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20 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
Important Dates
Principal's Report
The Slade Literary Awards.
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Year 12 Media Screening
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Important Dates


September 21st - Last day of Term 3 

September 21st - French Cultural Day

October 8th - First Day of Term 4

October 10th - Year 10 OED Hike Camp

October 15th - Vocal Showcase

October 18th - Year 7 Immunisation

October 19th - Year 12 Media Screening 





Principal's Report

Welcome to the last newsletter for term three. Please have a safe, restful break from the school routine over the next two weeks. We look forward to welcoming everyone back ready to take on the challenges of term four on Monday 7 October. We also hope our students studying in France and China are enjoying the immersion in new cultures, languages and experiences!


Parent Teacher Student Conferences 18 September

Thank you to all parents who took the opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss their daughter’s progress, areas for both success and improvement. The team of student, school and home working together with the young person at the centre is a key indicator of academic and social success.


Visible Wellbeing professional learning day 14 September

Thank you for supporting the student free day on 14 September. Staff continued the learning in Professor Lea Water’s Visible Wellbeing Program. The complex world of the so named “Fourth Industrial Revolution” our young people are growing into requires many character strengths to succeed. The program is designed to foster such strengths in every lesson and co-curricular activity, every day.


State School Spectacular

Congratulations to Jamila Jalloh, Sarah Pace, Tiffany Li, Jessica Duong Li, Chantal Wong, Miranda Moloney and Georgia Clarke, our MGC students who performed in the Victorian State School Spectacular on Saturday at Melbourne Park Arena. Channel 7 will be airing highlights of the show on Saturday the 8th of December.


Victorian Education Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our wonderful office administration team who are finalists in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards. All finalists are published on the Department’s website at: . The winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 26 October.


Music Success –Technology and the Arts in action

The Junior String Ensemble took part in an exciting music project called the AMEB Online Orchestra. Over 1900 performers across Australia took part in this digital project to perform the same piece ‘Waltzing Matilda’.


Our contribution was filmed on the balcony of the Gillard Centre against the beautiful backdrop of the Yarra River. Please see with our ensemble at the 0:50 mark! The very talented students involved were: Erica Brown Yamada, Hazel Calwell, Sophie Clemson, Milli Coburn, Mihiri Dharmabandu, Claire Garner, Sheida Karimzadeh Jorshari, Kaede Kiriyama, Zoe Korr and Evie Scott.


It Takes a Spark Conference

Congratulations to Wendy and Tony Keen, Catherine Walkear, Emily Rochette and all of the STEAM team who hosted 280 people at a STEAM conference last Friday. I am sure Wendy will highlight the learning and activities in her report.


Many thanks for your ongoing support of our College students and staff, again, please enjoy the break.

Kind regards,



The Slade Literary Awards.

Congratulations to Year 8 students Amy Deller, Mia Rose, Freya Myers and Year 7 student Chang (Margaret) Xu who were finalists at The Slade Literary Awards Presentation Evening on Monday 3rd of September.

Each student was required to submit a piece of original writing up to 600 words on the topic ‘Be the Inspiration.’

Amy Deller was awarded second place in the junior division, Freya Myers was awarded third place and Mia Rose received a Certificate of Merit. Chang (Margaret ) Xu was our EAL entrant and received an encouragement award.

The 25th Annual Slade Literary Award were sponsored by The Rotary Club of Richmond (RCR) in partnership with Mark Slade.

MGC Environment Team

September has been a busy time for the MGC Environment Team!

We have attended two School sustainability summits, hosted the star-studded media launch of Kids Teaching Kids week in the Gillard center, improved the biodiversity of the local area and developed an outdoor classroom on the river bank the and signed off on our new School Environmental Management plan!

The MGC Environment team continue to find innovative solutions to our environmental conundrums. Our pedal and ergo generators are now connected to the grid and we are able to monitor our solar, pedal and rowing generation data on the one system. We continue to reduce the amount of waste we generate and recently installed a “solar cone” composter to deal with the organic waste that our worms refuse to eat (this means bones, bread and dairy). Stay tuned in Term 4 as we introduce a new organic waste system that will significantly reduce our contribution to landfill and the consequential greenhouse gas emissions!

