzen, choreographers for the Truman Cheerleading Chorus.

Hannah Willoughby and Charli Carney, choreographers for the Jackson Crew Chorus.

Gen Campbell, chorographer for the Specialist Dancers.

A huge thank you to Tony Hicks, Andy Clarke and Wen Chin for their work arranging and rehearsing our orchestra and our vocal coaches, Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong.

Thank you to Alice Dawes and Lindy Mumme for their work co-directing.


Don’t forget to put the following dates on your fridge and in your calendars, phones and diaries:


When? There will be 6 evening performances at MGC from 7.30pm on the following dates:

Cast 1: Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th August. (Term 3, Week 4)

Cast 2: Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th August. (Term 3, Week 5)


We look forward to seeing you at the show.


Anne Corry

Musical Production

Bring it On Rehearsals


Environment Day Workshops

On May 21st, the environment team held an in-school summit to discuss plans for increasing sustainability within our school community! We had so many great workshops for our reps so take part in including a vegan workshop, student-ran by Lucy Skelton, to educate us on the principles of veganism. We had guest speakers Karen & Ella form port phillip ecocentre for some leadership and team building as well as Jack & Eugene from AYCC who took a Personal Narrative Workshop- helping us develop our skills on how to communicate climate change and use it in our everyday life. We were joined by Sally Quinn with Green Collect who informed us on the processes Green Collect use to ensure the best environmental outcome for a wide range of discarded office and school stationery items. Angela Foley with Merri Creek Management Committee also ran us through an excellent Water Watch Workshop.

The day was super successful and we can’t wait to share the new and exciting ideas we have with the school community!!

We would like to thank everyone who came in and ran one of their amazing workshops and can’t wait to work with all of you in the future! We would also like to thank the library staff for letting us take over the library for a day.


Polly-Jane Decker

Congratulations Lauren​

Congratulations Lauren Pengelly!

We celebrate the success Lauren Pengelly of Year 12 has had at the recent Australian Gymnastic Championships. Lauren won gold in the team event along with her level 10 Victorian teammates.  Individually, Lauren placed 2nd on beam, 5th on bars and floor and 19th on vault.  She finished 2nd overall. 

We congratulate Lauren and are so proud of all of her hard work and dedication.



MGC Weightlifting Team

The MGC Weightlifting is in full swing. Over the past seven weeks, the girls have been working hard three mornings a week under the watchful eye of the coaches at Ward’s Gym and ourselves. They have been learning the foundations of the three Powerlifting movements: Squat, Bench and Deadlift and the two Olympic Weightlifting movements: Snatch and Clean and Jerk. In such a short amount of time they have all improved so much, not just with mastering the main movements but in terms of their overall strength and conditioning. They have also developed a fantastic sense of club spirit, they are constantly cheering each other on and encouraging each other to push through each rep and each set. Next term the students will start to compete in Sub-Junior and Youth Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting competitions Victoria wide. Every single day they are breaking down the stereotypes for young female athletes all over the world, and we cannot wait to see what they can achieve!


Miss Shaw and Mr Beck


Dance News

Congratulations to the all the students that were involved in the Semester 1 Dance Showcase which was held on the 24th and 25th May 2018.  All students did a fantastic job and should be congratulated on their efforts and hard work.


A special mention needs to be given to the Unit 3 Dance students who performed their technique solo.  We wish you all the best for the end-of-year examination in October.


Students will be able to sign up for Semester 2 Dance occurring in Week 10 of this term. Students are reminded to check their email and the student bulletin for dates/location.

We look forward to working with you again next term.


All the best,


The MGC Dance Faculty

Year 10 Music Performance Evening

On Tuesday 29th May the Year 10 Music class put on an evening of stunning musical performances. The students delighted the audience with the funky sounds of the trumpet and saxophone, a flute duet of the famous “Flower Duet” from the opera Lakme, piano and drum solos, to a number of vocal performances in the style of pop, jazz, and rock. The highlight of the night was Anya and Genna’s performance of “You Give Love A Bad Name”, as they got the audience singing and clapping with them! The students who performed were: Imogen Boyd, Eirene Carajias, Eva Chen, Gabi Denham, Jasmine Frazer, Grace Freemantle, Meagan Gerrard, Cassandra Goldsworthy, Anya Hemley, Cici Hou, Daisy Huang, Deitra Kotsanis, Claire McKeown, Melinda Nguyen, Anastasia Parnos, Jocelyn Phuong, Lucia Stella, Selina Wang, Sylvia Wei, Erica Wei, Genna Welsh, Ellie Williamson, Viva Wilton, Charlie Young, Angelica Zhang and Selina Zhou.


Well done everyone!



Library News

Student Book Reviews


The story takes place in a land called Erilea. The main character is an eighteen-year-old girl named Celaena Sardothien. She was an assassin, the best of her kind, until she made a fatal mistake and got caught. She was sent to serve a life sentence in the salt mines in Endovier, but after one year of hard labour there a young prince comes and offers her a deal that can save her: he offers her freedom, but she must win a competition that his father holds. In this competition she will fight against the best assassins and thieves in the land. The winner will serve the king for four years and afterwards the winner will be free. Celeana accepts this offer and soon she finds herself training in the king’s castle, but her life is threatened as someone starts to kill the other champions.
What I liked the most about this book was the character of Celeana, she is strong, independent and sarcastic. She fights for what she wants, she looks like nothing can scare her and like she doesn’t care, but deep down she cares, just only about those she loves.

The other thing that I really enjoyed was the world. It is set in a medieval time and even though I haven’t read many books that take place in this time period I loved it. The world is huge and the story has so many aspects, and together it creates a perfect world. The author did a great job when writing this book and I just loved her writing style. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t stop and I felt like I lived in that world throughout the whole story. I think this book is great for people who love fantasy and also enjoy historical fantasy.






Let It Snow is a tale of Christmas joy, humour and love. It tells a story of three romances, one of heartbreak and new lovers, one of friendship-to-romance, and one of a barista and a teacup pig. Yeah, the last one is… interesting. The book takes you on hilarious adventures with all sorts of twists and turns. If you are the type of person who likes feel-good books, this is definitely the one for you. The first part is about a girl who gets stuck on a train going to her relative’s house because her parents got arrested for a ridiculous crime. On this endeavour, she gets stuck in a waffle house full of cheerleaders, almost gets completely drowned, and ends up at a stranger’s home for the night. And this is only in the first story. The stories collide and you get three different perspectives of what happened on their special night of Christmas. It is one of the funniest books I have ever read and I would definitely recommend it for anyone because it will put you in the best of moods.


This book may just be a Christmas miracle.

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College
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BRING IT ON Term 2 rehearsal schedule.pdf
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