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05 February 2020
Issue One

'St John Vianney's school Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards'

Dates to Remember 
 Principal Post
From the office...
Prayer: Bush fire & Drought
Meet & Greet Interviews
Religious Education
Prep Information Evening
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St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School
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Dates to Remember 

Important Dates


Friday 7th - Opening School Mass, Badge Ceremony & Welcoming new students (Church 9AM)

Saturday 8th - Reconciliation Enrolment Mass (Year 3's)

Sunday 9th - Reconciliation Enrolment Mass (Year 3's)

Tuesday 11th - Meet & Greet Interviews 3.30pm - 6.00pm 

Wednesday 12th - Meet & Greet Interviews 1.45pm - 7.30pm (STUDENTS WILL FINISH AT 1.10PM)

Wednesday 12th - Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Monday 27th - SJV Open Day 9.15am & 10.15am

Wednesday 19th -  Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Friday 21st - Year 3 Fun afternoon

Tuesday 25th - SCHOOL PHOTOS

Wednesday 26th - Preps not in (Literacy Testing)

Wednesday 26th - Ash Wednesday Mass

Wednesday 26th - Swimming (Years 3-6)

Thursday 27th - Reconciliation Year 3 Family Faith Night. 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Friday 28th - School Clean Up Day
Friday 28th - Swimming (Years 3-6)

Friday 28th - Working Bee 2.30pm - 4.00pm 

Term Dates

TERM 1 – 30th January – 27th March(NORMAL FINISH 3.15PM) 

TERM 2 – 14th April – 26th June (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 3 – 13th July – 18th September (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 4 – 5th October – 16th December (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

Camp Dates 


YEAR 4 CAMP - 2nd - 4th September (SOVEREIGN HILL)

 Principal Post

From the Principal. . . 

Dear Families, 

A Happy New Year to each one of you and welcome back to St John Vianney's as we begin 2020! 

The staff and myself as Principal aim to work in partnership with families to provide an environment both at home and at school which nurtures, affirms, challenges and engages our children to do their best and reach their potential. 


As a Catholic school we focus on building life giving relationships. May the St John Vianney’s community be a place of welcome, acceptance, care, faith, support and celebration!

I acknowledge that this summer has been a very difficult time for many people as fire and drought have ravaged many states within our country, particularly Victoria and New South Wales. In the past couple of months, we have witnessed and grappled with the effects of the ongoing bushfires. Added to this now is the global concern of the Coronavirus and the uncertainty and anxiety that this may bring.

In relation to the Bushfires I hope that you were not directly impacted (please let me know if you were). The bushfires have been devastating; lives have been lost, towns and homes destroyed and smoke continues to shroud large parts of our nation. Despite this calamity I’m sure that you, like me, are also in awe of the way people have come together both nationally and globally and responded. The resilience of the communities effected has been remarkable. The firefighters and emergency response teams have been amazingly courageous and heroic. The amazing spirit of generosity and empathy shown by so many both locally, across our country and globally is indeed heartening.

Whilst many of you have already have contributed in some way to the Bushfire appeal, as a school we will have a free dress day and ask that students bring a gold coin. This way we also say we stand with those stricken by this devastation.  We will donate via St Vincent de Paul.  As a community we need to continue to pray for our country and those who have been affected. I have included on the next page a prayer that many Parishes are using. Feel free to print it off.  

The outbreak of novel Coronavirus has also raised a degree of anxiety and is a global concern. The safety and care of your children and community members is paramount. I am following the advice given by the Australian and Victorian Governments and has been shared with the Catholic Education Commission Victoria. On Monday an updated letter was sent out to all Parents on our data base via email and hard copy. Last Thursday  a Novel coronavirus ‘fact sheet’ was  sent out.

At school we are encouraging students to implement good respiratory and personal hygiene practices. You will have seen the hygiene  posters around the school buildings including classrooms and teachers have spoken to their classes about the posters. I will continue to update you should there be further  advice. 

Welcome to Students & Staff

To all our new families, we extend a very warm welcome as you begin your association with St John Vianney’s school. We sincerely hope that the years ahead are full of learning and positive experiences for your children! We hope that we work well together in partnership to develop and bring the best out in your child.  A special welcome also to the new staff joining our SJV team; Emma May (Year 1/2 and 1/2 Level Leader), Rhiannon Coco (Maths Leader and Maths Intervention Teacher) Julie Walton (Literacy Intervention Teacher) and Sam Pirotta Learning Support Officer. Welcome back to Bec Chan (Prep) who is returning after Parental Leave. 

Our New students….

Our Prep students and other students who are new to our school are overall, settling in very well. The transition of all students to their new classes has begun successfully.  I thank you for the support you have given to your child and the school!  

Wellbeing Focus in classrooms

The beginning of the school year is often an exciting time for students and for some it can be mixed with degrees of anxiety. Questions such as the following can ruminate in a child’s mind:

  • Will I make a new friend? Will I maintain friendships with last years friends? How will I go with my new teacher? Will the work be too hard?  

Being excited to be back amongst the SJV Community and anxious as to how it might all play out are normal emotions. Continue to listen to your children and reassure them that they are in a safe and caring environment. Your children do need to be resilient and recognise that there will be ups and downs across the year. If appropriate, let them work out the issues that they may encounter. If they need support please ensure they seek assistance from a teacher/ staff member.

To support the students to settle into the new school year,  the first two weeks within the classroom emphasise student wellbeing.  There are many getting to know one another activities, talking positively about routines and structure which evidence suggests helps students in their learning.


Our thoughts and prayers are very much with Dawn Heldt. Dawn’s mum died in India on January 15th, after a long illness.  Dawn had been with her Mum and family in the preceding difficult weeks. May her Mum Anita rest in peace.

