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20 September 2017
Issue Six
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The newsletter this month provides me with an opportunity to highlight two important areas. Firstly, regular student attendance is critical for effective learning and maximising opportunities for success. While attempts are made to have students catch up on work missed due to absence, it is never the same as being in class to experience the learning first hand. Our College is investing heavily in improving teacher capacity but this will not be effective if students are regularly missing classes. We rely on the support of parents to ensure their sons and daughters are organised and ready to attend school every day. Regular student attendance will be a major school focus over the next few years and, if successful, will help all our students to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Secondly, I want to encourage parents to become more engaged with our College in a range of ways. Research has shown that a strong partnership between parents and their child’s school helps to achieve improved outcomes for students. I encourage all parents to connect with our school, take an interest in their children’s education and communicate with the teachers, year level coordinators and administration of the school if assistance is required. The partnership between students, their parents and the school is at the heart of our College community, and I am determined to nurture this relationship in an effort to achieve the best outcomes for students.

I hope that Term 3 has been a successful one for our students and they can look forward to an enjoyable holiday at the end of the month.



John Jovic






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Pyjama Day

Our Free Dress day this term was PJ day! Many students and staff rugged up in cosy pyjamas in order to raise money for the local Food Truck, a wonderful initiative which provides meals and groceries to those in need in the community. Our school has been involved with them for a while, with some of our students cooking for them. Maree Schmidt, who is the liaison person between the Food Truck and our school, approached the SRC about supporting this very worthy cause for our free dress day this term. The SRC thought this was a truly worthwhile cause and really got behind it. In order to help the students at CSC really know what we were supporting, the Food Truck came to the school at lunchtime and engaged with the students. It was great to see up close the reality of the charity that we are supporting, as so often it seems distant and disconnected to the students. We want to thank Maree for organising this and for bringing this wonderful cause to our attention. We also want to thank Steph Hughes for her help in the process, Chris who runs the Food Truck for giving up her time and coming down, and all the students and staff for donating. We raised $815.35 on the day, great effort !




SRC Concert

On Monday 11th September, the SRC put on a concert in the Canteen Annex. The concert MCs were Tegan Tong and Bianca Isaacs, Year 11 SRC members. The event gave us a chance to showcase just a few of the many talented students here at CSC. Musicians included Sarah Santos, Jericho Nhim, Harley Heng, Raquel Amandi, Bianca Isaacs, The Common Boys, and ex-student Tyra Lewis. The event coincided with the Asian festival and Henna Hands was taking place in the Canteen Annex at the same time. Many thanks to Annette Evans for sharing the space with us! It was great to have so many students and staff come together and enjoy the music and the diversity of the CSC community. A very big thanks needs to go to Josh Mitchell and Pete Scott for setting up the stage and all the equipment, and Neale Reilly for doing lots of promotional work. The event helped to raise extra funds for the Food Truck who provide meals and groceries to those in need in the local community.









Class Captain Assembly

Monday 11th September was a very busy day for Student Leaders at CSC. On top of the free dress day that they organised, and the SRC concert that they put on at lunchtime, they also took part in a Class Captain Assembly. This assembly gave the Class Captains and other Student Leaders a chance to get to know each other a little better, work on their leadership and teamwork abilities, and to have a really genuine say about what goes on here at CSC. The students brainstormed about a number of key issues within the school and provided suggestions about how to tackle issues like littering in the yard, the curriculum review, and how our school community should act and what their responsibilities are. It is very rewarding watching the students’ confidence grow as they realise that what they say and think is valued and heard. We will be having another one early next term where we will begin to actually put some of the students’ suggestions into action.


Heidi Gunn

Student Leadership Co-ordinator




Monash Champions Program

Monash Access Champions Program

The High Achievers and leaders of Year 9 and 10 were selected to take part in the Monash Access Champions Program. The program went for 6 months. The Year 9 students that participated in the program were Caitlin Zealley, Sarah Santos, Taylah Rasmussen, Jaymi Muzzicato, Emily Bridgeman, Tyler Bushell, Fahtima Afaese, Riley Simmons and Josh Lloyd. We had to create a project focusing on tertiary education. The original idea that we had in mind was to make a careers hub but due to lack of time, organisation and communication we weren’t able to pull through. But as a result we ended up making a PowerPoint presentation and a Kahoot on tertiary education. This was later presented to the Year 7s and 8s. After the presentation we were given great feedback on how well we went and how it was informative for the students.

