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31 August 2018
Issue Eight
Respectful, Responsible, Successful
Fast Forward
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Bringing boundless energy and enthusiasm
National Science Week
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Respectful, Responsible, Successful

Photo: Expressive 1: Year 12 - 2018

Term 3

By this time next year
I will get my foot in the door
Next year I know I'm going to score

An amazing success


‘This Time Next Year’  by Christopher Hampton, Don Black and Andrew Lloyd Webber from ‘Sunset Boulevard’

School Plan Update

One of the key features of Strategic Direction #1: respectful, responsible and students is our implementation of our FOCUS program which uses the principles of Positive Behaviour for Learning.  As I walk around the school, it has been pleasing to see that students know our FOCUS matrix and our expectations.  For example, students know that our expectation with mobile phones is that they are “off and out of sight” and students can repeat this phrase back to me.  Students know our three core values (respectful, responsible, successful) and this language now influences how we interact with students.

Year 12 - What To Do Now

With HSC assessment tasks finished, this is the time for Year 12 to shift into a new phase.  They are no longer competing with each other for ranks and marks.  The mission now is for Year 12 to work together, help each other and produce not only individual personal bests but a collective best effort as a cohort.  These messages will be reinforced with students:

  • You wrote some good study notes?  Share them with a friend.
  • You see why a student doesn’t understand a concept?  Help them to learn.
  • You find a good case study or example?  Let the whole class know.

A massive amount of marks in the HSC can be attributed to writing effective paragraphs which means writing effective sentences.  It has been pleasing to hear from our examiners that our students have been writing the entire duration of their trial HSC exams.  This is very important as there are no prizes in the HSC for finishing first and students are not allowed to leave the exam centre in any case.  The whole exam time needs to be directed to maximising marks, which includes:

  • checking, double checking and triple checking answers
  • writing in detail for each question
  • going back and adding in additional information where required
  • improving introductions and conclusions in essays

In terms of my introductory quote, “by this time next year”, the HSC will be long-forgotten by our current Year 12s, so now is the time for the foot to hit the accelerator and go full throttle from now until the HSC exams.  By far, the best form of revision is to complete past HSC papers and these are available here.

Students can also complete multiple choice questions from past HSC papers via this NESA app 


Congratulations to Dragana Cekic and Nikolina Cupac who will be our

year advisers to the graduating class of 2025! 

It was a very strong field of candidates and we are very lucky to have people interested in these roles.

Beginning Teachers

Our beginning teachers recently attended a full day conference conducted by our two Head Teacher – Mentors, Katherine O’Malley and Jane Carter.  Our beginning teachers are very fortunate to have in-school experts to guide, mentor and support them through their first years of teaching.  Our beginning teachers learned about behaviour management strategies, differentiation in the classroom and much more.  We are very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic, positive and passionate group of young teachers at our school.


Expressive I

Congratulations to the Creative and Performing Arts faculty on an amazing evening at the 'Expressive I' event at Club Marconi on Wednesday, 29 August 2018.  It was fantastic to see high quality student achievement across visual arts, photography, music and dance. 

I know our parents really appreciated this opportunity to see our achievements in the creative and performing arts and I'm already looking forward to next year's event!


One night only


Year 12 Graduation Ceremony


P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 3 September 2018.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 6 September 2018.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.

Mark Sutton | Principal

Fast Forward

Photo: Year 9 at Western Sydney University, pictured with our Careers Adviser, Mary Reid and Dr Katrina Barker, Director of Academic Programs, School of Education | Western Sydney University #westernsydneyu

Year 9 welcomed

A fantastic evening and opportunity for our students to officially welcome our 2018 Year 9 students and their parents/carers to the Fast Forward program held recently.  These students will be involved in a Sdutiosity workshop (study assistance) on Tuesday, 18 September followed by a University on Thursday, 27 September.    

Mary Reid | Careers Adviser

On 15 August,  eighteen Year 9 students from Cecil Hills High School attended the Fast Forward Welcome to Western evening at Bankstown campus to be officially inducted into the Fast Forward program.  Over 120  parents and family members were in attendance to witness their children being welcomed into the program and receive a gift of a book, Letters to my Teenage Self.  An official welcome speech was given by Dr Katrina Barker, Director of Academic Programs, School of Education, on behalf of the University.  We also heard from guest speaker Mr Robert Patruno, the (Acting) Principal from Punchbowl Boys High School and Fast Forward Scholarship recipient, Mr Jason Vo who all talked about their experiences with the Fast Forward program.  

