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20 March 2020
Issue Four
Principals Message Kate Perkins
Diary Dates 2020
Stars of the Week
Year 1 & 2
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Year 5 & 6
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Principals Message
Kate Perkins

COVID-19 Update

Keeping you updated on the implications to our school regarding  COVID-19 is our aim. Each week day we are sending out a Compass notification related to school procedures and strategies to maintain the health and well being of our community. Please check Compass each week day at approximately 3:00pm for this update. 


If there are any dramatic changes to school life announced over the weekend we will inform you through Compass. Please ensure you have the app and your push notifications are turned on. 

Independent Home Learning Program (IHLP)

Teachers have been working exceptionally hard to plan and practice our IHLP. To support this students will be bringing home a range of their books in case of a school closure after the holidays. 

Easter Raffle

A HUGE thank you to our Parents Association and helpers who wrapped up all of our prizes for our Raffle! They did a fantastic job and we appreciate your support. 


We are still collecting Easter donations and you still have time to buy or sell Raffle tickets. Spare books can be collected from the office. The Raffle will be drawn on the last day of term at 11:30am and annouced over the public announcement system. 



Notice from CommBank School Banking

The health, safety and wellbeing of our communities and our people is our first priority. Due to the rapidly developing situation with coronavirus, School Banking has been temporarily paused from 20 March 2020 until the start of Term 2. Please don’t bring your deposit book with your weekly banking into school and we will notify you when banking will recommence.

World's Greatest Shave/Crazy Hair Day
- Friday 13th March

A fantastic effort $8616.97 was raised for the Leukaemia Foundation. Thank you to everyone who supported and fund raised for such a great cause.  



Easter Colouring Competition

Thank you to Jai P for his work in organising the Easter colouring In competition.  On Monday Jai and his helpers will be displaying all the entries and winners will be announced later in the week. 



Diary Dates 2020

Term Dates 2020

Term 1, 2020
*Students start Wednesday 29 January*

Tuesday 28 January - Friday 27 March

School Holidays: Saturday 28 March - Monday 13 April 


Term 2, 2020

*Students start Wednesday 15 April due to Curriculum Day*

Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June 

School Holidays: Saturday 27 June - Sunday 12 July


Term 3, 2020

Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September 

School Holidays: Saturday 19 September - Sunday 4 October 


Term 4, 2020 
Monday 5 October - Friday 18 December 

2020/2021 Summer School Holidays: Saturday 19 December 2020 - Tuesday 26 January 2021


Upcoming Curriculum Days

Tuesday 14 April 

Friday 11 September

Monday 7 December

Victorian Public Holidays 2020

Monday 9 March

Labour Day 


Friday 10 April 

Good Friday 


Saturday 11 April

Saturday before Easter Sunday 


Sunday 12 April

Easter Sunday 


Monday 13 April

Easter Monday 


Monday 8 June 

Queen's Birthday 


Friday 25 September

AFL Grand Final Holiday


Tuesday 3 November

Melbourne Cup 


Friday 25 December

Christmas Day 


Thursday 26 December

Boxing Day

Prep Transition Dates for 2021 Families

Prep Information Night for Prospective Families 

Tuesday 19 May 7:00pm


All below transition sessions run between 2:15-3:15pm

Friday 24 July

Friday 7 August 

Friday 21 August 

Friday 4 September 

Friday 9 October 

Friday 30 October 

Friday 13 November 


A schedule of each session will be uploaded to our school website once confirmed


Prep Information Night for Enrolled families 

Wednesday 2 December 7:00pm

School Dates 2020


Saturday 21

(Cancelled) YRPS Movie Night will be rescheduled hopefully


Monday 23 

(Cancelled) School Photos will be resheduled in Term 2


Tuesday 14

Curriculum Day (No Students)


Friday 8 

Royal Botanic Gardens Prep Excursion


Tuesday 19

Prep Information Night for 2021 prospective families 7:00pm


Tuesday 12 - Friday 22



Wednesday 20 - Wednesday 27 

Book Fair


Monday 15 - Wednesday 17

Year 5 Camp


Thursday 30 July

CAST A - School Production 


Friday 31 July 

CAST B  - School Production


Wednesday 5 - Friday  7 August

Year 3/4 Camp


Thursday 10 

Year 5 & 6 Science works


Friday 9 October 

Year 2 Sleepover


Friday 16 October 

Colour Explosion Run4Fun 


Saturday 24 

Art Expo


Wednesday 11 - Wednesday 18 

Book Fair


Monday 30 November - Friday 4 December

Swim & Survive Swimming Program

Compass School Manager Parent Portal


Our School Website


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Stars of the Week

Prep M

Cruze F 


For his amazing guided drawing of a Wombat.