The project was based on tertiary education. We covered many different aspects of further education, such as the benefits, opportunities, finances, and outcomes. Doing this project was beneficial for the junior school students, and it helped us develop confidence in presenting, and knowledge on the subject of tertiary education.

The Year 10s were working on a community project which involved going out to primary schools and having sessions with primary students who were anxious about starting high school. They had a really big impact and were featured in one of the primary schools’ newsletter. The Year 10s who took part were Stephen Hart, Tiffany Isgro, Matthew Olierook, Aashvi Parekh, Trent Ruston, and Ian Stewart.

Though we were working together on the project, we had additional help from three Monash mentors, and it gave us a clearer picture on what we needed to do to complete the project. At the Monash presentation day, the project was presented to the other schools that had participated in the program.

Overall, the program was a very beneficial experience for the Year 9s and 10s. We gained confidence, knowledge and independence throughout the program, and we are very thankful to Monash for giving us this great opportunity.

- Taylah Rasmussen and Sarah Santos



History comes alive at Cranbourne Secondary College

Year 9 Humanities students have been experiencing history first hand this term as part of their studies of World War I. In the classroom they have donned the historian’s white gloves and have examined primary sources from the war including postcards, photographs, badges, magazines and even uniforms. They have also attended an excursion to The Shrine of Remembrance where they were able to see artefacts from the war including trench periscopes and a boat used at the landing of Gallipoli. Students had the opportunity to dress in the uniforms worn by nurses and soldiers and were able to learn why it is still important to commemorate the lives of those were served in the Great War.


Entrepreneurs Unearthed

Entrepreneurs Unearthed “Pitch 2 Impress” - Agenda

Date: Thursday 7 September

Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: EY (Ernst & Young) 8 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000

(Students to arrive at 10:45am and register at the building Reception on the ground floor before gaining access to EY Reception).


10.45am Student arrival – registration
11.00am ABCN Welcome & Introduction

11.05am Communication, Body Language and Presentation Skills

- interactive activities

12.30pm Lunch

1.00pm Building Your Pitch

- interactive activities

1.40pm Next Steps and evaluation
Workshop Closes


Key Contacts:
Sanjeev Singh, ABCN Program Manager  0412 835 836
Peta Magick, ABCN Program Manger   0411 010 643

Year 8 Bowling

Two words you’re unlikely to hear as a learning intention: STRIKE OUT!

Yet that was exactly the aim for a group of select Year 8 students one Thursday afternoon to reward them for the great work ethic they have consistently demonstrated.

Along with Mr. Bowen, Ms. Caldwell and Ms. Milne, we all headed off to the local bowling alley earlier this term and had a ball!

Highlights of the day included the introduction of the sport to recently arrived student, Neel Patel, who went on to bowl numerous strikes, so that he may be reconsidering cricket as his favourite!

The overall winner from the day was Mr. Bowen, followed closely by Ms. Caldwell*, but it proved to be a day of shared victories in recognising the students and their successes.


Sports News


Year 7 Sport

On Thursday the 24th of August we had our Year 7 division Sport day. Thanks to all the students who made the teams and participated on the day. Well done to Boys Handball for winning their competition and congratulations to Boys Basketball for making it through to the region competition coming up in October.


VET Sport and Rec

On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Pieter from Fencing VIC and Mel from Power House Yoga, come out and run some sessions with our Sport and Recreation Students. All students were definitely taken out of their comfort zone and experienced some very new challenges. Hopefully something to take up in the future……..


Outdoor and environmental Studies

Over the past few weeks, students have been taken to new levels by experiencing Indoor rock-climbing, High Ropes and Trees Adventure. Students were tested with different ranges of climbs, flying foxes and obstacles at varying heights. All students pushed themselves and faced some fears along the way. A great experience with fun had by all.





News from the Careers Office


Applications for 2018 entry

Open – 7 August 2017 at 9am

Close – 28 September 2017 at 5pm

Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)

Open – 7 August 2017 at 9am

Close – 10 October 2017 at 5pm

VTAC Scholarships

Open – 7 August 2017 at 9am

Close – 13 October 2017 at 5pm

Change of Preferences

Open – 7 August 2017 at 9am

Close – 20 December 2017at 12noon

For more details regarding important dates, and applicable fees, please refer to


Career News for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students, in both the VCE and Senior VCAL programs, have been busy working through their post-secondary school options this term.