Carol Richardson | Project Officer, Fast Forward

Office of Widening Participation | Western Sydney University



AIME day at the University of Wollongong 

(Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience)


Throughout the year Cecil Hills High School has proudly taken part in the AIME mentoring program at the University of Wollongong. Through AIME Mentoring, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are given the chance to work with Indigenous students from the Greater Western Sydney Region. The AIME program strives to connect university students with Indigenous high school students across Australia.

The program itself is the largest volunteer movement of university students in Australian History.


Guided by AIME mentors and university educators, our students yarn about current social issues, how to overcome prejudice Indigenous students can face and how they can be the best version of themselves. Students worked in teams to build confidence, perseverance and resilience.


Our students participated in all activities throughout the day such as; depositing their hopes for the future in a deposit box, breaking through barriers that have been holding them back, performing raps, dances and poems that evoke their emotions and finally the ever entertaining connect four championships, which Travis Mobbs of Year 9 proudly won.

The goal of the AIME program is to engage and motivate the students to be the best they can be in their studies and sports. At the core of the program is the Indigenous students heritage and closing the education gap between Indigenous and non- indigenous students. This is an aspect of the program that Cecil Hills High School proudly supports and actively takes part in.  

D Kulevski | Teacher Representative


Around the school

Photo: New species found! Year 7 Science

Because of her we can

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. NAIDOC week is dedicated to celebrating the culture, history and achievements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. It is celebrated by all Australians from all walks of life including the staff and students of Cecil Hills High School.

The theme for NAIDOC Week 2018 (8-15th of July) was “Because of her we can!” which celebrated the valuable contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have made – and continue to make – to our communities, our families and our rich history.

The Diversity Team developed some fun and engaging activities for students to take part in during Connect lessons. Activities included a PowerPoint and video providing an overview and encouraging discussion about Influential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. This was followed by a comprehension activity which involved interpreting the 2018 NAIDOC Week poster which consisted of powerful messages based the theme ‘Because of her we can!”. 

Cecil Hills High School Diversity Team



On 29 August, our Year 7 and 8 debating teams versed Bossley Park High School for the 3rd round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. For our first debate, which involved our year 7 team, the topic was, “That we should lower the compulsory voting age for teenagers”. Many relevant points were raised, in what was a very close debate, however Bossley Park were the winners.

Our Year 8 debating team were next and their topic was “That the government should impose a curfew on teenagers”. Cecil Hills were on the affirmative side and they argued how a curfew for teenagers under the age of 16 would be beneficial for their safety and wellbeing. In a very interesting debate, our Year 8 team were the winners.

Congratulations to both our year 7 team (Michelle Nguyen, Lily Vella, Elena Kozul and Sienna Drinkwater) and our year 8 team (Lucy Todd, Taneisha Coyne, Christina Nguyen and Negan Moshi). Well done to all!

Ms Baldacchino | Debating Coordinator 

Student Representative Council

One in twenty children are born with a genetic disease or birth defect. You likely know and care about someone affected. Genetic diseases are one of the leading causes of death in kids under four and the main cause of ongoing hospitalisation. To fight this epidemic, we need more research.

This year, Jeans for Genes Day celebrates its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter of a century in the campaign to support those with genetic diseases such as cancer. This extremely successful annual fundraiser allows Cecil Hills High School to participate in funding clinical health treatments which is something we are proud to contribute to each year.

Cecil Hills High School celebrated Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 3 August 2018.  Students from all grades wore their jeans in a joint effort to support the fight against genetic diseases. For a gold coin donation, the SRC successfully united the school to aid those in need, raising over $700. The day was enjoyable and the SRC are proud of the high levels of participation in this initiative as members of every grade participated in this rewarding day.

Ms Sahid and Ms Occiuto | SRC Coordinators


Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

Annually, all schools across Australia are required to take part in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD).  Students have been identified by the school as receiving a learning adjustment to address a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992).  The information provided through the collection is used by the government to target support and improve resources for students with disability across Australia.  


The privacy and confidentiality of all students and information collected are ensured throughout the national data collection process.  Here's some additional information for parents and carers regarding the data collection process. 