Prep T

Layla A

Choose your attitude

For always having a positive attitude towards all areas of her learning. 


Zoe R 


For her wonderful enthusiasm towards learning. 


Lily R 


For showing excellence in her approach to her recount writing on Google Docs. 


Tyson W 


For always putting in his best effort. 


Colbey C 


For showing excellence when learning new Maths concepts. 


Chace C 

Be there 

For being a helpful friend to others. Well done!


Ruby ED

Be there 

For being Yarra Road's first ever girl to shave her head and for her incredible amount of money raised for the World's Greatest Shave!


Nate C 


For doing really well in the Premier's Spelling Bee. 


Imogen G 


For writing an excellent 


Sienna D


For writing an excellent 100 word Storyathon story, 'The Electric Shock'. 

Our School

Together we can make it great!

Let’s BE THERE for each other by staying focused on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. A kind gesture can MAKE THEIR DAY when we do things big and small to make them feel good. Good and bad things happen every day, but you can always CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE. We know learning is more fun when we throw ourselves into it, so lets PLAY!

YRPS School Values

Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Confidence and Resilience.

Stars of the Week will be presented next Friday morning 27th March over the public annoucement system.














Around our Level


The continued warm weather beckons us all to appreciate the sensory world of nature! This is the perfect time of year to expand the limits of our reading to include the great outdoors. We moved our story time outside today! It provides the children with the unique opportunity to incorporate the sights and sounds of the outside world into their reading encounters.

Reading is a multi-sensory experience filled with opportunities to use sight, sound, and touch.



Do You Hear That?

By focusing on listening to sounds outdoors we can help the children to use skills critical to developing phonemic awareness. Children to close their eyes and listen to the sounds around them. What do they hear? Can they make these sounds too? Are any of these sounds similar to letter sounds? The RRRRRR of an engine is the letter "R" and the EEEEEE of a bird sounds like the letter "E"! Go on a listening walk hunting for "worldly" phonemes. Say them, sing them, write them down.



The Sound Of Quiet

Do the classrooms around us make a sound? A tree? The ground? The children are amazed to find that there are subtle sounds everywhere.



Pay Attention

When we take reading time outdoors, our children sharpen their attention and listening skills as they deal with the "distractions" of bird and traffic sounds while focusing their attention on the book. This is good practice for learning to read wherever you are!


Maybe you can read outside at home too. Find a comfy spot, enjoy the fresh air and the sounds all around!

Year 1 & 2

Around our Level


Last week in Level 2, we were fortunate to have Ezra our ‘Artist in Residence’, visit our school and conduct a number of dance sessions with our students. The children were very excited to perform at our special dance performance on Friday afternoon to our parents and special guests.





We came dressed to school with our ‘crazy hair’ for our special ‘World’s Greatest Shave' assembly. We also celebrated Ride, Walk and Scoot to School Day. We enjoyed purchasing our ‘slushies’ and raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation- a fantastic cause. We raised over $8,600 from the Yarra Road Community which was an amazing effort. Well Done!!!!!




Year 3 & 4 

Around our Level

The last two weeks have been packed full of learning fun! Students in Year 3 and 4 enjoyed our Dance Incursion and performing in the school assembly last week. The students showed off their Crazy Hair last Friday, and watched the Worlds Greatest Shave Assembly. 



3/4S and 3/4PA students have been exploring the outside environment and recording their thoughts in their Writers Notebooks. 3/4H and 3/4D have participated in STEAM activities, they had to draw their design first, and then build with toothpicks and blu tak.



During class time over the last 2 weeks, some highlights in student learning have been: focusing on Addition strategies, Finding Information reading strategy, introducing Persuasive text writing, the 'd' and 'i' sounds for spelling, as well as learning and presenting about Celebrations from around the world.   




Year 5 & 6

Around our Level

There has been lots happening in Year 5 and 6!


A highlight for us was last Friday’s World’s Greatest Shave and Crazy Hair Day! It was awesome to see so many students having their heads shaved and hair coloured. We raised $8616.97 for the Leukemia Foundation who are always so appreciative of Yarra Road’s donations. Great job everyone!