Kathie Jacobs, our vocational careers practitioner has been meeting with our Senior VCAL students and helping them with their 2018 plans.

Sharon Bourne, our tertiary education careers practitioner, has delivered a number of workshops to the VCE Year 12 students to assist them to register on VTAC to make their tertiary course applications.  She also presented an after school session on how to complete a SEAS application on the VTAC system.  It is important that students take up these opportunities to stay informed. Every student applying for a tertiary course via VTAC should tick SEAS Category 1.

Each VCE Year 12 student has been required to make an appointment to meet with Sharon Bourne this term.  A number of students are yet to make their appointment and we would encourage them to do so before the end of term 3. 


  • Higher education reform package update (cost of higher education in 2018)

It is always important for prospective TAFE and university students to make informed decisions and consider the cost of tertiary education.  At the moment, there is legislation that has yet to go through the Senate regarding higher education.  The table below is a simple explanation of the possible changes (if the legislation passes) and the impact it will have on the cost of higher education for Australian Permanent Residents and New Zealand Citizens.


            Australian Permanent Residents and New Zealand Citizens


Current Situation

Eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places (Type 1 – subsidised)

Not eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places

(must pay full fees)

Not eligible for HECS-HELP loans (must pay upfront each semester)

Eligible for FEE-HELP loans (can defer payment until  they are earning above the minimum threshold)

Proposed reform

Not eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places

(must pay full fees)

Eligible for FEE-HELP loans (can defer payment until  they are earning above the minimum threshold)


***For any questions about government loan schemes for further education students can visit the Study Assist website or phone Study Assist on 1800 020 108.

A huge thank you to our Afghan community

We recently hosted a workshop run by the Careers Education Association of Victoria, along with the assistance of a Dari interpreter, where a small group of parents discussed and took part in activities which emphasised their role in supporting their children in their career exploration and decision making. Along with a rundown of the structure of the Victorian Education system, parents were introduced to the five key themes of career planning. They are:

  1. Change is constant
  2. Enjoy the journey
  3. Follow your heart
  4. Learning is ongoing
  5. Use your networks


If you’d like more information about how you can help your child/ren understand these key career planning concepts please contact a member of the careers team.


Year 10 Work Experience

Cranbourne Secondary College’s Year 10 Work Experience program will be taking place in the final week of term, 18 – 22 September. Approximately half of our Year 10 students have found a placement and you might see them working in a number of places in our local community over that week. If you are a parent of a Year 10 student on Work Experience, it would be great if you can take some time to talk with them about their day to day activities. Many of them find being in the workplace to be a challenging experience – work is indeed very different to school!


Students who DO NOT have a work experience placement will be expected to attend school during this last week. Most classes will run as normal even if there are reduced numbers in some. In some cases classes might be collapsed. In this case students would go to Study Hall and they will have an assignment to complete over this time.


If families have previously organised a holiday during this last week of term they should contact the school to provide details of this. Students who do not attend during the last week without a valid reason will be followed up.


If you have any questions about work experience you should contact Carren Brennan on 59963544.

Food Technology

“This term year 10 food students have been very busy designing and producing individual cakes as part of their assessment. Their hard work sure has paid off with the end result of each one being brilliant! We are all very proud of the students and what each one of them has achieved ( we may even have some future pastry chefs at CSC). Well done to all!”



Tegan Lipson, Stephanie O'Kane & Sharon Linsell

Year 10 food technology teachers





Friday 22nd 

Last day of School Term 3 early finish all students 2.30pm



Monday 9th

School resumes all year levels


Thursday 19th 

Year 9 (ABCD) Presentation Night


Tuesday 24th

Year 9 (EFG) Presentation Night



Thursday 26th

Year 12 last day of classes


Friday 27th

Year 9 (IHJ) Presentation Night




Monday 6th

Curriculum Day (No School)


Wednesday 22nd

Year 7 Parent Information Night


Monday 27th Nov-Friday 15th Dec

Headstart Commences



Monday 4th

Awards Evening (Bunjil Place Narre Warren)


Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th








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