Please contact the school if you have any further questions about the NCCD.

Ms Kalinski | NCCD Coordinator

Outside the classroom

Photo: Alicia Sek | Year 10 Photography


Early this term, Year 8 Street Art class had a workshop visit from Street Artist,  Florence Araniego. A former local girl who grew up in Liverpool, she has since gone on to exhibit both here in Australia and internationally in places like Japan. The students worked with her to begin creating sticker walls that will be exhibited at Casula Powerhouse on  25  August 25 as part of the MCA’s GENEXT festival for young people aged 12-18.


"On Wednesday 22nd August we went on our amazing excursion to the Casula Powerhouse Muesum for our Street Art class. It was an amazing and fun day learning about paste-ups and creating our own".  Alexia Papanakos


"On Wednesday we went to Casula Powerhouse to display our paste-ups that we have been working on throughout the past few weeks.  On behalf of Cecil Hills High School Street Art students we would like to thank you for the wonderful day you have given us and for letting us display our artwork for the GENEXT festival, run in conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art".  David Nyugen


"I loved the excursion because it was interesting and amazing" .

 Bilal Malas


Students had been working on creating Paste-ups with local street Artist Florence which were then exhibited on Saturday (25th) as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art's GENEXT Festival.

C Marks | Street Art teacher


Monique's Academy experience

­­­­­­­During the first week of the July school holidays, I was selected amongst 40 students within NSW to attend the UBS Finance Academy.  The academy not only accentuated my ability to learn, lead and cooperate, but allowed for me to socialise with phenomenal individuals within the finance industry as well as individuals who will be our future leaders and CEOs.

The course made me wiser and more knowledgeable in aspects of finance and helped me to decipher my leadership personality. The academy placed me beyond my comfort zone which assisted greatly in the development of both my confidence and enhancing my ability to communicate and collaborate with others.

The course allowed for me to forge relations with thirty-nine other like-minded students within NSW and intellectuals of the finance industry. Via the course, I gained a thorough understanding into mergers & acquisitions and investment banking, as well as attending seminars

and lectures which allowed for me to decipher a day in the life within the finance industry including that of operations, equities and equity research, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions.

Ultimately, the academy was an amazing opportunity to meet new people and get an insight into investment banking and potential future pathways - an experience that I will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Monique Grant | Year 11

Students' skills and talents congratulated!

Carmel Aiello, Museum Coordinator and Education Officer,

Fairfield City Museum, who launched our Expressive I event 

on Wednesday evening at Club Marconi was deeply impressed

by the sheer volume of the works on display and payed tribute to the

"beautiful and outstanding"

photography, ceramics and portraiture exhibited.


Carmel said the exhibition showcased the development of student skills from the naive and playful Year 7 works using colour theory which culminated to the more sophisticated  portraiture works of Senior students. She remarked that the exhibition was evidence of the skill and dedication of the CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) staff led by Antonella Verter.

Excited by the prospect of Cecil Hills High collaborating with well known Australian artists living locally, Carmel looks forward to opportunities for our students to explore and develop their skills through such experiences made possible by working with the museum and gallery.

Jenny Green | Teacher Librarian

Bringing boundless energy and enthusiasm

Photo: Cecil Hills High School St John Cadets, with group leader, Rhonda Alexander

There's a lot more to being a St John Cadet

Did you know that St John Cadets runs at Cecil Hills High School every Thursday afternoon?


Young people are an important part of St John bringing boundless energy and enthusiasm. In return they take away important lifesaving first aid skills; as well as life skills including teamwork, communication and organisation, whilst building confidence and self-worth.


Juniors, Cadets and youth development are vibrant programs for everyday children and teenagers. Whilst the emphasis is on first aid we also develop leadership and social skills, bring opportunity to form friendships, give time to help others, experience a sense of achievement and learn skills for life.


JUNIORS (8-11) is all about having fun! Developing skills through proficiency programs, and becoming Junior first aiders.

CADETS (11-17) work towards becoming Preliminary first aiders, and then it’s hands-on learning through proficiency badges, competitions and camps, and practising first aid skills as part of a supervised team at public events.

YOUTH MEMBERS (18-25) are able to broaden skills and improve personal attributes, particularly in learning more advanced first aid skills. Then there’s the opportunity to undertake comprehensive leadership training.