Opening School Mass & Captains Badge Presentation - The Premier Dan Andrews to present badges

This will occur this Friday at 9am in the Church. It is a very special occasion as we gather to ask blessings on our year.

At the Mass:

We will welcome our Preps, new students from other grades and new staff.

The Staff will be commissioned in the important task as educators and collectively will receive a blessing

The Captains will receive their badge from our Local State Member, Dan Andrews (Premier of Victoria)

After Mass our Year 6 parents are invited to a morning Tea in  the staffroom.

From the office...

Action Plans 

Please ensure ALL ASTHMA, ANAPHYLAXIS & ALLERGY plans are sent to the office as soon as possible. It is vital that the school has this information. 

Healthcare Card

If you have a healthcare card you may be eligible for government assistance towards your school fees. You will need to fill out a form which is available at the office.

Icon ePortal

If you are having issues logging onto the ePortal, please ensure you send an email to with your child's name and class. 

Updated Details

If you have updated your contact details, email address, emergency contacts or address you MUST notify the school office as soon as possible!

Prayer: Bush fire & Drought

Prayer for those affected..


Meet & Greet Interviews

Meet & Greet

As you may recall from last year’s newsletter next Tuesday 11th February and Wednesday 12th February, we will be hosting our Meet & Greet Interviews. These are 10 mins in duration and give you an opportunity to talk further about your child with the class teacher. Your child is encouraged to attend the Meet & Greet but this decision is entirely at your discretion.

Bookings for the Meet & Greet are done online.

Please note these interviews are for 10 minutes only.  We need to keep to time.






We acknowledge the following birthdays from 
Wednesday 20th November -Tuesday 26th November

Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoy your special day!

- Mannat 1/2DB

- Teanna 1/2DB

- Tashni 1/2M

- Mason 3/4A

- Julie Prep CH

- Marcus 3/4IM

- Lj 3/4RH

- Esther Prep CH

- Elisha 1/2DB

- Mikyla Prep C

- Jessica 1/2M

- Stella Prep CH

- Dylan 3/4HP

- Nethuli 1/2DP

- Haani 5/6R

- Ameila 3/4A

- Jaydan 5/6R

- Alexander Prep L

- Nickolas Prep L

- Jacob 1/2DB

- Shanaya 1/2DB

- Jeswin 5/6J

- Isla 3/4IM

- Tara 5/6LS

- Kanishk 5/6N

- Wade 5/6N

- Kathleen 5/6N

- Athanasia 1/2LF

- Aaliyah 3/4RH

- Nicholas Prep CH

- Elly 5/6R

- Caris 1/2LF

- Bhavi 1/2DB

- Dina 1/2GP

- Joshua 5/6R

- Arlo Prep CH

- Atreya 5/6LS

- Celine 5/6LS

- Angelika 1/2DP

- Olivia 5/6LS

- Rohanna 5/6H

- Jehan 1/2DB

- Isabelle 3/4IM

- Cyrella 5/6N

- Sukhnoor 3/4IM

- Rohan 5/6J

- Elroy 5/6H

- Kevin 3/4IM

- Lena 1/2DB

- Laura 5/6N

- Delilah 3/4RH

- Lia Prep CH

- Jaisukh 3/4RH

- Malcolm 1/2GP



Religious Education

Welcome Back


Welcome back to the new school year. A very special welcome to our new families and students. The beginning of any new school year, while at times stressful, it is an exciting time when we can embrace new friendships, programs and learning.

Once again we have a very busy year with many celebrations and  events happening within our Religious Education program.

Opening School Mass

Please come along to St John Vianney's Church, Friday 7th February @ 9.00am to celebrate and give thanks and blessings for our year ahead.



Rite of Acceptance Masses

This weekend sees the beginning of our preparation for Reconciliation with the Rite of Acceptance Masses. Families are asked to attend one of the Parish masses this weekend (8th & 9th February). Your child will be presented to the Parish community and receive their Reconciliation folder from one of the priests. It is essential that all children who are receiving the sacrament this year attend one of these masses. Each child will receive a First Reconciliation Commitment card on Thursday. This needs to presented at one of the weekend masses.


Family Faith Evening - Thursday 27th February

Our Family Faith Evening will be held on Thursday 27th February beginning at 7.00pm in the Brigidine Learning Centre. On the night, you will receive more information regarding the sacrament celebrations. It is essential that the child making their Reconciliation and one member of their family is present for the evening.



If you have yet to return the Reconciliation Enrolment form and payment could you do this as soon as possible please.


Have a lovely week

Claire Russo

Religious Education Leader



Prep Information Evening

Prep Information Evening

We look forward to seeing all  PREP  parents  this coming Wednesday for an Information Evening. The meeting aims to assist you as parents as your child begins formal schooling.

The meeting:

  • Will begin at 7pm and conclude at 8pm.
  • Will be held in the Performing Arts area (Parking is available on the Top Basketball Court as well as the Parish Carpark. The back gate on St Johns Way/ Studley St will also be open for pedestrian traffic).
  • The meeting will provide information about Literacy, Numeracy and General news pertaining to Prep at SJV.

                              Tuck shop 

The tuckshop at SJV is open from Wednesday to Friday only.

You can order a lunch order via CDFpay  or Via a brown paper bag with money in it.

Please note: The cut off time for CDFpay is strictly 9.30am




Program Details

For more information about our programs and fees, you may visit our website If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our exceptional Customer Care Team that is available to support our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except for National Public Holidays. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators about the Camp Australia program at your child’s school.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia

                              Coordinator: Brigitte                                                     Phone: 0423 793 662

Check out all the fun activities happening in Your OSHC this week!


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