The honorable Lisa Neville MP, minister for water officially opened ‘Kids Teaching Kids Week’ at a ceremony featuring student presentations from MGC, Cheltenham Secondary College and Bentleigh West Primary School and concluded with a Guy Grossi-prepared morning tea featuring local ingredients solely sourced from ‘Melbourne’s food bowl’. The ceremony reminds us of the power we have to make good environmental choices in the food and energy that we consume and the importance of student voices around environmental issues.

On the 4th of September, 10 Environment Representatives attended the annual St Kilda Sustainable Schools Forum where they presented a hands-on workshop to other students on the history of the Murnong or Yam Daisy. Congratulations to the whole team of students who attended, who were also lucky enough to accept a Sustainability Leadership award for our work in the Resource Smart Schools program.

On the 12th and 13th of September Mr Vance and 12 Environment leaders attended the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s Climate Justice Summit. This event was also the launch of the AYCC’s Repower our schools report, which was presented to Education Minister James Merlino with a case to switch all Victorian schools to 100% renewable energy. The two-day summit was an amazing experience for our students from year 7 to 11. Students were able to work with other environmental leaders from schools across Melbourne, learning about climate change, renewable energy and the fact that climate change is a social justice issue as well as an environmental problem. It was a chance to revisit and recommit to our strategy to become a carbon neutral school.


If you would like to be involved in sustainability initiatives at MGC (or just like to hear more about them), then you should consider joining the MGC Sustainability Collective. This informal group meets twice per term on the third Wednesday of the month. Our next meeting is the 24th of October at 6-7.30pm in Lyceum room 5. All welcome. Please contact Mr Andrew Vance for more details: [email protected]

Performing Arts News

State School Spectacular

Congratulations to the following students who were involved in Saturday's State School Spectacular at Melbourne Park Arena, the culmination of months of rehearsal:

Principal Vocalists: 

Jamila Jalloh and Sarah Pace


Tiffany Li & Jessica Duong Li (Violin)

Chantal Wong (Percussion)

Miranda Moloney (Sax)


​Georgia Clarke


Channel 7 will be airing hilights of the show on Saturday night, December 8th.

Performing Arts Song Writing Showcase.

Congratulations to the following students who performed their original songs at our lunchtime Song Writing Showcase last week, on Wednesday, 13th September:

Bea James (Year 7) performed “I’m no Superman” a’capella.

Jaeda McPherson (Year 8) performed “You Left” and accompanied herself on the piano.

Lucia Stella (Year 10) performed “Homeless”, accompanying herself on the guitar.

Angie Anh Thu (Year 11) performed “Thank you”, with a recording of her own backing track which she created using Garage Band.

Well done girls!​

The Floor is Yours

“The Floor is Yours” is based in ABC Southbank in Melbourne. It is all about showcasing talented children between the ages of 9 and 14  in Australia.  We’d do a short interview with them, about what inspires them, why they like to do their particular skill and where they want to take their skills in the future, then invite to perform a piece of about 2-3 minutes duration.​


We  shoot in studio at Southbank on Thursdays from 1pm til about 3pm.


Here’s a link to the show:


If interested, please contact Conor Jobson (who teaches Irish Dancing here at MGC)

Year 12 Media Screening

MGC Parents' Association Raffle

By now you should have received your raffle ticket books in the mail.

Please return them sold or unsold ASAP.


If you didn’t receive a book please stop by the office to collect one.


If every student purchased their book for $25 we could raise more than $35k for the school.

You have to be in it to win it!!!


“It Takes a Spark” Conference @ MGC


On Friday 14th September, MGC hosted the “It Takes a Spark Conference” which saw 280 teachers and students attend the college. We had the pleasure of listening to the keynote speaker, Jacqui Savage talk about how she has created lifesaving technological solutions for the medicine. She inspired everyone with her journey to establish her own company and her work as a biomedical engineer. Jacqui is a strong supporter in advocating for women in STEAM.

Other sessions throughout the day included Micro:bit coding, marble run design challenges, virtual reality Zorb balls and problem solving challenges.

Our second keynote speaker was Dr Karen Lamb who is a biostatistician and who works at The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. She is currently working on a range of health issues such as cancer and obesity. Karen is also one of Australia’s inaugural superstars of STEM.