  • Awards and Competitions
    Earn proficiency badges, aim for the Grand Prior’s Badge, opportunities to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards and achieve recognition for attending public events as a first aider.
  • Recreational Camps Develop your leadership and social skills, and experience team bonding in a fun team environment.
  • Public Events Attend first aid events and assist in treating casualties under adult supervision and participate in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and March.

Through fun and fulfilling activities our Cadets gain new skills and find new career opportunities they might not otherwise have considered. St John Cadets make a positive contribution to the community, and the skills learnt in leadership and decision-making look great on university or career applications.


Interested?  See Mr Chandler or one of our Library staff members.

Check out the St John volunteer page


After School Study

After school study is now available for all students on Thursday afternoons in the school Library. Students must be organised and bring relevant work with them. Access to books, computers and internet will be available. Work will not be provided. Supervision is provided until after school study session closes at 4.30pm.


National Science Week

Photo: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki with staff members - Aaron Underwood, Annie Ha, Shane Vesey-Wells, Paula Vella

Impressive results 

This year 50 students participated in the International Competition and Assessment for schools (ICAS) Science competition. There were two distinctions, 8 credits and 11 merits achieved by our students.

A special congratulations to Winston Fok, who received a distinction for the fourth year running and was placed in the top 3% of Year 10 participants in Australia. Congratulations to Tristan Carnovale, who also achieved a distinction and was placed in the top 8% of Year 7 participants in Australia. 

ICAS Science assesses students' skills in key scientific areas of observing, measuring, interpreting and applying data, investigating experimental design as well as higher order skills including reasoning and problem solving. The competition also indicates how well a student is fairing in comparison to other schools in Australia and internationally.

On behalf of the science faculty we congratulate these students for their outstanding effort.

Dr Geeta Sood | ICAS Science Competition Coordinator

Three top tips

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the man with the answers when it comes to science and technology. His enthusiasm for science is totally infectious and no one is better able to convey the excitement and wonder of it all than Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Cecil Hills  High School recently celebrated National Science Week. See Dr Karl Kruszelnick's three top tips on our school Facebook page!


Earth & Environmental Science

Year 12 Earth & Environmental Science students visited the Penrith sewage treatment plant. Students got to see the methods used for the disposal, treatment and recycling of liquid waste. Students also put into practice these methods taught by undertaking an investigation themselves - an investigation of cleaning untreated dirty water for environmental use.

S Vesey-Wells | Earth & Environmental Science teacher

Year 12 Biology

What an absolutely fantastic day Mrs Armitage, Mr Chandler and I had with the HSC Biology students as we ventured to the Museum of Disease at the University of New South Wales!

 In order to get a practical understanding of the Search for Better Health core topic and the option topic of Communication, students were inundated with case study examples and further knowledge through the series of activities and specimens made available. Students were engaged in a presentation by the education officer of the Museum who explained the rules and showcased some healthy and not so healthy specimens.


Inside the Museum of Disease, students were set to the task of using their Apple devices to access Socrative software and find out fun facts about pathogens and anatomical anomalies. Students answered a series of multiple choice and short answer questions regarding the case studies and specimens competed with one another. There was access to models, 3-D printers and even a PlayStation simulation so that students could locate Tuberculosis and destroy it!


During Biology class at school students were further able to successfully dissect a bull's eye and identify the structure and function of the eye based on models at the museum and at school. The lens was extracted beautifully and held up to show how it actually FLIPS images upside down. Fun fact: The brain processes the upside down image and corrects it.

Using the knowledge of this fantastic day, students gained a better understanding of anatomy and physiology which will most definitely assist in their HSC!

Miss Ali | HSC Biology Teacher

New species discovered!

 Piranagons! Flotus! Pecans! and more...

You are cordially invited to this year’s Scientific discovery conference. Our brilliant Year 7 scientists have uncovered a whole array of brand new organisms!


After working tirelessly for six weeks, Year 7 have put their scientific understanding and creativity to the test with the submission of their posters and amazing models! The conference ran throughout the day with three classes presenting to each other at a time. It was extremely rewarding to see the students put in so much effort and support one another. With inquiring minds, it was a fantastic effort by all students to figure out a creative scientific name, create a habitat and think of original adaptations to assist their species survive. The originality in the creations were absolutely fantastic! Jacinta Loeung of 7P had even brought her pet Leaf insect demonstrate some characteristics of her species!