This week is Harmony Week so we have had conversations about how we are all similar and unique and what it means to belong. Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Classes are working on an activity where the students decorate a paper person that represents their culture on one side and their strengths on the other.



In addition to our regular learning during class, we have been discussing our positive traits as a person. Year 5 students have been working on a project for our Ethics & Emotions topic and the Year 6 students have been designing identity t-shirts.



The Year 5 girls have been creating identity collages and the boys have been learning how to do two-point perspective drawings as well as coding on their chromebooks.





Storyathon is an exciting and free online event where students are challenged to write a story that is exactly 100 words. Writing short stories is a wonderful and engaging way to get young children interested in creative writing and the language arts in general.  It provides children with a unique opportunity to play around, experiment and discover things about themselves in a short amount of time.


5VH have joined and this term the theme was ‘Shocked’. Here are our shortlisted stories. Why don’t you have a go at writing a story that just has 100 words? Try to keep the end a surprise.




Performing Arts

What an amazing Dance Week it was last week!  We were fortunate enough, through the Artist in Residence program, to have Ezra Bush from Dance Curriculum visit Yarra Road PS to run a series of 4 dance sessions for every student in the school.



Ezra is an extremely talented dancer and educator who not only teaches some very funky dance movements, but is passionate about instilling a love of learning in all students.  He had amazing command of a gym full of students who were so engaged, and smiled and laughed through the sessions.  It was wonderful to witness the students’ focus and determination to keep to the beat and dance in unison with their peers.  Dancing can sometimes be quite intimidating for some, but we were thrilled to see everyone cast aside any insecurities and really give it their best go.  



After three full sessions, we had a final rehearsal with each group before our big performances on Friday afternoon in front of the parents.  Those who were able to come along were treated to rehearsed performances as well as improvised movements via a game called ‘Copycat’, whereby selected students were asked to lead the whole group in a series of impromptu upper body movements.  How brave they were to be seated in front of 75-100 other children and lead the dancing!



A highlight of the afternoon was when the parents were invited to participate in a dance alongside the students, grooving to some ‘Kiki’ and a rather crazy ‘Ice-cream and cake and cake’ dance!  I had the absolute pleasure of being able to look around the room and see the beaming smiles of students and parents as they enjoyed dancing together.  



A huge thankyou to Ezra and Dance Curriculum to coming out to school to share his love of dance.  We have received such positive feedback from the students and parents and are so grateful that we were able to have this program at our school.


Cath Shalders 

Performing Arts Specialist Teacher



Visual Arts

A fantastic learning curve for children in Level 4, watch their mosaic grow.


6S learning the skills of making mosaics.


Thank you to the Year 5 volunteers who gave up their lunchtimes to create the Snake Totem.

Congratulations to Blake and Donny from Year 5H for their excellent drawings of the War Memorial and the Year 3/4 building. 


Requesting Lids for Year 3/4 Art

We are also requesting for any lids, metal lids preferred but would love jam lids and passatta lids, will accept plastic lids also. Please send up to the office. 


Thank you 


Kerry Halliday

Visual Arts


What a term its been in PE! All students participated in Softball Clinics as part of the Sporting School Program. These were very popular and students were able to improve their skills and knowledge of Softball / Tee ball through a professional coach who took these lessons. 


Grade 1 and 2 students had Corydon Football Club run clinics with them improving their football skills and the Prep students have been amazing in their development of abilities through the PMP program. 


Grade 5 and 6 students were lucky enough to get in 5 rounds of inter school sport with all students enjoying the experience of playing competitive games agains other schools. 

The last few weeks though have been challenging for our sports programs with the Coronavirus precautions being taken by the government. All extra curricular sports have been cancelled or postponed, so we will be waiting for further information regarding some of our upcoming events. House Aths has already been affected, so has Inter School Sport. Cross County, Hoop Time, SSV tryouts are all next on the list of cancellations pending more information on the Coronavirus outbreak. 


We will of course be keeping everyone up to date, so keep an eye on compass for all the latest information!

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School Community News

Karate at Yarra Road - Friday Afternoons


YRPS Noticeboard 

To view our Noticeboard on our School Website please see the link below 


Connect with our local police on Facebook 

Eyewatch Facebook page connects local police to their communities to help with crime prevention, neighbourhood safety and solving local crimes.   














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