Some feedback from the “It takes a Spark” Conference

  • I used to think that STEM was boring technology stuff but now I think that it may be a career I could pursue for my future
  •  I used to think STEAM was the absolute worst and the most useless thing …but now I want to be an engineer
  • I used to think that I didn't have any potential in this area of learning but now I think everyone has potential if they set a goal and work for it
  • I used to think STEM / STEAM was not very interesting /fun but now I think its really fascinating and may be a career option
  • I used to think STEAM was going to be boring because it was hard but now i think it is fun even if it is a bit challenging
  • I now think STEM and STEAM is really cool
  • I understand that Science is so much more than just about scientists and I can enter a path or career that involves Science and I can solve world problems

First Lego League


MGC’s Lego League teams were treated to a visit by Mic Lowne to discuss the upcoming Lego League completion event being held at MGC in November. Mic has agreed to be our head referee on the day and he spent time with students going over the fundamental goals of the FLL, which include:


Robot Design

Teams design, build and program a LEGO® robot to complete a series of challenges. The robot has to operate on pre-programmed instructions, and complete as many tasks as possible in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Every year, teams study the year’s theme and develop solutions to problems they’ve identified in society. Through the project, teams learn more about the competition theme and present their ideas to a panel of judges. This year the project asks students to suggest solutions to solve problems faced by people living for long periods in space.


Core Values

Throughout the competition, teams are judged on their adherence to the FIRST® LEGO® League core values, including teamwork, Coopertition®, and Gracious Professionalism®. This aspect of FIRST® LEGO® League is designed to develop the students of today into the responsible citizens of tomorrow.


We need volunteers

MGC is hosting a regional competition for Lego League on the 10th of November and we need volunteers to help make the day a success. All volunteers need a Working with Children card (free for volunteers) and you can sign up for the MGC event by following this link.


You can find out more information about the different roles at or you can email Wendy at [email protected].


2018 University of NSW Global Science Competition

Congratulations to the following students on their results in the 2018 University of NSW Global Science Competition:


Merit: Andrea Chin (Year 8), Claudia Mountjouris (Year 9), and Karen Wong (Year 12)


Credit: Dorothea Lam (Year 7), Rachel Chiu and Tyana Tsai  (Year 9)


Distinction: Romy O'Donoghue (Year 9) and Lan Wang (Year 11)


Well done to all the girls who participated and on  your excellent results!


-Catherine Walkear


Upcoming Events

First Lego League Regional Final - 10th November

Boomerang Bags

Do you have a stash of reusable bags hiding at home? Or just want to support sustainability and recycling?

Boomerang Bags need your help!  


Boomerang Bags is a community organisation who make reusable 'boomerang bags' from recycled material. Boomerang Bags are run by volunteer workers and have communities all over the world in support of sustainability and against single-use plastic bags.


Help us out by donating your reusable bags! This 

Drop off point: in the box under the middle stairs

Thank you for your support!


For further information email [email protected].

Library News


Student Book Reviews

Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. The only problem is, once you pass through Coldtown’s gates, you can never leave.


One morning, after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses. The only other survivors of this massacre are her exasperatingly endearing ex-boyfriend, infected and on the edge, and a mysterious boy burdened with a terrible secret. Shaken and determined, Tana enters a race against the clock to save the three of them the only way she knows how: by going straight to the wicked, opulent heart of Coldtown itself.


Together Tana, Aidan, and Gavriel escape and race against the clock to save themselves by entering a the deadly world of a Coldtown.  Hid behind towering walls, Holly creates an amazing world where Vampires exist alongside humans called Coldtowns. It's a seductive world, where social media glorifies vampirism, and Vampires are treated like celebrities. Their dark whims are only a "human" away. Those who enter the Coldtown's dark embrace, don't come back out.

What happens in Coldtown Stays in Coldtown. Once inside coldtown the action and pace slows down some as the the stage is set for a reveal of rival enemies, revenge, and an epic and bloody battle. Oh and some wicked romance too!

Library Book Club

The Library Book Club is a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more. We meet on Purple Mondays in the library - keep an eye on the Student Bulletin for which room!


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College