It was a great way to end Science week by demonstrating the efforts of our students. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

“I think the science assignment was really fun. It was a good opportunity to learn new things. I had a lot of fun making my 3-D model. It was a great experience presenting to other Year 7’s as well”. Angelina Karac; discoverer of The Pecan",  Year 7O


 “The assignment was extremely fun to create as I could go beyond the limits of my imagination to make a new species. When presenting, I felt so proud of my work. It was great to hear so much praise. This is 100% my favourite assignment I have had all year!” Djordje Kaludjerovic; discoverer of The Thanasima Bird, 7S


“I really enjoyed the science assessment. I had fun creating my animal. It was fun to have people see my assignment at the conference. Thank you to Miss Ali for giving me the opportunity to do the assignment and show it to everyone”  Ayeanna Salazar; discoverer of The Flale, 7O


“This was a fun and exciting way of creating our organisms. I have had this idea since primary school. It took me 6 weeks to create however it was worth the time putting it together. If you believe. You will succeed!”  Ziwa Saeed; discoverer of The Piranagon, 7O


“When I was planning my creation, I thought it was really fun and I had everything planned out. As I progressed with my creation, every thing started to look just as I wanted it to. Throughout the time, I went through a bit of challenges to get my final creation. After lots of hard work, my Flotus looked better than I had expected and that made me super happy” . Joey Gandin; discoverer of The Flotus, 7O


 “I really enjoyed doing this task as it helped me learn how to research and find information. I loved the creativity part where I could design my own idea and have fun!” Aniah Faatoatoa; discoverer of The Forest Floor Melon, 7Y


“The assignment was challenging however it was really fun because we were able to join different living things together to create our own animal with special features” Arianna Younis discoverer of The Dogasaur, 7Y


“The assignment as an entirely new experience as it was a unique sort of assignment and much different to a test. It was a strenuous task, though the results we produced in the end was beyond spectacular!” Tiana Tepsa; discoverer of The Leaf Tailed Planimal, 7S

Thank you to all science staff members for assisting in the smooth running of the conference, the teachers who took the time out to support our scientists and a special thank you to Mr Miller (Head Teacher TAS) who utilised a 3-D printer bring a student’s creative design to life!

Miss Ali  |  Year 7 Science teacher

Did you know?

Photo: Year 7 and Year 11 ceramic sculptures displayed at our Expressive I event

Bring your own Device

Are you looking to purchase a new device? Our unique partnership with HP offers educational prices for students at Cecil Hills High School.

Please visit this link to make secure purchases from our HP Portal and have the device delivered straight to your home.

Buying a device from the portal offers school on-site warranty repairs. A HP technician will come to the school and have the device repaired promptly. There are various extended warranty add-ons to purchase through the portal so please read carefully and understand what it covers. Here's the HP brochure which includes information which may assist you.


Get paid to study

Attention HSC students! Have you considered becoming a teacher? The NSW Department of Education has a range of scholarship opportunities for you to get paid to study!

Scholars could receive up to $7,500 per year of study and a permanent teaching position upon successful completion of their teacher education course. Find out more right here.

Our Class Chefs

Photo: some of our Year 11 Hospitality students at our recent Class Chef Evening - Cucina 105, Liverpool

Year 11 at Cucina 105

This year, year 11 hospitality students had the opportunity to partake in an initiative where the students get to run a restaurant for an afternoon.

Angelo, the owner of Cucina 105 in Liverpool is a huge supporter of students wanting to enter into the hospitality sector for a career. The ‘Class Chef Initiative’ is something that Angelo is very passionate about.


Every Monday, Angelo makes available his restaurant for students to come in and run his restaurant for the afternoon/evening, cooking a three course meal and serving it to family, friends and school staff.


Students arrive at the restaurant at midday and are briefed on the events of the day including the menu, amount of customers and tasks allocated to each of them. The students are then separated into their allocated section, either front of house and back of house.

Front of house students are given a lesson on concierge etiquette, table setting, serviette folding and proper service protocol with drinks and food service. They also get a quick lesson on the coffee machine. Students are then told to work out who will do what duties and set up the restaurant.


Back of house restaurant have a more detailed briefing on the menu and are divided into who will prepare and cook each course/recipe. Students who are in back of house have an ongoing lesson on time management, communication and team work, and how to stay focused and not cave to the pressures of getting food out in time.

The Class Chef Initiative is very hands on and it gives students a small incite to running a successful restaurant. It also helps students cross curricular with time management skills and how to deal with being under pressure. Student feedback during the working hours was at times negative but once the night was over they were very pleased with themselves.


If you missed out, come along and support our second group of students at our Class Chef Evening, whilst enjoying a great meal, you are indeed very welcome to join us.

(family and friends are welcome)

When:  Monday, 10th September .  

See invitation and menu options below. Hope to see you there!


Mrs Marando | Year 11 Hospitality teacher


Celebrating book week

Photo: Finding your Treasure! Mrs Low, Library Assistant with Nathan Lopez, Year 8

Welcome to our School Library

Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators.  At Cecil Hills High School we also celebrated Book Week with fun activities relating to the 2018 theme, Find your Treasure to highlight the importance of reading.

Mrs Low is never short of ideas for a fun game, or a dress up outfit, and so the Library became a pirate filled adventureland during Week 5. Aaaaaarh!

  • We enjoyed playing Captain book (like captain ball, but with a bundle of books),
  • Treasure Maze (guiding a ping pong ball through an obstacle course of pirate treasure),
  • Lookout! (building a lookout tower out of straws and paperclips),
  • Captain Says (obeying Captain Low’s orders..hit the deck!)

We also enjoyed two readings, both books drawn from the CBCA  (Children's Book Council of Australia) shortlist for Picture Books.

The second book, I Am Australian Too, tells the story of how our country is called home by people from many diverse cultures. It was interesting that those listening were able to share their backgrounds.Dylan from Fiji, Sidar from Iraq, Rami from Iraq, and Julie having parents from both Portugal and Canada.


Photocopying and printing

Photocopying:  Photocopying costs 20c per page for black and white and 50c per page for colour. Payment for photocopying can also be made at the coin machine located near the printer in the Library.

Printing: Once logged onto the Library computers (or remotely from students' laptops) students can print in either colour or black and white. Printing costs are 20c per page for black and white; 50c per page for colour. Students can top up their account at the coin machine located near the printer in the Library.

Year 7

There is always something happening in the Library! At the moment we are showcasing the amazing Year 7 Science projects, well worth a look!


We just received a delivery of new fiction books, so please visit, and continue to find your treasure in books!

Mrs Green | Teacher Librarian







Thanks for your support

Photo: Year 7 - new species discovered!

School payments - Fees, Excursions, Sundries

Cecil Hills High School enjoys significant support from our parent community. We are able to offer innovative and enriching opportunities that help us develop the whole child. Our hardworking staff provide many activities to support your child as "we believe in success".


We are able to provide such programs to students through a strong commitment by our parents to paying school fees. We are very fortunate to have very high levels of parental support in this regard and as a result, we are a well-resourced school with excellent facilities and technology.

We ask that school fees are finalised to help us provide the best possible learning experiences fro your child and facilitate a faster sign-out process at the end of the year.  We have a school expectation that school fees are paid before other items such as excursions and camps and for Year 12, the jersey and formal.


Our preferred  payment method is Parent Online Payment (POP). Please refer to our website and click on "make a payment" and then follow the prompts. This is a secure payment page hosted by Westpac and linked to the school's website to make it easier for you to pay school related payments. 


New School website and Mobile App


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new school website and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Together with our in-house developer Mr Vargas and School App Solutions, we aim to build a more informative and intuitive online experience for both students and parents.


- Visit the new school website at


- Download the app now from the Apple and Google Play Store.

- Subscribe for Notifications

We’d like to remind parents that once the app is installed, subscribe to your child’s year group to receive the correct push notifications.




Sporting success

Photo: Year 8 Gala Day - congratulations Girls Soccer winners

Regional Athletics Carnival

Fifty five students competed at the Regional Athletics Championships in week 3 this term. Our standout performers were:

Cayden Boyter                                        

1st in 13 years Boys High Jump, 1st in Shot Put, 1st in Discus, 2nd in Long Jump, 4th in 90m Hurdles, 4th in Triple Jump

Edwin Tarawali                                       

1st in 15 years Boys 100m, 1st in Long Jump, 3rd in 200m, 3rd in Discus, 5th in Shot Put, 8th in High Jump

Georgia Portelli                                       

1st in 15 years Girls Javelin (new SSW record), 2nd in Shot Put

Branson Po                                              

1st in 13 years Boys 100m, 4th in 200m, 6th in High Jump

Zaia Korkis                                              

1st in 14 years Boys 200m, 3rd in 100m

Chelsea Comer                                     

1st in 12 years Girls High Jump,

12 years Boys 4x100m Relay, 1st

Jorja Jackson                                         

2nd in 12 years Girls 80m Hurdles, 4th in 100m, 5th in Long Jump, 6th in 200m,

13 years Boys 4x100m Relay, 2nd

12 years Girls 4x100m Relay, 2nd

Taye Sahib                                               

3rd in 12 years Boys 80m Hurdles, 3rd in Long Jump, 4th in 100m, 5th in 200m,

Jordan Scully                                           

3rd 17 + years Girls 100m Hurdles, 5th in Long Jump, 5th in Triple Jump

14 years Boys 4x100m Relay, 3rd

17+ years Girls 4x100m Relay, 3rd

Vanessa Parada                                       

4th in 17+ years Girls 800m, 4th in 3000m, 5th in 1500m

Georgia Bajic                                          

4th in 16 years Girls 100m

Bianca Dempsey                                     

5th in 16 years Girls 100m Hurdles, 6th in 400m, 7th in 800m, 7th in 1500m

Simon Lim                                               

5th in Long Jump, 7th in 100m Hurdles

Marcus Saggiomo                                    

5th in 17+ Boys 3000m

Michelle Prasad                                       

6th in 12 years Girls 800m,

Aleksia Drinkwater                                 

6th in 15 years Girls Javelin

Renae Prasad                                           

6th in 15 years Girls 1500m, 7th in 3000m

Jasmine Scully                                         

6th in 15 years Girls High Jump, 6th in Triple Jump

Shereena Chung                                      

6th in 17+ years Girls 100m

Brendan Prasad                                       

6th in 14 years Boys 1500m, 7th in 3000m

Ethan Worth                                            

7th in 16 years Boys Long Jump

15 years Boys 4x100m Relay, 7th

William Has                                            

8th in 14 years Boys 400m

13 years Girls 4x100m Relay, 8th

16 years Girls 4x100m Relay, 8th

Congratulations to all students on their fantastic efforts. A school record of 15 students will compete at the CHS Championships next week. We wish them the best of luck.


Congratulations to Angelina Fok and Georgia Britton who competed at the NSW AeroSchools State Championships recently. The girls won a silver medal in the Level 5 intermediate pairs event.

Angelina also won a gold medal in her solo routine. The girls will next compete in the National championships in September. Well done girls on a fantastic achievement.



This term we competed in the Football NSW Futsal State Championships. Our U16 Girls played outstandingly and made the semi-finals; our U14 Boys reached the quarter finals, while our U14 Girls and Opens Girls did not progress out of the group stage. Futsal is a sport widely embraced by the students here at our school and we will continue to foster the development of our students.

Western Sydney Wanderers Cup

Our Year 7 & 8 Boys football teams competed at the WSW Cup Regional tournament recently. Both teams displayed excellent skill, team work and sportsmanship. The year 7 team had two draws and two losses. The year 8 team were undefeated and won their pool. They progress to the Finals Day in October. The girl’s team progress also after receiving direct passage to the Finals Day. 

Year 8 Gala Day

In week 4, our students competed in the Bernera Zone Year 8 Gala Day. This day provides students with the opportunity to play competitive sports in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The boys participated in Basketball, Oz Tag, Softball and European Handball while the girls played Soccer, Netball, Hockey and European Handball. A number of our teams achieved success on the day:

Pool Winners, Girls 7s Soccer, Girls Hockey, Boys Handball

Pool Runners-up, Girls Netball, Girls Hockey, Boys Basketball, Boys Oztag (x2)


Congratulations to all our students for their efforts at the Gala Day, all displaying good levels of skill, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. A big thank you to the Yr 9 and 10 student helpers for their refereeing and coaching. Your leadership and maturity was outstanding. Your assistance is very much appreciated by the students and PDHPE staff.

Grade Sport

The Year 9 & 10 winter competition is in full swing with all teams participating well. We are anticipating good performances and results from our teams in the remaining rounds of the competition.

Knockout Competitions

 U15 Boys Basketball, Rd 1   

lost to Liverpool Boys HS

U15 Girls Basketball, Rd 1   

defeated Hurlstone Ag HS

Rd 2 defeated Picnic Point HS

Rd 3 defeated Canley Vale HS         

In our community

Photo: New species found! Year 7 Science

Uniform Shop Sale

 Looking at purchasing new school uniforms? Take advantage of the 20% of sale 


Helping students

As we move into the busy exam period, Headspace Liverpool would like to provide an update for you of the various projects, workshops and courses that we will be holding over the coming months. If you are interested, please call them on 8785-3200.

Cool Kids (Chilled) Adolescent Anxiety Management Program: this evidence based program is a 10 week program designed for young people with anxiety and their families to provide them with skills and psycho-education to manage their anxiety. Cost: free

Age: 12 – 16. Dates: To start during the week commencing 22nd October (specific date is to be confirmed).

Skilled Up: A 6 week program utilising Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) to help young people develop skills to regulate emotions and tolerate distress.  Cost: free. Eligibility: young women from 16 – 20 years

Dates: To start during the week commencing 5th November (specific date is to be confirmed).

Mental health month – during October, Headspace will be running a range of activities for young people. For more information, please contact Headspace.


Additionally, Headspace is also developing a 4 week program regarding healthy eating and lifestyle and an 8 week social skills development program. Both these programs will start in January 2019. Also Headspace has developed a range of new partnerships, including support for parents and carers, vocation and educational support and an expansion of our clinical services.

For more information please contact Vikki Radford or Lena Tooma at Headspace on (02) 8785 3200 or Email [email protected]




School holidays


Supporting families


Important Dates

Photo: Our wonderful Creative and Performing Arts faculty (LtoR)Angela Nardo, Christina Marks, Catherine Nona, Darren Abbott, Connie Mandalakoudis, Vivian Phan, Antonella Verter (Head Teacher) at our recent Expressive I Event at Club Marconi


Monday, 3rd

P&C Meeting 6.30pm

Year 10 Child Studies & Aboriginal Studies Cultural expo

Year 11 PDHPE First Aid Course all day

Tuesday, 4th

CHS Athletics

Year 10 NAPLAN minimum standard test

Year 11 PDHPE First Aid Course all day

Refugee coaching 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday, 5th

Year 7 Gala Day

CHS Athletics

Year 8 Xhibit It, 9 and Year 11 Visual Arts to Museum

Thursday, 6th

CHS Athletics

9.30 am. Repeat Parent Information Session

After school study 3.00pm to 4.30pm

One Night Only : HSC Art exhibition - Year 12 Visual Arts 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm - School Library

Friday, 7th

HSC Art Exhibition Year 12 Visual Arts - all day

Year 9 Geography to Barrangaroo

Monday, 10th

Shining Stars Dance Festival, Special Education classes

Year 11 Class  Chef Experience, Cucina 105 Liverpool

Tuesday, 11th

Refugee Coaching 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday, 12th

Year 8 Oztag State Championships and State Finals

Year 7 History Medieval Day

Thursday, 13th

After school study 3.00pm to 4.30pm

Friday, 14th

Year 10 Sydney Uni Enrichment Day

Shining Stars Dance Festival

Monday, 17th

Year 11 Preliminary exam week

Student eye care program

Year 8 Create-a-Cake Cupcake Showcase

Tuesday, 18th

Year 9 and 10 Studiosity training

Wednesday, 19th

Year 11 Preliminary exams continue

Thursday, 20th

Year 10 History to Jewish Museum

Friday, 21st

Year 10 Geography excursion to Cronulla

Monday, 24th

Year 11 Preliminary exams continue

Tuesday, 25th

Year 12 Picnic Day

Wednesday, 26th

Year 12 Graduation 4.00pm Club Marconi

Thursday, 27th

Year 9 Fast Forward Program at WSU Bankstown

Year 12 Formal evening - Le Montage, Lilyfield 6 to 11pm

After School Study 3pm to 4.30pm

Friday, 28th

Last day of Term Three for all students


Term 4

Term 4 begins for all students on  Monday 15 October

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